Intuitive Healing - The Energetic Plumber | Scott Clover

Just like the pipes in your bathroom or kitchen, the energy in our bodies can sometimes get backed up, causing all manner of imbalances and dis-ease. As a "Non-Dogmatic" healer, this week's guest views and perceives energy as interacting patterns – exorcising energies with more nuance than contrasting positive and negative forces. He can see energy blockages and entities as ethereal patterns or imprints that attach to places, people, or specific parts of the body. When observed, understood, and interacted with correctly, the energy can be removed, integrated, or transmuted - whatever best serves the individual or locale.

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"If something bad happened to your grandfather, and your father is holding it in his body, then you're likely holding some resonant of that in your body as well. And if you don't know that, then you're going to keep trying to fix something other than what the actual issue is. So you come to somebody like me and I sense something happened to your great, great grandfather or your great-grandfather. And the shame that he felt is carried in your dad's body, which then you mimic. Its very common for the child to want to take away the strife or the grief of the parent. And all they do is multiply it. They don't actually take it away. So then it gets carried down through generations" --Scott Clover

About our Guest:
Scott Clover helps people connect to their own energy so they can learn to heal themselves. He is a certified practitioner of Focalizing, a somatic-based technology for changing your body's energy patterns for areas such as trauma relief, anxiety, and positive creative uses.

Often his clients report they know something is holding them back from achieving their full potential but they aren’t sure what it is. The specific work he does allows release of stress and trauma stored in the body that is subconsciously sabotaging.

For the past 7 years, he's worked 1 on 1 with clients helping them feel better in their body, optimize performance and have the support they need to reach their full potential.

Guest Info:
Instagram: @scott.clover.energyhealer
Facebook: @scott.clover.energyhealer
LinkedIN: @scott-clover-energyhealer

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Intuitive Healer Scott Clover - The Energetic Plumber

Will: [00:00:00] His clients call him the energetic. Any guesses as to why? 

Karen: Nope. 

Scott Clover: So just thinking roto Rooter. Well, that's exactly 

Will: right. Yeah. When you think of a plumber coming in and you know that your sink gets a little clog and all of a sudden the water starts overflowing and starts collecting all this credit or whatever.

The same thing happens in our body. With energy. So he actually goes in and through visualization. He helps people like he visualizes the energies and a blockages, and he helps people to heal themselves of those blockages. Well, why don't we let him tell us about that? I, you know what that's probably a better idea.


Will: Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic minute position. I'm trying Karen, I'm trying to do things differently every time there's only so many times you can say welcome. There was a hesitation 

Karen: on the Hales. 

Will: I know, cause I was going to say something first and then I went off in a complete different direction and I had no idea what was happening.

So I just kinda went with it. I 

Karen: see that. Does it sound good? 

Will: The magic of editing. Okay. Well, Karen, Again, excited about our next guests We've already had a chance to talk to him previously. And in fact, his episode is one of the top five, most downloaded episodes of our show.

Are you aware that I am now? Yeah. Super excited, because. we're talking about healing and at the end of the day, That's what the show is truly what it's for it's to find ways to heal.

So, once again, I want to introduce to the show, our friend Scott Clover, Scott, thanks so much for coming on. 

Scott Clover: Hi, both of you. Nice to be here. 

Will: [00:02:00] always fun to have you. It's great to see you again. So did that intro do any justice to what you did? 

Scott Clover: Sure. I mean, I'm an intuitive energy healer, so that means I see incense energy patterns that are in and around people's bodies in and around their soul patterns.

Their emotions their history. And there's a lot of books out there. Like the body bears, the brunt or the body tells the story. My biology is my biography or my biography is my biology has been said. And so what I do is I help people understand where their blockages are. They see them in their own accord.

They see. For what they are and not what their stories they've told themselves over the years to get them to be, feel placated will or to feel acceptable without getting rid of them. I help them see what the sort of original patterns are and in observing those original patterns. It helps release them.

It helps them get a handle on it, as opposed to a 30 year old story that doesn't resemble the [00:03:00] original impact. Right? The intuition side of my work comes from me being able to see what and where those impacts happened in their body or their psyche or their family lines. Or their genetic code, or it happened to their great, great grandfather.

All of these things can impact the individual that I'm working with. And if you go and you talk about your issues with someone who's not trained in intuition, you're just recounting a same story. And, you know, I had a talk therapist for years and it didn't get me very far. I used to go and say, I dream of the future.

And sometimes I see things that happen in months in advance and, oh, we don't want to talk about that. Now. It turns out that was one of my major issues I was having was figuring out what, what I was perceiving was actually justifiable and not something outside of my own personal realm. I may not have made sense to those around me, but it certainly made sense to me.

And so trying to fit someone like me or [00:04:00] someone who's hearing this into a box of psychotherapy, just wasn't where my issues lied. So I fortunately found someone in my neighborhood in Manhattan similar enough to mine now, skillset. They were like a holistic therapist, I would say. And they allowed me to.

Be more comfortable in my body, which allowed my intuition to flourish, which then led me to realizing I can study it well enough and long enough that I'm able to now help people with their own, either intuition accepting their own intuition or accepting and releasing patterns or traumas that they've held in their body or their soul pattern or their family line.

Will: on our previous conversation, We came at it because you actually offered me a session before we recorded the interview. And we walked through the process on the last episode. So have you not heard that? Show yet. I would recommend you go back and listen to it. The intuitive healer, Scott clovers, the title.

And it'll give you a really [00:05:00] good idea of what the process is like. You also did the same thing for Karen this time around before this conversation. But before we get to Karen's experience, you mentioned something off. Right before we started recording that, I've got to share because it made me smile.

one of the things by the biggest thing that happened from my session with you was there was a time where I had to say I was humorless. It's probably not fair, but I don't really laugh at sitcoms or situations. I haven't really hadn't laughed like truly belly laugh.

For a long time before you and I got together. And then during the session, you were able to release something in me that actually provided me with my very first belly laugh in a long time. And apparently one of our listeners reached out to you because that story resonated with her. And she reached out to you because she wanted to laugh as well.

So how did 

Scott Clover: that turn. Yeah, it turned out very well. You know, people resonate with stories when they hear about my work. That's why, you know, it's, it's [00:06:00] beneficial for you to understand what the work is before we talk about it. Just so other people can understand it for me to sit here without you understanding the work.

Wouldn't be, it would be sort of rhetorical. It's just me talking about it and then say, well, that doesn't really work. And you know, is this person full of it or do they, do they know what they're doing, et cetera. And, you know, cause there's a lot of us that do this work that unfortunately people want to bring their egos into.

And that's not where healing is. Healing comes in bolding people's self-esteem. So my story is not important to your healing process. I'm the observer or the librarian, and I will help you factored in for your sake. All right. So, yeah, it, it did help people understand that we do hold things in our bodies and they can be as small things.

I had a client once years ago, who. She had migraines in is a 50 year old. And she came and sat with me and it turns out it was because her mom wouldn't let her wear jeans when [00:07:00] she was like 12 years old and she wasn't allowed to self express and she held that anxiety in her body and she held that lack of self-expression in her body.

That to the point it became so frustrating on several different factors. And once we released that her migraines went away and they never came back. 

Will: I see Karen going back over her life going. Hmm. How did I mess up my daughter now?

Sorry, Scott. I didn't mean to interrupt you. 

Scott Clover: So we all have different things that impact us in. And if you don't know the origination point, it's really hard to solve it for you. You can dance around it. It's almost like trying to kill the roots of a plant from above. That's very difficult. So what I do is I say we pushed the root out from below to expose it.

And once it's exposed, you can come. Hmm. And that's because I'm able to see the impacts and sense where they happened either in the body or in your psyche, but it happens. I mean, [00:08:00] I have stories every week about people that are felt limited or felt controlled or women who. Sexualized too early or boys who were in masculine to you know, at a young age and then it crimps their psyche in a certain way.

And until those kinks can be released in the energy flowing back again, you're going to have a hard time, you know, crawling out of that rut that you find yourself in, whether that feels like it's a depressive state. I heard a term awhile back, a spiritual Malaysia. And I just really, I like that term a lot, unfortunately, because it really explains a lot of what's happening to us now is we've been told a bunch of stuff.

Some of it's true. Some of it's obviously not true. Our lives have been impacted and there's so much questioning going on about how do we exist and subsist in our own societies. That for a lot of people sitting at home for two years has caused a spiritual millennia. And going re-introducing ourselves back into [00:09:00] society.

Isn't as easy as we assumed it would be two years ago when we thought, oh, we can't wait to jump back into society. Well, society is really not churning itself back in the way it was before. You follow me 

Will: completely. Yeah. In fact, there's a lot of studies going on about how it was re-emerging syndrome, or I forgot what the name of the term, but there's an actual term now for, 

Scott Clover: yeah.

That sounds like what I'm similar to him talking with him, but even if you're not ready to re-emerge you still know that something. Needs to be justified in your own energy, right? If you're energetically sensitive, then, then you're going to need to sort of comb out some of the scenario. Hmm, 

Karen: how much would that impact people that if we've been home and just kind of keeping our energy for the most part to ourselves, and then all of a sudden you're back, and it seems like there is kind of this real negative vibe happening a lot.

I mean, that's got to, you've gotta be busy cause I would imagine a lot of people are really being affected by that. 

Scott Clover: Well, if there's a negative vibe, [00:10:00] You know, in America, socially right now, as well as individualistically, if that's a word the individual, once again is trying to say, how do I subsist in my own skin?

How do I survive? How do I get in tune with my own intuition? So I'm not over feeling, right? A lot of my work is helping them paths and other intuitives understand their empathy and their intuition. So they don't overfeed. One of my podcasts that I have one of the episodes is called mind your own energy.

And I'm really pleased with that title that I came up with because people need to, to start taking care of themselves. Mothers need to stop over-giving because their children don't want. The amount of attention or the amount of energy being put upon them. And yet the mother's on autopilot. And so people have to start realistically understanding that their kids need some independence and their kids need space held for them.

And sometimes. When a mom is so good at her job at five, she [00:11:00] forgets that when the child's or when the child's five years old, she forgets that at 15, that energy transference needs to change for an independence to happen on both sides of that equation. Because if you're not feeling independent as a mother, then your child may not be feeling an independent as are.

Person and children want to see their parents happy. So if you're switching energy back and forth of judgment between, oh, I think my child should be this and the child saying I would like to express myself this way. And there's a back and forth of that. That's one way how energy can get snarled up and people can misconstrue it.

And then once it, once it's misconstrued, those situations can get out of hand unless they. Dealt with or understood or what I call except the existing reality. Meaning your 15 year old child does not need the same sort of attention that your five-year-old child needed. You need to 

Karen: give it, please.[00:12:00] 

Will: Uh, Anyways, so, we're talking about energy. So the interesting thing about you, you sent us a media kit over and we took a look at your skillsets and this stuff that you do, isn't just limited to. Right. Who actually are able to, to help heal for lack of a better term houses. You do exorcisms, you, do you work with past lives?

I it's just a matter of seeing different energies. Right? 

Scott Clover: And then in certain aspects, I interact with those energies. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty in terms of a spirit that some people might think is a detrimental spirit. I figured that's my job. I'm trained at it. I'm good at it. I don't get sick.

Because I'm just observing it and if I observe it and it feels that it's not congruent to the person I'm helping that it's attached to, then we come up together with ways to detach from it. Whether that's a house than I do it myself with salts [00:13:00] and incenses and co Paul and a whole bunch of stuff I buy at the store, the new age store.

I do that for houses. I was written up in the wall street journal for doing a sort of a ghost chasing out of a house in Connecticut. So, I really take that seriously because there are entities that stick around and once they stick around and they don't cross over, they kind of get stuck here and then they get confused and they forget how to cross over.

So they asked somebody like me and then I communicate with them in a certain way and explain to them that they're better off elsewhere. 

Karen: Can you share with us an example of an experience that you had with that? We've had a few different people talk about, oh, you know, I've done exorcisms and they don't really tell us what happened.

And obviously you can't go into detail or anything personal, but I am so curious. I mean, I, you know, you see the movie. You're traumatized 

Will: in Amityville, Connecticut. That's all I want to 

Scott Clover: know. It was not inevitable that, that house I don't watch those movies because I [00:14:00] don't relate to them. Mostly because I just see it as a pattern and there's a desire that pattern has a desire.

Meaning if there was an entity or some, you know, a woman in the 17th century, that's still attached to the house for some reason. It's all just about the story. It's about their story, them being seen and heard and to some degree placated, if it's a spirit. So yeah, I just did one the other day. I do them over iPad.

Believe it or not now with COVID. Yeah. Because the quantum energy, I don't need to be in the same room to experience what's in that room. So it's a cross between sort of quantum sensing and remote. If you will. And so I just did one, I done them in New Zealand. I do them on different continents from where I'm at, and it just generally takes an iPad pointed at the ceiling.

And then I sort of commune with whatever's there and ask it why it's there, what it needs, where it would be better off. And then I generally have an idea of where to send it or to tell it where to go. And I get my point across. [00:15:00] I have to say. It's rare that I, I would have to go back a second time and sometimes you go back a second time because there's entities that are attached to the larger entity that don't really interact with humans.

But if there's a large spirit, like say a dead person attached to the home or a dead person attached to the geography or the land, it doesn't have to necessarily be the home. The one I did last week in Brooklyn, I was in a, it was in an apartment, a new, a part newer apartment building built within the last 20 years.

But I sensed it. There was that there were spirits there from what was there, two buildings. So it was more like, so probably late 18th century, there was a young girl that just hadn't crossed over and she wanted to be seen. And the new mom and the daughter in the, excuse me, the daughter in the family could sense that there was something there.

So I worked there for about 15, 20 minutes with the iPad and then did one of my rituals. And then, yeah, so the spirit ended up doing. Well, [00:16:00] she's no longer there anymore. And the client's very happy and the daughter can sense it, which I want to say. If you're around children, you can ask them where there's other spirits are in the room.

And they generally, if they're connected, they can tell you most adults over 13 or 14, can't do that. And the adults at 13 or 14 or older, don't remember having that ability. But if you ask a five or six year old, Hey, do you sent anything else in the room? They'll say, oh, there's an old guy laying on the TV and there's a guy over there laughing.

And we don't ask them that as adults, because we don't perceive them to be scared, really scary out it. Right. Maybe you don't want to know about it, but the children are very perceptive. I mean, one thing you can do with like newborns or kids that aren't. Is take your sort of energy center in your forehead and pretend that it raises up on out of your head about three or four inches above your forehead.

And you will actually see the baby's eyes follow where you send your soul in. [00:17:00] Because the baby's perceiving more than just the physical entity in front of it. The baby's perceiving energy fields that we are no longer able to see. So if you're ever around like a newborn or like under one years old and they're in the crib, you just look or in the, what is that called papoose thing.

I dunno, bassinet, just move your energy up off your forehead. And the baby's eyes will follow it. It's.

Will: So in the mundane world, a lot of people will think what you're just talking about is maybe not so much spirits or negative entity, but rather energies, right? Negative energies are blocked.

But you have been talking about. Entities right. Spirits that are blocked or not leaving houses and things like that. I guess you can say it could be one in the same thing, but the same thing with the baby, looking at the energy. I mean, one could be said that could be the, the, the aura, when, when you shoot your aura up maybe mean baby's noticing that kind of thing.

So, what makes you so [00:18:00] sure that what you do actually. Is clearing energy and not something that someone goes, well, I feel better because Scott helped me visualize through things. And that psychosomatically makes me feel better. 

Scott Clover: Right? Well, as maybe you both can attest to, from having done a session, you experienced it in real time.

I'm, I'm experiencing it through your sensations. So it's happening to you and I'm perceiving that it's happening to you. And if you agree with me, then we, we both experienced it, which makes it more real, right. So energy that drains out of your abdomen, for example, will that happened to you? And I experienced it alongside.

So I'm not the one the next day that can say, oh, that didn't happen. That's on you. But we perceived it at the same time we did. 

Will: And I wanted you to talk about that because it's easy for me to say, yes, this is real, or for [00:19:00] me, what made it real was not just the. Visualization of the thing, but actually what happened afterwards, we're actually had to call you and say, dude, you got to do something I'm freaking out.

Right. And that, it just didn't happen to me. So for it to happen actually the opposite of how you said it would happen to me, but yet the energy that was stored in me afterwards was painfully obvious that something had changed. It's hard for me to express that on a migraine. So what I'm trying to do is get a viewpoint out to the audience so that they can wrap their heads around it without actually experiencing it. Well, I mean, obviously they should reach out to you right. To experience it first and foremost, because that's the best way to experience it. But I'm hoping we have a way to, to really explain how the stuff.

And that's how stuff works. 

Scott Clover: Yeah. It's G gets coagulated, stock stymie. And if you're not perceiving where, you know, if you don't know, you have leaves in your gutter and your gutters are overflowing and you look in the gutters, [00:20:00] you find the leaves. Well, they're not going to clear themselves. Right. So if you think of it that way, Help you understand where your gutters are leafy, if you will, and then give you the embolden you to take the stick and pull the leaves off.

It doesn't do so much good if I do it for you. Cause they may come back. But if you do it, then either you've learned how to do it, or it knows that you were, you meant business because it's your psyche that's willing or wanting to change. Okay, so you show up with the desire or the intention to heal your body's going to respond.

And if you show up with the intention to heal and their self-esteem behind that act, your body's going to respond even better with more efficacy and more chances that you will. Feel lighter longer or expose it and remove it to the point that it doesn't come back, whether that's a trauma or [00:21:00] a an emotional story or a breakup or a divorce, right.

A lot of people have been divorced for a decade and they still haven't gotten over. Well, that impacts the children involved are the parents of those people or the sisters and brothers of those people. You know, one faulty relationship can cause havoc in a whole family, unless it's somehow resolved in the individual that had happened to.

And those are the things that I help people do. 

Karen: So I will, you've told me a lot, but it's been a while. So I don't remember all the details of, of your experience. But you said like there's energy draining out of your stomach. For me, the thing that impacted me most with these flashes of really bright color. So bright purple and yellow, just really intense.

how could the experiences be so different? And do those colors mean anything by the way 

Scott Clover: they probably in the moment meant something. Karen the experience were different because we came at the session with two different intentions. Wills was, he was having, you know, actual [00:22:00] situations that he didn't want to feel as impacted by those situations.

Yours was more of a, I just want to feel better in my body without us dictating a specific incident. Right. And I, that's the thing about my work that I like is I can do both. And, you know, in Will's case it was. Take the largest elephant out of the room that was causing all some blockages so he can laugh again.

And in your case, it was more like let's plant some flowers, so they grow faster. Yeah. 

Karen: Like over lapping or lasting around and even know the right description. Mellow feeling. Definitely kind of, I don't know. Have you noticed that? Well, probably not, but I feel more mellow since. 

Scott Clover: Since our session, you mean you gained your melons?

Yeah. Yeah, because there's a sense of relief that now you're not taking those energy points that used to have. Ignore, what was bothering you. If we get rid of it, then you have those energy points to spend on something else. And in your case, it's [00:23:00] not feeling as anxious. Yeah. And that's one of the aspects I really like about my job is to take people who normally have overactive nervous systems and through somatic visualizations and somatic techniques that I know really help them relax in their own nervous system.

So. It just sort of spreads a calm, as I said, not through their, their system only, but through their household, you know, imagine the children of a less anxious mother, that those are, those are happier children. Right? Imagine a father that, that learns how to become a better boss and doesn't bring that stuff home with him.

You know, these are the things that I like about my job is to help people energetically become better bosses because we're not trained to become a boss in our society. We're trained to become an employee. And sometimes when people get promoted, they don't understand the energy transference and sort of that architectural change.

Will: So Karen is speaking of your experience, did you have anything a day or two afterwards, [00:24:00] like I did where you actually had to reach out to Scott again or anything? 

Karen: I didn't. I mean, a bonus that I had the next day, I didn't have any back pain, sadly, the back pains back. I was hoping that would last longer, but no, I didn't, I didn't have that.

Situation that you had that kind of anxiety or whatever it was that you had. 

Will: And did anything happen during the session? Like Scott instructed me to just release some of the stuff that was inside me into a candle, and when I did that, I saw literally the candle flame. Just flare up, anything like that happen with you?

I had my eyes 

Scott Clover: closed the whole time. Oh, okay. I see. I see. Well, you were speaking more about experiencing light, like feeling physical light happening like a S like a, you know, a discotheque was going on in your perception that that is achieved flowing in either new ways or clearing out old pathways and rekindling itself.

You know, it's like when your leg falls asleep and then it starts to tingle when the blood goes back to it, energetically [00:25:00] speaking. If we remove some of those energetic barriers, for whatever reason they were there, then more cheese or more life force comes in, which causes a light show in your brain. 

Karen: It was kind of like, it reminds me of like those psychedelic kind of hippy flower, like colors bubble in and out.


Scott Clover: yeah. Yeah. I refer to it sometimes as the law. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. People start to get in tune with those subtle energies. A session with me is, oh, I've blocked out that time. I'm going to meet with Scott. It's like giving yourself permission to clue into another paradigm. Right? If you look at my nomenclature, if you look at, you know, what's on my business card, it says intuitive energy healer.

You're not coming to me to tell me your story. You're coming to me to experience that story in a new way to get rid of it. And I'm, you know, I'm really good at helping people do that. I have to say, yep, you, 

Will: you buy us. The two of us both agree that you are very good at what you do. So this makes sense.

When you [00:26:00] look into like Eastern. Practices like Fang way and even martial arts where it's all about moving energies and moving talk about 

Scott Clover: energies. 

Will: Yeah. Yeah. Talk about sanctuary specifically. It, it, the way that. Situate things in your room blocks, energy or let's energy flow, and that brings wellbeing or not.

So it would just stand to reason that internally it would be the same thing inside our own bodies, but as well in our own in our own homes now, Help people with their Fink tray, or is that just beyond your 

Scott Clover: expertise? I know a little bit about functions way. Generally what I can do is, as I say, remote view inside the room, the person sitting in and tell them that there's something in their bookshelf behind them, that's in Congress to them moving.

Can you do that? Really? Yeah. Or sometimes I send people, send me a picture of their alters. A lot of people make an altar that [00:27:00] they have symbols. That mean something to them. They put an ad, a crystal over here and they put another crystal over here and they send me the photo and I'll go, whoa, whoa, whoa, no that sells a site.

Needs to go on the left because you're trying to clear that and that obsidian needs to be outside your room. Don't put up city. You know, sometimes I, I, somebody will send me or I'll sense their alter and tell them that something needs to shift. And when they do that, you hear in almost an audible. Oh no.

It made them feel better. I remember once I had Karen Roush Carter, who's my friend. Who's a famous, funky, straight person. She was over at my house and I had a picture of. And the picture of water was higher up on the wall. And she said, wow, you don't put pictures of water over your head because it makes you feel like you're drowning.

And we took that picture of water and we put it below my chin line and no joke. Oh, I did feel better. So it's, it's symbolism in my case, it's a lot of imagination. It's a lot of middle-aged people that I [00:28:00] work with and telling them and helping them to engage with their childhood imagination, where creativity and reality.

'cause for a lot of times. And what people don't talk about in Western society in Western medicine is, is if something's happening in your imagination, a lot of times your body can't tell the difference, whether it's happening in real time or not. So your body responds in kind, which is why I really like helping adults re-engage or what I call evoke their childhood imagination, because it's in that.

That the self-esteem is, is bolstered. And also they can create a sense of safety in their, in their minds that their nervous system responds. 

Karen: So you're like a biological function way, expert bioenergetic functions, way 

Scott Clover: bioenergetics. Yeah. I would say, but there's also, funkshway, isn't the best way to describe it, but in, in this case it's helping energy align itself.

Right. And if, if something bad happened to your grandfather, And [00:29:00] your father is holding it in his body. Then you're likely holding some resonant of that in your body as well. And if you don't know that, then you're going to keep trying to fix something other than what the actual issue is. So you come to somebody like me and I sense, oh, something happened to your great, great grandfather or your great-grandfather.

And the shame that he felt is carried in your dad's body, which then you mimic. It's very common for the child who want to take away the strife for the grief of the parent. And all they do is multiply it. They don't actually take it away. So then it gets carried down through generations. And you hear a lot of people now talking about generational patterns.

Well, generational patterns is just the vibration that the child mimicked from the parent thinking it was trying to relieve it. And instead of relieving it, all they do is match it. And now the duplex. 

Will: I could see how that goes with generational thought processes and even past lives, which we talked about a little bit, I see on your, some of the skillsets that you have, you help people develop their [00:30:00] intuition. How does, how does what you do the energy work, help people to develop their own. 

Scott Clover: Well, that can be a lot of different ways. The main way is to accept that you are intuitive. And if you self accept, then you're a lot more prone to utilize it for.

Good. And to have it be functional, a maligned intuition just holds us back or makes us create. Right. So if I can help people understand how their intuitive better, some people feel with their guts, some people feel with their third eyes, some people have what I can, what I can see is like an inverted unicorn horn in that their antenna should be growing out of their forehead, but for some reason or another it's grown inward.

And now they're, they're not utilizing their intuition. They're being held back. Right. If I think of my grandfather who was very intuitive and I get it, I get this from my, my parental line, my fraternal line or paternal line, I should say, [00:31:00] you know, my grandfather drank every day. From a teenager till he was 98 years old.

And I think it was just to stop these voices in his head. And when I think about him now, I see this like blunt broken off unicorn horn that he just didn't know how to access and that's just not something I wanted to keep incorporating. And so I sense that in other people. Somehow their intuition was either blocked or stymied to protect them or to protect their grandfather or their grandmother.

And then so their mother's intuition was stymied or hindered. And so they get the family ability, but yet they also get the inability to express themselves past. So it just can depend a lot of times sometimes when I work with people and we do that energetic plumbing as you call it their intuition starts to flutter and eventually flourish just because they're accepting it more.

If you accept it then the intuition comes a lot easier. 

Will: are you one of those folks that believes that everyone is intuitive or are there some more than. 

Scott Clover: Well, yeah, I believe [00:32:00] that everyone has intuition, but just like a marathon runner. I'm not a Kenyan, so I don't run marathons because I'm built differently.

But if, if I wanted to run a marathon, I'd ask a Kenyan to run a marathon because they seem to be more built for it. Right. So some people just have more. Some people have larger satellite dishes. My satellite dish is very large and over the years I, I built it on a structure that can support. And because of that, I can now help people utilize.

There's a lot of people want to be top heavy. A lot of people think, oh, let me be intuitive and open up all my upper shock rows. And then I'm going to talk to the palladium and that's great for them, but if they're not grounded in their body and they're not grounded and feeling safe, then they're eventually going to either sunburn their brain or fall over a little bit because they're top heavy.

Will: No one likes the bodybuilder. That's got very tiny little legs and a huge opera 

Scott Clover: body. That would be an example of, yeah, I say it's like putting a satellite dish on a [00:33:00] shack, so I really help people understand this. The prowess of your intuition comes also with how much you feel comfortable with your sense of self.

 But that's what I think is interesting about the podcast that you do. And that's why I reached out initially is because I was really, I really believe in what you're doing here.

You know, I do what I do and there's other people that help people in different ways. Am I the best fit for every single person? No, but if you've tried other things and they haven't worked and you know, you're empathic or intuitive and you have boundary issues or you know, that there's a family curse or, you know, you know, if you know certain aspects about what we've talked about, then go find someone that can help you on that and believe in them.

So it works. Right. Don't find somebody that you believe in and then you can lean into it. Don't come at it begrudgingly and say, well, this person better, you know, pull my scabs off. Well, I'm not there to pull off your scabs. Right? Exactly. [00:34:00] That's my point is that's, that's not the job, but, but lean in, you know, find somebody who thinks along either the same lines or you don't know what your.

Experiencing, and then you want to believe that there's something else out there. And that's what is once again, why I think is so interesting about the guests that you have on your show. 

Karen: That's one thing that is just fantastic about you and about most of our guests, they'll say the same thing. Hey, I might not be your person, but there are a bunch of other different modalities out there and find the one that speaks to you.

Whereas the person's like, oh, you got to come to me. 

Scott Clover: Sure. Like you had a guy on a wild or just recently who feels like entities and parasites, energetic parasites. I clear two or three of those a week with my client base. Yeah. I'm really, 

Will: really curious to hear what he says about this interview. Once we release it.

Cause he's, he's very vocal about people. So I'm really curious. 

Scott Clover: Yeah. I mean, entities happen. They attach to people. And a lot of times [00:35:00] what I sense is it's not as necessarily an entity, it's an old paradigm or an old mindset that you had at five or seven or 13 that created a thought pattern in your psyche or in your physical body.

Well, not your physical body, but your energetic body, I should say. And if attaches to your energetic body, it becomes Paris. And so you sense it almost like an EAL or an entity or a large tadpole, and it doesn't have a full-on brain, but it has a thought pattern in that it's there to fulfill a purpose.

That purpose is no longer viable or you've grown out of it, then you don't need, or want that thing attached to your energy field anymore. 

Karen: How can you tell the difference if it's an entity or if it's just 

Scott Clover: a thought pattern? Yes. They have different vibrational patterns. They have a different density when the person perceives them, they generally can tell also if, if they ask them there, I have a series of questions I go through because when I work with that, I don't [00:36:00] do it.

The client experiences in their own. Right. And the client speaks to the thought pattern or the entity. And by doing a series of questions by asking, does it have a name? Are, is the person responsible for asking it to be there? And a lot of times, yes. And I say, what year did it happen? And it's, oh, age five, what happened at age five?

My parents got divorced or I moved schools or I moved to a different country. You know, these are all things that all after time. And I say, what happened to the age of five? There's a maligning concept that you have in your psyche. That's become Paris. And then that's when they'll say, oh, I, something bad happened to me or I had a car accident.

Or as I said, my parents got divorced or moving schools is a big one losing. Losing a pet sometimes for kids who don't understand it, these can all kink the hose in that age group or that at that time. And I can do my intuition, see where in your timeline, these Kings happen. And that's how we can flush out what it is.

[00:37:00] But it's the client that's doing the work, not me, which is great. Okay. Yeah. 

Will: Does someone have to believe that what you're doing is real or, , is it going to work no matter. 

Scott Clover: It's I mean, yeah, better to lean into it. Obviously, if I'm doing somatic works that's less, I use my intuition to dictate which somatic technique I'll use or which part of the body we work on.

But generally those somatic techniques happen, whether the person believes in intuition or not. So I'm able to sort of use my intuition on the non-believers and get them into that, that healing space because of. Well, they realized that the part of the body I'm drawn to, they also have a pain there. So something's happening there.

If I'm drawn to a part of your body just as I was with you. Well, it's generally because you're experiencing some sort of maligned energy, whether that's pain and it's physical or it's energetic, and there's an energetic, underlying quantum reason why it's coagulated. 

Will: So really any type of. [00:38:00] Malaise, spiritually energetic inside your body, in your home, anything that you, sometimes you just feel kind of wonky or weird.

That's probably a good indication to reach out and say, Scott, something's going on? Can we figure this out? 

Scott Clover: Yeah. Or, you know, what do you, where, where do you see this coming in my body? Or why am I attached to this person? Or why can't I let go of this person? You know, a lot of impasse, I work with a lot of narcissistic abuse, people suffering from that from either their childhood or their parent or their siblings.

That's a lot of my, my work as well, but it's really neat to work with somebody and tell them you've got intuition coming into your forehead and it's, it's it's offline. So let's like get a laser pointer and get it to hit that pineal gland. And once people register that the incoming information into their, their third eye for example, is coming in a skew and we get them to align it into their Pineo gland.

It's like, well, you know, it can look like the uh, front of the. Have [00:39:00] a pink Floyd album, you know, the prison coming in and the rainbow coming out. When people connect to it, then then healing can happen and insights can be there. And people's self-esteem can start to bolster because as I said, that's where the healing energy is.

If you believe in yourself, then your body is more likely to want to, or be able to heal. 

Will: Now I know everybody's different. So I know your answer, what your answer is going to be, but I've got to ask it how typically on average, how many sessions does it take to kind of clear the works get rid of the gum?

The works. Yeah. 

Scott Clover: Well, as you said, everyone is different. You know, some people I see weekly, like, like they would see a therapist instead of a therapy session. And then some people say, oh, I have a trauma in my past. Or I have a backache. I would like to try this quantum energy healing or this, this energy healing as opposed to a more traditional or physical interaction intervention.

Right. I don't physically have you press on your spine very often, but if there's [00:40:00] energy in your spine, that needs to be released and we release. Then you, the pain doesn't come back, right? So I'm not working on the medical side of it. I'm working on the energy underlying it. And if you unclog that or let that flow, then what follows it, which is mass or matter then has more potential of feeling or going back to its original programming or what I call more optimal for the situation.

Meaning. Yes. People have pains in their bodies that after working with me, those pains dissipate, but I work on it from an energetic perspective, not from the pain perspective itself. 

Will: Piggybacking on that though. Can do you help with physical elements, like people who are maybe have cancer or something along those lines, or is that something you kind of try to stay away 

Scott Clover: from?

People come to me for married. Right. Cancer is, is a misalignment of cells. And so it's the energy of those cells [00:41:00] got somehow degradated or deteriorated. And so their programming started producing it differently. If you go back to an original program and I'm not going to get specific to cancer, but if you go back to an original energetic program and you tell your body to re-install that original program, then that maligning energy is less likely to be able to.

Does that make sense? So that can be anything. It doesn't have to be a physical ailment or a medical ailment. It can be an emotion. It can be a story. Or as I said, a divorce in your past, things like that, but yes, a lot of people come to me with physical ailments and then we work on the energetic reasoning.

Why the Elman arrived or is there. And if it has a historic. Or a soul pattern, then we help resolve that soul pattern. Then down the line, their body regulates it itself. The same way you go to the doctor with a broken arm, they, they fix the bone, but the doctor doesn't come back every day and rub salve on the bone.

So it grows. The body [00:42:00] knows how to heal itself once the alignment is taking place. So I help people with the alignment and then the body heals. And then I 

Karen: would imagine that you would be good for people that have OCD or the thing where they're counting all the time or turning the doorknob 50 times.


Scott Clover: That's a city there's OCD there's did, which is people that, that detach and go into different types of their psyches. It can work to integrating did there's a lot of things that it can work for. As I said, if it's a good fit, then it's a good fit for the person, but the person generally needs to understand that there's an energetic, underlying story.

How. And if they perceive that story in, in reality, not a wishful thinking, I wish this my body didn't hurt, or I wished my needed hurt. Well, guess what? It does hurt. So let's stop wishing and deal with the reason behind it or the reason underlying. 

Will: Cause we all know that if you wish for something, the universe is going to make you keep wishing for it.

Cause that's what it thinks 

Scott Clover: you becomes always elusive. That's a [00:43:00] very, very law of attraction statement. So you don't wish it to be you accept it, what it is. And accepting what it is, then you can change it. Right, right. Now that's why my perception of patterns, because I, once again, I just read the energy of it.

I read the energy pattern and I tell you where it's maligned or misaligned. And I have you use visualization and your imagination to experience. On your own for yourself. So the healing can be experienced by you. 

Will: So how about kids? How does this work for kids? Have you ever done stuff on kids? I'm sure.

Probably a little too young. It wouldn't be good for, but maybe someone who's no 10 

Scott Clover: above. Sometimes parents ask me about their children and I do work with the architectural charts, which means we can have your architectural chart read and then we work with the archetypes. And so sometimes I work with parents and explain their children's archetypes back to them so their parents can understand them for who they are and give each other a break.

'cause a lot of [00:44:00] times, if you're not an, if you're perceiving your child through your own lens, you're not giving that child the ability to be themselves. And that causes, causes frustration on both sides. So a lot of times I'll work with parents on and explain their children back to them from an architectural standpoint, meaning the chart.

But a lot of times, no, I'd like to work with people over 18. Their sense of self. I have worked with a couple of teenagers with their parent's permission, but it just doesn't I I'd like to see the psyche a little more formed than that. And just because I just think it's appropriate to work with adults 

Will: and I'm sure the more, you know, yourself.

The easier it is for you to go in and help someone with that, where someone who was bef before you're 18, you're kind of heck I'm much older than that. I'm not sure a hundred percent sure. I know who I am completely. So I can see someone that's young may have a tough time with 

Scott Clover: this and there's different.

There's different meal years like six and seven. We have a different perception of [00:45:00] ourselves. I was like, we don't know, we don't know. We fit into an actual world until we're six or seven years old with rag used to be seven. Now with the younger kids, it's more like six. And then there's another coming of age at 12 or 13 middle school puberty, things of that.

How do I perceive and interact in the world? And then again at 19, when we should look back and say, oh, all that garbage we went through and all this stuff we're holding onto us, let that go and become the adult. You're supposed to be no one stops and tells a 19 years. How to write a check, how to do your taxes and to let go of all the bullshit that brought you to this point and become your own adult.

And I wish we did it. I had a class that of 19 year olds because a lot of us would have been better off, but yeah, 

Karen: absolutely. But I think that would be a fantastic service for the parents that have come. And because we do, we look at our kids and we just kind of see them as little mini MES and we expect them to think and feel, and react and respond the way we do.

But to have someone like you come in and say, no, this is really what they're like, boy. 

Scott Clover: Right. If your daughter, if your daughter has queen [00:46:00] archetype and she wants to sit on her throne and have, you know, experienced the, the, the queen experience and you have servant archetype, you're not going to relate to her, but if you understand that you have served in archetype and your daughter has queen archetype, then you're going to see it for what it is and be more responsible to that situation.

And more aligned with the reason why they're acting that way or the reason why you're responding that way. And it can be so enlightening for people. It can be so uplifting to the parent go. There's no fault here. It, they just are. When you can say there's no fault and people just are, it takes a lot of the anxiety out of situations and a lot of anxiety out of relationships.


Will: So how do you find a no we're running way at a time, but how do you find it's a whole other conversation? How do you find someone's archetype? 

Scott Clover: It's a chart it's similar to an astrological chart. We all have different archetypes that we are born [00:47:00] with. And I think of them as Mondalez or stained glass windows, we each have our own Mandalah we own, we each have our own stained glass window.

It's just, the colors are different and they're different than. So if you shine a light through your soul, it's gonna project differently than the light of my soul, because I have healer archetype and I have visionary archetype. These are the architects that helped me do my job. Right. But there's other people who have pioneer, which means they're never going to, they're just going to keep working.

They're just going to keep going for it. 

Karen: We got to book a session now to know 

Will: there's a lot. We have to book with Scott. Yeah. Well, your podcast, you mentioned it a little bit earlier is To active energy podcast, I've listened to it. And it's, it's a really great resource to get even deeper into some of these concepts we talked about today.

We also are going to put, we'll put a direct link to your podcast on our show notes. We'll also put your social media, your Instagram, your Facebook, that kind of stuff on our social [00:48:00] media. So people can reach out to you if they're so inclined. And I I'm telling you. From our personal perspective, both Karen and myself, and this is coming from a skeptic we both really feel like this, Scott is the real deal, so absolutely it would be. Super interesting. We'd love you. Invite you to reach out to Scott, have a session or tubing, come back to us and let us know what you thought, because we want to be able to to compare our experience with those of our audience.

So great. I can't thank you enough for coming on the show again. It's always a pleasure to have you and maybe, maybe session three will be the final finished product. We always have so much to talk about. 

Scott Clover: Yeah. I'd love to. Awesome. Thanks for having me on. I really appreciate it. Thank you for coming.

Thank you. And 


Karen: you for all of your help with all the healing and everything. Yeah. We 

Will: will see you again soon. I promise you that. 

Scott Clover: Very welcome. You're very welcome. Both of you. . 

Will: Well that wraps it up for this episode of the skeptic metaphysicians listener. Thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. Again, don't [00:49:00] forget. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram under at skeptic metaphysician as always, if you know someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we've shared on the show or any of our others, I hope you'll consider sharing us with that person.

It will help grow the show and may just help someone else come to terms with the fact that we're so much more than just this three-dimensional body that we'd have it. Listening to this episode on the radio and miss anything, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be found on our site.

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That's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysicians until then take care.

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Often my clients report they know something is holding them back from achieving their full potential but they aren’t sure what it is. The specific work I do allows release of stress and trauma stored in the body that is subconsciously sabotaging. For the past 7 years, I have worked 1 on 1 with clients helping them feel better in their body, optimize performance and have the support they need to reach their full potential.

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