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Great Content

"Great content if you're at all interested in the metaphysicial or spiritual. As someone who is intrigued in these worlds, I've learned quite a bit from listening to a few of these and look forward to listening to each episode when it comes out."

Thank You

This is the most healing conversation I’ve heard all years. Just beautiful!


Beautiful. I am listening to the same episodes multiple times.

Eye and Mind Opening

Love joining you on your quest for knowledge, and your honesty about your own journey. Feels like a behind the scenes look into your own research of uncommon beliefs, being presented and explored in an unbiased manner.

Great Show

I'am feeling the holysprite here. Such a great show.

The best

I love everything about this show!

Awesome show!

Love your show. So many great tips!

Super thought-provoking

I’m one of those that sit between believing and thinking all of this stuff is hooey. This podcast so far is expiring topics from an open-minded perspective that also asks the skeptical questions, rather than taking anything for granted. I like this quite a bit.