Mastering Astral Projection: Are You Ready?

In this episode of the Skeptic Metaphysicians, hosts Will and Karen delve into the world of astral projection with special guest Florentine Ionita, an astral projection teacher and explorer. They discuss what astral projection is, the benefits of leaving your body, and how to do it step by step. Florentine Ionita shares his expertise and introduces his Astral Projection Accelerator Program, a systematic training methodology that has helped hundreds of students achieve out of body experiences.

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“The moment that you have the experience is the moment that you truly go, okay, this is possible. And the experience is extremely real.” - Florentin Ionita

Have you ever been told to just clear your mind and trust the process to achieve astral projection without any real guidance or strategy? If so, you know the frustration of putting in time and effort and not seeing results. Learn how to overcome fear and start to experience astral projection with proper mindset and techniques in this episode.

In this episode, you will also be able to: Discover astral projection's contribution to spiritual evolution and enhancing personal growth. Identify distinctions between dreams and astral projection experiences. Tackle fears and barriers on your astral projection journey. Master practical techniques to accomplish astral projection effectively. Address concerns about negative entities during astral projection experiences.

Topics we cover:

  • Why Astral Project
  • Spiritual Evolution
  • Spontaneous Out of Body Experiences
  • Understanding the difference between a dream and an astral projection
  • The realism of astral projections
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Understanding different dimensions
  • Traveling to different dimensions
  • Entities in Astral Projection
  • The Physical vs. Non-Physical World
  • The Power of Consciousness
  • Overcoming Fear in the Astral Plane
  • Best Way to Learn Astral Projection
  • Florentine's Program

Florentin Ionita is a highly skilled astral projection teacher and explorer dedicated to helping individuals unlock their spiritual potential. With his groundbreaking Astral Projection Accelerator Program, he has successfully guided hundreds of students towards achieving out-of-body experiences through a systematic and practical approach. Florentin's passion for spiritual evolution and discovering the essence of human consciousness has propelled him to the forefront of the metaphysical community. His unique ability to demystify and simplify complex concepts makes him an engaging and inspiring guide for those seeking to explore the astral realm.

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Florentin Ionita is an Astral projection teacher and explorer who has used his technical background from the Hollywood Visual Effects Film Industry to create the world's most complete Astral Projection Program, "The Astral Projection Accelerator Program", which is a program designed to take a complete beginner who never had any Astral Projection experiences to become someone who has them often.

Guest Info:

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Florentin Ionita

Will: [00:00:00] Karen? Yes. Let's test your knowledge of Will. Oh boy. What is the number one thing I've always wanted to do? Astro projection. Astro project. That's right. That and eat unlimited cake. Ooh, we need to get someone about cake. No, no. This one's about Astro projection. It's that all, all elusive skillset that I've been trying to gain forever will Yes.

I think today we're gonna solve it. Woo-hoo. Yep. This episode is all about astral projection. What is it really? What are the benefits of leaving your body, and most of all, how to do it step by step. We're diving into the easiest way to master out of the body travel. Welcome to another episode of The Skeptic Meta Physic.





Will: Well, today's stories called The Blind Girl. There was a blind girl who hated herself purely for the fact that she was blind. The only person that she didn't hate was her loving boyfriend as he was always there for her. She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry him. Well, one day someone donated a pair of eyes to her and now she could see everything [00:03:00] including her boyfriend.

So her boyfriend dropped to one knee, asked her, now that you can see the world, will you marry me? The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend was blind too, and she refused to marry. Well, the boyfriend walked away in tears and later wrote her a letter saying, I understand. Please just take care of my eyes.

Dear. Wow, I won't even give you the moral of this story. I'm sure the message is loud and clear.

Hey everyone. I'm Will. And I'm Karen. We are your guides of this journey of discovery. Today we've got a special treat. Florentine Iita is an astral projection teacher and explorer who has created the world's most complete astral projection program, the Astral Projection Accelerator program. He's helped [00:04:00] hundreds of students achieve out-of-body experiences with the help of this systematic training methodology, and I could not be more excited to talk to him today.

Florentine, thanks for being

Florentin: on the show. Hello. Hello. Thanks you. Thank you for having me. So we've

Will: got a lot to talk about and I know Karen's gonna tell you that I can talk about this stuff forever, so I'm gonna try to keep it as concise as I can and let you speak for a little bit. But, first, let's set the table so that everyone is on the same page.

Astral projection out of body experiences. What exactly is it, there's a lot of misconceptions out there, right? So let's put some of those misconceptions to rest.

Florentin: Okay, great. So that's a good place to start. Um, because there is a lot of misconceptions. So the first one is the idea that we are leaving our bodies and that our body is gonna be empty and that someone's gonna take over the body maybe, or something's gonna happen to the body.

And there's a fear there, maybe that we're not able to come back. Uh, if we travel [00:05:00] somewhere, there's all this whole idea of separating from the body kind of thing. And al although it feels like we are moving away from the body, that we are leaving the body in a, in a strange way when we're doing it. I think the truth is more like we are not in our bodies in the first place.

Our consciousness is not in our brain. You know, our consciousness is beyond this dimension. In the first place. And it's projecting itself to our physical body to have a human experience. And then when we ask to project, it's basically our consciousness projecting itself somewhere else in a different reality.

That will be what, what an as projection is. And so you can also be in multiple places at the same time. So you can be occupying your physical body while you're doing this practice. Um, a aware of the physical body. And at the same time you can be aware of a completely different reality. Uh, as well. You can have multiple parallel [00:06:00] projections, so to speak.

Okay. So

Will: if someone coming into this topic cold, you just dropped about 15 bombs.

Karen: Wow, that sounds

Florentin: exhausting in less

Will: than two minutes. So let's, take it back for a second. you mentioned that the consciousness does not reside in the body. Now you're talking of course, about the theory that. our consciousness is not developed by a brain, but rather it lives outside of our brain, and our brain is actually just a filter that allows us to live in this three-dimensional body.

it's a super interesting thought, and one that I've talked about and thought about a lot because, the thought of projecting our consciousness into our bodies, to the use of our brains is intriguing. and it opens up a lot of possibilities in the quantum realm. if this resonates with you, then this conversation's gonna be an easy one for you. If it doesn't resonate with you, then we have got some work to do first and front. so then you are also talked about being in [00:07:00] multiple places at one time. At that point, now you're talking about the fact that we are an infinite being.

Also the quantum, physics thought that there is no time, that all time is happening simultaneously. So that could be something along those lines. So trying to catch up those that aren't as versed in some of these concepts. If someone doesn't resonate with some of these, concepts, for lack of a better word, I is Astra projection completely out of bounds for them?

Florentin: No. Uh, so there's like two different beliefs that you can have with this. You can believe that, like I was just like saying before that consciousness is beyond the, the body beyond the brain. And you can therefore travel to different realities. There are, um, outside of you, or you can believe that consciousness is in your brain and that everything that's happening to you is always in your, in your mind, in your imagination, that kind of stuff.

And that's o that's okay. You can have that belief and you can still ask to project, you can still [00:08:00] have these experiences and then you can kind of make what you want out of it. You can still, you can believe that, oh, that was just some type of, um, dream or that was happening in my mind. Mm-hmm. It's, it's okay.

You can have that belief, and I think a lot of people do have that belief in the beginning. I think it's healthy to have the belief of maybe this is all just a illusion or a dream or imagination and whatever. And then you, you know, you have that belief, you have that skeptic kind of, uh, mindset, but you still have an open mindset with that because you are willing to try this out for yourself.

So you start with the practice, you start doing the actual work, and you start having experiences. And then through that journey of experience, you start to shift your belief system. You start to have experiences that maybe you won't be able to explain with that theory that it's all in your mind. Because maybe you will have an experience where you see something outside of your room, maybe your neighbor's roof [00:09:00] that you have never seen before.

And then you go out in the physical, the next day you check out the roof and you, you see actually the same thing. Uh, you know, things like this happen all the time, or that people go to people's houses and they, they overhear a conversation and they can come back and then record, uh, recall exactly what happened and tell that friend, like, I saw you having this conversation with this person in these clothes.

Is that true? Like, yes, that's, that happened. And those are those kind of confirmations, personal confirmations that then take your experience, your perception of reality to another level where you start to expand what you believe is true about this reality and about yourself and about the universe. And it's kind of, the whole purpose of this is to take you on that journey of truth where you start to unravel more of what reality is and what you are.

And what is going on. And so it's totally okay to have that belief in the beginning that everything is that happening out here. It's totally okay.

one of the, the main questions I get from people when it [00:10:00] comes to this topic is, why, why would you do this?

Why would you leave your body and going to different dimensions and what's the point? Like, like, so for you and for you, you didn't, you didn't actually ask me that question because it's so clear to you why, and I was wanted to ask you why. Why do you want to ask the project? Why do you think this is something that you would, that's a great question.


Will: me, it's a way of validating that this stuff is all real. So in the show Open, you'll hear, we talk about the fact that we're like, molder and Scully, we really want to believe, but I'm the kind of mindset that I have to feel it, I have to sense it, taste it, touch it, right? I've, I've gotta know it's real before I can just full on believe it.

And, I got that when I became a Reiki practitioner, I did feel these energies, which then led me to think, okay, if this is real, then there's bound to be other things out there that are real as well. But it's e eluding me. So I figured if I can Astra project, [00:11:00] and if it's as real as you're saying, like as, as palpable as, it's not a dream state.

Mm-hmm. Kind of real, then that is going to prove. Without a shadow of a doubt for me that this stuff is real. So that's really, that's my why. That's why I've always wanted

Florentin: to Astra project. So for you, it's confirmation that this stuff is real. Correct. Uh, and it's very much the same for me. And I'm, I'm very much like you.

Like I need to have the experience to believe something. I can't just like believe in everything. And that's kind of the whole purpose with Asto projection specifically. It's like, don't believe what people tell you. Don't read books about all kinds of stuff. Go ahead and just have the experience yourself.

Learn how to do it. Find out for yourself. Because the difference between believing something and knowing something, experiencing something is massive. Completely different. It's a completely different territory now. It's one thing to believe that you might continue after physical death. There might be an afterlife, your uncle that died might be somewhere out there.

And [00:12:00] knowing through experience, it's a very difficult, different state of mind. Mm-hmm. Right. So, you know, think about how. That would feel to have that knowing through your personal experience. It's, it's a, it's a very different experience as a, and if someone

Will: wasn't motivated, like I am about confirmation, I, I think you alluded to earlier that there are certain benefits to astro projection.

Can you share some of those with us?

Florentin: Yes. So to me, as projection is a tool for spiritual evolution, it's a, it's a tool to discover your spiritual essence. And I think when you are in the spiritual community and you learn about these different topics and you find out that, oh, you are not a physical body human being, you're something more, you're something beyond this.

The question comes up like, what then? In what, what am I, what, what am I more than this? And how can. Like experience this and this will be the way experience this, and you can experience this stuff with psychedelics. You know, you can take different [00:13:00] substances, but that's a completely different thing and it's usually maybe a bit more intense and not, not many people are ready for that.

Uh, this stuff is very smooth. You know, it it, like I said before, you, you will take you to places that you're ready for. So it's a smooth journey that you can go on and start finding about, uh, finding out about your, your essence, who you are, where you are, about the universe. Mm-hmm. Uh, and it's also a tool to connect with somebody that has passed away, that has basically left from this physical realm and gone into different realm.

You can connect with them. And we have students that do that all the time. And I mean, seeing a student that had lost their loved one, um, connecting with them in the Ashe and then, and then having the talk with them afterwards and seeing how happy they are and how like, you know, it's, it's, it's amazing cuz.

Just there's, it's such a healing experience to be able to talk to somebody that you love, that you, you think you've lost, but then you find out that you haven't lost them. They're still there. And this is a tool for that [00:14:00] to connect with somebody like that. Yeah, that's, and of course is the connecting with spiritual guides, which is a, which is a big one as well.

Many people wanna connect with their spiritual guides that knows everything about them and get guidance on their life, uh, on what to do. We have one student called Ashwin. Uh, he found out his life purpose with the help of his guides. And it's one of those super important things to do, which is one of those key stones is, uh, um, things that you want to do as well.

Like you want to connect with your spiritual guide to get guidance to, to get help to navigate the astrol, cuz you won't know where to go. Mm-hmm. But they will know and they can help you.

Will: it seems like a, a no-brainer to me

Karen: that's more of my motivation. I don't need the proof because I do believe it, but I feel like it's something we're supposed to do to become more, and that's why that's

Will: what I want.

Right. So in your estimation, Florentine, do you think eventually everyone will get to the point where they do this regularly? Is this part of our spiritual evolution then?

Florentin: I really believe that. I really believe that [00:15:00] this is what we are supposed to do. We're supposed to evolve our consciousness cons, uh, constantly.

Mm-hmm. And, and understand what we are and what we are not, and understand the true the truth about this reality. Right. So that's kind of ultimately what it is. It's about understanding the bigger picture. Uh, and with that comes great, great peace, great healing. Great. Uh, I mean the more I, I think for you guys too, the more you find out, the more kind of amazed you, you become about what's happening and the more.

Uh, the more love comes from that, from knowing the bigger truth. Yeah. Um, and so I think it's definitely a part of our evolution to go on this journey of, of truth and expansion.

Karen: So you said that some people might think, well, was that a dream? So kind of take expanding on that. Sometimes when you sleep you have these dreams that are just incredible and seem incredibly vivid like you are right there.

I mean, could you be, I guess while you're sleeping, as you're projecting and [00:16:00] not on accident, but like not intentionally doing it, but could it, is it something that can just happen?

Florentin: Yes. That's something that happens actually to like 10% of the population. Ha. People have these spontaneous out about experiences and for the most part they freak out cuz they don't know what's happening.

And it's very scary if you don't know that this is possible. If you start leaving your body, you might, you might think you're dying, you might, you know, might think something weird is happening. And then also it happens a lot in our. Sleep. When we're sleeping, we have, uh, more unconscious experiences. For the most part.

We might not remember them, or we might remember some pieces maybe that we are flying and we saw a village or something, but we come back from that experience and always kind of disregarded to be a dream, but sometimes could actually be something more than a dream. But I think the best way to do this is to describe what is a, what's the difference between a dream and an after projection?

Because of the, you know, the, the lines are kind of blurry.

Will: Yeah. In fact, I was gonna ask. if someone's freaking out [00:17:00] because they, do this in their sleep and suddenly, they freak out cause they feel they're dying. It must feel different. Because that's always been my, big thing, right?

Is it me just dreaming or using my imagination and, feeling like I'm leaving my body? Like does it feel, are there physical sensations when you leave your body? Do you feel the wind whistling through your hair as you're flying through the night? Or is it really just a mental projection?

Florentin: Great question.

So that's why people freak out because it's so real. They don't even know that they're, I mean, they don't even know that they're out of body. A lot of times. We, I have students when they go outta body, they actually think they are, uh, standing in their room physically. And so they, they leave their body and they're like, oh, oh, I'm just, I'm still physically standing in my room.

Oh, everything looks the same. They go back to the bed and then they wake up and then they realize, oh my God, that I was out of body just now. But it was so real. That I, I thought it was physical reality. Okay. So it's, it's that level of realism [00:18:00] and sometimes people report that it's even more real than their physical experience.

Okay. That they can see. So that's encouraging to me

Will: Because, you talk to people and they're like, oh, it's just like, it's like just like as in your imagination. And to me it's kind of a cop out if I'm not feeling it Right. If I, if I don't feel something different, it feels like I'm not really astro projecting.

So I'm hearing from you that it is indeed feels like you are physically somewhere else.

Florentin: Yeah. It's, um, it's insane. It's, it's really insane. Like, I mean, when you, it's only when you have it the first time that you can just like grasp what would just, what just happened because it's, I remember for me, when I heard this as well, I was also a bit skeptic.

I was also thinking, hmm, maybe these guys, these people are just imagining these things. Mm-hmm. Right. Uh, because I would go to different, uh, retreats at different, uh, workshops, meditation workshops, and I always meet these people that, they always had this very interesting stuff happening for them when they're closing their eyes.

They saw all kinds of stuff and I was like, [00:19:00] man, I don't see anything. I think it's just, I'm just, I'm not even, yeah. Not nothing is happening. And, and I was always wondering if these people are just kind of making things up or they're just imagining things. Yeah. Cuz people, it wasn't,

Will: took stuff around all the time.

Oh yeah. When I left my body, or, oh, it's such a buzzword. It's like everyone in this space is talking about astro projection or, or, or leave out of body experiences, like just throwing around, like if it was hotcakes. But, but that's what makes someone like me who's been struggling, trying hard to do it for so long, get super frustrated and think, no, you guys are full of crap.

This is not, it can't be real.

Florentin: So, yeah. Totally. I mean, that's exactly what happens if you tried for a while and in doing, get very far. Then, you know, you, you're, you're gonna have all kinds of stories that you're gonna tell yourself, like, this is not real. Or maybe you're gonna have the, uh, the limiting belief that I had, which is, I'm not gifted enough to do this.

I don't have the ability to do this. This is for special people. This is for someone that [00:20:00] has meditated for 10 years. Exactly. And I'm not one of those people. So a lot of things can come like that. And then that can also become a limiting belief, which blocks you from actually being able to do it, because now you're creating a belief system around it that you cannot do it, which is not helping you.

So, uh, it's, but yeah, it's, the moment that you have the experience is the moment that you truly go, okay, this is possible. And the experience is extremely real. It's, it's, uh, very physical. And you, you, you can feel things, you can, you can, you can touch things with your hands. You can smell things. You can see things.

You can hear things. Uh, sometimes your hearing can be so enhanced that you can hear things that are really, really far away from. The, the room that you're practicing in. Like for example, if I practice, if I do the practice in a, in a city like London, um, I would be, I can get into a state where I start hearing conversations of like lots of different conversations taking place as [00:21:00] if there was like people sitting in my room.

And in the beginning, a lot of times I actually got confused. I, I actually thought someone walked into my room and so I took off my headphones and looked around like, what's happening here? Someone, it's coming into my room. There's nobody there. But it's so clear. The sound is so clear. And if I do it in a, in a place that's like, uh, just nature around the area, I can hear birds and the river creaking and like the, the, the sounds, they'll be in that environment.

They hear very clearly as if they're next to me. It's, it's very, it's very interesting how our senses, when we get into these states, get very, um, heightened beyond the physical possibility that we have with our physical senses.

Karen: So that's interesting because sometimes when I dream I can, I can smell things or I can taste things.

I just thought that was normal dreaming. I don't know. Will, do you smell and taste in your dreams? I don't think, I've

Will: never asked you that. I don't think I ever have. No, I don't smell or taste or, I mean, hear things I, well you gotta hear things. I, well, but, well, in a [00:22:00] dream I'm more, I'm, it's more, it's less hearing it and more seeing it in my mind.

Like I know that there's someone saying something, but it's not like auditory. Really. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don't, I don't think at the same time, I also don't remember my dreams a lot. Very seldom do I remember my dreams.

Karen: So like when you have a dream that you're flying, you don't feel it.

Will: Like, um, the only dreams I've had have been, and it's, it's been a very long time since I had one of them is falling.

I've had dreams, I've been falling. Mm-hmm. And that has been really un when you wake up, unnerving. Yeah. Wake. Yeah. Yeah. Really unnerving. and now that I think about it, Florentine, could that have been, An astral travel in my dreams. I mean, it feels like you feel, you know, when you are on a rollercoaster and you go down, one of those, drops.

The drops and you feel in your stomach. It kind of felt like that, believe it or not, in, in the dream. Is that, could that possibly have been a projection?

Florentin: Yeah. So I wanted to do this before as well, just to define what, what, uh, what a dream would be and then what as production would be because they, they are cousins in a way.

[00:23:00] Uh, so the way I see it is that there are multiple dimensions and they have different quality, uh, or different, um, uh, purpose as well. And so to me, a dream is also a projection. Your consciousness is projecting itself into a reality and you're now experiencing it as it, as it is your only reality in that moment.

Um, but. The dream space, this dimension of the dream, we call it the mental plane. It's kind of like a, a, a, a, it's a mixture of everything that, you know, um, you know, every, everyone you meet. It's, uh, it's kind of your little simulator reality. You know, you might see a picture and then your dream about that thing that was on that picture and right.

Your thoughts are very much blended with that reality. And it's changing. It's very kind of, uh, um, liquidy. You know, you, you can look at one direction, you see something, you look at the other one. Then you, when you look back that [00:24:00] the whole scenery is now changed maybe to, you know, a door changes to a window.

It's not very solid. Uh, and usually in a dream, you know, you'll have your childhood friends, maybe your family, um, maybe lot, lots of familiar characters might be in that experience. And then a lucid dream will just be the fact that you become lucid, you become aware in the dream that you are dreaming. And then, You can just see it what it is.

You can see it, oh, I'm, I'm in a dream now. I'm in a dream reality. Mm-hmm. Dream dimension. Now, a master projection or an etheric projection or there's this other dimension you go to when you go to those places, they will be, they'll have different, um, uh, a completely different, there'll be a different environment.

It will not be the environment of your own creation. There will be an environment where you are meeting more objective realities, uh, places that are actually, that exist, but in on a different frequency of reality. And [00:25:00] there things usually are more solid. If you look, uh, you see a building on the right, you look to your left, we look back, the building is still there.

And you don't, you cannot just change the environment as you, as you wish, like you can in a lucid dream where you could kind of change colors of the walls and. Uh, you, you kind of have this power over, over that experience because it's your generated reality that you are experiencing, and you are also creating that reality, a lucid dream and a dream.

But as projection, you are occupying a place that's occupied by other, uh, consciousness beings as well. And you cannot just change things as you as you want. Things are more solid, and a lot of times when you project yourself to these places, you end up on a street, maybe that's just completely empty.

There's nobody there. You have to kind of look around to find something to do. It can be a bit empty in the beginning, and to find maybe someone to talk to or to figure out where you are. It's a bit like you're just being dropped at, in a, you know, in a different city. In a different world, or maybe in a forest or the, you know, [00:26:00] there's countless places to go and visit.

Will: And you pick up a good point, all these places you go, we've heard that you can, go to Astrol school. We've heard that you can talk to God. We've heard that you can see, past loved ones. is this just a traveling of the mind? Is it you can go anywhere or the, these are actual physical places that you go to?

Florentin: physical places, they're, they're non-physical places that you go to. Uh, maybe you can also go to physical places as well. Uh, there'll just be a different shift of frequency. But for the most part, when we leave our, uh, when we project our awareness out of our bodies, uh, or in just different realms, we, the frequency that our consciousness is in that, in that state is, um, it, it's usually a frequency that doesn't really.

Uh, it, it's harder to be, it's, it's harder to be in a physical dimension, so it's harder for somebody to, to get into the, uh, this physical realm with a non-physical body than there is for them to be in a [00:27:00] non-physical realm.

Will: I see. So it's not like I can go visit, my daughter at school in an astrol form and just kinda sit and watch her in school, or, yes.

Florentin: You, you can, you can, just saying that it's a bit more unnatural, a bit more difficult for the, for you to do that versus to be in the astrol, which is like completely your natural environment to be in when you are, uh, in this form, in this state of consciousness.

Karen: So when in one of those environments, is everybody else else in there also Astro projecting?

Florentin: Yeah. So you, you might go for the most part. Oh, this is, this is a hard question because there's so many ways that could, this could, this could take place. Leave it to Karen

Will: to ask that hard questions.

Florentin: yeah. You could be, uh, you know, traveling out of body and visits. So I would say like this, some people, naturally they're, as soon as they get outta body, they're like in their flats.

They're in their house, they're like looking around, they're going through the wall, going out their neighborhood. [00:28:00] They're seeing things in their physical reality very easily. Like, like their, their energetic body has that kind of, has that frequency, that it's kind of, kind of drawn to the, the physical a lot and it's very easily to, for it to be there.

While other explorers, when they got a body, they always end up in a completely different, uh, reality. They're never in their surroundings and it's kind of difficult for them to, um, to go to the physical world, so to speak. But you can go anywhere. Like, you know, you can't train yourself to go to different places.

And we have the ability to do both. Uh, I think a, a good way to think about it cuz we all have the internet nowadays, so we understand how there's different websites on the internet that you can access with your computer and that there's a network that can connects all of these websites. Mm-hmm. And you can think about that in the same way with dimensions.

You have multiple dimensions that they'll be like, same as a website and then you have the network that connects the, uh, different websites, which is the quantum field, which [00:29:00] connects all of these different dimensions. And then with your consciousness, you're able to travel to these different websites or dimensions.

Hmm. And they're countless of them. I mean, I don't know if we didn't even know how many there are. There can be infinite amounts of different places to go to. And some of them are super vols, you know, they're in the future, you know, they have like flying cars and technology economy un understand and, and others might be super.

Like primitive and having an invented fire and they're kind of, you know, very confused and Wow. Wow. There's everything.

Will: Yeah. There are so many questions. I mean, so many questions. We are just getting started. When we come back, we gotta take a break. When we come back, we're gonna start talking to Florentine about potential dangers with altro projection, and then get into the nitty of how to do it.

So stay with us when we come back. you're not gonna want to miss the rest of this. I.[00:30:00] And we're back with the Skeptic meta physicians. Today we're talking to Florentine Anita, who is a, master Astro projector. He's a teacher who taught hundreds of people how to achieve out-of-body experiences. He's got a systematic training, a methodology that is surefire.

So we are pricking his brain about all things, astro projections because as you know, this is my favorite topic in the world. We, talked a lot about what Astro projection is and all that kind of stuff before the break. Now I want to get into the Nitty Florentine. First and foremost, read Bob Monroe's book journeys out of the.

And, a lot of people who are listening know about the Monroe Institute and all the, research that, they've done, with, Hemis Sync, which is syncing the, two hemispheres of the brains using binaural beats, all that kind of stuff the CIA has a whole document now [00:31:00] that you can look for it yourself right now, you can download it.

the Gateway Project, it talks about hemis sync and things like that, to achieve, out-of-body experiences.

Florentin: But in

Will: Bob Monroe's book, there's a part that made me very scared because he started talking about encounters with entities that maybe aren't the best things to run into in the Astro plane.

Florentin: Is

Will: there anything that we should be afraid of when we first leave our bodies? You've already mentioned that no one's going to come over and take our, bodies or anything, but are there any entities out there that we might, get a little.

Nerve racked over, you know, demons or beings or astral beings that maybe don't want the best for us.

Florentin: Okay. So first what I would like to share is that we, when we leave our, when we project our awareness and we leave our bodies in this way, we are still gonna be in a, in a world of duality. We're not leaving duality, um, [00:32:00] anytime soon.

You know, we're still there. So of course there's going to be dark darkness and light. There's gonna be fear, there's gonna be love. So there's going to be beings of lower vibrations and beings of high vibrations. There's going to be dimensions where there are weird creatures and sick people and all kinds of weird stuff going on.

And there's gonna be places that are full of lights and love and beauty and amazing and profound. There's everything. Um, just like on the internet, you can go and you can find crazy websites and you can find beautiful websites what you can.

And just like, um, in the physical reality, you can go to places that are very scary and dangerous and you can go to places that are beautiful and amazing. And it's interesting cuz um, sometimes I wonder like [00:33:00] before we incarnated here, did we get any, uh, debrief from somebody? What is going to be like to have a human physical life?

And if we did, how did that, uh, being, um, you know, describe it to us. Um, it's, it's interesting because I think even I, I'll, I'll believe that even, you know, we will probably know a lot about this place before we come and even though we know that there are. Crazy things going on here. And you can, you can get killed and there's wars and there's rape, and there's so many bad things that can happen to you.

We still choose to come here and experience a physical life because there's so much growth, there's so much potential to have this physical life. And so I see a ask objection a bit like that too. There's everything out there, but there's so much amazing things out there that those negative things that are out there shouldn't sort of, uh, stop you from going out of body.[00:34:00]

So that's the first thing. And then the second thing is that we are indestructible. We are not, um, fragile when we got a body. Um, we, you know, the other day I was in a dimension where I was witnessing a fight and there was some sort of police force fighting some other. People. I don't know what it was exactly, but I, as soon as I saw that, I, I ended up just in the middle.

Cuz a lot of times when you focus on something, you just a arrive there because your focus is there. And this, um, this as Actuall police officer of some sort, uh, started to attack me, started to punch me. Uh, and the punches went through me like nothing. I couldn't feel anything. It wasn't hurting me. There was no pain, there was nothing.

It was just like, it was just strange. It a bit strange. So I've had, and um, I've

Will: had dreams where someone's fighting me and I, you know, either I don't feel it or I can't hit them, right. [00:35:00] mm-hmm. But, but I've always known it was a dream. Now what you talked about before the break, you said that it is a definite palpable Difference from a dream. You, you were there more real than real almost is what you said. So, these punches when he was going, he was hitting you and it was go, just going right through you. It wasn't a dream. It you were there, that astro cop was there and he was throwing punches at you and you just weren't feeling it.

It just, it's kind of hard to wrap your head around how

Florentin: that could Yeah. It's hard to wrap your hand around it. Well, I, I think to, I think what it could be, uh, what what would help is to think about it as, um, like we, we are physical right now. We're in a physical body. Mm-hmm. Um, and when we touch things in the physical, these things, these objects in the physical, they're vibrating, vibrating at the same frequency.

So they're solid to us. Uh, we cannot put our hands through the table. You know, it's a, it's a hard surface, but when we are out of body in this non-physical format, um, like I can touch my [00:36:00] table, uh, in, in, in my room and I can actually put my hand through the table. I can still feel that it's an object. I can feel the surface of it.

But if I press, I'll actually be able to put my hand through it. So we are a bit like a ghost, but not a ghost, like made of air that just kinda like, just disappears and appears. It's a bit more solid. But it depends on the, the frequency that you're occupying, the dimension that you're in, you know, the vibrations of that dimension and the vibrations of, of, of the, the body that you're having in that moment.

It is complicated stuff, for sure.

Karen: if he was punching you and his hands were going through you, was, were you maybe in a physical dimension where he was like, we are now here? Does that make sense? So like he was very, yeah. So you couldn't put his hand through the table sort of thing, but since you were astrol, he could put his hand through you.

Does that make sense at all? It does. I'm

Florentin: asking. Yeah, it all, it, it makes a lot, a lot of sense. Uh, and to be honest, I don't know. I don't know everything. Like, I don't know why he's, uh, his [00:37:00] hand went through me. I was surprised. But I also know that sometimes I had got a body and I have a body. And sometimes I don't have a body.

Oh, wow. So sometimes I look down and there's nothing, and it's, I'm just a, a point of awareness in space. And sometimes I have a body and sometimes I look myself in the mirror and I see something, I see someone, um, not necessarily me. Sometimes it can be a different to me and a mm-hmm. A parallel dimension.

It's Wow. Weird. Sometimes I can see myself. It's cool. Yeah. Sometimes I look myself in the mirror, but I, I see through me, I don't see the, I'm seeing the background as if I don't even exist. Mm-hmm. Um, what I've ex, what I've seen is that a lot of times when I, uh, when I look at my hands, which is one of the reality checks, is look at your.

To see if you're, you know, if you have five fingers. Cuz then, you know, okay, if you have five fingers and they look normal, for the most part, you're gonna be in the physical. But if you have weird looking fingers, then you are most like in a nonphysical [00:38:00] environment. Mm-hmm. Now, what often happens to me is that when I take out my hands, I don't even have hands, I just, I'm used to it from the physical, from being a human that I'm supposed to have hands.

But in the non-physical, I do like this and I don't see them. But because I'm focusing on having hands, I can see how they start to grow out. So I can see my palm growing out. I can see my fingers popping out one by one, like, and then I have hands because I projected them. Like, you can create things in the, in these dimensions with your consciousness.

Your consciousness is extremely creative in that. And that kind of brings me to another point I wanted to make about the original question, which is entities and all that. Mm-hmm. Yep. Your consciousness is gonna be a very important sort of, um, Starting point for your, your experiences, the background you have, your, your knowledge, the, the way you see reality, the, your, your, your state of being is gonna have a massive impact.

So if you're somebody that has a lot of fear, if [00:39:00] you're someone that has been consuming a lot of fearful content about as projection, uh, or you are super religious and you think this is a sin and that the devil's gonna come and, uh, after you, or that there's demons to come in after you, it's very possible that you're going to create that kind of experience for yourself.

Mm-hmm. Cuz your, your consciousness isn't separate, uh, from the experiences. You can see that in the physical, uh, you can see how in the physical manifestation works like that. You know, you can focus on something like a car or I don't know, something that you want to happen, and then that would then appear in your physical reality, usually with some sort of delay.

Usually takes maybe hours, weeks, years for you to manifest the thing that you've been focusing on. Now, in these non-physical realities, you can manifest things very quickly. They just happen very instantly. Right,

Will: right. So it goes back to always creating your own reality. And, and in that world there is no veil.

So, you can manifest much more immediately than you can [00:40:00] in this three-dimensional world. So I'll take the answer about whether there are dark entities out there as a check. Yes, there are first, but it's really dependent on your mindset. So if there's, that's such a thing and, and I totally get why there would be entities like that.

How do you protect? Well, you mentioned that we were indestructible, so it really is no, is there a need for protection or is there something we need to do or prepare ourselves other than think good thoughts before we start doing this stuff?

Florentin: Well, yes. So there's so not so much to say about this. Um, So one of the thing is that thinking good thoughts can not necessarily, it doesn't necessarily work cuz you, you can think good thoughts on the, on the surface, on the conscious level.

Mm-hmm. But on the subconscious level, you might have a lot of fears and limiting beliefs and all kinds of stuff lingering there, which you might not know of or you might know of if you kind of go deeper with yourself. So it's very important to, uh, to deal with that kind of stuff. Mm-hmm. Um, [00:41:00] to be honest, when I learned about these things, um, when I learned about as projection, the first experiences I've had were very pleasant.

There is no, there's, there's nothing negative about anything. I started to have more weird experiences when I start reading about the weird stuff online. Mm-hmm. That's when I start to have more weird experiences. Uh, and I've seen that there is a connection between the things that you think, the things that you, uh, worry about, your fears and the experiences that you will have.

And I've also start to see how there is this, you know, there is this mechanism of consciousness to take you on a spiritual journey, to get you to heal, to get you to evolve. And you know how, how consciousness works. Like as soon as there is, um, fear, uh, in your physical reality, uh, then consciousness arranges itself so that you can face that fear so that you can overcome that fear so you can hear, heal that fear.

Uh, we are constantly taking on a journey of, of healing. And [00:42:00] so Mr. Same in these, these other realms, if you have a bunch of fears or worries, you will be taken onto experiences that will challenge those fears and will essentially help you to over, I mean, it's, they're made so that you're supposed to overcome them.

You're supposed to kind of, um, Look at them and kind of laugh at them, you know, see a demonn that's trying to attack you and instead of being like, oh my God, it's real, I'm gonna die, you're just kinda like, ah, I don't believe in you. Go away. And they kind of vaporize.

Will: apparently our dog wants to get involved in a conversation as well. probably saw one of the entities and he's trying to ward it off right now. Well, they say animals are very sensitive. Yeah, they are. Yeah. So, what you're saying makes so much sense.

Mm-hmm. now I just wish I had not read Bob Monroe's book because that's what I hadn't thought of dark entities until I read his darn book. Now that's all I can

Florentin: think of. Yeah. Well, but it's okay cuz you know, if, if the, the really cool thing about it is that, think about it this way, uh, to me, the way I [00:43:00] look at it is that physical reality is, is way more dangerous than.

Nonphysical realities. Mm. Why? Well, because in a physical reality, if you are in a situation where you don't want to be, if you're, perhaps you're going down a, a dark alley and someone wants to rob you or do something bad to you in that moment, in a physical reality, you, you're gonna have to fight or you're gonna have to run, or it's, uh, it's tricky and you can get hurt.

You can even die. Maybe you get run by a car that hits you and you, you get really injured and your physical body dies. Mm-hmm. And, uh, it's game over in this, in the physical realm. But if you're out of body, having these experiences, which by the way you're having all the time when you're sleeping anyway, non-conscious.

Unconsciously. Um, when you are then, let's say in a place that you don't want to be, maybe you're seeing some weird entity that, uh, is coming towards you or whatever, you can just [00:44:00] think about returning back to the body. You can just think about your room or think about, oh, I want to go home now, and boom, witness immediate second.

You're now waking up in your bed and you're completely safe and sound. Mm-hmm. Right? There's nothing, nothing bad happening to you. Okay? So any weird experience that you don't like, you can just come back in, into your comfort of your home and your pajamas and just be completely comfortable and safe. How often can we do that in the physical, you know, you're in somewhere you don't want to be, and then you're just like, oh, I wanna go home.

And then you're back in your, in your house, safe and sound nice. That doesn't happen. You have to go home somehow. Right? It would be nice. So we have super powers when we're out body, we can teleport, basically we can fly. Mm-hmm. Um, We can fly, we can go through walls, uh, we can do things that we cannot do with our physical bodies.

Mm-hmm. And so because of that, we are sort of like superhuman in, in, in this auto body state.

Will: You have a question, Karen, or you want me to go?

Karen: No, you can go ahead cause I know what you're gonna ask,

Florentin: [00:45:00] so go ahead. Okay.

Will: that all sounds great and sometimes I know that I'm at some certain parties and uh, I really wish I was home

Florentin: and, you know, kinda have to

Will: teleport, kinda have to be there, but you, have to just sit there and bear it.

Especially some, some work functions. But that all sounds understandable. Completely. I get it. It's makes sense. Yeah, makes sense.

Florentin: I would like to, before you go on to next question, I would like to just share a little story just to hit it home a little bit better for some people. Okay. Um, because there is, there is not enough information about this stuff.

Mm-hmm. You know, it's, there's a lot of misconceptions. So, um, a lot of times people see dark figures and it's can be, can be very confusing and, and also can be very scary if you don't know what it is sometimes. Right. Uh, so, so a friend of mine went outta body and in the kitchen, saw this dark figure in the corner.

And for the most part, most [00:46:00] people will just get scared at that point. And, and no thank you. Come back to the body and just go, oh my God, there's a demonn in my kitchen. I have to sell the house. Yes. Moving right now. That's exactly what my thought process was. No hotel tonight. Too bad. We can't stay. Yeah, exactly.

Now luckily, this guy had a very different mindset. He was very open-minded, which is one of the key things that you want to be with this. Mm-hmm. Uh, and he was like, Hmm, there's a dark looking figure in my, in the corner of my kitchen. I wonder what it is. So he goes closer to this figure and as he gets closer, he then realizes that, uh, cuz this, this, this darkness starts to kind of disappear.

And he now sees clearly what it is. And it was his son. And his son was having not a bad experience. Oh. While he was sleeping in the other room. And now he's having a, in an interesting conversation with his son, a little kind of, uh, back and forth daddy and son kind of conversation, Uhhuh, [00:47:00] and it's a beautiful experience.

The next day he wakes up or he wakes up from the experience and he is like, oh my God, I had this experience. He goes and talks to his son. His son didn't remember anything of that unfortunately. But for him, that was a beautiful experience. So, so he came back from that experience going, oh my God, this was amazing.

I met my son out of body in the kitchen. Right. This was beautiful. Mm-hmm. And the only difference to, if you look at this, like the difference is what filters you put onto the experience. You know, do you go into fear certain way because you don't know what it is and you discard as something scary? Or do you go into like open-mindedness and you kind of go and find out what it is?

And this is what happens a lot of times as well, that uh, people just kind of freak out and they run away and they report something negative. Mm-hmm. A lot of times they can be something completely different than you, than you think, right?

Will: So instead of going into it with fear, Maybe your suggestion is to go into it with curiosity.

Mm-hmm. That makes sense.

Florentin: Yes. Curiosity, open-mindedness, [00:48:00] uh, love. So one of the things that we do, uh, with our students is before the practice, while, while in the practice, when they're starting the process, is to focus on filling themself with love. So that that raises their vibration to this frequency of love.

And it's also one of the protective mechanism that you can use when you're out. If you are experiencing like some sort of, uh, negative end, they don't want to talk to, you know, you can't, you can project your love out to that being or fill yourself with love. And for the most part, what they'll just dissolve, they'll just kinda disappear away.

Will: I love it. I, it, you're helping me to get over my fear, so maybe that could start doing this. This is good. And,

Karen: and that's a great tip for anybody listening too. Mm-hmm. If they're kind of starting to explore a little bit, just, you know, fill yourself with love and besides feeling good, yeah.

It'll protect you as well.

Will: Alright, Florentine, let's get to the nitty of it now that we're getting closer to the end of the show. what's the best way for someone to experience something as miraculous as an out-of-body experience? What's the best way?

Florentin: [00:49:00] Well, the best way I would say is to work with somebody that has done it, and that can show you the way, because it is a confusing journey.

And as you can, as you can tell, but by this just conversation, there are so many details to it. So if you're trying to figure this out on your own, you're most likely gonna get stuck quite a few times on the, on the journey. So it's, it's really helpful to have somebody that you're gonna be spending time with, asking your questions, doing the practice, and then asking more questions and, That back and forth, uh, is really, really key because this is a, it's a very, it's a very serious practice.

You don't wanna just like throw yourself in there without knowing what you're doing. You want to have somebody help you with that process. So that's what I would say. Uh, now are you looking for to, to know some techniques or some tricks like that or, yeah. If,

Will: and, and we're gonna, I know that you teach a class on this.

You've helped hundreds of people to achieve these results. And by the way, you're gonna gain another student here shortly after the show. Karen. [00:50:00] Um, and we're gonna add the links to your program directly on the show notes. So if you're interested to just go skeptic, go to his episode page, you'll see the link there directly laid in for you, so it's easy for you to access it.

Mm-hmm. But if someone wasn't ready to reach out to you, to talk to you about getting into your program, is there anything that you can. Provide any, tips on how to prepare themselves for some doing something like this or even maybe achieving a small modicum of success with it before reaching out to you?

Florentin: So, I would say before reaching out to me, there's nothing you have to do because we, we work on all, everything from the beginning with, with the program that I've created. Cuz that was the whole idea was like, okay, I've discovered something amazing. I want to share this with the world. People don't believe me when I tell them about this.

So the only way to share with them is to make them have the experience themselves by teaching them how to do it from the beginning. So I knew that I wasn't a gifted person when I started this. I wasn't a master master meditator and I know that the people I'm gonna teach, or the way I I thought about it was like, I want to teach [00:51:00] someone like me that is not a gifted, you know, superhero at this stuff doesn't meditate for me for, for years.

So how do I help that person from step one? You know, what do they have to do? So we covered all of that with the program and, um, there's nothing you really have to do before that. In the program we, we work on, in the beginning, we talk about what it is that you're gonna do, you know how this stuff works, what to, what to expect.

And it's, we talk about the mindsets. We, we talk about different blockages they might have. And we work with healers and hypnotherapist to, to help you overcome some blockages that you might have. Like if, you know you have a fear of going on a body, we need to work on that. You can't have that fear and practice it cuz it's not gonna work.

You're gonna, you're gonna stop yourself, like your subconscious knows when you're ready for these different steps. And that's another thing that I didn't mention before, but it's almost like there is a safety mechanism built in place the whole time. You will not be taken too [00:52:00] far if you're not ready for it, you'll only be taken to, you know, as far as you're ready.

So a lot of times people might have even fear to get out of body in the first place. And so if you have that fear, When you're in that state and you're starting to get close, you'll then feel free, fearful, and then it will stop. So you won't be able to get out if you have that fear. So then we have to be incorporated, you know, a solution to that which is working a hypnotherapist to help you overcome those fears so that you then can feel relaxed.

And so you can get into this state. And then the program continues with, uh, videos on teaching you the three main methods of how to get a body. You know, the, the first method is a way to do it through dreaming to become conscious that you're dreaming, and then you can transition from a dream into national projection.

Uh, the second one is, uh, one of, one of the more powerful one, which is in when you're going to sleep. There is a special soundtrack that I've created that wakes you up, uh, just enough so that you can perform some sort of techniques [00:53:00] that can then, uh, take you outta body. Sleep from, uh, from waking up from sleep.

And then the third one is of course, uh, through deep meditation where you meditate yourself into this very, very deep state where you then can, um, get a body. So we teach all of these different methods and we, we teach that with videos. And we have soundtrack, special soundtrack for each method. And then we have the coaching of course, which is so key cuz that's where you can ask questions, personal questions about your situation, how you are doing the practice, and how you have to change the practice today.

It's more successful for you. Uh, so that is the, that's how the program works. And if you wanted to prepare anything for the program, if you felt still, if you still feel like, oh, I still wanna do some sort of work before this program, um, then I recommend watching our video. We have a video on the website that, uh, is about half an hour long that goes through a bunch of stuff like this.

And um, another one [00:54:00] is to.

Meditate to learn how to meditate, to learn how to concentrate your mind on one thing. It's very important for the practice. That's how we get more control over where we go and what we do.

Karen: great. Those are good starting

Will: points, right? So the very best way to learn how to as to project is to reach out to Florentine Eita and join his accelerator program because he's gonna walk you through, he's gonna hold your hand, walk you through every step of the process safely.

So people like me who are, afraid of, And counting entities or dark entities or beings that maybe don't want me out there. you can help us through it. So that's great.

All right. I'm sold. You sold me. I'm on board, Well, we're gonna add, direct links to that program in our show notes, like I mentioned earlier. we're also gonna add links to your social media so people can reach out to you if they're so inclined.

 Go to skeptic so you can connect with Florentine [00:55:00] directly.

If you have any questions about Astro projection, he's the man to go to. You can certainly come to us, but we are not gonna be able to answer 'em. So go, we'll tell you where to go. Yes. Or who to go to in a good way. In a good way, yeah. We're not gonna say, let tell

Karen: you where to go now. We'll tell you where to find some answers.

Florentin: That's right. That's right.

Will: All right. Florentine, it's been an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing

Florentin: your wisdom with us. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me, and looking forward to see you in the Astrol soon. Sounds good to me.

Will: Yeah. We'll, we'll have a party.

Well, thanks for coming along on this journey Discovery with us. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our web site at Skeptic or on Facebook and Instagram under Skeptic Metaphysician Podcast. If you know someone who would benefit from hearing the messages we're sharing on the show, do them and us a favor and share the show with them.

It will help get the word out about us, and it may just change someone's life for the better. And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed something, well, not to worry. All of our shows, [00:56:00] including this one, can be where you can also watch the videos or you can send us an email or voicemail directly from the site.

We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you. Well, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. That's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of The Skeptic Meta Physicians. Until then, take care.

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Florentin Ionita is an Astral projection teacher and explorer who has used his technical background from the Hollywood Visual Effects Film Industry to create the world's most complete Astral Projection Program. "The Astral Projection Accelerator Program". Which is a program designed to take a complete beginner who never had any Astral Projection experiences to become someone who has them often.