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SummaryWe don't even have the words to prepare you enough for what you're about to hear. The single most controversial episode we've ever released! If you are easily offended, then this one may not be for you. But if you are curious...

SummaryWe don't even have the words to prepare you enough for what you're about to hear. The single most controversial episode we've ever released! If you are easily offended, then this one may not be for you. But if you are curious about a completely different take on .... well EVERYTHING, then this is the conversation for you! We talk about archangels, death, the guiding light, spirits, the truth behind Jesus and crucifixes, what religion doesn't want you to know, what the archangels actually look like and just what or WHO is "The Light" that we cross over into? We're warning're just not ready!12/22/2021The Skeptic MetaphysicianBeyond the Veil with a Spirit Medium"Religion is a group of people wanting to tell you how to live your life how and where they want you to live it. It's about power and control. And money. Always has been because it was written by the people who were in power and control; Kings and Queens."--Spirit Medium Daniel JacksonInfo about our guestDaniel Jackson has been surrounded by spirit his entire life, but the ability to communicate with spirit bloomed when he turned 50.  Now, as an intuitive reader he communicates with spirit and angels, notably the Arch Angels.  He's able to confirm spirit crossings, provide spiritual consult and guidance for those seeking help with life‘s problems.   He's also able to retrieve answers for people who feel they have lost their way (spiritually and emotionally).  The answers he retrieves are received from the Arch Angels, which is ultimately the word of God.Guest Info:Website: spiritmediumdaniel.comFacebook: @SpiritMediumDanielPodcasts: Beyond the Veil with Spirit Medium Daniel Jackson & Dead End StoriesLike the show? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Please rate/review the show here: Metaphysician Info:Website: skepticmetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast

Will: Hey everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic medicine. I had to make it a little different kids say the same thing. Every time gets boring. I change it up a little bit here and there. Gotcha. Karen so excited that you're back. You'll see it today. This one's going to be even more fun because we are talking to someone that is remarkable.

I've listened to him in all the other shows before and every time it left me wanting more. And I can't wait to hear your reaction to [00:01:00] what you know about. Spirit mediums. 

Karen: Gosh, I mean, I've been to mediums quite a bit. I know, I definitely want to know more. 

Will: Well then you're, you're in luck because this gentleman is truly a remarkable spirit, medium.

He's been surrounded by spirit his entire life. But the ability to communicate with spirit actually bloomed when he turned 50. Oh, wow. Yep. Yep. Now as an intuitive reader, he communicates with spirit and angels, notably the archangels. So, yeah, we're talking to Michael Gabriel and the important ones, including clean Lucifer, which we'll talk about that.

Now he's able to confirm smear crossings, provide spiritual consult and guidance for those seeking help with life's problems. And he's also able to retrieve answers for people who feel they've lost their ways. Spiritual. I am super excited to welcome to the show. Daniel Jackson, Daniel, thanks for coming on.

Daniel Jackson: Oh, how are you? How are you? Will, [00:02:00] how are you caring? I appreciate you being having me here 

Will: that we appreciate you coming. We're excited to talk to you about this stuff because. Super intriguing and controversial all at the same time. 

Daniel Jackson: Yeah, it is controversial because the reason it's controversial is because we have been taught the incorrect way from a long time ago.

And then they want you to think it is controversial because they don't want you to know the truth about it. That. 

Will: That's what makes it all the more interesting started because I have listened to you on other shows and you have some, viewpoints that are really eyeopening and super interesting. So I can't wait to talk to you month.

So let's get that, that massive elephant in the room out of the way, first why would you consider yourself to be a spirit 

Daniel Jackson: meeting? Because I connect with my spirit guides, which are arch angels. I saw you referring to the important ones, but they're all important because how many archangels do I have with me?

All of them. And the reason why I have them with me is because my main gift is I cross spirit over into the light, [00:03:00] but there, now this is going to freak you out. So the actual light that I'm crossing them in. Is MI meaning the light that shines into heaven to show spirit where to go and what to do has to be within a physical body in order to do that for two reasons, one to shine all the time and two to physically cross them over, meaning talking to them, entering questions for them, and then showing them where to go and what to do.

And it just happens to be inside of me. It was actually in my grandfather before it was in me. My grandfather wanted to know when I was going to be born. And he was calling my mom and dad every day. And you know, I have two brothers and a sister. He wouldn't really give a shit about them being born, but with me being born, he wanted to know why, because he knew because he had this ability as well.

And when I was getting ready to be born what he didn't know was this next part, which was a. My dad called them up and said, Hey, it's time to come to the hospital. He's getting ready to be born. And then he said, okay, he got ready to come to the hospital. He had a heart attack and died. His [00:04:00] soul left.

His body came into mind and I was. Wow. Wow. And through the show, through the communication of my spirit angels, they are not men with swords. They don't have BAS, they don't have shield. They don't have swords. They're not fighting a battle in heaven because we would think, oh, well, they're fighting a battle in heaven.

That's what demons and devils and all that stuff. But as we, as people think, you know, demons and devils are in hell, why would they be in heaven? So they're not fighting a battle. What happened. Nor are there actually demons and devils? Cause that's a bunch of crap as well. Yeah, so, uh, by talking to them, they told me that I am this light and it just happened.

It's just the soul that keeps turning, coming back over and over and over again. So in other words, what that means is because each, each and every person here comes back over and over and over again, you just come back as a different version of you every time. So obviously my grandfather was a different version of.


Will: it's almost like, like an incarnate version of the grim neighbor where you actually help people cross over. 

Daniel Jackson: Uh, Yeah, but there's no such [00:05:00] thing as a grim Reaper, either a lot of this stuff.

Oh, yeah, there's all these rumors and all this stuff made up by TV and movies and do one thing to scare you more or less. But yeah, I, I actually, I tell them where to go and what to do, but the ones that I'm talking to are the ones who have not crossed over into the light yet. These are the ones who are remained earthbound, spear as many spirits that crossover into the light.

There's that many that don't and there's gazillions of them. I see them at. So, 

Will: are you exclusive to this or are there a lot of people like you out there that, that helped with the crossing over? Because if it's just you, man, that's a lot work. 

Daniel Jackson: Well, other people cross them over into the light, but the light that they're crossing them over into.

like I said, when I say, when someone comes back you come back over and over and over again, because we don't learn our lessons or fulfill our purpose. My soldiers keeps coming back for the same reason over and over and over again. So my S my soul, as what they've told me has been here since the beginning.

Karen: So if you are your grandfather's [00:06:00] soul, knowing and talking with family about who he was and what his life experiences were. Maybe in that way, correct. Some of the things that he didn't learn or is that any part of your past 

Daniel Jackson: now? No correction, there's no correction needed because all I'm here to do is do what they want me to do, which is not answer that phone

is to just cross spirit over into the light. That's all the concern is for me, is for me to do that. And I mean, I have a purpose. Everyone has the same purpose in this world. And your actual purpose is not your job. It's not, that's a choice you made to go out and be a doctor or a lawyer, but your purpose is as fulfilling that while doing that.

And your purpose is you're here to help people just for the sake of helping, just because you can, just because you could someone will come up to you and ask you for help. It's up to you to use your free will to decide whether or not you're going to do that. And if you're one of those people who chooses not to do that, because you hate the world and you hate people, you'll just end up on the alternative.

And you'll come back again. It's [00:07:00] not punishment, you're just learning. That's all. But if you continue to help people throughout your lives you may not have to be here as many times as others do, but everybody does come back. I haven't, I haven't done a reading yet. I've met anyone. Who's been here less than well.

Less than eight times or nine times, but most, most people, I was only one person I've met. Most people would do readings for, they've been here 26, between 26 and 29 times. 

Will: Okay. Well, I keep coming back to the w your statement that, that everyone is being crossed over into light in the light. You, I mean, are you.

Encompassing everyone's going into you and your body is part of, or your shoulders is, is really where we go after we die. I'm I'm trying to heart. I have a 

Daniel Jackson: hard time My soul is the guiding light for that. So my, my soul is actually lit the whole time. It's bright to the, to the point that this is going to sound strange to you.

But one, when my wife comes into the bedroom at night, she doesn't need a nightlight. I physically glow [00:08:00] and yeah, and, or once, once souls are passing through me, sometimes people actually see the flash of. My, I was with my sister one time talking and I'll really low lit room. And she knows about my ability because she has it a little bit, but not so much because she's just too negative.

But as her, but we were talking in a room and all of a sudden, a big flash of light went off in the room. Like lightning went off inside the room and she was like, oh my God. But she's like that flashlight. What was that? I was like, oh, that's just somebody jumping in. She she's jumping in charge. Oh, you mean crossing over?

I said, yeah. She said, how do you get used to that? I said, you know, when we were kids and moms stuck green beans in front of her face, and then 30 years later, we like to eat green beans. You get used to it. So yeah, I said there was just somebody crossing over it and every 10 minutes she kept telling me. I saw that.

I said, yeah, Joan, I saw too. I see it every day. I see it all day long, but it just it's who I am. I get used to it. That's all. 

Will: how do you know [00:09:00] that, that the light is you like, and I know that you talked to the archangels and things like that. So did they, I mean, th th that's a, that's a really lofty.

Statement to me that you are delayed. So you have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever. So you were very convinced that, so how, what makes you so convinced? 

Daniel Jackson: Well, uh, when I found out who I was five years ago, I've always seen spirit my entire life. I just didn't know why. And I've always seen a lot of them and I didn't know why.

And I had a paranormal group come to my house and they got so much information. They'd actually quit the group and didn't want to come back as her. L's scared to come back to my house, they, they had this box, they use called an Oculus and they had me sit in my room and pretend I was sleeping and they brought it in and they turned it on and it started spitting out words.

It said Helen, Michael, Paul, Wendy uh, said the word, a unique, special. Light one time it said the word road. And when it did that, a car went right past my house. And I was like, this is pretty cool. but [00:10:00] they asked one question that freaked me out. And this is part of it as well. They said they said to it, are you here to harm Daniel?

And in that computer voice, it spit out and said, no, we are not here to harm Daniel. We love Daniel. We love his light. Daniel is the light. And I was like, what the heck? Yeah.

I ended up getting, I'm going to five different mediums and everyone that I went to, each one of them told me the same story about me. And none of them knew each other. One of them in particular told me that when I walked, I went to see a show of hers. I didn't, I didn't tell where I was coming, but she said, when I walked in the room, she could pick me out from everybody else.

She said, When you, when you, and I see the same to when you, when you see someone, one spirit sees someone, they see your body frame, but they only get, but they see your light inside of you and not your soul. That's, what's the power behind your body. It's like a radio and a battery. If you take that battery out of the radio, doesn't work, you put it back and it works.

And that's the same way with us, because if you don't have a. Your, your body will not [00:11:00] be alive. So it's what makes who you are. That's just who you are. So she said, when I walked in the room, I looked like a light bulb. She didn't, she, she closed her eyes. She could feel the energy, but when I walked in, she closed her eyes and all she could see was light.

So, she explained it to me. She said, that's what spirits see with you as well. And I said, what do you mean? She said they don't see you, or as your body, they see just light. You look like a light bulb, then I'm like a beacon of light. And that's why you're seeing so many because they're coming to you.

You have an ability to see. And communicate with them, but you see so many because they're coming to you. And for me, if I'm in a dark room, I mean, it would probably freak everybody else out, but it doesn't bother me anymore. It's like being in a room with a thousand people, except nobody leaves and everybody just keeps coming in.

And that's how I see. I see more, I'd say more spirit. One day in any paranormal group will ever see ever 

Will: I assume then that you are seeing them right now. 

Daniel Jackson: Oh, absolutely. I see the moment. I mean, who do you want me to look at?

Will: And you want interesting, 

Daniel Jackson: Well, do you want me to stare [00:12:00] at the woman and she's got brown hair? She's got green eyes. It's her hair's kinda long and wavy and she's sitting on your bed. 

Will: That's my grandmother. That's MIMA. That's a little freaky. Okay.

Daniel Jackson: That is your grandmother. And the reason why she's here you is because she's actually here to be a spirit guide for you. You didn't know that, did you? My grandmother. Yes. 

Will: No. I did not know that I've done of all the people I spoke to. Lots of people never want. Has anyone brought up my grandmother as a spirit guide from here, or 

Daniel Jackson: sometimes they tell me their names, but I can just see them.

Will: Wow. Okay. 

Daniel Jackson: So, so with that light so yeah, so they, so they the spirit come in and they see me and they see me as this super bright white light. And that's why I see so many because they're coming to me.

So no matter where I go, no matter what I do as I tell anybody, if you want your house to be haunted, invite me, and it will be in 10 minutes because they followed. So, some other good ones [00:13:00] and some of the are the negative ones are not demons and devils are just people who were just crappy people who did not cross her rent of a light.

And I remained here's a northbound sphere and they have to, they like to annoy the crap out of people, but they need negative energy in order to, to move around in their lives. Because they feed off of that. So they find negative people here, but I see them as well. But yeah, I look into when I'm in meditation, I look into the end of the earthbound room and I just, they see me just a white light and they know exactly what I am and I, and then I start talking to them.

That's what freaks them out because I say, hi, my name is Daniel. And they look at me and I'll go turn around. And like what I said, yes, the voice coming from this light. My name is Daniel. I am the light into heaven. I'm here to show you where to go. And as soon as I start saying that they start lining up and then I tell them where to go and what to do.

Some of them ask questions. And I always tell them, tell the person behind you to tell the person behind them to get over here and let's go and line them up. And they just, they just come on through and flashes like Maura all around me all the time. 

Karen: So are you the only [00:14:00] person like this or are there other people?

I mean, there's so many souls. I think they're. 

Daniel Jackson: There's only one light that shines and it's me. 

Will: Wow. That's quite the responsibility. It doesn't 

Daniel Jackson: get tired. Well, it is yeah, it does get tiring sometimes, but when this all came about I had a choice and the choice was to either accept this or push.

If I had pushed it away, I probably would have had to come back again. so I chose to accept, but yeah, she said that she said, yeah, they're just coming around you because the thing thinker, the light in heaven, I said, what does that mean? She says, you've got to lay down in heaven. That's what it means.

She says it is what it is. And you have to decide whether or not you're going to move forward with this or not. So 

Will: when you say that to people, I mean the kind of reaction. It was probably pretty varied. Right. 

Daniel Jackson: No, no different direction. If somebody just walked up to you and told you you're their brain surgeon, everybody is who they are.

Will: okay. Hang on. Because I've got so many questions going through my [00:15:00] head that I don't know what to hit first, but let me back up a little bit. When you're seeing. People you're seeing spirits. Are they in corporeal form? Just like you, you talked about my grandmother just now sitting on the bed.

You saw her. 

Daniel Jackson: I don't see. I don't S I see them differently. Like, if you look at the wall behind you, what color is the wall?

It's it's the same color, but it's also blue in it as well. So my, my regular vision has like a blue mist in everything that I look at, no matter what I'm looking at. If I'm looking at my desk here or looking at any, I could be looking at a Twinkie and look at it. And it's, it's yellow and bluish because when it goes always I see energy all the time.

It never goes away. Three and a half years ago is when that came in and it changed everything. So when I look at, when I go outside at nighttime and I look up in the sky, I don't see the stars anymore. They're gone. All I see is the uh, the moon and a blue, black sky. [00:16:00] And I see energies. I see people, dogs, cats, horses, Cal fish, other beings from other worlds, everything.

And spirit walking around. 

Will: you just opened up a whole other door. You said dogs catfish. So, so animals actually has spirit as well. 

Daniel Jackson: Yes, absolutely. Yes. And when they speak to me, it comes through is English. Wow. 

Karen: And do animals reincarnate as animals or is it just people can be, animals can be, people can be.

Daniel Jackson: Yeah, I love that one where people go, ah, I think next time I'm going to come back as a shark. No, that doesn't happen. Come back. You, but you come back into the world many different times many different what we would call genders as well. So sometimes you may come back as a man. Sometimes you may come back as a woman, but the, the point of coming back as you're here to learn lessons and fulfill that physical purpose.

Will: So then, are you worried at all? Because the way that you came into this world, your grandfather, your father tells you grandfather he's about to be born and on the way to the hospital, he had a heart attack and die. Are you afraid of your son [00:17:00] telling you, Hey, your grandson does. Non-peak more. 

Daniel Jackson: No I don't have any kids.

I wasn't, I wasn't meant to have any kids.

this is the last time that this will actually be here. So when I leave like yours, like the soul, this inside of you now doesn't look like you. It looks like you the last time you were here. That's all just, but that's why I tell people don't mess with the 23 million and the because the person you're looking up from a hundred years ago, that looks similarly like you was you a hundred years ago.

That's all 

Will: we look the same back then as we, 

Daniel Jackson: you ever see the guy in the commercial, he goes, well, I thought it was half of, I was Italian, but I'm half European. See the guy looks just like me from hundred years ago. 

Will: So then one of the, apparently one of the lies that I had in the past was that it was an eight year old girl in somewhere in Europe.

That was an apprentice to a witch. 

Daniel Jackson: Absolutely. So when I'm actually being touched right now, I get touched by the archangels. And so, when you're telling me that they're touching me and the first thing [00:18:00] I asked them as if they were actually telling me the truth or not, and you are actually telling me.

Will: To the best of my knowledge. Absolutely. I don't know for, for sure, but I was regressed spontaneously and I, this was one of the lives that apparently I had had, but I can't see me looking now, like I did then. Right. I was, I don't look like an eight year old girl now. 

Daniel Jackson: Oh, well, cause you're not eight years old.

You grow, you're just in a different body, but I mean, you ever notice how some boys and girls like some brothers and sisters, I looked like they all look exactly like, but they look similar. Like it's the same thing. That's all,

we're here to learn the lessons within that Bali. That's why you came back as an eight year old. You're an old.

Um, Let me ask him something real quick. Yeah. You didn't grow up to be very old Yeah. You died at 27.

 What's because you were being, you were being bred to be a witch. That's why.

Karen: so my question is about soulmates. And when, when will was regressed, I guess they told you that we had been together 

Will: before.

Daniel Jackson: You have [00:19:00] been together has nothing to do with soulmates whatsoever. Soulmate is not what they wanted to tell you. It is. Soulmate is not somebody you're necessarily going to fall in love with soulmate is a soul that you worked very well with when you were back home. Cause this is not home in that light that's and you, you were friends there, you worked very well together, and then you happen to both be here at the same time and you meet up.

Soulmate could be, your mom could be, your dad could be, your brother could be, your sister could be your best friend could be a dog. Could be your, it could be any of them. You guys were just, you guys were just married 13.

Karen: And was one of the things. That's my lucky number 

Will: two. Interesting. That's a super interesting 

Daniel Jackson: I think as we'll, you've been here 28 times, 

Karen: how long have I, how many times have I been here?

Will: I'm older than you can. 

Daniel Jackson: Yes. What that means? Well, if you come back if you die the age before the age of 30 [00:20:00] years old, then you would come back eight years later. And there was a case when you've done that a few times and there's, and there's other times when you, when you pass the age of 30 years old, say if you died at 80 years old, then you wouldn't come back for another 80 years.

And the reason why for these for these differences is because just so you won't be a no. They don't want to pick up. 

Will: So then, then you, you must know then what happens to us after had. 

Daniel Jackson: You want to know? 

Will: I do very much. I want to know 

Daniel Jackson: the way that it works for everybody that's works the same for you.

Cause there's, there's two rules in this world. As young as you comprehend these rules and you follow these rules. You're going to appreciate your life a little bit better. And the rule number one is people die every day and rule number two. You can't change rule number one, I don't care what vaccine you take.

You just as no one lives to be 150 years old. And you know what? I don't want to be 150. Cause at that point it's hurt. It's going to hurt the pay. So [00:21:00] I don't want to do that.


Karen: called the

Daniel Jackson: doctor show right there. yeah. So the way that it happens for everybody. Yeah. You basically fall asleep you're out and your light goes out. What happens? You're got to stand up out of your body. You're going to look down and you're going to see your body and go, Hmm, I guess I don't need that anymore. You're going to take a step to the left.

You're going to look to the right-hand side and you're going to see a light come on. It's not me. Everyone gets a personal light. And it's your choice to either go into that light or no? You either go in and cross over and you go back home or you remain here with the other gazillions of miserable people who haven't crossed over because there's gazillions of them.

Now, there are others, also other ones there who are just lost or who were just scared or just confused. And that's why they didn't crossover. Or somebody [00:22:00] told them they're going to be judged or go into hell or something. Or they were just a bad person or something like that. But it's always a choice.

If you go in, it's your choice, you don't go. At your choice. But the another reason why they don't go in is because they, they want to hold onto their pain, anger, sorrow, grief, guilt, and anguish, and all that stuff, all those things that you learned, how to have your, you didn't come into that world with this and that you don't leave with it if you choose not to.

But if you choose to hold onto it, you will remain here as an earthbound spirit. And there's, it's not hell there's nothing to do there. There's no uh, I see it. There's no buildings. There's no trees. There's land there. And they're just people all walking around, interacting with each other. Just talking to each other, I'll tell you what they do.

They're there. Uh, I see them all the time. They're looking at me and they turn around and they see me, but I don't say anything all the time, unless, you know, they come a little closer. But I see the make an out all the time. It's like one big, giant spirit origin. I'm not invited. So, uh, I just want it all the time.

And then they're just making out in front of me. And when they start doing that, it's, it's really hard to get their attention away from that. [00:23:00] But I see dogs and cats and I'll just start crossing them over and get them over into cows and horses and everything. I mean, I walked into my kitchen one time with my wife and I, after coming back from dinner, as soon as I walked in, I saw a spirit of a horse, a horse inside my kitchen.

I was like, holy crap. I mean, I see them in full size. So, so yeah, you'll stand up out of your body. You don't need that anymore. If you cross over into the light, you go. What happens at that point is because you let go of all your pain, anger, sorrow, grief, and guilt, and anguish and all that stuff you've left behind.

You are now a beautiful white light loving bay. That's what you are all about. You're all about love. You're all about forgiveness. You're all about happiness, all that stuff, all these other things that are on earth, you don't give a crap about, you don't care about money. You don't care about cars, none of that stuff, because you know why it's not important to get, I don't have it there if it's so important and they don't.

There, why do we mess with it here? Because it's not important. It's not important to have six cars and seven houses in 10 boats, which we can't, but the world. [00:24:00] I want you to believe that's important, but so you get to this place. It's not heaven. No one gets to heaven right away. You go to a holding place.

And the reason you're going to that, holding places for a couple reasons to cause 130,000 people die every day and you have to wait your turn. And two, they're going to go over your life with, you're going to say, Hey, will you know what. You made this decision and you think it affected this person and this person, but it didn't, it affect that this person, this person, this person, this person, and you go, ah, man, cause you as a soul likes to do good things.

Oh man, that's a bummer, but there's two options are going to come up. And one option is if you fulfilled your purpose, they would just ask you if you want to go back. But if you haven't fulfilled, You just go back and they tell you, you have to go back, but you as a soul who likes to do good things, you're like, oh, cool.

I get to go back to earth and do all these cool things. And they will demonstrate to teach you things, to help you along your way. But what happens is you come back into the world and all of a sudden, when you're in a [00:25:00] baby body and you have two people going, I'm your mom and dad, and you're going, I don't know who the hell you are, but okay.

Are they really your mom and dad? They're not doctors. They just helped you be born here. That's what they did because everyone, when you go back to heaven, because you've been there, you know, 27 other times, You've been there 27 other times. Many you've had 27 other moms and dads, 27 other brothers and sisters, 27 other names and not including intellectual soul name was a name that you can not pronounce because your name is more of a a sound it's more of a vibration.

When you get back there, when you go back home, you don't just know the two or 300 people that you've met here in your entire life. You know, everybody, every single soul is back in heaven, you know them all. Do you know why? Because you're related to the mall, meaning you're related to every single person that's on the face of this are, but we just don't realize that because if you If you [00:26:00] understood those kinds of things, if you understood what was heaven like, and if you remember anything from heaven, you would not be able to function here as a human being, learning your lessons in fulfilling your purpose. That's why you don't remember heaven. You remember some things from being here on earth.

You're going to know them. They're called Dasia views. They're not the Chavez. They're just. You've had them before. You've you may not have been in that house before, but you were in that space before, and that's why you feels familiar to you. It's a memory, but a lot of these things, they don't want to tell you the world society, you know, they don't want you to know this because if he knew all this stuff about you, you would need to rely on them.

You can have power over yourself, but we have relinquished the power to them.

Will: I'm going to ask you 

Daniel Jackson: first, 

Will: those who, those who don't crossover, you said that people have a choice when you, when you pass, you have a choice to cross over into the light and you have a choice, not to those who don't cross over [00:27:00] there forever. 

Daniel Jackson: And secondly, they can leave. 

Will: They can leave anytime they want.


Daniel Jackson: Cross, anytime they want to, a lot of them don't know that they can cross. And that's my job to, to tell them that they can cross and help them over to cross the yeah. That they don't realize. Because again, they made a choice. I had two spirit come into my bedroom, one time who were standing right above me and I was watching them.

And uh, I didn't say anything cause they're standing there just staring at me and one guys. Hey, man. I think I'm going to go in. And the other guy said, ah, I can't go. And he goes, why not? He goes, cause a murdered two people. And he goes, oh, well, well we'll see you later. And boom, he just jumped in big flash.

And I said to the one, Hey buddy. And he looked at me like, holy crap. I said, yeah, the light. I'm a human being and yeah, I was what you used to be, but you're not anymore. I said, you can cross over anytime you want to. And he said, ah, but I killed two people. I said that doesn't matter. You did what you were supposed to do.

You just didn't understand it at the time, but you can cross over anytime that you [00:28:00] want to, you don't have to stay there. You don't have to ask for forgiveness from God. Nothing. All you have to do is walk. You may have to come back again and he's, I got to know how to think about that. I said, well, that's up to you, but I'm just letting you know, you can come in.

And he said, thank you. And he just turned around and walked away. I mean, dental really walk. Hmm. That's a lot of the reason why they just, you know, 

Will: you keep talking about that they, they send you back or did they tell you this? Or who are they? 

Daniel Jackson: They are, are the ones who do the work for God. And that would be archangels. No one goes to heaven and sees God, no one. You just don't he's he has woke up in the sky.

He does all that. He's got that to do. We are not the only beings in this ever anywhere. He has that to take care of. You will see arc. Ain't what we call archangels. You will see Jesus. See him all the time. He's actually, one of [00:29:00] my spirit guides touches me right here in the middle of my forehead. So, yeah.

And I know the names of all the archangels that actually touched me on my, on my face. I get one answer for no. So when I was asking, if you are telling me the truth and that if I got a, you are not telling me the truth, it feels like a tears running down the left side of my eye, or I get the other ones were.

Things that feel like blood dripping across my face in different sections in my face. And, and I think I'm I think I'm up to like 16 now, so yeah, something like that. Uriel Ezekiel Daniel, Jacob who else? Mannose Helen Gabriel raffia. Got a new one, came in like two weeks name Ansul comes in right here, like that.

They come in. They've been coming in when the very beginning it started out. I had to now I'm up to 16. Oh. I have one other that touches me on my my eyelid right on my um, right on my eyelashes. What I've only felt that five times and I've only seen him twice and that's God,

you want to know what, [00:30:00] like. Yeah. The first, the first time I saw him, he looked like what we would think of, of the Greek gods Zeus. He had that big muscular look, a long flowing gray hair hit grow crow's feet was kind of very handsome, man. Uh, He came in because I was very sick at one time and he wanted to assure me that I was going to be.

The second time. I, I, what do you swear to God? Ask him for pottery numbers? No, you don't talk about that bullshit. So the second time I saw him, he came in very generalist. I just saw eyes on those and, but he came up right here in front of my face like that. And other spirit can not get that close to me, especially the negative ones.

That's why I have archangels with me because they protect me from all the negative energies I could walk into. Absolutely. Any what you would call horrific. Haunted house and you, now they go around scratch peoples though. They can't touch me. Nothing can touch because I have to be protected in order to cross spirit over into the light.[00:31:00] 

So they had, so, uh, so if you got real close to my face and because he got that close to my face, I knew exactly who he was, but you could feel it. I felt, I knew who he was. 

Will: So you're saying that God is separate from us. I love the new aged people. And it was talking about the fact that we are God we're parts of God and you.

Daniel Jackson: Yeah, we are a part of him. You, you, you were created from God from a part of him, which makes your soul divine soul. Every soul is divine, not just Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ. Being a free thinker. That's what he died. He was here to tell that we can live together and share everything in this world together.

And, and, and didn't take care of each other in this world, but the people who did not want that happening, where the people who were in control of the Kings and the Queens, but that was religion who was in control, religion, scooped him up and put him on that cross. He wasn't the first one to be on it. He wasn't the last one to be on it.

And they tortured him and they murdered him in front of everybody to let them know that they follow him and do what he's doing. We're going to do this to you too. [00:32:00] That's why they want you to wear. NEC not to remind you of what Jesus did for you, because you really didn't do anything for you. He was just here to tell us what we could do, but they want you to wear that cross around your neck does remind you of the punishment that they will bring you if you do what he did.

That's why 

Will: that is quite a statement. 

Daniel Jackson: Well, that's the truth. That's why the religion does want you to know that because religion is made up, religion has nothing to do with Jesus and God. They just indoctrinated him and those two into it to, to bring you. Do you feel your own father? Cause I don't. Why should you, he's your father?

You don't fear him. How, how can you fear a God, but also have him have mercy as well? What does it, what, what, what ended that, which ended my supposed to go to neither. And here's your father. He takes care of you. God bless you. God. Didn't bless you all sort of once he puts you here, he wants us to figure out the right.

Will: Well, and it's the big difference between the old Testament and the new Testament. The old Testament is the spiteful. 

Daniel Jackson: Why lie [00:33:00] lied to see why deceit power control, greed, power control greed. I want to tell you how to live your life the way I want you to live it. And I want you to give me 10%, how the hell did that?

About 10% back. Because of the Kings and Queens are the ones who wrote the Bible. God didn't write it. The ones who were in control wrote the Bible profits. You know what profits were, they were musicians and poets because they could do something that other people couldn't, they were named profits. 

 my answer, how I know all of that, because angels told me because I've never read Bible in mine. I don't read books. It's garbage.

I've I've read one book in my entire life. It was Howard. Stern's private parts.

 That's it. After that I had enough, I don't need, I don't need them. 

Will: Wow. I mean, w where do you go from there? 

Daniel Jackson: Third question. What was your second question? 

Will: The second question was, who are they? The third question was, are we separate from God then? My last question before

Daniel Jackson: we are a part of God's children, [00:34:00] that's all. We're just, we're all children of God. Jesus Christ. There's basically. That's what he is. We're all connected. We're all brothers and sisters. We're just here learning lessons, but they are arch angels. They are the ones that do everything. And then you, but there's a, a hierarchy as well as that.

You have God, you have archangels, you have what's called what the archangels called lesser angels, just because they have lesser responsibility. Then after them, you have what's called spirit guides. Then you have general spirit. Then you have us, and then you have low negative energy spirit. And those are the ones who have not crossed over.

Yeah, crappy, but you have spirit like your grandmother's a spirit guide here to help you throughout your life and make help you make decisions. It's just up to you. Whether or not you're actually going to follow what she tells you to do our schedules talk. So when I'm driving down the road on my motorcycle and I say, Hmm, I think I want to take this right-hand turn.

I get a no. So you know what I don't do. I don't take that. Right-hand turn. You want me to go down to the next road and make a uh, the next right-hand turn? And I get, yes. So, [00:35:00] okay. That's the way I go. 

Will: Wow.

Daniel Jackson: Yeah, absolutely. We all divine direction because every decision you make in your entire life is being made by your spirit guides and your soul. And note our critics that your soul that runs your body and they connect with your soul, which connects with your body.

What gets your body to turn around and do things. But sometimes we don't. Because the world taught us to doubt ourselves and have all this ego and stuff like that. And we turn around and we talk ourselves in and out of the things that we're not supposed to be done, we make a decision. Then also we go, nah, I think I'll go somewhere else and do something else.

And then something crappy happens.

Will: I've got a question. I've got a thousand more, but I'm going to, I'm going to relinquish the floor to you, Karen, because.

Karen: So this is, I guess, an interpretation. I don't know if it was a dream or what, so maybe you can help me figure this out. But about three nights ago, 

Daniel Jackson: Oh, boy,

Karen: it's not what I want to hear. So I'm laying in bed and then I 

Daniel Jackson: more on the lines of, [00:36:00] this is what you got was what we would call a premonition. In other words, you got a message. Are you going to sell it to. 

Karen: Well, I don't know because it was, I was at a window with sheers on it and there was like a ghost, like a spirit on the other side of the window and just like banging a little bit of trying to get in.

And I just kept, I put my hand up to where the. It was, and I was saying, you're surrounded by love, be at peace, go to God, go into the light. And I just kept saying that over and over again. And then I opened my eyes and it felt like something had been sitting on my chest, like not the weight, but all of a sudden, all the air and breath entered back.

I felt like I was a deflated balloon and I just filled it back with air when I woke up. 

Daniel Jackson: And I remember thinking, what was that?

There was nothing you could do for it. You could tell it to cross over, but it did not want to go. All I wanted to do was get in your house and be a part and, and um, All you have to do at that point. The only thing you can do is you, you can not do the smudging or anything [00:37:00] like that because they are in a realm.

They don't have a body, they can't breathe nor can they smell. So the only thing you're doing at that point, when you're smudging, as you're setting off your fire alarms, don't bother with the only way that you can fix that is you. Put positive energy out there. That's the only way it's like having two opposite ends of a magnet.

They will not be in this namespace together. As long as you put positive energy out there, they won't come around. So you have to just do that. When you feel that around you, again, just about good things. Think about ice cream and puppy dogs and stuff like that or anything that's going to make you feel good.

And they will go away because they don't like to be around that stuff. need to do is that you could ask your spirit guides as well, especially you will, you could talk to your grandmother and she could protect you from. Oh, 

Will: do that. I will. I want you to know Daniel that you just freaked the living daylights out of Karen.

I won't be sleeping again. I think she, she, I saw her, she almost almost started crying right then and there. Well, 

Karen: maybe that's after, do I have a spirit guide that can [00:38:00] help me? 

Daniel Jackson: The reason why you were seeing that thing is because you have an ability to let mine

 she knows it because she has seen. She just doesn't really talk about it all the time, because it freaks her out a little bit in how I know that cause I'm being talked to. That's fine. Do you want to know which ones specifically talking to you?

Uh, His name is Michael. He's an Archangel. He's also your archangels. You don't know that about yourself, that you did not, you know, her B how many, you know, what kind of people get angels? They don't, you get an Archangel because they want to have a specific task that they want you to fulfill for God only those people get them.

Other people, regular people don't they just get spirit guides. You get archangels with you to help you do the. So in other words, you're at the extension of the you're one foot in and one foot out, you either remain who you are in this life is walking through life blindly like [00:39:00] everyone else does, or you accept the world the way it is.

It truly is. And you move forward and you start using this gift.

Well, first you're going to have to have a sit down and talk with God and, and neither accept this gift or not. I will tell you it's not easy. The life is not easy. The life is is sometimes it's quiet because you're a secluded from everyone else because you will find after a while, you don't like to be around a lot of people, but you don't like to be around a lot of people already.

Anyway. Um, As I'm told you like people, but you find that you find that you pick up on your negative list very quickly, as a matter of fact, not just that, but you feel as though sometimes when you walk into a room before, even about to walk into a room, you're picking up on their negative feelings already.

That's part of your empath because you're part empath as well, and you feel it. And then you walk out of a room and you feel as though you just walk out of a smokey bar, cause it doesn't leave you and it's all over. You like to smoke as all. Correct. Yeah,

no, I know that will cause someone's [00:40:00] talking to you because I can't make this shit out. That's why

you have an ability you do, but it's up to you to decide whether or not you're going to use. But, like I said, it's not easy. I mean, there's a lot of seclusion, but there's a lot of, there's a lot of work that goes into it. Everybody wants the cool part of my gift. They want to just to be able to talk angels and stuff like that.

And it took me a year to be able to trust that. To be able to trust where the information is coming from, because I do get negative energies around me all the time. They, they think they're going to steal some energy off of me, you know, coming at me and, and that getting that glowed, I think it's energy they can take, but it's not.

So that's why I have so many around me. And that's why the archangels are around me to protect me from that. They will, they will protect you from that as well. I mean, you got that message. Otherwise, if you didn't get that message, it would've just walked in.

We can't walk in because you saw it and it can't walk in because they're protecting you from it. They would protect you from it more. But you have to acknowledge the fact that they're actually going to protect you [00:41:00] with that. And right now I'm being touched right here on top of my head. That's Archangel.

Michael is touching me right there. That's where he always touches me. And. Yeah. So he's here to actually help you. If you want to do this, they bring them to me all the time.

Will: if they're protecting her or her. Okay, good. Karen, you and I we're going to stick together

Daniel Jackson: then. Yeah. You better be on her like white on rice buddy.

Like stink on shit right there. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But I mean, that's up to you, Karen, if you want to actually follow through with that. So, um, do you want to talk to me off there about that some other time you just let me know and I'll help? Well, 

Will: it's interesting because I've always told her and she can confirm this.

I've always told her. I said, Truly though she is an angel walking on this earth because she's that, she's just, she's such a good [00:42:00] person that 

Daniel Jackson: I, they just get feel.

Yeah. Like, like you hear the term, people say, oh my grandmom's an angel. She's up in heaven. No, it just doesn't. It takes a long, very, very long time to actually become an angel in order to come an angel. See, when you go to heaven, you like it, like in here, our earthbound, you can still. I make out with anybody, want to, you can go downtown.

If you want to, you do whatever. You can still do that when you're in spirit as well, because it's all about love there. And, and, and you don't have to, you don't have to have monogamy in anything. It's all about love. You can love whoever you want to, whenever you want to, it doesn't make a difference because there's no jealousy.

There's none of that stuff. You were taught, all that stuff here. That's all right. 

Will: Then the free love 

Daniel Jackson: movement is the way. Absolutely, absolutely. Cause it's all about free love. It's all about love and that's the bit, that's the big point, but in order to become an. You have to let. No one's having any relations when we're not having any sexual relations. At that point at being an angel, you are just, you are doing things that God [00:43:00] needs you to do. So it's still about love and everything, but. Yeah, but I mean, if, I mean, do you, do you want to know what archangels look like? I mean, I know we've run out of time, but I can, you can splice that in or if you want to, I can't say no to that.

So, Archangel, Michael looks like a mousse. He has a wider head. His eyes are kind of looked like Wolf eyes, but they're a little bit further apart. He doesn't have antlers. W has head's kind of wide like a moose and he has a body it's kind of like half horse, half moose. It's got very short hair on it and he's got these big floppy ears.

He's he's not what you think. You think he looked like it doesn't also let me think of the ones. Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel. ZTL I have another one mannose Jacob Daniel. They looked like a, like a, like having a 10 foot Primantis in front of you. I see them every single day. And I seen that like right now, when I'm looking at you, I see these little, like you ever seen somebody smoking a cigarette and a little pedals come off of it.

Look like little pedals [00:44:00] floating off. That's what I see right now, as I'm staring to two of you, it's going on, like. Around me all the time. It never goes away. I'm always saying, and that's them in the light, but in the dark, I see seven foot, 10 foot pray, mantises standing next to me. And it's, that's who they are.

I just, I know what they are. I know who they are. I know what they do for me. And they do for everyone else. You'll understand it when the true.

Will: I'm not going to lie. I'm a little freaked out.

Daniel Jackson: That's why they, that's why they make them look something else in another book. So you wouldn't be scared of them, but they don't even really know that. They just want you to think there's something else like there they're having this battle and stuff like that. They're not, there is they don't like the negative energies and they will protect you from negative energies, but that's all they're doing.

They're just having a battle with them. They're much stronger than the negative energies because the negative energies are just people here who were here were negative. They are, there are much on a much higher plane. There they are being of a higher consciousness. It's [00:45:00] just no longer needs a body anymore.

That's all they've been here for billions of. Way before religion way before religion, religion is a group of people wanting to tell you how to live their life, to where they want you to live it. Like I said, and give 10% it's it's about power and control. And money always has been because it was written by the people who was in power and control, money Kings and Queens.

You know, it's, it's amazing that we, that everybody wants to protest everything else, but you're not, you know what, they're not protesting the. Why should it be re protesting the Olympic cause what the Olympics based on it's based on a sport that was played by slaves that was created for Kings and Queens as entertainment.

And they use slaves to play these games and fight their way to their own freedom. And we still play this today. Nobody's protesting. They're going to protest because you're black and I'm white. You know what? We're all people. We all come from the same planet world. No one's going anywhere. Anytime soon, we better [00:46:00] start to get along with each other before we annihilate each other.

That's where we're headed. 

Will: Well, I think that is as good, a place to end this conversation as any.

Daniel Jackson: I think there's going to be a part too. 

Will: I can't tell you how many other questions I've written down that I didn't get to. But before we go, Daniel is someone wanted to learn from you or reach out to you, contact you in some way.

What's the best way for them 

Daniel Jackson: to do that. That was a spiritual,

Will: I totally bought it. 

Daniel Jackson: You could talk to Jesus. I see him every day. uh, Actually serious face every single day. Yeah. So if they want to get ahold of me for like a reading or they need spiritual advice, something like that. They could find me a www dot spirit, medium It's one long word, spirit, medium

They can find me on Facebook at spirit, medium Daniel. They can find me on YouTube at spirit radium, Daniel. I just had a live show last night where I let people just come in on my [00:47:00] Facebook page and ask questions and I answer them for free. Do you know? Because of Ken and just, and that, and that's just the type of person I am.

Cause we should do that. Cause that's what he wants me to do. So that's what I do. And uh, or you can find me we have a podcast as well called beyond the veil with Daniel Jackson, me and it's it's all about spirit, but a metaphysical supernatural. We talk about tarot cards, health and wellness.

We talk about government and uh, religious control. That's what that is about. And they can find and or we have another show, it's a newer show where it's called dead end stories because dad's not the end. And I answer all the unanswered questions you come. It's got actually going to be on Saturday night on Facebook at eight o'clock and you can come in there and it's a call-in show.

Ask questions, or you can tell me about your experiences like you just did, and I [00:48:00] decipher it for you and tell you what happened 

Will: I'm going to add direct links to all these in the show notes. So if you are interested in reaching out to Daniel or listening to the podcast I'll have direct links.

The show notes for that. So that it's convenient for you, Daniel. Thank you so much for spending your time and energy with us. Your, this conversation was unbelievably eye opening for me. 

Daniel Jackson: Yeah. Thanks for having me on. I appreciate it. You didn't get what you were thought you got to get digits. 

Will: I know I was going to be a betting man.

This would not be anywhere near.

Daniel Jackson: Because I'm not the typical medium. I'm not all about the world being unicorns and rainbows because it's not because it's, it's real life here and we're going through some real crap. And the only way we can fix that crap is by making a change. And the only way that will happen is if everybody changes, not just one, because one person tried to do it once before.

And they murdered him. Yeah. So I need help. 

Will: Yeah. It's going to take all of us. Yeah. Right. [00:49:00] Well, thanks Karen. Thanks for putting up with me another day. No, this is fantastic. I'm a, I'm super interested to see what kind of feedback we get. So if you're listening to the show right now, and you have any kind of feedback you want to give to us, whether it's positive or something that you think that we are full of, please by all means.

Let us know you know, you can always get a hold of us through skeptic I do want to thank you profusely for coming along on this journey of discovery. Remember that you can always continue the conversation with us on Facebook and Instagram at skeptic metaphysician. You can find direct links, not only to those social media platforms and to those of our guests that we discussed.

You can also subscribe to the show or leave us a review or a voicemail directly on our website. Skeptic. As always, if you know, someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we shared on the show or any of our others, hope you'll consider sharing us with that person, it'll help grow the show and may just help someone else come in terms of the fact that we're so much more than just this three-dimensional body that we'd have it.

Oh, you can become a member of the skeptic, but it was as your community there [00:50:00] at the website, all the added benefits are there for you just by signing up. Okay. I'm exhausted. I'm 

Karen: excited. 

Daniel Jackson: I hope you 

Will: enjoyed this episode as much as we have, sadly. That's all we have for now. Thanks again for joining us.

We'll see you again on the next episode of the skeptic, but the physician until then take care of.

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Daniel Jackson

Spirit Medium Daniel

Spirit Medium Daniel
I have been surrounded by spirit my entire life, but the ability to communicate with spirit bloomed when I turned 50. Now, as an intuitive reader, I communicate with spirit and angels, notably the Arch Angels. I am able to confirm spirit crossings, provide spiritual consult, and guidance for those seeking help with life‘s problems. I am also able to retrieve answers for people who feel they have lost their way (spiritually and emotionally). The answers I retrieve are received from the Arch Angels, which is ultimately the word of God.