The Healing Power of the Harmonic Egg

The Healing Power of the Harmonic Egg

On this very special episode we present to you what we feel is one of the single most astounding modalities we've ever explored.

If you're looking for a healing modality that not only helps you on the physical plane, but also on the spiritual one, something that will undoubtedly and unequivocally change your life you do not wanna miss this one. Karen and I are still shaken by our firsthand experience with the Harmonic Egg!

"If we are sound and light beings by nature, if we're, if our creator, God source created us with light and sound, why not heal with light and sound? It only made sense to me because nothing else made sense of why this could possibly work." -- Gail Lynn - Inventor of the Egg

About the Egg:
The Harmonic Egg® is a resonant chamber that delivers a bio energy therapy that restores the body’s balance and promotes healing. It utilizes the energy found within the body to allow cells to reset and re-balance and encourage natural healing. This innovative technology gives wellness practitioners a tool to provide energy therapy for their clients to repair, de-stress and relax the body.

The egg-shaped resonant chamber was created to focus the energy of sound, light and color as a restorative bio healing therapy. This environment provides a consistent, repeatable experience promoting a sense of internal balance and well-being.

Harmonic Egg Info:

Hampton Roads Harmonic Egg Info:
Address: 732 Thimble Shoals Blvd, Suite: 906 (WELLNESS GROUP)Newport News, VA 23606
Phone Number: 757.979.7555

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Harmonic Egg

[00:00:00] Hey, everyone on this very special episode of the skeptic meta physicians, we present to you. What we feel is one of the single most astounding modalities we've ever explored. I know that's saying a lot. Seeing as how many astounding modalities we've explored in the past. But if you're looking for a healing modality that not only helps you on the physical plane, but also on the spiritual one, something that will undoubtedly and unequivocally change your life.

You do not wanna miss this one. Karen and I are still shaken by our firsthand experience with the harmonic egg.



Welcome back to the skeptic IANS today's show is completely different. Karen, we had a really interesting time the other day didn't we? We absolutely did. We decided to take the show on the road. Woo. And we went to experience a one. In a lifetime thing that actually ended up being more than once in a lifetime, but a first, an, our lifetime thing.

yes. And it was something we'd not ever heard of before, but suddenly discovered it. And now we're obsessed with it. Yes. Now we've talked a lot about healing modalities and things like that, but this is so different. The harmonic egg basically is a living thing made out of wood, like an egg that you go into with a recliner, but it's a big egg, it's a big egg.

Yes. It takes up almost the whole room. You go into it and they Nestle you into this recliner. And then through the use of light and sound. [00:02:00] It helps you heal all manner of things, but they close the door. So once you're in, you're closed into this egg, but it's really big. So you don't feel claustrophobic or anything like that at all.

Yeah. It's like this meditative experience, you sit there and you listen to this wonderful music and you experience this light. And some people feel like they leave their bodies. Other people have seen people working on them during the session it's 50 minutes and it's probably one of the most. Relaxing times that I've ever had, but we won't spoil the surprise here.

We did some interviews while we were there. We wanna share them with you.

Now we've gotta warn you ahead of time. This was our first time recording this on location. So the audio is not as pristine as what you might be used to listening to on this show, but the information is so good that we wanted to present it to you. Exactly how we recorded it.

 So this next bit is what happened directly when we got there and we were getting ready to go into the egg.

 what can we expect? Like [00:03:00] what can she expect when she goes in there? So we look and see what it, what it is that's going on with you. So let's say that you've got knee issues or you've got kidney issues or blood or whatever it is.

Doesn't matter. We'll focus the first. The first session on autonomic system alignment. And that's, that's a standard across the board with every egg that's that's out here. And then what that does is it does a reset on you, if you will, an an autonomic nervous reset.

So what I find it's gonna do in that first one. And what I find from people going in here is the things that you think it's gonna work on, or you want it to work on doesn't work that first. Sometimes it does. I'll give you an example.

My neighbor has urinary incontinence and she's early put in four days later, she knocked on my door and she said, urinary incontinence has gone. Now. That was not the, the hope of her egg session at all. It was just about pain and relaxation. That was it. And, and the incontinence went, I checked with her five days later.

Still gone [00:04:00] two weeks later, she came back and she said, well, it's a little bit iffy. Can I go back in again? So we put it back in again, gone again. So now we're three, four months in. She has no more urinary. Wow. In continent it's gone. She also has scoliosis and scoliosis was where they had the, the hum back and, and she's very twisted.

And she said, the fourth time I put her in the fourth time, she said this was after two days. I think she. I can't believe my pain level has gone. She said I've not been without pain since I was 10 years old. She's 73 now. Wow. So it's, I can't tell you how this is gonna work. Right? I know what it does. I know what the, the sounds are.

And the frequencies are meshed to work on kidneys, heart, your cells, health of cells, but where it's gonna go and what it's gonna do. I don't know your intention. For wellness for yourself, I would hope or peace or relaxation or whatever it is you're going in with. I, I don't steer that at all.

What I steer is what you tell me here. So [00:05:00] if let's say you've had cancer or you've had, you've got kidney issues or blood issues or whatever it is after the first reset and you've come back again, I'll, I'll start working on the things that, that you tell me are wrong

or not, right. yeah, not right. Right, right. Okay. And this was, this was amazing. I mean, this made me cry a few weeks ago. We had this, woman in on a Saturday, PTSD came in with a four year old who was nonverbal autistic. And I was out there for an hour with her before she could come in and, and I was watching the child and she was responding to direction, verbal direction, not well.

And she granted a lot, but didn't say. Anyway, she went into the egg with her mom and the mom was, was better when she came out. She said she felt, more happy, less anxious, but the child in that first week started talking. I mean, it made me cry when Terry called me, I was away on vacation. That following week made me cry.

It was like, the child was saying, daddy picked me up. Good morning. Good [00:06:00] morning, mommy. I mean, Disney shows. I think I got chill too, but, but apparently, I mean, I heard this prior to getting. and you know how you hear things sometimes and you like, you dismiss it. Mm-hmm , it's like, okay, well, I really wanna see that.

Well, we saw it. I mean, it's happened in Texas with a little boy, I believe that was nonverbal. I think he was a little bit older and he started speaking after the, after the second or third one. And, but what they found was, and this is from the Texas story, not from this one. Yeah. Is that when they took a break for the childhood?

I think he had surgery or somebody had something going on where they took a break from, from. He started to decline again. So they start, they went back in again . I'm guessing that you are relearning, you're reteaching the body, how to, how to be in a, in a higher level of functioning, I'm guessing.

And if you've been nine years of, of nonverbal and, and all of a sudden, I mean, you're obviously understanding the language mm-hmm because, because he was talking and he was talking appropriate. so I'm [00:07:00] guessing that that, that reset needs to continue to be reset. And I guess, you know, when you go to a chiropractor, you don't go just once you keep on coming back.

Right. So then when Karen goes into the a for the first time, yeah. She, you mentioned frequ sound frequencies and things like that will be, will it be totally dark in there? Would she be hearing things or there lights? What, what, what should she expect? So the lights, the lights for the first session are either green, blue, or.

and I've picked blue today. I like blue. I feel like it's a really calming color. And I feel like that's the right color for you. If I felt like it was a different color, you I'm picking up green for you. I don't know why, but I'm picking up green, which is the master healing color. But for Karen, I'm picking up blue and probably kids sanctuary, which is one of the, the top songs that they, they sell top tunes they say to play.

, not that there's any difference in these musical sounds for this genomic reset, but there seems to be to me in the five months that we've had here, there's been more outcomes with the kids' sanctuary than there has with anything else that we've played in the [00:08:00] first one. Don't know why I can't answer that.

 The tones are, I believe mostly the same in the first autonomic resets, for, , for this first session, So, I, I don't know why this one is so popular and why it's making such a difference, but, but it does. usually? So it's 50 minutes session. So 40 minutes is, is the music and you just relax in there. A lot of people will doze or sleep or meditate or whatever they do. I don't know what they do. most, most people go off somewhere. It's really interesting.

And then there's 10 minutes of assimilation time at the end of it. And then we come. We have an alarm that I put on out there at 50 minutes, we come in, we ting the bell over here just to give them notice that we are coming to open the door. Cuz a lot of times what will happen is the, the start when you open the door because they've been out there, it's kind of like sleeping and I wake you up suddenly.

Right. You know, but a lot of people, if, if you are in tune to, you know, meditating and you can leave your body and, and take a while to, to reacclimate and the lights are low. So when when I go out of here, those lights will be on in [00:09:00] there and you'll see. A dim light from here and this behind me, but these other lights will be out in the door will be closed.

You're on your own in there. Okay. And if she gets a belt of claustrophobia, is there a way to, yeah, there's an alarm bell in there. Okay. So you press the alarm bell there's tissues in there because a lot of people will get emotional, and cry that you, you are fine. You might find the smells in there.

The smells are detoxing, your body of whatever it is that you've, if you. If you've had chemo, radiation, or medications or whatever it is, your body is holding in your cells, it will detox that out eventually. Wow. when you said, okay, you were getting a blue light vibe for me and green, like, how are you feeling that?

Like, what's it, is it just like, you're looking at him and this is, this is me intuitive. I mean, I don't know how other owners work, Terry and I are both, intuitive to people. and, and that's what I go by. So for example, if you've been in here before for a session. I sometimes will write down the protocols for the next session for you.

If we're working on a weight loss, for example, or a smoking C succession or whatever it is that you wanted, I [00:10:00] might set out something. But if you come in and tell me, I'm really depressed today, I might just change those colors and, and the, and the music that I play for that particular day. And what is the, so you said the green light is kind of healing in the blue light.

The green light is a master healer. Purple to me. It's a high. Color as an intuitive is blue to me is very calming. Purposely is raising that vibration more green is the master heater. I dunno why you need the green today, but that's what I'm feeling with you. I'm open whatever. There you go. Okay, well, right. Ready to give it a shot?

Yeah. Okay. And then right after that, Karen is when you went into the egg mm-hmm right. So can you tell us what the experience was like? Well, it's a very loving experience. And in fact, they say that when they've tested people just going into the egg on their own versus people kind of getting someone else to put them in the egg, that there's a dramatic difference in the results.

So Lynn put me in the egg. I gotten this recliner and, and it was bigger than I expected, and I got some pillows under my [00:11:00] arms and a nice blanket. And then she gave me a button.

There's a button that you can push if you freak out or start to panic or feel claustrophobic, or if anything happens at all, if you have any questions, you can push that button. Which I did. And she was there in an instant. I just had had a, a question about what was going on. So you didn't panic. I did not panic.

No, no, it was well, that's good to know cuz some people might think, oh my gosh, is it claustrophobic? Is it, you know, did you panic? Did was there no, no. Was there an evil entity in there with you? nothing like that happened. There's some technical snafu and you, yes. Okay. And I wasn't sure if it had started or if we had to restart, so gotcha.

I pushed the button and she was there in a second. So it was this very, so if I had had a freak out, then she would've been right there, so that was good. Okay. But when they close the door, you can still see the light around the door. So it's not like a where you're sealed and like turn medically to this egg.

right. And there is light in there. Right. So it's not, it's not like a sensory deprivation tank or anything like that. Right. There's it's like a circular. Fixture above the recliner. But it's just the, the rim of it is where the light comes out. . Gotcha. [00:12:00] Well, you know, while we were there, we actually had an opportunity to talk to Gail who is the inventor of the egg. Oh, that was very cool. Yeah. Now just to set the scene for you, what you're about to hear is an interview we did with Gail through a computer.

We were in the room, but her voice was coming at us through a computer. So the audio quality is not typically what you would hear on our show. Mm-hmm , but the information was so great that we felt it was important to. To the show. So, here is our conversation with Gail the inventor of the harmonic egg. hi, Gail. Thanks so much for coming and talking to us about the harmonic egg, we're absolutely. We are fascinated by it. Cause we've never heard of it before and Karen's had the opportunity to experience it. I have not yet. I'm excited to, to try it for myself, but can you share with us what the concept behind the harmonic egg is?

How did you come up with it? what makes it work? All that kind of. Oh, you got about an hour

I had some severe health issues [00:13:00] and, I dealt with migraine headache since I was 17 years old. You know, I don't know if it was a hormone shift. You know, when I was 17, I had my first, first migraine and it scared my mom to death because I couldn't even talk, I couldn't pronounce words.

she didn't know what to do with me. I remember telling her I wanted grapes. I wanted purple grapes. So I don't know if it was a mineral deficiency. I don't know what it was, but it scared me. And so I spent 20, some years, 23 years looking for a cure and I'm kind of an private investigator, scientist engineer.

rebel, dreamer, you name it it sounds like you're one of our people right. Absolutely. I mean, I wanna find, you know, the, the science behind things, but what is science, you know, is it. , it's some kind of an organized study and, and knowledge about a particular subject, but science today, they, you know, they'll test nine people and say, okay, we did the science behind it.

That's [00:14:00] not science to me. You know, controlled studies have to go on for years mm-hmm before it's science. So I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why I got the migraines and it came to a point where nobody had an answer. and it was it's. It was kind of just up to me to figure it out doctors had failed me. So I found sound and light. Nothing is by accident. It was a series of funny things that happened. I met a guy who said he was Elvis Presley's stepbrother.

And I was like, no one Elvis. Presley's like, no one Mickey mouse now who knows, who knows Mickey mouse and you know, so he starts giving all these books and everything. This is me and Elvis. This is me and Elvis. I can't believe you don't believe me. And I was like, come on really? Meeting him. And then everybody wanted to be, you know, have talks with David Stanley because he grew up with Al Elvis Presley.

[00:15:00] Everybody wanted a piece of David. So this one gentleman invented a sound and light chamber called well, it was, it was a light box and the funding thing was, he was like, I want you to come and try this because I want a testimonial from Elvis Presley's stepbrother. So this whole series had to happen exactly the way it did for me to find this, this box.

And in a weekend of sessions, they had a program where you did four sessions in three days, pretty intense program. But after that weekend, my heart rate variability test was completely normal and I was on the verge of an instant heart attack. So for me, it was like, wait, what I literally laid into this box, color, light and sound.

No, mm-hmm my engineering mind was saying, no, this, this doesn't make sense at all. Very skeptical [00:16:00] grew up in Detroit, very practical, very pragmatic father, everything about common sense. He didn't have much education, but he had more common sense than most people who I know who are, you know, master's degrees and PhD.

so it wouldn't have fit in my brain. So I went on this journey to research this. If we are sound and light beings by nature, if we're, if our creator, God source created us with light and sound, why not heal with light and sound? It only made sense to me because nothing else made sense of why this could possibly work.

So. Then I've thought about the most powerful shape in the universe as an egg. And if I could get the acoustics of wood to come together with an egg and have this immersive experience where a 360 degrees is just spiraling [00:17:00] around you as a sound in light being by nature, how can that not work? So let's go further.

Let's look at how we can bring the shockers back into balance. Each different chakra has a different color that can bring it into balance. What about the shockers and sound? Oh boy, I found research that showed that every instrument can affect the organ in a different way. The liver with flute, the piano with the nervous system drumming with the immune system.

Okay. Gail. Now we're coming into something. What if we Enclos somebody. So that the sound's just not dissipating into the ether and they're just getting this wrong. They're in this immersive experience. Okay. Now let's make sure we don't use any MP3 files because those are cold and clinical. And if you have a wave form and you compress it, you taken away the integrity of the music.

All right, [00:18:00] Gail, we're on to something. Now. How many modalities do we got? We got sound. We got vibration. We got frequencies. We got light waves. We got, we got a reson in chamber. Okay, we got wood. It's a living material, no metal, no plastic. Ew. So you have this living material. Now, what if we create a community of people that come together in love and help their clients, that intention?

What if these eggs are a living technology and they're all connected to each other and everybody's love is amplified in this living technology on this grid. Of energy. Holy crap. How can this not work? it blew my mind. Ah, now Karen's experienced it for herself already, so she knows the power of the egg.

 In my thoughts, when you're going into the egg, what's causing the healing, what's helping the healing is the [00:19:00] vibrational frequencies of the sounds and the lights that you are putting into the egg. But there's so much more into it than, than just.

I can't take a lot of credit for it. It all came through as, as I was listening and learning about this stuff, little pieces would just fall into my lap and it's almost comical now to look at how all the pieces came together. Just at the time that I might be just walking through the grocery store and somebody has a book on the counter and is talking to somebody else about amazing how amazing this book is, because my guides are showing me, you need to read this book.

It was amazing. So after you got all of this knowledge and you know, you did your research, how did you. Start putting the egg together. Did you have a team of people? Did you work out in yourself to get that energy in there? How did, how did that happen? That's a great question. It's very comical. I had a, a drafting background, CAD Unigraphics [00:20:00] comma AutoCAD.

 And this gentleman, I, I, I asked a, a corporation that was a manufacturing corporation. Can you. was saying, and they said, no, mm-hmm, can't be done. And I said, well, Wal Disney said, if you can dream it, you can do it. And he said, well, you're not Walt Disney. oh, nice. you know, you know me like, I'm a Scorpio. So I was kind of like, don't tell me I can't do something.

So I was talking to a gentleman who just happened to walk into my office and I said, you know, I just had this vision about this blah, blah, blah. Corporation. If they could do this, they said it can't be done. He said, can you draw it for me? Sure. So within 15 minutes I had a front view side view, top view, cut out view all my little drafting tools out on my desk.

And he said, you just drew this in 15 minutes. I said, yeah, it's all right here. I, I have the vision. He said, I think I can do it [00:21:00] really a backyard. Carpent. He said, I don't have any tools. but I think I could do this. I said, well, if I buy you these $12,000 worth of tools and you build this for me, you can keep all the tools.

He's like, oh, done. I will take off anything tools. And so it took about a year. We built it with the cheapest wood. Like it's an MDF, which is a very compressed type of wood. Cause I didn't wanna spend a lot of money just to throw it away. and it took about a year and I would come into the office. He had to do this at night cuz he was sawing and cutting and stapling and you know, hammering.

And I had clients in during the day. So after all night of him working, I'd come in the next morning and go, that's not right. He's like, that's what you told me to do. I said, it doesn't feel right. And he said, well, I can't do it. And I said, all right, well, he said, I quit. I said, you're fired. Go. You know, so it was on this whole dynamic of us.

Right. [00:22:00] And um, there was a couple of things that happened that I saw online that made me realize, okay, this is how we can do it. And I told him, he came back. He said, okay, we built this prototype. It was ugly, looked like it was gonna fall down. And I started having doctors coming in. I said, do you feel anything?

and they said, yeah, this is crazy. And so we had 12 people tested in different types of sessions, over different amounts of days and different amounts of time. And I realized that this was gonna work, but the MDF would, was really bad because when you compress a lot of different wood, I could almost feel all the different woods talking to me.

And it was like, I said, this has to be a solid wood mm-hmm because we need the spiritual properties of a solid wood. And we built the first production model. I think it was 2017 and we're now [00:23:00] building number 92. Wow. , you talk about the scientific mindset and all that kind of stuff, but it sounds to me like you're pretty open to things outside of the 3d space, do you feel this was something that came to you from elsewhere?

Or is this something that intrinsically was just inside you? you know, I wanna tend to believe that it. Science and engineering and my engineering background. And, but they can't deny that there are things that I can't explain about how it came to me. And then I have a lot of channelers and healers that come and experience it.

And they have told me it's very galactic. But I can also talk to the doctors and say, I'm seeing the autonomic nervous system come into balance. How is this even possible? There isn't a medicine on the market. That can bring the, the nervous system to, into balance mm-hmm . And so I can look at people's blood work pre and post I've taken some classes [00:24:00] on that.

I'm not a doctor, but I'm curious and I'm passionate about helping people. I kept calling in doctors, look at this, what do you make of this?

And then they got curious and started sending their patients to me and doing their own blood work. I would never put out a white paper on 25 people or nine people, or even 50 people because that's not to me a control study. I think the egg is seen probably 20, 30,000 people now through it. And the testimonials are so amazing.

There's the proof to me that there's the proof. And so, so far in your experience, what has been the most impactful thing that you've seen or the strongest testimonial? The biggest change, something that just sticks with you? It really makes, you know, this is what you're supposed to be doing. I guess it was a big early Marine who comes into my office in a wheelchair and his kidney, one kidney was already dead.

One, kidney [00:25:00] was 20% functioning. They wanted to do dialysis on him and he really didn't want to. His friend was actually the one that built the prototype. and he said, I'm taking you to the egg center. You're going one's army one's Marine. So they had their own, you know, dynamics, which was hilarious. and I didn't really realize it was child psychology, but it was because he was, he had such a bad attitude and he thought, I'm not gonna listen to you.

Little girl, like, you're not gonna tell me what's going. And I was like, listen, dude, I'm a Scorpio. You're wasting , I'm a Scorpio. Right. and said, you're wasting my time and your money don't come back. And he was like, , you're telling me not to come back. I'm coming back. No, you're not. He must have been in Scorpio too.

yeah. Right. He might be, you know, he's pretty tough. And. we have just created this friendship. [00:26:00] That is amazing. He did come back. He changed his diet and he did a lot of things that I told him to do. Drinking more water, changed his diet, and he says, I saved his life. No, he saved his own life because he listened.

But what happened was his one kidney started functioning again. His other kidney was 60%. and because he's a Marine that was in a battle that 3000 went in and 15 came out. He's the only one still living and they don't know why. Mm, wow. They were, they do a lot of blood work on him. Mm-hmm and he said, they told me my heart grew by a centimeter.

They wanna know why he said, I'm not telling them what I'm doing, because I don't wanna explain this to them. but there's that to me is impactful. What happened. And I can tell you that I believe our organs can regenerate. I don't think that just a, a [00:27:00] dumb lizard can regenerate its tail. Mm-hmm I think we are way more powerful than we've been told that we are, we we've been kind of hoodwinked and beat down and told, oh, you can't, you can't, you can't.

We can. There are no limits. Why do we have to age? I'm 52 years old and people have seen me in high school and they're like, you're still not the same. What are you doing? I just don't believe in my head that we have to age and we have to die so quickly. I think we can have quality of life until we don't want to live anymore.

I think we're brilliant beings. So my boyfriend got a pacemaker after he.

The love of his life so when he had to have the battery replaced 10 years later, and he had done, you know, 50, 60 sessions in the egg, a medical doctor asked me, can you get me his injection fraction and cardiac output number?

And I will [00:28:00] tell you how much of his heart, you know, is still dead.

Getting his numbers. He said that his heart is completely regenerated. What is going on? And now you can go, well, maybe cuz he loves me so much that he just made his heart grow like the gr or was it the session? Was it the session? That helped him regenerate his heart. So we ordered his records from 10 years ago.

We couldn't find the injection fraction and cardiac output numbers. So I can't really write a white paper about it. Mm-hmm we went through a thick stack of his records and we couldn't find anything. The doctor went through everything because we wanted to find the two comparisons. You know, it's just really hard to prove science when maybe they're just miracles.

All right. Have you gotten any kind of pushback from the medical community about. Stay um, in the beginning I did, but I think this was 2012 and it was before the egg came. I haven't had any pushback since the egg, but aren't we seeing[00:29:00] society just grow and, and be more accepting of this lately. It just seems like since 2012 I was attacked by the channel four.

Being a, a witch doctor and I'm like, that's a compliment, right? um, Being, you know, a little witchy, right. And you know that I was scamming people and blah, blah, blah. I was on the news and a doctor came in who had severe back pain and did sessions in the light box, 12 years. He tried to get rid of this pain 12.

when he came out, I kind of saw him, you know, crying. And I mentioned that it might be emotional. Oh no, not emotional. But three days later, he called me and said, I think this pain started when I had a wife that left me and I didn't know why. And that's when the pain started, but he made concoctions and compound pharmacy, everything to get rid of this pain and nothing worked.

And yet one session in this light box got rid of. So he [00:30:00] actually said, you tell that reporter to come here on Thursday at 12 o'clock. I'm gonna go on the news and I'm gonna put my license on the line and I'm gonna say this works. Wow. That's impressive. And never got bothered again. so we've talked about how you've built the box and some of the results. What happens like what's going on with the light in the music? What is it doing to our, our bodies when we're in there? What I think is happening with different sounds, nature sounds will help to work with the DNA. Water sounds help with PTSD. So we select specific sounds. For specific intentions of the client when they come in and we keep the volume down enough that it's actually working to heal the cells.

You can't make any claims, but over the years, talking to doctors, talking to scientists seeing the testimonials and hearing the testimonials, I feel what's happening is with the sound and light as we're sound and light beings. It's [00:31:00] helping us to heal the DNA, any mutation. Clearing out trauma from the cell memory.

So trauma of a car accident, it can be released from the cell memory where the body doesn't remember it anymore. And so it's not something that the body's affected by anymore. It's really been brilliant when I got in my car accident, my mentor told me if you can get into a place of healing within six hours of a, of a trauma like that.

And it doesn't have time to store in your cell memory. The body doesn't remember it happens. I've heard that before does stuff out. Yeah. You're pushing it up. Emotional trauma from childhood. The biggest trauma we have in our life is birth. Somebody rips you out of the womb or cuts your mom, open your mom's halfway, you know, out of it because of epidurals and drugs, they take the baby away.

And then people grow up and have L four and L five vertebrae problems. [00:32:00] That's about abandonment. Let's get that out of ourselves. Let's push that out. Mm-hmm and I think the egg is helping to clear that from the sound memory. So we can be the perfect human that we can be. So it's almost like a factory re reset we're factory resetting our bodies and our minds.

Yeah. Reboot hit the brain reboot. . So where would you like to see it go from here? How mainstream do you want it? It to go? Is it right for everybody?

that's a great question. I would like to see it to be a household name. I think it's right for everybody it's gentle. It's powerful. It's non-invasive you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting your body, which is a sound and light body into a sound and light chamber. there are gonna be people who don't wanna heal and it may not resonate with them.

So they might come [00:33:00] in and do one session and never come back. Mm-hmm even though, you know, as the center owner and the practitioner that put them in, there was a profound change. You, you can see the energy change of people, but if they're afraid of healing, then they may never come back and it's okay. We just send them away with love and it's their journey.

 So I know that this question's probably gonna be pretty obvious, but I've gotta ask it because I know there's gonna be people out there that, that are asking it to themselves.

Once you go into a session and you have an affliction, you come out of it and the affliction is. Is that a permanent change or is this something that may need to be kind of retuned or re reassessed over time? Great question. Some people. Yes. If you have, heavy metals and you empty that glass out, you could keep that empty, do your maintenance sessions in the egg and maybe never have the infliction again.

But what if you have a trauma and you say you maybe [00:34:00] have Epstein bar virus and you've. But to go dormant, you have a trauma, like a car accident, or your parent dies, or a spouse dies. These viruses are emotionally activated, so you could see an uptick of it. You know, your lying disease might come back.

Your Epstein bar comes back. You gotta get it to go dormant again. It's about trauma. It's about trauma management. So you're managing the trauma in your life because things will sneak back up on you. when another trauma happens.

 Is there anybody that shouldn't do a session in the egg?

You know, you always hear that this is fine unless you have this or whatever. I thought that it was gonna be maybe congestive heart failure, but it's actually such an emotional thing that we've been able to help with using the children's settings.

So for a while it was the congestive heart failure, but we were actually seeing some good luck with that, but pacemaker are fine plates in the body metal in the [00:35:00] body. All fine. Maybe if I would have to say something, , maybe schizophrenia. Hmm. Now I'm wondering if I should go in

wondering if we should let you out. We've talked a lot about physical affliction and we just barely kind of touched on mental stuff. But to your point of schizophrenia, , things like bipolar anxiety I'm assuming all of these things are things that could actually be helped by getting some sessions in the egg.

Is that right? Yes. Bipolar can often be heavy metals, so we've had really good luck with bipolar. And we've had luck with schizophrenia, but it is you wanna really go to a trained technician. , there are some doctors that own the eggs, and so you wanna be really careful. And you don't wanna do drumming or really intense sessions with, did you do in the same with maybe a veteran who's been in a war zone, you don't wanna put them on drumming and all of a sudden owners are trained with this information.

But mental illness. I mean, I think it [00:36:00] just taking the stress off the body, releasing a lot of the neurological issues and toxins in the brain it's been really helpful. I'm sure. Anxiety just by, sitting in the egg for an hour and, and thinking of nothing.

for a while the soothing music I'm sure anxiety would help a lot. But what about depression? If you have something that's clinically, , diagnosed depression that you're maybe taking medication for is, this is stuff that will, will ease that as well. Again, can't make any claims. We've had tons of success with depression and orange light.

And so we're using a lot of orange light with depress. and we are seeing people going back to their doctor and weeding themselves off of their antidepressants, which I think is so beautiful because these antidepressants are making us numb and they're shutting down the proper functioning of our nervous system.

And if you look around society, you see a lot of people who are numb in what we have, what 60, 70, 80% of society in the us now on an [00:37:00] antidepressant. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. But it's quite sad. Yeah. It. No pun intended. Sorry. Oh gosh, Karen, I can't believe you have to go there. I thought you did that on purpose.

usually I would, but this is a strange environment for us,

so, that was a lot of information that GA gave us. Part of the, the stuff that really jumped out at me was the the results they've gotten, the different things that you just don't think about when you, I mean, this is just light and sound and to have these people have these astounding results just by going to the egg several, several times.

It, it was astounding to me. And the interesting thing is that it can be different for everybody. And some people have issues that might get fixed after one visit or might not get fixed. Some people it's just a really fantastic way to relieve anxiety or stress or maybe depression or to help with relaxation.

So you can't say, oh, if you got this, you're gonna go in. Definitely get cured. Just because you, [00:38:00] you just don't know the egg looks at what you need.

Now Gale talked to us about the mechanics of the harmonic egg. So now we're gonna talk to Lynn and Terry, who are the owners of the local harmonic egg that we went to go visit about the motivation behind it. How did they get it? Because there's only 92 of them. Right? How did they get it? How did they manage to be one of the 92, how they learned about the egg and what made them feel like they needed to have one.

 They were wonderful, lovely, lovely human beings.

And so kind, and what you're are about to listen to now is our interview with Lynn and Terry.

. How did you get it here from, because there's only 92 of them. She mentioned 92 now. So 64 or 64, you're number 64, but we came in January. So think about that.

64 to 92 that's that's almost 30. So 28 in what.


 I met Gail through a referral from one of my clients.

I do psychic readings for people, and one of my clients lived in California who referred me to Gail, [00:39:00] Gail called me and I read for her while she was sitting in her egg. Super. And then she called me again a few months later and I did another reading and I think I did three. And then one day last year I was just sitting there thinking I was meditating actually.

And then I thought, oh, I think I need an egg. Dunno why mm-hmm so I called her and I said, again, I think I'm gonna get an egg. She said, oh, I've just been waiting for you to call me. So she knew I was gonna do this. I had no clue. . But then from there, I think I asked Terri about July if she, if she wanted to come in on a partnership with them. And I mean, it morphed so quickly. I mean, this wasn't supposed to come until July of this year. Oh, wow. And, and when Terry said, yeah, it was.

, I don't know how it happened, but the money just came. The bank said that they would loan us the money for the building. somehow we found the money for the egg and here it is, here we are.

 We've all got some kind of background in, caring for people or, intuitive or, and I don't wanna make this where we in any way, because it's [00:40:00] not. but there is, there's a high sense of, love. I mean, you heard it from Gail . And I feel like most of the background are the people that I've met so far on, on, on the, on the egg sessions that we do, the owners come from different backgrounds, but more often than not, it's about helping they're from helping backgrounds.


 I went into an egg in California. after we decided we're going ahead with this. There was, I was working over there and there was an egg close by, so it was likely get in it, get in it if they got room and sure enough, they did.

It was the day before I flew back here. And my first experience, it just completely blew my mind. I could not believe it when I travel, fly my feet swell mm-hmm and it will last 10 days. Oh geez. So I went in the egg on Sunday and I flew back to Virginia on the Monday, but whilst I was in the a, because I can see I'd close my eyes and opened my eyes and [00:41:00] I had the intention is I suffer from restless legs really badly mm-hmm and I'd ask them to help with that and my arthritis.

So. I opened my eyes, you know, looking around the egg, getting all comfortable, enjoying the music. And there was a gentleman in scrubs standing, working on my left leg. And I thought, this is crazy. I closed my eyes, opened them. He's still there. And I'm looking around and closed my eyes, thinking it's my imagination, you know, and again, and there he is working on my left legs.

Couldn't see his face, but I knew he was an elderly stocky, gentle. Hmm. And he was going up and down my legs and all I could feel was a light tingling feeling. So there's room in this egg for this gentleman, you know,

And, there was kind of like a half a screen in front of me that I couldn't really sleep, except for, I knew he was going up and down my legs. So I closed my eyes again and kept them closed for a [00:42:00] few minutes. And I. This is my mind paying tricks on me. And then I opened again and he was on my right leg and he was working on my leg, same thing.

okay, so it is spirit. Wonderful. Next thing I know. I feel this tingling in my hands. It's a nice smoothing tingling. And then there's the, the sound of the bell ringing to open the door and I'm going, what. It's only been five minutes she came to get me out and she said, okay, it's time to get out.

And I said, go away. I'm staying here. I'm not leaving. I like this place. anyway, I got out and I flew back. I actually had an appointment with a vein specialist the following day on the Tuesday. Now six months beforehand, I'd seen a specialist and they had done, sound waves on my legs.

And they said my veins were broken. So it's all recording. So I was then seeing this vein specialist to see what they could do. So they spent an [00:43:00] hour. but the ultrasound going up and down my legs to check all the veins and I will add my feet were not. . Mm, wow. So when they'd finished this hour of ultrasound, and then I went in to see the surgeon and he looked at me, he says, Terry, I dunno what you've come to see me for.

And I said, a baker, pardon? And he said, you don't have a broken vein. I said, I have it recorded. My veins are broken and he said, not that I can see. And we've spent a lot of time. He says, you do have some bar veins. I can fix those for you. . That just blew me away. Totally. Wow. That was my first session in the egg.

Oh. And since then I have just been out there trying to get everybody to come in. We give as much as we can to people and it's not financially, we would just give, because people need us.

so he just made common sense really to get the air care and to [00:44:00] help people. And it's time for us to settle down and concentrate more on one area. Mm-hmm and we feel that this is it. Yeah. It's wonderful. Yeah. That's just, ah, I love it.

Like I told you, lovely, lovely ladies, but I know that what the audience really wants to know, because we started the show by talking about the fact that we went and we experienced the harmonic egg ourselves. So Karen I've gotta know thoughts? When I first went in, I really didn't know what to expect, and I really didn't have any expectations. So I got nestled in and they closed it and the, the music came on and then I was thinking maybe I'm supposed to meditate, which we all know that I'm a horrible meditator. right. So that lasted about five minutes and I kept thinking about stuff and then I had to stop thinking about stuff.

It was very soothing and very relaxing. I did feel a little tingly, like my. Arms got really tingly at one point, but the first one for me was not super dramatic. But it was lovely and it was [00:45:00] very relaxing and I thought, okay, well, if that's just gonna help me relax, then that's perfect. I was really tired when I got out and I slept really well that night.

Right. But it was just a very kind of soothing, mellow experience for me. Ah, okay. That was kind of a nice, enjoyable experience then. Yeah. Mm-hmm, nothing earth shaking, nothing right. World shattering, but it was nice. Yes. Very nice. Right. Did you feel any. Emotional outburst or anything that, that moved you in any way?

I think the first time I was so fixated on trying to figure out what was gonna happen, that I didn't let anything really happen. Ah, you know, it's like, okay, I'm not gonna have any expectations, but what's gonna happen. not that's gonna happen. But I mean, I don't expect to know what that's gonna be, but what is it?

Mm. So the watcher was watching the watcher too much. Yes. Mm. Sound familiar. It uh, . . I can either confirm nor deny . Now with me, cuz I also went into the egg shortly after you did mm-hmm it was also, as I mentioned earlier, the most relaxed I've been maybe my entire life mm-hmm but [00:46:00] I did experience some interesting things while I was in there.

Mm-hmm . So while I was in the egg, it was very relaxing and the music was lovely.

The light was lovely, but at one point out of the blue, I don't know why, but this overwhelming joy. Came over me to the point where I started laughing out loud, but at the same time also tearing up crying and laughing all at the same time because I was so completely filled with this overwhelming joy.

Mm-hmm that is undescribable. undescribable, indescribable. I don't know English language, but , there are no words for the female. There were no words. It was unbelievable. Mm-hmm and then everyone that listens to the show knows how much I've always wanted to Astro project. Right. Mm-hmm what I cannot confirm that I did that.

Sadly, I cannot. But what I can tell you is that there are a couple of times that all of a sudden I was jolted as if I was. in my body. Mm-hmm so if I did go somewhere, I don't [00:47:00] remember my going somewhere, but I do remember the jolt of my Astro form coming back into my body. You know what I had that too, now that you mention it.

Interesting. Yeah. This is the first time you mentioned this. I know. But you didn't remember going outta your body, just remember getting jolted back in? Yeah, I just remember like, feeling tingly. Remember I said my arms were feeling really tingly. Right. And then I remembered like, those, that jolt of like.

Something like a big rush. Yeah. That like a rush and you're there. Yes. Like you're back then. You're sudden you're conscious. You're back. You're back in your body again. Mm-hmm , that's, I've heard about that when talking to people who have Astro projected mm-hmm and when they all of a sudden shut, backed into their body, that's kind of what it feels like.

Mm-hmm , that's what it felt like to me. Yeah. Yep. Ooh. Well, I've gotta go back and see, see if I can this time remember, recall the, the travel, because I I'm pretty sure I did it. I just don't remember it. maybe, maybe. Now, speaking of going back, you. Go back. I did, right. I did. I have still actually plan on going back next week.

so I think we, I love the egg. I think we've created a monster ladies and gentlemen. I [00:48:00] know, but, well, so the second time I went back, I, I went back remotely. Oh, yes, yes. We should definitely talk about that, right? Yes. Yes. So sadly I got COVID. Yes. Uh, Did she get COVID but Sienna, our daughter, our daughter mm-hmm, got COVID as well.

And for those that don't know both Karen and Sienna suffer from thalasemia, they have a blood disorder that could or might not be a comorbidity. That's true. We've read articles on both. Yeah. A reason to fear COVID more than the general. So we've, we've erred on the side of caution we have, but as careful as we were Sienna brought it home mm-hmm so.

At the time Sienna's oxygen blood oxygen level did drop to a point where we were very nervous at one point it did. Yep. Right. So we reached out to Lynn and Terry and your temperature popped up too. Oh yeah. No hundred and four. Both of you were temperatures were really high and it was really scary moment for a while.

So we reached out to Lynn and Terry and said, Hey is there any chance because. We all of a sudden aware how we [00:49:00] thought of it, but we, is there any, we were looking for anything yeah, that's true. Is there any chance, could you put Sienna in the egg remotely because she's, she's struggling with this COVID stuff and so graciously they did they, and what that entails is they, they take a picture of you, they put you in the egg and they put your name on the picture and like your birthday, I think.

Yep. Yep. Mm-hmm all the information like that. And then just like that, they give you a session to ask you just to stay in your bed. You can read a book, you can watch TV, whatever, just do. Very nice and relaxed on your bed. Mm-hmm or in a couch while they, while the egg is working on you. Right. And we did that and Sienna said, oh yeah, it set.

It felt tingles. And that kinda stuff and nothing major. Well, 24 hours later, Sienna was up and around walking fever free, right? Fever, free blood oxygen levels at 98, 90 9% all over again, like it was like magically. She was up and walking mm-hmm so what did I do? actually actually to give credit where credit is due.

Lynn said, please send me Karen's picture as well, because I wanna put her in as well. Mm-hmm and [00:50:00] she did, she put Karen into the egg. And so up until that point, I was not able to bring my temperature down below, I think 1 0 1 0.5 was the lowest who could get it, no matter what I took ibuprofen, Tylenol, all of that stuff.

Mm-hmm so. The body aches were miserable. I was, you know, by myself in the bedroom for 10 days. But so I had, I think four days of the fever that I couldn't bring it down. Right. So they put Lynn, put her in the egg and I came upstairs, told Karen they're working on you, stay relaxed, calm. Did you feel anything while they were?

So I fell asleep, which, oh, also they say happens a lot for people that go into the egg, they fall asleep and they say, that's perfectly fine. Mm. So I fell asleep while I was in the egg. And remotely, remotely in the egg, remotely in the egg remotely. Yes. And I woke up not even thinking about being in the egg, I just kind of woke up and my whole body was vibrating.

And then I'm like, ah, I'm still in the egg. Cuz there was like 15 minutes left of the session. So that, I just kind of felt that vibration go on for about 10 minutes. Maybe, maybe 15. I don't know. Wow. So that I, I Don. Was [00:51:00] that the egg, I don't know, but I think so yes, it was, well, the most astounding thing is that 24 hours later almost to the minute yeah.

Fever was gone. Karen was up and walking. Yeah. Very similar to what happened with Sienna. Yeah. Now we fever was gone with no meds. We can't say that it was the egg. No, but we can't say that the coincidence was a little too much for us to believe otherwise. Yes. Right. But now the third egg session. So now, now I can't keep away from the egg.

So, you know, well, as you know, I took my sister, she was in town visiting with her son and she had always, she had heard about these eggs years ago and had always wanna try one out. So for her birthday, I got her a session, you know, booked her in with Lynn and they were so sweet. They opened up for us on a Sunday because she was only gonna be here for that day.

So have we mentioned how amazing these ladies are? They are wonder. So we get there and they're like, oh, we have the room set up for you. Meaning me. And I'm like, oh, but I wasn't planning on doing a session. Just one for my sister. I, you know, I felt bad that they were opening already. And they're like, no, no, no, you had COVID two weeks ago.

We, we have the set up for you. Go ahead and go [00:52:00] in and we'll get everything, you know, the paperwork filled out for your sister and all this. So I'm sure I go in so same color is still a blue light and they nestled me in And so the egg thing started and it was just nice and relaxing.

And then I started thinking about things issues that I'd had. I had an issue with someone a couple years ago who hurt me unintentionally I'm sure. But the result of this action was pretty severe for me and ive decided, well, it's not like this person. I are friends, but regardless, I'm just gonna forgive them.

And. If I see them, I will tell them that. And I just need to let everything go and just fill my heart with love and go forth into the world with that. And the minute I had that thought, well, I had my eyes closed and it was just kind of black. When you close your eyes with there's a little the distance.

The minute I had that thought the color changed to purple with like a white spiraling. It was like, kind of going into a tunnel of like with this purple tunnel. And I felt, and I know it wasn't my heart, but it [00:53:00] felt like my. Was shaking. Vibrating. I'm like, well, that's weird. So I kind of like regained my, I don't know, consciousness or whatever, and took a couple deep breaths and slowed everything back down.

And then it happened again and everything was still purple when I closed my eyes and little by little, my whole body started shivering and I was freezing. And so I kept. Thinking. Okay. You're being over dramatic, you know, I don't know what you're doing. Just take a breath. Don't think about this. You're doing this to yourself.

And I would take a breath and calm down and everything would stop and then it would start again. And it got to the point where I was shivering so hard. The chair was shaking and I could hear the chair creaking, and I had pulled the blanket up on me and just, I sat there. I'm like, okay, this is what this is gonna be.

So I sat there for the rest of the session, just shivering and freezing and just wondering what was going on. So I got into the session. And they got my sister all situated and she got in and I'm sitting outside now it's 85 degrees outside. And Lynn had a fleece that she let me borrow. And I'm sitting outside in a fleece and 85 degree up weather, whether [00:54:00] drinking hot tea. Freezing my butt off. And I had goosebumps all over my body for the next, I would say 35, 40 minutes. And then my sister came out and, you know, we thanked them and all of that and I felt fine, just a little tired and really cold.

So we go home and we're ch chatting about our experience and I'm still, you know, I've got blankets on, I'm still kind of cold. And I touch my forehead. I'm like, oh, that feels a little warm. And that's when I asked you, I'm like, well, do I feel warm? oh boy, did she ever? But it wasn't well, so my temperature was 102 point.

So it wasn't horrible at that point. But I thought, well, I'm just gonna take some Tylenol and go upstairs and lay down. I don't really feel sick or anything, a little tired, but we'll just see, you know, what's going on. So I go upstairs, I lay down. And in what about an hour? Did you come check on me in an hour?

Yeah, just about an hour. Yep. Yeah. And you came in with a thermometer and woo. Nell. Yeah, my, my temperature had gotten up a little bit. Yeah. A little bit 105. Yeah. It was 105. Yeah. Pretty crazy. Pretty scary. . But we We managed to at least get the temperature down a little bit.

[00:55:00] Yeah, we got, I took the covers off and cuz I felt I did not feel sick. I just felt a little tired and I kept telling, I think with 105, you're gonna feel like out of it or dizzy or something, but I, I didn't so drank some water, took the covers off. It got down to like I think 104 after about half an hour.

Bumped down to 103, and it lingered there for a couple hours. So by this, all the temperature happened around three 30 or four o'clock, but by 10, 10 30, the temperature was totally gone. And and I never took any more meds. Just those two Tylenol right at the beginning. So I went to sleep that night and the next day I woke up feeling fantastic, like on the top of the world.

Fantastic. Yeah. Like I haven't felt that good in a long time, like you had been replaced by a robot. Well, I don't know about that. but really, really good. And, oh, in the meantime I was texting, Lynn that I was texting and she reached out to Gail out wherever she lives, I think in Colorado or, and was calling her worried about me because she said that some people do get cold, but she'd never seen this happen before. [00:56:00] And so, and then they reached out to someone else.

So there was this whole network of these people that were all worried about me and reaching out to me and very kind and very concerned. And their estimation was, it was just a very intense detox, both from the COVID and from this emotional stuff that I was finally. Finally after a few years getting rid of, yeah.

And we're not talking a lot about what, you know, visions that we saw inside the egg, and we're not talking about different experiences that are pretty, very personal inside the egg, but the long and the short of it is that on top beyond the physical benefits that we felt individually from being in the egg, there's also some spiritual benefits that are just unbelievable indescribable.

I mean, the minute that I started thinking about. Specific instance in this forgiveness, that's when everything changed. And I think that's when it was like, okay. Or, you know, they, they say they, they, there are four spirit guides that are working on you. So maybe they're like, all right, she's ready. Let's get this all out of her system or I don't know.

But that's like when it all started, like that instant. So, so [00:57:00] now how do you feel now I feel great. I mean, I feel, I feel. Yeah. Still, still as good as you did when you the very next day.

Probably not as good, but I've been kind of burning the can at both ends. So , so that probably has nothing to do with anything other than just being tired, but yeah, no, it was weird how good I felt. All right. So then Karen, is it worth it? Heck yeah, it's worth it. I absolutely would recommend to anybody. And we have, we have a few people that have gone and, and had their experiences, both of them that I'm the people I'm thinking about have had high anxiety levels.

Well, actually, we've had four people in there. mm-hmm but two of them suffer from high anxiety and both of them were just like, I've never been so relaxed. I slept really great. One of them's road rage was gone. I mean, just it's even for that, it's worth it. I mean, it's, it's really amazing to me how individual and subjective this.

this whole thing is mm-hmm right. Everybody is so different. Everyone has a different story a different experience that they, that they share with us when they go into the egg. But across the board, every single person has had nothing but [00:58:00] amazing things to say about it. And everybody wants to go back.

Everybody wants to go back. Yeah. You know, the only one who hasn't gone back, who me? You well, I'm going back in a, in a, like a week. I think I have to go back for my final. Cleansing thing. Well, and the cool thing about these harmonic eggs is that there's what, 92 of them, 90 of, one of them, 92, I think they said 92 in the world.

Well, in the world. So wherever you're listening to us right now, there's a good chance. There is an harmonic egg close by to you. And what I would recommend, what we recommend that you do is just Google harmonic. Dot com. In fact, we're gonna add the direct link in our show notes so that all you have to do is click the link.

It'll take you to the overall website where you can actually ask questions of Gail. You can find where these eggs might be, see which one's the closest to you. Mm-hmm . And I would urge you to reach out to them and get your questions answered. If we haven't done a good enough job explaining the importance or the reasons why you should go.

And we do feel everybody should mm-hmm [00:59:00] experience. Amazing experience. Yeah, absolutely. For lack of a better word. If we haven't done a good enough job, then we urge go ahead and, and reach out to them because you're gonna find that, that everyone involved in this harmonic egg project. Are amazingly wonderful, beautiful souls that are all that they want to do is help other people mm-hmm yep, definitely.

Yeah. And if you are in Virginia in this area at all, oh my gosh. You have to come see, meet Joelle the egg and talk to ly and Terry, because they are two of the best people I've ever met. Yeah. In Hampton roads, in the Southeastern region of Virginia. Close to us, the harmonic egg lives in Newport news.

And it's, it's really very easy to get to. And I could not, we could not high enough, highly enough. Recommend Terry. and Lynn, because they are amazing, amazing human beings. And they're gonna make you feel right at home. Absolutely. Anything that we haven't talked about, Karen, that we [01:00:00] should probably make sure we mention oh, just the fact that also beyond the egg, they also do readings and oh yeah.

They're both intuitives. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, so yeah, they, they actually Karen was in the egg Lynn and I were having conversations. And well, she's scolding me now for not having gotten some of the things she mentioned I needed to get for, to help me with my medical stuff. But I will, Lynn, if you're hearing this, I promise I will get the Magine as soon as I can.

we're on it.

I mentioned how lovely the ladies were. Right? Well, they are holding specific specials for certain people. If you're in our area and want to experience harmonic egg, take a listen to this next sound bite. And because we love them so much, we're just gonna let them have the final word.

 Outta curiosity, what's the price point when someone wants to come do. On a weekly basis, for example, how does that look? So we're changing this right now. Yeah, we, well, we have special. We're just starting some special offers for the summer and then we have different [01:01:00] things running along.

I mean, the prices over there is we have like a single session. We have a three pack three pack. If you can't come here then we have 10 packs. We have different pro you know, packages, which obviously the price reduces the more frequency that you come in. Then we do specials for the military and first responders, because we think they're essential and we'd like to help them cuz they help us.

Absolutely. So although we have a package for. We also have done an additional special offer for them. Like we have military Mondays, if you can only come on, if you can come on a Monday, it's reduced even more than everybody else mm-hmm . So then we have membership like ML membership, Ruby diamond.

So there's different packages and we work with you and particularly as if we're doing these special. That's the best time to actually buy one of these packages because it works out even cheaper. Sure. Mm-hmm because we want to get as many people in that we can help as possible.

Well, it's, you [01:02:00] know, I work in the nonprofit arena. That's, It's been my life for the last 30 years. And I. Of sanitary. It's really important for us to give back, not just to people that could afford to come, but to those that can't afford to come.

So I'm in the process now of working with other groups that work with kids that are, you know, that are from poverty families or, you know, that are underserved. Cause there's a lot of them right now. Mm-hmm so that we can get grants. To do some work with these kids and put them in, we have a gratuity box here, which is great, cuz some of our clients who pay cash, they give us a tip.

So we shuffle all of the tips in, in the box there. And I said to Terry, we don't need this money. We just need to just give it back to somebody that can't afford to pay. Wow. So, you know, it's about paying it forward and I think that's really important.

Well, I cannot think of a better way to close out the show than that.

 And on that positive note, we wanna thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery with us as always, if you know someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we've shared on this show or any of our others, we hope you'll consider sharing [01:03:00] us with that person. It will help grow the show and may just help someone else come to terms with the fact that we are so much more than just this three dimensional body that we in.

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Well, we hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have that's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic meta physicians until then take.