MEDITATION: Activating Telepathic Communication - Nicole Frolick

MEDITATION: Activating Telepathic Communication - Nicole Frolick

The first of a new series of bonus episodes, Nicole Frolick graciously shares her Activating Telepathic Communication with the Infinite Source meditation.

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This meditation is inspired by the December reading 'Healing Soul Fragmentation'. Enjoy this pineal gland activation to strengthen your telepathic abilities to communicate with the Infinite Source, your higher self, future self and any other person or being beyond space and time.

The music was chosen to mimic cellular activation in the brain using the indigo blue and white color ray.

This meditation is 15 minutes in length.

*Please use headphones for best results.

For more amazing meditations like this one, visit her website at

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Nicole Frolick

Practical Mystic

Nicole, the Practical Mystic, is an intuitive life coach who inspires and guides clients to deep, enduring results. Her wisdom comes from life experiences acquired walking the pathless path.
Nicole gives you immediate take-away tools and techniques to live with meaningful purpose, while guiding you through the rich world of truths that reside beyond the intellect. She hosts her own weekly podcast, Enlighten Up, and through her Alchemy Academy, you can find a variety of online courses designed to deepen your spiritual awakening or assist you on your healing journey.