Decoding Your Life Path with Numerology

In this episode of the Skeptic Metaphysicians, hosts Will and Karen explore the idea of a personalized life blueprint, aligned with their spiritual gifts and soul contracts, with guest Lauren Drake. Using only their birth name and birthday, Drake provides an exact blueprint for their life journey and helps them take advantage of universal energies around them. This episode offers a unique approach to discovering one's purpose in life and provides an insightful look into the spiritual and metaphysical world.

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Karen and Will, hosts of the Skeptic Metaphysicians podcast, invite Lauren Drake, a professional numerologist and Reiki practitioner to discuss numerology. Lauren found her calling to the holistic healing arts later in life and utilizes numerology to help clients make sense of themselves and set their own paths.

Numerology is an ancient science that subscribes to the belief that numbers are connected to the divine, and it can be used to gain insight into one's unique purpose and destiny. It can even help with future planning, taking advantage of universal energies, and balancing energy to lead a more fulfilled life.

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Lauren is a professional Numerologist and Reiki Practitioner who found her calling in the holistic healing arts later in life after suffering from corporate burnout. Following her intuition, signs, and her understanding of herself gained from Numerology, she stepped away from her 15+ year career as a Food Safety professional in early 2022 to follow her dream and transform her passion of Numerology and energy healing into her destiny by practicing full-time. This has allowed her to focus solely on helping her clients also understand themselves better and set them on their own path to their unique destiny through Numerology while helping them balance energetically to live a more fulfilling life.

Utilizing just your birthday and birth name, she is able to decode your unique life blueprint in order to help you align to your soul contract by embracing your specific conscious (and unconscious) gifts! She can even help you utilize the numerological energies of your current personal cycles to help with future planning and allow you to take advantage of the universal energies around you!

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1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:06,240 Karen, yes. Wouldn't it be great to have a blueprint for our lives? It would be. Right. A map 2 00:00:06,240 --> 00:00:11,200 of sorts, tool line ourselves with our soul contracts and our spiritual gifts so that we can 3 00:00:11,200 --> 00:00:15,600 make the best of the opportunities this time around? It would be, now, would you be able to 4 00:00:15,600 --> 00:00:19,760 thereafter map a little bit or is it like you have to follow the road? I mean, that's what our 5 00:00:19,760 --> 00:00:24,320 guest is going to be talking about, right? Perfect. Because we are in luck this week, we have 6 00:00:24,320 --> 00:00:29,200 someone with us that's going to provide us an exact blueprint just by using our birthday and birth 7 00:00:29,200 --> 00:00:36,720 name and she can even help us to utilize the energies of our current personal cycles to help with 8 00:00:36,720 --> 00:00:42,000 future planning and allow us to take advantage of the universal energies around us. I need that. 9 00:00:42,000 --> 00:00:46,320 But no, we're not talking about astrology. If you're interested in learning more about yourself 10 00:00:46,320 --> 00:00:51,920 and your unique purpose in this lifetime, then this is the episode for you. My name is Will. 11 00:00:51,920 --> 00:00:56,640 And I'm Karen. And unlike Molder and Scully, both want to believe. So we've embarked on a journey of 12 00:00:56,640 --> 00:01:01,200 discovery. We've talked to people deeply entrenched in the spiritual and metaphysical world. We've thrown 13 00:01:01,200 --> 00:01:06,960 ourselves into weird and wonderful experiences. I even joined a covenant with you. And wait, you joined a 14 00:01:06,960 --> 00:01:11,440 covenant? Yep. All in the interest of finding something. Anything that will prove that there's 15 00:01:11,440 --> 00:01:17,040 something beyond this physical three-dimensional world we all live in. This is the skeptic metaphysics. 16 00:01:17,360 --> 00:01:30,640 [Music] 17 00:01:30,640 --> 00:01:36,720 Okay, this story is an old one which I'm sure you might have heard before, but it's good. So it's called 18 00:01:36,720 --> 00:01:43,440 the obstacle in our path. There once was a very wealthy and curious king. What this king 19 00:01:43,440 --> 00:01:49,200 had a huge bolder placed in the middle of a road, then he hid nearby to see if anyone would try to 20 00:01:49,200 --> 00:01:55,280 remove the gigantic rock from the road. The first people to pass by were some of the king's wealthiest 21 00:01:55,280 --> 00:02:01,680 merchants and courteers. Rather than moving it, they simply walked around it. A few loudly 22 00:02:01,680 --> 00:02:07,600 blamed the king for not maintaining the roads, but not one of them tried to move the bolder. 23 00:02:08,800 --> 00:02:14,400 Finally a peasant came along. His arms full of vegetables. And when he got near the bolder, 24 00:02:14,400 --> 00:02:20,960 rather than simply walking around it as the others had, the peasant put down his load and tried to move 25 00:02:20,960 --> 00:02:27,520 the stone to the side of the road. It took a lot of effort, but finally he succeeded. 26 00:02:27,520 --> 00:02:32,880 The peasant gathered up his load and was ready to go on his way when he saw a purse, 27 00:02:32,880 --> 00:02:38,080 lying in the road where the bolder had been. The peasant opened the purse and found that it was 28 00:02:38,080 --> 00:02:44,560 stuffed full of gold coins, plus a note from the king. The king's note said that the person's 29 00:02:44,560 --> 00:02:50,880 gold was reward for moving the bolder from the road. You see the king had shown the peasant, 30 00:02:50,880 --> 00:02:56,960 what many of us never understand, that every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our condition. 31 00:02:56,960 --> 00:03:04,640 Now obviously not every bolder in our path will result in a bag of gold, but every bolder in our path 32 00:03:04,640 --> 00:03:07,920 that we don't tackle head-on definitely won't. 33 00:03:07,920 --> 00:03:17,280 Hey there I'm Will. And I'm Karen. And welcome to another episode of the Skeptic Medic 34 00:03:17,280 --> 00:03:23,680 Physicians, our guest this week is Lauren Drake. Lauren is a professional numerologist and rakey practitioner 35 00:03:23,680 --> 00:03:29,920 who found her calling in the holistic healing arts later in life after suffering from corporate burnout. 36 00:03:29,920 --> 00:03:36,160 Some familiar Karen. Oh yeah. Now following her intuition, the universal science and her understanding of 37 00:03:36,160 --> 00:03:43,600 her self gained from numerology. She stepped away from her 15 plus year career to follow her dreams 38 00:03:43,600 --> 00:03:48,720 and transform her passion of numerology and energy healing into her destiny. And now she practices 39 00:03:48,720 --> 00:03:54,800 this modality full time. So you know she is an expert. Now this is allowed her to focus solely on helping 40 00:03:54,800 --> 00:04:01,200 her clients also understand themselves and set their own paths to the unique destiny while helping them 41 00:04:01,200 --> 00:04:07,680 balance energetically to live a more fulfilling life. I am so excited to talk about numerology and 42 00:04:07,680 --> 00:04:12,000 life path with Lauren. Lauren, thanks so much for coming on the show. Thank you Will. Thank you, 43 00:04:12,000 --> 00:04:15,920 Karen. Thank you so much for having me today. I'm super excited to talk to you guys. Well, I can 44 00:04:15,920 --> 00:04:20,560 just imagine some people listening to this and going, doing neurology, but there are so many 45 00:04:20,560 --> 00:04:27,920 different myths or misconceptions about numerology. Can we just set the table? What exactly is numerology? 46 00:04:27,920 --> 00:04:32,720 And why should someone believe it? Yeah, sure. Definitely great place to start. So numerology, 47 00:04:32,720 --> 00:04:39,040 it's actually an ancient metaphysical science of the study of numbers, specifically the frequency and 48 00:04:39,040 --> 00:04:45,840 energy that numbers emit. Right. So that's under the belief that the numbers are connected to the 49 00:04:45,840 --> 00:04:54,240 divine and discuss back at dates back to at least 500 BC. There was a Caldian system out of Egypt, 50 00:04:54,240 --> 00:05:00,000 Babylonia. There was similar systems being developed in Rome and Japan and all over the world around 51 00:05:00,000 --> 00:05:06,000 that time. So I think that's really cool and speaks to how those ancient cultures really understood 52 00:05:06,000 --> 00:05:13,520 that numbers, how the energies of the universe. Right. So today we utilize typically in our society, 53 00:05:13,520 --> 00:05:21,520 we utilize Western numerology, which Greek philosopher Pathagoras is credited to being the father of Western 54 00:05:21,520 --> 00:05:29,840 numerology. And so he came up with this numerology chart of that attributes a number to each letter of 55 00:05:29,840 --> 00:05:37,040 the alphabet. So utilizing that, you can take basically anything, anything with a name and break it 56 00:05:37,040 --> 00:05:44,880 down to its unique code and decode what the universal energies are that it holds. Now using that for our 57 00:05:44,880 --> 00:05:51,360 name, we can figure out our unique destiny and our emotional temperaments and all sorts of different things 58 00:05:51,360 --> 00:05:57,360 of why we're here and what we're here to experience in this lifetime. See, I don't know if I would 59 00:05:57,360 --> 00:06:01,920 want to know that with my name because these days, my name has not the name to have who named me, 60 00:06:01,920 --> 00:06:08,640 what is going on? It's all bad. And are you going to talk to the manager? I want to talk to the manager 61 00:06:08,640 --> 00:06:15,120 names. It's well, now is this Pythagoras the same Pythagoras that has the theorem that we all 62 00:06:15,120 --> 00:06:19,200 prefer in the body? Yeah, he's a very busy. He's a very busy person. He's a very great man. Very great 63 00:06:19,200 --> 00:06:23,360 man. Well, I've got lots of questions and I think they're going to be obvious to a lot of people who are 64 00:06:23,360 --> 00:06:28,720 listening to the show. The first one, of course, has to be how, how is it possible that numbers 65 00:06:28,720 --> 00:06:35,440 could have a vibration that will actually dictate what I do or what my destiny is alike? All right. 66 00:06:35,440 --> 00:06:41,040 Well, think about everything around us as energy, right? Even the just a physical objects we see around us 67 00:06:41,040 --> 00:06:46,640 are energy. There's constantly energy flowing through the universe and even our bodies are made up of 68 00:06:46,640 --> 00:06:53,520 energy, right? And so why shouldn't numbers as well carry a specific energy frequency as well? 69 00:06:54,400 --> 00:07:00,000 And I even think of it as like, I like to compare numbers to think of music notes on a scale, right? 70 00:07:00,000 --> 00:07:05,760 You can have a sea, a sea that you're playing at a certain octave, hitting myths a certain frequency 71 00:07:05,760 --> 00:07:11,680 and sound. Same thing with a number, it means a specific sound or vibration. And that way, 72 00:07:11,680 --> 00:07:16,400 we just can't physically hear it with our ears. There are specific people in the world, though, 73 00:07:16,400 --> 00:07:21,200 that do have that natural talent that actually can hear numbers. I do not have that. Unfortunately, 74 00:07:21,200 --> 00:07:26,320 but yeah, there are a lot of things around me. Is it when someone actually says the number like number 75 00:07:26,320 --> 00:07:33,360 or, there's a vibration. Or is it just intrinsic in the number? It's intrinsic in the number as 76 00:07:33,360 --> 00:07:37,280 well. And it could be also your vibration of your voice as well, right? But, 77 00:07:37,280 --> 00:07:41,520 intrinsic in the number and even when you're seeing numbers, it's just like emitting this vibration 78 00:07:41,520 --> 00:07:47,840 to you and that you're taking into your energy field. And going back to that example of the 79 00:07:47,840 --> 00:07:54,160 music note, right? You can also play a low seat and then jump up an octave and play a high seat. It's the same note, 80 00:07:54,160 --> 00:08:00,400 but it's a higher frequency. And that's how numbers also exist in the universe, where there's 81 00:08:00,400 --> 00:08:06,000 higher and lower vibrational expressions of the number. And that's how you come up with these different 82 00:08:06,000 --> 00:08:11,920 attributes, like the light in the shadow side of each number. What? Upper and lower vibrations of 83 00:08:11,920 --> 00:08:20,800 number? I am so confused. This is okay. I'm going to take over. So you better ask a question. Why have 84 00:08:20,800 --> 00:08:26,640 a question? But it's we're not there yet. I don't think so. Okay. Well, then astrology, I can see how 85 00:08:26,640 --> 00:08:33,120 we're all made of energies, but most of me out of water. So just like the lunar cycles affect the water 86 00:08:33,120 --> 00:08:37,840 in the world, like the tides, I can see how it would affect the water inside of our bodies, 87 00:08:37,840 --> 00:08:43,520 same with our celestial bodies, planets, comments, that kind of thing. But numbers vibrations. This is a 88 00:08:43,520 --> 00:08:49,840 little bit harder to wrap your head around. Well, I like to think of number. So numerology kind of being 89 00:08:49,840 --> 00:08:57,360 like a more concise version of the astrological energies around us. Like it's an easier way to understand those. 90 00:08:57,360 --> 00:09:06,240 Personally, I really enjoy numerology as well. But it's much more complicated. There's so many different 91 00:09:06,240 --> 00:09:12,240 movement of the planets and like, said, there's luminaries, all the different energies. numerology kind of 92 00:09:12,240 --> 00:09:17,200 like condenses. This to be a little bit more digestible, especially when you're talking about the 93 00:09:17,200 --> 00:09:23,840 universal energies around us. And even your personal cycle. So it kind of like summarizes those 94 00:09:23,840 --> 00:09:30,640 astrological energies that you're dealing with at the same time. And you'll even see that typically 95 00:09:30,640 --> 00:09:40,960 if you have a numerology prediction of a universal cycle or like this year is a seven year. And even you 96 00:09:40,960 --> 00:09:46,880 have universal months, we're currently in a march as a universal one month, which was right alignment 97 00:09:46,880 --> 00:09:50,880 with what you're hearing from the astrologers saying that, you know, there's new beginnings right now. 98 00:09:50,880 --> 00:09:56,000 This we're in ery season now, right? We're starting a whole new astrological calendar. It's 99 00:09:56,000 --> 00:10:02,160 right align with the one. The one is all about new beginnings. Right? So I think that numerology really 100 00:10:02,160 --> 00:10:08,400 ties all those energies together in a nice little more concise summary to understand. 101 00:10:08,400 --> 00:10:13,360 I want to kind of go to the names again that you had mentioned. Yeah, I can understand, I mean, 102 00:10:13,360 --> 00:10:17,040 I got to wrap my head around it. But I can kind of understand, you know, if the numerology that 103 00:10:17,040 --> 00:10:22,000 related to someone's birthday, but names, I mean, people kind of choose those really nearly and 104 00:10:22,000 --> 00:10:29,040 then you can change your name, my mom changed her name. You know, so does that change your energy? Like 105 00:10:29,040 --> 00:10:37,440 what happens if you do that? Yeah, so I believe in with numerology, we believe that your soul comes in 106 00:10:37,440 --> 00:10:42,640 knowing what your name is going to be. And that's the vibrational frequency that you want to represent 107 00:10:42,640 --> 00:10:49,440 you and all the qualities that you want to take on in the physical form. Right? So that name that you're 108 00:10:49,440 --> 00:10:55,360 given at birth, that's what we use to decode your birth chart or your numerology birth chart. But if you do change 109 00:10:55,360 --> 00:11:01,520 your name, you do have those, you know, there are some slight energetic changes and frequencies with that 110 00:11:01,520 --> 00:11:08,320 name changes as well. But you'll always have that same unique name from birth, which will be that was 111 00:11:08,320 --> 00:11:13,360 what your soul wanted to come in as. Okay, so you mentioned it's not just your name, 112 00:11:13,360 --> 00:11:19,760 loss of your birthday that goes into this whole numerology thing. And Karen's question was good 113 00:11:19,760 --> 00:11:25,440 one because my birth name is very very different than the name I go by is just because it's a different 114 00:11:25,440 --> 00:11:31,520 translation in English to Spanish. So my name is Guillermo in Spanish, but it's Guillermo is 115 00:11:31,520 --> 00:11:36,160 William in Spanish. And when I moved to this country, people couldn't say Guillermo, so I changed it 116 00:11:36,160 --> 00:11:42,480 legally to William. So which one do you use then? Because they're both the same. They're both my name. 117 00:11:42,480 --> 00:11:49,520 Maybe just you know. It took a question. Why? Right. Yeah. So I would actually use your red line. We would use Guillermo. 118 00:11:49,520 --> 00:11:55,200 And actually instead of basing the English numerology chart, we would use the Spanish numerology chart. 119 00:11:55,200 --> 00:11:59,520 Oh, come on. Is there any English and Spanish numerology chart? There's different. No, no, no, no, no, no. No matter. 120 00:11:59,520 --> 00:12:04,640 What? Yeah. So it's based on your native language. So you'll have different numbers according to that 121 00:12:04,640 --> 00:12:10,160 your native language alphabet. Oh, my gosh. So I went to your site and I did the neurology things. 122 00:12:10,160 --> 00:12:14,480 I was like this. Woohoo. I know what my my life path is. And I can't stop. And I was really happy. 123 00:12:14,480 --> 00:12:18,160 But I was not going to tell me that that was all. Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh, wow. 124 00:12:18,160 --> 00:12:23,440 I'm not going to change, right? So you still use your correct birthday. So across the board, 125 00:12:23,440 --> 00:12:28,400 everyone's birthday is going to be calculated the same. It's just if you have a different native language 126 00:12:28,400 --> 00:12:33,840 that your name based in when you were born, that's when we would use a non-English system. 127 00:12:33,840 --> 00:12:39,120 But it will take the same. All right. Did you say that astrology was less complicated or more complicated? 128 00:12:40,080 --> 00:12:46,800 I know, all right. All right. Well, that's why people like me exist. So you don't have to do all the 129 00:12:46,800 --> 00:12:52,000 calculations yourself. Oh, perfect. Yes. You're so glad to know you. Well, then let's get to it. 130 00:12:52,000 --> 00:12:58,400 How, how would you calculate your numerology, your number based on all the information we just talked about? 131 00:12:58,400 --> 00:13:03,200 All right. So your most essential number is your life path number, which is calculated based on your 132 00:13:03,200 --> 00:13:10,240 birthday. So the easiest way to do that is literally take the month, the day, and the year of your birth, 133 00:13:10,240 --> 00:13:15,760 and reduce some down each to a single digit then add together. So let me walk through a little example. 134 00:13:15,760 --> 00:13:22,880 And I'm going to use an example that has a little exception in it too, so that you can get an idea of 135 00:13:22,880 --> 00:13:28,800 how it works because there's something called master numbers and numerology as well. Those are the double 136 00:13:28,800 --> 00:13:38,320 digit numbers. So for example, say somebody's birthday is November 27, 1983. So first, we're going to take 137 00:13:38,320 --> 00:13:44,720 the number of the month. So we've got November is an 11. So now 11 being a master number, 138 00:13:44,720 --> 00:13:52,400 technically you don't reduce that until you add all the components together. If it was say October, 139 00:13:52,400 --> 00:13:57,280 then that would be the 10 would get reduced to a 1, right? You go 1 plus 0 is 1. 140 00:13:58,480 --> 00:14:04,160 But back to the November example. So you've got an 11 for the month. And then if they're born on the 141 00:14:04,160 --> 00:14:11,840 27th, we're going to go 2 plus 7 equals 9. So now we're talking about 11 and a 9. And then we're going to 142 00:14:11,840 --> 00:14:20,560 take 1983 and add all those numbers up and reduce it down. So right here 1 plus 9 is 10 plus 8. 143 00:14:20,560 --> 00:14:33,520 We've got 18 plus 3, 21. So then when you take 2 plus 1, that equals 3. So all together, we've got 11 plus 9 plus 3. 144 00:14:33,520 --> 00:14:41,760 Right? 11 is 9 is 11 plus 9 is 20 plus 3 is 23. Then finally reduce 2 plus 3 is 5. 145 00:14:41,760 --> 00:14:47,840 So the life path number of this individual is 5. Does that make sense? I know, it's a lot. 146 00:14:48,400 --> 00:14:54,720 It does. So I'm going along with you and I'm doing mine. If I'm not mistaken, my birthday is June 17th. 147 00:14:54,720 --> 00:15:01,200 Okay. And I guess I'm about to reveal my age today. Everybody out there were 1967. So 148 00:15:01,200 --> 00:15:09,040 okay, if that is correct, it's a 6 plus 8 plus 5, right? Because 6 being June 8 is 1 plus 7 would be 8. 149 00:15:09,040 --> 00:15:13,920 Right for 17. In 1967 you add all those. You reduce them. Thank you. We do something. 150 00:15:14,720 --> 00:15:21,440 Yeah, to a 5. If I'm not mistaken. Yeah. That's right. Okay. So then you add all those. So 19. 151 00:15:21,440 --> 00:15:26,560 And then we do that even further. That would be 10. So my life path is 1. Correct. Yes. 152 00:15:26,560 --> 00:15:31,600 Actually, yes, you have a 10 one life path. I won't. There's something in the numerology that I 153 00:15:31,600 --> 00:15:35,920 practice are called high numbers. 10 is considered a high number, which is very similar to a 154 00:15:35,920 --> 00:15:41,600 master number. Oh, I'm a master. Yeah. So that's right. So there's more potentials with it. But yes, 155 00:15:41,600 --> 00:15:47,280 technically you are that the root number one as a life path. You'd always look at that. And then if you 156 00:15:47,280 --> 00:15:55,120 have either a high number or the master numbers 11, 22, 33 and so on, you live at this. You have this 157 00:15:55,120 --> 00:16:03,040 potential to live at a higher vibration, more potential, different attributes and things that you have 158 00:16:03,040 --> 00:16:08,000 that you're able to tap into in order to live up this bigger to these bigger achievements of the 159 00:16:08,000 --> 00:16:15,520 master number or the high number. I'm an eight. Okay. She's doing that all in your head. I'm going to 160 00:16:15,520 --> 00:16:17,600 master. I'm going to master. I'm going to master. I'm going to master. I'm going to master. I'm going to 161 00:16:17,600 --> 00:16:24,000 math as not my strong suit. Actually, I had to use my fingers to figure out what. Oh, I still even 162 00:16:24,000 --> 00:16:28,560 with all this. I still write it all down. I have to see it. Yeah. I'm not very good at just going through 163 00:16:28,560 --> 00:16:32,560 my head like that. I like to write it down and see it as well. So have you seen how you met my friend 164 00:16:32,560 --> 00:16:39,840 Karen? Okay. So then so Karen's life path is what it ate here. Okay. So then I assume that each 165 00:16:39,840 --> 00:16:45,760 number has a different. It's like like Gemini and Scorpio was a cancer. So we'll get into those. But 166 00:16:45,760 --> 00:16:52,560 before we do that, that's your birthday. What does your name, how do you calculate your name and 167 00:16:52,560 --> 00:16:58,880 is that? So the birthday's life path. So what does your name tell you? So in your name, actually, 168 00:16:58,880 --> 00:17:04,160 there's three different numbers we can get from your name. So like I said, by taking that numerology chart 169 00:17:04,160 --> 00:17:09,280 from Pythagoras, if you got in your name's an English, right? You just take the one that the English version 170 00:17:09,280 --> 00:17:16,960 and breaking down each letter of the name to a number and then adding them together by reduction, 171 00:17:16,960 --> 00:17:23,840 like just like we did for the birthday, but you do that with your name. And then so with all of the 172 00:17:23,840 --> 00:17:29,680 numbers together, all of all of your letters and everything added up, that's what we call your expression 173 00:17:29,680 --> 00:17:36,800 number. So your expression number is the unique talents and abilities that you've acquired over your 174 00:17:36,800 --> 00:17:42,320 lifetime, that you, it's like the skills you have at your disposal to make things happen in your life. 175 00:17:42,320 --> 00:17:47,840 It's like like like like how you manifest things in your life. Deep, do you use your whole name? 176 00:17:47,840 --> 00:17:53,680 Oh, just your first name? Your whole name. So you'll want to use your first middle and your last name. 177 00:17:53,680 --> 00:17:58,880 And even if you have like a hyphenated last name with two names, you'll use all of that, right? 178 00:17:58,880 --> 00:18:04,720 Because that's technically what your soul came into this incarnation at this. So what about like, 179 00:18:04,720 --> 00:18:07,680 because you're going to be busy? I know. I've got a long name. You didn't. 180 00:18:07,680 --> 00:18:15,520 Math, right? And you know how good I am at math. But what about, because we in our culture, 181 00:18:15,520 --> 00:18:21,520 we use our confirmation name also when we're confirmed in the Catholic church. So my full name is Guillermo 182 00:18:21,520 --> 00:18:26,320 Alberto Nicolás Rodríguez Calas, if you take it all into account. So do you use your Catholic name? 183 00:18:26,320 --> 00:18:30,400 Well, you actually remember no. Technically, okay, I also wrote Catholic. And typically, 184 00:18:30,400 --> 00:18:35,280 typically, you're confirmed around like 14, 15 years old, correct? Was that the same for you? 185 00:18:35,280 --> 00:18:39,360 Yeah, it was one of them. Yeah. So you're still going to use your name given at birth. 186 00:18:40,000 --> 00:18:46,240 Okay. So although, yes, that whatever name like it's a name change, adding a name, things like that, 187 00:18:46,240 --> 00:18:50,080 we'll add some extra energetic qualities. But it's not going to change that 188 00:18:50,080 --> 00:18:55,200 basically, like the soul contract, that soul blueprint that you came in at. 189 00:18:55,200 --> 00:19:02,560 Okay. So then to take even more specifically, we use our father's last name and our mother's last name. 190 00:19:02,560 --> 00:19:07,360 We're here in this country. It's just first name, middle name, last name. We use first name, 191 00:19:07,360 --> 00:19:13,680 middle name, father's last name, mother's last name. So I assume we'd use all four. Yes, if that's, 192 00:19:13,680 --> 00:19:19,200 if that's literally what's on your birth certificate? Okay. Like that is officially your name, 193 00:19:19,200 --> 00:19:24,160 or when you were what you were given at birth, then yes, you would use the full name. Okay. That 194 00:19:24,160 --> 00:19:29,360 does that will shorten the time I do math for a little bit. Yeah, I did it. He didn't confirm. 195 00:19:29,360 --> 00:19:34,720 Yeah. I'm a new thank you for the side of the physical stuff. I was just talking about, well, 196 00:19:35,600 --> 00:19:40,640 I was confirmed. Believe it or not. They let you in. They didn't know what they're getting themselves into. 197 00:19:40,640 --> 00:19:44,720 I suppose there are different charts for that because we talked about the English versus Spanish, 198 00:19:44,720 --> 00:19:48,720 charts, and all I can discuss with you know what, let's take a quick break. Since we're, 199 00:19:48,720 --> 00:19:54,960 this is a nice segue piece right here. When we come back after this really quick break, 200 00:19:54,960 --> 00:20:00,000 we're going to go into what the life path numbers are, what they mean. We'll dive a little bit 201 00:20:00,000 --> 00:20:06,000 into that and we'll see we can't calculate what our destiny is. So stay with us. We'll be right back. 202 00:20:06,000 --> 00:20:23,520 Welcome to the podcast World Awakening. The fast track to enlightenment, YouTube channel. 203 00:20:24,400 --> 00:20:31,280 World Awakening is the channel that seeks the knowledge and answers to all things spiritual, metaphysical, 204 00:20:31,280 --> 00:20:37,440 and enlightening. And we do that by having some of the world's greatest teachers, authors, and experts, 205 00:20:37,440 --> 00:20:43,760 and our guests. 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We are talking to 225 00:22:39,840 --> 00:22:46,080 Lauren Drake, who is a numerologist and healer and she is here to give us all of the information 226 00:22:46,080 --> 00:22:53,600 that we need to know how the numbers in our birth name and birth date actually help us to align 227 00:22:53,600 --> 00:22:59,440 with our souls purpose in this lifetime. And prior to the break, we calculated how we come up with 228 00:22:59,440 --> 00:23:05,120 our life path number and I'm happy to report that. I mean, not a master number, but I'm a high number. 229 00:23:05,120 --> 00:23:10,080 I'm taking whatever, I'll take it. You know, I'll take it. You know, that all the time. 230 00:23:10,080 --> 00:23:14,560 You know, I'm a number. Yeah. In fact, I don't want to be dressed as a number will. 231 00:23:14,560 --> 00:23:20,800 So I'm wondering, you know, and we kind of talked about astrology being, you know, complicated and 232 00:23:20,800 --> 00:23:26,000 different, but in astrology, certain signs go well together. Is there something similar to that 233 00:23:26,000 --> 00:23:31,120 in numerology? So if I'm an eight and he's a five, is that a good match or, you know, 234 00:23:31,120 --> 00:23:39,520 should I? Yeah, you can have the commands. Yeah, you can definitely compare the different attributes 235 00:23:39,520 --> 00:23:45,200 and qualities of the numbers. But just just like astrology. So in numerology, you're not just one 236 00:23:45,200 --> 00:23:50,640 number alone, like with astrology, you have your sunshine, your moon sign, your rising sign. 237 00:23:50,640 --> 00:23:55,040 You have all those different things along with all the different planetary aspects and everything. 238 00:23:55,680 --> 00:24:02,720 Let affect your personality. In numerology, all your numbers of your core chart actually affect that. 239 00:24:02,720 --> 00:24:08,000 Like how you actually, you know, go about life and how you're view on things and your belief systems. 240 00:24:08,000 --> 00:24:14,960 So really, you'd want to look at the entire chart comparing that to the whoever your partner. 241 00:24:14,960 --> 00:24:20,080 Right? And say, like, okay, here are your, the places where you might find challenge, like, 242 00:24:20,080 --> 00:24:24,880 where maybe you guys might butt heads, or you can look at, here's where you align, you know, 243 00:24:24,880 --> 00:24:30,800 and these are your certain beliefs and things that are similar. And I'd never like to tell anybody that, 244 00:24:30,800 --> 00:24:37,920 you know, just because of, yeah, no, yeah, I don't even like to say that, you know, you 245 00:24:37,920 --> 00:24:42,000 won't fit together because of certain numbers. Just know that all relationships there's going to be 246 00:24:42,000 --> 00:24:46,880 challenge. I mean, that's why we're here in relationships for a reason. We're trying to learn lessons. 247 00:24:46,880 --> 00:24:50,960 Right? A lot of times in your relationships, though, that's where your greatest lessons can lie. 248 00:24:51,680 --> 00:24:56,880 So when you, when even if I see two people that have very disharmonious and numerology, 249 00:24:56,880 --> 00:25:02,800 we call it harmony versus disharmony, when numbers, even if I see a very disharmonious chart, 250 00:25:02,800 --> 00:25:06,960 I can still say, okay, well, yeah, here's maybe where the energy you guys want to avoid and 251 00:25:06,960 --> 00:25:11,680 here's what you may have a challenge with, but you can always choose to push through those and 252 00:25:11,680 --> 00:25:16,960 learn from each other, right? And learn to bring in those other energies in that way. And I know 253 00:25:16,960 --> 00:25:22,800 personally, like, when I look at my husband and my chart, we technically look like opposite from the 254 00:25:22,800 --> 00:25:28,160 as well. But to me, it's like we fit very well together. We learn from each other. And I think that's 255 00:25:28,160 --> 00:25:33,920 really about where your souls are in your evolution, if you're able to take that challenge on. 256 00:25:33,920 --> 00:25:37,440 And except other people's paths, we talked about a lot, Karen, about how many different paths 257 00:25:37,440 --> 00:25:40,960 out there. The important thing is that you accept that your path is not the same as others. Exactly. 258 00:25:40,960 --> 00:25:45,840 So just because you have a disharmonious life path in mind, it doesn't mean that we need to 259 00:25:45,840 --> 00:25:50,880 separate. We just have to accept each other's life path and support each other in our moving forward. 260 00:25:50,880 --> 00:25:56,800 But actually, you guys, if you look just at your life path number, the one and the eight, 261 00:25:56,800 --> 00:26:01,440 actually, they're harmonious because they're both about achievement. They're both about wanting to be 262 00:26:01,440 --> 00:26:08,640 leader, right? They're both very action based, dynamic numbers. So you're very much in alignment there. 263 00:26:08,640 --> 00:26:12,720 You know, where maybe I don't obviously, I don't know your other numbers, but maybe where you 264 00:26:12,720 --> 00:26:16,960 might have a challenge is because maybe you're both a little bit too controlling, a little bit wanting 265 00:26:16,960 --> 00:26:22,400 to take the lead, right? Because you both have those leadership qualities about you. Have very strong 266 00:26:22,400 --> 00:26:26,640 will centers or, you know, the solar plexus, a very well developed with those numbers. 267 00:26:26,640 --> 00:26:32,800 Right. Well, maybe we shouldn't look further will. But well, we're ahead. So you have the 268 00:26:32,800 --> 00:26:36,800 numbers for your birthday and you have the numbers for your name. And when you're looking at the chart, 269 00:26:36,800 --> 00:26:42,160 what other numbers are you calculating to create this chart? So there's actually a couple other 270 00:26:42,160 --> 00:26:48,000 numbers that we derive from the name. So we talk with the expression number, right? Which is the full 271 00:26:48,000 --> 00:26:54,160 your full name, all the letters in your name. But then you can also break it down to if you take just the 272 00:26:54,160 --> 00:27:00,800 vowels, right? Calculate, add up just the vowels in your full name. That gives you what we call your 273 00:27:00,800 --> 00:27:10,320 solar, which that speaks to your belief systems, your how you think, just your natural desires. 274 00:27:10,320 --> 00:27:15,120 And this number is more something that people that you're very close to may know this number in you, 275 00:27:15,120 --> 00:27:21,200 but it's not something that you probably widely share with everybody else. So that's all like 276 00:27:21,200 --> 00:27:26,960 it's the vowels of your name. And then you can also, if you take just the consonants of your name, 277 00:27:26,960 --> 00:27:32,960 and add those all up and reduce it the same way, you come up with what we call your personality number. 278 00:27:32,960 --> 00:27:40,080 So that is how you project your energies out into the world and how other people perceive you. 279 00:27:40,800 --> 00:27:47,680 In the world around you. So there's many different things. So all of these numbers together. 280 00:27:47,680 --> 00:27:52,800 And there's even what we call a bursting number, which we didn't talk about yet, which again is based on 281 00:27:52,800 --> 00:27:57,520 the day of your birth. That one's a little easier to calculate, right? Literally just to name. 282 00:27:57,520 --> 00:28:04,880 So that speaks to some innate talents you are born in the world with. So those come 283 00:28:04,880 --> 00:28:10,640 aboard right when you're born that is literally the day of your birth. And so taking all these five 284 00:28:10,640 --> 00:28:16,880 numbers together can give you a really good look at just someone's natural disposition, 285 00:28:16,880 --> 00:28:22,320 their emotional temperaments, how like as a how they believe, their talents, their abilities, 286 00:28:22,320 --> 00:28:28,080 but most of all with the life path is really tells us the most essential part of it 287 00:28:28,080 --> 00:28:33,200 are the lessons that your soul came in this lifetime to learn and what you really want to focus on 288 00:28:33,200 --> 00:28:39,040 this lifetime. Oh boy. And I'm still kind of stuck on the name thing. It's because I feel like you know 289 00:28:39,040 --> 00:28:44,720 someone else is choosing your name. And for example, when our daughter was born, we thought for sure 290 00:28:44,720 --> 00:28:51,120 she was going to be a boy. We didn't have any tests done. We just kind of felt now. So we had a boy's 291 00:28:51,120 --> 00:28:56,080 name, little name, and we had a backup boy's name, little name. We had some options maybe. No, 292 00:28:56,080 --> 00:29:00,800 100% sure if it was going to be a girl because we just knew she was going to be a boy. So I mean, 293 00:29:00,800 --> 00:29:06,400 it's kind of a funny story when she was born, we thought our poor son was deformed. True story. 294 00:29:06,400 --> 00:29:13,600 Yeah, until he realized, oh she's a girl. I was quite concerned. But we named her originally 295 00:29:13,600 --> 00:29:18,720 Sophia. And after, you know, she was I would say for maybe a good 10 minutes. And then when they came 296 00:29:18,720 --> 00:29:21,680 and they brought us to the birth certificate and they were like, how do you spell Sophia? We were like, 297 00:29:21,680 --> 00:29:30,160 no, see Anna. And we changed her name like right at the last minute. So which name would she be 298 00:29:30,160 --> 00:29:35,200 supposed to have? I would say go with the, with Sienna, right? That's what you decided to go with. That's 299 00:29:35,200 --> 00:29:40,720 what was documented. Because I believe in, I believe other numerologists are under the belief that 300 00:29:40,720 --> 00:29:46,720 your soul and even our children's souls, they choose us, right? They choose their parents and how they 301 00:29:46,720 --> 00:29:52,160 want to incarnate. And the situations that will be best for their alignment for learning their lessons. 302 00:29:52,160 --> 00:29:58,320 So, you know, my take on that on your story is that, you know, yes, you had this in mind, but 303 00:29:58,320 --> 00:30:03,360 she came into the world and you're like her energy just doesn't align with that and her soul knew, 304 00:30:03,360 --> 00:30:07,920 right? She already knew that it was going to be changed to Sienna, right? And so it's just, 305 00:30:07,920 --> 00:30:12,640 that's what it should have been. That's what's in alignment with her vibration. And Karen, I would say, 306 00:30:12,640 --> 00:30:18,320 there was a moment where we just looked into the, we just, we just divine inspiration. Oh, 307 00:30:18,320 --> 00:30:25,120 it's Sienna, right? I would say something, someone said, no, it's not Sophia. It needs to be Sienna. 308 00:30:25,120 --> 00:30:29,760 And you did not like Sienna at first. In intuitively, it wasn't, it wasn't something that 309 00:30:29,760 --> 00:30:36,000 was resonating with until that moment when we looked each other and we said, yeah, yeah, she looks like a 310 00:30:36,000 --> 00:30:42,240 Sienna. How is a baby look like a girl like a name, right? It's intuitively, and very intuitive, yeah. 311 00:30:42,240 --> 00:30:46,880 The energy is worse here. But interestingly, now she's choosing to go by her middle-name 312 00:30:46,880 --> 00:30:53,440 blades. Hmm. Okay. Well, she just kind of maybe feeling more of the energy is like if we 313 00:30:53,440 --> 00:30:57,440 calculated that out with the kind of energies around there, that's just what she's feeling right now 314 00:30:57,440 --> 00:31:02,400 and feeling more aligned with. But like I said, that will still never change her overall 315 00:31:02,400 --> 00:31:08,080 soul's lessons that she's here to learn. Okay. Yeah, we are going to be reaching out to you for 316 00:31:08,080 --> 00:31:14,800 sure to get to the kitchen charts for us. This is fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. And I know we've 317 00:31:14,800 --> 00:31:18,160 got to get to the life path numbers because I know everyone in the audience is screaming, 318 00:31:18,160 --> 00:31:24,480 "Why does it not work?" But I got to ask the question, if I'm a number one, I go and I go, 319 00:31:24,480 --> 00:31:29,840 "That does not sound like me at all." It's a two-part question actually. Have you had people say to 320 00:31:29,840 --> 00:31:33,840 you, "Absolutely not. This is nothing at all like me." And if you've had that, 321 00:31:33,840 --> 00:31:39,440 is there a way to change if I don't like being a leader? I just want to follow. I just make up my 322 00:31:39,440 --> 00:31:43,360 mind and say, "Nope, I'm not leading and be a follower from that point forward. Change your destiny, 323 00:31:43,360 --> 00:31:47,120 that way, even if your numbers are not too." Okay. Well, first of all, let's look at what the 324 00:31:47,120 --> 00:31:52,480 alignment to the number. So it is pretty rare that people say, "No, that doesn't sound like me." 325 00:31:52,480 --> 00:31:58,240 Because I think you will find that with numerology, it is extremely accurate to the point where 326 00:31:58,240 --> 00:32:06,320 it's almost scary that you really, it just will feel so seen and just heard and you just acknowledge 327 00:32:06,320 --> 00:32:10,480 them that way because you'll be like, "Wow, this really is me down to all the numbers." 328 00:32:10,480 --> 00:32:16,560 But there have been a few people and there are different things in the numerology chart 329 00:32:16,560 --> 00:32:23,920 that can kind of block one's connection to their life path number. But also keep in mind that your life 330 00:32:23,920 --> 00:32:30,160 path number represents the lessons you're here to learn. So you don't automatically come in 331 00:32:30,160 --> 00:32:40,960 already as a newborn. I'm a leader and ready to go. You did go. That's your path. That's what 332 00:32:40,960 --> 00:32:45,920 you were meant to learn. And yes, you have some of those innate qualities. But that's the lessons 333 00:32:45,920 --> 00:32:50,800 that someone's trying to learn. So I would usually look into, "Okay, are you living more on the shadow?" 334 00:32:50,800 --> 00:32:54,640 Side of the number, maybe that's the case. And maybe that's why you don't feel like you're fully 335 00:32:54,640 --> 00:33:00,640 embodying that life path number. Or there's other aspects that could speak to why someone isn't. 336 00:33:00,640 --> 00:33:07,360 If there are stronger numbers in, say, your expression, your soul, urge number, or your personality 337 00:33:07,360 --> 00:33:12,400 number, they're really dominating numbers. They're very strong passionate numbers, like 8 and 9. 338 00:33:12,960 --> 00:33:18,960 And then say somebody in their life path they have a two, which is it's much more subtle and gentle 339 00:33:18,960 --> 00:33:27,520 and go with the flow. And so that made block that connection with that compassionate slower energy 340 00:33:27,520 --> 00:33:32,320 because they feel the need to, they have so much pent up energy in that of the 8 and 9 that it 341 00:33:32,320 --> 00:33:37,280 kind of takes over their chart. And so that's when I would work with the person and just realize, 342 00:33:37,280 --> 00:33:42,480 "Okay, yes, these are all part of you." And these are all beautiful aspects of your personality. 343 00:33:42,800 --> 00:33:47,600 But we need to try to focus more and do more like heart-centered meditations and 344 00:33:47,600 --> 00:33:53,360 different things to connect to your heart to bring out those qualities because that really is what 345 00:33:53,360 --> 00:33:59,440 this person's soul came and he'd learn. And to your question about, "Can you change it?" 346 00:33:59,440 --> 00:34:06,160 Well, you can't change your birthday. If you're born, you're born then. But what I would say is, 347 00:34:06,160 --> 00:34:12,880 "You can, anyone can choose to represent any qualities they want, honestly." And that's why I like to say 348 00:34:12,880 --> 00:34:19,680 that "New We're Algae," it's a good spiritual tool. Like it's never going to dictate anything in someone's life. 349 00:34:19,680 --> 00:34:25,520 And everyone always should use their intuition above all. Like that's always number one. 350 00:34:25,520 --> 00:34:30,160 And what fits for you and what feels right for you. New We're Algae is just a nice tool to 351 00:34:30,160 --> 00:34:35,200 be able to help put you on that path if you don't really know. Or if you're just looking for 352 00:34:35,200 --> 00:34:41,440 that validation that can really help. And so if someone's like, "I don't want to do that," I'll say, 353 00:34:41,440 --> 00:34:45,120 "Well, unfortunately, you're probably going to have a little more struggles in your life if you're 354 00:34:45,120 --> 00:34:50,480 pushing against that because those are the experiences that your soul wanted to learn in this lifetime." 355 00:34:50,480 --> 00:34:57,920 So it's going to be more of a challenge instead if you accept and just embrace it and really 356 00:34:57,920 --> 00:35:03,440 lean into the aspects that you do like about that number. And then all the other aspects will 357 00:35:03,440 --> 00:35:08,880 kind of come on board over time. You mentioned Shadow Side for the numbers. Is that like, 358 00:35:08,880 --> 00:35:13,680 is it the opposite? Like, what does that mean? Yeah. So the shadow, it's like, 359 00:35:13,680 --> 00:35:20,480 remember I mentioned earlier about talking about numbers like note like octaves, right? Music octaves. 360 00:35:20,480 --> 00:35:25,120 So you have like the lower representation of a note, right? Is that a certain frequency? 361 00:35:25,120 --> 00:35:31,600 Then that double that is the next octaves up, but it's the same note. And so you can think of 362 00:35:31,600 --> 00:35:37,760 like living on the light side of the number as the good kind of nice qualities and attributes of that number 363 00:35:37,760 --> 00:35:44,160 that it represents on the higher frequency. On the shadow side, it's more of the challenges that come 364 00:35:44,160 --> 00:35:49,760 along with it. The lower vibrational feelings and things that are associated with that number as well. 365 00:35:49,760 --> 00:35:55,600 Okay. It's so interesting. It's fascinating. All right. Well, this is the time that you've all been 366 00:35:55,600 --> 00:35:59,680 waiting for. Let's go into it. Let's start with the number one. Just let's just start with some 367 00:35:59,680 --> 00:36:03,920 random, this search, random spot. Let's start with the number one. It happens with your number. 368 00:36:03,920 --> 00:36:13,040 Anyway, look at that. What? What? Okay. So it's just briefly into some of your life path 369 00:36:13,040 --> 00:36:17,040 numbers. So people who have calculated their life path numbers while they've been listening 370 00:36:17,040 --> 00:36:21,520 can now have kind of an idea of what they're about. Yeah. Okay. So I have a privilege. Start with 371 00:36:21,520 --> 00:36:25,760 number one. It just makes sense. It's the beginning of numerology two. We're starting with the one through nine. 372 00:36:25,760 --> 00:36:32,640 Right. So with the one I mentioned earlier that one is all about leadership. And one is about new 373 00:36:32,640 --> 00:36:39,440 beginnings and venturing into new territory. So if you have a one life path, you really desire to stand 374 00:36:39,440 --> 00:36:46,400 out. You really desire to achieve and have that leadership quality. And just you love new beginnings. 375 00:36:46,400 --> 00:36:52,640 Starting something new, new insights, new ideas. Those are just a real delight to you. You have a very 376 00:36:52,640 --> 00:36:57,360 strong will power. And can sometimes be very blunt, probably very much just say things how they are, right? 377 00:36:57,360 --> 00:37:03,120 'Cause you're just noticing things and saying it and you're in your power in that way. But your path 378 00:37:03,120 --> 00:37:09,040 really involves developing your leadership skills by guiding other people with your strong sense of 379 00:37:09,040 --> 00:37:13,200 direction. But they're also the ones that are going to bring usher in the new. Like they're those 380 00:37:13,200 --> 00:37:17,840 like I said, those explorers, the pioneers are going to be the first ones to do things and try things out. 381 00:37:18,960 --> 00:37:25,200 And ones are all also about finding their own individuality and standing up into their self-mattway 382 00:37:25,200 --> 00:37:31,920 not showing away from standing out. So definitely as a one, it's part of your lessons to really 383 00:37:31,920 --> 00:37:36,880 practice your courage and stand your ground and live in alignment in your own path. 384 00:37:36,880 --> 00:37:39,920 Hmm. I thought something like that. It sounds like me at all. 385 00:37:39,920 --> 00:37:46,960 No. It's like you just described him. Yeah, I feel so I feel so vulnerable. Oh my God. 386 00:37:48,800 --> 00:37:56,480 Okay, so yeah, that really helps me to a key. So what are the, I mean, obviously, negative sides of 387 00:37:56,480 --> 00:38:01,280 things would be living too far in the ego and being too moved, both headed and not kind of stuff, right? 388 00:38:01,280 --> 00:38:12,640 Which never happened to me think, oh, but okay. So then is 10 different because you mentioned it was a 389 00:38:12,640 --> 00:38:18,160 high number. Right. I guess we should go into like what master numbers are versus regular number. Yeah. So, 390 00:38:18,160 --> 00:38:22,560 right. Like I said, so this, the type of new biology they practice 10 is considered a high number, 391 00:38:22,560 --> 00:38:28,320 which is very similar to the energies of master number 22. Master numbers. They're a higher 392 00:38:28,320 --> 00:38:34,480 potential, more energy. There's more challenges and lessons that come along with it as well. 393 00:38:34,480 --> 00:38:41,200 But you have more potential for achievement with the high number or the master number. And as a 10, 394 00:38:41,200 --> 00:38:44,960 like I said, being very similar to the 22, which we call the master builder, 395 00:38:44,960 --> 00:38:50,880 it's all about the energy of being very connected to the divine, right? Because master numbers 396 00:38:50,880 --> 00:38:56,720 have just naturally are more connected spiritually. You're all about usuring in these new 397 00:38:56,720 --> 00:39:03,760 different exciting modalities and insights and things. But the 22 is, or the 10, I'm sorry, 398 00:39:03,760 --> 00:39:10,480 like I said, similar to that master builder energy. You have all the intuition and that of 399 00:39:10,480 --> 00:39:16,080 like a master number 11. But then you're, you're really meant to build something lasting and tangible 400 00:39:16,080 --> 00:39:21,600 within the material world. So, like you said, you have this podcast, right? You're literally 401 00:39:21,600 --> 00:39:27,280 making something physical and having these teachings that you're sharing with a large number of people. 402 00:39:27,280 --> 00:39:33,360 Because master numbers really also represent influencing a larger number of people than just your 403 00:39:33,360 --> 00:39:38,080 close intimate relationships around you. You keep talking and you keep describing me to a 404 00:39:38,080 --> 00:39:44,240 teen. It's really scary. We are, we're in a process of building something right now that that's 405 00:39:44,240 --> 00:39:49,360 right in line with you talking about. So, as a exciting day to hear. And even with your work, he has 406 00:39:49,360 --> 00:39:56,560 created this incredible family out of the people that work for him. With me. With you. But you're 407 00:39:56,560 --> 00:40:02,160 in their boss. But I'm their leader. But yeah, whatever. This is a man. Just let me finish 408 00:40:02,160 --> 00:40:08,560 please trying to compliment you. But it is. It's like these, he's chosen these people that work with very 409 00:40:08,560 --> 00:40:13,280 well. I have this incredible work ethic. But all with like walking front of a bus for him. Not for any 410 00:40:13,280 --> 00:40:19,440 other reason. And then they really value him. And it's been told by many of them that he is the best 411 00:40:19,440 --> 00:40:23,920 they've said boss. Sorry. That they've ever worked for. And so that's just when you're talking about 412 00:40:23,920 --> 00:40:28,960 leadership and all of that being a strong point. Oh my gosh, absolutely. Well, it's really weird. 413 00:40:28,960 --> 00:40:33,200 And even, live lives, be a little bit more on that master to the sorry, the high number, right? Because 414 00:40:33,200 --> 00:40:39,440 like I said, related to the master number 22. The 22 and the 10, they're both very, very able to 415 00:40:39,440 --> 00:40:45,920 recruit people to help them build their goals and achieve their big. I mean, sometimes a lot 416 00:40:45,920 --> 00:40:50,800 they do. But this really something they can achieve. Because the people are following them not because 417 00:40:50,800 --> 00:40:56,960 you know, they just want to find some Lafalo, but it's like they can see that vision that you have 418 00:40:56,960 --> 00:41:01,600 and you're very good at sharing that and communicating that and breaking things down so other people can 419 00:41:01,600 --> 00:41:07,840 understand. And they just naturally want to follow that and want to help out. So and I mean, 420 00:41:07,840 --> 00:41:14,000 it seems like you're definitely living up to this big number and what you've built in your work. 421 00:41:14,000 --> 00:41:20,400 It's amazing. It's incredible. This is not the one criticism that someone can have about astrology is how 422 00:41:20,400 --> 00:41:26,000 generalize information is this is pretty specific. Very specific. Yeah, if you're not a leader, 423 00:41:26,000 --> 00:41:30,080 you're going to know it's like, no, no, no, I don't want to start it. But this is, this is very much 424 00:41:30,080 --> 00:41:34,960 pegs me very clearly. So okay. So then let's let's move forward. What are the other numbers? 425 00:41:34,960 --> 00:41:40,960 All right. So number two, I mentioned earlier that too, it's a very gentle. It's a more of a feminine 426 00:41:40,960 --> 00:41:46,160 number. It has a lot of the divine feminine in it. So very sensitive soul. These people that have a 427 00:41:46,160 --> 00:41:50,960 life path number two. And they have a deep desire to relate closely with other people. 428 00:41:52,000 --> 00:41:57,600 And they're it's also very connected to two is also another spiritual number, very intuitive as well. 429 00:41:57,600 --> 00:42:02,880 But they're also a very good listener. Right. They're really because they had that compassionate 430 00:42:02,880 --> 00:42:09,120 side. They're very empathic and empathetic. They can really like allow someone to have their time and 431 00:42:09,120 --> 00:42:14,320 listen to their side of things and two, they're just naturally about balance. Right. And so they're 432 00:42:14,320 --> 00:42:19,680 able to see both sides of the coin and in situations. And they make very good therapists. Right, 433 00:42:19,680 --> 00:42:24,960 because they're very good listeners. They can help people see different sides and different, 434 00:42:24,960 --> 00:42:31,200 maybe different perspectives that they have it even thought of. But sometimes because the two is very 435 00:42:31,200 --> 00:42:36,800 sensitive, it can tend to be a little bit overly sensitive and lacking barriers. So a lot of 436 00:42:36,800 --> 00:42:43,200 two that a lot of my clients will definitely, they feel that like they're very empathic. They really 437 00:42:43,200 --> 00:42:48,800 are affected by the energies around them. So it's very important for someone that has 438 00:42:48,800 --> 00:42:55,840 they don't like path or twos in their core numbers to maintain their energetic hygiene, 439 00:42:55,840 --> 00:43:00,480 cleaning out their or in things like that. And just being careful about what they're letting 440 00:43:00,480 --> 00:43:09,120 influence in their life as well. But their main lesson really is related to the desire to build 441 00:43:09,120 --> 00:43:14,560 intimate relationships. They're really the type that wants to really know people very closely. 442 00:43:14,560 --> 00:43:19,120 Like they're not the type that's going to want to have big, huge friend group that they, you know, 443 00:43:19,120 --> 00:43:25,840 art will close to. They want just a few friends that they really can dive in deep with. And part of their 444 00:43:25,840 --> 00:43:32,240 path is also continually developing their intuition and their spiritual connection as well. So number three, 445 00:43:32,240 --> 00:43:40,000 three is the most useful at childlike number of all the numbers. It's extremely creative, very social 446 00:43:40,000 --> 00:43:45,600 and just lighthearted. That's really around the lessons of the three, the three, wants to learn how to just 447 00:43:45,600 --> 00:43:52,000 live in the moment and just be optimistic and really just see things, see life is like the half-glass, 448 00:43:52,000 --> 00:43:59,200 them, sorry, the glass half full, even through challenging situations. They have very open minds, 449 00:43:59,200 --> 00:44:05,760 they're very curious. They're very playful as well. And can really experience like see the magic in the 450 00:44:05,760 --> 00:44:10,160 mundane around them because they're living in the moment. Yes, it's kind of definitely living in the moment. 451 00:44:10,160 --> 00:44:15,200 We can't hurry her up for save our lives. We love for her to live a little bit less in the moment. 452 00:44:15,200 --> 00:44:21,440 Right. So with a three, too though, because you're very open-minded and we like to be, you know, 453 00:44:21,440 --> 00:44:27,120 very curious. You can tend to have a lot of interests and be exploring all these, but maybe 454 00:44:27,120 --> 00:44:32,480 become a little bit bored if you're not mentally stimulated enough. Or there's not enough going on. 455 00:44:34,240 --> 00:44:39,760 And three are also all about expressing themselves. So it really is part of their lessons to learn how to 456 00:44:39,760 --> 00:44:45,360 really express themselves, whether it be, you know, written, you know, orally or if it's with whatever they 457 00:44:45,360 --> 00:44:52,560 create if they're artistic, however it comes out for them. But also, like I said, being optimistic and 458 00:44:52,560 --> 00:45:00,160 learning to see the lessons and see the, you know, positive side of challenging situations as well 459 00:45:00,160 --> 00:45:05,920 and pushing through those difficult times in order to demonstrate to other people that there's just these 460 00:45:05,920 --> 00:45:12,080 natural joys that life has to offer. And a personal example here, I'm actually a life-half-three. 461 00:45:12,080 --> 00:45:17,200 And, you know, probably years ago, if I would have seen this, I was like, that doesn't align for me, 462 00:45:17,200 --> 00:45:22,080 because I can be very moody. I have gone through some depressing and things like that throughout life. 463 00:45:22,080 --> 00:45:29,280 But I look at that as it's like, right, that was my lesson that I needed to work through. 464 00:45:29,280 --> 00:45:34,240 That was what I was trying to learn. Yes, I had times when I could be just very playful and child-like 465 00:45:34,240 --> 00:45:40,960 and fun as a very serious times. But that was like, is it part of that lesson that I was trying to learn? 466 00:45:40,960 --> 00:45:45,440 And now, and now I have more of an understanding. When I am going through a little bit more of the 467 00:45:45,440 --> 00:45:49,360 harder times, I can see the lighter sign and be like, no, I'm meant to push through this. 468 00:45:49,360 --> 00:45:56,240 I meant to still be this optimistic, bringing joy to other people. And like I said, seeing the magic in 469 00:45:56,240 --> 00:46:04,240 the mundane. Okay. All right. So number four. Number four is all about structure and about planning. 470 00:46:04,240 --> 00:46:08,560 Think of right there's four sides to a square, very structured in that way. 471 00:46:08,560 --> 00:46:14,960 Four is definitely like to future plan, right? They want, they don't want to have any uncertainty on their path. 472 00:46:14,960 --> 00:46:20,480 They're definitely all about building stability of home, and definitely 473 00:46:21,440 --> 00:46:26,400 topics related to money, homes, safety, things like that are very important to them. 474 00:46:26,400 --> 00:46:31,120 They're also can act very maturely. Whereas we're talking with the three, it was a little playful and 475 00:46:31,120 --> 00:46:35,840 child-like. Four is more serious. They're much more want to deal with their responsibilities. They'll put 476 00:46:35,840 --> 00:46:41,840 the responsibilities first. They can also be very detailed oriented. Sometimes maybe even leaning into a 477 00:46:41,840 --> 00:46:49,040 little bit of perfectionism. So they, and they definitely have that ability to set their emotions aside 478 00:46:49,040 --> 00:46:54,320 and deal with things pragmatically. For us are also very strong-willed and can be very decisive. They can 479 00:46:54,320 --> 00:46:59,680 also put a very good external, strong, external internal boundaries. Sometimes a little bit too much 480 00:46:59,680 --> 00:47:04,720 where the fact that they may hold themselves back or they want to be too safe and not take healthy 481 00:47:04,720 --> 00:47:09,920 risks and not get out of their comfort zone. So it is really part of their learning path to be like 482 00:47:09,920 --> 00:47:14,960 to learn how they can still create that stability and feel that safety for themselves and have 483 00:47:14,960 --> 00:47:20,320 a build-a-firm foundation. We'll also not boxing themselves in and still being able to live life to the 484 00:47:20,320 --> 00:47:28,960 fullest. Alright, number five. So five are the free soul, untamable, adventurous kind of energy. They 485 00:47:28,960 --> 00:47:35,920 really want to live like completely to the fullest. Explore everything, have all the fun, just do 486 00:47:35,920 --> 00:47:42,880 everything, try and jump in. They really desire change and they can be extremely flexible and being 487 00:47:42,880 --> 00:47:47,920 good at improvising with situations. Fives are also all about their personal freedom. They do not 488 00:47:47,920 --> 00:47:51,680 like they said they do not like to get boxed in. They want to do things their way and they sometimes 489 00:47:51,680 --> 00:47:55,680 need to learn the hard way because of that. Maybe they're even a little bit rebellious because they want 490 00:47:55,680 --> 00:48:00,160 to do things their hard way and they're they're specific way and they're going to be the ones that 491 00:48:00,160 --> 00:48:06,640 are questioning the norm and saying like, well, why do I need to do that? Those kind of energies. 492 00:48:06,640 --> 00:48:11,680 They also love travel because they love to see the world, they love adventure. They're very social. 493 00:48:11,680 --> 00:48:16,000 Right. So they really want to expand those social networks. They're very good at it too. They're very 494 00:48:16,000 --> 00:48:20,800 good at communication and expressing themselves and they just have that natural charm that had draws 495 00:48:20,800 --> 00:48:26,160 people in that helps out with that communication and socializing. So with their path really involves 496 00:48:26,160 --> 00:48:32,160 like defining what freedom means to them and being able to live fully but not going too far. Right. 497 00:48:32,160 --> 00:48:36,960 And not still live the fullest but not bringing too many risky situations to them and following 498 00:48:36,960 --> 00:48:41,360 that good balance. It's not like a fun number. It is a fun. Are you sure I'm not a five? 499 00:48:41,360 --> 00:48:46,560 I know. I know. You make much of them in your chart. My self too. I have a lot of fights in my chart as 500 00:48:46,560 --> 00:48:51,360 well. And so yeah, I feel that pull all the time but they're like I said, there are shadow sides too. 501 00:48:51,360 --> 00:48:55,920 Right. We tend to be a little bit more rebellious. Maybe even sometimes people can run into more 502 00:48:55,920 --> 00:49:00,560 self-destructive tendencies having a lot of fights. Yeah. Definitely got to fly to me. Yeah. 503 00:49:02,800 --> 00:49:09,600 So number six. Six is that like parental energy. It is the nurture of all numbers. It has this 504 00:49:09,600 --> 00:49:16,080 extremely compassionate heart. Very family oriented. Very much wants to, you know, not only do they 505 00:49:16,080 --> 00:49:20,480 have the qualities of the four where they want to have their responsibilities and build up a home but they 506 00:49:20,480 --> 00:49:25,440 take it further where they're like, I want to feel that belonging. I want to have that family around me 507 00:49:25,440 --> 00:49:30,560 be a part of a community. Just really know that they are really an integral part of doing that 508 00:49:30,560 --> 00:49:35,120 belonging. And they can be very even though they're emotional. They can be more emotionally mature and they 509 00:49:35,120 --> 00:49:42,320 understand how to work with their emotions more. They definitely love all people, animals, nature. These 510 00:49:42,320 --> 00:49:46,720 are just that really like it's a kind of mother nature kind of energy as well. Because they really 511 00:49:46,720 --> 00:49:52,160 want to try to foster harmony in their environments. That's big for them. They do not like things, 512 00:49:52,160 --> 00:49:57,280 you know, cause ripples. They want things to just be smooth and make sure everyone's happy. 513 00:49:57,840 --> 00:50:02,720 Sixers are really all about taking care of other people around them that they love and sometimes at 514 00:50:02,720 --> 00:50:07,840 the detriment to themselves because they're constantly putting others first and holding back their 515 00:50:07,840 --> 00:50:12,960 own feelings. And because they don't want to rock the boat. So their path really involves learning 516 00:50:12,960 --> 00:50:18,000 the lesson to practice that unconditional love by giving to others and being part of a family or 517 00:50:18,000 --> 00:50:23,600 community. But also working through those emotions and not holding those bat and realizing that they 518 00:50:23,600 --> 00:50:29,200 can still, you know, staying in their own truth and say their part and not have to worry about disrupting 519 00:50:29,200 --> 00:50:36,640 the balance too much. All right, number seven. Seven is an extremely deep, very serious kind of number. 520 00:50:36,640 --> 00:50:42,560 It's very reflective. Sometimes can see be seen as mysterious. Sevens are very wise. They're full of 521 00:50:42,560 --> 00:50:46,720 knowledge and they always want to keep learning. Just like the three, three is very curious, but it's 522 00:50:46,720 --> 00:50:52,080 more like a fun kind of childlike curiosity. The seven is like, I want to know everything and 523 00:50:52,080 --> 00:50:57,840 I want to dive deep into it. So they'll keep asking why. And want to know, you know, the deeper questions 524 00:50:57,840 --> 00:51:02,800 and the questions that a lot of people may tend to shy away from like a lot of existential questions and 525 00:51:02,800 --> 00:51:06,960 things, they're all about that. And they're all about figuring out and diving deeper and deeper every 526 00:51:06,960 --> 00:51:12,080 time. Seven is also a very spiritual number. So it's all about finding and seeking their own 527 00:51:12,080 --> 00:51:17,120 spiritual truth and walking in their own spiritual truth. They're very emotionally controlled as well. 528 00:51:17,120 --> 00:51:22,240 So like there can be a little more pragmatic that way. But they're also very unique. It's seven is an odd 529 00:51:22,240 --> 00:51:28,240 number. It's all about, you know, it's own path. So the sevens, life lessons really revolve around, 530 00:51:28,240 --> 00:51:32,960 being able to express their unique individualism, but really, and then really looking to the 531 00:51:32,960 --> 00:51:37,520 into the depths of their soul and establishing their own spiritual truth. All right, number eight, 532 00:51:37,520 --> 00:51:44,080 care and your number. Number eights are really about achievement and manifesting in the material 533 00:51:44,080 --> 00:51:50,800 world. You're very good at attaining things in the physical world and really putting in the work to 534 00:51:50,800 --> 00:51:55,680 reap the rewards in that way. Because you really like to seek progress. You like, you're like 535 00:51:55,680 --> 00:52:01,840 a very ambitious. You have a strong personality as well. Great willpower and you just have a natural 536 00:52:01,840 --> 00:52:06,480 eights are very passionate kind of fast moving energy. So it's a natural intensity. They kind of push 537 00:52:06,480 --> 00:52:11,280 as you forward to get things done and really want to reach the top. But I think I mentioned earlier, 538 00:52:11,280 --> 00:52:15,280 eights are very much about control. Now, only do you want to kind of control your life and really 539 00:52:15,280 --> 00:52:20,080 be able to plan it out in that way, similar to the four. But you're seeing the bigger picture than the 540 00:52:20,080 --> 00:52:25,280 four does. But you'd like that control in your life. Sometimes on the shadow side, maybe a little bit 541 00:52:25,280 --> 00:52:29,760 too controlling, that way or too controlling about others. Some eights can lean that way. Because of 542 00:52:29,760 --> 00:52:34,720 that ambitious tendencies, eights can also tend to become workaholics. Right? Because they're always 543 00:52:34,720 --> 00:52:40,560 kind of like, I was wanting to reach that goal. So their path really is striving for their aspirations. 544 00:52:40,560 --> 00:52:46,400 They should be trying to reach those goals. But also learning to overcome that tendency to lean too 545 00:52:46,400 --> 00:52:51,440 much into the material world and find that balance between the material and the spiritual world. 546 00:52:51,440 --> 00:52:56,240 And think about eight, if you put it on the side, it's like an infinity symbol. Right? So and you can 547 00:52:56,240 --> 00:53:02,080 think of that as one, the physical world, either side, the spiritual realms. And to really master that 548 00:53:02,080 --> 00:53:06,880 eight is to be able to smoothly kind of maneuver between the two and really understand that yes, 549 00:53:06,880 --> 00:53:12,560 you kind of achieve this material well, it's been status and achievements in this lifetime. But to really 550 00:53:12,560 --> 00:53:17,360 understand that that's really not what matters. Right? Really what matters is that unconditional love 551 00:53:17,360 --> 00:53:24,320 and connecting to your soul. That way. How does that feel here? I don't feel like I fit. Really. 552 00:53:24,320 --> 00:53:29,920 Well, that can, like I said, that definitely part of your lessons, but also have a lot to do with 553 00:53:29,920 --> 00:53:35,120 what your other numbers are. So that can really influence how the eight comes out in your life. 554 00:53:35,920 --> 00:53:40,640 I said, yeah, be very curious to do your chart and find out what all your other numbers are. And maybe 555 00:53:40,640 --> 00:53:45,440 maybe you're leaning more into one of the other numbers or even your your birthday number. So what, 556 00:53:45,440 --> 00:53:51,120 what day of what day were you born? July 3rd. The third, well, do you feel more like a lot of those 557 00:53:51,120 --> 00:53:57,600 three qualities that I mentioned that playfulness, lightness? Yeah, yeah, what's your? Yeah. So you 558 00:53:57,600 --> 00:54:02,720 definitely maybe leaning more that birthday your talents are coming out a lot more than what you 559 00:54:02,720 --> 00:54:09,360 really are aligned to that those lessons in this lifetime. What about the nines? All right. And so nine. 560 00:54:09,360 --> 00:54:15,040 So nine really is the humanitarian. They are all about, you know, they're very altruistic, 561 00:54:15,040 --> 00:54:20,320 constantly putting others before themselves, but more on a grander scale. Like where the six 562 00:54:20,320 --> 00:54:25,040 was like those close related to them, they were really kind of nurturing them. Nine is all about 563 00:54:25,040 --> 00:54:30,080 humanity, right? They just want to help the larger groups of people. So they're very generous with 564 00:54:30,080 --> 00:54:35,200 their unconditional love and material well. And they have a really free open heart in mind. So they're 565 00:54:35,200 --> 00:54:40,880 very open to different cultures, different lifestyles. They really do not discriminate. They just love 566 00:54:40,880 --> 00:54:46,000 everybody. And that's why nines also really like travel, really like to do international travel and 567 00:54:46,000 --> 00:54:50,800 things because like I said, they like to just really learn about other people in the world. And they 568 00:54:50,800 --> 00:54:54,720 have a great respect for everybody. Nine is also another spiritual number, right? Because this is a 569 00:54:54,720 --> 00:55:00,320 very spiritual expansive number. Because this is the last number one through nine and then you cycle back to one, 570 00:55:00,320 --> 00:55:06,720 other than you have the master numbers. But it's all about expanding and not only just within your own life 571 00:55:06,720 --> 00:55:12,080 and everything but spirituality as well. And nines can be because of very passionate. They definitely 572 00:55:12,080 --> 00:55:17,840 whatever they put their mind to, whatever their heart is set on. They are all in. They really go all into it. 573 00:55:17,840 --> 00:55:23,040 But they're also extremely talented. So that can be a gift but also a challenge because it can 574 00:55:23,040 --> 00:55:27,920 cause a nine to feel like they lack direction because they could go on so many different ways. Like they're 575 00:55:27,920 --> 00:55:33,120 probably good at a lot of things. And so that can become a little bit confusing to a nine. That's where 576 00:55:33,120 --> 00:55:37,200 they really need to look into their heart and really feel like what's an alignment for them. But that's 577 00:55:37,200 --> 00:55:47,280 really part of their path is continuing to work towards humanitarian ideals but also bringing in leadership 578 00:55:47,280 --> 00:55:52,320 capacity. Nine because it's this big number, right? It's the end of that cycle. It's all about 579 00:55:52,320 --> 00:55:57,520 being a leader as well. But it's not the leader like we talked about with the one which is like more 580 00:55:57,520 --> 00:56:03,040 about like, well, I want to be the first one. The leader in the number nine is more about like, 581 00:56:03,040 --> 00:56:08,640 well, I see these injustices in the world. And so I'm going to lead something to help fight for the 582 00:56:08,640 --> 00:56:14,160 people that need it. And then people just naturally follow that kind of leader. I know we're just 583 00:56:14,160 --> 00:56:20,720 scratching the surface. But unfortunately, our social or on time, all this information is incredible. 584 00:56:20,720 --> 00:56:24,960 Really, it's so interesting. I definitely feel like we need to bring you back on the show to talk a 585 00:56:24,960 --> 00:56:27,840 little bit more because we haven't talked about comic debt numbers. We haven't talked about there's 586 00:56:27,840 --> 00:56:32,800 so many other things we can talk about. If I do know that you do personal numerology readings and you have 587 00:56:32,800 --> 00:56:36,800 one on one coaching program and things like that for numerology and energy healing, you're also 588 00:56:36,800 --> 00:56:42,160 starting a workshop in May that teaches numerology. Right? So how can people if they want to take advantage 589 00:56:42,160 --> 00:56:46,560 of of these programs or reach out to you? What's the best way for them to do that? All right. So my 590 00:56:46,560 --> 00:56:53,840 website is it's And so my readings are all on there through the booking page on my 591 00:56:53,840 --> 00:56:58,880 website. You can read all about my workshop. Workshop is actually going to learn how to incorporate 592 00:56:58,880 --> 00:57:04,160 you do a little bit of energy work as well, learning about the energetic body in order to gain a 593 00:57:04,160 --> 00:57:09,200 soul connection. So utilizing numerology to really connect to your soul's blueprint in that way. 594 00:57:10,080 --> 00:57:17,200 So yeah, just my website has all that information. And I even I have site really like to track personal days 595 00:57:17,200 --> 00:57:24,640 and personal cycles. I actually have a numerology guide for personal cycle or personal days. I'm sorry 596 00:57:24,640 --> 00:57:31,440 on my website in my shop that if you use the code podcast, you can get it for just $1 and $1 and $1 597 00:57:31,440 --> 00:57:38,560 and that will walk you through literally how to calculate your personal cycles. And what each 598 00:57:38,560 --> 00:57:45,040 personal day, like the energetic gift, the day brings, some advice of maybe things that you should try to 599 00:57:45,040 --> 00:57:50,720 schedule or do on those days and what to watch, things to watch out for as well. So it's really 600 00:57:50,720 --> 00:57:54,560 amazing. Like I said, I think it speaks here if you like astrology and like to kind of 601 00:57:54,560 --> 00:58:00,400 track a Korean astrology, I think you really be interested in this as well because it helps 602 00:58:00,400 --> 00:58:05,280 like I said, it helps summarize the energies around you each day. Yeah, well this has been 603 00:58:05,280 --> 00:58:09,280 absolutely fascinating, Lauren. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your expertise with us. 604 00:58:09,280 --> 00:58:15,040 I know we're going to reach out to you to get our charts done because this is so amazing to me. 605 00:58:15,040 --> 00:58:18,720 We're going to add a link to your website and all that kind of stuff on our show notes. 606 00:58:18,720 --> 00:58:22,800 Just go to, go to Lauren's episode page and you'll see the link there 607 00:58:22,800 --> 00:58:27,040 or you can do is click it and it gets you connected with her right away. Again, 608 00:58:27,040 --> 00:58:31,600 can't thank you enough, Lauren. Well, thank you so much, Lauren Karen. This has been a blast 609 00:58:31,600 --> 00:58:33,840 talking to you both. I love it. Wonderful. Yeah. 610 00:58:33,840 --> 00:58:43,040 Thanks for coming along on this journey discovery with us. We'd love to continue our conversation 611 00:58:43,040 --> 00:58:48,240 with you on our website at or on Facebook and Instagram, 612 00:58:48,240 --> 00:58:53,360 under a skeptic manifestation podcast. If you know someone who would benefit from hearing the messages 613 00:58:53,360 --> 00:58:59,040 we're sharing on the show, do them and us a favor and share the show with them. It will help 614 00:58:59,040 --> 00:59:05,040 get the word out about us and it may just change someone's life for the better. And if you're listening 615 00:59:05,040 --> 00:59:09,440 to this on the radio and you missed something, well not to worry all of our shows including this one can 616 00:59:09,440 --> 00:59:15,600 be found at We can also watch the videos, we even send us an email 617 00:59:15,600 --> 00:59:22,800 or voice mail directly from the site. We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you. 618 00:59:22,800 --> 00:59:27,520 I hope you've enjoyed this episode, much as we have that's all for now. We'll see you on the next 619 00:59:27,520 --> 00:59:32,000 episode of this skeptic metaphysicians. Until then, take care. 620 00:59:32,000 --> 00:59:42,000 [Music] 621 00:59:42,000 --> 01:00:02,000 [Music] 622 01:00:02,000 --> 01:00:30,000 [Music] 623 01:00:30,000 --> 01:00:32,580 (soft music) 624 01:00:32,580 --> 01:00:35,580 [MUSIC PLAYING]

Lauren DrakeProfile Photo

Lauren Drake

Numerologist, Reiki Practitioner, and Mom

Lauren is a professional Numerologist and Reiki Practitioner who found her calling in the holistic healing arts later in life after suffering from corporate burnout. Following her intuition, signs, and her understanding of herself gained from Numerology, she stepped away from her 15+ year career as a Food Safety professional in early 2022 to follow her dream and transform her passion of Numerology and energy healing into her destiny by practicing full-time. This has allowed her to focus solely on helping her clients also understand themselves better and set them on their own path to their unique destiny through Numerology while helping them balance energetically to live a more fulfilling life.

Utilizing just your birthday and birth name, she is able to decode your unique life blueprint in order to help you align to your soul contract by embracing your specific conscious (and unconscious) gifts! She can even help you utilize the numerological energies of your current personal cycles to help with future planning and allow you to take advantage of the universal energies around you!