How to Change Your Words For Maximum Manifesting Impact

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You know, there's a lot to be said for the language that your subconscious mind is hearing. So for me, especially when I put out, you know, meditations for a particular theme or hypnosis for a particular theme I, I share with people to stop using the word want and start using the word prefer, because if you say again, let's just use the money analogy.

I want a million dollars. Your subconscious mind says, Hey, we don't have a million. We're in a place that makes us want a million dollars, but then if you say, you know, I prefer a million dollars, then all of a sudden your subconscious mind picks up, oh, we prefer this to be this way. We prefer this to be this way and starts to operate from a state of, you know, identical and matching the kind of person that prefers.

Something to be a certain way versus the person who is wanting or coming from a space of, of neediness within their subconscious mind,

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