Is Time Travel Possible?

What if you had all the time in the world? What i you never had to worry about being late to anything again? What if you could travel into the future to see what society is like...or to the past to learn how you lived in past lives? This week, we explore the question: Is Time Travel Possible!

The Skeptic Metaphysician
Is Time Travel Possible?

"I think things can get messy. And from what I understand about timelines and time streams, there's probabilities for each of us as an individual, and as a collective. If they lead to some sort of catastrophic event or the non progression of the evolution of consciousness, they would consider it to be a failed timeline."
--Derek Loudermilk

Some topic covered:
- The two types of time travel
- How to always find ample time to complete anything you want
- How aging alters our perception of time
- How time can speed up or slow down for you without affecting time for others
- How to "bend time" for your own needs
- The two ways to travel forward or backward in time
- What time travel has in common with past life regression
- Derek's own experience touring his own neighborhood 100+ years in the future
- How to account for the "butterfly effect" while traveling through time
- Is there a real time travel authority that polices the time stream?
- What is the Arcturian Time Council?
- Is Hollywood preparing us slowly for revelations to come?
- How to start traveling through time yourself
- What time travel have in common with astral projection
- How Derek uses telepathy with his son and his cat
- The key to developing your own telepathy
- How a magical tree guided him in his business
- How to use dreaming to achieve anything you want

And that's just the beginning!

Derek Loudermilk Author Page

About our Guest:
Derek is a time-traveler, quantum business coach, 4x best-selling author and host of the podcast "The Derek Loudermilk Show". He has a background as a microbiologist, was a pro cyclist and organized Adventure Retreats in the past.

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