The Metaphysical Awakening: Revealing Ourselves & Our Paths

We’ve always been curious about different religions, spirituality, and life-altering experiences. But when we were invited to be guests on The Metabusiness Millennial, we were shocked at how easily we were able to articulate our beliefs. So we’ve decided to share this episode with our own listeners, in the hopes of proving a glimpse into who we are at our core.

Some of the things we discuss on this show:

How everyone's path is different and how important it is to find the path that is perfect for you

How, as the veil thins, more and more people are awakening to the spiritual world, not realizing how long of a journey it actually is

How they hope the podcast is a safe space for people to explore different modalities and spiritual awakenings without judgement

Where to turn for a sense of community during your dark night of the soul

And literally so much more!

"The important thing is to find your path, no matter what it is, and be okay with the fact that your path is not going to be the same path as someone else's." – Will Rodriguez

Today’s episode is something totally different. Now that we’ve released well over 100 episodes, we realized that you may not have had the chance to truly get to know us all that well….so this episode is all about that…but with a twist!

You see, Karen and I were honored to be invited as guests on a new podcast called The Metabusiness Millennial. The topics the host covers are similar to ours, with a slant towards the everyday businessperson’s point of view. And we LOVED it!

The interview revealed SO MUCH about us, how we think and what our beliefs are, that we were frankly shocked at how easy it was to get these thoughts across with her.

So this week, we’re sharing that episode of her show with you here, in an effort to reveal a little bit about ourselves, and as a way of sharing a show we now love and can wholeheartedly recommend.

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Karen Endsley is a Florida native who moved to Virginia 10 years ago and was raised Catholic. Will Rodriguez is a pragmatist and a Reiki practitioner who had a major spiritual awakening during the COVID pandemic, which led him to explore various spiritual modalities. Erin Patten is a metaphysical master on a mission to guide people and organizations on an enlightened path.

Along the way, we’ve learned about different modalities, experienced energy healing, and have formed a tight-knit community of people all exploring different spiritual paths on our journeys. Through Our hope is that through our show, we can help provide a safe space for people to explore and learn without judgement, as we all strive to find our personal, unique path.

About The Metabusiness Millennial:
In this day and age, business is more than just turning higher profits for shareholders. Business reflects our ideals. Business aligns with our values. And ultimately, business is an expression of our life paths and purposes.

It is time we now honor all that we are in the organizations we serve — body, mind and soul. We are both physical and metaphysical in the work that we do and these metaphysical or “unseen” aspects of ourselves matter in the day-to-day decision making processes of business leaders around the globe.

The MetaBusiness Millennial unpacks the hidden truths of business by tapping in to the life experiences of people’s failures and traumas to engage the healing that is necessary for true growth and success.

Your host, Erin Patten, metaphysical master in a millennial age, brings you inspirational, life-changing stories and strategies that heal organizational dis-ease and transform business trajectories so that they experience exponential growth and impact.

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