The Overachiever's Guide to Nailing Your Spiritual Growth in Record Time

You bought 28 books, binged 17 episodes of 8 different podcasts, watched 63 videos, attended 4 retreats, and took 11 classes. Do you feel better? Did you silence your inner critic? Did your fear of being hurt go away? Did your impostor syndrome transform into extreme confidence? That’s because this scattershot approach to growth doesn’t work. Enter the Spirit Sherpa, Kelle Sparta!

The Skeptic Metaphysician
The Overachiever's Guide to Nailing Your Spiritual Growth in Record Time

"We don't ever recognize exactly how much pain we're in because we're only seeing one piece at a time of it. But if you pull it all up and you make yourself aware of all of it at the same time, what you do is become supremely aware of exactly the state of your discontent in this. And that discontent properly directed, serves as fuel for your change."
-- Kelle Sparta

Some topic covered:
- Her spiritual walkabout
- Shifting away from anxiety
- What does it mean to surrender to the universe
- The relationship we have with the universe
- What is a shamanic death
- Do we remember across our lifetimes?

About our Guest:
Kelle Sparta, The Spirit Doctor(TM), is a transformational shaman working with high-performance people to unlock hidden aspects of their potential. She teaches motivated people to master their energy to create next-level results.

She's the founder of The Sacred Power and Purpose Mystery School – a school that teaches self-transformation, magic, and how to become a transformational shaman. She's been featured on many podcasts including: Sense of Soul, Our Daily Magic, The Miracle of Healing, The Natural Healing Show, The Paranormal Podcast, and Spiritual Rockstar. She's been interviewed in Thrive Global and The Boston Globe. She's been a writer for OMTimes, and Medium.

Kelle is also the co-host of the wildly popular podcast, Spirit Sherpa where she explores all things energy, magick, and the spirit world to help intuitives release anxiety and increase wellbeing.

The Over-Achiever’s Guide to Nailing Your Spiritual Growth in Record Time

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