What is Lucid Dreaming with Jaime Lundquist-Muñoz

What is Lucid Dreaming with Jaime Lundquist-Muñoz

Welcome back to the Skeptic Metaphysician…’s guest….whew….where do I even begin…..He’s fortunate enough to have had a mother who was familiar with the concept of Out of Body experiences from an early age, so had the freedom to really look into...

Welcome back to the Skeptic Metaphysician…’s guest….whew….where do I even begin…..He’s fortunate enough to have had a mother who was familiar with the concept of Out of Body experiences from an early age, so had the freedom to really look into things starting at the age of 12.He has had prophetic dreams that helped guide him in life, including helping him make the decision to move to the US from Colombia.If you heard my episodes on sleep paralysis and astral projection you already know what some of his experiences were….sleep paralysis, super strong vibrations, experiences out of his body. Research into all of this found him training in the fabled Monroe Institute that you’ve heard us mention on the show before and we’ll definitely touch on that experience, but what drew my attention to my guest is his experiences with lucid dreaming.Looking for an introductory book on all things metaphysical? Check this one out:Metaphysics: An Introduction Resources:Who Stunted Human Development? Documentary Film "The Phase"The International Academy of ConsciousnessInternational Association for the Study of DreamsFacebook Groups:AstralBeingsLucidDreamingClubBooks:Hacking the Out of Body Experience: Leveraging Science to Induce OBEsThe Secret of the Soul: Using Out-of-Body Experiences to Understand Our True NatureLucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner SelfThe Art of Lucid Dreaming: Over 60 Powerful Practices to Help You Wake Up in Your DreamsExploring the World of Lucid DreamingSoul Traveler: A Guide to Out-of-Body Experiences and the Wonders BeyondSleep Paralysis: A Guide to Hypnagogic Visions and Visitors of the NightSpark: The 8 Mental Habits of Highly Successful PeopleGuest Info:Facebook: @jmlundquist1IG: @latinoccaClubhouse: @JaimeLundquist-MunozSkeptic Metaphysician Info:SkepticMetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast

Lucid Dreaming

 [00:00:00] Good.

Will: Hey, welcome back to the skeptic metaphysician. Karen. I says, have you on the show again? You know, I keep coming back, keep coming back. I'm so glad that you do. It's always a pleasure to have you, so thanks for coming. Karen today's guest. Where do I even begin? I mean, he's fortunate enough to have had a mother who was familiar with the concept of our body experiences from an early age.

So he had the freedom to kind of research it or look into it, starting at the age of 12. Really. Wow. Yeah. Very, very young.  He's had dreams that have helped him with prophecies or not prophecies, but kind of guide him in his life. For example a [00:01:00] dream that, that hopefully we'll get to during the conversation today, but that actually helped him to decide to move from Columbia to the United States.

And we'll talk a little bit about that, but he's also did a lot of research into what he's been experiencing and actually has trained at the Monroe Institute. And we've talked about them in rose Institute, a lot on the show and really, really excited to talk to him about his experience there, but rather than spending too much time detailing his experiences before we introduced them, I'm really mostly curious.

About his experiences with 

Jaime: lucid dreaming 

Karen: me too. I'm so 

Jaime: excited about this. 

Will: Yup. Yup.  Probably just as excited as I am. So,  let's not waste any more time, please. Welcome to the show today. Hi, may Linquist Munoz? Did I say that right? Or 

Jaime: did I hi,

thanks for coming on. It's a pleasure to be here. Thank you. 

Will: I mean the obvious question, right? We've got a lot to talk about and I hope we can get to all of it because your stories, as you sent them to us, we I've just been, my mouth has dropped more and more. Every time you send me one and we'll talk about your daughter and just so many great, great stories that we're going to talk about.

But [00:02:00] first and foremost, talk to us about lucid dreaming, what to, for, for those of our audience who may not really know what lucid dreaming is. Can you explain it to us in, in a way that, that it can make sense for us? 

Jaime: Sure.  Lucid dreaming is when you you realize that you are  lucid, then you become lucid in your dream when you go to bed.

So when you start having a dream and suddenly you realize it is a dream I'm dreaming, so you become aware in your dream. Awareness weight awareness. Yes. 

Will: Right. So you're actually conscious that you're having a dream that you're in the middle of a dream. Now I've heard also have you heard, can you control the dreams while you're in it then at that point?

Cause you're conscious or you just still kind of along for the ride, 

Jaime: right? I don't want to say control the dream because I don't think that dreams can be control as the, as Robert Robert Warner. Robert Wagner says that the, the, the sailor in the sea cannot control the sea, but kind of navigate the sea.

So saying we, our dreams, we don't probably don't control it, but we are able to learn to [00:03:00] navigate the dreamscape. Okay. So not control, but manipulate, you know, kind of work around it. Right, right. That makes sense. Yeah. 

Karen: Yeah. I've had a couple of dreams like this, you know, before we really get into it. And I, I sort of, I have a lot of bad dreams.

Kind of realize it's a dream. And I, I keep telling myself, wake up, wake up, wake up. And then I wake up. Would that be a lucid dream? Is that what we're talking about? 

Jaime: So you said you're having a dream and then you're hearing something about, wake up, wake up, wake up. No, if 

Karen: there's like a bad situation in the dream, I'm trying to get away.

And all of a sudden it's like, I realize that I'm dreaming. So I'm like make myself and I'm like, wake up, wake up. And I feel like, kind of like I'm in quicksand, but eventually I wake up. So with, with that, 

Jaime: yeah, you could turn it into a lucid dream, any kind of dream. You can turn it when you become aware and you become lucid in your dream, you can change the narrative.

That's when what's, when people say control the dream, but you can actually change the narrative on your dream. If you're in a quick sand and you become aware of your dream, then you can just buy a thinking of you want to be somewhere else. Then you will get out of that situation and then [00:04:00] change your landscape.

You don't have to. In my case, for me, I'll probably.  Just kind of,  changed my landscape to, let's say I want, when I think about the beach and then I want up here in the beach, you know, relaxing and having a margarita on my side or something drinking that sounds 

Karen: so much better. I'm just like wake up.

Jaime: We can, I know when I'm already telling your hand, people think that it's, that's controlling the dream, but now it's actually like manipulating or changing the narrative because we are able to do that. Like we are our own directors and we can redirect our word dreams into a different reality. We don't have to be stuck on the quicksand.

We can just change that into something amazing. Let's say I want to take out a little vacation, so I might, I might as well, I think of Italy in those, in those gondolas, you know, going through the, having a little sip of wine or something and hearing someone singing to you, your dreams,

because that's kind of my dreams, you know, I, I always say every time I wake up I'm I just came back from a vacation. Oh, nice. That is nice. What's better than my dream. I know. Right. 

Will: Well, so then what, how is it that some people can [00:05:00] actually manipulate dreams to, to use your, your terms and others can't others are just slaves to wherever the mind takes them.

Jaime: Yeah. It depends on what, when you go to sleep, what is your intention when you want to have these experiences? So before I go to sleep, I set my intentions, my affirmation. When I go to sleep. So I am putting commands on my dream. This is what I want to experience. This is what I would like to enjoy. And I looked at, let's say a postcard of, let's say Italy, and then I just kind of visualize that.

And it kind of a miss me rice, some beautiful buildings, the beautiful gondolas, the beautiful, you know, I imagine like I'm already there. Ah, so 

Will: you kind of pre-program yourself as you're going to sleep to tell you what kind 

Jaime: of dream you're going to have. Yes. It's called incubating the dream incubator.

Will: Gotcha. Is it, has there ever been a time where you have said I'm going to be in Italy, in the gondola drinking the wine and instead of the wine, it's actually a Margaret. 

Jaime: It could be, you can, you know, whatever happens, you know what? I just want to enjoy it because when I start [00:06:00] analyzing way, I asked for a margarita, but I got a wine or I got a , my dreamscapes cannot disappear.


Will: Has ever been a time when you've actually programmed yourself to be some, to be somewhere or do something. And you found yourself there, but then you decided in the middle of a dream that you wanted to change it up. 

Jaime: You can, you can just, by thinking you can just, there's the lucid dreaming or bad experiences.

There's so many infinite possibilities. We don't have to get stuck with one there's many realities, many dimensions that we can travel to and experience. Is this 

Karen: your dream, like every night, do you program yourself every night? Cause that would be so cool. 

Jaime: Or do 

Will: you dream every night before you go to bed?

Jaime: I I set up my intentions. Mostly I love like, let's say mystical experiences, like my higher self  something that I want to, I want to go to a app to an Astro school and learn something new. And so things like that, I programmed myself and then I don't, I don't go to too. I don't put too my seriousness on it.

I'm playful. I want to have fun with it. And sometimes I allow the landscape or the dreamer to just take [00:07:00] me anywhere. So me something amazing, whatever. Right. So I give it free flow to my dream. 

Will: Do you find that to be restful? I mean, do you, wait, when you wake up in the morning, you feel refreshed, like you actually had a good night's rest or do you wake up going home a little groggy because I didn't, my mind didn't really rest.

Jaime: Well, what happens is that when you, when I go to sleep, I said, Baria, sleep mine awake. My body's resting, but you know what? The mind never rest the mind is constantly working. So it, the mind is constantly working. I might as well use it for something useful for me. Let's say creativity, let's say, learn something new during my dream because we stay a thorough word life sleeping.

Right. So also is your mind rest? No, it's always constantly working, thinking anything that you did in a day is going to be playing out your mind and your mind. So might as well use your mind or your  dev  sleep time to keep having fun and learn, grow, experience something new. Because if we have in the physical, we learn new things.

Why [00:08:00] not use the nonphysical experiences to learn something amazing. Right? When we wake up, we have  information that we retrieve and you use it. So you're 

Will: saying that that everybody, when they go to sleep. Their mind does not shut off their mind continues working, even though you're not aware of it.

Jaime: Right? Exactly. It's not about wellness, correct. It's actually, when you bring awareness, that's when you are able to realize things that you can do. For instance, say, when I become aware, I have placed intentions that I want to go to an estrus astral school to learn something new. And I do remember one time I set up the intention.

I asked myself, what is lucid really for, or what is out-of-body experiences for? And I remembered that I wrote it down and I put it under my pillow. And then suddenly I found myself on this place, walk in the street, I see this building and I, I got, I was drawn to it. So I went in and there was this  guy with a white tunic.

And I realized I'm in a Astro school because I heard someone said the lucid dreaming class. And I said, oh, I, I mean, I, I realize I [00:09:00] am in in Astro school. So I asked, I see these men in white tunic and I looked at him and he looked at me and he said, do you have a question? And I said, yes, I do. So he asked me to sit down and, and I sat down right next to him.

So he grabbed my hands and looked at my eyes and said, what is your question? And I said, I want to know what is lucid dreaming about experience for, and his smile and said, explore, go and explore, have fun. And when he said, dye, smile, I looked at him, I smile. And then I woke up and then I woke up. So happy on that.

Yeah. It's extraordinary having fun. Yes. So I got my answers. Yeah. Before we're explorers, we need to explore, you know, since the conquistador is everything we always exploring. So in our consciousness or energy or energy body also wants to explore, wants to learn constantly because energy is information and yes, you know, we're energy and what's inside of us is energy.

Karen: Do you remember your dreams every night? Because some many times I wake up in the morning and I'm refreshed, but I have no idea what I dreamt, but if you're [00:10:00] having lucid dreams, do you always remember? 

Jaime: I have trained myself to remember my dreams, but also because I, I keep a journal and I wrote, since I was younger, I always wrote my dreams.

Even if it was small, it was whatever I remember. So I train myself to remember my dreams. And now if you, even if I don't write them down now, I still remember them. Even if it was 4, 2, 3 weeks ago, a month ago, a year ago, I will still remember them because I have trained myself say, oh, it's all about training and practice.


Will: I'm, I'm getting a feeling here. It feel it's sounds like when you dream and you've touched on out-of-body experiences and astral projection, what it sounds like you're saying is that when you go to sleep, you actually, we travel out of our bodies, go into the astral realm. And that that person that told you that it just you're here to have fun and explore was actually an astral beings.

When you say Astro school, you're talking about learning something out, like going, traveling out of your body and being out in the ether and learning something while your body is [00:11:00] sleeping, your soul is traveling. Is that correct? 

Jaime: Yeah. Your energy body, your body. Your consciousness, whatever you want to call it, I'm not much for labels, but when you start putting labels and kind of, it takes the experience it kind of diminish the spirit experience.

So I learned that at the Monroe Institute, by the way. So, so yeah, there's dimensions, there are  energy systems that it's all to explore, to, to engage with, to to integrate in our living lucidity or awareness. Okay. 

Will: You did, you did. He did a great, great job.  And I understand your point about labels.

And I think that probably we all aspire to get to the point where we can leave those labels behind, but I find. When you're first starting out, I mean, this, this, this world that we're exploring and not, I'm not talking about the three-dimensional world that this, this metaphysical mystical spiritual realm that we are exploring on the show, for example, is so daunting.

It's so vast. There's so much to it that you don't know. People don't realize how [00:12:00] much there is out there until you start looking on the rock. Suddenly you pick up that rock and that's not little, little warm under there. That's like an entire colony of worms. It's it's mind blowing. So I think so. I think at first, putting those labels in place, I think help us to categorize in our mind.

We can take the next step. And then eventually I can tell you that I'm at the point where I'm starting to remove the labels, I'm starting to find joy and the great experience in removing the labels and just being open to whatever. Okay. That's exactly. It may not be red or blue it's could be fuchsia, who knows, but I don't care what it is.

I'm just going along with it. Right. But when I first started, I need to know this is red and this one is blue and that helped me categorize things and get them straight in my head so that I can then move on to the next step. You know what I'm saying? 

Jaime: Yes. And, you know, I learned that it's whatever works for you.

Yeah. Yeah. Because I used to, I used to be, I used to be very analytical too, you know, because I was taught that in school, I have to question, these are two questions and which is okay too, you know, in a way to question your own reality. Right. You know, but it, when you want to [00:13:00] experience, this is my experience.

I'm speaking of when you want to add these experiences that are beyond, beyond the mind beyond comprehension, they do need to remove yourself from this physical body, from the attachments, from the belief systems, from everything that you've been taught, 

Karen: right. You just have to open up. That's what I've been telling you.

Jaime: Okay. We do heart. Would you heart open up once you open up your heart and your mind and your spirit, everything, it's just everything. Is that revealing to you, right? The, the veil set coming down. Yeah. And then you see beyond, 

Will: I think that's key, right? Because I do pride myself in being a scientist in mind, rather than analytical.

And I need that physical proof. I need to know for sure that this is real and not just my mind playing tricks on me. Right. But I find that the more. Drop my guards and just experience and allow the crazy stuff to come through. More. That crazy stuff comes through. And the more I learn that I don't really know anything, right.

The scientific mind [00:14:00] sometimes shuts you off or limits you from what you allow yourself to experience. 

Jaime: Well, 

Karen: and I think there's also so much more than that just the world does that. And because I think of the experience of that, that I hadn't, I was much younger, you know, in college and just, you know, kind of living my life and experiencing everything and taking it all in.

And then, you know, you, you start working and you get married and you have kids and you've got to do this and you have the schedules and deadlines. And it just kind of, I have sadly kind of closed off. And even though I want to be back where I was, I'm not quite sure how to get there. So that's the issue I'm having.

So I had I've told will about this. I had this, I don't know if it was a dream or not. Maybe you can help me figure. But I, I remember I had spent the night at a friend's house and I was sleeping on her floor. I think she just had a twin bed, you know, college, we were all poor, but I, it was a very, very quick sort of dream where I, all of a sudden everything got very dark, very dark and very cold, but with like a blue tinge and I could hear like whispers.

And so I just asked him, like, are you real? Are you there? And then I heard some someone say she's not ready. And then it was like this zoom, this like energy. And it woke me up and I could not even lift myself up. Like I had just had no [00:15:00] strength in my body. It was the strangest thing. And I've never been able to have that again.

I want that. I mean, I don't know if it was a dream or if it was something happening, but I, you know, it was a long time ago. 

 Jaime: There is a technique that you can use to recall experiences back to you. You know, you played out that in your mind again, is it just like you just. And then get in the zone with it.

And that's how you can get back into the experience and see what, you know, what is funny. Tell you what is, what can I learn from this? There's a lot of things. So just go back into meditate in what and your dream, you know, what you just told me and then played out right. Okay, because I don't that before that I can go back in into the dream again and finish it up.

Okay. I've heard about 

Will: that. Yeah. And I think the key here, Karen is you have 

Jaime: to meditate. It's so true because if I don't, yes, meditation has. That's what gets me to me into the zone in between. The here and now, and suddenly I started hearing the civilian, the vibrations, or, you know, when I get too deep, I go into the sleep paralysis.

Wow. [00:16:00] Thank goodness. I've been trained now to not fear the sleep paralysis or the physical sense sensations that comes along with the phenomena, because once, if you don't have the, the understanding of it is frightening. Yeah. And we 

Will: had a guest on a show a few weeks ago that talked about that specifically that the, the cheer terror, the panic that comes on her every single time she wakes up in the sleep paralysis, but getting back to meditation real fast, it really is the gateway to everything.

In fact, it wasn't until I started meditating every day that I. My mind started opening up to 

Jaime: things. See, I just 

Karen: at it, I start thinking about things and I tell myself not to think about it. Then I'm fixated on not thinking about it. I'm thinking 

Jaime: about 

Will: that. That's where you're going wrong. You can let it be whatever needs to be.

We'll we'll work on that. Karen, we're going to, we're going to trick you.


Jaime: Take me one technique. I suggest also, I mean, this is like I say what works for me. It may patient. You got to, because we're so busy now we don't have the time to sit down and just meditate for a half hour, 40 minutes, one [00:17:00] hour. Right? So you can go. It works for me. This one, I had to explore on my own. I go for a walk and I go walking with awareness.

That's meditation to mindfulness doing the dishes, doing the laundry, and I'm with mindfulness and awareness. That's meditation too. 

Will: Yeah, that's a great, great point, actually that, no, I don't think anyone's made on the show before meditation is mindfulness. Meditation comes in so many different forms. It's not just sitting there and going home.

It's actually, it's, it's, it's the, it's the complete focus on one given task.  I know people whose meditation is just running, right? That's they come back after their meditation. I know people whose meditation is is actually reading a book  or anything that, that allows you to shut the 

Jaime: world off.

Okay. So 


Karen: cooking, like chopping stuff. 

Jaime: Yes. I enjoy that. 

Karen: Yeah. If I'm doing laundry, it's going to be a bad meditation because I'm like, why can't everybody be naked? 

Will: Well, that's, that's, that's the skeptic visiting after dark. That's a whole other, we're talking about choose something that works for you.

Cooking is a great example. Chopping the vegetables is a great example. What are you talking about [00:18:00] when you're, when you do the laundry, you focus on the feel of the clothes for the smell of the clothes as you're holding them, the, the, the patterns, that kind of thing. So don't focus on the, I got to fold these clothes and rather it's, it's, it's allow yourself to experience for the first time, the tactile things that you're doing.


Jaime: And I'll tell you what happens when you do that. You bring the city to yourself and you also sending messages to your brain. To remember. So when you go into sleep and because you've been working with Lucy during your waking life, you're going to bring the city into yours, into your dreams too. I hadn't 

Will: even thought of that.

Wow. Now I do meditate every day, but I have a hard time with mindfulness. I, it, to me, they're two separate things and my meditations are more about centering and and relaxation and getting myself to just be rather than. Focusing on. I still have a hard time with like, when you eat, actually tasting the food, completely feeling the fork, going into your mouth.

Those things, I have a hard time doing with them. I need to focus on that because [00:19:00] I do want to practice. I do want to lucid dream and more specifically, I do want to have an body experience. I really do, because I mean, really that's from why my understanding this is, this is the gateway, right? Lucid dreaming is the gateway into OBS.

And that's so exciting to me. 

Jaime: I see you. Once you, okay. Real quick. A technique that I do that I do is I walk through my garden and I looked at the flowers. We detailed look, everything with like the detail. So. You know, memorize the, you know, the flowers, the flower, where you walk in the welcome with all their shoes to ground yourself and feel the energy, the bioenergy, or the plant that prana breathing, you know, feel like you are integrated with nature.

You're one with nature. You're one with everything. And everyone, once you do that, you will. I inviting all those energies to help you have a better Lucy dream, better to wake up consciously. Your conscious evolution is going to start there. When you become conscious of what you're doing, how you're conducting yourself, you know, you bring that focus to your [00:20:00] third eye.

Everything is start opening up. See, we got to integrate. All right. To be able to become lucid in our dreams. This is what I have experienced. This is what I do. And it works for me perfectly. 

Will: It's, it's really something that I need to work on because I really, I, right. I mean, the thought is, is, is mind blowing to 

Jaime: me and, and 

Karen: I just have to tell you for the first time in any of these interviews, I'm sitting here taking notes so I can remember all of this stuff.

Jaime: That's fantastic. I love that.  The thing is that everyone can do this. And if we are taught in schools and churches, all these things early age is to be so easy for us. My daughter has been since you mean, since you're three years old, I have been keeping her journal or a recording, or sometimes she, you know, she wakes up and tells me her dreams.

So I'm so early age, children should be taught this. And w if they're taught these things growing up, they will not have problems with emotional traumas, with nightmares, with anything that comes with everything around, they will be able to cope with everything that comes their way with, you know, with whatever the [00:21:00] world throws at you.

They will be able to co to have better understanding and manage their life and be more centered in, and with more resilience. Be able to handle things and 

Karen: maybe they can do like you didn't and ask those questions and get 

Jaime: answers. Yes. You know what? That's how I had guided my life. My life has been guided through my lucid dream.

My autobody experiences, like we'll say in the beginning, you know, I wanted to come to United States. I wa I asked my dream, my dream, where is the best place for me to live, show me. And then I went to sleep and then I see myself walking in, in a sidewalk with the stars on the payment. And then I see this Chinese building the next day.

I see a movie with those characteristics and I know aha. I'm going to Los Angeles. Wow. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. 

Will: And not just that, but you actually had messages that were more earth shaking to you within your dreams. Right. So from what you told me, your daughter, before she came into your life, came to you in dreams.


Jaime: Tell us about that. Yeah. Me and my [00:22:00] husband, we, we always want to talk to Ryan, you know, but there's no way that's tricky. Yeah. So what happened is that I had this feeling that we wanted to be parents, but, you know, and, and one night came to me and my dream this man in white tunic, it looked like a doctor.

It took me actually flying to another place where there was a nurses and they had me a baby. So when I woke up, I told bill, we're going to be parents. And he kind of says, you know, that's it. So the next day, that night I pray for confirmation. I said, Lord, if it's meant to be to, for us to be parents gave me confirmation.

Then I had the same dream. So when I woke up, I told bill, we're going to be parents, get ready to start putting money away, get ready because we're going to be parents. And if you will, a few weeks, you know, I met the surrogate mother to work with me. We talk about something, you know, about kids. And I say, no, we can't have kids.

She has already three kids, four kids or something like that. And then  she said, so you want to be parents? And I say, yes, I can. We do something happened to her that somebody shift [00:23:00] on her. And then she looked at me and said, you know, I always want it to be a surrogate mother. I'll do it for you guys. Wow.

And that's, and, and that's how it happened. And then within a year, Margaret, wow. 

Will: And then the even freak year apart was that when she was two, two and a half, she actually said to you that she had chosen you as 

Jaime: her pair when she was two and a half, we were ready to take her to bed. And she said to us that she came from far.

I still remember the words, word by word. I came from far, far away. I paused the moon, the star, the sun and planets, her words were coming out so clear at two and a half. Wow. Yes. And she looked at us and her eyes were like, like blinking and to sit that she picked those house, her parents and me and my husband looked at her like, oh, And my heart was beating and his was just in tears.

And then she said that the other children waiting to come to earth and they are like little balls of light. I have goosebumps 

Will: amazing me too. I love these stories. 

Karen: That reminds me a little bit of what Sienna said.  [00:24:00] She was three. And so I had her when I was 41. So I was a lot older and she, you know, just kind of walked up to me and she had, you know, she's three, she doesn't know anything about ages or anything.

And she said, mom, why did you wait so long to have me? 

Jaime: There you go. I just got goosebumps myself. I felt your energy of that story. Yes, 

Will: for these kids are lot more close to spirit than, than grownups. Right. But for some reason we find that we, we, we add these filters to ourselves between us and the spirit as we get older.

Karen: Yeah. Well, that's all that chaos in our mind. And in 

Will: your niece and nephew. Oh my 

Jaime: gosh. Yes. Who we're talking about third, right. Well, 

Karen: well that my sister was pregnant with triplets and it was identical boys and a girl and one of the boys didn't make it, make it. And that the Blake had asked, you know, where's my, where's my other self.

And, but he did tell my sister once when he was probably about two or three, he said that he preferred her to her. His other mother said, I like you better than mine. And he used to hide all the time when he was little, I was hiding in closets and stuff. So we think he came from a, you know, bad 

Jaime: experience.

Wow. So your kids, kids can come in. The children now are coming back with [00:25:00] all their the, the knowledge. All that knowledge. And when she, my worry was about four. When I picked it up from kindergarten, taking her home in the car, she  she said something pop behind me.  I see colors out here and I said, where are you?

She goes, I'll hear out there outside. And then she says, wait, that's a spirit. It's like a rainbow. Suddenly. She said, oh, Papa Jaime. I am a rainbow spirit out of my body. That's my spirit. And I am a rainbow spirit. And I was say, what's a rainbow spirit. Wow. So I went and Google it, you know, highlight rainbow, rainbow, rainbow children.

Then I read that there is an indigo children, crystal children. Now the children that are here now, they're rainbow children. How did she know that? Wow. If you Google it, you find rainbow children rainbow. Yeah. And it comes with clarity, they speak clear, they know things that are beyond. So I was, I got just like all my goodness, you know, I know that they sent her to me for a reason.

So I'm trying to do [00:26:00] my best to educate her on all these things, because that's what she is. Yeah. The right person. Right. 

Will: And that's the most remarkable thing that the stories amazing means. It's a remarkable story and it does bring goosebumps, especially the two of you couldn't have, couldn't have kids, excuse me, sorry.

Couldn't have kids. This little girl chose you as parents. So found a way to get herself to be your daughter and, and then came to you and dream saying, I'm coming. Get ready. Cause I'm coming. I mean, that's, 

Jaime: that's amazing. That's one thing too, that I  was able to understand that there wa that was the reason why I had a dream leaving Columbia, because if I have not left Columbia, this I happen.

Right. So everything was guided for me. Everything was provided for me. When I came from from Columbia to United States, even the family I was going to be with. When I came to United States, they calling grandma and grandpa. They were amazing to me. They were lobbying and, and then put me to school, gave me a job.

I was guided. I was, I was taken care of. 

Will: And you were in your early twenties or 20 years old when you came into the state.

Karen: So do [00:27:00] you, when, when you have these dreams, I mean, do you ever, if it's a dream that's kind of giving you guidance, you know, like, like moving to California, do you ever question them or like, are you anxious when you're making the actual decisions in real life? Or do you feel pretty confident? 

Jaime: Oh, when I'm going to make decisions in real life, I do ask my, my dream, my dream, or my questions, I posted inquiries before anything to make decisions.

 For instance, when I work at a restaurant and I was ready to move on and something happened with a customer that didn't settle well, and I had it and I went into the freezer in the restaurant and I dropped myself and my knees and I started crying, burst, open my heart. And I said, Lord, make me a businessmen.

I don't know anything about business, but I know you put the right people in my life that will help me become a business owner. And that night I drank, I was working at another place to a spa as I'm assessed two jobs at a time. And suddenly that night I trim that the place where I work was going to be mine.

And in my dream, they show me to go and touch it and [00:28:00] say, it's mine. It's my cultural research. Mind customers are mine. And money's mine. Everything is mine. So the next day I woke up, I went early. I sit in the morning and I start touching everything.

It's crazy. What's happening. Cause we, 

Will: so can you take your hands off my face? 

Jaime: Yeah, basically. Yeah. And you know what one thing led to another one and yeah, that became my. Wow. So they own this call me, they own this call me and say, we're going to sell a business to you and say  I'll be right back.

Cause I didn't have any money. Go back to sleep. Show me how I get the money if they want. And you know what? That night I was shown how to move money around from one credit card to another one to money the bank, get ready with your certificates. They show I was seeing everything maybe cause I was so anxious.

So no insurance as a desperate, but happy. I would say motivated. I was eager that I get to change my life. I got to do something incredible because I can be working at the restaurant anymore for the rest of my life. Know nothing wrong with that. But I was, I felt inside they, my higher self was guiding me, telling me it's time for you to move, move on.

And you're more [00:29:00] than what you're doing. Right. So I went, did what? My dream show me. I went to a bank. I moved money from credit cards, put money in the bank to show that I have financials and this. So by the time K, Y I, they offer me their business. They wanted to they gave me the offer how much they want it.

And I, I remember what my dream, it was a number that they gave me to offer them. So I offered them what my dream told me. It was so little and they accepted it. Wow. So he became my business and, and then I have to deal with the with the, with the lease for the mall to get the lease. And that's when they want their financials.

I already have set it up. I showed it to them. They asked me, why do you think we should give you the lease? Somehow somebody to cover me. And I started speaking my English. Wasn't that good at the time? So this was like 20 years ago. So I sit, there is a little business around all these people work in offices.

They need a massage, they're tired, they're ready for a nice relaxing massage. And I can provide that. And they gave me 15 minutes and they gave me the least, they [00:30:00] say, yeah, this is yours. My life changed from there. Hmm. Wonderful. It's 

Will: good that you didn't say, we asked you, why do you want, why should we give you this lease?

It's good. You didn't say well, because I dreamed that you were leaving.

Jaime: I guess I could say that. Oh, because I dreamed it, you know, usually Judy to give it to me now, 

Will: don't you understand

Jaime: what's yours is yours. You know, no matter what 

Will: my mother used to say that all the time. 

Jaime: Right. That's what it was. No. Then my mom says the same thing. 

Will: Yup, yup, exactly. So, oh my gosh. We haven't even scratched the surface and so much so that we have to talk about we're already at 40 minutes in. So I got from the skeptic metaphysician standpoint, I've got to ask the question, even though we all know the answer.

I've got to ask the question. Could your lucid dreaming, could that just be your mind playing tricks on you? Like, is it something that maybe you think you're controlling your dreams, but actually you wake up thinking you thinking you were manipulating it, but actually was manipulating you any thoughts along, along those lines, or maybe the dream that you're having where your coincidences, what are your thoughts on things like this?

Jaime: My opinion  I think it's, it could be our S our higher self directing things like a game, you know, and see how we [00:31:00] react and how we play the game. So, you know, I might as well play the game if he wants me to play this game or moving money around to see what I'm going to do it and see if I'm going to play the games to win it.

They're not going to play it. Right. So, like is a game. And enjoy it, do it with a smile on your face, do it with a yes, I win. I can do it. You know, and then, you know, what happens is that portal opportunities opens up for you and more, more there's more possibilities to choose from. So do you choose this one?

Maybe you're not gonna make it. Do you choose this other one? They sell their door. Oh, there's the winning, winning door since the game. And you've got to learn to play it. 

Will: And if there's one thing that's coming through loud and clear for you and everything that you're telling us is it's a sheer joy of life that you're experiencing.

Like, I feel it coming through the camera and the, in the microphone cheer for it. 

Jaime: It's a play room. It is a playground in order to, in order to play, right. You've gotta be like a child. They have fun with it and smile and jumped up and [00:32:00] down and say, yes, yes, yes. That's what I do at the end 

Will: of the day. It's a choice, right?

You can choose to just say, there's nothing else out there and it's all in my head and just keeps, keep your life just kind of bitter and sad and angry and frustrated. And at the end of the event, you die and that's the end of it. Or you can be open to possibilities. And even if it's not real, have fun while you're 

Jaime: experienced exactly.

The thing is that we were given a great, great mechanism tools inside of it. To use them. We don't use them for our own benefit or on happiness. We don't, we get so much attached to the outcomes of things, the materials that make us blind to see the beauty of everything and the happiness and the joy. Once you remove all that, your perception changes because it's all about perception.

And when your perception changes to more positive vibration, everything else like rates are you all paid up what you were choosing to be. Right. So that's what I discovered you. Removing 


Jaime: Yes, removing [00:33:00] expectations and allow things to flow with the energy. And guess 

Will: what, that's the same principle that you use in meditation?

Jaime: Well, not 

Karen: be able to meditate.

Jaime: We are, we, we  able to connect with the wifi or the universe. We start getting downloads. We start getting  knowledge. We start getting  how to live life happy. I think we found 

Will: titled accessing the wifi of the universe. I love that

Jaime: AOL.

I upgraded my cell phone, my myself, but 5g. Yeah. You know what? Okay. This is how I know that you get upgrades a month ago. I was meditating, you know, and suddenly I start feeling these vibrations and something went through my spine, up to my head, like a current. And I was like, jolting. I was like, oh my God, no, I can't control this.

But I knew something new to me, a new experience because of my training with sleep paralysis vibrations. I have learned from William Beaumont in a Maureen city to stay call and, and just enjoy the, the process. So I did that and I feel like I was being upgraded my cells in my [00:34:00] brain. My neurons were not range.

They were connecting with each other, something finally worked out better. But what I noticed was I start feeling more confident to speak in clubhouse about lucid dreaming, because I didn't speak about this before publicly or making myself visible. I was kept everything for myself or my friend just to share with my friends or family.

This is the first time I'm actually sharing publicly. But when I had the experience, something happened that I felt like I needed to share this. Because if I don't share this, then other people are not going to benefit from who we are for what we are. And we are more than this physical body. There's so much about energy, powerful inside of us, that it all together put together.

We can light up the whole universe and like 

Karen: that, and being of service to people 

Jaime: helps that. Yeah. So the exactly, that's when I felt that I needed to become a, a server too, because there's not right, that I'm getting all these downloads all this information and I'm not sharing. Then I'm missing my blessings and I'm missing the blessings of other people.


Will: and that's one of the, one of the many reasons we're [00:35:00] grateful that you decided to come on the show to help share that message, because it's so important, especially nowadays to get, get the people plugged into the wifi because the planet, it seems like it's yeah, it's out of service or something.

Jaime: So exactly. You said it right. If our service, I will need to go back online because if we don't go back online, our planet can just energetically die. And when energy, the energy is not moving and get stagnate, what happens irritants, he dies. So it's my responsibility to share these too, that if we don't get back on touch with our higher self and back online with this story, Then what's going to happen to the whole planet.

Right? Right. 

Will: So,  we are so quickly running out of time, but, but I ask you about the Monroe Institute because it's such a, like, that's the Nirvana of, of people like us, right? Who you got the opportunity to train now, did you go to Virginia to, to train at the Monroe Institute? 

Jaime: Yes. Well, my friend Karen, she came to New York and she mentioned the, the moral [00:36:00] Institute or excited, cause she's also a lucid dreaming out-of-body experience IX expert.

And she said, hi mate. I met her through my Facebook  group. And so she came to visit me here in California state with me. And so, you know, I'd say, well, money's to be provided, so let's go. And so I had the opportunity to be there for two weeks  intensive autobody  experience with William Woolman and that was the best workshop I've ever taken.

And  it totally changed my life because I learned so much about how to deal with sleep paralysis, vibration. That was the most important thing that people wants to know how to  get rid of that fear so they can have a better out-of-body experiences. So that was one of the things that I'm grateful for.

And also that I learned new techniques. I was able to understand more about my, what was happening, my experiences. And so I recommend to Mo to go to the moral Institute and have that experience. Because it is very crucial for us to educate ourselves, read books. I have tons of books, tons of books out about experiences, even [00:37:00] learning to read fast, quick, you know, I, I have so many books I need to learn to read fast.

Yeah. So 

Will: let me too, and you did send me a lot of the books from worrying woman.  And we'll add a lot, we'll, we'll add direct links to those in our show notes. So people can actually access them easily. But so, so your class that you're your workshop at the Monroe Institute was about getting over the fear of sleep paralysis.

Right. But they also offer training literally how to leave your body, how to Astro projected. They do, they do all kinds of different workshops. So Monroe Institute is really, that's like the place. If you want to learn how 

Jaime: to do this place, it is the place. Yes. And, and I also  we practice with binaural beats.

I know. Oh

yeah. Yeah. 

Will: I have I learned about binaural beats a while back and I downloaded an app on my phone to try to use them. And I don't know whether I believe in them or not, but I can tell you there's something to them because when I use them to try to go to sleep, I fall into a deep sleep very, very easily.

And it helps me sleep through the night, but I'm really, if you're out there, you're listening to this and you are an expert in binaural beats. I would [00:38:00] love to pick someone's brain that knows how they work, because you can use binaural beats for all kinds of things, learning memorization, focus, sleep. And now I'm hearing out of body experiences and all kinds of mystical experiences.

So I'm really curious. I really want to find someone who knows a lot about them. So if you know about them, please reach out. Cause I love to have you on the show to talk about this stuff. Okay. 

Jaime: Yeah, that's pretty helpful. Go ahead. Before 

Karen: we change the subject too much, you mentioned all of these books. So for someone like me, who really has no experience, but wants to learn about it, wants to be able to do this.

What book would you recommend as a good starting 

Jaime: point? Okay. For me, I like the one from Claire Johnson. This one, it's very complete book of lucid dreaming that one. It's my it's like my Bible. And then of course we can Bowman's adventurous beyond the body and  the secrets of their soul. And this one from my friend, Robert Peterson, he's in also my Astro group in Facebook.

He wrote this book and he's a great one hacking the [00:39:00] out-of-body experience. I looked at all these books and they go, this is perfect for beginners, for advance or it's, it's very well written and experiences. So I recommend. To start in Robert Wagner, of course the lucid dreaming there's I sent you a list so you can post it.

But those are my favorite books that have been recently with me, my experiences. And they're just great to to start with. All right, great. Thank you. 

Will: Thanks for that. A question that I've got to bring up because long, long time ago, I read Bob Monroe's book journeys out of the body, because I really, like I mentioned, I really wanted to do this.

I wanted to be able to find a way to, to travel out of my body. In that book. He talks about entities that are out in the astral plane that maybe don't have your best interest in mind. So you gotta be really careful about stuff like that. Now, have you encountered anything crazy like that? Like what Bob and rose talks about in the book?

Oh, that's kind of freaky. That's why, that's why I stopped training actually, honestly, when I've got to that part in the book, I said maybe I don't need to do this. 

Jaime: I've heard about 

Karen: that before. 

Jaime: Well, let's hear from the expert.

You don't, I have encountered it, but [00:40:00] once you remove the fear, it's just, they don't do anything to you because when you have the fear, you emanate that energy and you attract them. But when you,

when you train yourself that you have a fear, is that you there's a shield that protects you and they get out. They can't even see you. So my experience, I have seen myself flying through a tunnel or something, and I see, I have seen like gray. Well, you know, those grades, the grades aliens or something.

And I can see, I look at them, but they don't see me. Oh my gosh, no. And I feel protected. I feel there's a shield around me and you can do that. You can surround yourself with a she'll have goes in lie, white lie, whatever it is, 

Karen: pop. Yeah. I think that'd be great. And then I also know 

Jaime: I'm afraid, Carol, that 

Will: that's why he went to this class to learn how to get rid of the feet

Jaime: the 

Karen: first time. Or did you ever encounter them when you were afraid? And 

Jaime: it was scary w before or the yes, I encountered them. Of course. I can say, you know, when the fear takes over you, you wake them up, you know, you send out an alert that you're around. So what of course, you know, I just scream. I wake up, 

[00:41:00] Karen: see, that would be like my dreams.

Wake up, wake up. Yeah. Yeah.

Jaime: You train yourself, you know, because you don't, you shouldn't give up because of the fear of his encounters. Yes. They can be frightening. That's kind of, 

Will: I can't, I can't, I got a lot, I gotta be honest with you about that. That is, that has been a barrier to me moving forward with it, because of that part of the book I'm telling you, when I got to that part of the book, I stopped reading and I stopped 

Jaime: playing.

Yeah. And that was how I learned myself. I learned that when we had those fears, he also plays out in our real life. Those fears that you were talking about where we, his fears play out in our real life in anything we do. We feel like, oh, if I do this, oh, what's going to happen. And then we retrieve, oh no, you know, so that stopped us from becoming even more.


Karen: could those grays or whatever you call them, could those be like a, a different present what's happening in real 

Jaime: life can be a representation also what's happening in your life. So when I, myself, I, I came to that self-realization and stop, [00:42:00] not putting fear on those things. I noticed that more things were manifesting here on the physical form.

We're manifesting my relationship, my kid, my business, my house, things were happy. Even being here with you right now is a manifestation for me. 

Will: There's so much. That we can talk about. Someone wants to continue the conversation with you. The best place, probably on clubhouse, 

Jaime: right? Yeah. Clubhouse, facial work, mostly in house about lucid dreaming.

Yes. Hmm. 

Will: Okay. Sadly we're we're out of time. I know, I know you had, you wanted to make sure we talked about an experience you have with your higher self. Is that something that, that you went to 

Jaime: quick by yourself? Everyone, if you, if you want to connect with your higher self or your divine D there is  William Bowman has a book higher self.

Now that's the best book I recommend for everyone, anyone that wants to connect with the inner self, the higher self, the divine, so go inward or outward, whatever it is, just do it, you know, before you go to bed, say, I want to experience my divine, my higher self, because we do need to connect. We leave to go back to the store.

[00:43:00] We're not back to the source. We need to go back to the source, connect with the source. So before you go to sleep, say to yourself, I want this I I'm, I experiencing higher self now and say, we conditioned with power. I want to  higher self. Now I am aware now, awareness of clarity. Now, if it is dark in your room, say clarity now, and everything lights up.

Those are the experiences I've had and it works perfectly. It works my rules. So, and, you know, give yourself commands. You know, tonight I remain aware and I drift to sleep. And I wake up in my dream. You know, you kick yourself commands, even in waking life gives you commenced yourself too, and you become awake and alert during the day.

And you carry on those commands during the day is going to go up during the night too. And you're going to become elusive in a way. So my higher self real quick it's I would shoot into a tunnel. Do you see these lights, angelic being singing around you? That's what I experienced. Cause that's what I heard.

And then suddenly this golden light comes up and [00:44:00] you're in the void floating in the nothing. And then you feel connected with everything and everyone, you start feeling everything and you're in a bliss and a happiness. And that's when I stopped praying for this world for peace, for healing, you know, you start sending the message to the higher self to God.

And that's how we send messages to be heard. And then when I come back, I was like, oh, I'm so happy. I am. So I'm a bliss. I'm just, I'm just, I'm always happy because your energy changes. Yeah. 

Karen: So just really quickly, you just touched on something that brought me back to that experience. I told you about when you said you're in the void.

That's exactly what I felt like I was on the edge of. 

Jaime: Wow. And that's, that's very, that's very powerful because that's where the energy is. The power, the power is the everything that you can, you can just feel everything. It fills you up 

Will: what you have given him so many. Great, great tips today. I, I don't think this is our final conversation because we have so much to talk about still that we haven't.

But  if anybody wants to continue the conversation with Jaime, I invite you to reach out to him on Instagram at [00:45:00] Jaime Linquist Munoz. I'll add that in our show notes as a direct link. So you can connect with him directly. Also, I can't recommend enough. He's got two Facebook groups that he recommended to us and I checked them out and it looked really cool.

I'm going to join them today. Jaime, so that you're aware it's  lucid dreaming club is. And the other one group and the other group is astral beings. So beings. And the other one is group slash lucid dreaming club invite you to join those if you're interested in the topic, because the conversations that they're having on there are remarkable.

And of course, if you are on clubhouse, absolutely look him up. Jaime Lunquist Munoz. I will add also all that information in the show notes for you. I may any last words of wisdom you want to impart before we, 

Jaime: we move on? Yes. Thank you. There's other other institutes that I suggest I recommend is the  IAC, which is the international academy of culture.

I will write it down for you if you want to. But that's, I took classes on conscious  development program and is a [00:46:00] wonderful class I took with  Nancy trivia Yocto and Nelson Abreu.  The other one is international association of the study of dreams. We Ryan heard Ryan Hurd wrote a book on the sleep paralysis and that one it's, I'm going to send that one to you too, because that is very, very well-written book, scientifically, if that's what you like and more into.

So I'll send you the book on that one, which will help you  release all those fears that you can have your autobody experience.

Yes. Thank you. 

Karen: So these two I'm like this academy of consciousness and the other one you taught, can you take classes online there or do you have to go? 

Jaime: Okay. The international academy of consciousness, they have a campus in Portugal, but I took the class online on zoom with Nancy . And, and also what a great good now and the other teachers Wagner Allegretti, they're both very good teachers on the international academy of consciousness.

So that's, if, if anyone interested in academies or institutes, I recommend them. That's excellent. 

Will: Thank you so much. [00:47:00] Jaime, for coming on the show, giving us all this information, you are a wealth of knowledge in this space, and I encourage anyone who's interested in lucid dreaming or out-of-body experiences to connect with him because he is not only just a joy 

Jaime: to talk to 

Karen: pleasure to be around through 

Jaime: the internet.

Yeah, absolutely. Anytime 

Will: your smile lights up the room and the, that the knowledge, the, the optimism, the hope that you bring 

Jaime: it. 

Will: It's really wonderful. So thank you. Thank you so much for coming on. Really appreciate 

Jaime: that. Thank you. I appreciate it too. 

Will: And as always listener, we want to sincerely thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery that we know that there's a lot of different options that you have out there.

Some reason you chose this one and we are very appreciative of you for that. Now, please remember, go ahead and share this podcast with someone, just pick someone that you think would really appreciate the message and share this podcast with them because. What we've got to do is spread this message one person at a time.

And if you could just think of one person right now and forward it to them, I'm sure that they would absolutely appreciate that from you. And so would we know. Again, if you want to contact my [00:48:00] guest, all those links will be on the show notes for you so that it's easy and you can always send us a voice message on speak metaphysician.

We always love to hear your thoughts, comments, questions, or feedback on the show or the guests. And we love to share people's stories. We would love to share yours too. So please feel free to reach out. If you'd like to come on the show, you can always join us on Facebook and Instagram at the skeptic metaphysician links to all of that is in our show notes as well.

Karen, that's all for now. Thanks so much for joining us 

Jaime: again. 

Karen: Well, I'll keep coming back. If you 

Will: keep having me, it's always, it's always a pleasure because you bring such a great perspective to all this. So I do appreciate you coming on the show and for all of you who are listening in thank you for making this so well received out there. We really appreciate you. Thanks again for listening and we'll see you again on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician until then take care.