A True Psychic, Angel Communicator and Healer | Ellen Mahloy

On this show, we settle the argument, once and for all, whether Karen is an angel or not! The answer will take you by surprise!

Our guest is well known in more than just psychic circles for her ability to communicate with angels, dead people, animals and faeries. She’s even gone as far as to consult with doctors, who have tried to understand how she does what she does! Her story is fascinating and you won't want to miss how incredibly accurate her readings on Karen and Will are on this episode!

Some topics covered:

  • How getting attuned to Reiki changed Ellen's life completely
  • How angels started appearing to her, and why
  • Why do angels look one way to some but different way to others?
  • What faeries look like and what they are primarily seeking
  • Are Will and Karen actually psychic? And if so, in what way?
  • How psychics are like artists and athletes
  • What's the future of The Skeptic Metaphysicians?

And lots more!

About our Guest:
Ellen's intuitive adventure began when a mystery illness led her to seek numerous alternative healing therapies in 2001. The search ended with a diagnosis of severe gluten intolerance and the discovery of Usui Reiki Therapy. Ellen became psychic suddenly after taking a Usui Reiki II class on February 23, 2003. Ellen is clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and more. She is known for her ability to communicate with angels, dead people, animals and faeries.

Ellen teaches psychic development, Reiki with Angels and Defense Against the Dark Arts to people worldwide via teleclasses and webinars.

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Ellen Mahloy

Will: [00:00:00] So Karen, you know, longtime listeners have heard us talk about my spontaneous past life regression during a Reiki healing session. Mm-hmm remember that. I do. Yeah. Then what if the act of taking a Reiki class mm-hmm did not spontaneously bring up a past life regression, but rather it opened up all of the seas for you.

Remember what the seas are? No clear Voyant clear. Oh, those clear

Karen: Clair that's about oceans. Yeah. you that too. I mean, there's a sea of modalities, right? There are. That's what I was thinking

Will: of. We to trademark that I think, yeah. Anyway, it was suddenly, you could not only see dead people and angels, but you could actually help heal people with their.

How cool would that be? That would be amazing. Right? Well wonder no more, because on this episode, we're talking to someone that can answer all of the, what if questions and so much more woo. Welcome to the skeptic IANS.



Will: Hey, everyone I'm will. And I'm Karen and we are thrilled that you could once again, join us on our journey of discovery.

Today's guest is well known in much more than just psychic circles for her ability to communicate with angels, dead people, animals, and fairies. Now she's even gone as far as to consult with doctors, who've tried to figure out what the heck is going on with her and how she does what she does. We have a lot to talk to her about.

So please, let's welcome. Ellen, Malloy to the show. Ellen, thank you so much for coming.

Ellen: Oh, gosh, you're so welcome. I'm happy to be here.

Karen: Well, [00:02:00] we

Will: are excited for lots of reasons. Lots of reasons. We will announce later. But anyway let's just set the table first and foremost, right? A lot of people out there know your story. Mm-hmm and it's amazing, but our audience may not. So I wonder if you could just share how you became, who you.

Ellen: Sure. So I was tooling through life, just living kind of normal. I worked in the tech industry. I was a business analyst and a project manager going through life thinking everything was just, just so, and then I became sick and it was in my late twenties. And I was going from doctor to doctor, trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

No one could diagnose me. No one knew what was wrong, but they could see all these problems. I had a gazillion problems. So I was dating a guy in California or, well, he's from California and they do things a little different out there than they do here in the area where I grew up in just, you know, conservative I'm in the Richmond, Virginia area.

[00:03:00] So he said, Hey, why don't you try some alternatives? And I. Terms to what? To healthcare. said, yes. And I was like, okay. I said, well, what would those be? Cuz I don't, I don't have any idea. He said, you know, like chiropractic or acupuncture or herbs or, you know, I'm thinking, huh? I have, you know, all I knew with chiropractic was I thought people went there after they car accidents.

I had like no idea anybody went there for any other re so, so anyway, so I didn't know what to do, but I always said, you know what I've been to about 25 doctors. No one knows what's wrong with me. What the heck? Let's try some of this, this oddball. So one of the things we tried was that he knew this woman in California who was, I don't know exactly how she'd defined herself, but she was an intuitive person and we called her on the phone and she was kind of doing her thing.

I had never talked to anyone intuitive. Well, I'd met a few people cause I went to arts school. So kind of new agey stuff and artsy Fary stuff goes hand in hand, you know what I mean? But but I really never talk, like trying to get a reading with anybody [00:04:00] or had, you know, wasn't my cup of tea.

So she says, you must do the Reiki. I'm like the Reiki. I, I don't know what this is. This is the year 2001. So I'm thinking, okay. Maybe this is like a Marshall art or something. Like I Tai Chi Kung Fu like I have no idea. So, so she is just like, you have to do this thing, right? Like the she's adamant, this is like, you're you must do this.

I'm like, oh, okay. So I, so I think, well, alright, I get off the phone call with her. I get on Google and I look it up and I'm just utterly baffled to discover that it's a Japanese form of laying on hands. I had no idea anyone outside evangelical churches laid on hands. And so I'm thinking, well, this is like super far fetched for me.

Being this, you know, whatever I was, you know, conventional corporate person, you know? And so I'm like, okay, well, this is weird. I don't, I don't even know where to, I don't even know if anybody in Richmond does this, you know, not to [00:05:00] mention me do it. So I did what I do about everything is I just prayed. I just said, okay, God, this is very.

Not my norm. And I will do this if this is what you want me to do, you want me to do this Reiki thing fine. So we. Find out about two weeks later, my, my boyfriend, the California guy comes home from his Kung Fu class and says, you're not gonna believe it. But the Kung Fu instructor is a Reiki master, and he's coming to our apartment this weekend and you are gonna learn Reiki.

And I'm like, what? I'm like, oh my God. So he comes and he does, you know, explains it my best friend. I rope him into this thing. And we rope in another, another student Kung Fu student. And so it's like the group of us and he does his class and I think it is phenomenal. Like, I, I just, I, I don't know what I was expecting cuz I, you know, I had no idea how this was gonna be, but I could feel the energy.

I thought it was lovely. It was peaceful. It was great. [00:06:00] So that was all super cool. And then shortly after that, I end up getting really lucky and get diagnosed and I find out I have severe gluten intolerance. Like I'm a notch below a celiac. Genetically, if you will. So that's what was wrong with me. So life is going on.

I'm feeling good. I'm looking good. Health is good. I'm doing my Reiki. I took a meditation class. I like that. Like, life is good. My boyfriend proposes, we get married in January. The Kung Fu instructor says. Your wedding gift is Reiki level two. And I'm like, I don't even know what that is because I took the level one.

And I, that was in 2001. This is 2003. And so I'm just like, you know, it's a month after we're married and I'm like, oh, okay, well, this is cool. So we go to the kungfu guys place and he does the whole thing, and it's all interesting, but I realized very quickly that level two is to work with other people.

And I'm thinking, well, no way, no, how am I ever working with anybody else? It's not, not happening. I'm a [00:07:00] corporate executive. I'm not even telling anybody I'd meditate. Cuz you know, that's like too weird except for my friend who did yoga. I told her, but anyways, so I so weird doing our class and it's cool and all, and then we get to the attunement.

And for those of you who don't know what attunement is, it's a sacred ceremony where they make your body a conduit for healing energy. So he goes to do this thing and he had done it before. So I was expecting kind of the same thing, which was sort of this peaceful spiritual thing. Nope. He does it. And I feel really weird and I'm thinking food poisoning.

I don't know. I'm feeling really strange. I'm feeling kind of dizzy lightheaded. So we drive home and I put the seat back and I'm just like, Ooh, I just feel so strange. And we get home and to my extreme shock, I can see dead people. And, and so this is really super weird. My husband, initially, my husband of one month can also see them too for a couple days.

And then it started to go away for him, but it [00:08:00] didn't go away for me. And we called the Kung Fu guy. We're like we have a problem here. We're seeing dead people. This is like,

Will: We got a problem.

Ellen: and yeah, and, and nobody mentioned this in the Reiki, like this was not part of the handbook. So I'm just like what are we gonna do with this?

And he says, gosh, I've been doing this for a long time and I'm not psychic. And nobody I know who does Reiki is psychic and I've never known anyone to become psychic from doing Reiki. He said, I think it's just part of your life path. Good luck with that. And I'm like, I'm like, this is your I'm like, dude, this is your answer.

I'm like, can you undo? He's like, I don't think I can undo it. I do. I don't know how it got done in the first place. I'm like, oh, holy cow. So I have no idea what to do. So my next like step was, I call my yoga instructor cuz she's the weirdest person that I knew. And I said, do you know anybody? Who's like authentically psychic?

And she goes, I think [00:09:00] so why? And I said, well, cuz I'm seeing dead people. And she said, are you really? I said, yeah. Now you have to keep in mind. I'm 33 years old. I've I've not known to. You know, odd other than I'm like a female tech executive, which is kind of was odd at that time, but I'm, I'm not a particularly, you know, odd, odd person.

And so she's just like, whoa, this is crazy. So she gives me this lady's name and I call this lady and I'm like, Hey lady here's the deal? I'm a corporate executive. And I am seeing dead people and I don't want to see dead people. And can you help me with this? Because I don't have the fogies idea what to do.

And the lady listens to me and she says, I'm gonna put you on my waiting list. I was like, oh, thank you. That's great. I never heard from this woman, never heard from this woman. So I'm like, okay. So then I don't know what to do. I'm like, I'm seeing dead pee. They're trying to talk to me.

Karen: Are you.

Ellen: a lot of dead people. No, not, not like hundreds or that like, usually it's like one or two at a time. Sometimes it's three or [00:10:00] four, every once in a blue mood I'd wake up and my bed would be surrounded like in the medium TV show. But but anyway, yeah, I, I, and, and so, so I don't know what to do. I'm just, I'm ignoring them. This is my first cuz I'm like, I'll just ignore them.

They're talking to me. I'm like typing on my computer. I'm I'm like, I don't see you. I don't mm-hmm don't hear you. Don't nah mm-hmm so then I realize, okay, that's not working. So then I start talking them. So I'm like, you know what? I get it. You need some kind of help. Like you need clergy, or you need a detective or you need somebody, but it isn't me.

All I can do is help you make a billing system or a website. you don't need, you don't need anything I've got going on. So I, so basically most of 'em would just be like, Ugh, Ugh. You're like no help and they would leave. And so this was the first, like three months of this thing, and I'm still thinking, okay, it's probably a side effect and this will just go away.

Like if, if I just waited out, this will just go away [00:11:00] one day and I, no one will ever know. And this will just do weird period in my life where saw dead people. Right. And so then everything changed one day actually was one night. So I'm, I'm getting ready to go to bed. And this lady flies into the room and I started, I was starting to kind of figure out the whole dead people thing.

Cause in the beginning I had no idea what was going on and I couldn't even understand some of them. And so then I was kind of figuring out, like I could tell from the way they were dressed, like, oh, okay. This one someone's recently died. And this is someone from some other era, you know, and says, lady comes,

Will: Before you go further, just, just Karen's type of people, right?

Ellen: I'm talking about just seeing people, they look like people, but they are transparent. They're transparent. I can see through them so I can see the wall behind them or, or whatever. And still it's still kind of that way. So they're just, they're people, they just dead. I, I mean, I know they're dead cuz they're transparent.


Karen: Not falling apart, you know?

Ellen: no, they're not like we're not talking zombies people. We're just talking like, yeah. We're it's, I'm not, it's not the zombie apocalypse going on up in here. It's just dead people, but they want me to. No seriously, it wasn't terrifying. It was just weird. It was, it was absolutely shocking and strange.

Will: but when you wake

Ellen: I, they didn't scare me. I'll I can tell you stuff that did scare me, but the dead people didn't scare me. Mostly. I was just flabbergasted. I mean, I guess if you had asked me before this experience, do you believe in life after death? I would've said, yeah, but I wouldn't have thought, like, I would know anything about life after death ever or, or whatever.

And I wouldn't have, if someone said, well, what do you think that's like, I wouldn't have had any, the good theories. I, you know, I could have made some stuff up, but, but anyway, so, so this lady comes in, she's dressed in like the 16 hundreds scar. She doesn't look, you know, she's not from this era and she.

Screaming at me. And that was different. Nobody had screamed at [00:13:00] me so far. People just asked me questions or mumbled or whatever. So she's screaming and it's something about murder and she's yelling at me and I'm trying to give her my spiel. My spiel is ma'am. I realize you need some sort of help, but I am not able to help you.

And she is having none of it. She is whatever. I don't know if she thought I murdered her or some, I don't know. She was too hysterical for me to even understand what she was talking about. My husband's sitting beside bed. He goes, he sees me trying to have this dialogue with this person. He's like, what is going on?

I said, I gotta scream a dead lady, screaming, screaming at me, not listening to me. Won't leave screaming. And so he's like, oh, that's not good. I said, no, not good. I don't, I don't know. I don't know what to do with this. I'm usually they leave, they leave. This lady is not leaving. And so I'm sitting there and she's continuing to scream.

I still don't know what's other than it's something about murder and I'm. I'm just like, okay. I, I don't know what to do. I'm starting to get frazzled. It's late. I wanna go to bed. I've gotta screaming lady. So I just said, God, I need something. I need like an angel or something. [00:14:00] And that was it up in the left hand corner of my room, a gigantic angel appeared swoop down and took this lady.

And I was just like, whoa, it was the first time I'd ever seen an angel. Had no idea. I could see angels didn't know anybody could see angels other than like, I don't know, Joan Nova. and so I, you know, didn't, I, I was shocked and, and my husband looks at me. He goes, what just happened? I said, what do you mean?

He goes, I felt this gush of air blow past me. And I said, well, that's because a gigantic angel was in the corner of the room and swooped down and ju this lady. And he's like, really? And I said, he goes, where are they? I said, they're gone. I don't know, wherever, wherever the angels take dead people. I have no idea.

And um, I said, I don't know. And so then I was like, okay, you know, maybe this could work like the dead people, I've got a solution. So the next time I saw a dead person, I was like, angel, need an angel, any, any, you know? And so angel would appear, take the dead person. So this was working pretty. And I was like, okay, cool.

I've got a solution. [00:15:00] Nobody needs to know how weird I am. I see dead people. I call angels. They, I never even have to talk to them. It's all good. Like, this is, this is workable. And so that's going on for a while. My own little strange private, whatever weirdness. And then one day I was coming out of the kitchen and I looked in the dining room and I realized there was the angel standing there and I had not called an angel.

There was no dead person at that moment pestering me. And I'm looking around, like, there must, maybe there's a dead person here. So I'm looking around like, where's the dead person. And then I'm like, I don't see any dead people. I just see this angel just standing there. And I'm like, oh, well maybe that's so, okay.

I was like, maybe that's normal. I don't know. I mean, maybe I was like, maybe they're just invisible, you know? So I'm like, well, okay, thank you. Carry on. And so then next thing I know I'm starting to see angel. In different places. They're not talking to me or anything, I'm just seeing them around. And so I'm like, okay, well this is different.

But oh, cool. I mean, you know, I guess if [00:16:00] you'd asked me if there were angels, I would've said great, but I didn't, I'm thinking, all right, well, this is, this is okay. Right. Whatever. We got this going on. And then slowly they started to talk to me. And at first it wasn't words. I didn't actually even know they could use words cuz I didn't know how it worked.

And they were, they would point at things or they would give me little signals, like, oh don't know. Huh? You, so if I was like ordering something like, oh I'll have the chicken or I'll have the beef or whatever. They're like, oh no, oh not the, and I'm like, oh, oh, okay. I'll have the, I'll have the chicken.

I'll have the chicken instead, you know, or whatever. So they start, start communicating. Anyway, there's this long, crazy story about how this all evolved. Cuz we're talking about something that happened. 20 years ago when I was 33, I'm now 53. And so it's just this long, insane journey of how I got to from there to here.

But anyway, that's how I became an angel communicator and I [00:17:00] didn't things started to really evolve for me. It took me about a year and a half to come to terms with being psychic and learn how to control it. Because when I was first experiencing psychic phenomena at first, it was dead people. Then it was angels.

Then I started seeing fairies, which I didn't know fairies existed. And that was really weird. And I thought I was be able to cope with the angels and the dead people. I was like, okay, people can maybe accept this. Right? Like I, most people believe in life after death, but a lot of people believe in angels.

Once it was fairies, I was like, oh, forget it. We're freaking fairies. I was like, oh my God, no, everyone's gonna I'm schizophrenia. I'm not telling anybody this ever.

Karen: You've become weirdest person, you know?

Ellen: I did I, and, and to this day I still am the weirdest person I know now. And so I was just thinking, man. I was like, if people thought I was weird going to art school, which peop some people in my area thought that was weird.

I was like, oh man, I've just blown that out of the, outta the water by many orders of magnitude. But anyway, so, [00:18:00] so I started having all this barrage of psychic phenomena, but I had no control over it. So I was just like, I'd go to meditate, which I loved meditation. I've been meditating for years. And every time I meditated, it was just this wonderful, lovely, peaceful experience.

And then all of a sudden I'm meditating and bam, I'm outta my body. And I'm like in some other alternate reality or past life. And I'm like, what the heck is going on with this? And I'm like, oh my gosh, this is nuts. And then I'm back in my body. It's just like crazy. And so I didn't even ever even think about out of body travel and next thing I know I'm just spontaneously doing it.

So I've got out body travel happening. I've got angels showing up, they're pointing at things and you know, and then I'm, I'm seeing past lives and parallel lives. And, and then and then I start feeling this. Just overwhelming urge to do Reiki with other people. And I'm like, Uhuh, Uhuh, I've got too much weirdness going on.

I am not Uhuh. No, no, no. And I don't wanna tell people I've [00:19:00] got all this barrage of crazy. Right. Cause you know, it's crazy. And, and I'm like, I don't even know how to begin to explain this. Like I can't even, you know, so I start doing Reiki with people, but I don't tell them that I'm psychic, that I see angels or whatever.

And so they outed me. And what ended up happening was I would, I would like, you know, what Reiki is? You like laying hands on people. It's all very peaceful. And next thing I know someone would say to me, Ellen, I'm feeling a second set of hands on me, but I'm looking around this room and you're the only person here.

What is going on? I. Oh, I'm like what I'm like, oh my God. So I said, and I'm thinking, okay, do I lie? Do I? Okay. I, I, I don't, I don't really do. I want, you know, how am I gonna explain this? And so I'm like, it's okay. No, don't worry. It's just AR candle Raphael. And they're like Uhhuh. And, and how would you know that?

I'm like, well, cuz I, I could [00:20:00] see him and I he's standing there and those are his hands and they're like really? I'm like Uhhuh. Yep. Yep. That's that's how that is. And so I just kept getting outed over and over or people would. for Reiki and then they would spontaneously start seeing angels themselves.

And that was weird. And then I, then the next thing I know people are asking me to explain this and I'm like, explain it. I barely understand it. Not to mention, try to explain it to another person. And so I started slowly teaching people informally in 2004. And then I started developing classes in 2005, because even though I did not feel, I mean, I don't know where people get the PhD in weird stuff to teach this, but I was, you know, I I'm fairly good at explaining things like in the computer world.

I, one of my jobs was I was often a liaison or I was the, I [00:21:00] was the communicator. I worked, I worked with a lot of nerds, so I. Talk nerd. And then I would go to business analysts who talk com com communicated in completely different ways. And I would be often the go between those two groups because of the way I communicate or between customer service teams and tech teams or whatever.

So I basically was used to trying to communicate complicated technology to lay people. So I basically just took that skill and transferred it to this. So now I explain super weird stuff to lay people, at least I try. So anyway, there's a super long, crazy Ellen life story in there. That's sort of an,

Karen: Yeah. So

Ellen: all right,

Will: I've gotta go backwards a little bit because you're dropping

Ellen: do

Will: and then just walking, like as if, oh, this is just like most normal thing in the world. I need to ask. I need to ask, when you say that you, you see angels, are you talking like sweeping [00:22:00] feathered wings and the halo in the white Rob?

Like what do these angels look like to you?

Ellen: That's how they look to me. So what I've learned along the years is angels are really energetic beings and they can shape shift. So there's other people that seem differently, but I see them as Renaissance painting, like gowns, halos, big white wings, Caucasian, or, you know, skin tone people, you know, it's like humans, but floating, you know, the whole thing, but I've met people who I don't.

I met one lady told me she sees them in trench coats. I thought that was super weird. I was like trench coats. Okay. But whatever, I've, I've had people come up and argue with me saying angels don't have wings. and I've had people who say they see them as orbs of light or whatever. And I'm like, you know what?

They can show up any kind of way. And I asked them one time, I said, why do you show up as. This way to me. And they said, because this is how you know us. And so my of course, experience with angels would be primarily like everybody's experience with their background, their childhood. And I grew up in a [00:23:00] conservative area with me, and most of my friends were some sort of version of Christian.

My mom's side of family was Baptist. My dad's side was Episcopalian and. Angels was kind of in every church, you know, whether it was a stained glass or a tapestry or whatever angels are just kind of everywhere. And then I go to Stu, I go to study art, and if you've studied art, you have to start with art history, which starts out with like rocks and, you know, caveman scratchings.

And then you move into Renaissance art, which is filled with angels. It's just like angel, angel, angel, angel, angel art, you know, thank you. Michael Angelou and but anyways, that's why they showed up to me that way. But I have seen angels in many different ways. As a matter of fact, I, I think it was last year, maybe this year before I had the most, it was the weirdest spirit.

This lady, I was doing a reading for her, her angel comes up and it's the strangest looking angel. It had a half its face was black and half its face was white. And I had [00:24:00] never seen an angel with a painted like face. And I'm looking at this angel, I'm thinking. I'm gonna try to describe this to this lady.

And this is gonna sound really, really super weird. And so I start telling her about the, how the angel looks and she just spurs out laughing. I'm thinking, okay, I don't know if this is good or bad. And she says, that's exactly how it looks to me. And I was like, really? And I said, I have never seen an angel like this.

Cuz I've always ever just seen them with skin tones. And she said, yeah, it's all mine looks. And I asked the angels later. I said, why does this lady's angel look like this? This is so UN nonstandard. And they said, she wanted to know if you're really psychic. Cause she herself was psychic. And so she asked for an unusual looking like oddball angel and that's what I ended up seeing.

So it was really, really interesting,

Will: Your story is fascinating because everything that everybody strives to [00:25:00] achieve, like as to project and angel communications and past life regressions and Claire Voyance and blah, blah. And it just kind of, you're just walking along and, oh, sorry. You mind picking that up

Karen: for me?

Ellen: I know. Well, you know, it's, I, I was excited when I started realizing that there were other angel communic, cause I didn't didn't know in the beginning that I thought, am I, how many other people in the world talked to angels and how in the world, what am I gonna find these other people? And then I started realizing, oh my gosh, there's classes of cuz I wasn't hooked into the whole new age thing.

So I didn't know what was out there. And and so I start finding out there's classes for angels and you know, like thousands of people to these classes and all kinds of stuff. And so I go to one of them and I'm thinking, oh my God, I'm gonna meet other angel communicators. And I discover very quickly that the way I'm psychic is not the way other people are psychic.

And I, I just assumed that the way I was psychic was how everybody was psychic, but I figured out really quickly. And not only did I figured [00:26:00] out the other psychics did too. And they started coming to me to learn about how I'm psychic. And I was like, oh, this is well, this is weird. And so what I figured out is there's.

Multiple psychic abilities and most, really good psychic people have two or three that dovetail together. And so it could be seeing and hearing or feeling and knowing, or knowing and seeing. So it it's some combination. And I also figured out very quickly that a lot of psychic specialize just like artists or athletes, like you might get a athlete.

Who's good at basketball, but not good at golf, or maybe they're good at whatever. I don't know, running. I'm not a sports person. They're horrible at tennis, but good at running or whatever. If that's a sport, I don't even know. And maybe it's an exercise anyway. So, and the artist thing too, like you get these people who paint, but aren't good at sculpture, or maybe they're good at drawing, but they're terrible at stain glass or, or whatever.

Well are psychics are like that too. You're not good at any. Is that what you said?

Will: I can't draw a [00:27:00] straight

Karen: line but you

Ellen: Oh, well it's okay. And not everybody's good at everything. So what I figured out was some, a lot of psychics tend to fall into a category. Like they're really good at health intuition, or maybe they're really good at talking to dead people, or they're really good at solving crimes or they're really good at whatever.

And then they can't do these other things. And I realized I was doing most of these things, the vast majority of these things now I don't do them all super, super well. So somebody calls me for something and I'm not really, really good at it. I'll refer them to somebody else who I know is really good at that thing.

I'm good at two things, I'm good at healing and I'm good at talking to angels and I'm okay at with fairies fair. I don't know. Anyway, fairies are funny and they mostly just ask for candy anyway. So I don't, you know, but um, they do

Will: scary then.

Ellen: Yeah, they, they love candy. Oh my God. And, and they're very specific about what Candy's too, and I'm like, I don't even have that.[00:28:00]

I'm like, but I can go get you, whatever. Anyway so yeah, so it's, so it's wild. So I sort of learned I've L I've learned a lot of little things along the way. And then I started realizing that you know, I, I started getting this impulse to teach and I thought, oh man. And all I could imagine was a classroom full of people wearing tie, dye, smelling, like pet truly. And I was gonna be standing up in the front in a business suit. And like, I can't relate to these people. They can't relate to me, you know, but that's not what happens. I, I don't have any tie, dye where, and people show up, everybody basically shows up as like, like me, they're all sort of type a recovering perfectionist organizer, you know?


I love though that, that you worked in computers and stuff because so many people out there that have what you would call, I guess, regular, you know, mainstream jobs or whatever, but they're interested, but they're like, oh, I don't wanna be the weirdo.

So we've had so many people come on and say, oh yeah, you know, I was an accountant or I had this, you know, PR agency or whatever. And I [00:29:00] love it because it gives everyone else, you know, the, the chance to see, oh, okay. You know, you can be a normal person and still be interested in this or still having these experiences.

Ellen: You can, you can. One of the, one of the unusual things about me as a psychic is that I actually keep my abilities turned off most of the time. And I've met a lot of other psychics who can't even fathom doing that to them. It would like be like going around blind because they've been psychic all their life and all they know is like, they can't even imagine.

But for me, I find it distracting. So I don't wanna walk to the, my kid to the bus and be picking up on everybody's whatever and talking to everybody's dead relatives. I don't want all that. I don't wanna go to the grocery store, be bothered by who, whoever the butchers grandma who wants me to tell him he's should date a good Catholic girl and not this Jewish girl he's or whatever.

And these things used to happen when I had had no control, like all kinds of manner of weird stuff would come up. But anyway, so yes, I know you guys have a million questions. And I wanna answer all of them if I can.[00:30:00]

Will: well, I don't think we're gonna have time for all of them. I know, but since you're on a topic, so you brought up the topic about people are psychic in different ways, and we kind of teased it a little bit, very like nebulously that you had something to tell us about on a, on a pre-interview call. You mentioned that I was psychic, but then.

But then you with withheld the information of how I was psychic and said, oh, I'll tell you on the show. So I have been going sleepless nights, wondering around

Ellen: Oh.

Will: how in the world. So I need to ask you, first of all, I'm psychic, right?

Ellen: I know shocking, isn't it? I think once I explain it, you'll understand. So here's the thing. Most people are psychic. They just don't know it because psychic ability is a human ability. It's not a spiritual gift. It's not magic. It's, it's an ability that [00:31:00] most of us have, but some people are gifted and some people are challenged just like with arts or athletics.

Some people aren't very good at athletics. That would be me. I would be terrible at athletics and really, really gifted at psychic stuff. And, you know, and that's just kind of how it is. I'm pretty good at art too, but you are clear, cognizant, clear, cognizant is clear, knowing and knowing is when you have a understanding of something.

With no logical leap. There's nothing that told you logically to do this. So for instance I'm primarily clear cognizant and I have psychic sites I have knowing and sight, but there are other people I know who have hearing and feeling and we'll get to you in a minute. Karen. So you're interesting.

You've gotta interesting little

Will: Oh, yes, she does. I've been telling her that for years.

Ellen: interesting thing going on there, but anyway, but with you will, there's probably, if you think back in your life, there's probably a bunch of times where you [00:32:00] knew to call someone, check on someone, check on something or, or, or all of a sudden you were doing something and something came to your mind and you're like, oh, I, I forgot to do that piece of it.

Oh, I better, I better, you know, double check this whatever spreadsheet or whatever it is that is clear Cnce. And I had, I had that when I was, when I was in the computer industry, but I didn't know that's what it was. I thought I was just smart. And there were times when there were, it was obvious that it was something psychic and other people actually noticed it more than I did.

So I remember I joined this technical team and I worked at a very, very big bank that you would recognize the name of if I told you and I was on this technical team and the call center went down, not working. So we got thousands of people sitting around with headsets on like this and no button, no nothing coming in and hours are going by.

And my poor boss is running around red in the face, cuz he is super stressed and he comes up to me and he says, I'm gonna tell you what's going on? And I'm thinking, [00:33:00] oh, okay. I've been on the team two weeks. I Don. I don't think I'm gonna be able to fix a whole call center gone down, but I thought, well, you know, I probably can't help him, but the thing I can do is I could listen to him and, and maybe that alone will help alleviate his stress.

So I'm just sitting there and I'm listening to him, tell me what they've been doing and trying, and this didn't work and that didn't work and blah, blah, blah. and all of a sudden I said, oh, it's two problems. And I said, let's divide the team team a, does this team B does that? And we, and I jumped in and got involved.

I did, it's not like I had no experience. I had experience. I just was new to this team. And so we start running around and we're trying to get it. And at the end of the day, I'm packing my stuff up the call centers back. Everything's good. And he comes up to it and he says, how did you know? And I said, how did I know what?

And he said, how did you know it was two problems? And I said I don't know. I said, probably something you said tipped me off. And he's like, I don't. I don't think so. And, and so that [00:34:00] kind of thing would happen to me pretty frequently. But I thought, you know, like for instance, I was a negotiator, so I would often be in the room and I was, I was young.

I looked a lot younger than I do now. And and a lot of people thought I was like the admin assistant, not realizing I was the negotiator. And so, cause I'm only five foot one. So I'm like this little teeny blonde girl that shows up and I'm gonna negotiate your multimillion dollar contract. But I knew exactly how to, I would be in the room.

And I would know who was with me, who was against me, who, who was gonna try to, scam us who was gonna gouge us. And I knew exactly what to do to, you know, to fix it. So for instance, I was given this contract and I worked for, I worked for a very big bank that bought more data than any company in the whole world.

And I was in charge of the nego renegotiating this contract. It was a seven year multimillion dollar contract. And my boss says, here you go, renegotiate this. I said, okay. I said, what's the fair market value of this data. He goes, I don't know. I said, [00:35:00] okay, well, all right. So what I did was I thought, all right, well, how am I negotiate?

They're not, as soon as I call up, my name is known in the industry. Like I am, I ran. That was the demographic database coordinator for this company. So my name is everywhere in the world of demographics. And they all automatically know this girl has, you know, can, is gonna be in charge of millions of dollars.

So they're gonna gouge me. They're they're not gonna gimme fair market value. They're gonna give me whatever, double, triple whatever. So I have to find fair market value. So I started thinking about what I could do and all of a sudden, I thought, wait a minute, there's the CEO of a company in New York city.

I had met him a few times. I knew he worked with the CEO of our company and some other vice president. So he was like vetted basically. And so I called my boss and I said, do you care if I call this dude and get his opinion, he. I don't care, whatever, you know, . And so I called him up and I said, here's what I need you to do.

I need you to take this contract and, and [00:36:00] anonymously get the price. You don't have to negotiate. I'll negotiate, but I need you to get the price for this amount of data for this amount of time. And he dropped the, the price dropped dramatically because they didn't know it was me behind the, the face. And the thing is, you know, I, I like to think I, well, back then I used to think, oh, I'm so smart.

Oh, Ellen, you're so smart. No, that was divine inspiration. That wasn't, that wasn't me. I, I don't, you know, I've never done that type of contract negotiation before, and I'd never worked with that guy before he tried to hire me afterwards.

Will: And that's the kind of psychicness that you say I have. so you're saying that I'm not smart. I'm just clear cognizant. That's what I'm hearing.

Ellen: and clear cognizant, but you have, you have some, you have something else too. So you also have clear sentience, which is feeling and when you there's two types of feeling. So, one is feeling what other people are feeling emotionally. So [00:37:00] you can sense what's going on when you take the pulse of a room and the pulse of a person.

And the other type is where you can feel in your physical body, what's going on in someone else's body. Like if they have a headache, you have a headache. If they have chest pain, you have chest pain, that kind of thing. So you have the first one, but yours is, is interesting because sometimes when I see people who have feeling, they just have feelings and sometimes people with knowing just of knowing and sometimes people have 'em coupled and yours is couple.

So that means you could probably walk into a space and there's a bunch of people there, and you could probably feel that someone is uncomfortable and have a sense of what it's about. So for instance, you could walk in and say, that guy is depressed. He's got some financial things. That guy is depressed.

He's got marital problems. That guy is depressed cuz he didn't get a promotion.

Will: Wow. I thought we were just kind of playing a game, like figuring out someone's story. so, so it's very interesting that you say that because I, I think Karen will remember there was a time [00:38:00] when someone that we knew had passed away and we were asked I wonder if there's a, there's a message that we should give to these, this person's kids or something along those lines.

I don't want to go into much detail, but all of a sudden I said, this is what this kid is supposed to know. And Karen asked me, well, how do you know? I mean, is it like, is he talking to you? No, it just came to me, like it just it's a knowing.

So that, that does indeed ring. Very, very true with me. Ellen. You are scary.

Ellen: Now let's get to Karen,

Will: yes. Oh boy. Yes.

Karen: That's. What care

Ellen: a very, you have a very interesting aura and that's one things I can do. I like, I can see, you know, see the aura. So you are what I call a super empath. And I don't even know if you know how empathic you are, because it looks like you're so empathic that you shut.

And you can get overwhelmed. And so [00:39:00] an empath is a person that has a lot of feeling and it comes in not just emotional feelings, but energies. Like if I start, I bet you, I could beam healing energy to you right now. And you'd feel it like that. And you probably feel the energy of places and situations and circumstances and all kinds of whatnot.

And one of the, one of my gifts, and this is part of why I'm a teacher is because I have the unique ability to see how someone else's psychic know exactly what it is to the degree it is. And if it is my technical term is wonky. So you both have a lot going on, but it's different. It just shows up in really different ways.

And if you wanted to, each of you could develop it just saying.

Will: Uh,

Nice to drop that little nugget there. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna test something here because in one of our. Episodes a long time ago, we talked about auras and things like that. And I thought I could [00:40:00] kind of, sort of see, so my question to you, hang on. I'm gonna write something down so that I I'm not just,

Karen: Hmm. Yeah. okay.

Ellen: Okay.

Will: So we all have our auras, right? Our energy fields. Sometimes people have them really close in other have them like really expansive to the point where like you may, so

Ellen: They're huge

Will: what is, what is yours like?

Ellen: mine. Oh gosh. Mine's pretty large. I'm a small person, but I have a really big energy system, but I was born with big inter ah, that's your knowing. So

Will: I'm looking at

Ellen: Mine's really big.

Will: And I'm seeing, like, I don't even see the top of it. I, I like it's beyond the screen right now, which is pretty wild,

Ellen: Yes, that's correct. Yeah, mine's really large. So my husband is CS and Ooh, I shouldn't have outed him. Oh, well, he'll be okay with it. So I know I, oh, sorry. Jeff Love you. So [00:41:00] so he sees OS. So when when we first met, which we we met on and like, we met on match and I was coming around the corner.

He saw my aura before he saw me, he turned and looked. He's like, oh my God. And then all of a sudden I came around and he, he was just like, oh my gosh, what is going on with this lady?

Karen: yeah.

Ellen: And so anyways, very, very

Karen: Yeah. Very,

Ellen: Yes, my aura is very, very large.

Will: And that for that are only listening to the show. I did write down a notebook really big is what I wrote down.

Ellen: Really big, you did write down really big. But actually you two, both have really interesting auras and you know, auras are fascinating. There's just, you could do a whole thing on just auras. But yeah. Karen, what do you wanna ask about your psychic ability? Cuz you're just questions are popping up in your aura all over.

Karen: boy, like a lot of questions. and it's

Ellen: know I can

Will: I

Karen: think that was just dinner last night. I mean, I, when I hear [00:42:00] someone that has a sad story, I'll just burst into tears sometimes. I mean, it could be a stranger it's.

Ellen: super empath.

Karen: hard for

Will: me sometimes, but not just that. Ellen, when you say you see angels, right?


Ellen: I do.

Will: I do too. I, I see one angel and that is this person sitting right next to me because she truly is an angel on this planet. She cares so much. Her heart is so big. She cares for, so just everybody, she's an amazing human being. She loves everybody. She, she wants to help everyone.

And I I'm assuming that that comes from her empathic stuff cuz

Karen: she's

Ellen: Yeah. Well, it's not just her empathic stuff. It's also her, her soul and her it's who she is. And, and because, you know, you feel, you know, what, what the deal is

Will: I know that. She's an angel. I know that she is an angel that has incarnated in this body telling you right now.

Ellen: I would agree the, the, the wings on her back give it away.

Will: Yes.[00:43:00]

Ellen: Okay. Ha, very, very funny. But yeah. So Karen, what I would suggest for you is before you ever leave your house to go anywhere, I don't care if you're going to the grocery store, I don't care where you're going. You ask akin Michael to put a shapeshifting shield around you. So the only love can pass. So when you're doing whatever and these people who come up to you and just start telling you stuff about themselves, cuz I know they do just random people.

It will not be overwhelming to you and, and you'll be able to, to process it.

Karen: And, and how can I use this to help people? Or what can I

Ellen: Oh Lord. Well, that's a whole nother question. So that's that's life purpose. I'll tell you the question I get most often hands down. Well, aside from what angels look like is what, what is my life [00:44:00] purpose? And it's the question I can answer the least and I ask the angels. Why can I not like cuz I would, I think one day I had like five people come in.

What's my life first. What's my life first. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. You know, I'm honest if I don't know, I'll just tell you. I don't know. And then I had this lady walk in and she said, what's my life purpose. And I said, you're supposed to open a spiritual art gallery just like that. And she says she started laughing.

She goes, oh yeah, I know. And when she left, I said, why this one lady, this one lady, I knew her purpose. Nobody didn't know these other people. And they said, because she already knew it.

And I was like, okay, so what ha what's good for what helps me is if somebody has an idea or even they have a. Kind of sorta idea, then I can help them with the details.

So for instance, if someone's gonna be a healer, is it like, are you gonna be an acupuncturist or chiropractor? Are you gonna go to med school or are you gonna, I don't know, whatever, become a shaman. I, you know, what are you gonna do? Become a Raiki practitioner. I can help with the details if [00:45:00] they have an idea, but if they have no idea, I don't know.

You have ideas though. You have

Karen: I do have ideas.

Ellen: I know, I can see that people say I'm psychic so I don't, we don't have to like, just totally out you on the show or anything, but, but yes, there are, there are things, but everything hasn't unfolded yet, you know, you have a, you both have an interesting purpose. I think this podcast is gonna blow up. It's

Will: your mouth to

Ellen: blow up. Yep.

Will: so one of the things I don't like to do with people who are psychic is ask questions that I don't want to know the answers too. Right? Because I might hear a, an answer that I don't like hearing, but there's one question that I need to ask [00:46:00] just because it's very timely. And of course you may not, you may not come to you at all, but we are, we are looking to expand the message that we're giving on the show in a very particular way.

And I'm curious if you see whether or not something is going to come of those plans that we're trying to sorry, that we are currently manifesting, not trying. We are currently manifesting. Is that too vague? Do you

Karen: need more information?

Ellen: Nope. Not, Nope, not too vague. I get a lot of vague, vague PE actually I prefer vague. It leads me more room to, to tap in. So, are you looking to do a television show?

Karen: Oh, my God.

Will: You are scary. Yes. Yes, exactly. Yeah,

Karen: Yeah.

Ellen: okay. Yeah, so it's very likely to happen, but it's probably not gonna happen exactly the way you're thinking. So I don't know what the normal channels of that world is. Like, I'm a. You know, tapped into that, whatever television thing. Cause I've got some, you know, I got some, some of those people from that world and my, you know, who are my clients, but I don't understand the BA the workings behind the scene, you know, of [00:47:00] how it works, but it looks like the key, the lynchpin is the executive producer.

And once you have, it looks like three there's three people. There's like three gateways. They're showing me three different people. And once you get through those, your show will be, that'll be it. And you have the show and show will be super popular.

Will: Interesting because we're not looking to put it on a network, like a major network

Ellen: it's gonna end up on a, on television.

Karen: Huh.

Will: And it's just so happens that I'm an executive producer. So that's gate

Ellen: You're one, there's two other people

Karen: I'm a non-executive producer.

Ellen: you're going to, you're going to be an executive producer

Will: yes,

Ellen: of this show. She will. Yeah. You're gonna end up on TV. You're gonna up on whatever cable TV, I guess.

Will: Fantastic. That's wow.

Ellen: Yeah. It's gonna be popular and then there's gonna be some, some unique aspect. You're gonna change it a little bit. You're gonna change the show. So it's gonna start out in one format and it's gonna kind of progress something else. And you're also gonna have a spinoff of some sort

Will: [00:48:00] Hmm. I like talking to you Ellen too.

Ellen: yeah, yeah. It's it looks, it looks good.

It looks good. So.

Will: Good to hear. Uh, We have so much more to talk to you about, but we have so much not enough time to go.

Ellen: Can always have me back.

Karen: Yes. You would

Will: love that. You know what? I love it when someone actually reads my mind enough to know that back we would definitely would love it for you to come back because there's so much more on the table.

We haven't even touched on mm-hmm I'm really, really, really curious to talk to you about the doctors that are poking and prodding at. Yeah. That kinda

Ellen: Well, the poking and prodding hasn't exactly occurred yet, but the poking and prodding process is in underway. So, I have I work with some medical doctors, different types of ones all over the country mostly in the United States. And they find me, I don't, I don't find them. They, they find me.

And usually it's because they I'm kind of last stop on the train station of like alternative medicines. It's like, you go to the normal doctors, they, if they can't help you end up with [00:49:00] some kind of alternative doctor, like a functional medicine doctor or a I don't know what they're all called, holistic me, medical doctor, one of those sort of people.

And, and some of those people then refer to me and, and then you. If I get, if we get lucky, I can figure out what it is. And then I, it helps them, you know, cuts down the amount of time, you know, it takes, but, but anyway, but I've, I've got lots of interesting little, little experiences with that, but one of my doctors said because I started working a lot with them.

When COVID happened, I get premonitions and I never know what they'll come about, what they'll be about, or when they'll come in. Sometimes they're just goofy. Like sometimes they're just ran celebrities that I don't even, I'm like, I don't care what that person's got going on. Thank you for sharing some ran information about someone who's not even my client, at least if they, they could be my client, it would be helpful.

But I was like, all right, whatever. but sometimes I get them about world events or politics or you know, natural disasters or whatever. I got a ton of stuff for COVID ton of stuff for COVID and it [00:50:00] was weird, cuz COVID is weird. And I got it before they even called it a pandemic. And so I was calling my doctors around the country and saying, look, this is super weird.

And this is what, this is it, this is like the deal. And I was trying to describe it to them. And they were just like, what are you talking about? Cause you know, nobody, you know, some of 'em were like, Ellen's just a coronavirus. There's lots of coronaviruses. It's still gonna be okay, don't panic. And I'm like Nope, Nope.

It's not a normal, this is not normal. This is very, very buckle. Your seatbelt people. This is not, you know, and I people tell me, oh, this thing's gonna blow over in a couple weeks. I was like mm-hmm

Karen: Hmm.

Ellen: not blowing over in a couple weeks. And I remember looking at the TV, I was standing there next to Jeff.

Who's my husband. I said, he said, how many people do you think will dive this? I said 500,000 to 2 million. And he said in the world, I said, no, in the United States. And he goes, Ellen, that's crazy. That's way too many people.

Karen: Mm-hmm

Ellen: And I said, that's what it's gonna be. [00:51:00] And I said, and whether it's 500,000 or 2 million, depends upon.

You know what people do and how they respond to it. And whether they get vaccines out quickly or not, or whatever, whatever, all, all the many gazillion factors that go into this crazy thing we've just been going through. But anyway, so, so after that especially when then the first six months, when all of a sudden all these bizarre things I stress said were gonna happen, just start happening like that.

Cuz I said, you know, you're, you're gonna deal with blood clot. You're gonna deal with, you know, it's airborne. They didn't even know it was airborne. When I first started house it's airborne it's Airborne's airborne. Everybody needs mask and then they're like, no, nobody needs masks. Don't get masks. Cuz you're, you know, I'm like, ah, mask, please.

Somebody listen to me. I'm like, if you do, would just listen. But anyway, so one of my doctors said, I think we need to do a study on you. I'm like, okay. I said, well, I'm happy to do whatever. Probably the easiest way to study me is that because I can see in and around the body. You, I could [00:52:00] see something.

I don't necessarily know what it is cause I'm not medically trained, but I can see things and then they could go do an x-ray or an MRI or so, you know, and verify what I can observe. Probably the most dramatic time that happened for me was I got a call from a medical doctor who ran a brain injury clinic.

And he said, this family has requested you, this doctor has verified you. We would like you to come in, please come and see our center and see if you feel comfortable doing whatever, whatever you do. Strange lady, he didn't say strange lady. So I show up at the

Will: thought it, you felt it right?

Ellen: yeah. Yeah. And so, yeah, exactly. and so I show up at this, at this center expecting to meet this doctor who had called me because, you know, he asked me to come in, but I don't get him.

I get some other doctor. And this other doctor is clearly thinks I'm a total whackadoodle. So I'm like, oh dear, here, we have, we have doctor who thinks I'm a whackadoodle great. So I go to his office and I'm trying to explain. As best I can to someone who thinks you're crazy, that, you know, I'm like, well, I'm, I'm not medically trained.

[00:53:00] I'm a lay person, but my ability is to, I can see it and around the body and he's like Uhhuh, Uhhuh, I'm getting a lot of ahas. And so then he says, well, let me walk you around. So he gives me a little tour and then he shoves me in a room with a comatose man who has taken a gunshot to the brain and can't speak.

And I'm like, well, Alrighty, then uh, I, wasn't planning to just like jump in kind of like this. I was sort of wanting, thinking I was gonna do a meet and greet and kind of, we were gonna discuss this, but I guess this guy didn't know what to do with me. So he just shoves me in this room. And so I sit down and I start evaluating this man's condition.

And then I realized very quickly that he is telepathic and could talk to me. So I'm like, oh, well this is very helpful. So then I start dialoging a little bit with him, even though he couldn't. Speak much, you know? and so he starts telling me things and then I I'm about 10 minutes with him and then I leave and I go back to the doctor's office and he's like, okay, what's your, what's your whatever.

And I said, all right, so I'm gonna remember, I'm not medically trained. I'm just gonna explain to you [00:54:00] his, you know what I perceive. And so I start first with the medical stuff. Like, this is what, you know, the areas of the brain, I see damage and so forth. Now, keep in mind, this guy took his gunshot to the brain 20 years ago.

So there's no way from the outside that I would be able to see what's going on with his brain other than being psychic. Right. So I'm telling him and the doctor's sitting there and he's becoming pale and I'm thinking, oh, this guy doesn't look so good. Maybe he's gonna throw up. And he, fi he says, just wait a minute.

And I'm thinking, oh, okay, let me just wait. So he turns around and starts. He's got one of those big old L shaped desk. So he starts typing away on his computer and I'm think. Well, how rude I'm trying to explain this to you. I guess you think I'm super weird and you're just gonna do your emails or whatever you're doing.

And so I'm just sitting there and I'm like, what the heck dude? And so he, and then he starts printing stuff and he is like, just a minute. And I'm like, okay. So like all this is weird. So then he grabs these papers and he, he starts [00:55:00] grabbing a highlighter and starts highlighting stuff and I'm, and he is like, just a minute.

And I'm like, this is very strange, but whatever, you know, I'll just wait. So I'm sitting there and all of a sudden, he goes, I'm not supposed to do this. And I said, do what? And he said here, and he shoves the papers at me. And I look at them and it's, it's the medical paperwork for the guy, the brain who, I didn't even know who the brain injury dude was.

So he gives me this. He goes, everything that you just said, everything I highlighted is right here. He goes, he goes, I said, well, now I'm about to tell you some other things. He goes, yeah. I said, You've been playing the same country music for this dude for 20 freaking years. And he

Will: Change the

Karen: record.

Ellen: He hates it. And I said, he goes, and he's like, oh, you're right.

We have, I said, why would you think anyone, anyone would wanna listen to the same music for 20 freaking years? And he was like, I dunno, I dunno. I said, well, he can hear, he's not deaf. [00:56:00] said, he can't talk. I said, he can can't really see very well. I said he can make out a little bit of shadow, but he can't really see.

I said, he, he can't speak. In almost any meaningful way I said, but he can, he knows who all of you are. He can hear all of you. He can smell all of you. And I said, and he does not wanna listen to any more of this music ever again for the rest of his life. And I said, and you've been putting him in a wheelchair every day and wheeling him out by some sort of door where people are coming in and out.

I said, he is blind. He cannot sit there and look out the window. He, all he's getting is like this draft of air. And he goes, oh my God, that's what we do. We sit in by this door every day. I said, I don't know why you're doing that, but he doesn't wanna be there. People coming in and out, he has to smell their lunch.

And if they've been smoking cigarettes, I was like, he hates this. And the guy's just like looking at me, like I've just grown two heads. and, so anyway, we actually became really, really good friends after, after this crazy, cuz he's just like, he's [00:57:00] shocked. Right? And so the last day I'm there, cuz I'm, I, I went in for, for months.

I did some just volunteer with this, this group. Um, Of course they, you know, it's under the radar, whatever. And the last day I was there, I was getting ready to leave. And he said can you really see in anybody's body? I said, yeah, pretty much. I was like, why do you have something you want me to look at?

And he said, he said, well, what do you see for me? And this dude was the picture of health. Like absolutely worked out, looked really healthy. And I said, you have something in your lungs. I said, I don't know what it is, but it's like emphysema, but it isn't. He went, oh my God, I do have that and then he names it it's blah, blah, blah, whatever

Karen: Oh,

Will: I've heard about that before.

Ellen: Yeah, you have the, yeah, the bloody bot it's

Will: blah, blah.

Ellen: And, and you have to, you have to get special, you know, special uh, goggles for that or whatever. but yeah, so, so, so I get all, I get to have all these fun. Doctors are fun people to work with because they're either they either find me and they're really, really.

Interested in something different because they know [00:58:00] what they got going on is only part of the equation and healing, or they earth just don't know what to do with me or make of me. And then I start interacting with them and they're like, oh my what? You know, that kind of thing I had one of my one of my guys uh, was a chief of staff at a major medical center.

And when I called him to tell him, I said, look, we got this whole COVID thing. And he's like, call me and tell me. I said, okay. So I called him up and I said, here's the deal, blah, blah, blah. And I tell him all the stuff and he's like, nah, I don't, you're not always right, Ellen. Right. Not always. Right. I was like no, I'm not always right.

But uh,

Will: almost all, but mostly

Ellen: you know, yeah. And so about a year later, he's like, you know, I, I won't really question that again. He's like, this was such a weird. Tr life transition for me now, of course, you're getting me I'm 18 years into be a professional psychic. So it's just a very different, a different experience.

Like I just kind of live it, you know, but [00:59:00] coming out was really tough for me. I, I had a very, very hard time. I didn't wanna embarrass my family. I didn't wanna destroy my own career. I kept thinking, well, maybe I'll go back to project management. Cause I, I loved, I loved my career before I was a psychic, but I couldn't, I there's just not enough hours in the day to be a professional weirdo and a project manager.

It's just, you know, it's just not whatever. So, so here I am. So this is my, my strange journey, but anyway, I have other, I have many stories to tell

Will: Well, we're gonna go ahead and put in our show notes, links to your website and things like that, because I urge anyone who is interested in Ellen's story to go to her website and learn. Cause we haven't even touched on the fact that you actually use angels to help you heal

Ellen: yes, I do.

Will: and you teach a certain type of

Ellen: I do.

Will: angels.

And we haven't even had a [01:00:00] chance to check that out. So if you're interested in Ellen's story, you're interested in learning about how she uses angels to heal, the direct to her website is on our show notes. So if you listen to this on the phone, just hit that little eye button and you'll see the link there.

If you listen to it on the radio, go to skeptic and go to her episode page, and you'll see the links there. And when we have you back, we'll have you actually go into that with us as well as. Your connection kind of to the Harry Potter world. Ooh.

Karen: Yeah.

Ellen: people love that stuff. Oh my gosh.

Karen: Yeah. So

Ellen: that's, that was almost a whole episode.

Will: I can't wait little teases for the audience. So, speak around, keep, listen to the show. Cause you never know when Ellen's gonna come back and we'll be talking about all these amazing things. She has lots of stories. If you haven't noticed by now lots of really great stories that she can share with us as well.

So, Ellen, I can't thank you enough for coming on the show. This the, the hour it's been over an[01:01:00]

Ellen: know, like 15, you guys are so easy, I look forward to coming back. Thank you for the opportunity.

Will: Oh, you can thank you for coming on. Yeah. We look forward to having you back. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. If you know someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we shared on this episode or any of our others, we'd really love it.

If you would do them and us a favor and share the show with them, it's super easy and you might just help change someone's life. And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed something, not to worry all of our episodes, including this one can be where you can watch the videos or even send us email or voicemail directly from the site.

Now we absolutely love feedback, and we are sad that we haven't heard from you yet. So please So we'll just and send us an email or a voicemail, but we hope that you have enjoyed this episode as much as we have that's all for now, but we'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic meta physicians until [01:02:00] then take care.

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Ellen Mahloy

Psychic Medium

Ellen's intuitive adventure began when a mystery illness led her to seek numerous alternative healing therapies in 2001. The search ended with a diagnosis of severe gluten intolerance and the discovery of Usui Reiki Therapy.

Ellen became psychic suddenly after taking a Usui Reiki II class on February 23, 2003. Ellen is clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and more. She is known for her ability to communicate with angels, dead people, animals and faeries. Ellen teaches psychic development, Reiki with Angels and Defense Against the Dark Arts to people worldwide via teleclasses and webinars.