Feng Shui - Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life | Karen Rauch Carter

You've heard the term, but do you really understand the concepts behind Feng Shui? This fascinating deep dive into the science of energy flow, not only in homes but in your body too, will have you changing EVERYTHING!

"Some people call me a home detective. I root out the issue of what makes you have that unwelcoming thing in life. Why do you have it and your next door neighbor doesn't et cetera. Why does this neighborhood have it and the next door neighborhood doesn't? I look at the micro patterns all the way up to the cosmos." --Karen Rauch Carter

Some topic covered:

  • What is Feng Shui?
  • Is it magic or science or an art form?
  • Why an untidy house can cause strife in your life
  • How Feng Shui fits in with quantum physics
  • How the words you choose can reveal your specific energetic blockages
  • What Feng Shui and acupuncture have in common
  • The 2 things that affect cellular health
  • The biggest change you can make TODAY to get huge results
  • How Feng Shui can help our physical bodies, not just our homes


About our Guest:
Karen is the national best-selling feng shui author of the book "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life" (in 9 languages) and "Make a Shift, Change Your Life". She is the founding principal at The Academy of Exquisite Living where she trains others to become professional feng shui and healthy home consultants.

As well as being an expert and best-selling author in the field of feng shui, her credentials also include being a licensed landscape architect, a certified bau-biology practitioner, a longevity health counselor and a peak performance coach.

Her light-hearted approach to speaking easily motivates her clients and audiences to rethink their day-to-day choices by implementing simple fixes for home, health, relationships and more.

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Feng Shui

Will: [00:00:00] Karen over the last year or so, we've learned how everything is made up of energy. Right? So our bodies, the space we live in, the food we eat. Right, right. Yes. Okay. And depending how freely or how blocked that energy is, we also know it can either cause a lot of challenges in your life or it can make them infinitely better, but I've always asked myself what causes these blockages and how can something as simple as like relocating a couple of things in your home or your office help to ease things like happiness, prosperity, calm.

Well, that's what we're talking about today with national best selling author of the books. I move your stuff, change your life and make a shift. Change your life on this episode of the skeptic metaphysicians.


Will: Hi, everyone I'm will. And we're the hosts of the skeptic, many physicians. And we're really, really, really glad you're joining us today.

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All right now, that's out of the way let's get on with the show. Our next guest has the amazing ability to take the ancient art of Feng Shui and not only make it accessible and relevant, but also fun. She spent decades learning how to create healthy, vibrant lives for her clients quickly and effortlessly, effortlessly translates that into easy to learn talks.

Her lighthearted approach to speaking easily motivates her clients and audiences to rethink their day-to-day choices by implementing simple fixes for home health relationships, and more welcome to the show Karen Rauch Carter

Karen Rauch Carter: so excited to be here.

Will: , you hear a lot about Feng Shui and there's a lot of misconceptions about what it is, what it's not how it actually works.

So So let's just start from the very beginning. What is.

Karen Rauch Carter: I describe it as a method of mindfully arranging your environment so that it consistently supports you in the life [00:03:00] of your dreams and where you're going, as opposed to, because it's either supporting you or not, whether you are mindful about it or not.

So instead of your life being Willy nilly or random, you can set your intentions like, well, I'm just going to say, you know, how there's that saying? Where people say dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Just think of me as the person who dresses your environment for the life you want, not the life you have, and you'll get the whole concept.

Karen: Can you come over to our house now, please?

Karen Rauch Carter: Virtual consultation special for the members.

Will: I will talk all about that, but let's dive a little deeper into it. So it's easy to see. Right. You could relocate a couple things in your house and suddenly everyone's happy. How, how does that

Karen Rauch Carter: work?

Well, it's basically a quantum physics. Situation here, you know, and it's interesting because I've spoken on the Stanford campus to all of the professors and they were a little bit skiddish [00:04:00] because I guess there's kind of like a couple of alpha dogs of the professors, you know? And I was like, Ooh, tough crowd.

Right. And then the, the head of the physics department stood up and he said, Hey, I just want everybody to know that according to, you know, Like from a physical quantum physics point of view, everything she said so far, completely checks out. And then the crowd kind of was with me. And I was like, whew, tough grad at Stanford.

But if a quantum physicist from Stanford gives you the stamp of approval, I'm like, yay. So it's all about, you know, the laws of energy. Everything is energy. There's no, there's only one thing, energy. That's what we're dealing with here. So it's a way of organizing that in your three-dimensional spaces, kind of like when you plant a plant and you want it to flower, you don't just, I don't know, work on the flower.

You give it more boy, better soil, sunlight, water, all the things, not touching the plant or the seed at all. You're just manipulating the environment so that it has more conducive to [00:05:00] blooming. So I want you to grow bloom and thrive versus wilt the plate or die. And it's just, all cells are doing that pattern from our microbiology on up.

And there is a pattern to the universe when light goes through a prism, the color of the rainbows is it's a certain pattern. So there are patterns in three-dimensional space that I have had the luxury of. Several decades, ah, only want to say how many of these days, but if you go into people's homes, they tell you what their problems are and you see their environment enough, you will know the patterns.

It's kind of like, you know, I think about a doctor and you go, oh, I got these rash on my arm and they go, oh, it's measles. And you're like, oh my God, of all the choices have, you know? And they're like, I've seen it a million times. Luckily been all around the world, looking at people's stuff, hearing their problems.

And now I'm to the point where quite often I can tell people what they've got in their house just by them complaining or telling me what their problem is [00:06:00] because I have, I am a pattern sear. So some people call me detective home, detective I root out the issue of what is what makes you have that.

Unwelcoming thing in life. Why do you have it in your next door neighbor doesn't et cetera. Why does this neighborhood have it? The next door neighborhood? Doesn't you know, I look at the micro patterns all the way up to the cosmos. So everything's patterns.

Karen: And that makes perfect sense to me, the patterns, the energy, the flow.

And we'll see, here's the proof. This is why I get so cranky. When the house is messy, it drives me nuts. Like my mood starts to shift and after like two or three days, I mean, for lack of better terms, I'm super bitchy. And it's just because stuff is everywhere and it drives me crazy. And you know,

Karen Rauch Carter: the bitch meter was like a direct reflection of the state of the top of my desk.

Like that literally would be if I would leave it a mess and come in the next morning, you know, it was just, I'd start off on the wrong foot. Yeah,

Karen: [00:07:00] absolutely. If my car gets messy and I'm not a neat freak, so it'll like slowly accumulate, but once it gets past that point, oh, it's bad. It's C

Karen Rauch Carter: there. Thank

Will: you.

All right. So hang on, hang on a second. Because before I met you, I was a mess by my house was a mess. I was a, I was the epitome of the bachelor, right? My, my apartment was not. Was not a date ready. Let's just put it that way. But my life was great. I was making great money. Great friends, a lot of fun.

So how

Karen: sad and lonely, sad and lonely and love was not in your life?

Will: Well, I think that's a bad decision. I think it's a conversation we have to have outside of the microphone, but

Karen Rauch Carter: I know all those patterns just like I'm on it. I'm on you.

Will: Explain that, that disconnect there.

Karen Rauch Carter: Yeah. Well, depending on the actual complaint, so if somebody says opportunity never finds me or I've just been so unhealthy, I cannot [00:08:00] recharge. I cannot gain energy. It depends on the exact complaint, tells me where the problem is in their house. And if they say opportunity never knocks on my door, You know, I know it's from the trip from the street to the actual threshold of the front door.

That would be where I would go look as opposed to, you know, some people that know a little bit about funks way, you know, like this is my book and it's got the little Bagua area around for those of you who know about the Bagua. People just go right to that area. And I'm like, well, you're the type of person.

You're the type of person that forget the Bagua. You don't even have enough energy coming in, you know? So just like our. We put air food, water, you know, that keeps our bodies sustained in our mouth. The architectural intended front door is the mouth of G or the mouth that would invite the energy to come into for prosperity for health and relationships.

And you could have a great prosperity area, but a missing [00:09:00] relationship area. Or when you're talking about making bad decisions, that's the front left part of the house. Something might be weak there. Maybe you had the. you're picking like a bachelor, I pictured the bar, I'll set up over there on the front left or something like that.

That would be like clouding your decision-making skills. It gets quite comical. It's, it's kind of like that where somebody says, oh my God, my love life is in the toilet. And I, of course, they're going to have a bathroom in the back. Right-hand part of the house because of the way they discuss. We describe our lives in architectural terms.

Like I'm running into a brick wall with everything I do. My life is on the toilet. You know, we say things that are architectural breaking the glass ceiling is about women getting ahead of the workplace, but a weird architectural term. And then we personify our house, oh my house, my house needs a facelift, you know, like, so it's very, intermeshed from a languaging point of view.

So 10 minutes with me coming into your house as the functional. I listen to the [00:10:00] words you tell me, and then I go find it because you just gave me all the clues to what going on that needs changing in your house.

Will: Is it like a river picture like energy that you. Acupuncture for example, and you put the needles in, and I'm wondering if you were going there, Karen, but they put needles in your body so that it helps redirect energy that's flowing through your body.

Is that the same general principle with functional? It's like a river of energy flowing in, and then you put a cactus in the middle. It makes it all go to hell because it's, you know, you can't exit guy got flow around it and all the Neil's kind of hold it back. Is that kind of how

Karen Rauch Carter: it works? I would say that traditional Chinese medicine and Feng Shui speak very much the same language.

I might often tell my clients go to a TCM practitioner, get their diagnosis, and they'll say something like You know, kidney yin deficient, and, and if they get that TCM diagnosis, then I can actually do that same thing to their house. And I would match what the, what the [00:11:00] acupuncturist or a Chinese herbal mother TCM practitioner would be doing.

it's a direct correlation. So this

Will: is a science right. This is something that, that is for sure, like tried true proven that kind of thing. It's not just wishful.

Karen Rauch Carter: Yes. You are a product of your environment like it or not. I mean, I don't know if you know of Bruce Lipton's work, he's a cellular biologist and he watches under nano microscopes or whatever, the cells in their reproductive, in their nucleus and blah blah.

And he bull Hills. And it's kind of funny in my world because he boils it all down to the two things that affect cellular health. Is number one, your environment, and number two, your perception of your environment. So what could be very annoying to Karen could be not annoying at all to you, your perception of your environment is just as impacting [00:12:00] as the actual physical environment.

So that's where we can get into the subconscious and all of the things. You know, oh, that picture reminds me of my ex or whatever. And they're just like, okay, that doesn't work for you, but that person has no connection to that as a perceiving that as a negative picture, w I, you know, they could have it, but it's no longer, you know, you've just voted it off the island of your house, you know?

So so the perceptions are, key.

Karen: I want to know. Something that is super common that everyone, well, not everyone, but so many people do that. They shouldn't do. Like I've heard a mirror by the entranceway. Is there one thing that you see constantly that you're like, Nope, change that.

Karen Rauch Carter: Boy, there's so many,

I would say that. Well, besides clutter, what you've just talked about, like, if you can't even get energy in, you know, if you're waiting through the morass of stuff and you're languaging, I'm so stuck and I [00:13:00] can't get ahead and I can't move forward. Like, you know, you've definitely got something blocking physically.

But I would say that the next thing would be. Having a solid wall behind you where you're sleeping and where you're officing. So your office desk should not have a window behind it or behind you, you have behind your office chair or your headboard should not have a window or door either one of both.

So your chair back where you spend the most amount of time, wherever that is, maybe it's at the dining room table. Cause that's where you be jewelry for a living or something like that. I don't know wherever you spend the most amount of time. Affects you the most. So let's get those spots. So a functional consultant would care about the bed because that's usually like one-third of your 24 hour day, and then where you're officing another third of your 24 hour day.

So if I can get your daytime workspace and your bed space empowered, healthy, et cetera, then you know, it's kind of job. Pretty good. You know, checked off because the other [00:14:00] time when you're driving and randomly at shopping and whatever, so that would be, you know, I'd say the, the top thing. And most people that they want to stick their desk up against a wall and they're facing a wall and they're like, I try.

So I'm running into a brick wall with everything I do. I'm like, well, there's the wall, let's move your desk. or, or when there's a window behind you or a door or something behind you, you know, people don't like to be. The Cubicle. It's a very subservient like, oh, who's back there. I can't.

Oh. And so we want to make sure that you're just like, come in, sit down and talk to me, you know, have a seat. You've got command over the, over the room. And so if there's a window behind a children's headboard above the children's head, they're the kids that are getting bullied at school. Th they're they're in a forced vulner.

Position and adults there just get picked on by the FOS or whatever. And or with a window behind you, they might say the complaint. Well, I didn't see that one coming [00:15:00] or nobody's got my back. They stabbed me in the back. All these things where their back is exposed, equals their back, being exposed in their physical environment with a window behind the headboard or behind their office

Will: desk.

this is fascinating. Truly fascinating. I'm thinking back of all the, like, behind her couches, a big window, right? I think we're good in the bed. I think we're good in the office. Although my office chair does face the wall. It faces a corner. There is a window next to it. So it's not so bad, but you don't think about things like that being so.

Influential in, in how your life goes. But it makes sense when if you have energies are they're clashing or it's just not flowing through that. That all makes sense. But did you have a question care? Yes.

Karen Rauch Carter: So I'm

Karen: wondering now, sometimes you live in situations where you have no choice, like are living.

We have three walls. Only one of them has a fireplace and then two of them have big windows. So we have to put the couches again with the windows to our back. And we're there a lot. We both work from home. So [00:16:00] sometimes I'll be sitting on the computer or working from there. Is there something that you can do when you don't have that option of not having a window box?

Will: That is an excellent question karen Endsley and Karen Carter we'll ask you to answer that for us right after this.

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And now back to the skeptic metaphysicians.

Karen: sometimes you live in situations where you have no choice, like are living.

We have three walls. Only one of them has a fireplace and then two of them have big windows. So we have to put the couches again with the windows to our back. And we're there a lot. We both work from home. So sometimes I'll be sitting on the computer or working from there. Is there something that you can do when you don't have that option of not having a window box?

Karen Rauch Carter: And that's what a functional consultant does. We, we try to position you in the best of the lot. You know, there is no perfect funky swayed house. Um, you have to create the best of what you've got. And sometimes given my client that is chemo, but, uh, you know, whatever, I'm like, we don't have time, you know, you're moving, you know, like I will shift everything.

Like depends on how much time I've got the, turn it around For those of you who have paid attention to me earlier, it's a quantum world and we can get things [00:18:00] immediately. Um, but I I'm just, uh, you know, trying to shift the energy in such a way. And if I don't have, you know, I'm like, okay, there's a window.

There. There's a door there. Given the choices I have, like my hierarchy of this is better than that. That's. That's the worst. I will avoid that at all costs. It's called the death position, you know, so we don't want that one. And so we are, we're, we're always trying to get people and that's where those traditional funkshway cures come in.

And that was, um, you know, I liked your, your title using the word skeptic. I was rather skeptic. When I got into this, I'm a landscape architect. I w I

had my own design firm, never was intending to change into an author or a bestselling author or worldwide prep, whatever. And I, I needed to learn Feng Shui to get a project in Honolulu because China airlines owned the property and they said, everybody needs to know funkshway to be on the design team.

And that was in the late eighties, early. [00:19:00] Yeah. Around 89 or so. There nobody knew functionally from anything back then. And so I was desperate enough, you know, the recession of that, whatever. I'm like, yeah, yeah, I know fuck sway. And I'm like, oh my God, where am I going to learn? And then I learned these things about a crystal in a mirror and I'm like, come on.

You know, how can that do anything? I had to go all the way back to the law of reflection, the law of refraction. I had to learn the science behind those squirrely little kids. Or else? It just seemed like, come on. You know, I just literally had to, I was the skeptic myself and I went back to the laws of reflection and refraction and all those things to make it make sense.

So I could suggest those cures with a, with a straight face basically. So that's kinda how I got into it.

Will: That you started right off the top with the scientific aspect of it, the quantum mechanics aspect of it, because you are speaking my language. So that, that helps [00:20:00] me right away level set, like, okay.

We're not talking about some woo woo stuff. We're talking about something that pragmatically there's an explanation behind it. So then I can put all the skepticism behind and now talk. What Feng Shui really is and how it actually can be put to you. So thank you for that. Now you mentioned a little bit earlier, something that I have no idea what it means, and probably most of the people listening have no idea what it is, but Karen Ensley, do you know what a Bagua is?

Karen: Well, no, I don't. Okay.

Will: We played it off really well, but.

Karen Rauch Carter: I'm actually glad you don't because most people read my book. It's been around since Y2K day. Believe it or not. Y and remember Y2K a long

Will: time ago. Yeah. That worked out really well for everyone

Karen Rauch Carter: ages me greatly. But most people that read my book, they it's divided up into the areas of life.[00:21:00]

Which is the Bagua map. And most people get so hung up on that Bagua map. They, they forget why they're doing what they're doing. They just put a bunch of stuff at each one of the areas of life. And I'm like, you can do that. But like the TCM practitioner, that's using six needles instead of one in every possible hole of your whole entire Meridian system.

You know, you just do the thing. That will create enough shift to get you moving to that next area of life, as opposed to throwing your hat, your life into chaos. I have seen people and I've learned as a functional consultant. I used to do that. I'm like, let's do it all. And then they're like, life goes, you can, there's a smoother way to do it.

You know, I'm picking your. The trajectory of your life based on your house is heading in this one particular direction. And I am now you're telling me I want to change this and this and this and this about my. I'm picking that [00:22:00] train up and I'm putting it on another track going in that direction. And in between there sometimes a little dust gets kicked up and a little, the chaos ensues, and some things might break in your house.

Like, it's kind of like, I consider them the weak links of the chain that could not hold the energy for that new life of yours. They break you, fix them and now you're off and running. So, I, you know, it's. The law of doing the least to getting the most results, kind of like a, an acupuncturist. So I most people read my book and they're like power through every part of their house.

And it's just as a little chaotic. So I'm going to recommend, I'm going to say, don't learn about the Bagua yet. Just listen to your language, listen to how you complain and go find the antidote. People say, I just can't get a handle on that. I go, is your door knob loose? Are your handles loser and then doors?

Cause they just said. You see, like I'm so drained all the time. I'll be checking your plumbing. We complain in [00:23:00] architectural terms, we're telling the very tales of what's going on in our environment. So maybe that's when

Karen: people are really happy. They say they're on cloud nine and they're not confined by architecture.

Karen Rauch Carter: I speak on cruise ships a lot. I traveled the world. I'm actually a HomeFree person digitally, complete digital nomad for over 30. And I because I have experimented with every part of functional way I did. My house is watery. As you can. All the five elements, water, wood, fire earth.

I've I've done my house, all fiery, all medley, all watery, just to see what the heck happens to me. I'm like, oh yeah, it's true. Balance is better. You know, like whatever. And I am currently because of the declutter conversation. I say to my clients space equals opportunity. So when you are, when you've got something, taking up space in your house, it can only be that thing.

There it is. That thing it's taken up that volume of. But if you take it away, a lot of people mentally go, I've got [00:24:00] nothing. And I'm like, no, you are filling that space with infinite potential. So the reframe of filling your house, because a lot of people have this, no thing, fear of nothingness, no stuff, you know?

So I'm looking at what is the maximum infinite potential. And this comes back to human, like being homeless or HomeFree right. I choose to be home free because I am experimenting with infinite potential of being absolutely free of stuff. I'm a little Gandhi out there. Right. I don't have much of anything.

And I say, space equals opportunity. Let's see how far it goes on riding it. I'm experimenting. I want to tell my clients, this is how far I think you need to go because I've gone all the way to the edge. And my life is crazy good. You know, traveling the world. Maybe other people wouldn't want to do that as their future, but Mike, [00:25:00] my friends and family, they're like, you just need a house.

You just need a base. You need just one. And I'm like, that sounds kind of limiting to me now that I'm on the other side, very odd. I'm in a unicorn world right now. We're not many people can relate to my home free. Oh, there's a lot of digital nomads out there kind of doing it. But but the average person is just like, no, no.

But I'm like, you know what? I'm here to tell you that the problem is, you know, the problem is the problem is too much. Freedom is almost analysis paralysis, just like yin and yang. When yin, when yin turns into young, it's not the opposite things. Two different worlds. It's the opposite ends of one thing.

And that Tai Chi symbol of yin and yang, it it's one thing. And I have gone to complete free. To now I'm like, oh my God, I could go to Paris. I could go to Morocco. I could. I'm stuck because now I'm so free and it's right back. The UN just comes [00:26:00] right back into it. You know, you cannot, you cannot have one without the other.

And so I I've gone to the nth degree of, of spatial freedom.

Will: That's like at work when they gave us an unlimited amount of vacation time, and then we went, yay. Ooh. Ooh. Then we got paralyzed. I go, I can't take any vacation time because I don't, I don't know how much I'm supposed to take or not supposed to take.

And it completely freaked me out. But I guess I got to take issue with something you said my favorite movie in the world taught me that the fifth element, Madam. Not metal. Just to be clear.

Karen: Yes.

Will: Yes. Lee Lou told me he was loved and that's what

Karen Rauch Carter: I know. And the native Americans have the four, so with air, so yeah, it's, it's literally, we're talking about one thing.

And the way we just have to use language to describe, you know, I [00:27:00] need a little more upward moving, did the bit, you know, and there's this, we just need to break it down. It's the five elements, but it's really one energy and it's their movement. It's the way it morphs into. It's kind of like the rock paper, scissor game.

So it's yeah, it's just the languaging.

Karen: earlier on in the conversation, you mentioned the word results and not to kind of change the subject, but kind of to change the subject. Once you come in and people start making these changes, are the results slow or do they suddenly see results? Like what can someone

Karen Rauch Carter: expect?

I've seen everything. I've seen the gambit from the just to show how long I've been doing this. Oh my God. This story is so dated. I don't know why it even popped in my head. I was in downtown Chicago with a guy who was working on a deal for like nine years. Some like Motorola or something like that. I can't remember.

And he and his fax machine was sitting over there just to show you that.

Will: So this was pre [00:28:00] Y2K then?

Karen Rauch Carter: Uh, No cell phone, you know, beepers, pager, I don't know.

And he had all this stuff by the front door and he had boxes of books that he wrote or something like that. And so I just said, you know what, let's just, can I use the hallway for a bit? I'm just going to show you the volume of stuff that you can have in this house. And I'm just going to set the remaining.

Hallway for now. So we started moving the stuff and I like putting it in front of the other guy's door, whatever I'm getting it away from his space. And while we were doing that, the fax comes through of the signed deal and he's like, you know, expecting today. Were you expecting or he goes no nine years.

I've been working on that deal? No, like today was nothing special.

Will: now. It's getting a little harder for me to kind of wrap my head around that. That just seems like magic to me. Like this is, this is a legit story. Yeah.

Karen Rauch Carter: Yup. Yup. And I mean, I've one of my [00:29:00] favorite stories with here in Los Angeles.

I'm in California now. And She had frozen shoulders, both frozen shoulder, so she could move her hands to her elbows, but she could not move from her shoulder to her elbow was just kind of locked by her side. So she had like pulleys to get on. It was like a strange situation. And I went to her house and she did have a, a sloping ceiling above her bed.

She had window behind her bed. The energy was going straight in the front door and straight out the back window. Cause it had an ocean view, which is kind of like diarrhea of the house, you know, like energy in energy out. So, I did a few basic things and I didn't feel like I hit the nail on the head.

She was the, she was the first person I ever felt guilty about taking their money. I was leaving, going. That was a pretty serious thing. And I did the basics. I did the things that you're supposed to do, but once again, come on. And so she told me that she told me that the surgeons either wanted to just [00:30:00] knock her out and go and like rip it and get it going because her physical therapy, she has been doing physical therapy for three years and she wasn't getting anywhere.

And she says, I just do not want to have these surgeries. Beg you, you know, it's like, this is, I call it last chance, Karen, you know, I've tried it all. Let's try funk swag. And I was like, absolute desperate people come to me because they don't have anywhere else to go. And I'm usually the one that turns it the other way.

So she, unlike, I don't know if I did it. And then about three months later, I was doing a workshop in LA and she's in the back of the room. She walks in the back door and I go, hold on. I go, oh my God, did you have the surgery? What happened? And she's like, no, Started loosening up as soon as she goes, it just undid itself in three months.

That to me, I personally couldn't believe that one because I was like stuck for three years and in three months, you know, so I've seen people avoid surgeries and things. And that, that to me is the shocking, shocking

Will: things. [00:31:00] So this works not only in your environment, but it also helps you with physical ailments.


Karen Rauch Carter: yeah, the Bagua. Oh, every single situation in life, there is a body part. There's an organ in your body. There's nothing. There's a time of day, time of year. There's your relationship in your family? Like eldest son, youngest daughter. I there's nothing outside of the realm of the universe. That's not built into the functional way.

Parameters. The only thing I can say. Of late is what I consider contemporary way that you don't see in too many books and how to deal with it. And it's the, it's now called the field of bowel biology, which is a German word, bowel biology, like living home and that's with all. EMF radon off guessing VOC, you know, all the, all the construction materials that we're living with now that aren't addressed in traditional way [00:32:00] texts and things that we now have to deal with, like routers and RF and cell towers and things like that.

So, Well, I train people to do what I do, and I include that contemporary function way because you could be in the best bed position in the world. But if the circuit panels right behind your house and your router Ryder routers night next to your bed. You're not going to be, you know, you're sleeping above the garage or whatever.

You're not going to have a healthy life. So. Wow.

Will: Yeah. Things you don't think about. Absolutely. Is this something that could help Karen with her back, for example, going back to that, because she's been, the reason why she's going to acupuncture is to try to help fix her back. It just seems like

Karen Rauch Carter: nobody's got her back right now with that window behind her.

So that's a screen,

Will: but funny enough we'll give you a peek behind the curtain. That's actually a screen with a light. It's not actually

Karen Rauch Carter: a window. Yeah. So the back of the house, the back of the property, the back of the chair back the back of the headboard and the back where you're, where you're cooking that I would say [00:33:00] that's the only place I haven't.

Talked about is where you really need to be in that good armchair position. It's called the armchair position. You got all protection from behind arms on the side, protecting you, you know, Guido and Frito the mafia, they know funk sweaty. They just don't know

like you will

Will: be my whole life. I had no idea

Karen Rauch Carter: that it is...legit Feng Shui you know, like that is it's that kind of common sense of don't put yourself in a vulnerable position. The twin towers in New York and believe it or not, the United nations building have been in functionary books, pre nine 11, like long time as vulnerable buildings and the world trade center especially was considered vulnerable to the wind.

Funkshway is wind water. Fung is wind Shea. When you smash them together, kind of like honey and moon now becomes honeymoon the night after of your wedding falling and [00:34:00] sway, wind and water is the art of this creating environments that are supportive. And the Fung is the wind, which means the unseen forces.

That's for the skeptics right there. The invisible forces that can wipe you off the map or not. And the shoe is the water, the scene forces. This is the UN in the young of stuff in your environment and RF and the electromagnetic fields, you know, they fall in the wind category, right? You can't see that RF pounding on your head from your cell phone or whatever.

So, yeah, just that's how, if, you know, it helps the skeptic get their head around the unseen forces. It is built into the program as well.

Will: you have got me hooked. I am so gonna look into this thing because it sounds fascinating. I can't completely wrap my head around it, but. If it works, I'm all for it.

Karen Rauch Carter: Right? You got to [00:35:00] lose, but you know, all these negative, this patterns.

Will: Well, but then to your point, a little bit early on people, you know, might pick up a book and say, okay, I need to put a water fountain in this corner of the room. I need to make sure that there's a window on this corner of the room.

And some people might go overboard or not go far enough or even do the wrong gasp, wrong thing at the wrong place. So really the best thing to do is to go with someone like you, who is a professional who can actually tell them this is what you need to do, right. Is there any danger to trying to do this on your own?

Karen Rauch Carter: You know, I wrote move your stuff, change your life. Almost like a laugh while you learn type of a book. The most out of the box functioning in its day. And, but I knew that the energy of excitedly reading is just a healthier energy than going, oh my God, the toiling of mathematics. And I don't know, I don't get funkshway, you know, I just knew if I could bring that lightheartedness into it.

[00:36:00] So I'm going to say to you newbies out there that are wanting to experiment with the right intention. You can hardly go wrong. I'm just going to start out, take it down. Like just chill out. That's your chill pill. And so with the right intention, which is the invisible forces, your intention, your intention, plus the physical change in your environment.

That's the wind half the invisible half. Why am I doing this? I want more money. . And then I'm going to put the purple thing over there, which if you read my book, they all picked the purple bang. So we're going to do that in tangent, plus the thing equals the functional cure. So if you get the intention, right, it's, you know, you've got at least 50%.

My teacher used to say. Percent. I usually say 60 to 100%, because if you understand the laws of like Bruce, Lee's one inch punch, how can he kill somebody with one inch punch? There's more going on [00:37:00] than the space of one inch for him to kill somebody with his one inch punch. So it is the energy that's not seeing.

That is really the most powerful thing. So I always tell my clients 60 to 100% meaning if you can function with your mind. You can function with your childhood home and go through quantum time. Right through that. We say it's a quantum thing. So you're like I had a sucky childhood. Let's go back and paint that Walgreen and let's go back and do you know, let's, let's mentally, you know, go through time and space and do.

I just had a fair bit in there because it was a skeptic. I knew you'd be like,

Will: you see my face white. Like

Karen Rauch Carter: I had to do that because I'm just showing the quantum this of this, the quantum, this What if

Karen: you move a lot? So by the time I was 12, I had lived in seven

Karen Rauch Carter: different houses,

Karen: like D does each ha like, will that effect.

Karen Rauch Carter: Every house [00:38:00] is like a different chapter of your life. You know, when people go back, oh my God, I was so healthy there, but boy, I couldn't keep a job or, oh my God, my relationship tanked. And that, that was the third divorce that was in that. You know, the house is that address is equal a seven they're there, the foreclosed ones, the houses and equal ones.

There is a divorce ones, you know, I help people choose real estate to, you know, I go give me your top picks and I'll help you pick the one that's best for you based on what I know about you and what you want out of your life. And and believe me, it's all the, you know, what's, what's on the. The happy homes.

People love, they, they don't ever want to give their home. They pass it down generationally. Right. But the ones that are just like, yeah, we got divorced in that house. Pass it on. That'd be, that'd be prudent when you're out there real estate shopping, you know? And uh, that's why traditionally the Chinese prefer a brand new house at nobody.

Energy is in and they create that luck for themselves.

Will: do people put you on retainer and they just carry around like a guru or a lawyer or somebody like that?

Karen Rauch Carter: I do that just because I'm now in my [00:39:00] world, travel loving life stage I built my life I don't know, I'm having a lot of fun doing what I'm doing, living my life.

And so I'm a little re that's why I'm training people to do what I do, because I'm trying to be. And it's time for mama to go play. You guys take over from here. So I'm trying to build up that next generation of lineage, I guess, if you want to call it traditionally what they would say in the, in the functionally world, but what was your question again?

Will: I don't even remember what it was now, as a matter of fact, Oh,

Karen Rauch Carter: I do have this. It's called the move, your stuff with Karen membership, where twice a month, there's calls and live calls. And people send in their floor plans and they send them their pictures and they're like, I'm functioning in this room.

Am I doing it right? You know, so I help people move along and that's just a real efficient way for me to hit a whole bunch of people in. Sitting and because it's a group setting, you know, [00:40:00] people learn from other, I didn't even think about that question or, oh, I'm going to try that because it was a success for her because they always report back and they're like, you know what?

Remember I said, I've wanted $5,000. This was just one, a recent call. She goes, the $5,000 just came up. She's like, it was less than two weeks. And she was like, I'm just reporting back that thing. She said work. So everybody does, you know, so that's kind of fun because it's a group setting. And then I do a virtual consultations where.

You know, they send in their floor plan, they send in pictures or we walk through with a laptop now, you know, there's different ways we can do it. And I ask them what they want to change other life, how they perceive their life to be now, how they want it to be in the future. And then I give them the little laundry list of to-dos and then I ask them to check back with me and we fine tune and tweak.

And so that's kind of how I help people.

Will: So that's a great point that you don't want to actually have to go into someone's house. You can actually do this virtually now. So anyone in any part of the world, the shows listened to in the UK and Ireland and Australia were all over the world.

[00:41:00] So anybody across the planet could reach out to you and you can do a virtual consultation

Karen Rauch Carter: with them. Yep. Yep. The only thing that I cannot do is test for electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies and those bell biology things, which I will do for my. Clients, because I'm there with my meters and things like that, but, you know, but we resolve that another way, you know, like I could send the meters and teach, you know, whatever there's ways of doing things, but yeah, so I do virtual consultations.

I travel all over the world doing that. That's that's literally why I did became HomeFree because I was gone more than I was home. and I wanted to do the experiment on what does, how much opportunity. The space, give you if you have no things. And so I, I traveled the world, doing these things live and I do them virtually all day long.

That's my job.

Will: Wow. Well, this has been 40 minutes that have absolutely changed my life. We'll talk offline because we're going to have you give us at least a consultation, cause I'm pretty sure we have some really messed [00:42:00] up stuff in this house.

We need to fix all this stuff.

Karen Rauch Carter: if you, type in in the promo code, under my virtual consultation on my website.

They'll get $400 off. And just, you know, I've developed that for my people that are just limping in. They've never read my book. Most people read my book, it's in many languages and they read my book and that's why I get these consultations all over the world.

But for those of you who are new to. You know, I'm happy to show you what I do and, you know, what's that new life worth for you, you know, like what's the value of that getting rid of that health condition or getting your children better help in school or whatever, you know, you name it. So I'm, I'm confident in what I do so I can take on the challenge.

Will: That's great. So we're going to go ahead and add that to the members only section of our website. So if you are interested in. Reaching out to our guests to have a virtual consultation, be sure to join our members section so that you can have access to that special discount that that she's so [00:43:00] graciously offered.

And that's a huge one. Karen, if someone wanted to reach out to you, what's the best way for someone to do.

Karen Rauch Carter: I mean, they can go to my website. Karen Ralph Carter dot com, or any of the change it with Karen, which gets to the virtual consultation. You'll work your way in or move it with Karen.

Is that membership program that for $37 a month, you can join the calls twice a month. There's plenty of ways, you know, in, in, in this book, there's. rerouting, what do they call that redirecting website? This is, this book is my, my followup to the movie stuff. One called make a shift, change a life.

And this has some of the healthy home stuff in it that this MUGA stuff is a basic function way only. And this one broadens the conversation from mind, body, spirit. And environment. So this talks about meditation to radon. I mean, it's all the brain, my total brain dump of extra things I wanted to add beyond movies stuff, change your life.

So great. So

Will: we'll, we'll go ahead and add those links directly to [00:44:00] our show notes. So if you are interested in reaching out to Karen or to accessing her book or anything like that, you can just go to skeptic men, go to her episode page. And we'll have direct links there. So all you have to do is click a link and we'll bring you directly to her.

Karen, this has been absolutely fascinating. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing your expertise. I know, I know that this is going to help so many people, so I really appreciate you.

Karen Rauch Carter: Perfect. I'm Feng Shui-ing in the world. One house at a time. Hopefully I can help you.

Will: I love that. and thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery with us as always, if you know someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we shared on this show or any of our others, I hope you consider sharing us with that person. It will help grow the show and may just help someone else come to terms with the fact that we're so much more than just as three-dimensional body that we have.

I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. It's all we have for now. We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysicians until then take care.

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Karen Rauch Carter


Karen is the national best-selling feng shui author of the book IMove Your Stuff, Change Your Life (in 9 languages) and Make a Shift, Change Your Life. She is the founding principal at The Academy of Exquisite Living where she trains others to become professional feng shui and healthy home consultants.
she has the amazing ability to take the ancient art of feng shui and not only make it accessible and relevant, but make it fun! Karen has spent decades learning how to quickly create healthy, vibrant lives for her clients, and effortlessly translates that information into her easy-to-learn talks. As well as being an expert and best-selling author in the field of feng shui, her credentials also include being a licensed landscape architect, a certified bau-biology practitioner, a longevity health counselor and a peak performance coach. Her light-hearted approach to speaking easily motivates her clients and audiences to rethink their day-to-day choices by implementing simple fixes for home, health, relationships and more.