Kinetic Divination: Unlocking Your Body's Healing Power | Jillian Schleger

Kinetic Divination: Unlocking Your Body's Healing Power | Jillian Schleger

Unlock your power to heal yourself of any obstacle and create your own destiny by listening to the language of your body with Jillian Schleger's Kinetic Divination.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Jillian discovered the revolutionary technique of kinetic divination that removes energetic blocks and enables her to take control of her health and manifest her own reality.

Here's what we cover with Jillian Schleger in this episode:
1. Learn how to unlock the ability to identify and remove blocks that are holding you back from creating your healthiest, most successful life.

2. Discover how to communicate with your body through the language of physicality to know exactly what you need and when.

3. Uncover the power of muscle testing and visualization to help you heal yourself of even the most nefarious diseases.

And much more!

Jillian Schleger is a healer and teacher with over 30 years of experience. She has combined several healing modalities to help spiritual people identify and remove blocks that are preventing them from creating their healthiest, most successful selves.

She’s dedicated her life to helping people identify and remove blocks in their lives. After her own battle with cancer, she developed Kinetic Divination, a powerful method of muscle testing to help people listen to their bodies and heal. Will experienced this first-hand and noticed that not only was his anxiety reduced, but he was able to intuitively connect with the language of his body. Through the power of visualization and meditation, Will was able to dial down the energy of his cancer from a nine to a zero. Jillian's Kinetic Divination has changed Will's life and has been an invaluable source of healing for many.

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Jillian doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers, but as a self-proclaimed PDA (that’s a Personal Developement Advocate) she is here to change the way Empaths and Intuitives create their realities. It hasn’t been an everyday occurrence that you get to eliminate subconscious programming and create life as though you really mean to, but that’s exactly what Jillian is here to show you how to do.

With over 30 years working as a healer and almost 20 years teaching experience Jillian has combined several of her favourite tools from a wide range of healing methodologies in order to teach highly sensitive people how to use the wounds and trauma of the past as a superpower which guides us in creating the future of our dreams.

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1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:07,000 Karen? Yes. Have you ever heard your body speak to you? I've heard your body speak to me. 2 00:00:07,000 --> 00:00:15,480 That was private information. Wow, that's a loaded question. Well, I guess they will come 3 00:00:15,480 --> 00:00:19,080 as a surprise to you then to know that our bodies talk to us all the time and not in the 4 00:00:19,080 --> 00:00:24,080 way that you're talking about. Talk about hunger, stomach growling, or something like that. 5 00:00:24,080 --> 00:00:32,440 Absolutely not. No. In fact, our bodies are talking to us all the time, but we're just not 6 00:00:32,440 --> 00:00:38,320 really good at listening. Okay. Now, what have I told you that your body has the ability 7 00:00:38,320 --> 00:00:45,560 to tell you exactly what you need and when it all times? Well, I wish you would tell me more 8 00:00:45,560 --> 00:00:51,160 clearly. And what if just by listening to your body, you could remove obstacles and even 9 00:00:51,160 --> 00:00:56,520 heal yourself of some of the most nefarious diseases out there? That would be incredible. 10 00:00:56,520 --> 00:01:00,200 Well, you're in luck as today, we're speaking with someone that's here to show us just 11 00:01:00,200 --> 00:01:05,160 how to do that. If you've tried everything else and you're ready to be the creative director 12 00:01:05,160 --> 00:01:11,160 of your own life, you're in the right place. Welcome to the skeptic, many physicians. 13 00:01:11,160 --> 00:01:15,240 My name is Will. And I'm Karen. And unlike Molder and Scully. Both, one of the least. So, 14 00:01:15,240 --> 00:01:19,040 we've embarked on a journey of discovery. We've talked to people deeply entrenched in the 15 00:01:19,040 --> 00:01:23,600 spiritual and metaphysical world. We've thrown ourselves into weird and wonderful experiences. 16 00:01:23,600 --> 00:01:28,480 I even joined a covenant of witches. And wait, you joined a covenant? Yep. All in the interest 17 00:01:28,480 --> 00:01:32,640 of finding something. Anything that will prove that there's something beyond this physical 18 00:01:32,640 --> 00:01:36,800 three-dimensional world we all live in. This is the skeptic metaphysics. 19 00:01:37,120 --> 00:01:50,160 [Music] 20 00:01:50,160 --> 00:01:54,800 Karen, you remember a very good friend of the shows, The Oralion. Of course. 21 00:01:54,800 --> 00:02:03,840 I had to share this because she sent me an email just yesterday that really moved me. And she didn't 22 00:02:03,840 --> 00:02:08,480 have to do this. But she took the time to send us an email. This shows you the kind of person that 23 00:02:08,480 --> 00:02:15,600 Lyra is. She took the time to do this. Well, well back, as some listeners will remember, 24 00:02:15,600 --> 00:02:20,560 I released a past life regression after a lot of thought and consideration. I wasn't sure I was 25 00:02:20,560 --> 00:02:25,600 going to release it. But I did Lyra actually gave me a past life regression. It was very successful. 26 00:02:25,600 --> 00:02:30,960 I visited it three or four different life. And there were some personal stuff in there. I released it 27 00:02:30,960 --> 00:02:37,440 as is when I finally did. But for some reason, I don't remember not letting Lyra know. But apparently 28 00:02:37,440 --> 00:02:44,320 I didn't that I released it. So it just so happens to be coming through some videos to put together 29 00:02:44,320 --> 00:02:50,400 some highlights and things like that. And came across the regression. And she got a message from 30 00:02:50,400 --> 00:02:55,360 her spirit guides. And she felt the need to tell me what this was. And I'm going to share that with you today. 31 00:02:55,360 --> 00:03:02,320 She says, Hey, Will, in parentheses and Karen says, I hope you are all well. I was putting together 32 00:03:02,320 --> 00:03:08,160 some of my interviews for highlight reels for Instagram. And I came across your past life regression. 33 00:03:08,160 --> 00:03:14,320 I didn't know you posted it. Sorry Lyra. Anyway, while I was listening, my guides came in with a message 34 00:03:14,320 --> 00:03:19,200 for you. And I'm very touched that they would actually take the time to send her message for me. 35 00:03:19,200 --> 00:03:25,760 Well, it's about you being highly evolved or elevated for our discussion that quote unquote, 36 00:03:25,760 --> 00:03:32,720 "cool spiritual things don't happen to you." But I say all the time, right? Well, she says, 37 00:03:32,720 --> 00:03:38,320 they told me to tell you that you are highly evolved. The reason being you were readily able to go into 38 00:03:38,320 --> 00:03:43,920 past lives and did it well when a lot of people have difficulties regressing. And they want you to know, 39 00:03:43,920 --> 00:03:51,600 "Don't know." They want you to quit trying quote unquote and allow things to happen. You are already there. 40 00:03:51,600 --> 00:04:00,080 I know, I know, I know, I've heard it so many times Lyra, thank you and thank your guides for sending 41 00:04:00,080 --> 00:04:04,240 me this message. It's like the universe hitting me over the head with a message over and over again 42 00:04:04,240 --> 00:04:13,040 until finally. At some point, I will listen and I will learn. But I, it's just so hard for me to just 43 00:04:13,040 --> 00:04:19,520 let go and let things happen. What are you letting go of? The expectation. I mean, I wanted, I wanted 44 00:04:19,520 --> 00:04:24,000 like kind of thing. Well, you know, it's kind of like, you see something and that's not good enough. Then 45 00:04:24,000 --> 00:04:29,760 you want more. And then you want more. I know. Are we talking about my spiritual awakening or ice cream? 46 00:04:29,760 --> 00:04:38,480 All of it. Maybe both. Yes. Well, yes, I am trying. So Lyra, thank you and your guides so much 47 00:04:38,480 --> 00:04:46,800 for sending this message along. I am going to try to stop trying and allow things to happen. And if you 48 00:04:46,800 --> 00:04:53,760 are out there like me, you are constantly trying. You were so, want it so badly that you keep trying 49 00:04:53,760 --> 00:04:59,200 and things aren't happening. Maybe this message was meant for you as well. Maybe it's time for you 50 00:04:59,200 --> 00:05:12,800 to let go. Stop trying and just let things happen. Today's special guess has over 30 years working 51 00:05:12,800 --> 00:05:18,480 as a healer and almost 20 years of teaching experience. So you know, that's a great combination. 52 00:05:18,480 --> 00:05:24,240 That she's combined several different healing modalities to help spiritual people identify and remove 53 00:05:24,240 --> 00:05:30,720 blocks that are holding them back from creating their healthiest, most successful cells. And it all starts 54 00:05:30,720 --> 00:05:36,320 with listening to the clues that our bodies are giving to us. Now, there's no way to really succinctly 55 00:05:36,320 --> 00:05:41,520 explain what she does and how it helps people. So I'm just going to let our guests explain to herself. 56 00:05:41,520 --> 00:05:48,960 Welcome to the show, Jillian Slayer. Hello. Thanks for having me. No, we are excited to have you. 57 00:05:48,960 --> 00:05:52,720 We should set the table really quickly. Let everybody know you actually graciously 58 00:05:53,680 --> 00:06:00,240 gifted each of us a session of your healing technique. And we're going to talk about that a little bit 59 00:06:00,240 --> 00:06:08,800 later. But first and foremost, let's us understand what exactly did I talk about when I said 60 00:06:08,800 --> 00:06:14,640 that our bodies speak to us. You were talking about flight cany theology or muscle testing. 61 00:06:14,640 --> 00:06:21,280 And what are the... Hey, Jeff. Yeah, can you go into a little bit more detail? So flight case 62 00:06:21,280 --> 00:06:27,920 theology was actually developed by a chiropractor in the 1960s. He noticed that when he was talking to 63 00:06:27,920 --> 00:06:35,200 his clients and talking with something positive or true, their muscles were strong. And when he was talking 64 00:06:35,200 --> 00:06:41,200 with something that was not true or they were fibbing about something, the answer was no to a question. 65 00:06:41,200 --> 00:06:48,640 Their muscles went weak. And this is across the board. So our bodies will say, yes, to us all the time, 66 00:06:48,640 --> 00:06:54,800 or no to us all the time. And we just, there is a way to listen and that way is muscle testing. 67 00:06:54,800 --> 00:06:59,600 Okay. So it's not like your body, little voice nearby saying, or it's actually, you have to 68 00:06:59,600 --> 00:07:05,520 do something, yet to test your body by doing something that allows your body to speak to you through 69 00:07:05,520 --> 00:07:10,000 the language of the body, which is physicality. And you're also, you're not talking about 70 00:07:10,000 --> 00:07:16,240 getting butterflies in your stomach or something like that or are you as well. That can be, I think butterflies 71 00:07:16,240 --> 00:07:25,920 in the stomach for us could actually be a no-orias. Hey, what? A no-orias? Oh, a no-orias? 72 00:07:25,920 --> 00:07:29,760 Yes, I thought you said a no-orias. I was like, oh, that's a new term. I have your heart a bit 73 00:07:29,760 --> 00:07:42,560 before. Okay. So then you, you physically have to ask your body, does this taste like chocolate? 74 00:07:42,560 --> 00:07:46,880 And I'll tell you, no, if it's you, you even know it. But you're not talking such a 75 00:07:46,880 --> 00:07:51,120 minute things you're talking about like, is this good for me or not? That kind of thing, right? 76 00:07:51,120 --> 00:07:57,920 Right. Yes. We want to be the conscious creator of our lives. And so doing, we want to be 77 00:07:57,920 --> 00:08:04,480 able to know which path is the best one to go down to get us to our destination in mind. So how 78 00:08:04,480 --> 00:08:09,760 is it that your body knows these things? Like if you're thinking about it logically, you know, 79 00:08:09,760 --> 00:08:14,960 but your body is telling you no, and you're thinking yes, like how does your body know better than 80 00:08:14,960 --> 00:08:21,840 what your brain is? Excellent question, care. Really good question. Our brain is usually 81 00:08:21,840 --> 00:08:30,560 aligned and agreeing with stories, facts, and quotasia marks from other people. So we think that 82 00:08:30,560 --> 00:08:36,800 we should grow up and be a police officer like our mom or dad or join be a doctor. But really 83 00:08:36,800 --> 00:08:44,240 our soul's mission is to be a chiropractor or a librarian or something different. And so then like 84 00:08:44,240 --> 00:08:51,120 your body, it's like your physical body is its own kind of consciousness that sometimes 85 00:08:51,120 --> 00:08:57,520 it can communicate with your brain consciousness. Yeah, our brain is like a computer and what Dr. Joe 86 00:08:57,520 --> 00:09:05,440 dispenses says all the time is our body is our subconscious mind. Okay, I get that that makes sense. 87 00:09:05,440 --> 00:09:12,320 But sometimes it's just so hard to trust your subconscious mind or your body. Now, like if you're not 88 00:09:12,320 --> 00:09:17,840 doing like the muscle testing that you're talking about, how would you know, I guess you wouldn't 89 00:09:17,840 --> 00:09:22,160 know, I guess that's why we're all screwed up. I mean, that's why we're here. I talked about that 90 00:09:22,160 --> 00:09:27,120 because people are you can't always can't always trust your intuition because your brain speaking 91 00:09:27,120 --> 00:09:32,000 into ego is your it's your mask that you're wearing your body, however, there's more than just 92 00:09:32,000 --> 00:09:36,800 your subconscious. Your body is your physical reality. So when people say trust your gut, 93 00:09:36,800 --> 00:09:44,320 yeah, and really trust your body, you're right, makes sense. And getting back to the butterflies, 94 00:09:44,560 --> 00:09:51,520 if we're trusting our gut, oftentimes, if you were on stage or you're about to go on stage to 95 00:09:51,520 --> 00:09:58,080 get a speech or to, you know, do a podcast or do something where you're maybe a little nervous, 96 00:09:58,080 --> 00:10:03,280 and you get those butterflies in your stomach, and somebody says to you, you know, don't be afraid. 97 00:10:03,280 --> 00:10:10,240 They're assuming that those that physiological reaction is fear, but maybe it's excitement. 98 00:10:10,960 --> 00:10:18,880 How do you tell? By muscle testing. You can tell by muscle testing. Yeah. So how does the 99 00:10:18,880 --> 00:10:24,480 muscle testing process work? You met with Will first and you kind of went through a session with him. 100 00:10:24,480 --> 00:10:30,640 His experience was a little different than mine. So let's talk about his first. How did that? 101 00:10:30,640 --> 00:10:37,440 Like that. That's what's beautiful about this because it's different with everybody. And we 102 00:10:37,440 --> 00:10:44,720 had a conversation before hitting our chord and you said, how much can we share? And I want to share 103 00:10:44,720 --> 00:10:52,240 everything about as much as you guys want to share. I don't know. Everything is a little much. 104 00:10:52,240 --> 00:10:58,960 Wait a minute. Let's talk about it. What no, it's just a flat out like, you know, I want to share 105 00:10:58,960 --> 00:11:03,520 everything. Well, let's do something. Let's keep something to play with because now with your session, 106 00:11:03,520 --> 00:11:08,000 now session, everything that we talked about is perfectly fine. In fact, by the time people listen to this, 107 00:11:08,000 --> 00:11:12,240 if you haven't listened to a few episodes and talked about the cancer that was fighting, 108 00:11:12,240 --> 00:11:17,520 this might be the time that you find out. In fact, in order to touch on that, we should mention the fact 109 00:11:17,520 --> 00:11:25,120 that you are a cancer survivor as well. And through a course of several different things that happened, 110 00:11:25,120 --> 00:11:33,200 it brought you to learning this modality. Yes, absolutely. So then when you nice spoke about 111 00:11:33,520 --> 00:11:39,600 my immediate problem, which was prostate cancer, one of the things that really stood out to me was the fact 112 00:11:39,600 --> 00:11:49,520 that you said, when you remove the energy from something, it can't survive. So essentially what we did was 113 00:11:49,520 --> 00:11:57,120 we removed the energies around that thought process. And therefore that wasn't able to exist. 114 00:11:57,920 --> 00:12:04,720 Now spoiler alert, my lives by obviously showed all benign. You couldn't see anything. I'm not necessarily 115 00:12:04,720 --> 00:12:10,480 saying that this is the reason, but my question to you because we didn't not very long ago, 116 00:12:10,480 --> 00:12:15,520 could it have worked that quickly? Or is this something that probably people have to wait 117 00:12:15,520 --> 00:12:21,840 months and years of applying this technique before something as severe as cancer would go away? 118 00:12:21,840 --> 00:12:26,720 I think it depends on the person and your belief and your ability to be open to change. 119 00:12:27,440 --> 00:12:35,440 I've had cancer in the past. I also had something called hydrarnitis, which is cancer's nasty, 120 00:12:35,440 --> 00:12:42,000 but this is nasty on a totally different level. It's where the tissue of the skin or tissue underneath 121 00:12:42,000 --> 00:12:48,640 the skin starts to eat itself. It's almost a flesh-eating disease. And no one really knows 122 00:12:48,640 --> 00:12:56,720 what it is or why it occurs. And I had it for on and off for years. And I finally just 123 00:12:56,720 --> 00:13:06,800 can't really sick of no answers. So I just tried to pull the energy out of it and within a very 124 00:13:06,800 --> 00:13:11,600 short amount of time, it went away. It dissolved and it did not come back. And this is something 125 00:13:11,600 --> 00:13:18,880 you had for years. Yes. Yeah. And that's one of the interesting things I found about your modality 126 00:13:18,880 --> 00:13:26,880 is that it's really about visualizing, but with an emotional connection to it. You've 127 00:13:26,880 --> 00:13:32,560 looked at something that you're emotionally connected. There's an energy behind it. And then you physically 128 00:13:32,560 --> 00:13:38,240 through visualization physically kind of bring it down to, I mean, the way we talked about it was 129 00:13:38,240 --> 00:13:42,320 like a dial, like from one to ten and you just take the dial if you're feeling a tang, 130 00:13:42,320 --> 00:13:49,200 just drag it down to a one. And then you see, is it still there? Is it gone? How do you feel? Is 131 00:13:49,200 --> 00:13:54,000 it, is it? Is it anxiety still there? What numbers of that? And it's really you learn to 132 00:13:54,000 --> 00:13:59,920 intuitively listen to your body without having to actually do the muscle tests. And we'll go 133 00:13:59,920 --> 00:14:05,280 over the little trick that you gave us to do the muscle tests in a minute. But what I can tell you 134 00:14:05,280 --> 00:14:13,280 is that there was a situation that the energy behind what happened at three years ago, whatever 135 00:14:13,280 --> 00:14:20,080 when I was diagnosed that that was high energy, high anxiety. And by when I physically used that 136 00:14:20,080 --> 00:14:24,720 dial to bring it down, it was a little stubborn and came back to probably like a eight or nine, 137 00:14:24,720 --> 00:14:30,560 like hop back up to a five, forced it back down to a zero and eventually it seemed like it was 138 00:14:30,560 --> 00:14:36,400 right around there, like one to three area, which was which was great. But then the added benefit, 139 00:14:36,400 --> 00:14:42,560 if nothing else is that suddenly that that anxiety that that emotional emotions I had in me were 140 00:14:42,560 --> 00:14:49,040 a lot less than it was when we first started. So this thing is really good for lots of different things, 141 00:14:49,040 --> 00:14:55,520 right? It's it's not just, let's put into disclaimer, this does not substitute you talking to your 142 00:14:55,520 --> 00:15:03,200 medical doctor and a whole deal. But this could potentially help you to heal some stuff, but also it can 143 00:15:03,200 --> 00:15:10,240 help with subconscious blockages that you have as well. Yeah, that's the most fun. I think with creating 144 00:15:10,240 --> 00:15:18,400 our own reality, we get this tool. And there's a lot of modalities that talk about the seed of the mind 145 00:15:18,400 --> 00:15:24,800 or using something in front of you that you're looking at, like a frame in the silver method, 146 00:15:24,800 --> 00:15:32,720 by using the connective nation tools, we're showing our body or mind or subconscious. This is what's 147 00:15:32,720 --> 00:15:41,680 in my life, but I would like this instead. So with the body as a subconscious mind, we're actually 148 00:15:41,680 --> 00:15:47,680 showing the subconscious, I want this, but I want that. God, you say that I love that term, 149 00:15:47,680 --> 00:15:54,400 kinetic divination. Think I mentioned to you during our session, it's a very cool term. I had 150 00:15:54,400 --> 00:16:01,120 a lot of struck with that name. That is struggle. Yeah, why is that? Because I wanted to be open for 151 00:16:01,120 --> 00:16:06,720 everyone to be comfortable to use these tools. And I think there may be some people who go 152 00:16:06,720 --> 00:16:14,640 to a nation actually story. I moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario and a family member said, 153 00:16:14,640 --> 00:16:19,920 "Well, there's a health and wellness expo. Why don't you fall in the men's see if you can get a table?" 154 00:16:19,920 --> 00:16:26,160 So I did. And they said, "Well, we'll check you out." That's fine. So I gave them my website. And they 155 00:16:26,160 --> 00:16:32,880 went to it and they said, "Oh, yeah, you're not a good match. They didn't let me in because of the word 156 00:16:32,880 --> 00:16:40,800 divination." Oh, you're kidding. Yeah. I love the name too. Some glad to hear that you like it as 157 00:16:40,800 --> 00:16:46,800 well, but I did struggle with keeping that name. Yeah, I guess for those that aren't in this space 158 00:16:46,800 --> 00:16:53,760 that we're in right now, the term divination does have a carnival type of imagery behind it, right? 159 00:16:53,760 --> 00:16:58,880 The gypsy on the with the crystal ball for telling your future. And unfortunately there's a lot 160 00:16:58,880 --> 00:17:06,320 of charl探ains out there that practice this kind of term around. But I guess that's a challenge. 161 00:17:06,320 --> 00:17:12,160 The we are talking about this from a metaphysical spiritual point of view and it does help tremendously 162 00:17:12,160 --> 00:17:19,280 in that sense when you take out all the woo. At the end of the day, this is really a great psychological 163 00:17:19,280 --> 00:17:26,320 tool to help you to remove blocks and able to let's back to the metaphysical manifest your own reality 164 00:17:26,320 --> 00:17:32,240 in the way that you wanted to. Well, I think one of the greatest things about it is that it's hands on. 165 00:17:32,240 --> 00:17:37,840 It feels like you are back in the driver seat with your body, with your subconscious, with your choices. 166 00:17:38,560 --> 00:17:45,360 It gives you a tool that you can actually physically interact with. And I like there are a few 167 00:17:45,360 --> 00:17:50,320 different tools that you have because my decision was a little bit different than wills. I think 168 00:17:50,320 --> 00:17:57,680 well, it's about being receptive. I think I just have a stubborn ass subconscious. 169 00:17:57,680 --> 00:18:03,840 And then you come for it. Something, yeah, but it's like so many of the questions you was asking me, 170 00:18:04,560 --> 00:18:11,200 is your subconscious willing to do is like, no, like really? I said that. Yeah, I could see that. 171 00:18:11,200 --> 00:18:14,560 It's kind of bitchy. This is good for you. Shut up, say yes. 172 00:18:14,560 --> 00:18:19,520 So I guess we probably have to touch on your session then, Karen, because 173 00:18:19,520 --> 00:18:24,320 let's start with yours. Well, because we can get the contrast. Have we not been speaking about 174 00:18:24,320 --> 00:18:32,400 my knowledge time? Well, really. I mean, no. Okay. So the way that it worked for us is we had a 175 00:18:32,400 --> 00:18:37,040 conversation ahead of time. We talked about different challenges. And she has this really cool canvas 176 00:18:37,040 --> 00:18:42,160 that she would put down keywords and it helped us to understand what it is that we're battling 177 00:18:42,160 --> 00:18:47,520 truly at the heart of it. Not well, you know, I can't sleep well night. Right. So what's what's 178 00:18:47,520 --> 00:18:54,160 hidden behind it? And we dove deeper into each one of those things until we found what we felt was the 179 00:18:54,160 --> 00:19:02,160 crux of situation. And then we used a meditation or a brief meditation. We used a silver method. 180 00:19:02,160 --> 00:19:08,240 And for those of you who are not familiar with the silver method, it is a really old, my parent 181 00:19:08,240 --> 00:19:14,720 for doing it when I was six, five, six, seven years old. And they taught me some of the tenants from it. 182 00:19:14,720 --> 00:19:18,400 So it was kind of an old friend to go back to something I haven't thought about in a long time. 183 00:19:18,400 --> 00:19:23,440 But use a silver method, which is a account from three down to one and it gets you into the 184 00:19:23,440 --> 00:19:29,680 alpha state. And there that way it kind of removes any kind of blocks that you might have between you and your body. 185 00:19:29,680 --> 00:19:36,640 So you can communicate freely. And then after I was in that ready state, which I should mention one of 186 00:19:36,640 --> 00:19:43,040 the things that you mentioned, Gillian, is that you were never able to muscle test appropriately or 187 00:19:43,040 --> 00:19:49,680 correctly until you started doing a meditation. If you were to close to it, it wouldn't work for you. 188 00:19:49,680 --> 00:19:56,240 Yeah. Well, we were talking about the map of consciousness. And I was in a resonance of shame, 189 00:19:56,240 --> 00:20:05,840 which is the lowest point of the map of consciousness. It's at 20 megahertz. So to accurately, 190 00:20:05,840 --> 00:20:10,720 like Dr. David Hawkins says, to accurately muscle testing, receive answers from our body, 191 00:20:10,720 --> 00:20:18,000 we need to be at the energetic resonance of 200 or courage or above. So doing the silver method 192 00:20:18,640 --> 00:20:24,960 is one way where we can unhook from the high functioning beta brain, where we're trying to analyze, 193 00:20:24,960 --> 00:20:31,120 I'm totally analytical, I analyze everything. So the silver method allows us to get into the 194 00:20:31,120 --> 00:20:39,280 alpha state and that detaches from the beta and then we can allow ourselves to kind of raise our consciousness. 195 00:20:39,280 --> 00:20:46,240 And the next step that you may be talking about next is after the alpha breath we talk about and 196 00:20:46,240 --> 00:20:56,160 sink and feel into the gratitude of something, some place some one that really jacks up the resonance of 197 00:20:56,160 --> 00:21:00,480 our body and our mind. Right. And that's what you were saying. The muscle testing never worked for you 198 00:21:00,480 --> 00:21:04,880 unless you were in a state of gratitude. And that makes a lot of sense because you are raising your 199 00:21:04,880 --> 00:21:11,040 vibrations. You're vibrating a certain hertrate that aligns you with the language of your body. 200 00:21:11,040 --> 00:21:15,840 Yeah, I'd muscle test. I'd be dating a dude. And I'd be like, oh, this is the one. This is the guy. 201 00:21:15,840 --> 00:21:20,960 I can just feel it. And I'd muscle test. Is this the guy? And I'd get a yes. And then we'd break 202 00:21:20,960 --> 00:21:26,880 up a week later. But my body said he was the guy. Yeah, my body like I'm very much. 203 00:21:26,880 --> 00:21:33,040 This is a family show, Jolly. It's the best. Right now. 204 00:21:33,040 --> 00:21:42,800 We can actually use that. I work with my clients sometimes to see where muscle test the body, 205 00:21:43,360 --> 00:21:48,240 to see where you're actually attracting love for relationships or friendships or that job with that 206 00:21:48,240 --> 00:21:55,520 client or that money into your life. And we should really be attracting from our hearts and oftentimes 207 00:21:55,520 --> 00:22:01,920 where you're not. We're attracting people from different areas for different reasons. Which point then 208 00:22:01,920 --> 00:22:07,520 she had me and I don't want to give it away just yet. But she had me do the test and I could 209 00:22:08,400 --> 00:22:15,840 ascertain a yes from my body from a no and based on that we narrowed it down even further. Now, 210 00:22:15,840 --> 00:22:23,040 we need to take a break. So when we come back, we're going to talk about exactly how you do muscle 211 00:22:23,040 --> 00:22:30,720 testing so that anyone listening to this right now could do it immediately with positive results. 212 00:22:30,720 --> 00:22:36,720 And we'll also talk about why Karen's maybe wasn't quite so positive. We will be right back. 213 00:22:37,600 --> 00:22:48,000 [Music] 214 00:22:48,000 --> 00:22:54,400 We're back on this skeptic. In a position today, we're talking to Jolly and Schlager who is an expert 215 00:22:54,400 --> 00:22:58,720 kinetic divinator. How did you like how I twisted that around a little bit? 216 00:22:58,720 --> 00:23:07,280 Like that. Is it divinator? Yeah. Divinator diviner diviner diviner. I know it's just reminds me of 217 00:23:07,280 --> 00:23:12,560 never. We're talking about muscle testing and how our bodies speaks to us by speaking and being 218 00:23:12,560 --> 00:23:18,400 contact or in tune with our bodies, we can actually help remove a lot of blockages that are keeping us 219 00:23:18,400 --> 00:23:25,200 back not just physically but mentally and psychologically as well. And right before we went to the 220 00:23:25,200 --> 00:23:30,400 break, we teased that we were going to teach people how to muscle tests. So before we go into care and 221 00:23:30,400 --> 00:23:36,000 session, let's go ahead and put it out in the open. How does someone go about testing themselves right at home 222 00:23:36,000 --> 00:23:44,400 right now? Yeah. So right now, and you guys can pause this take a minute and do some deep breathing 223 00:23:44,400 --> 00:23:53,280 to connect with your body. Deep breath in, relaxing, exhaling and visualizing and repeating 224 00:23:54,000 --> 00:24:03,200 two three times. Taking another deep breath in, and exhaling, visualizing and repeating two three times. 225 00:24:03,200 --> 00:24:13,760 Another deep breath in, and as you exhale, visualize and repeat one three times. 226 00:24:16,320 --> 00:24:27,680 And breathing normally, imagine someone someplace, sometimes something, a pet that you love 227 00:24:27,680 --> 00:24:33,440 unconditionally. Someone's something that you're grateful for. 228 00:24:33,440 --> 00:24:46,160 And imagine that gratitude, and ask that gratitude to give you an image that is clear in your 229 00:24:46,160 --> 00:24:56,640 mind of why you're grateful for that person-place or thing. And ask your brain to turn it up, 230 00:24:56,640 --> 00:25:05,520 turn up the gratitude, turn up the happiness, turn up the intensity of that gratitude. 231 00:25:05,520 --> 00:25:13,040 And that this space of gratitude is when you can tune in and muscle test your body. You can 232 00:25:13,040 --> 00:25:19,600 ask your body for a yes or no answer, but first we're going to do a baseline. And you can do different 233 00:25:19,600 --> 00:25:26,240 baselines with muscle testing. One of the easiest one is pinch your finger, middle finger, and thumb 234 00:25:26,240 --> 00:25:34,640 together, and then loop them together. So you're making a chain and pinch really hard and then pull 235 00:25:34,640 --> 00:25:42,320 against each other just to test, have a baseline test. And then you ask your body, what does yes? 236 00:25:42,320 --> 00:25:47,680 What does yes feel it? So you're going to say yes, yes, yes, yes, and pull against, 237 00:25:47,680 --> 00:25:55,520 and it should stay strong. And then ask your body, what does no feel like, pinch, and pull, 238 00:25:55,520 --> 00:26:02,480 yeah, and your finger has to make. Right there. And you have to be in a state of gratitude 239 00:26:02,480 --> 00:26:09,520 to be thankful when you're asking the question. The other thing is, and I think a lot of, 240 00:26:09,520 --> 00:26:17,360 so men and a lot of women, want to feel and be strong and independent. And then control. 241 00:26:17,360 --> 00:26:24,000 And in that space, we're not allowing our body to feel that just a little bit of a difference between 242 00:26:24,000 --> 00:26:33,760 yes and no. But the next one that I really love is just putting your dominant hand. So if you're 243 00:26:33,760 --> 00:26:39,120 right with your right hand, put your right hand on your clavicle, your collarbone, put your hand 244 00:26:39,120 --> 00:26:46,240 flat, your thumb, your fingers flat, but raise your index finger with your other hand with your 245 00:26:46,240 --> 00:26:52,560 just testing the baseline, pushing down. And that finger is going to resist being pushed. 246 00:26:53,520 --> 00:27:00,800 And then ask again, what does the S feel like? And what's no feeling. You just want to, 247 00:27:00,800 --> 00:27:07,920 sometimes it's that little subtle difference between the S and no. And you connecting with your body, 248 00:27:07,920 --> 00:27:15,920 you're allowing your body to shiggle you what yes feels like and what no feels like. 249 00:27:15,920 --> 00:27:19,760 Karen, did that one work for you? So this is the issue that we had during my session. 250 00:27:20,960 --> 00:27:25,600 And I don't know if it's something about my subconscious wanting to stay in control. But the thing that 251 00:27:25,600 --> 00:27:30,560 I loved so much about Jillian was that she did not give up on me. And we went through a few different tests. 252 00:27:30,560 --> 00:27:36,480 And somehow she got this information out of me that was nothing like what I thought we were originally 253 00:27:36,480 --> 00:27:42,000 going to talk about. Because we're kind of talked about just need to feel like I can do things again. 254 00:27:42,000 --> 00:27:46,640 And I've become invisible. And I want to be this person that I used to be. And then now I'm just, 255 00:27:46,640 --> 00:27:50,960 it's all about me. Well, sorry. You opened the camera. So no, I wanted to be about you. 256 00:27:50,960 --> 00:27:57,120 So by the end of the session, we realized that with my, my, yes, Gidja, whatever is this really 257 00:27:57,120 --> 00:28:01,760 incredibly strong sense of emotional responsibility, I have about my family. Like I feel like I 258 00:28:01,760 --> 00:28:07,840 hold all of their emotions because of me they're holding it together. Which obviously cannot be the case. 259 00:28:07,840 --> 00:28:12,640 But when she was asking, you know, like subconscious in my higher self, I were willing to like go 260 00:28:12,640 --> 00:28:19,600 of that it was like, no, because I feel like if I let go, it's going to be bad for them. And I can't 261 00:28:19,600 --> 00:28:26,640 let that. Also part of your acting. And it's become such a part of me. Well, I was 262 00:28:26,640 --> 00:28:32,480 not crying all the time. But at this time, it was like, it was really, it was incredible. And then 263 00:28:32,480 --> 00:28:37,600 she, you know, we talked about the intentions and that's something I'm still doing all the time. 264 00:28:37,600 --> 00:28:42,240 And thank you so much for that tool. I love that. But it was really, it was just really 265 00:28:42,240 --> 00:28:47,280 it was a great session. I mean, like I said that I was like, this isn't going to work. And then I felt bad 266 00:28:47,280 --> 00:28:54,160 because the stuff what working for me, but she never, never, maybe she made me feel comfortable to say, 267 00:28:54,160 --> 00:28:59,760 yeah, it's not working instead of a feel bad. And then to keep pushing through and figuring out a way 268 00:28:59,760 --> 00:29:05,760 to really discover what was going on and to help me with that. It's all feedback. And I suppose that 269 00:29:06,480 --> 00:29:13,120 if you were to do this in person with a canocetologist, you put your arm out and they would push it down 270 00:29:13,120 --> 00:29:18,720 or not. And then really, it's not up to you. It's your body either allowing it or doesn't. So this is 271 00:29:18,720 --> 00:29:23,840 it's almost like a psychological mind trick that you're playing on yourself that you're not allowing 272 00:29:23,840 --> 00:29:28,560 yourself to really feel the difference because it's you yourself. I understand. Yeah, I have a really 273 00:29:28,560 --> 00:29:33,520 fun story. I'm writing a book for a house. It's called Dancing with Shadows. Congratulations, 274 00:29:33,520 --> 00:29:41,440 that's awesome. Thank you. So kind of a pre-emptive. I went into school. So talk to the kids about 275 00:29:41,440 --> 00:29:47,040 bullying and what it does to your body. And I had a classroom for the kids. I brought one kid up 276 00:29:47,040 --> 00:29:51,920 to the front of the class with me. And I had cards with positive and negative words on them. 277 00:29:51,920 --> 00:29:59,600 So the one kid faced away from the class and I showed this card to the class of the other kids 278 00:30:00,240 --> 00:30:06,640 to be read the word. They did not say it. If the word was positive and they all the class was thinking 279 00:30:06,640 --> 00:30:12,720 the positive word and projecting it, thinking written on the kids back. If it was positive, 280 00:30:12,720 --> 00:30:18,720 the kid tested strong. If the word was negative, the kid tested weak. And the kid never saw the word 281 00:30:18,720 --> 00:30:24,640 "wow." Interesting. That's incredible. Yeah, just because I showed you that there's a physical 282 00:30:24,640 --> 00:30:30,880 response that you don't have to have belief. It's there or it's not. I think when your brain comes into it, 283 00:30:30,880 --> 00:30:36,080 that's when things become a little bit more challenging for you. Yeah, we have all these stories of what 284 00:30:36,080 --> 00:30:43,840 we should do or be or can do or be. That gets in the way of us creating the knife-leave desire. 285 00:30:43,840 --> 00:30:48,640 And I think for me part of it was also my parent split up when I was really young. And my mother 286 00:30:48,640 --> 00:30:51,840 her thing was you have to go to school. You have to be independent. You have to, you know, get your 287 00:30:51,840 --> 00:30:56,960 career. You don't need anybody. You have to be strong, strong, strong, strong, strong. So maybe saying yes to 288 00:30:56,960 --> 00:31:02,640 everything to me was more of a weakness than a strength. And like you have to say no, and this doesn't work. 289 00:31:02,640 --> 00:31:07,520 I don't know. I think maybe somehow my body might be a little bit muddled on what's really being strong 290 00:31:07,520 --> 00:31:12,080 means, you know, an independent. So that might be part of it too. It's kind of been in 291 00:31:12,080 --> 00:31:16,320 grains since I was seven or eight years old. Sounds like you're going to have to talk to Julian A lot 292 00:31:16,960 --> 00:31:24,240 coming up here. Well, and there is quantum entanglement. We become entangled with other people's 293 00:31:24,240 --> 00:31:29,520 perceptions and your cheese thoughts beliefs. That's true. Now you're opening up whole other 294 00:31:29,520 --> 00:31:34,240 can and worms. You know, how do you disentangle yourself at the quantum level? I think you're reading 295 00:31:34,240 --> 00:31:39,760 your Facebook posts and I love them. Oh, look at this. All around Facebook. She posts great stuff 296 00:31:39,760 --> 00:31:46,560 entangling. Oh, I'll pick you disentangling is just I eject this for my body. Yeah. And you bring up 297 00:31:46,560 --> 00:31:50,960 that term. I wouldn't bring up because it was so cool. We both agreed that when we when you use it 298 00:31:50,960 --> 00:31:58,320 with us, we both just lit up right when we had one of the things we talked about is empathy and taking 299 00:31:58,320 --> 00:32:04,400 other people's energies or other things energies into us that doesn't really belong there. And you said 300 00:32:04,400 --> 00:32:09,920 very simply just when you're doing these these types of exercises, it's a very simple phrase to tell 301 00:32:09,920 --> 00:32:18,800 yourself. And that is, I eject all outside energy. And I'll tell you what, when both we both have the same 302 00:32:18,800 --> 00:32:26,160 response, that is such a powerful phrase that when we say to ourselves, it gives us a sense of peace 303 00:32:26,160 --> 00:32:33,840 and reduces that energy so much that it's become our mantra now and every day mantra. And then 304 00:32:33,840 --> 00:32:39,920 add to that what you told me, I claim my body. Yes, that to me. So first I'd be ejected and then I claim. 305 00:32:39,920 --> 00:32:44,720 That's my, she didn't tell me to claim. So maybe she didn't want me to claim my own body. She 306 00:32:44,720 --> 00:32:52,880 wanted me to. I just had more issues. But I think men are raised to own their own bodies. 307 00:32:52,880 --> 00:32:59,520 I think women, and I think in the old and age, when we had the coming up party, 308 00:33:00,320 --> 00:33:07,840 we were actually claiming, hey, we're an adult now. We don't have that anymore. Yeah. That's true. 309 00:33:07,840 --> 00:33:12,800 That's very true. Yeah. So then after we tested, we did the muscle testing and we had got a 310 00:33:12,800 --> 00:33:18,080 baseline as to what was yes or no. Then was the fun part. Then we started asking questions about 311 00:33:18,080 --> 00:33:23,120 that particular topic that we had narrowed it down to and saying, is this mine? Is this not? 312 00:33:23,120 --> 00:33:28,800 Is this is that whatever. And then depending on the answers, we then took it a step further. 313 00:33:28,800 --> 00:33:33,600 And that was the visualization process. And I loved your image of the big white board. 314 00:33:33,600 --> 00:33:39,600 The number with the number to line on it. Yeah. And that's what I was talking about earlier, because 315 00:33:39,600 --> 00:33:49,760 my particular challenge was a heavy duty number like 910. The energy, they was charged with such 316 00:33:49,760 --> 00:33:57,600 negative energies that through with your help. I actually asked me to grab that energy in the 317 00:33:57,600 --> 00:34:04,640 timeline that was 910 and physically drag it down to a one. And then you had different versions, 318 00:34:04,640 --> 00:34:09,520 one was the timeline that was straight across the white board. The other one was like a like a pendulum chart. 319 00:34:09,520 --> 00:34:14,320 Thank you pendulum chart and you, you know, and that's the one that helps me. That's what I use as the 320 00:34:14,320 --> 00:34:19,920 pendulum chart. So I'm able to bring it and dial it down. And I guess maybe the act of dialing it down 321 00:34:21,040 --> 00:34:28,240 also psychologically helps me to really own it in that sense. Care did you use the same? 322 00:34:28,240 --> 00:34:34,240 I feel the number of line worked better from you. But this is another thing. It was like, 323 00:34:34,240 --> 00:34:40,160 you know, are you willing to give some, you know, let go some of this note. That was a responsibility. 324 00:34:40,160 --> 00:34:44,000 It did change. It did get better. I think my results might not have been as good as yours, 325 00:34:44,000 --> 00:34:50,640 because my subcut much more stubborn. Yeah. But it definitely did make a significant difference 326 00:34:50,640 --> 00:34:55,840 from you. In full disclosure, I was dealing with cancer. Right. So I was very motivated to make 327 00:34:55,840 --> 00:35:01,520 this thing work. So because that motivation, whatever, whatever it took, I was doing, I threw myself 328 00:35:01,520 --> 00:35:08,640 with a band and into this thing. And when the desire is there, I used that to quit smoking. 329 00:35:08,640 --> 00:35:17,520 Wow. To quit smoking. Yeah. And I did it one time and it worked. But my desire to quit smoking was 330 00:35:17,520 --> 00:35:24,240 at just the highest point. Plus what I did in somebody, anybody can use this when you're listening. 331 00:35:24,240 --> 00:35:30,800 If you're listening right now, pause it and think of a whiteboard in front of you. And just like we 332 00:35:30,800 --> 00:35:37,440 use the muscle testing with the finger or you can use the arm from muscle testing. The whiteboard 333 00:35:37,440 --> 00:35:42,880 is muscle testing as well. But on a quantum level, right? Because it's not, you're physically, 334 00:35:42,880 --> 00:35:50,960 you're not doing anything. It's all in your mind. Yes. It is your mind. But it is your mind relaying. 335 00:35:50,960 --> 00:35:58,400 Yes or no response to your body in all the muscle testing. So even with a pendulum, a pendulum, 336 00:35:58,400 --> 00:36:04,960 an any designing tool is muscle testing. Right. You actually mentioned that I forgot. You had mentioned 337 00:36:04,960 --> 00:36:09,680 that some people get to the point where they don't actually have to do muscle testing. Right. You can 338 00:36:09,680 --> 00:36:16,000 actually define it. You intuitively know what the answer is. As you started asking questions, is your energy 339 00:36:16,000 --> 00:36:21,120 here? Is there? I kept asking. But after a while, it would instantly, I would instantly know. And 340 00:36:21,120 --> 00:36:27,440 you also did a yes or no. So which one was lit up for me? When you ask a question. And it's one of 341 00:36:27,440 --> 00:36:34,480 things that it is. It's so subtle and so fast that if you think about it, you're going to get the wrong answer. 342 00:36:34,480 --> 00:36:39,600 Right. It's got to be something that is just in an immediate answer. What is the first 343 00:36:39,600 --> 00:36:44,160 answer that comes to mind? And I was able to jump into it. Now people say I'm clear cognizant. That 344 00:36:44,160 --> 00:36:50,000 might be something that helped. But I suddenly started being able to intuit the answer and it seemed to 345 00:36:50,000 --> 00:36:54,880 work well for me. Yeah. I think using these tools again and again, we'll strengthen that. Well, 346 00:36:54,880 --> 00:37:00,880 I've been using it almost daily since then. So thank you. Yeah. But they're just they're easy to use. 347 00:37:00,880 --> 00:37:04,880 I like that. It's not like how I got to do this. You know, it's like this mantra or this 348 00:37:04,880 --> 00:37:12,160 visualization. And it helps. Yeah. So sure it does. Now what kind of things can you use this for? Is 349 00:37:12,160 --> 00:37:21,600 anything that you can't use it for? I think the stumbling block is when we are a per emotional 350 00:37:21,600 --> 00:37:28,320 about something. That's when it kind of gets muddled. Yeah. I mean, I'm really like you to help. 351 00:37:29,920 --> 00:37:37,600 Yeah. Yeah. And a lot of empaths. And this is why I'm very empathic. And I was told so many times 352 00:37:37,600 --> 00:37:45,760 growing up, stopping still emotion. And I thought when I was older, there has to be a reason. 353 00:37:45,760 --> 00:37:53,360 Our bodies are so smart. So there needs to be. There has to be a reason for these emotions. 354 00:37:54,560 --> 00:38:01,440 This is a way that we can use our emotions as feedback. But if we're highly emotional about something. 355 00:38:01,440 --> 00:38:09,200 So yesterday, I couldn't find my cat. And I had seen a car outside my neighbors house 356 00:38:09,200 --> 00:38:14,320 yesterday afternoon. And I thought I heard them say, "Oh, we'll just take him. We'll put him in the 357 00:38:14,320 --> 00:38:19,840 car and we'll take him." And then, a few hours later, I couldn't find my cat. So my brain went to 358 00:38:19,840 --> 00:38:28,000 home and I was so highly emotional. There was no way I could be a good person. So I just waited, 359 00:38:28,000 --> 00:38:34,400 calm down, intended for the best possible words. I would come and then hit him and a few hours 360 00:38:34,400 --> 00:38:38,640 later. Oh, I was just saying, "Quaring minds, you need to know where is the cat." 361 00:38:38,640 --> 00:38:42,800 And it's hard. I think that was the issue that I had. I was so emotional at everything. 362 00:38:42,800 --> 00:38:49,280 And it's like, "Will you focus on getting rid of the cancer?" And that's something that you 363 00:38:49,760 --> 00:38:56,000 desperately want. And it's only a good outcome. But my mindset was, "Yes, I will feel better if I 364 00:38:56,000 --> 00:39:01,680 don't bear the responsibility of all these people's emotions." Good for me, but bad for them, 365 00:39:01,680 --> 00:39:07,200 because they're going to be flailing. I mean, so there was also in my mind a negative outcome as well. 366 00:39:07,200 --> 00:39:14,640 So that's where my struggle is. And I think I need to define it a little bit clearer. 367 00:39:15,360 --> 00:39:20,800 Yes, my motivation was to get rid of the cancer, but talking with Jillian, 368 00:39:20,800 --> 00:39:27,680 and working with her helped me to understand that there's an energy behind that that could have 369 00:39:27,680 --> 00:39:34,080 contributed to my getting it. And that is the energy that we were trying to completely 370 00:39:34,080 --> 00:39:41,840 deflate. So that's what I was thinking about when I was doing that timeline. And put them it, 371 00:39:41,840 --> 00:39:47,520 I'm going to say it worked. So because then that that emotion that I was carrying around with me 372 00:39:47,520 --> 00:39:53,600 is decreased tremendously. I'm hoping it stays that way. But if it doesn't, no, no, how to 373 00:39:53,600 --> 00:40:00,480 bring it back down. Well, coming back to, thank you for that. And I'm so glad. So grateful 374 00:40:00,480 --> 00:40:07,520 to hear that you think that this could have had an impact. But it really, I believe, 375 00:40:07,520 --> 00:40:15,200 it does when we take control of our body, our mind, in our emotions. And like I said before, I was 376 00:40:15,200 --> 00:40:20,400 adding an energetic resonance of 20 megahertz, which was shame. They've actually done testing and 377 00:40:20,400 --> 00:40:28,240 found that cancer grows at 42 megahertz and below. So I know that I was living in shame for decades. 378 00:40:28,240 --> 00:40:33,360 And that's such a motivating factor for me to come online bringing these tools to people. 379 00:40:33,360 --> 00:40:39,440 I'm so passionate about not keeping anything hidden. I want people to know these tools. 380 00:40:39,440 --> 00:40:44,800 Because they're so simple and easy. But it's not something that's intuitive. God forbid someone 381 00:40:44,800 --> 00:40:52,400 in the West actually says, "Oh, just think your cancer away." Now, everyone who's in this space 382 00:40:52,400 --> 00:40:59,440 who knows anything about metaphysics knows that it is 100% possible to heal yourself. There are 383 00:40:59,440 --> 00:41:06,400 full-on documentaries about healing yourself. Dr. Joe Despensa himself healed himself in with his mind 384 00:41:06,400 --> 00:41:11,360 from a terrible accident that he's had and he talks about it all the time. So it is possible. 385 00:41:11,360 --> 00:41:16,240 But you have to be in the right mindset. You have to have the right tools to do it. You can't just 386 00:41:16,240 --> 00:41:22,960 wish it away. There's some work you have to do. And so far, we've done caring a lot of different 387 00:41:22,960 --> 00:41:28,720 healing modalities a lot. And who knows which one of them, maybe combination of them all is what helped 388 00:41:28,720 --> 00:41:36,720 get get rid of it. But these tools, Jillian, that you shared with us, are so simple. And yet, 389 00:41:36,720 --> 00:41:43,840 seemingly so powerful because the minute I walked out of this room after our session, I felt lighter than 390 00:41:43,840 --> 00:41:50,640 when I had walked into it. So whether it is a placebo factor, not, I loved it. And I can't advocate 391 00:41:50,640 --> 00:41:55,520 enough for people to reach out to you to do this for themselves. Because it's nice to hear about it 392 00:41:55,520 --> 00:41:59,760 on the show and show you can practice it yourself while you're listening to this or watching this. But please 393 00:41:59,760 --> 00:42:05,360 don't do it while you're driving a car. But there's no substitute to actually being in contact with 394 00:42:05,360 --> 00:42:11,680 Jillian and having her walk you through it. She's infinitely patient. And the way that she's able to 395 00:42:11,680 --> 00:42:18,240 find her way to the root of the issue is nothing short of miraculous. I mean, I had no idea. I was 396 00:42:18,240 --> 00:42:23,680 going to completely different. Completely different. Yeah. Well, we, a lot of the times that our 397 00:42:23,680 --> 00:42:29,680 worst problems are so hidden from us because we're too close to it. So this really helped to reveal a lot 398 00:42:29,680 --> 00:42:34,720 of things that I didn't realize that I was still carrying around with me. Yeah, absolutely. And then 399 00:42:34,720 --> 00:42:38,960 another thing I liked about the session was she was telling me to take your life and put it into segments. 400 00:42:38,960 --> 00:42:43,760 And just, you know, if you're going to the mall, make that be a segment and then have an intention 401 00:42:43,760 --> 00:42:47,440 for that segment. So I tried it. And I'm running like to pick up a scene of from school. Like, 402 00:42:47,440 --> 00:42:51,840 hey, this is the segment, the drive to school. And it's normally a seven-minute drive and I had six 403 00:42:51,840 --> 00:42:56,320 minutes to get there. I'm like, not going to get any midlights. It's going to be a great drive. I'm going to get 404 00:42:56,320 --> 00:43:02,000 there on time. And just as hitting the last light, because I'll have some more green, it turned red, 405 00:43:02,000 --> 00:43:07,520 but it just turned green. And I did not have to stop. I'm not saying you can do this for everything. 406 00:43:07,520 --> 00:43:11,520 And you don't want to abuse it. That's the thing. I'm like, oh, I can't do this every time. 407 00:43:11,520 --> 00:43:18,960 But yeah, I don't know. I'm in there in six minutes instead of seven. Yeah, segmented. 408 00:43:18,960 --> 00:43:25,840 And the thing is something that Abraham talks a lot. And when you are segmenting, look at what you 409 00:43:25,840 --> 00:43:34,640 want to create, intend for, and have that intention. So next time, and look for this in 410 00:43:34,640 --> 00:43:43,680 that area that you're using segmented or creation in general, look for the positives. So you don't want 411 00:43:43,680 --> 00:43:51,120 to find attracting a partner, a friend, someone to date. I don't want to say, I don't want to say, I don't want 412 00:43:51,120 --> 00:43:59,120 to see a look or I say, I want someone who is conscious. So I don't want red lights and use instead, 413 00:43:59,120 --> 00:44:04,320 I want all green lights. I just was like, I'm going to get there on time. Yeah, I was going to 414 00:44:04,320 --> 00:44:08,400 had one that less than normal, but I was going to get, and I did. Yeah, that's a great, great point 415 00:44:08,400 --> 00:44:13,600 that we didn't talk about. You were very much about keeping it on the positive side of things. 416 00:44:13,600 --> 00:44:18,880 Because everyone knows manifesting, you're telling the universe what you want, not what you don't 417 00:44:18,880 --> 00:44:23,680 want. And when we're negative, we're showing the universe what we don't want. I don't want red lights. 418 00:44:23,680 --> 00:44:29,280 Oh, well. Yeah, the universe only ever says yes to you. Right. So then you say, 419 00:44:29,280 --> 00:44:36,640 I always get red lights. The universe goes, yes, you're always. Yeah. And if you say, I don't want 420 00:44:36,640 --> 00:44:42,880 red lights and you're saying, okay, let's keep them not wanting red lights because you keep getting red lights. 421 00:44:42,880 --> 00:44:49,920 You know, the actor does think about the act of component of each sentence we say. So the act of component 422 00:44:49,920 --> 00:44:55,040 is red light. So then what you're saying is, I'm going to have all green lights and spin it in a positive. 423 00:44:55,040 --> 00:45:00,000 And that really helps. Yeah. Same like, if you said, don't think of a pink elephant. 424 00:45:02,400 --> 00:45:10,480 I'm not, I'm not, I'm no refuse. Okay. And I love that term segment tending segment intending. 425 00:45:10,480 --> 00:45:15,600 Oh, well, I put it all together as one and call it segment tending. He words up as you go along. 426 00:45:15,600 --> 00:45:23,200 You're just great. Yeah. It's the language of will. I'm still trying to figure that out. 427 00:45:23,200 --> 00:45:28,080 Yeah. It takes a lifetime. All right. Well, is there anything that we haven't talked about 428 00:45:28,080 --> 00:45:34,560 jelly? Anyone make sure that we touch on it before we say goodbye? I think this is a good place to just close 429 00:45:34,560 --> 00:45:42,400 out asking people to really focus on the positive and please ask your body. Please use your body and your 430 00:45:42,400 --> 00:45:48,800 emotions as feedback. See the life that you see in front of you as feedback not the end result 431 00:45:48,800 --> 00:45:55,920 and be brave to choose what you actually desire. That's great. That's great. And if you are not 432 00:45:55,920 --> 00:46:02,400 understanding your body language contact William, she can translate. She's the body whisperer. Yes. 433 00:46:02,400 --> 00:46:08,240 But the muscle I guess muscle whisper is probably a better budget term. Well, Jillian, I can't 434 00:46:08,240 --> 00:46:13,280 thank you enough not only for coming on the show today and sharing of your wisdom but also for 435 00:46:13,280 --> 00:46:18,640 sitting with us individually and helping us to go through these things and maybe helping me to get rid of my 436 00:46:18,640 --> 00:46:23,600 cancer. So let's keep that positive. Thank you so much. And if someone wanted to reach out to you 437 00:46:23,600 --> 00:46:28,800 to connect what's the very best way for them to do that? In the best way, I'm always on Facebook. 438 00:46:28,800 --> 00:46:36,160 So you can come reach out on my mean Facebook page or I have a website that's 439 00:46:36,160 --> 00:46:42,800 Easy, P.D. We're going to add direct links to Jillian's website and social media on our show notes 440 00:46:42,800 --> 00:46:48,080 so you can just go to find her episode right there in her episode show notes. 441 00:46:48,080 --> 00:46:53,040 You'll see the links directly there. It's just a click away. Come once again, Jillian. Thank you 442 00:46:53,040 --> 00:46:57,440 so much thrilled to have you on the show and I'm sure we'll we're going to stay in touch for sure. 443 00:46:57,440 --> 00:47:01,200 And we're excited to see that book when it's done. Yes, and when you have the book, let us know 444 00:47:01,200 --> 00:47:06,080 so we can put it on our on our show notes as well. We'll add a link to it. I will thank you so much. 445 00:47:06,080 --> 00:47:07,840 It's been great, guys. 446 00:47:07,840 --> 00:47:19,440 Hi, my name is Bob and I am getting in touch. You guys about the Judah collective podcast. 447 00:47:19,440 --> 00:47:29,040 I just listened to today. There is a study that was done by the Monroe Institute and it was 448 00:47:29,040 --> 00:47:36,960 called the Explorer Files. It was from 1974 to 1990. I think it's a collective of about 30. 449 00:47:37,600 --> 00:47:49,280 Different tests over these years. And when the Judah collective, when the lady went into the spiritual world, 450 00:47:49,280 --> 00:47:57,760 the way that she spoke, it almost gives me chills. The extreme resemblance, how they speak 451 00:47:57,760 --> 00:48:05,200 from how she does versus this study in the Explorer Files. I would greatly, greatly, 452 00:48:05,200 --> 00:48:09,040 I'd recommend listening to that and I'll try to send you a link. 453 00:48:09,920 --> 00:48:16,000 You just heard a voice mail message from Robert Trago. He used the handy little voice mail 454 00:48:16,000 --> 00:48:20,400 application that we have on our website, go to You'll see a little tab on 455 00:48:20,400 --> 00:48:25,680 the right hand side saying leave us a voice mail. We'd love to hear from you as well. So please, 456 00:48:25,680 --> 00:48:30,640 feel free to leave us any kind of thoughts that you wish. And let us know whether you prefer 457 00:48:30,640 --> 00:48:36,160 that we air it or we keep it to ourselves. We absolutely love feedback as we said many, many times 458 00:48:36,160 --> 00:48:41,520 you probably hear it again very soon into closing the show and would really appreciate hearing from you as well. 459 00:48:41,520 --> 00:48:47,680 So hit the leave us a voice mail tab and record your voice mail to us 460 00:48:47,680 --> 00:48:52,640 directly. We look forward to hearing from you really soon. And Bob, thank you so much for taking 461 00:48:52,640 --> 00:48:56,960 the time and leaving us a voice mail and then the follow-up link that you promised in the audio. 462 00:48:56,960 --> 00:49:00,560 We got it and we can't wait to check it out. Thanks again. 463 00:49:00,560 --> 00:49:06,560 [Music] 464 00:49:06,560 --> 00:49:11,280 Thanks for coming along on this journey to discovery with us. We'd love to continue our conversation with you 465 00:49:11,280 --> 00:49:17,120 on our website at or on Facebook and Instagram under skeptic 466 00:49:17,120 --> 00:49:21,360 manifestation podcast. If you know someone who would benefit from hearing the messages we're 467 00:49:21,360 --> 00:49:27,360 sharing on the show, do them and us a favor and share the show with them. It will help get the word 468 00:49:27,360 --> 00:49:33,040 out about us and it may just change someone's life for the better. And if you're listening to this 469 00:49:33,040 --> 00:49:38,080 on the radio and you missed something, well not to worry all of our shows including this one can be found 470 00:49:38,080 --> 00:49:43,840 at We can also watch the videos we use in send us an email or voice 471 00:49:43,840 --> 00:49:50,560 mail directly from the site. We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you. 472 00:49:50,560 --> 00:49:55,280 I hope you've enjoyed this episode much as we have that's all for now. We'll see you on the next 473 00:49:55,280 --> 00:49:59,760 episode of this skeptic metaphysicians. Until then, take care. 474 00:49:59,760 --> 00:50:07,440 [Music]

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