Elizabeth April on Cosmic Identities and Soul Awakenings

This week, we're excited to speak with the preeminent paradigm shifter and psychic medium, Elizabeth April. If you have questions about your cosmic identity, space and time, other dimensions, or soul awakenings then this is the episode for you! But...

This week, we're excited to speak with the preeminent paradigm shifter and psychic medium, Elizabeth April. If you have questions about your cosmic identity, space and time, other dimensions, or soul awakenings then this is the episode for you! But fair warning... You're gonna need to let go of the things that you think you know, and come with an open mind. Because this conversation is going where this show has never gone before.

The Skeptic Metaphysician
Elizabeth April on Cosmic Identities and Soul Awakenings

We can't even being to summarize everything that we talked about, but here's an idea:
- What it was like to have precognitive abilities when very young
- Her most famous party trick while at college
- What her fist conscious alien abduction was like
- Why she doesn't fear alien abductions anymore
- Her experience with inter-dimensional beings
- The monthly meetings she attends with the Galactic Federation
- The very specific message she gives to those that don't believe her experiences are real
- The drastic way that the world can get back on track

And did we mention not being able to summarize EVERYTHING? Just listen to this episode. You won't be sorry!

About our Guest:
Elizabeth April is a 30 year old who was born with extrasensory abilities. At a young age she was able to see ghosts and spirits and read energies from other people. Since childhood she has developed these abilities into a wide array of skills, from clairvoyance, remote viewing, past life regression to precognition. Based on a wide variety of experiences, Elizabeth is most excited about exploring the topics of Spiritual Awakening, Cosmic Disclosure, and Quantum Physics.

Whether you are sitting in her audience, watching her YouTube channel, or reading her new book, the insights channeled through her will leave you feeling in tune with limitless possibilities!

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Elizabeth April

Will: [00:00:00] Karen. Yes, I know I say this all the time. but this time I really mean it. I am super excited about our guest. Great. You know why? Nope, because she needs no introduction. really, she needs no, if you're familiar at all with spiritual awakenings, cosmic disclosure, that kind of thing, you really don't need an introduction to, well, you've kept

Karen: me in the dark about this, so I might need a little bit of an introduction.

Will: That's true. Okay. So rather than take up the try and try to tease her interview though, let me just say, I'm excited to speak with the preeminent paradigm shifter and psychic medium Elizabeth April. If that doesn't send shivers up your spine. I don't know that anything will. If you have questions about your cosmic identity space and time, other dimensions, lifetime self discovery, soul awakenings.

And this, this, my friends is the episode for you, but let me warn you. You're gonna need to let go of the things that you think, you know, and come with an open mind, because this conversation is going where this show has never gone before. Cue the music.


Will: Hey everyone. I am will. And I'm Karen and I'm so glad you could join us for another episode of the skeptic position you're in for a special treat today because we have Elizabeth April on the show. Now, you know, if you followed her at all online, that she was born with extra sensory abilities and at a young age, She was able to see ghosts and spirits and read energies from other people.

Now, since childhood, she has developed these abilities into a huge array of skills. She's clairvoyant. She does remote viewing. She does past life regressions. She has [00:02:00] precognition, but one of the most remarkable aspects to me about Elizabeth April is her connection to cosmic disclosures. See it wasn't until her first, her first.

Conscious alien abduction at the age of 18 that she started to come to the realization that she herself was also connected to these extra trusts through past life lineage. Wow. Are we in for a treat? Welcome to the show Elizabeth April. Thanks for coming on.

Elizabeth: Thank you so much for having me. It's it's such a pleasure to be uh, speaking with both of you today.

Will: Wow. I don't even know where to start. There's just so many different directions, so many questions. so many questions. So I do wanna talk about your first conscious abduction because that's a big interest of mind, but before we go into that, I need to ask what, what was it like being a little kid and having these precognitive abilities?

Elizabeth: Yeah. I mean, you know, in so many ways, I think a lot of kids are born with extra sensory abilities. Whether that be just being an [00:03:00] empath and feeling what others are feeling or being able to see things that others can't see for me, especially growing up in the nineties, I think It was tough. You know, it was tough to make friends.

I was definitely always the weird kid I could never fit in. I was trying to teach my friends how to meditate at a young age, or, you know, I'd go over to a friend's house and see their grandfather walking around, who had passed away four years earlier, you know? And, and so you, you feel different, right? You, you, you, you actually don't realize that you're different until you get into school and you start to realize that not everyone is able to see the things that you can. So yeah, it was tough at around the age of 10. I shut all of those abilities down. I went from a very metaphysical world to a very physical world. I realized that all the kids who had all the friends were into sports. So I figured that's what I should do. so I did that for a number of years and and I had the friends and I, and I did fit in, but I really lost my, my touch, you know, with [00:04:00] spirituality and, and those kind of extra sensory connections.

So at. Through a lot of questioning and a lot of seeking, I ended up you know, doing a Pathi progression for the first time uh, opened up my, my mind to reincarnation, to concepts, like simultaneous time and the fact that we are the accumulation of everyone that we've been before. So I ended up getting into paci regression.

Two years later. That's how I ended up making friends in university is regressing them and kind of getting away from, and then getting back into you know, that world.

Will: Wow. That was a fun party trick. Hey, let's go past life progress.

Karen: well, I wanna kinda go back to the beginning. How did your family, you know, did they all have gifts as well? Or did they treat you differently? Did they believe you support you? How did that work?

Elizabeth: Yeah, good question. So my dad was uh, we were raised Catholic, so I thought I was talking to God for a very long time. [00:05:00] Um, As a matter of fact, at the age of six, I told my dad that, you know, dad, the church, the Bible has it all wrong. I've been talking to God and God's a female. You know, and, and of course, in, in, in church they teach you that if, if you're talking to something that no one else can see, it's either God or the devil, right.

It's God or the, or demons. Right. And so I've figured, well, whoever I've been talking to is really nice, definitely not the devil uh, but she's a female. So I, and I realized much later on that it was actually a plea 80 and spirit guide that I had that I could very easily, you know, kind of talk to back then.

So. I just love the audacity I had at six years old to say, Nope, the entire religion is wrong because of my experience, which is really cool. And I, and I actually think that this is how we got it all skewed. From the very beginning. We didn't have the words, we didn't have the understandings. So even though my dad was the Catholic one and he's an engineer he brought that spirituality and he was [00:06:00] very curious and he would.

Uh, Videotape us, you know, on a cassette recorder and say, okay, you know, like, you know, what were your dreams last night? And what was God saying to you yesterday? Sort of thing. Whereas my mom was really freaked out about my abilities, especially about the ghost stuff. She, you know, she really shut it down by saying, oh, you've just been watching too many scary movies.

And, and that made me feel so insecure and. Separated and lonely because I felt like, you know, my experiences were not being validated and I wasn't being seen or heard. And I obviously didn't realize any of that at that age. So I had two very different experiences from my parents.

Will: Mm. Yeah, I can imagine how that uh, Hey, God's a female might have gone over like a fart and space suit. What are you talking about child? So then your friends, so you're in college and you're doing these past life regression parties.

Did everybody kind of take to this, these messages that you were bringing out well, or did you ever get people to look [00:07:00] at you who sideways and say this chick needs an asylum?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah. So interesting. So after I got abducted you know, my roommate at the time basically went around to all of my other, like roommates in my student house and said, you know, Elizabeth is crazy. She thinks she got abducted by aliens, like, and it was a whole kind of bullying situation. And you got question yourself.

You're like, man, am I crazy? No one else was talking about this stuff. Obviously I didn't realize there was a whole online community of, of alien lovers and believers and, and open-minded people. As far as the pasti progressions, I didn't really have to convince many people because by me taking them into a trans like state, they would have those experiences themselves.

So it, you know, it wasn't a convincing type thing. However, I did have two. So they were in one of my classes, they were twins from China and they were both engineers or they were studying to be, they were in engineering, I guess, very logical, very [00:08:00] analytical. And they didn't believe me that reincarnation was real.

That's just not how they were raised. So I said, okay, cool. Well, do you want of, you wanna volunteer? And so I took him into a trans like state uh, a deep state of relaxation. And I said, go to one of your most significant past lives. And he said he was swimming in this ocean. And so I said, okay, cool. We'll look down at your feet.

What are on your feet? He's like, I, I. I don't think I have feet and I'm uh, no worries. That's fine. You know, uh, look down at your skin, you know, what, what are you wearing on your body? What, like, are you wearing a swimsuit? You know, whatever. I'm trying to get gauge the time period. And he's like, I, I'm not wearing anything.

I'm blue. Oh my God. And he sits up out of this regression. He's like, I'm a fish. I was a fish, I'm a fish. And this is a guy who didn't even believe in reincarnation, let alone going into a lifetime where he was a fish. And I've never had anyone just get up out of a regression before. [00:09:00] So I'm like no. Close your.

You know, go back into a relaxed state. And I really think I made a huge impact on them and turns out, you know, the biggest project that they were working on was how to change salt water from the ocean into fresh water so that everyone in the world would have access to fresh water. Uh, So it's so interesting how that fish lifetime must have been some sort of, you know, support for him and his mission in this lifetime.

Will: You just, you just dropped the bomb here. You saying that we actually reincarnate as fish as different animals.

Elizabeth: Plants animals, fish. And of course, after I was abducted at 18, I started to think about, well, okay, if aliens do exist and they're here and they're curious about humans, obviously, who are they? What are they doing here? What's their significance being here, but also if they exist and we can be fish or plants or animals or other humans, Why can't we just be different interdimensional beings.

[00:10:00] So that's what opened up the can of worms of, well, let's go ahead and take people off planet. Let's go see your off planet lifetimes and see what that looks like. And you know, what do these beings in different dimensions on different planets and on spaceships, what do they do for a living? What do they eat?

How do they exist? Like I was so curious. And, and so I started getting into off planet past lives.

Karen: Before we get into that. I, I wanna again, take a step back. You say this, like before I learn to drive, you know, before the alien abduction, right? What. Hear about that. yeah. And that that's what was heading next. So casual were like, you know, yeah. Before I went to the grocery store, you

Will: keep, you keep talking about your first conscious abduction at first, the word abduction brings to mind this terror, right?

Yeah. Is that what it was like for you or was it a, a pleasant experience?

Elizabeth: Yeah. So I, I always like to preface with the first conscious abduction because when I was a, a kid, I was abducted quite a few times in childhood. And I didn't even know I was being abducted [00:11:00] until the age of 24 when I went to a hypnotherapist myself and I said, all right, I got some childhood issues. I wanna, I really just wanted to go back into childhood and to complete some childhood traumas.

I, I wasn't expecting. Go back to four years old and getting abducted on a ship. So that's why I say conscious abduction at 18, because it was the first time I was ever actually aware of, you know, being abducted. I went away to attend a silent meditation retreat because it was something that I did in a past lifetime.

Um, It's called VA pasta. So I'm like. Whoa, so cool. There's a VA Posta center, two hours away from me in Ontario, Canada. I'm gonna go check it out. I'm just gonna go and, and, you know, relive this past life. At that point I'd never even really given a thought to aliens or interdimensional. Let alone thought I was gonna be abducted that week.

And on the second night of the meditation retreat. I was taken very consciously, very vividly from my bed by three tall, very white, almost transparent like beings. [00:12:00] And they basically beamed me up to their ship. I was sitting in this chair. I wasn't able to move, I wasn't able to speak. There was no sort of telepathic communication going on at that time.

And there was about five or six of them in front of me just watching this procedure happen. And then there was. One of them off to the right hand side of me, I felt like he was kind of a doctor. And then there was a machine that put something into my right ear and just as quickly as it started, it ended and they put me back into my bed.

I basically, the second they left, I, I got up for my bed. I think I was a bit paralyzed for maybe 15, 20 minutes. I turned on my phone. I started looking up abduction cases in the area. I did have a drop of blood coming from my right ear. For me, that was the physical validation that I needed, even though it was such a vivid experience.

And yeah, and so the whole experience was super fear based. It was super scary for me. I, it was nothing I would ever. And there was no love coming from them, [00:13:00] you know? And, and the reason why I know I contracted that in my life at that time was to have a negative experience with ETS. I know it sounds weird, but since then I have had such a positive.

Experience with many different et species that I, I just needed the awareness of, it's not all rainbows and butterflies. It's not all good vibes all the time. And, and that really helps me to have compassion for other humans who have gone through very fear based abduction experiences and to bring the awareness into there's good and bad species, just like there's good and bad humans.

Will: Now we've had people come on the show and talk to us about conscious contact with the ETS and things like that. And it's really meant it it's, it's based on your conscious level at some point, did you think. That you manifested. Is that what you're saying? That you manifested this fear based abduction

Elizabeth: Yeah. I believe that everything in our life is contracted and for a very long time, you know, free [00:14:00] will versus destiny. I would try and spite my destiny or spite my fate uh, spite the, the, the timelines that I was rooted in by just doing random stuff. All the time every day. And then I realize that it's our soul without an ego, without a body, without an incarnation, without a dimension that chooses this incarnation that chooses these big life exper experiences in order for us to learn, to gain access to, you know, experiences, lessons to grow and to move forward.

So I really truly believe I chose that experience for a reason. And it's a very Highly debated belief that I have that everyone chooses all of their contracts in their own lifetime to have these lessons, even the bad ones. As a matter of fact, especially the challenging and bad experiences we choose to learn from to grow.

Will: do you believe that's a consistent reality or, or is that something that some people choose where others just kind of [00:15:00] go with the flow?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I think it's consistent all across the board. So I've done a lot of work within past life regression. Um, But I've also done a lot of work with mediumship and not only, you know, talking with spirits, but crossing spirits over. So I've, I've had a lot of experience in the afterlife type of realm. Um, Not only in the afterlife, but the pre-life before life, how we choose this body, how we choose our family, how we choose our contracts, our lifetime, our blueprint if you will, for our lifetime.

So I believe that um, there are big moments that are contracted and meant to happen, and there's a lot of free, free flow moments as well. Um, And I also believe that our free will, can Trump or override any contract that we have which makes it a little bit messy. So it's kind of a, a battle. Free will and destiny, but realizing that it's not God, it's not source.

It's not your spirit guides. It's not your higher self. That chooses your destiny. It's you it's always been, you you've always had the power.

Will: Well, let's [00:16:00] go back to your first abduction again, really quickly because some people listening in are gonna think, well, you know, she was 18 years old. She's just getting into the party lifestyle. It was, could this possibly have been something that that you dreamt. Or you imagined or, or are you 100% convinced this is a physical, tangible,

Elizabeth: Yeah, that's a good question. So since then, I've had a lot of. Lu dreams. A lot of Astro traveling, a lot of very physical things, a lot of nonphysical things with interdimensional and with this reality, and, you know, looking back I'm I'm 100% without a doubt positive that that really did happen. And it happened in the physical um, as a matter of fact, three weeks after it.

Place. I felt like I was being watched all the time. So I stopped all of my astrol exploration, all my loose streaming. Astrol traveling, telepathy, all of that. I, I had to stop. I felt like, I don't know. I don't know what their reason was for [00:17:00] abducting me. So are they gonna have body snatch? Are they gonna come into my body?

Like, what are they gonna do? So I had to be really kind of closed down and protected. So I ended up going to a medical medium and I said, I don't know what's going on with me, but can you please just do your thing and check it out? So she scans my body and she's like, oh, you've got a, an implant in your right ear.

And I'm like, what? And she's like, yeah, it looks like you're abducted. And it looks like they put an implant in you and they've been tracking you ever since. And it just confirmed so many things without me. Ever even telling her what had happened. It, it was uh, a really amazing confirmation for me. And she was able to what she called.

It was deactivate it, she said it was intelligent, but it was also made of organic material. So she said she. Basically just unclipped it from my, my body. and she said, yep, you're, you're good to go. And I all really didn't believe her because I don't know what a medical medium is. I don't know what this thing is.

And for two weeks afterwards, I had this [00:18:00] strangest. Ear drainage, like to the point where my pillow would be stained just out of my right ear. And, and almost immediately, after walking out of her office, I felt free. I felt like I was no longer being watched or followed. And so for me, that was even extra validation that this really took place.

And she was able to see kind of what they put in.

Will: Interesting. We've had the other side. Equation. We've had a couple of medical intuitives come on the show and talk to us about deactivating, deactivate. Yeah. Uh, Trackers and things like that. We'd never seen it from, from this perspective. Mm-hmm maybe offline. We'll talk about who it is. I'm wondering if it's someone we've already had, but. I know Karen. You've got lots of questions. I can see it. Hello your face. I don't wanna, I don't wanna hog the interview. Well,

Karen: no, no. I mean, you're asking good questions. I'm interested. So after that, were you, and, and with the other, I guess non-fire based contact or communication, what was the next experience?

You had

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm yeah, great.

Karen: you kind of called out for or did it just happen?

Elizabeth: It just happened because [00:19:00] um, you know, after that, I, I came home from this silent meditation retreat, which is ironic in and of itself to be abducted at a silent meditation retreat. I couldn't tell anyone, I so badly wanted to go to the leaders and say, you.

Karen: That would've been

Will: awful.

Elizabeth: What's going on? Like, has anyone else been abducted here?

Like, is this a hotspot? There was actually a military base right down the street. So it was a hot spot, you know?

Will: For the record, I think there should be some sort of clause in the contractor says someone abducted, you can talk

Karen: yes, definitely. Or at it down.

Elizabeth: You know, then there's this fear of, of, but if I do talk, if I do tell anyone, I'm just gonna be made out to be this, this absolute Nutter. And unfortunately, the first person that I told my roommate who was also my friend at the time, totally bullied me and, and made it look like I was crazy to everyone else around me, which, which so I wasn't [00:20:00] open about the experience.

I was very scared, especially after feeling like I was being watched. So I didn't really call in a whole lot of experiences after that. I was kind of, kind of muted myself a little bit. But then it was about three or four months after that, where I was hanging out with my friends in my student house.

And I started to feel very lightheaded, very dizzy. This was typically my sign that I was either two out of body or whatever. So I'm like, Hey guys, like continue hanging out. I'm gonna go into my bedroom and I'm just gonna meditate for a second. I'm just gonna kind of tune in. And the second that I did that, I sat down on my bed.

I closed my eyes and there was this seven foot tall etheric humanoid man that walked into my room from the corner of my room, just walked in. And it was so funny cuz I was not used to etheric beings. So I opened my.

He's not there. Close my eyes. He's right there.

Open my eyes. He's gone close my eyes. He's right there. [00:21:00] So it was kind of like the process of closing. My physical eyes opened my third eye, which is what I was used to during Astro traveling. Lucit dreaming that kind of stuff. But once again, I never had this experience with etheric beings before. So, you know, and he felt he was pretty amused by me just being so shocked at his presence.

Karen: I said, why is she blinking?

Elizabeth: yeah, exactly, exactly. And so he told me that he was APLE being from the galactic Federation, had no idea what either of those things were. And he said that there was gonna be a meeting that I. Needed to attend a galactic Federation meeting that I needed to attend in two days time. And I specifically remember the date.

It was December 21st, 2011. I remember this very clearly because we were all getting ready for the end of the world's 2012. Like. January 1st 20 the world, the world's dying. Right. So he told me he's like, the meeting is gonna take place at 2:00 AM Eastern standard time, which is my time zone at the time.

And he said, you need to make sure that you're [00:22:00] awake. And I said, okay. So, and then just like that, he was gone. And funny enough, I walked into my living room and I said, Hey guys, I just got greeted by some E. Pate and being, I don't know. And we all laughed about it. Like it was a joke, but I was like pretty serious and I didn't wanna let them know how serious I was.

So two days, two days later, I ended up getting a large coffee. Um, I slept, I woke up at one, am I chugged back the coffee? I wasn't uh, I was very used to this behavior cause as a student. So I was studying you. Night, full nights or whatever. So I chug my coffee at, at 1:00 AM. I meditate for about 45 minutes and at 2:00 AM on the dot he steps into my room again.

Now I wasn't sure if this was gonna be a physical abduction, like a meeting and on a ship, or if it was gonna be some sort of astrol thing. I was prepared for both. . And when he came to me in the Astro, he said, follow me immediately. I knew that it was a, an astrol experience. So I was very used to this. I followed him now at this [00:23:00] point in my astrol adventures, I'd never, and remote viewing adventures.

I'd never been off the planet. So we go up, you know, away from my student house and up and up and up. And I'm like, oh my God, I've never been here before. And. We're at the kind of uh, the Earth's, you know, line what, I don't know what it's called, but the, that line um, at the earth and, uh, atmospheric level.

And I'm like, wow. And I remember stopping, and just looking back at the earth feeling like, I can't believe I've never been off planet before. And he, he kept going, so I'm like, oh, I gotta catch up. So I'm following him. And then we go to the moon and I'm like, oh my God, this meeting is gonna be on the moon.

How cool is this? And instead of going somewhere on the moon, he goes right into the moon and I'm like, what? Once I didn't, I knew I could walk through walls. I didn't know. I could walk through planets. Like that's what we did. So he went right into the moon and we arrive at this huge hollow room inside the moon.

So my mind is blown, but not only that. It's a room that's full [00:24:00] of interdimensional beings. There must have been hundreds of thousands of different interdimensional beings in this circular room. And there was these seats all along the edges of the circular room and they were all there physically. And then there was probably.

A couple of thousand Astro bodies. So Astro being, so they were all hovering above the room. And I could tell that they were probably humans just like me because their grounding cords, I could see their E theor cords also connecting back to the, to planet earth. So I'm like, oh my God, there's a bunch of humans here too.

and I must have been really rude because I was so curious at what. These beings look like I'd never seen so many beings before in my life aliens before in my life. So I went right up to them. I didn't now looking back, I'm like, that's pretty rude, but I was like, just like, you know, like my face was right up in their face.

Like who, what, who are you? What are you like? You're so different than me, you know? And uh, and then this meeting started and there was like this literal hovering platform in the middle of the room, this tall gray [00:25:00] being who once again at the time, I didn't realize it, but I. English in my mind. And I was like, oh, I just assume, oh wow, everyone here speaks English.

Like so funny how I was just so I did just didn't know that telepathy, right? Is it, it almost translates instantly into whatever you can understand and, and conceive into your language. And they talked about many things. They talked about the battle that's happening on planet earth, a giant shift that is about to take place.

You know, these people who are meant to kind of be leaders on planet earth, volunteers coming from the galactic Federation, all of this was new to me. I had no idea what they were talking about, but I was pretty happy to be there. And then I think it was about an hour long meeting, felt like it was hours long.

It was just about 45 to, to 60 minutes in our time zone. And yeah, came back into my body. I was pretty amazed, went to sleep and that was what, 10 plus years ago. And I've. Unpacking that staff and [00:26:00] trying to lead the charge on this shift in consciousness ever since.

Will: You. Drop this as if it was just a regular turns, like, yeah, we're gonna go grab a cup of coffee somewhere, but you just said a lot, Elizabeth, like a lot. it, it just feels. Wild. everything you're saying, I want to wholeheartedly embrace, but it's hard, right?

For our physical three-dimensional beings who we've, we've lived for some odd years just thinking this is, you know, Newtonian physics is, is the only thing. Suddenly quantum physics is coming to the world and it changes everything. But now you're seeing. A very young age, you're having these experiences, these adventures that people just go that's that was George Lucas.

Right? I mean, how, but you are so certain, like you're convictions, you can feel it mm-hmm like, I know you're not making this stuff up. So how can you convey that information out to people to [00:27:00] say, dude, this is real. This is not my imagin.

Elizabeth: Yeah, that's, that's a, you know, and I, I battled this often But, you know what it comes down to. And I, and I say this in almost every video, every podcast I put out there that my experiences are my own. And for me to try and convince anyone that this is real when they haven't had the experience is a losing battle.

So I always like to say, take it or leave. If this resonates with you, if there's a part of your soul, that is like, oh my goodness. She just said everything. I've questioned my whole life. Then that's for you that this interview, this conversation, this experience that I had that's for you. And if. There's something deep within that doesn't resonate that screams at that says, this is wrong.

This goes against everything. Then it's not for you in this moment. Right. It's not my job. It's not my mission to convince anyone of anything, because I know that they haven't had the exact [00:28:00] experiences that I have. But I also know that by planting a seed with the knowledge, the experience, the information, the visuals that I've experienced myself, it really.

Opens people's minds to the possibilities. And I really think that that is that's. My purpose in life is to just shift paradigms is to seek truth the truth beyond the, the veil, the layers of, of this reality that we've been taught is the only reality I do believe in the third dimension frequency or this physical dimension.

But I also believe that there are many other dimensions that we can't necessarily perceive with our five senses. And I believe that we are all psychic. I believe that we all have the ability to tap in because we are all consciousness in a physical body. Right. So I really do believe that by sharing my experiences and just the way that I've experienced them, it's gonna really open minds and allow other people to have their own weird experiences and hopefully not feel so outcasted not feel.[00:29:00]

So odd and so lonely um, in their experiences, just like I did when I first started having them.

Will: Oh, Bravo really well stated. Really appreciate that. But let's go down that rabbit hole. Karen I'm sure this is where you were headed. Let's go down the rabbit hole. You mentioned that they talked to you about. Shift that the world is undergoing. What is that shift? What message do we need to have?

Elizabeth: Yeah. So I actually have meetings with the galactic Federation every month now. And I ask them. You know, big questions what's happening with planet earth. What do we need to know? How can humans best help and also prepare ourselves for this shift? And, and so, yeah, so I have those meetings on the 11th of every month and I bring people into the meetings now used to just have the meetings myself and Astro travel up to the ship.

And now I bring people in, which is really beautiful and. A message that they gave me back in 2018 was that there was a, a time period [00:30:00] between 2020 and 2024, where we are gonna utterly collapse the old earth frequency, the third dimension frequency. And what I mean by utterly collapse is all of the systems that were created to help and assist that 1%.

And to really suppress the unique brilliance of the 99% that system is flipping that system is. But before we can go into a solution, a system, a solution, a system of equality for everyone, all around the planet. We have to collapse the old system. We have to collapse education. We have to collapse religion.

We have to collapse finance. We have to collapse uh, environmental system because they're just not serving the planet and they're definitely not serving humanity. So they gave me that information back in 20 18, 20, 20 to 2020. Where are we right now? We're 2022. We are halfway through. Okay.

Will: yeah.

Elizabeth: We're right.

We're right in the middle of it. And, [00:31:00] and of course, when everything happened in 2020, I was so beyond excited. I was like, yes, this is what they were talking about. It's happening. There is something here that is affecting every citizen of the planet. And I believe affecting them in a positive way because we are learning not to get sucked into the matrix.

We're learning not to get sucked into the polarity, to the paradigm, to the fear, to the, the distraction, to the projection. A lot of us have learned that a lot of us are still sucked into the fear are still hanging on with our dear lives onto every word that, you know, the politics or the news says. And so we're still learning, right.

But we're also still collapsing. And so, you know, every year since 2020, I, I keep saying, I'd like to say it's gonna get better, but we're at a point now where it has to get worse before it gets better. There are many other systems we have to collapse before we can bring in. And guess what the solutions are out there.

Um, Free energy [00:32:00] technologies, right? Cures for cancer. I mean, cures for pollution. These solutions have been out there for a very long time, but the powers that be, have not wanted those solutions out there because they don't want equality. They don't want us stepping into our conscious awareness. They don't want us to be free.

And that's ultimately where we're going. We're going into freedom. We're, we're moving into sovereignty and we're moving. Place where every action, every reaction every thought that we have not only contributes to our own health, wellbeing, and ability to thrive, but it contributes to the collective health, wellbeing, and ability to thrive for everyone.

And that's truly what the galactic Federation and these beings are here to do. They're here to help us move into unity uh, so that we can all benefit. the resources and the things that we've got going on on this planet.

Karen: So then according to the Federation and to what you've learned and understood from them, there definitely is gonna be [00:33:00] an upside because it just feels like things are so negative and, you know, the climate and the people and the craziness and the, the pollution. And it is so toxic. It just feels like we're just, that's it.

We're just going down hell in the hand basket and it's done, but they're telling you that that's not the case.

Elizabeth: Yeah, exactly. So, you know, probably every three or four months, I have a little, like, I call it a human breakdown and I like go storming up in my Astro body to the galactic Federation. I'm like, what are you guys doing? You're not doing your job. You're not helping out. You're not giving back enough.

You're not like, intervene. Like, come on. Like, I always like kind of have this little human, emotional breakdown and I get pissed off at them to be honest. And every single time they always circle it back around to. There's not much they can do. They're here to assist. They're here to support, but because of the law of non-intervention, they cannot fully just intervene and give us everything we need.

Human beings have to decide that we want better. And I think that this is [00:34:00] where the elites are really sticking their foot in their mouth. They're driving us to such a deep, low place that at a certain point in time, human beings at an individual and collective level have to come to a point of realization.

Where they're sick and tired of being sick and tired. They're sick and tired of being in fear and they make another choice. And that's what I had to make of I'm sick and tired of being all about the agendas, the conspiracies, the fear, the Illuminati, the elites I'm, I'm sick and tired of, of that. And not only.

Thinking about it all the time, but feeding into it, playing into it, by thinking about it and projecting it with my very precious consciousness, right? We all have this ability to co-create the collective reality. So what I'm really prompting people to do is to set an intention for the highest possible timeline.

You know, what's the best that could happen rather than what's the worst that could happen. And by doing that, yes, we have a very. Extremely bright future ahead of us. [00:35:00] And to be honest, as crazy as this world is we're on track. We are completely on track to get to a point where we turn everything around in our lifetime and really, truly make a better future for our children.

Will: Well, that sounds amazing. It does. It really does sound amazing and you're right. We're looking right. That we can only see the forest for the trees. We're right. Smack in the middle of all the drama right now. And everything just looks so bleak. So it's nice to know that there is that there's hope, but. If you ever need a

Karen: volunteer, I knew you were gonna, I was waiting.

I've been waiting for

Will: you. Jealous says she brings people over. Hi, I'm on board. You just say the word Elizabeth. I

Karen: am right there with you a lot longer to, to put that out there than I thought. Well, I was

Will: good for you. I was trying to be respectful of both of your time. You were having a nice conversation.

I didn't wanna but myself in and say hello, take me please, but just bring it out there. I did. Think our conversation was gonna go this way and nor did I, I am thrilled that it did, but there's so much more to, we could talk about, like, I know that there's a [00:36:00] connection between your abductions and how you see yourself specifically with the fact that you actually have experienced past lives as a star being right, as well as channeling certain beings that are aren't.

The stereotypical. Angel spiritual guide kind of consciousness. So really we're running out of time, but I'd really love to, to hear your thoughts. How are we connected with these alien?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Great question. So one of the things that I've discovered about ancient human history and the galactic Federation, is that the number one way, the galactic Federation. Figured that they could help humanity is to bring in as many volunteers as possible. So what they did a very long time ago was they asked members of the galactic Federation, all different species, all different beings from all different dimensions.

Does anyone wanna volunteer to go to planet earth, to help humanity, to help the [00:37:00] civilization there? and, and many of them did. And, and I truly believe that I'm, I'm one of these star seeds. I'm a volunteer here to help humanity. But I also believe that so many people are probably a lot of individuals who listen to you guys.

A lot of people in my own community are star seeds. Are these volunteers. You don't have to be some sort of spiritual teacher guru or leader to be a star seed. You know, there are moms, there are garbage men. There are, you know, dog walkers who are all these incredibly powerful consciousness, these beings who are here to uplift the planet.

And, and one thing I wanna kind of leave people off with because the number one question I get asked is how do I know my mission and how do I know if I'm on my mission? and I would say that it's really important for star seats to understand and realize these volunteers to realize that there's not too much, that they really need to say or do in order to be aligned to their highest mission and purpose.

Just having their presence on this [00:38:00] planet is enough for the planet to shift its fi vibration. So just, just know that don't put a lot of pressure on yourself. What that mission is most likely. If you're listening to this right now, you're already aligned to your highest mission and you're doing really good work and continue to focus on and, and feed into love.

And not because that really helps the collective as well.

Will: Ah, there's so many more rabbit holes. We can go down Elizabeth. I'm so thankful for your time. I know that you are super busy and I appreciate that you took the time to talk to us. If someone wanted to, learn more about you what's the best way for them to do that.

Elizabeth: Yeah, just to Google Elizabeth April, you'll find my book. You'll find my we've got a membership platform connecting other star seeds, so much content there's, there's so many things that I'm doing courses, all of that great stuff, but really just Elizabeth April. and you'll find it all there.

Will: Awesome. Well, we're gonna put direct links in our show notes to your website, Elizabeth, [00:39:00] I also we didn't even get a chance to talk about unidentified. The show that you're doing on peacock with Demi Lovato. I love. So, I mean, you are everywhere, so we're gonna put links as many links as we can actually fit in our show notes so that people could reach out to you and, and follow you because you are absolutely

Karen: fascinating.

And I have to, this is gonna sound like such a weird comment, but I just love the way you speak. I mean, your choice of words and how you string them together and your voice. I could just listen to you for hours.

Will: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Oh, thank you.

Will: Yeah. So in fact, we're gonna try to, after we stop recording, we're gonna try to entice her to come back again because we just literally just scratched the surface.

But Elizabeth, thank you so, so much for coming on the show really appreciate you.

Elizabeth: thank you so much.

Will: And thank you for coming along on this journey discovery with us. If you know someone that would benefit from hearing these messages that we shared on this episode or any of our others, we would really love it. If you do them and us a favor and share the show with them.

it's super easy. You might just help change someone's life. And if you're [00:40:00] listening to this on the radio and you missed something, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be, where you can also watch the videos or even send us emails or voicemails directly from the site.

We are not gonna put you on any list. We're not gonna sell you anything. We just absolutely love hearing feedback. I would appreciate hearing from you as well. Well, we hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we have to offer now, but we'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic meta physicians until then take.

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