Spirit Babies - Communicating with the Souls of the Unborn | Dr. Maria T. Rothenburger

When you think of psychic medium and channels, more than likely what comes to mind is the speaking to those that have passed form our realm to the other side. But what if you could reach out and communicate with the spirits of unborn children? That's what this week's guest is all about!

"As a spirit baby medium, I'm not trying to ease their pain. I'm trying to offer them truth about what's coming through from the other side." -- Dr. Maria Rothenburger

Some topics covered:

  • How do spirit babies communicate when they can't yet speak?
  • Why channel spirit babies and not adults?
  • The difference in messaging from unborn souls and those whose life ended prematurely
  • Do lost babies come back in another pregnancy?
  • How terminated pregnancy babies feel about the actions of their parents
  • How past life regression therapy connects with spirit babies

About our Guest:
Maria T Rothenburger, PhD is a professional counselor, fertility coach, and spirit baby communicator who helps people go from harried, overwhelmed, and obsessed with fertility to peaceful, hopeful, and connected to their greater purpose. She is the author of the #1 bestselling book, Transcending Infertility: 9 Keys for Improving Fertility, Creating Miracles, and Being a Better Human. She is the host of the Miracles Happen Fertility Podcast. She has been a therapist for 16 years and "came out" in 2020 as a psychic medium, specializing in spirit baby communication.

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Spirit Babies

Will: [00:00:00] Hey, Karen, we've had lots of psychics on the show. Yes we have. And we've also had lots of mediums on the show. That's true. We've even had a psychic medium where two on the show we're doing pretty good. So, you know, all, all of them, all of the psychic munies we've had on all have one thing in common. It's pretty much.

Sure. Yeah. They all communicate with people or things from the other side. Yep. All right. Well, our next guest does the same thing, but there's a twist. She helps people communicate with the souls of their babies. Now, whether it's preconception during pregnancy, or even in the tragic event of a loss, she allows us to connect with the dear souls of our unborn.

Karen: I already have questions.

Will: Yeah, that's good because we're here to ask her all the questions.


Will: Hi there. Thanks so much for coming back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysicians. I'm Wil we're the hosts of this journey of discovering today. We've got a special treat for you. Dr. Maria Rothenberger is a professional counselor, fertility coach, and spirit baby community.

Now she came out as a psychic medium in 2020, and is the author of the number one best selling book transcending in fertility, nine keys for improving, fertility, creating miracles and being a better human being. And she's here today to help us wrap our heads around the concept of communicating with spirit babies.

We are so thrilled to have you on the show, Dr. [00:02:00] Maria, thanks for coming

Karen: on.

Dr Maria: Yeah. Thank you guys so much for having me. I appreciate this.

Karen: this is going to

Will: be a lot of fun. Yeah.

Karen, I just want to give you the opportunity, because you said you already had so many questions.

Karen: My first question, and I'm like, what are you putting the cart before the horse? Or I don't even know. Like, I'm probably asking you a question that you're gonna address later, but I need to know now, so babies can't speak right when they're born, it takes a while.

So how do you communicate with a baby's spirit? Did you not see

Will: boss, baby? Come on.

Dr Maria: the answer right there. Done next.

Well, just like all psychic mediums that you've probably spoken a lot about with others is. Telepathic communication and a Clare. So we have clairvoyance clairaudience, Claire cognizance, all that good stuff. So there don't have to be words, but also just to throw another little twist in there, sometimes spirit babies show [00:03:00] as full grown adults.

They'll yeah. They'll show as a past life they'll show as what they hope their future life will look like. So. It all doesn't matter. It's a lot of telepathy, a lot of clairvoyance, a lot of claircognizance. Yeah. Just like working with other spirits. Yep.

Will: There comes my question then. So then if they present themselves as full grown adults, sometimes, how can you call them spirit babies? How's that? How can you make the distinction?

Dr Maria: Very good question, because these are souls. I know. Excellent.

Will: That's my question,

Dr Maria: You're so amazing

uh, they're called spirit babies because they are in, this is interesting as a couple answers that I would give to this. They're in, they're in a different realm. I would say for other souls, they are sort of in a waiting like a holding [00:04:00] area of the other side yet they're waiting to be born again.

And at times they look, they present as full grown adults because it's usually in my personal experience now their spirit BB mediums might be different, but in my personal experience, it's because they are attaching to a past. They are looking as they did in a past life. And that usually is significant for the person that I'm working with because they likely had the past life with this person that I'm working with.

So, that's how I call them spirit babies is because they are still souls that are looking to be born again into this present life.

Karen: So you, do you see them?

Dr Maria: Yes.

Karen: Oh,

Dr Maria: Yes, I'm clairvoyant. So I, and I have other Claire's too, but that's my strongest clairvoyance. So I see pictures, images, movies symbols they'll show me so yeah, I see things.

Karen: and you can communicate with babies that are in like, about to [00:05:00] be born. So then if the mom's like, oh, what does the baby look like? And you're like, well, about 78 kind of balding, you know? I mean, what can she expect?

Dr Maria: Really good question too. You guys would have you have wonderful questions. What can she expect it? I need to ask the baby first. How are you presenting? Is this are you presenting to me as a, a past life, a future life? Not in this present life. Are you presenting to me as you would look as an adult in this present life?

So you need to ask the baby usually. In my experience, 99% of the time, it's a past life. So what will usually happen? And this has happened too, that a baby will show up as an infant or toddler. And then they literally, in my minds, I point to another soul, like an ancestor or somebody in the background and they connect themselves to that soul.

So they look both like their previous life. And over here they look like they're the baby. So. [00:06:00] It really, it's a conversation with the baby. I ask, you know, I don't have, I don't have any of the answers. I'm getting all the information from the baby. And so I ask if the intended parent is like, what should I expect?

I be giving birth to an adult? No, obviously not, but if, if the intended parent is curious about that, I just asked the baby and we go from there.

Will: I want to back it up just, just a minute, because I mean, w I've never heard of this before. Like I've never heard of communicating with spirit babies. The fact that these babies are in a different holding area, for example, we're getting ready to be born is a, is a different thought process than anything we've ever dove into before, but let's take it back because it, what intrigues me the most about it is what made you decide or how did you make the connection?

Yeah. To connect with spirit babies, as opposed to just regular [00:07:00] psychic medium stuff. Like what happened in your life? That something in the universe said, you know what? I'm going to connect you with all the unborn

Karen: children in the world.

Dr Maria: Oh, yes. Well, first I'm going to say it was not fucking decision. Okay. It was not a decision.

Karen: fair point. Yeah.

Dr Maria: I am not someone who was a kid seeing dead people or talking to spirits or anything like that. I was not that I definitely, as a highly sensitive person, which is another show maybe. But I was never into.

Like seeing spirits or anything like that. So, When this happened to me well, explain what happened first and then I'll go from there. So, oh, about eight years ago now eight or nine years ago as therapist still am a therapist and I specialize in fertility issues. I was working with a person who had lost her twins in like late term, unfortunately, late term pregnancy.

And I was doing normal clinical grief work with her, you know? [00:08:00] We're in the middle of a session and I still remember it. I can see everything, the colors that, how they showed up. I can see everything. They be her twins. In my awareness and now they're talking to me, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And they always show up on my left side, talk and talk and talk and especially one of them.

And I'm still attempting to communicate with their mother through her grief. They're all excited and happy. And then she's like broken. And so I I'm like, can I be wielded? What's going on? I thought I was kind of going psychotic or something. I really didn't know. You know, from a clinical perspective, I'm like, okay, Am I experiencing is this psychosis?

This is okay. So I just worked, continued my work with her as best I could. And I chalked it up to. Overstressed, or I don't know what this is. I need to go take care of myself. So I'm driving home and I [00:09:00] had a podcast on and for whatever reason, you know how they say, they say solo spirits can mess with electronics.

Well, they kept moving and they were telling me they were going to do this. All right. You're not going to break and listen to us. This we're going to make, we're going to prove that we're here and they were messing with. It was like an iPod back then or whatever, you know, music, MP3 player, they're missing it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth TJ.

And then they landed on a podcast where the host said, get over yourself. I went, are you okay? This is nuts. And I'm like, I really am. I think I'm going crazy right now. What is going on? I had a pretty long commute at the time. It was a 15 minute commute and I, the whole ride home they're bugging me, bugging me, bugging me.

So, I didn't have another appointment with this person for like two or three weeks. And that entire time these babies were in my awareness there in my dreams, they were moving shit in my house. They were messing with my [00:10:00] electronics, constantly showing me that they were freaking there. And I honestly, I didn't know what to do with this.

Karen: there.

Dr Maria: I didn't know. Yeah. I didn't know what to do with what was going on. I really didn't. I was telling my husband, he's like, okay.

He's weirded out just as much as, just as much as I am, frankly. And what ended up happening was when I saw this client again, I decided to. To tell her what was happening. So, this is not a typical clinical things. So what I said to her was, Hey, how open are you?

Because these babies are still talking to me. You have to tell, you have to tell her, you have to tell her. And she. I'm pretty open. Like, what are you talking about? And I said, okay, officially, I'm ending the therapy session right now. If you want to continue therapy in a minute or in a bit, after I tell you what's going on I will completely do that.

I will extend your, your [00:11:00] time here, but I have to say what's going on because they won't leave me alone. And she.

Will: We've gotten involved with.

Dr Maria: Yeah. So I start telling her what's happening and I was able to describe them what they look like, why her loss happened, the way that it did, and you know, she's listening and she's, you know, kind and things. And then I started saying, all right, look, they're telling me that they're ringing your doorbell in the middle of the night.

Is that happening? She's like, oh shit. Yeah, they're telling me that they knocked pictures off the wall. Did that happen? Oh shit. Like they're telling me about a Memorial that you created for them in the, what was supposed to be a nursery. There's Teddy bears on a wall, on a shelf. She's like, oh my God.

Okay. Do you believe this is happening now? She's like, yeah, I,

Will: that's amazing. That's really amazing. [00:12:00] And I have to say really hard to believe, right. From a medical point of view. So like what, what made you move on? Like I would have said, okay. I think it's my time to get the white coat on or something like you persevered though.

Dr Maria: In that particular instance, I was like, I've never experienced this before. I have no idea what this is. I don't know what what's going on. And then we ended up continuing a couple of times she invited her husband. We processed through that and then they were good. They were like, okay. They were, they felt, in my opinion, I don't know that I could have done better work.

I don't know that I could have, but I have to be honest, it freaked me out. And so I did not do anything like that for years for, I came out, came out in 2020, that happened like seven years prior. [00:13:00] So I. I didn't do anything with it. I was curious about, about it. Right? And this is why I wanted to connect with you guys because I consider myself an like an, a healthy skeptic, right?

I'm not, I'm not buying everything that people are selling, but I'm also not shutting it out completely. I'm curious. I want to know, I want to know what, you know, evidence you have or whatever. So I began to research and I began to look at this and I began to talk to people whom I believe are actually.

Mediums really, really skillful. And I'm like, what WTF? What, what happened? Why did that happen? And the one person that really resonated with me was like, look, she said, what have you been doing different in your life? Now I had, prior to that experience, this is why I wrote my book. Very, very traumatic fertility issues.

Experience it was like six and a half years of hell and [00:14:00] two in order to move through that, I began meditating and she was like that. She said this meditation that has opened up your connection to other planes now. Okay. That makes sense to me. She's like, there's also a genetic component. I'm like, that doesn't make sense to me.

So I went home, told my parents who are actually divorced. They were divorced. And I was like three. I told them both separately and they're like, oh yeah, it's in both of our families.

Will: That's the thing, mom and dad,

Dr Maria: that would have been nice to know. So those two things combined with this meditation practice, this stillness, this just connection to other realms, I believe is what created.

Skill this ability to manifest, but I still didn't touch it. I did not feel competent. I did not feel like I wanted to go anywhere near this kind of work. And I just continued to research and I actually [00:15:00] did a few trainings and in one training I was training with Lisa Williams. She's a. Pretty famous, psychic medium.

And uh, we were doing some group work there and one of the mediums there in the, in, in my particular group just randomly turned to me and he's like, look, your grandmother's here. She said, you're going to be doing this work. And I'm like, no, I'm not. And she's like, he, he, he started acting like her. My grandmother is like four, 10.

She was like, you don't mess with my grandmother. And he started behaving like her talking, like she was. You know, saying you're, you're going to be doing this work, honestly. That's what made me go. Okay. I will start looking more into this. It took me a couple of more years because I was still very much into clinical work.

You know, I like evidence-based treatment. I like looking at things that actually work from a scientific perspective, but once I realized and looked back at that experience [00:16:00] with that couple and the loss of their twins, I realized, oh, I think that this could actually be healing. I can't call it healing legally.

But I think it could be quite healing for people. And so then I went into specific spirit, baby training.

Will: That's a great story.

Karen: So you said that, you know, you had this experience with the twins and you didn't, you didn't expect it. You didn't, you know, open yourself up to it. It just happened. But then you waited for seven years to really get into it again.

So during that seven years, were you being bombarded with other spirit babies and just not acknowledging them? Or did you close yourself down? Like what happened in that interim?

Dr Maria: Yeah, that that was seven years of, I don't know how to handle this and spirits coming in all the time. Not just babies, not just babies.

In fact uh, there was one day that my husband came home from work and I was like, Hey, your mom just came in and said, yes, that was her in the truck. When you were talking to her. Oh, and he's just started like [00:17:00] getting upset, like, oh my, yeah. I was talking to her and they would just pop in and it was exhausting, frankly.

I didn't know how to have boundaries. I didn't know how to shut it off. I didn't know how to tell them shop's closed. That's my phrase now. Uh, So yeah, seven years of. Solar's coming in all the time, particularly when I had a glass or two of wine. And

Karen: I mean in,

Will: so you help people with, with speaking to their unborn children. Now there's a difference between the people that those babies that are not yet born and those that have prematurely passed when you talk to someone. About their babies prior to them being born. I assume the messaging is very different from the ones that you're talking to when you're trying to ease their pain at the, at the prospect of their loss.

what kind of messaging does a baby [00:18:00] try to get you to give to their parents if they haven't been born yet?

Dr Maria: actually it's. It's not too different. When I'm working with somebody, who's had a loss, my goal isn't to ease pain. My goal is to offer truth. What's coming through the other side as a, as a clinician, I'm attempting to help them ease their own pain, right?

It's never my job to ease their pain. It's my job to help them do the work for themselves. But as a spirit, baby medium, neither, I'm not trying to ease their pain. I'm trying to offer them. Truth what's coming through from the other side. So what might be the messaging that might be different? Is this is, this is why this had to happen.

This is why this happened. and it's, it's honestly, it's various reasons. Some babies say there was a genetic anomaly that didn't fit my life plan. Other babies say this had to happen for your spiritual growth. Usually, I mean, gosh, I can't even think of one [00:19:00] instance where it was the parents, like fault.

Like they did anything wrong. It was, there is usually an absolute reason. So there in lies the comfort, right? So that's not, it's not my job to say, to ease their pain or to give them comfort. It's my job to say, this is what baby's saying, why this had to happen. And that in and of itself provides. If that makes sense.


Will: does. Yeah, it does. That makes sense. \ So how, how long, sorry, Karen, how, how long specifically after a baby has passed, might they still be in.

Dr Maria: Babies are always around. They're generally speaking, a baby, a soul, a spirit baby is around. Even before they're conceived, they're around during pregnancy. They aren't even in the body fully until like the last in my experience last couple of months of pregnancy, just because they need to experience [00:20:00] being in that confined space.

But after loss there, they're always around. They're all. They're just, yeah, they can be called upon forever.

Will: They're just so someone lost a baby 20 years ago. There's still, they could still be around,

Karen: it possible then that, so there was some sort of health issue and the baby didn't survive, but the woman gets pregnant again.

Could it be that same baby?

Dr Maria: Absolutely. Absolutely. I'll go back to what I was going to say. And then I'll, I want to address that too, because they show up differently in my awareness. So yes, they can be around 20 years later. Now here's where we get really into the world of the weird. Okay. Because from my experience, souls can, can incarnate, but still most of their soul is on the other side.

So we are incarnated in a body, but most of our self is on the other side, I'd noticed is so act, but this is my experience too, working with spirit babies.

Will: But you forced, so my next question after that [00:21:00] possible,

Dr Maria: but okay, well, right. No, it's a really good logical question, right. That, but how is that possible?

It's because most of us is still on the other side. So how they show up differently for me in every. All souls really. On the other side, they know our symbols. They know it makes sense to us. So they'll send us imagery or use words or telepathy. That makes sense to us. Sometimes once in a while, I'll get a symbol that I'm like, I don't know what the fuck that means.

What does this mean to you? That mother or father? Because I don't know if this means, but. So how they show up for me is if they are a soul that has not attempted to be born, they'll show up as a human, like a human figure. Sometimes they'll show up as like a pixie or something like that, but they're humanoid.

Okay. But if they are a soul that has attempted to incarnate before, they'll often show up as balls of light, just a ball of light with the soul. So [00:22:00] if there they've incarnated or tried to coordinate before, and they're trying to come back again, they'll show up as the ball of light with the salt, with a person inside.

If they are not going to come through again, they just show as a ball of light. That's not perfect. Sometimes it's different. Sometimes I'll have a baby that does not have that ball of light around them, but they've they say I've tried to be born before, so it's not a hundred percent, but most of the time, that's my instant symbol.

Will: It's touching all kinds of stuff we can do with us here. But I, I interrupted you before, so I know you had another question, Karen.

Karen: Well, I mean, how controversial can we get?

Dr Maria: Oh God, please ask anything.

Karen: Okay. So then do you get a different kind of maybe emotional feel from a spirit baby where the pregnancy was?

No. Do they linger around? Do they go, are they

Dr Maria: Nope. Nope, Nope, Nope. Nope. I talked to a lot of people who have terminated [00:23:00] pregnancies and they have a lot of folks have a lot of guilt around it, babies. They, they just see. Perfection in us. They see perfection in all the choices that we make. They acknowledge that they have a choice.

You have a choice, you have a choice, you have a choice. Everybody has a choice and it's not good, bad, nothing. It's. How it is. And so when babies come through from a termination, they often will say, oh, I just love you. I just love you. There's nothing. You're just beautiful to me. It's completely fine.

Sometimes they'll say I'm great. On the other side, I'm planning to join another family. Sometimes they'll say, Hey, can I come through now? It all varies, but there's never. Just in my experience, never a lot of people wouldn't hear

Karen: that. I would think a lot of

Will: people need to hear that

Karen: so they can go. So if, you know, for whatever reason, you know, terminated or miscarriage or whatever, a baby isn't born, [00:24:00] it can go off to be with another family.


Dr Maria: Yeah. Or they stay, I have a spirit baby on the other side who has wants to be born and I'm like, no Um, and she's, she's there now helping out sometimes a spirit baby, will they have personalities? Like we all do. Right. And sometimes they're like reticent to talk to me. Like I did have a spirit baby once who presented as a full grown adult. And he was very military. Like he was, I mean, he's stood upright and he was very serious.

And he's like, who the, who are you young? What, what do I need to talk to you? And so I invited my spirit baby into. Connect with him and create a softness around it or an ease around it. And he softened a little bit, never, never, totally casual, but she does, she helps me. She helps me out. And I've asked her if she wants to be born still.

Yes. I want to be born still. And I say, do [00:25:00] it's okay to go to another family? She's like, yes, I will, but I'm not ready. And even if she does her, most of her soul is still be on the other side and she can still have.

Will: So I

Karen: know

Will: exactly right. Then they put them together. Like, I really, I really did sounds amazing. And his sound, the messages, messages you're getting across sounds amazing and exactly what people need to hear and all that kind of stuff. But I wish, and I know the answer is there is no way, but I wish there was a way that I could really feel that what you're seeing.

Isn't just what you deep inside feel. Someone needs to hear. As opposed to actually someone coming to you and saying you, I know, I know Karen. I know, I know, I know you're going to do that. I get, and that's, and that's why that disconnect is like you have, you have confirmed by someone else saying [00:26:00] yes, indeed.

This happened. Yes, indeed. That happened. So this confirmation there. Right. But it just goes so far beyond. You did get confirmation there and some people, some cynics, and I'm not one of them, but some cynics might say, well, you got lucky, right? You

Dr Maria: got lucky, totally freaking out. I would say that.

I would say that cough is happening. Honestly, sometimes I'll get off a session with somebody and be like, I don't even know how that freaking hell, I don't know how that happened. I really don't. I don't know how that happened. I'm still, now two years later after, you know, professionally doing this work. I don't understand.

I don't understand. Also will, I should say off sometimes. I don't say what the person wants to hear because I'm telling them what the baby's saying. So, For example, I did a reading for somebody. I don't know how long ago, sometime last year and things change. Right. Things change in the world of possibility.

And she asked for another reading. She wanted to know her baby was there. And was he [00:27:00] still coming? And the answer was no, the answer was no, he wasn't coming. And again, it's not, it's not that. I'm trying to squash folks feelings or, you know, I'm not being their therapist. I'm just saying what's coming through and I can give more information, like why, you know, what's the change.

What's happened that, that he's now not coming. And what are the choices here? What are the opportunities? And so there are times when I don't say what the person wants to hear, because it's not what's coming in.

Karen: In a situation like that, where, you know, the that baby's not coming could a different baby come.

Dr Maria: Yes. Ma'am. Yep. In fact, in that reading, I said, there, there is space for another, actually a female baby, if you would like. But yeah, it depends on the person, right? Because fertility issues are exhausting. They're just exhausting. And this is why I'm like, I'm done, man. I'm done my husband's like, oh girl, [00:28:00] no, no two boys.

Good. I'm good. But it depends on the person. Right? And so, again, here's where we all have choice. We all have choice there's babies all the time looking for families, but we get to say no, and we get to say yes to.

Will: Alright. So this country sad to say is the most litigious country in the world. Have you ever worried about liability?

You say someone, something to someone then they, and they just come back to you with you ruined my life. And I'm going to see you in court. Has that ever crossed your mind?

Dr Maria: It hasn't only because I'm not, I'm very clear about what I'm doing and you know, there all those legal. No things that you need to put on paperwork and shit like that.

Right? This is for entertainment purposes only. Right. And I do, I'm very clear. This is not a healing. So I have to say things like that in order to be clear, you know, and that's the [00:29:00] thing. I only want to offer clarity. There's no, there's nothing in there for me to gain other than to be helpful to somebody. And I have to be. I have to be clear around entertainment purposes only this is not a healing mechanism, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Also, some people will say, well, can you be my therapist? Nope, sorry. That's a dual relationship. That's you know, all right. So, but here are resources, right? Here's a resource for therapists, you know, so I'm really clear. I'm really clear about what I do and how it's different from actual healing evidence-based things, which is more personally

Karen: satisfying

Dr Maria: for you.

Spirit baby work has become that. Yeah. Yeah. Um, yeah. Short answer.

Karen: I like that though. It means, you know, I mean, there's no thought like, absolutely. This is it. Yeah. I mean,

Dr Maria: therapy is still satisfying in a way. You know, it's okay. I'm going to be totally honest here. It feels [00:30:00] like therapy now feels like.

Like what, you know, those dreams are. You're like trying to run through mud or no, I know. And spirit, but the work feels like flying. It feels like it's so much easier. And like, it gets to the point, it gets to the heart of the matter done, moving on as opposed to years and years of like psychoanalysis.

And I don't do that, but you know what I mean? It feels, it feels. Efficient. And I'm a tourist. I like efficiency and practicality.

Will: Now you also have a podcast and it's called miracles happen. Fertility podcasts, where you talk about a lot of these things. And in preparation for our conversation, I did happen to listen to a few of them.

And I went through your website and saw the titles to a lot of them. And you do a lot of. Outside of just channeling spirit babies, but you help with guided meditations, you help with, I see something about past life [00:31:00] regression in hypnosis you talk about out of body travel to connect with, with baby spirits and things like that.

So there's, there's just a lot, a lot behind this, this I'm clairvoyant. I'm seeing your baby, he's saying, or she's saying this, right, right.

What draws you the most? Because those are all very different modalities.

Dr Maria: Oh, they sure are. They sure are. And I think it's because I have a like my, my dad's side of the family are all engineers. Right? They're all, left-brain like one plus one equals two mom's side of the family is quite artistic. And I think I have a nice melding of the two.

So on my podcast, I talk a lot about. That evidence-based psychotherapeutic stuff. Here are practical skills that you can use every day to feel better through this process. And I pull in other spiritual things. When I talk about out-of-body experiences, things like that, those are things that I'm opening up one's possible or possibilities to like, [00:32:00] Hey, look at this.

This might resonate with you. Past life therapy to me. Bridge. It's like a bridge between evidence-based psychotherapy and the spiritual world. I do do past life regression, not therapeutically but past life regression therapy is a thing and it's absolutely evidence-based, you know, provides. Yes.

W we

Will: all read many lives, many masters and all that the south. So,

Dr Maria: so I was trained by Dr. Brian Wise.

Karen: Yes. Wow.

Dr Maria: Yes, she's amazing.

Will: Yeah. So with that, let's, let's talk a little bit about that past life regression thing when it comes to the spirit babies thing, what, how does past life regression connect with spirit babies?


Dr Maria: there's so many okay. I'm gonna try to keep this short.

Will: We still have a couple minutes.

Dr Maria: All right. So. Myriad ways that, that past lives come in. probably one of the biggest ones that folks come to see me for in terms of past lives is because [00:33:00] there's some kind of block or something that is stopping or preventing pregnancy or carrying to term.

And so we will go into a past life regression to see if we can clear sunblock

Will: Sorry to interrupt you, but, but blockages that, that there seems to be a blockage towards fertility issues, is that right? Yes. That's what you're talking about. So, so there's a past life.

Something that's preventing someone from being fertile and and birthing a child. Yes.

Dr Maria: Okay. Yes, we can help clear that. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. It's amazing actually. Oh my gosh.

Will: It's mind mindblowing. The, oh my God, the repercussions or the, the thank you. The implications behind that is, is astounding and it makes someone think like, why has, why is this not more mainstream?

Like literally doctor you are the first person I've heard. Talk about this.

Dr Maria: Oh, my goodness. Oh gosh, no. Yeah. There's past life regression is I'm sorry,

Will: not past life [00:34:00] regression, but spirit babies. Right. And connecting past lives in order to remove blockages towards gaining fertility, things like this, not.

Yeah. Yeah.

Dr Maria: Yeah. Well it's so past life regression has been talked about a lot around how physical healing occurs, how emotional healing occurs, how psychiatric healing occurs. So that's been talked about a lot and fertility is just another physical anomaly, right? It's just a physical issue. And so. You

Will: don't think of it that way.

Right? For if,

let me rephrase.

I mean, you don't think of it that way. You certainly do. And it makes sense. It is just a, it is just a physiological challenges someone's having that could potentially be resolved through a past life crisis.

Karen: Can you give us an example of, of a situation where it's helped.

Dr Maria: Yeah, sure, sure. Yeah. Yeah. I had I did a past life regression once with somebody who [00:35:00] she was a male in a former life and passed away through a stab wound to the.

And when now here's something that's a little bit different with the way that I work with people is that I happen to be clairvoyant, right. So I can see things that are potentially things to look at. When we looked at her gut, you could see there was an anomaly in her uterus that could have been related to this past.

Tragic way of dying. And so she, I was telling her there's a, there's something on the uterus that is preventing the uterus from expanding during pregnancy. Well, she goes and confirms. There's a fibroid that is on her uterus. The doctor did not believe it was an issue though. So they're moving forward, which is great.

So that's just one that pops into my head where there could be a possible anomaly due to a past. Experience. Yeah. Other other blockages are energetic, right? So like, oh, I just got an email like two days ago [00:36:00] from somebody who she was like, I just feel like I can't have. Child. She was secondary and fertility.

I just feel like I can't have a second child. I don't know what it is. We're trying, trying, and trying. It's not happening. And we did a past life regression where she, I don't want to say her whole regression because it's confidential. But there was an issue there around having. Around having a second child.

So we did this past life regression. This was oh, last like June or something and she just sent me a picture of her newborn baby, so. Okay. Can I explain it? No, I can't. All I know is that. It's sometimes as effective sometimes. And it's all anecdotal at this point, right? I don't have, I've not done research.

I've not done any of that, but those were a couple of examples for you when it starts

Karen: to happen so many times it's like, okay, it can't just be a coincidence every time.

Dr Maria: All right. Good.[00:37:00]

Not afraid to say, I don't know.

Karen: I'm like, no, it was not a coincidence

Will: after two years. I think you have enough evidence that you've lined up that, that at least in your own mind, it sounds certainly that you have, you're convinced that this is a legit gift that you have, and I, and I think that's wonderful. Certainly. Anything that I would ever think of doing. But what we've learned during the show is that everyone has their own path and they're, they're, they're here to do their own specific mission.

And it sounds like this is firmly on your lap as your life mission. And that is beautiful. It really is.

Dr Maria: No, she was running the Catholic guilt on me now. I don't know what yeah, thanks. I'm I'm still pretty astounded on the daily [00:38:00] that this is a thing. That it's possible that it's happening, that people get something out of it. So, yeah, I'm just grateful.

Karen: And one thing that I tend to always ask, you know, you're, if you're channeling and you're communicating, do you ever get any creepy being out there?

That in

Dr Maria: that is one of my favorite questions. Yeah. That is one of my very favorite questions. And I'll tell you why. Because yeah, you guys are collectively brilliant. I'm just saying,

this is what I do. I drink from an L cup and I know things.

Will: Oh, I'll your out cup where they skeptic.

Dr Maria: Okay. This is why I am Suggesting that babies reside, spirit babies reside in a different sort of realm as other energies, [00:39:00] because no, when I am connected to spirit, baby realm, it is love. It is light it's playfulness. It is like rainbows and unicorns all the time. Yeah. Now do. Folks attempt to come in.

Of course, totally. And so, right. So I create an intention. I create, I say, only benign souls allowed into this process. PS only souls I invite during a session I invite in ancestors guides, angels, that kind of thing, but I am very specific. Only benign souls are allowed here and only souls that are connected to this baby.

In some way, I once had a client that. Her dad had recently passed away, but because I was so clear. No soul's allowed that are not connected to this baby. And he was not connected to this baby. He was communicating to the soul like an angel or a guy that had come through that was connected to this baby.

He kept talking to this guide or this angel, and I'm like, okay. I just had to type this guide is telling me about a man with a mustache who loves cars [00:40:00] and she's. That's my dad. Okay. He's asking you for permission to come through. So we talked, we started talking to dad because the client allowed it. Right.

But if there's any creepy vibe, it's just not allowed. Cause there's an energetic block.

Karen: And that's enough just saying that or just making that rule. Wow. Well at least the rules.

Dr Maria: Yeah, because it's like, Hey can like bad people stay away. No, it's like, you are not alone. It's not, you're not allowed here.

Is that okay?

Will: a question that occurred to me a while back, and I just haven't found the right time to ask it. Is it something that. Because the twins, when you're talking about early on, we're just coming at you and coming at you in then seven to seven years afterwards, these babies were coming at you all the time.

They, sorry. These souls are coming to you. Unbidden or is it something where, when you're sitting with the client or with, with someone and you say I'm intentionally going [00:41:00] to reach out to this particular soul and the soul comes from.

Dr Maria: Both. Yeah. Both both

Will: happens. Has there ever been a time when you sat down and you say, I'm going to, I'm going to bring the soul fourth and the baby says,

Dr Maria: yeah. Yeah. And that's when I asked my spirit baby to assist. They can still say that. They can still say no, sometimes this has not happened yet to me as a spirit baby medium, but I know it's coming that I will sit with a client and no babies. No baby. And so I know that's coming and then we, I offer, I know to offer, to call one end because there are plenty of souls out there who are just not, they haven't chosen their families yet.

So we can do there's a book by Walter Mick kitchen called spirit babies. Classic now in the spirit baby realm. Now classic, there are lots of chance in there. Lots of things to utilize, to [00:42:00] call in a spirit baby. And so we'll, I'll ask the client, I am happy to issue a refund. It is totally fine. I don't want to take more of your time if you don't want to do this work.

And I'm also happy to attempt to help you call in a spirit baby, completely your choice. What would you like to do? So if that, and I know not if, when, when that happens, that that will be what I do.

Will: Now have you ever been in communication with someone that you're talking to? A family just in passing and all of a sudden this, someone comes through and says, Hey, I belong to this family and I want to get the message across someone who that's not actively sought your help.

Dr Maria: Do you mean if I'm like at the grocery store and just going to say

Will: like someone else's like I do

Dr Maria: you know, in the past that used to happen. And I am not like the long island medium. I do not walk up to somebody and be like, all right, let me just talk to you about this guy on the other [00:43:00] side. And this lady has to say,

yeah, I just don't do that. I find, okay, so this might be my clinical mental health background. I do not enter somebody's space without their permission. I just don't. So if there's a really strong soul that is coming through to me at the grocery store, Past my energetic block, which doesn't happen much anymore, but let's say they do.

I tell them to move on. I'm I don't know that person. They have not. I, I, they have not given me permission to give them this information. You will find a way, find a way, and they do.

Will: well, this has been fascinating, but it was so much more so than I ever had hoped. This is, yeah, absolutely. Is there anything that we haven't touched on that you want to make sure that our audience really gets from you?

Dr Maria: I guess the one thing that I would say is that just like all Professionals that you go to seek help from.

You are in control at all times. If you ever say I'm out, [00:44:00] nevermind. I'm done that professional should absolutely. Okay. That issue a refund and be on your way. You, this is meant to be a safe, loving experience. Um, And if it doesn't ever feel that way, then say goodbye, say goodbye.

Will: That's great. Well, your podcast is miracles happen, fertility podcast. And your book is transcending infertility nine keys for improving fertility, creating miracles and being a better human. We're going to put direct links to all of that in our show notes. So if you are interested in.

Listening to her show or reading her book. You can just go to skeptic,, go to her episode, page and click on the link. It's a one stop shop for all things, Dr. Maria, if someone wanted to reach out to you, doc, what's the best way to do that.

Dr Maria: Oh, you can direct email me info at Dr. Maria or my website, Dr.

Maria You can visit me on social media. I do [00:45:00] not answer messages on social media heads up, so you can take a look at what I have on there. They're all free resources for you, but probably a direct email would be the best.

Will: Okay. And we'll certainly add direct links to those as well, so that you have one-stop place to find, like I said, all things Dr.

Maria doc, thanks so much for coming on and sharing your expertise with us.

Karen: Oh my gosh. It's such a great conversation.

Dr Maria: Thanks so much, guys. I appreciate


Will: And thanks for coming along on this journey of discovery. We'd love to continue. Our conversation with you on our website or on Facebook and Instagram, under app skeptic, metaphysician,

And if you're listening to this on the radio and miss anything, not to worry, all of our shows, including this one can be found there as well. I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have that's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysicians until then take care.

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