The Truth About Bigfoot and Sasquatch | Mike Paterson

The Truth About Bigfoot and Sasquatch | Mike Paterson

Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Yeti. We’ve all heard the terms. And most shows would focus on asking the question “Are they real”? On this show….we’re going WAY beyond that to ask the most important question….what exactly are they?

If you’ve ever wondered what the truth behind this mysterious cryptid might be, this is the show for you! Our guest this week has a very unique take on what these beings might be, based on 10 years of personal contact experiences that may just take you by surprise!

You can even hear their vocalizations on this episode of The Skeptic Metaphysicians!

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Some topics covered:

  • Is Bigfoot real?
  • His traumatic first experience with these creatures at the age of 10
  • Why they haven't yet been truly "discovered"
  • Should you run if you run into one of them?
  • How they've communicated with Mike for years
  • Listen to the roar of the Sasquatch
  • How you can have an encounter with them yourself

And lots more!

About our Guest:
In 2008 when Mike was in the woods photographing wildlife and nature as a passion, he had an epiphany to search for the hairy folk who most call Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Their existence was shown to him early in life with a childhood sighting that had a traumatizing effect on him at the time.

It’s now been 14 years searching for answers since his initial close Sasquatch vocal encounter on October 25th, 2008. It was the moment that changed his life and put him on the path he's on today. 10 of those years have involved personal contact experiences that continue to show up in his life, giving him an extremely rare insight into their existence and how Sasquatch interact with humans.

Guest Info:

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Big Foot

Will: [00:00:00] Bigfoot Sasquatch, Yeti, we've all heard the terms and most shows would focus on asking the question. Are they. but Karen, on this show, we're gonna go way beyond that to ask the most important question and what's that? What exactly are they? That's a good question. Yeah. Now, if you've ever wondered what the truth behind the mysterious crypted might be, this is the show for you.


Will: Welcome to the skeptic meta physicians I'm [00:01:00] will. And I'm Karen and we are your host for the show. Mike Patterson. Who's our guest this week has been researching the elusive creature. We know as Bigfoot or Sasquatch for more than 14 years. And it all stems from a traumatic sighting. He had early in life.

Now he has a very unique take on what these beings might be based on 10 years of personal contact experiences that may just take you by surprise Mike. We are so thrilled to have you on the show. Thanks for coming on.

Mike Paterson: Thank you for having me. I'm uh, happy to be here.

Will: so right off the bat, very first question that comes to mind your last name.

Patterson. Is there any connection to the infamous Roger Patterson of the Patterson footage of the early 1990s?

Mike Paterson: Absolutely not. Has nothing to do with it Al although I, I, I have I have done an interview with it was on a Yakima radio station and Bob Gimlin was in the room when, you know, during the interview. So that was, that was kind [00:02:00] of nostalgic to uh, you know, have that conversation with him involved.

And, and he was very accept, very accepting of what I was speaking about. And, you know, I I'm out there as far as the, the real stuff is concerned. So.

Will: that, that must have been amazing for those that don't know. The Patterson footage is a footage back in the nineties where they broke into broadcast TV to showcase.

There's a, an image that looks like either a big foot or someone in costume dressed like a big gorilla walking through the woods. And that's the footage that you see all the time. People are talking about Bigfoot and things like that.

Mike Paterson: . It was actually 67. The year I was born.

Karen: Was

Will: it really that, I guess it was in the nineties that they tried to debunk the thing. And they've yet to be able to find a way to replicate or duplicate that costume. So, they've, they've haven't yet been able to debunk it. They haven't, they can't prove it fake.

So, it's it's interesting aside. So then the question lies, Mike. In your estimation. I, I know I am gonna go there, but are they real or, or is it, is it a big hoax?

Mike Paterson: Well, I hope they're real or else I got [00:03:00] some issues to contend with. Right. So, no, they're, they're they, they are. They're not an animal as so many people assume they are a human type. And they're far more intelligent that than most people. Are aware of, so they're not just some ape in the woods that can hide real well.

There's a lot more going on and they're definitely real. They're a global phenomena. They've very long time and mentioned. There's a lot more to them

Karen: Well, I wanna take a few steps back will in the introduction you mentioned that. Mike became interested because of a traumatic sighting. He had, I wanna hear about

Will: that. I was gonna go there, but fine. It's too long. Jump to it. Okay. Mike, tell us about, tell us about your let start at square one. Tell us about your early encounter.

Mike Paterson: Okay. That was back when I was 10 years old, but I didn't know it at the time. I had no idea. Right. I, it was, I didn't realize. [00:04:00] Until I got involved again in the subject back in 2008, but I was 10 years old. I staying

had dropped off the, to just kid. Right. You could do that back then. You wouldn't get in trouble. And I remember it was getting dusk and I started walking back up this road and. I don't know, the distance could have been a hundred yards, a couple hundred yards. May I wouldn't say a couple, maybe a hundred yards, maybe even 50 yards.

Close enough for me to see him standing. I, I just say him, him standing at the side of the road. And as soon as I saw it turned and took one step and was gone and I ran back to this campground that where I was fishing. There was people camping there families with trailers and campers and stuff.

And I remember I walked up to the I'm 10 years old, so this is 40 years. I [00:05:00] remember up to this camp and this family sitting around there and I couldn't speak couldn't Pale white. I couldn't talk. I was just traumatized from just this visual. And I told everybody I got chased by a bear, you know, back then, that was my story.

Right. And I didn't realize, you know, what I was dealing with and, and fast forward to 2008. After being involved in this for a little bit, I reflected back, it came back to me that, that incident back then when I was a kid. And, and I realized that that was a Sasquatch. I didn't, you know, I didn't realize it back then, but it took being involved, you know, as I am now to uh, realize what happened.

Karen: And.

Will: Year old kid. I assume that you see what you think as a bear, right? You you're gonna freak out. You're gonna panic. Which is why, why you ran thinking back on that. And you've had many encounters since then. Do you find that you are no longer afraid of them or is it still something that we should be afraid of?

Mike Paterson: I actually, when the Sasquatch are around, I feel much more comfortable, you know, [00:06:00] I,

Karen: Why is that?

Mike Paterson: Just I've been around them so much. I trust them. I trust them more in humans at this point. they're very people. I guess judge them for, you know, their appearance. They're, they're the epitome of don't judge a book by its cover, basically.

So with my experiences that I've had, and it's been hundred, probably over a thousand encounter experiences at this point, with the same over a and what I've been witness to, it just, it gives me a sense of comfort when they're around. I, I feel safer that.

Karen: Wow.

Will: So now you hear about all these stories of people being chased through the woods, by them or a tree smashing into another tree or hitting the car repeatedly to get them to go away. , why would they react that way to certain certain people? Is it, they just feel people's energy better or, I mean, there's a lot

Karen: of question marks about.

Mike Paterson: It's it's a matter of understanding their behavior. they're boisterous they're. [00:07:00] They love to mess with us. They are their activity is filled with humor. You know, a, a slap on the car or a slap on the side of your house that it's not anything necessarily, necessarily negative. It just might be them showing their presence.

They do it in many ways. As far as chasing people, if they want you out of an area, you're. They can make you leave without you even knowing they're there. They have this ability, they, they have abilities that step outside realm, understanding its just a matter of understanding their behavior. And PE there's people who say, oh, I was attacked, but you know, no, you wouldn't be telling that story if you were attacked.

Cause they can literally just walk up to you and snap your neck if they wanted, but they don't, they just love to mess with us. And it's, it's just a matter of understanding their antics and, and how they interact with humans.

Karen: So now you say you've had over a [00:08:00] thousand encounters especially with one particular family, are they, are you communicating with them? Are they long encounters? Is it just like fleeting moments? What, what are those like?

Mike Paterson: It's interesting that you say fleeting moments, cuz I use that term to describe encounters with them because that's how it tends to be. They're they're fleeting moments. They show their presence, but there is communication involved. The situation I've been involved with I've developed, written communication over the years.

So I'm at a point where I'm asking questions using a chalkboard sketch pad I've, I've been given dozens of drawings from them and, and written words. And like I'm asking questions about their people, about the earth and other things and, and I'm learning, they, their abilities allow them to know.

Basically what goes on behind closed doors. So I can see how they're a threat to certain individuals that nefarious intentions towards the, the communication developed over the years is, is basically It's beyond what's, [00:09:00] you know, anything else that anybody's really doing out there. So I, I have been able to get some quite incredible answers outta them. You know, using this method it's, it's just been developed over time and really come a long way.

Karen: now

Will: You're touching on a part of the topic that is really interesting to me and probably to our audience. We're gonna get that for a second, but just to clarify something that you said earlier, they have a tremendous sense of humor. And they love to mess with us. So are you saying that we really there's, unless you have nefarious intent, there really is no reason to fear them.

So you can go out in the woods and welcome them in and not be afraid that you might be in harm's way.

Mike Paterson: My personal experiences have happened in multiple locations over the years. The majority has been a decade with the same family, which is where I've learned so much. I've never had any negative incidents happen to me. I got clobbered on the head once while I was inside a [00:10:00] tent, blowing up an air mattress and it was almost like he's playing whackamole, but his intention wasn't it.

Wasn't his intent to harm me. And it's never happened since, but I've never had a negative experience. I don't know. They're, you know, they're, they're a people, right? So they're all different. They all have their different personalities from my understanding they're. Interacting with humans. They don't all like humans. In fact, I think some of them just despise us cuz they, they know what we do. They see what we do. They see how we treat each other. They see what we do to the earth. They know more about what's going on with the human race than humans do from, you know, what I've gathered.

So I'm not gonna. Put anybody in a position you know, just saying, oh yeah, no, you're fine. I don't know. I've just, I've never had any negative experiences that have caused me. You know, any worry that I should be concerned about. So, but as far as you know, other [00:11:00] people you know, they know us, they, they know our intention and for the most part, if somebody you know, doesn't have good intention towards them, they're just gonna ignore you.

You get. You know, for the most part or they, they may scare the hell outta you and run you outta the woods. I dunno.

Karen: So with so many people interested, and I remember as a kid, you know, growing up and, and hearing these stories and every once in a while you maybe you see the picture or you hear something, but how is it possible for them to have stayed hidden so well for so long, because you would think there'd be some sort of remnants of, I don't know, there were home or something.


Will: I think that's where it, we're starting to touch on the abilities you were talking about. Right. Mike,

Mike Paterson: Yes. And this is where, this is the part that I've been just putting out there. Huge, because so many people are in denial and they will not accept it because it, it steps outside what we've been taught. Sasquatch are. Absolute masters of earth energies. They they can do [00:12:00] things that are basically, most people would say is impossible.

So they are interdimensional. And that, by using that term, I say that. For instance, there's as much activity when I'm on location, there's as much activity going on indoors as I would actually probably more at this point, the writings, the questioning is all happening right there, indoors. Like we've heard the paper shuffle and gone over and.

Suddenly catch a a new drawing or a, or I have a, a point and shoot camera that I leave on the table and, and dozens of images have appeared. And some, sometimes I'm sitting at the table and this camera is in my view the whole time and I'm checking it and I'm looking and suddenly there's new images on it while I'm sitting there that they're putting on there.

There's voices outta thin air that I've recorded both indoors and out from multiple family members. Physical contact has happened both indoors and out, you know, pats in the head on the shoulder, pokes, whatever I [00:13:00] even I've had my face covered. And so the interdimensional aspect, I use that term also knowing that they have the ability to once you're connected to 'em, it doesn't matter where you are.

And I mean, it doesn't matter where you are, they can show up. So I've had activity happen in my numerous times. I've had it show up at workplace. They, they give these fleeting moments and they give a lot of information with them. Like a recent. I had a cup in my hand, and I'm sitting at the table having a discussion with the, the cottage, the property owner we're talking.

And they knew where I was looking when this happened. So, I briefly glanced down at my cup. So I'm looking at my cup just for just a few seconds. And in that time I heard a marble hit the bottom on the inside and we both heard it. So I said, oh, got another one. I didn't even pull it out until I was finished.

My drink. And what they [00:14:00] did there was this time. They, and they've done this before. They allowed me to know that no, we didn't drop it from over top. We made it appear inside. They've actually allowed me to see a marble at that arms length. Again, they knew where I was looking at sit at table and they allowed me to see it come through empty space and pop through from another.

Parallel dimension and to the floor I had audio recorder outside caught


knows is um,

Will: Right. And that's the thing, right? This is not, this is not hearsay. This is your own personal experience. You've seen it. You've experienced it. You've heard it. You've lived it. This is not someone's someone else saying this or that. This is, this is

Mike Paterson: And I have witnesses. I have witnesses to this too, and I have, [00:15:00] I even caught a marble dropping from thin air. We, we actually had Chris munch who was a director producer, filmmaker letters from the big man. It's a, you know, Probably the closest to depicting them, you know, as, as they truly are.

And he was invited out to that property, he's basically been the only outsider in 10 years. That's been invited out there. He spent three nights on location and at one point we were standing outside. Chris saw some crazy stuff. So he saw marbles appear from thin air, both inside and. And the one that happened outside, he'd asked me at the time he goes, you know, you wanna ask me some questions on, on camera?

So I said, sure. You know, so we're outside. And as I'm questioning him red marble dropped in between us from thin air. So I captured that one on video, which was really,

Karen: Oh, wow.

Mike Paterson: and, and when that, actually, when that happened, my car was wet with condensation, so right stuff, just [00:16:00] at the flashlight. And we're looking at my car and there was some fresh prints on there, you know, hand prints with, with hair markings and stuff.

You know, that sort of thing. So it's yeah, it's, it's out there. They are. As I mentioned, they're masters of energy truly and highly telepathic as well. So.

Will: And I guess that's the answer to Karen's question is how we've never been able to see them, because I guess they can shift between the dimensions. So I heard you on another show say that they are invisible. They can be invisible. They only show themselves to people that they want to show themselves

Karen: to.


Mike Paterson: I think, I think they're invisible for the most part. At least the ones that are close to us, I think they are close to us for a couple reasons to teach their children about humans and, and also from what I've experienced, we are in the midst of their people exposing. You know, they're, they're people to to the human race at this time in our history.

And so the physical contact has shown me they're [00:17:00] invisibility. So there's been many nights. I've stood outside with the property owner and, and his name's ne he gave us his name. He's, he's actually 27 years old now. So I, I got his age. So when this started, he was 17. And his young sister was four she's I think I think she was four at the time when this all started, but there there's been many nights that we're standing there and, you know, I'll get a touch and I say, oh, NES NE's here.

And Dwayne, the cottage donor, I remember one time he said, you sure? I, and I said, how many times we gotta go through this? Of course, I'm sure you sure. And, and he was wearing a hat, right. And suddenly his hat just went flying up in the air. I said, you believe me now. And you know, it's.

Karen: Wow

Mike Paterson: Just, you know, he got his hat knocked off.

Right. So

Karen: That is amazing.

Mike Paterson: It's crazy stuff. It's crazy. It's crazy fun. Really.

Karen: why do you think they've chosen you to show themselves to.

Mike Paterson: They know exactly what I do with the information that I'm sharing this [00:18:00] publicly and cuz there's things they've given and I've asked, you know, Can I put this in a video to show the world and they they've written not yet. They know what I'm doing with this. I think they want people like like myself to speak of our experiences to help dispel the fear and the myths about them.

 As far as myself, I think they kept giving and giving because I seem to, or I, I do, I have the character that can withstand all the, the crap and all the ridicule that comes with this. Cause I I've been put through the ringer. Right. But I've grown a thick skin and it, I don't think there's very many people who could have. You know, stood up to what I've had to deal with over the years. They know I speak my truth. I've always kept it just as is. I don't embellish anything. I just speak as is. As the incidents have happened, I've always kept it [00:19:00] real and they know, so, you know, I, I gotta, I gotta behave cuz I know they're they watch, they listen and they know if I'm lying or, you know, they know they've just little things throughout the years they've really shown how much they uh, watch and listen to us.

So, I think it's just my character. That's all.

Will: so the stuff that you've put up with you mean from, from them or from society, human society at large, when you, when you

Karen: come out with the stuff.

Mike Paterson: when you put out what I'm putting out you end up getting stalked, harassed, slandered. It's just, yeah, there's been a. Serious attempt to discredit me. I've had the, the support of two scientists that have both passed on John Noggle and Dimitri Banov. Dimitri was a science director for the Darwin state museum in Moscow who followed in the footsteps of Boris PEV, who is the founder of homology, which He was trying to have recognized as a new discipline of anthropology, [00:20:00] which would have the Sasquatch recognized as the people they are.

And, and then John was a wildlife biologist involved for over four decades in the subject. Dimitri was involved since 60 and uh, he passed I think A couple years back, a heart failure. He was, he was up, I can't remember his age. He was up around 90 and, you know, there was some well known names in the subject, basically squawking in their ears, trying to deter them from taking me seriously.

But they didn't, they, you know, both men had their, had the sense to you know, judge for their. Not listen to the squawking and flack going on, you know, behind the scenes. So when you put out this stuff at this level, it's it comes with a price.

Karen: Wow. I'm

Will: sure. What kind of things did you experience when they tried to debunk was, do you think your life was in danger at any point or anybody do anything with the, with the government [00:21:00] or anything like that? That, that makes you a little

Karen: nervous?

Mike Paterson: I've never, I've never feared anybody over this. In fact, when you've experienced what I have with the Harry guys, with the hairy people Yeah, humans. , there's no fear, you know, there's no fear. When you hear a SAS watch roar at, at close range, that's that's something that'll make you fear, but humans, not, not so much.

We've had incidents where I remember one time we had a, a low flying Cessna about 10, 10 30 at night fly over the cottage. It was so low. It sounded that it sounded illegal.

Karen: Hmm.

Mike Paterson: That's how low it was. Then I was given a drawing by NE's family and they knew they showed me there was technology on board searching for.

So they drew a plane and they drew uh, yeah, they knew what was going on. They can tell they're extremely I, and, and more so, yeah, you get harassed and stocked [00:22:00] and

Karen: Hi.

Mike Paterson: you know, there, there there's like a organizations out there. Our strictly will not step into the realm of truth with this subject and anybody that does, they will badmouth you and try to discredit that's that's what I've gone through.

So, but I'm strong. I had that the, the Sasquatch people have given me so much supporting evidence. I it's just given me a massive confidence. So I have no fear.

Karen: Well, you mentioned the growl and you sent us some audio files. So I want to play those and, and have you kind of explain what they are? I don't know if, are they words or, well, well, let's listen to the first one. Okay.

Mike Paterson: Might as well, play it second time. Cause I know they're gonna wanna hear it again. Right. [00:23:00] I think that was back in May 10th, 2013. This was about eight months after I started doing investigations. And it was the beginning of may, like the very beginning. I think that was the second weekend that they really started letting their voice be heard. So that was a, just a, a distant yell, just a, they, they know I'm recording.

Right. So, that was uh, one of the, they let me hear their voice basically from day one, but not like that. So it was eight months in beginning of may. And that's when it all just started getting crazy with calling my name and this sort.

Karen: Oh, wow. So

Will: I, I gotta say I, I listened to these sound files before getting ready for the show. And as I'm hearing 'em, they're not really affecting me all that much until I heard them just now on my headsets. And now suddenly I [00:24:00] got goosebumps. Like my, the hair stood up on the back of my arm. Imagine Karen.

Walking in the woods and often a distance hearing this, play it again. I would be

Karen: running in the woods at that point. Play it again. Yep.

Oh yeah, no, especially the ending that little end sound.

Will: Absolutely. That's. That is, that is that's. That's, that's kind of scary. So I give you a lot of prompt for sticking to it. After, after that, now you, you sent us a few more. I'm curious. Let's hear the second one.

Mike Paterson: So that was June 28th, June 28th, [00:25:00] 2013. And that was after uh, full night of crazy activity. Um, He's yelling out my name and, and that happened about five 30 in the morning after the night was over. And he's basically just leaving and letting his voice be heard. And his, his range is absolutely phenomenal, you know, he's up and down that scale.

And, you know, the lows and highs are just you know, astounding what he can do. And he is. So he is about 17 years old there.

Will: What I find the most interesting is that, I mean, that could be just some, some dude often a distance doing some cat calls or whatever, the, the voice you would think. When you think of Bigfoot of Sasquatch, you think their voices are be, you know, more God. A role or deeper or something like

Karen: that or

Will: morally sounding.

Right. Are there vocal chords similar to ours? Just kind of hard to imagine.

Mike Paterson: I th I think there there's more to their vocal chords than, and also their human types, [00:26:00] you know? So th this is why people, I think partly why they have a difficult time with this, cuz they they're thinking eight or an animal. When in fact they are an ancient human race, human type. I've asked them, are you human?

They, they wrote yes. Y slash N so yes. And. They used to, well, they still do write yes sometimes or no, but a lot of the time they'll just put a why now or an N cause you know, they don't need to write the whole word out. I get it. Right. So, but as far as his voice, it it's actually uh, more recent recordings.

You can tell there is a bit of a change in his tone and it, and it's gotten deeper over the years. Right. He's still a. He's a young adult male there. If that he's a teenager still. Right. I've asked I've gone there and wondered about his foot size in comparison to how it's been. I remember I pulled in one.

We, we like to go in the winter because they showed their prints a lot. Right. It allows us to know if there's any [00:27:00] humans. Stocking around cuz they can't hide their footprints. So I remember I pulled in one time was during the day and the, the owners outside doing some work, I just, I pulled up and just a few minutes and we're talking, he, I don't know, maybe there's 20, 30 feet between us.

We're having a conversation and. I, I wondered about NE's foot size, you know, if there was any growth and suddenly Dwayne's eyes go wide and, and he's pointing down, look, look, and a footprint appeared while we were standing there and it showed, it showed two inches of growth. So they were giving me what I asked for.

So while I was, while I was kneeled down measuring this footprint I turned my head for a second. I'm talking to Dwayne, you know, so I look at 'em I look back and now there's a little pink silk flower. Sitting in the middle of the, just as I turn my head and look back, you know, so he's right there.

[00:28:00] Right. And this is something that happens again and again, so many times it's just, it's constant, right. Just showing their presence we're right here, you know? So it, the, the voice on them though, You know, I can understand how some people will think it's human. They, they have a expectation of, you know, being more guttural and, but I have recorded vocals like that as well.

Right. So I've recorded vocals from multiple family members, not just ne. You know, I've older male. I, I think I might have sent you one that has actually it might even be the next one you're gonna play that has an older male and a younger female speaking simultaneously. And that is not NES voice. I think it's, I think it's the big guy's voice.

I'm not sure, but which has a, he, he now has a 21 inch footprint and he's about 12 feet tall. I believe. I don't know. I, I think I probably sent you that file. So it might be one of these audio files and it's, it's two of them speaking [00:29:00] simultaneously and it's the young female and the older male and it's not, and there's your more guttural sounding tone that you're looking for.

So I don't know if you have that one, but I think you

Karen: I've got two more to play. So let's hear the next one.

Mike Paterson: That's actually the that's ne and that's the very first time he called my name. So he yelled my name four times there.

Karen: Oh, yeah. Let's let's do that again. Yeah. Yeah.

Mike Paterson: yeah, yell Mike.

Karen: wow.

Will: I can [00:30:00] totally hear it now. Yep. Totally hear it.

Mike Paterson: So what I would do is like, I knew they were there. Just through the actions of the, the incidents, what was going on. I couldn't, you know, you'd never see them, but I knew they were there. I'd get marbles that that would hit me and stuff, right. That show their presence. And so I, I would just pat my, and, and say, Mike, Mike, my name's Mike, and I would go, Mike, My my, I, I would do that.

Right. And and then he started, he started calling my name. Right. So.

Karen: Well, let's, let's check out this last one. Yeah. You are grow

Mike Paterson: was the file. I was just talking about previously with the two of them talking simultaneously that is [00:31:00] not NE's voice and there's a younger female speaking probably a, a daughter in the family. So they're basically speaking over top of each other because they. They can, it's not like they have to wait for each one to finish speaking.

They're they're so advanced that way.

Karen: You are grow

Mike Paterson: And there's been vocals that I've captured that it's, it's that ne and, and I, and I remember I've recorded ne and he has, he has almost like a lisp with his S. So I've actually recorded a vocal of one of them saying Sasquatch says, yeah. And he actually says, he actually says, Sasquatch, the word Sasquatch.

And there's no list. So it's like, that's not ne that's, [00:32:00] that's an older. Bigger brother. You know, there's, there's been numerous print sizes shown over the years. Right. They've come in sometimes. And there's four different size footprints beside each other in the, just all saying hi presence. Right.

Karen: is Sasquatch a name that they chose for themselves or is that just a name that somebody, you know, back in the day, put on them?

Mike Paterson: It comes, I believe from a, a native word for them. Squa Sesqua SA I can't, I'm not sure how to pronounce it properly, but it's a derivative of another native name given for them.

Karen: That makes sense.

Will: So now, Mike, something that you mentioned earlier, I wanna go back to your, for a second. You mentioned the footprint kind of appeared. So that, that would say that they're more than just invisible. They actually live. The whole other dimension, but are able to see into ours. And, and only when they want to do they materialize in our [00:33:00] dimension, whether they are visible or not.

That's that takes it to a whole other level. I think

Mike Paterson: Yes. Yes. I believe it's a parallel dimension that mirrors ours. And I say that because certain things happen along the way and, and even. I've been trying to figure out, like, how can I do this? What you guys do. Cause apparently we can't, we can do what they do. They've told me this and, and they've given me what looks like equations, trying to, you know, like here's the answer that sort of thing.

I've had uh, Incidents where there's been writing on my wet vehicle and it's, it's backwards. It's, it's like it's mirrored. And they've, there's something that keeps showing up with three dots in a, in drawings. I, I dunno what it pertains to yet. I'm trying to figure it out, but they're saying go there.

How do I go there? And then they draw dots that are basically mirroring. It it's, you know, I have, obviously I haven't figured this out yet, but I've [00:34:00] go invisible.

Karen: Yeah.

Will: So obviously they're a lot more advanced than we are in terms of that kind of thing. Right? The consciousness, the, the abilities that humanity could potentially at some point access. Right.

Mike Paterson: Understanding of energy. Yes.

Karen: right. So

Will: what are they trying to tell us now that you said that they want to disclose themselves to us?

What, what do they want us to learn?

Mike Paterson: I, I, I don't think it it's not necessarily, they want to disclose themselves to us. I think their light beings will not interfere in free will. The dark side will manipulate left, right. And center every which way they can which , you can see happening all around us right now, but the they will not, they are they're, they're, they're the good side.

You know, they are on the, the side of light. [00:35:00] So from my understanding, they just want us to wake up. Basically. They want us to connect back to nature. They see the path we veered. Off, you know, into this technological advancement, which is basically destroying everything. They, they basically, from my understanding, they want us to just connect back to nature and, and they reach out and reveal and choose who they make contact with and connect with. And, and it's, as they choose, you know, this isn't something revealed by a government. This. They're in control of it.

Karen: mm-hmm

Mike Paterson: And I remember they, they gave me an experience years back basically showing me that senior people will know. And, and since then I I've watched this subject, you know, this Bigfoot community, whatever just explode and advance and you know, make progress in, in, in ways that you can see that it's not. [00:36:00] It's not because of us using technology, you know, capturing them on trail cans and that sort of thing. They they're well aware of all that stuff going on. You're lucky to trick them. And actually, if you do manage to trick them, you're piss them off. They don't like that.

Will: So they can dish it out. They can't take it. Ah,

Mike Paterson: I, I used to like, I, when, when I went into this at first, I'd put, putting up trail cams, banging on trees, you know, doing what.

Basically everybody else does. And then I started seeing more intelligence. So I changed my, my tactics and to the point where putting camera on the. Give it to them to play here. This is for you guys. If you wanna do anything with it, and they've given me literally dozens of images on it, right? So if you approach things in a, in a way that is more respectful, I think [00:37:00] might be surprised.

Will: I have so many questions, Mike. You mentioned that they are, they're wanting to help us evolve or become who we need to be. on the show, We've talked to a lot of people about Entities being out in the Astro plane that are trying to do the same thing.

Is there a connection in your mind between like a spirit guide, that's trying to help us to evolve our consciousness and what Sasquatch are trying to do?

Mike Paterson: believe they're well aware of the, the, the whole spirit realm. They're from my understanding, there's a UFO connection even. Going on here and, and I'm completely convinced there's a coverup as well as, you know, the governments have been lying to us for decades suddenly. Oh yeah. They're real. And you know, they're trying to control the flow of that. The whole understanding of this interdimensional nature and, and consciousness and, you know, [00:38:00] Sasquatch a big part of that. So, I, I actually, it was back in July, 2018. I was given two UFO incidents and they were put basically given to me you know, I could tell because especially the first one I was driving north on the 400, just north of Toronto.

I had Pearson airport on my left, 1230 in the afternoon. It was, and both, both times it was pristine conditions. And they know that. And I remember there, it, it was the 1230. I had a transport just ahead of me in the lane to my left. And there was not a cloud in the sky. It was completely clear. And suddenly I'm driving along with the flow of traffic suddenly this huge shadow.

Passed over top of me going just, just slightly faster, like just a couple miles an hour, faster than the speed of traffic, which made it stick out. And I noticed instantly, and I watched this shadow envelope, the truck in front of me [00:39:00] and I, and right away, I'm like I was perplexed cuz. Where's the, where's the sound of the plane.

It has to be really low. And I stuck my head out the window for a second. There was absolutely nothing there. And, you know, so it was, it was impossible basically. And then 15 days later I was up ins. And again, it was pristine conditions. It was uh, I, I could see planes way off in the distance. I was, I was by myself, sitting on this road, surrounded by forest way, distance perfectly, still so quiet.

You can hear pin drop. Clear conditions. I can see these planes off in the distance, see their flashing lights, hear their motors, their engines, you know, catch up to them afterwards. And then I saw one that looked like it had its headlight pointed directly at me. And I noticed almost instantly that it had no flashing lights on it.

So I stood up and I'm watching this thing and it ended up veering towards [00:40:00] me and it passed over the road where I was, maybe it seemed to be a couple thousand feet in altitude. And when it passed over, I didn't see a craft cuz it was just a big, bright light, but it was dead silent. So this was, this was 15 days apart, these two incidents.

Right. And, and then there's reports, you know, of Sasquatch scene coming and going from UFOs you know, that have come out. So there's a much bigger connection going on here and, and, and a cover up, you know,

Karen: Yeah. You,

Mike Paterson: easy. It's easy for me to see.

Will: yeah, you you've, you've covered a couple of questions actually that I had. One of them was definitely the UFO connection because there is a big question mark about whether or not, I mean, there there's always seems to be. UFO sightings around the time that people are are, are claiming Bigfoot and Sasquatch sightings too.

Mike, this topic is absolutely fascinating. And I think we could talk to you all night long. The time is flown by if someone wanted to get more information about what [00:41:00] you do or get in contact with you, what's the best way for them

Karen: to do.

Mike Paterson: I, I have an email Sasquatch, Ontario, for Canada. There's my uh, YouTube channel Sasquatch, Ontario, and I, I have a website, Sasquatch, I'm always looking for uh, people's stories, especially those ones. I have encounters that see them disappear in thin air. Cause you know, the more we put this stuff out of, of people opening up about witnessing this, you know, the more that this stuff's gonna come forward you know, a lot quicker.


Will: great. Well, we're gonna add those links directly to our show notes. So if you're listening to this on your phone right now, just hit that information button and you'll see his links directly there. You can hit the links and go straight to him. Passing go or collecting $200. Mm-hmm . And if you're listening to this on a radio, just go to skeptic go to his episode page, and all the links will be laid out there for you.

So it it's easy for you to connect. Mike, thank you so much for coming on and sharing your expertise with us.

Mike Paterson: Thanks will. And Karen, it I I'm [00:42:00] always uh, happy to, you know, discuss this and with open minds. So

Will: Perfect. And I don't think this is the last time we'll talk about this. So stay

Karen: tuned. Yeah. Because a lot of things make more

Will: sense. Good. Yeah, they do. Yeah. And Hey, thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website or on Facebook and Instagram

And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed something, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be, where you can also watch the video. Or even send us email or voicemails directly from the site. We absolutely love feedback and love to hear from you as well.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we have that's offer now, we'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic meta physicians until then

Karen: take care.

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