Bootcamp for the Mind and Soul with Claire Rogers

Bootcamp for the Mind and Soul with Claire Rogers

Some of you may already know that I produce another podcast called Calm, Cool and Connected, which tackles the challenges of mental health.

Well, while researching possible guests for that show, I came across my guest this week, thanks to her truly inspiring podcast, which I devour immediately on release of each episode. Well as it turns out, during our initial interview for that show, it was revealed that my guest is no stranger to the metaphysical world.  She had experienced some remarkable things that people tend to find unbelievable...and it all started because of a grizzly bear attack. She specializes in mindset coaching specifically focusing on positive mindsets and creating healthy, purposeful lives.

Looking for an introductory book on all things metaphysical? Check this one out:
Metaphysics: An Introduction

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