Discover the World of Animal Communication & Soul Paintings with Nicole Harp

On this episode of The Skeptic Metaphysicians, join us as we explore the fascinating world of animal communication and abstract art with Nicole Harp. She shares her journey of combining her love for animals and art and how she interprets the energy of a being into colors and shapes.

Get a sneak peek into some of her soul paintings, including one of Karen's soul.

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“We can change the world by connecting with animals. They're sentient beings. And we all come from the same source.” - Nicole Harp

Have you ever heard any of the myths surrounding animal communication and soul paintings? Maybe you’ve heard that animals lack complex emotions, that soul paintings are just for entertainment, or that animal communication is impossible. Don’t worry, Nicole Harp will reveal the truth about these topics and more!

Nicole had a deep connection with animals and the environment since she was a child - but it was only when she experienced a profound spiritual awakening that she unlocked her unique ability to commune with animals and create stunning soul paintings. What started as a passion for rescuing animals and fundraising has now ushered in a surprising and powerful shift in the way humans connect with their furry friends.

How will Nicole's revolutionary work bring about a more compassionate and empathetic world?

“I feel like the art is healing. I feel like the communications are about healing. What is it that the soul needs for healing?” - Nicole Harp ·

  • Strengthen your bond with pets by understanding their inner world through animal communication.
  • Capture the unique energy and spirit of animals in soul portraits, using abstract paintings as a powerful medium.
  • Unearth your intuitive potential while connecting with spirits and enhancing self-awareness in psychic mediumship.
  • Unveil the fascinating power of color in evoking emotions, energies, and unspoken messages.
  • Delve into the transformative potential of art and communication in healing and developing a deeper connection with animals.

If you'd like to see the images referenced, and access a lot more information about this episode, visit the episode blog on our website for the full show notes and summaries:

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There have always been two sides to Nicole Harp; the Creative Arts side that lives and breathes art, and a compassionate side with a deep connection to nature and animals. While she has always felt she had to shelve her spiritual side, it always seemed to emerge on the canvas in organic brushstrokes and vivid colors.

Nicole is a lifelong artist and designer with a degree from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU.) She has spent most of her career as an accomplished abstract painter, balancing the functions of text and image in her artwork. Now, both sides come together to enhance her multifaceted career as an animal communicator.

Nicole is an animal communicator. She provides consultations for all animal species and communicates with animals in spirit as well as living. She validates by revealing personal details of your animal. This meaningful information authenticates the connection to your animal.

She communicates and answers questions regarding personality traits, likes, dislikes, behavior, health and much more. Any question goes!

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Will: [00:00:00] Karen. Yes. We've had lots of talented people on the show so far. We sure have. We've had psychics, mediums, channelers, healers of all types. All kinds of people. Mm-hmm. We've even had an animal communicator. Yep. But what if someone didn't just communicate with animals, but was also drawn to paint a picture of the animal's soul as well?

Ooh. Yeah. And what if this person could create beautiful, abstract art, not just from animals and their souls, but from people as well? Wow. That's exactly what today's guest does. Not only did she communicate with our dog hunter, and she'll tell us all about him on the show, oh boy. But he also connected psychically.

With you, Karen. Oh my gosh. And happen to draw your soul trick as well. Really? Ah-huh. Oh, wow. We're gonna reveal it on this show. Fun times ahead. Don't go anywhere. The skeptic meta physicians starts now. My name is Will and I'm Karen. And unlike Molder and Scully,

Nicole: [00:01:00] we both wanna believe. So we've embarked in a journey of discovery.

We've talked

Karen: to people deeply entrenched in the spiritual

Nicole: and metaphysical

Will: world. We've thrown ourselves into weird and wonderful experiences. I even joined a coven of

Nicole: witches and, wait, you joined a

Will: coven? Yep. All in the interest of finding something, anything that will prove that there's something

Nicole: beyond this physical three-dimensional world we all live in.

This is the.


Will: Today's story comes from The Living Gida by Swami Sachi. Ananda. There's a good zen story of a student who went to a Roshi, a teacher demanding to be taught the secret of enlightenment. Instead of saying something, the Roshi began to pour the student a cup of tea. The cup became full, yet the master kept on pouring and the tea spilled over onto the floor.[00:02:00]

My cup is full master. Why do you keep on pouring more and more? The student asked like this cup of tea, your mind is already filled with something. If I pour my knowledge into your cup. It'll just go onto the floor cuz there's no room in your mind for it. You will interpret my instructions according to what you already think.

Your mind will not be able to accept the truth I give you. The moral of the story is if you want to fill your cup, make sure it's empty before you try to fill it again.



Will: Karen, today's main topic is chalk full of in information. [00:04:00] So rather than try to reinvent the wheel, I'm just gonna read an introduction for our guest that was sent to us prior to her coming on. Perfect. Now it's a little long, so bear with me. Her press release reads, there have always been two sides to Nicole Harp, the creative art side that lives and breathes art and the spiritual side with a deep connection to nature in animals.

While she was. Wow. While she has always felt she had had to shelve her spiritual side, it seemed to emerge on the canvas in organic brush strokes and authentic colors. Nicole is a lifelong artist and educator with a communication, arts and design degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. She spent most of her career as an accomplished abstract painter, balancing the functions of text and imaging her artwork.

Now both sides have come together to enhance her multifaceted career as an animal communicator. Sessions with Nicole allow healing for her clients, both the animal and their guardians. She provides consultations for all animal species [00:05:00] and communicates with animals in spirit, as well as living. Nicole validates by revealing personal details and the essence of your animal.

This meaningful information authenticates the connection only you share with your animal. She communicates and answers questions regarding personality traits, behavior, health, opinions, likes, dislikes, and much more. And Karen, yes, this is exactly what she's done for us. Yay. And I am excited to dive into this.

So let's welcome to the show, Nicole Harp. Nicole, thanks for coming on.

Nicole: Hi. Thank you Will and Karen and Hunter. Yeah.

Will: Yep. You can't, you probably can't see him. Maybe at some point you'll see him, uh, show up in camera. I can feel him serious. He, yeah, he's definitely here. So you're gonna see him sometimes every once in a while.

Pop in. he definitely did not wanna miss this conversation since he said, Hey, you're talking about me. I gotta be in the room.

Nicole: And he doesn't have to be in room actually, which is good. Right. It's pathic so he can see anywhere and you might not see him looking at you. He [00:06:00] might just be still sleeping.

Will: That's right. We should mention you did this, you, connected with him remotely. You've never met him or us or anything like that. And yet you sent us not only first impressions of Hunter, but you also sent first impressions of Karen, which I get into right now cause it's too much. But, let's talk about you Nicole.

animal communicator. But not just an animal communicator, you actually draw portraits of their souls. How did this come about? How did you all of a sudden just felt like, I need to draw this soul on a paint How does that happen?

Nicole: Well, it kind of morphed into that, so. Mm-hmm. Just a little, little backtrack.

Uh, well, but I've always been an art, oh. I've been a professional artist since 1992, but I've always been an artist. Um, went to V C U mm-hmm. Like second. Start school, you know, just have to put that out there. It's a great idea. But no, seriously, everything did, has prepared me for, uh, this moment. Mm-hmm. Um, I feel like in my life, my love [00:07:00] and, um, commitment to animals, environment and nature in all the projects I've done, uh, I have a.

Uh, art site, um, professional art website, but I, that shows all my profession, you know, my CV and everything. But if you look at that, it's, um, all these projects, um, committed to nature in the environment. And I've always asked, what can I do? What more can I do for animals? And, um, You know, I started with, uh, you know, just as a kid and the rescuing, and then went into the shelters and did some development and fundraising.

And then, uh, I started a business that was all about animals and environment. Eco Dog. Mm-hmm. Sustainable Dog Watering Station. Took water from the roofs and filtered it into, uh, clean drinking water for animals through natural biofiltration. So it's like hit, hit on all the things I love. Right? Renewables and innovation.

I love innovation. Karen, that's you too. Thinking about things that have never, never, uh, hey, hunter, um, that have never happened before that have, [00:08:00] yeah. Um, and then, um, you know, I created a project with the zoo and blah, blah, blah. But anyway, I've always asked, what more can I do? I said, there's got to be more I can do for animals.

And, um, and about three years ago, um, I. I, you know, had a, kind of wanna say spiritual awakening, but that's when it kind of, the eco dog, I was like, this is, this is not flowing. And I started doing phys, um, human psychic work, intuitive human psychic work. Mm-hmm. and I still do human communication, but, and that kind of morphed into animals.

So will, sorry. The long-winded version of the answer is, uh, I've always been a painter and everybody has energy. The, um, the essence of who you are, you can call it whatever you want, soul, uh, you know, your essence, your true self. That energy has colors that it translates into. Mm-hmm. And I interpret those colors.

So the communication is me connecting to your higher self and your, your, your energy. Mm-hmm. And then, um, I translate that. I'm an abstract painter. Always have been. So, I know you said portrait, but it is a portrait, but it's an abstract. Yeah. Mm-hmm. An

Will: [00:09:00] abstract portrait. We should, we should have specified.

Yeah. Um, well,

Nicole: I don't even, what does the soul look like? Right? Well, and what better way to translate the soul though, right Into color shapes and lines and, um, so maybe it's not abstract. And some of them, if you, right, and some of them become more realistic, you know, we always wanna see things. In the art, don't we as humans, we always wanna, everybody is born, you know, trying to connect.

So in, in art, when you're looking at, you always wanna find something that you, that you can connect with. Um, uh, and, and hopefully you do in, in my paintings, but the, um, the colors are what resonates, right? Mm-hmm. So, well, let's,

Will: let's take a look at some of them since we've, since she was so, okay, great. To send us some, if you're only listening to the show, if you wanna take a look at the paintings, go to our YouTube.

Page, we've got a link on skeptic and go directly to our up two page. You can see it, but this is an example of one of the soul paintings, that Nicole has done. but she sent us a bunch. That's, that's one. Here's another one. very interesting. Mm-hmm. [00:10:00] Very abstract as you can see for sure.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. as they go, you can tell Some of them are more muted in color. Mm-hmm. Other ones have, are more vibrant in color. well, why

Nicole: don't you let her talk about them? Well, um, well, he's doing, he's doing well. You're my student. You're doing well. Well, it did his interesting Will, if I were to tell you what they were, cuz you know, the goal is to have a show of 200 souls, and, you know, show these paintings.

But, book I'm doing, I'm gonna have a visual of maybe if Karen says yes, Karen's face and, a little blurb from the communication and then the painting on the right. So it is interesting to see. Here's Karen, here's my translation of her soul. I mean, I feel like you'll see it, you know, you'll feel it.

Mm-hmm. But um, they are so different.

Will: Yeah. Yeah. They re are suit Totally different,

Nicole: but, so it's exciting for me. Go ahead, Karen. Sorry. I I used to, I have a, Karen, shut me up. Please know. I love to hear you. I'll just keep

Karen: No, I, I have a degree in art and I used to paint art. What?

Nicole: Excellent.

Karen: Yeah. And um, [00:11:00] so sometimes when I was really upset about something, I would sit there and I would just whip out, you know, just like the emotions come out.

So. Right. So I was wondering, is that kind of how it feels like to you? Like when you're getting this, this vision of the soul, is it something you just have to get out or is it just like a gentle Okay. It's

Nicole: like this. So remember when I said it, like, everything's prepared me for this moment. I feel like everything I've been painting has been for someone.

Mm-hmm. And, and, and actually, And at several points, people who have, who've, I mean, people have purchased my work through, you know, throughout the, since like a, you know, for years. Mm-hmm. And some people have said, I'm like, this is like, they just know they're supposed to have it. And so, but I feel like that's what this is.

Like, um, I'm painting it, it is coming through me. I just have the, the, um, the knowledge from a good school to be able to do it well. Mm-hmm. Um, and so it is coming through me. I'm lucky that way. Uh, it's like the communications. Yeah. I feel like I have to get it out. Some will come to me and some all ask, like, I've [00:12:00] had the red one you saw.

Is a coworker and I just like was pulled to this, to my table to start writing about her. Wonderful. And I don't wanna tell you too much about her. Uh Sure. But um, but do it. Do it. Yeah. But she had something traumatic go on in her life and I was just drawn to this, but, um, it's just like, You know, I wasn't drawn to this before.

I've known her for 24 years, but at this point I was, and that's where we go back to, I feel like the art is healing. Um, I feel like the communications are about healing. What, what is it that, um, this soul needs for healing? Mm-hmm. But one, go ahead. How, how large are these

Karen: pings? I feel like they need to be huge.


Nicole: I hold. It's like the soldiers, the soldiers needs to explode out. Like they, they need to. I love how you think. How you think? Because I want to do ones, I dunno if you know Kehinde Wiley, but his, he, his, his, um, his, uh, kit is, uh, I love that, that his paintings are so large, they can only be in a museum.

Mm-hmm. And so, like, they're huge, right? So you either have to have a really big [00:13:00] house and lots of money or be in a museum. So, but I do see my, I mean, I've always, I paint with oil sticks. I've always been like a, and I have energy. I mean, you can probably like, you know, since I have a lot of energy. Mm-hmm.

And so, especially when I'm talking. That was

pulling teeth,

Will: one of the easiest interviews you've ever


Nicole: But it's only when I'm talking about my callings, my two calling. Right. So if you think about that vertical, um, more vertical one you saw that had, um, the yellows.

It's a puppy collective, so it's about, it's like in general, not one puppy, but puppies. Mm-hmm. And. I do see people's souls huge. Mm-hmm. Like this, you know, some just need to be big. These are 20 by 20 because I'm paying for the supplies and it's are super expensive. Oh yeah. It's a billion dollar industry.

It's super expensive. Mm-hmm. Um, but they're 20 by 20 on broke boards. Mm-hmm. So they're easily shippable . And frameable. It's not gonna break the bank. Nice. Yeah.

Will: let's go back then [00:14:00] before we, dive into Karen Hunter. Let's go back to the animal communication side of things because you. Connect with them and based on your impressions, that's where the soul paintings come from.

But curious how you connect um, is it something where, you can conduct any animal, at any time or is there a specific way for you to do that?

Nicole: Yeah. So, um, they're all different. Animal communicators are all different. You're just like painters. Everybody's different mm-hmm. The way they do it. And, and the only way to do it is to do what's authentic for you. Um, and so I do the first impressions, um, I need an, uh, I need a name and then an image. I don't always need a picture, but it is, it, you know, it's a little bit easier.

Mm-hmm. And then I do those first impressions. Um, uh, I just, you know, I sit, everybody doesn't, however, but I sit and bring forth that energy and then just, it's a communication because, um, Uh, you know, we're all sentient beings and it's a communication opposed to a reading. Mm-hmm. I'm, [00:15:00] um, you know, open eye, connect, heart to heart.

There's a couple different things. Um, I do, you can do when you're walking, hunter, but I connect heart to heart. Mm-hmm. And, um, you know, I, I don't feel like I have to, I. They're all different. Some are like, oh man, I can't wait to talk. Others are like, whoa, what's this? I'm not sure. Others, you know, it really just depends.

But I, I, I'm just gonna say this, and I don't, it doesn't, doesn't sound like, but my, my love for, for animals is so deep. I don't feel like I have to tell them, but I come in, they know I'm just, I love them. Mm-hmm. I mean, I just love 'em. If I meet people and they have an animal go straight to the animal.

Mm-hmm. But, and a lot of people are like that, but, um, I kind of just, you know, I'm here, I'm friends, you know, your parents' friends, if they're kind of standoffish, introduce myself and I just let it flow. Mm-hmm. Like a conversation. Hey, we, you know, I don't ask what they do for a living cuz that's superficial.

Yeah. Just, just interact with 'em. And then I get those first impressions. Mm-hmm. And if that sounds like your animal, [00:16:00] Um, then great. Then we move on with a communic full communication. But can I do, I, I did it with a gecko family that lives here in our, and I live on the water, so I do have lots of foul and all, and I've communicated with birds and cats and dogs.

So you can do it. There's lots of animal communicators who are trying to change the world by connecting with whole species. And I have done that in a group collective, and it is freaking powerful. It's amazing. Wow. Yeah, it's amazing. And we can change the world by connecting with animals. Um, they're sentient beings and, and I, and I wanna say this, will and Karen, um, we all come from the same source, right?

Mm-hmm. You call it whatever you want, God, PR source. We all co animals and humans all come from the same place. Sure. So, so that, you know, that, that, um, living in harmony and, and that relationship, if it can, you know, They can be understood better, we can live better. Mm-hmm.

Will: I, I agree with that a hundred

Nicole: percent.


Karen: you, do you ever communicate with an animals that have

Nicole: passed? Always. Yes. Okay. I mean, yes. Meaning like, um, yes. And it's very [00:17:00] healing. Um, sick animals, animals that are coming into a new home, um, uh, they're, it's interesting because they're all about, well, you know, animals, they live in the present moment, right?

Mm-hmm. They're just, um, they're just, um, zen masters. Mm-hmm. And, uh, Ones. That's super. Yeah. Yes. Well, that's what they're here to teach us to be present. Oh, so I, I always tell my client, please, by the way, please, just because it's helpful, I think signed onto my newsletter because I send out newsletters that the animals, information the animal gives me to help us on our journey, humans mm-hmm.

On our journey. And one of the things they say is like, get down with them three times a day on their level and be present and you. To close, to get rid of the chattering mine. Spend time with your animal one-on-one. It will. It will totally. Exactly it. It will. You don't have to try to stop the chattering mine.

It'll happen.

Karen: I mean, I'm on the floor sent half the day.

Nicole: Good for you, Karen. I love that you've set, you've set up your life that you can do that. Yeah.

Will: which is why you're his favorite. [00:18:00]

Nicole: You

Karen: know, it's interesting. so the reason I was asking animals in the past is I had a dog for, she was almost 16 when she passed.

Beautiful. This is the best dog ever. Oh my God. Kira was just amazing. And it took me about six years to get over her to be willing to get another dog, cuz I was just devastated. She was this Weiner, Dober hunt, doberman mix and just perfect. Except for she stunk, but she had allergies to everything. So the day we got Hunter, we got him on Valentine's Day, and which by the way was her birthday, which was just a random, you know, Yeah. I was talking with Will and Sienna and I said, oh, I wonder what Kira would think about this and how she would feel. So later that night I open up Facebook and scrolling and the, the first memory that pops up is a picture of Kira.

Yeah. Just kinda looking at me with a little hat on your thumbs up her up. Yes. Yeah. I guess she's okay with this. Yeah.

Nicole: She wants, she wants you to be happy. Yeah. I mean, you communicate with 'em, they're all, it's never about like, how Oh, poor me. Um, past or whatever. First of all, they're always with you and, um, [00:19:00] she was, or help orchestrating you.

Um. You all adopting Hunter, uh, and she showed you that by, you know, putting the, it's not stuff we're making up, it's, it's, it is working in synchronicity and things just flow like that. But they're always about how to ease our grief mm-hmm. When I talked to 'em and, um, just like, uh, like I had a client who was just so.

Devastated. She couldn't save her dog. It was during Covid. And the, and her dog Sadie said, you saved me. I mean, it, it took a year for that, uh, animal so abused to, to be able to trust humans again. And, and she's like, don't you get that? You did save me. Aw, I'm start crying. I'm gonna start crying. Me too serious.

I'm, I'm, I'm like shaking them. But, um, it, it is, it is. Um, they're here. What they, it's all about our grief and easing that, and that is, That's that presence and they're just, there's no . Word for him. Yeah. Like, yeah. No,

Will: it's amazing. Everyone talks about the, the unconditional love every, every time you see them for the first time.

Mm-hmm. I, I'm upstairs, I come downstairs and as soon as I, he hears me [00:20:00] coming downstairs, he stepss at the bottom of the stairs and just wags his whole body. We've only, I've, I saw you like 12 minutes ago.

Nicole: Brand new moment. Brand new day. Love morning. Oh my God.

Karen: Good morning. Are his favorite

Nicole: words. Oh yeah.

Yes. Yeah. Well, he's here to teach you to be more present. To slow down. Mm-hmm.

Will: Okay. Mm-hmm. I got you, hunter. I'll try to focus on it.

Nicole: And you know what's crazy is the more you slow down, the more you you get things done, the more you get done. I'm saying that because I, I'm saying that for me. Everything's for what I can learn.

Right. So that's But it is true. It is true. Yeah.

Will: So when you communicate with them, do you, and I could be, it could be very different, everybody might be different, but is it just a, like a clip cognizant type of thing where you just know, or is it you hear them? Or do you actually have a. Like a dialogue with them?

How does that work?

Nicole: Right. Well, uh, people get it all different ways, and I do get it all different ways and you can, um, practice to your ways. But since I'm an artist, I do get lots of drawings, which is the best. And I'm always, [00:21:00] you know, I'm never unsure when I get a drawing, it's them showing me mind to mind, image to image, um, you know, and I'll, and I'll, and sometimes they'll specify, you need to draw this.

Mm-hmm. Um, Yeah, you need to draw this, but, um, uh, but I get it. Um, with just words or an image. Sometimes they'll gimme songs. That's awesome. Like, tell my parent, you know, tell my guardian this, give my guardian this song. And, um, and it doesn't mean it's that you'll know it, it may be what's for you at the time.

It doesn't mean you're like, oh, I, that song I knew when I was a, but you know, it's the words in the song maybe, but they're always looking for ways to connect to you and, um, and, and for you to continue what your gift is. You know, Karen and Will is that, uh, interaction with the animals finding a rescuing?

I'm assuming you rescued? We did, yes. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Okay. Good. Good. Yeah.

Will: Well, before we continue on, we've got to, take a quick break, but when we come back, we're going to dive into all of this stuff a little bit [00:22:00] even deeper, and we're gonna go into, your communication with Hunter and your psychic compression of Karen, and we will reveal.

Karen's, soul portrait. I'm so excited. Yeah, we're just getting started. Uh, stay with us. We will be right back.

 Welcome back to the Skeptic of Physicians. We are talking to Nicole Harp, who's, animal communicator's, soul painter, and before we left we were talking about how she communicates with animals.

We looked at some of the paintings that she's done over the, years that she's been doing this, and we teased the fact that she graciously decided to do one for Karen. She communicated with. Karen Psychically, and she did send over her initial impressions of Karen and Karen. Do you remember our impression when she first sent that over [00:23:00] to us?


Nicole: do. That's very

Will: interesting. Yeah. I remember when I was playing it for us, the two of us, all we were doing was looking at each other going, oh my gosh. you had nailed Karen so hardcore. There were certain things that Karen's like, mm, I'm not sure. And I reminded her of some things. She went, oh my God.

So things that were even hidden from her, that you were able to, to call out. now, Is it the same? Do you connect with people the same way that you connect with animals or is that different?

Nicole: it's, I connect the same way. Okay. I do. Um, they're not like, um, well, um, the, I guess the owners would be the one like Karen and see if, see seeing if it resonates.

But I may say one thing to that, to that, uh, will about what Karen? Um, when it's about you, um, it's like when you're in the doctor's office and you need someone to hear what's going on because when it's about you, you miss a lot. Well, that's the same thing when you're getting, when I'm, and it may be things you know or you don't know, um, or they're kind of so subconscious or, so it is interesting [00:24:00] that that will is, and I see him do it often in the show remind you of, uh, but it's so easy to see.

It's so easy for will to see, and that just makes you humble, Karen. It's just sweet. It's sweet that you do that because I feel like, um, when it is about you, it's hard to, you know, it's hard to, to, to see it

Will: at the time. But to your point, when people keep reminding her, keep pointing it out to her, you think eventually she'd go, okay.

Okay, fine.

Nicole: Well, you know, it is about like what you're calling, right? It's, it's everything is like, I think the woman you had on before the last episode, um, I shouldn't be too many things that are new. But what is awesome, like with animal communication and speaking to Karen's entire self, they do. If you do want new ideas, where should I go for a career?

I'm not sure that's where you can get 'em. That's what's fascinating. Hunter will tell me things like he shared the pile of sticks in the backyard. I think you may have sticks that need to be picked up. Well, he's got a game that can kill, well not say kill. Who can, which can arrive with two things at once.

The stick game he came up with [00:25:00] to bring the sticks and will collect the sticks. So you don't have to do it. They give you ideas. That are, um, cost nothing that will help make your life and their life better. Oh, yeah.

Will: All right. Well, I think that we've had Karen, wait long enough. Let's dive into your impressions of her, and then into the course of the conversation, we will reveal the

Nicole: portrait.

I won't hit anything. I don't think anything was too personal, Karen. Right? Yeah. I, I'm, I'm

Karen: a crier, just so you

Nicole: know. Okay. I'm gonna both you crier

I don't know if there's anything crying here, cry.

But I did highlight some things, um, soon in the, in the beginning of the communication. I, Talked about you and will getting together and kind of your journey together. So just that Karen was the one you were supposed to be with and walk, through, this life with the energy pull that pulled you two together.

great thing is you're growing and learning together because, you know, when one grows and the other one doesn't tend to leave someone behind. Mm-hmm. So it's great that you just have this, you know, I'm gonna call spiritual awakening, but [00:26:00] whatever you call it, that you have, that you're, I do feel like you're seeing things differently than you did 10 years ago, 20 years ago.

And, and something to be said about that, like having a spiritual awakening or, or, or like a second, um, career. Like mm-hmm. Those people live longer because you're happier and, you know, but, for Karen, I, I got this, draw this, this drawing of an octopus, right? Well, they're brilliant too, but, um, you know, this, this.

Arms moving all about and all these tentacles. So the word soul seeker came out and like, um, a visual of an octopus with long outstretched arms and multiple, multiple things. like this, you know, that, that. You have all these things that you could do. So you're very analytical, You know, and you're smart.

And I, I, there's a drawing here of you in front of a, um, a little school desk, right. One of those wooden school desks, you know, so yeah, that's you. That comes naturally. It's that you, I see you at an old school desk. Karen's writing diligently as she's, as she does everything.

But then there's the creator side of you kind of skipping around. But,

Will: it's good that you call that out cuz she's very [00:27:00] smart. In fact, she has two degrees. And one of them is in anthropology and the other one is in in art.

Nicole: Art. Mm-hmm. Right. When, when one's not enough. Yeah,

Karen: it's funny, I started out in engineering, so I've kind of, oh my, all the classes the college had,

Nicole: I took 'em all.

Yeah. She

Will: loved going school, which is not, not me.

Nicole: Loved it. Oh, come on. Who doesn't love learning? Uh, were those fulfilling for you? I mean, did you end up doing something with that, uh, those degrees or did you not go that route? I.

Karen: Well, a little bit, yes and no. so with anthropology, I actually ended up teaching, I taught, Spanish and I taught art and I taught anthropology at a prep school for about 10 years.

and then from then, I haven't really done much with those. I, I used to paint, you know, I've sold a few paintings, but I just then,

Nicole: it

Will: is a tragedy that she's not still painting. We have an easel right here in this room. I know that she, I mean, she's her, she's super talented, but she's not really done much with it.

Take the time. Well, you make the time. Yeah.

Nicole: If that's what you wanna do, right? I mean, are you doing what you wanna do, Karen? I'm doing a lot of things. Yeah. [00:28:00] Dust

Will: the octopus. Yeah. Well,

Nicole: and that's a good thing for like, communications to, to kind of help you. Mm-hmm. I'm not getting off topic cuz I'll, everything comes back to fruit.

I'll come back to this, but Sure. Years before I started doing this, I had a, um, reading from astrologer that I go to every two years. He's amazing. Uh, he's local. Should totally get a communication from, or whatever he calls it, astrology reading. But he said he talked about shamanism and we're like, ah, ha ha.

My, my partner and I are like, whatever, you know, shamanism, the psychic stuff. And then, you know, for years, Later. Um, that's what I end up doing. But back to Karen. So really, Karen, go ahead. I was gonna say, when

Karen: you said the thing about the octopus, I was like, oh, I can hug a lot of people. Yeah. And I'm super touchy feely.

I touch everybody and like I have to make myself stop. Cause people don't like that.

Nicole: Karen. Me too. Let's go back to this. Let's, to that I got that. Let's go back to that part then about, Your need to move and dance in your arms and your, like, that touching. Mm-hmm. So I see you [00:29:00] dancing around with veils, colorful, smiling, needing to dance, feeling all the stuck past emotion and getting unstuck and coming away from your bones.

and ligaments. Dancing is the healing for you. You should always dance around in place with others and movement move your body souls. It's your soul's healing. it's a creative outlet for you. And you know, Karen, if you're not doing. One creative out that you should outlet that you should, it'll manifest in other ways, right?

Cooking, dancing, you'll be creative in other things. You just

Will: mentioned two things that she does avidly cooking and dancing, so they're all at one time and all, all of it's coming. And they make fun

Karen: of me at work because I, I, I'm the floor manager for the show and I'm usually dancing around

Nicole: and dancing, cooking and dancing.

Cooking and dance. Catch me catch. So, and not to mention you dance beautifully or will would say profoundly beautiful, whatever quotes. Um, I see belly dancing too, like that type of, uh, even more opening up your chakras with the belly

Will: dancing. The interesting thing we met right before Halloween, the very [00:30:00] first year, she dressed as,

Nicole: A belly dancer belly, boom.

I, the lessons I can do the dance. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, that's great. My spouse can belly dance as well. Nice. Yeah, I just, I just belly. It's a she so that you don't visualize a man belly dancing, which is nothing wrong with that.

Will: Not all, not.

Nicole: Let's keep, let's keep visual actually, if a man doing it. Yeah. I mean you with fluid hips.

and then the other thing is like your supersonic highway to the spirit realm. So if you wanted to do this, you could. and what I mean is, so I'm asking questions like, did you wanna study the supernatural or energy or light?

Um, when you were younger, did you feel this energy early on or did you shelve it? So I just have this pic just drawing of you. Um, that was yes to all of those questions. Really? Yeah.

Will: Okay. Yeah. Let me, let me stop you for a second. Cause I, I think it's important to mention that when you first reached out to us, you mentioned that it was really [00:31:00] important.

You had not listened to any of our shows or watch any of our shows because you wanted to get a, a clear impression of us, of Karen without being influenced. So you had not listened to us at all, until after. We had said, yes, the impressions are great, let's schedule on your show. And then that's when you started, uh, listening to or watching the show.

So, Karen, all of these impressions that she was getting, She was getting prior to knowing you at all. Yeah. Which is the most astounding thing of

Nicole: it all. It really is. It was like a month and a half ago maybe or something, and then I only, I only listened to your show a little bit to see if you were like, how you were, like you weren't crazies, or, or like extremists.

Extremists. I'm like, well, I was like, I better check out what I'm in, what I'm asking to be on. But it's like, okay, they sound normal, you know, normal. You know what I mean? Yeah. until I listened to just one the other day. And, and I was like, well, good thing I've done my communication because yeah, she did.

the one on, on the names. Oh yeah. Yes. I have the everything coming out from your spirit realm. that's the angelic realm, that's [00:32:00] superhighway of coming in, coming out. You're getting information and then, communicating information to others, whether you chose to do that in a artistic way or verbal way. so in actually, you exist better in that unknown realm, Karen.

And then your gift is actually two feet outside of your comfort zone. And I can relate to that because you perform better two feet, like outside of that comfort zone where it's not the, I don't say left and right brain cuz that's been debunked, but it's not the analytical where it's been proven.

But you take all your awareness and then you synthesize and use it to something that's innovative and creative. deep truth and honesty about who you are and opening into what, who and what you will be acknowledgement and understanding of who you are and what you are here to share and teach.

And it's interesting, you're a teach, you taught art. I teach art. Oh wow. And half for 24 years. So that's phasing out. And this is full-time phasing in. Mm-hmm. it's interesting

Karen: to hear someone talk to you about yourself when they're talking to you about things that you're [00:33:00] just starting to become aware of.

Uhhuh. It's like, this is a fact, fact, fact. And I'm like, I'm just learning about this. Wait a minute. Yeah. How did you know before? I really knew. Right?

Nicole: Know, it's, it's to give us the courage, right? The courage to, yeah. To to step into our, um, I don't wanna say this word just came up. Divine presence. I mean, it's not how I speak Woowoo.

I don't speak like, and not that that's woowoo, but it is the courage, like to be yourself and your, you know, to, um, be your divine presence. And, um, that is the true joy. Yeah. I'd love

Will: in this world. Divine presence and Karen knows exactly why I'm saying that in the way that I'm saying it. Yes, she is an angel.

She's an angel among us and she is divine for sure. So, well, Karen, on top of doing first impressions, doubt, like I mentioned, she actually, was drawn to. Paint your soul. So I am going to, now without further ado, if you're only, again, if you're only listening to the show, you're only getting a portion of the information, you should definitely check out our YouTube page so you can see.

Here we go, [00:34:00] drum roll,

 bam. Here is your sole portrait.

Nicole: You'll have it in person cuz I'll give it to you and I actually have it behind me too. But you have to like look at it close Karen, and look at the textures and the lines. But yeah, is that energy

Will: moving up? I'm gonna, show Karen here because. what you don't see is Karen's reaction was an immediate and full, oh, Karen Water works galore.

Karen: Well, it's, um, God, it's, so, when I was. Younger when I was in college. that's when I was really kind of getting into all of this and letting myself feel everything before it got shelved. And I had this dream and I used to have a lot of dreams with this same theme, but the one that really stands out in my head, I was this older woman.

I guess I'm older now, so maybe that's me. But, um, and I had taken a group of people to, I mean, the word that just came to me was the veil. There was like a [00:35:00] wall. I remember this, and, and they were sitting in front of me and I was talking to them and I was like, this wise old woman. And when I saw that painting, that's, I'm

Nicole: gonna lose it.

Yeah. That, that's what

Karen: I see. I see. The bigger figure and then like the, the three students.

Nicole: And

Karen: that was the color. That was the color of

Nicole: the wall. Oh my goodness. Freaking out. Goodness. Isn't that interesting? So like, uh, and I don't, I'm just gonna say what that I feel like, okay, this moment was like, Kind of free dust's supposed to happen.

Yeah. That when I feel like, you know, like I love that our souls validation. I love that our, that our souls are meeting that way. I like the soul. It's soul to soul. Well, let me tell you what,

Will: well, I, before you go there, one thing wanna mention about the one more thing is that the overall color, the yellow. When Karen meditates, she hits from almost the very beginning, she's mentioned that she sees a swirl of purple, which is everyone knows is the divine [00:36:00] color and yellow. It's always been those two colors. And Karen, if you're talking about taking someone to the veil and, and the veil, was like this, Then it would make

Nicole: sense.

Karen: You know? And it's weird because I've never, I've always just said, I was taken to, to this wall. There's this wall, this vibrant wall behind us. And just today I was like, that's the veil. Wow. This is freaking me out.

Nicole: Okay. Sorry about that, Nicole and I, well, no, I love that we don't have to, um, use the labels that we put on things like veil or wall.

Like it's a flat wall. There's no nothing happening. I love that color. Can be the communicator because, um, great art's great when it's ambiguous, right. And mm-hmm. And the ambiguity, ambi, ambiguity, ambiguity, abda speaks to speak. Yeah. Rabbit, um, the am um, ambiguity speaks to you. Mm-hmm. Um, but if I had to like in the communication, If I had to like say what the colors meant, um, like white is your awakening, [00:37:00] uh, blues, the connection to spirit.

Red is your creativity. You know, and that's just a, you know, it's, it's not that, oh, you don't have a little there, it's no, it's where you're allowing that creative, let it come out. Um, and it's all like, it's all going to that realm that we talked about, the superhighway your yellow is your gut. Knowing that you've always had and listened to, whether you know it or not, and your light, and it's why people are drawn to you.

Yeah. And you, it's undeniable, Karen, if you just this moment, so, you know, it's interesting to, we'll have to follow you and see what you do. I mean, no pressure, no pressure, Karen. Not at all. And no pressure. Yeah. Wow. Well, I'm glad that yeah, it, it's, I hope you like it. I'm glad you Yeah. Love it.

Thank you. Thank you my,

Will: all my pleasure. You mentioned earlier on that it one of these things where when people see their soul openings, it's like, I must have it. I must have it. I think this is definitely, I would say, pretty safe bet to say that Karen must have this painting. So we'll have to [00:38:00] talk after we stop recording.

Nicole: It's just so

Karen: weird. I mean, it's,

Nicole: it's just snow. Weird. Weird. Or is it like Yeah, I mean, I haven't even, I haven beautiful.

Karen: Had that dream in a long time. and just. Like I instantly

Nicole: saw it. I mean, I haven't, it's

Karen: been years since I've really thought about that dream. Yeah. But it, I, I remember that dream very vividly.

And that's, that's

Will: right. And, and it's all the more interesting that you hadn't thought of that dream in such a long time. And the minute you saw the painting, it was instant. It was an instant knowing

Nicole: makes us wonder what we remember, you know, why are subconscious and our conscious and Yeah.

And That, not just that it's so much beyond this physical form, that we are just so much more, you know, that, that, that, that, that essence of who we are or who our animal is. And so when

Karen: you tanning, are you thinking no about stuff? Are you just

Nicole: No. No. You, I, you know, honestly, I get when you think I get myself out of the way, I mean in communication too.

It's just like, um, Uh, just get outta your own way. Mm-hmm. And with the [00:39:00] paintings. Um, so I kind of give myself up to it, and, which is wonderful because I spent years torturing myself in the studio. Mm-hmm. Kathy, um, torturing myself, like, oh, you know, asymmetrical balance, um, focal point, you know, rule of thirds.

Uh, you know, and, um, you know, it, it wasn't enough enough, but I will, um, yeah, I kind of have a. It's to help myself. It seems like I say spirit because I'm not doing this. It's coming through me. I mean, it's nothing Nicole's doing. But again, it has the, the, the teaching has prepared me. The, the academia has prepared me and, and I do teach this, so not this, but I teach art.

Mm-hmm. So that, but um, I just kind of get outta my own way and I'll ask, you know, I'm just kind of present, I don't know, like sitting in the power whatever present. And, um, and I paint and I just, First, when I think about your soul, I got an image and I started sketching it out. And then, uh, the colors just come.

Mm-hmm. And I have to trust that it's right. And, uh, if I start thinking and not trusting, that's when I gets all [00:40:00] discombobulated. So now you trust and it just comes out and Yeah. You know, and I know paint enough how to move it, and I know lines and

Will: I'm not even gonna ask you, Karen, how you feel now cause we all can see it very obviously.


Nicole: glad you like it, Karen. Thank you. It's, I'm glad it resonated with you, I should say. Not, you don't have to like it, I mean, but I'm glad it resonated with

Will: you. No, I would say, Safely. That has certainly resonated with her for sure. Oh God, yes. it's crazy. Well, now, we're almost out of time, but I definitely wanna talk about the fact you are working on a book right now, right?

A coffee table book. can you tell us a little bit about that?

Nicole: so I'm working on a, I guess, Depending on how much it cost to print, what if I get an agent, how thick it'll be. But the goal is to like have a thick coffee table art book. Mm-hmm. So, you know, two seconds or less, my mom's got dementia and she's in hospice and mm-hmm.

I'm so sorry. So, um, the book, she's from New York City. My mom, born and raised in Manhattan, always supported my art. Mm-hmm. Um, you know, she was going to museums and stuff when she was a kid taking the cross town bus, you know, east Indian person. Yeah. Yeah. So she's always been a huge supporter of that and, [00:41:00] So the book is gonna be a dedication to my mom, you know, my uptown girl or whatever, whatever.

You know, she'll love that. Mm-hmm. And I can see it in New York, coffee shops and high-end bars, but a big cape, uh, coffee table, art book with like the painting on one side, maybe square big painting on one side, and then the communication on the other. And it's communication, right?

Will: Uh,

Nicole: talking animal human.

I do human. Spiritual guides. I have some that are, uh, person in her spiritual guide, uh, past animals, past humans, right? Um, the client, her son, and her grandfather. Uh, you know, whoever, it's, it's just souls. So whatever souls, you know. Um, yeah. And then I see a show, uh, down the road, like 200 souls. And have the big ones, um, and the small ones together, and very, very cool.

Yeah. I'm looking for an agent now. So if you know anyone, please,

Will: you hear first, you're an agent. We got the hook. Mm-hmm. You were nice enough to send us. Some samples of the book and we're gonna share them here. Yeah. This is kind of what it would look like, right?

this is Wolfie. and [00:42:00] you've got his communication there on the left and you've got his painting on the right hand side. Now this painting got my attention cuz there's a lot going on here. Yeah.

Nicole: it's interesting to hear the, Guardians that was just a little sn from his, communication cuz they're about, Like 30 minutes longer or you know, maybe eight, nine pages.

But it's interesting, he showed me his teeth, his pearly whites cuz he had unhealthy teeth grown, you know, in, in his lifetime. But, Northern Lights and that's the title and that's interesting, his strength and his, devotion. Yet his, I'm just like looking at it and saying that, but I can't remember what his mother said.

It's on my website, but, but the way she described the painting was beautiful. I could not describe it any better. so the thing with my mom, I painted her heaven because with dementia you can't focus and, um, you know, noises are, are, are, are distracting.

And so I have the painting above her bed and so she can see it and when she does see it and latch on, she just like, kind of stays in that space. And I thought, well later when this is all done, um, when I'm on the other side of this, maybe I will go into, uh, work with hospice and [00:43:00] kind of paint, try to. Go in and with families and paint those.

So the thing is, paint their family's soul because you can get two kinds of communication. One where I'm reading back to you about your dog, or you can get an animal, a painting, communication that will stay with you forever. And um, it's just a nice way maybe for them to have their loved ones. With them always.

Yeah. Yeah.

Will: Beautiful. I wonder if she could connect with Kira in the afterlife and paint something but before we go quickly, I wanna show, another sample. This one was Sammy. This one's very different. The colors are very different.

The, the way it's all shapes, it's designed is very different. So I wanted to make sure I, showed this one as well.

Nicole: you know what's crazy is that dog is, a terrier. If you know anything about terriers, it's like ball, ball, ball, repeat, beep, beep, repeat. I mean, the dog is not calm, but he chooses to be for his guardian, for his mother.

Oh, he chooses to be, There's so many times he could go off the rails and he doesn't, and it's funny that I, I thought his painting would be completely different. Right. Wow.

Will: Can you ask Hunter to be good for us?

Nicole: I [00:44:00] can, I can communicate to Hunter. And that's the thing too, like if you have certain things, you're like, if he's chewing on things or something, or Yeah. Now when we're recording, could you not? Whatever. Yeah, I can definitely like check in with him and, and, oh, we're gonna, you. We're

Karen: gonna be gone for two weeks, and I'm just so worried he's gonna

Nicole: think he's gonna abandon.

I will let him know, okay, write this down. Come back. Stand with a friend of ours. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. As long as Hunter gets exercised. Hunter's, yeah. That's most animals, but yeah. And then do you have bones you can leave with him? Not bones, but something to chew, a calm or something to, yeah. Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Will: Yeah, we're gonna leave all kinds of stuff.

lots of stuff. But yeah, our biggest concern was Hey, we're coming back. Right? We, yeah. Because he, he's had such a hard life before us that we can't help but think that he was probably abandoned by people in the past. And because of his reaction to us when we got him. Mm-hmm. And he's just settling in now and it's right.

It breaks my heart for him to. For me to think that he's thinking, oh my gosh, I just got this family. they just gave me stability in life and now they're, leaving me kind of thing. Yeah. He's

Nicole: [00:45:00] not thinking that. And I'll send you his full communication. I'll do an audio and send it to you.

Oh, thank you. Because the one thing you're talking about, he suggested when he first met you all to pet with the backside of your hands, his face. I remember that. Right. I don't know if I even told you. Did I? Yeah. You did. Okay. Yeah. But I'll, I'll send you this whole communication, but he knows that he's in it to win it.

He's in it for you, with you, um, your family till the very end. A long life. A long life together. Yes. A good choice for him. It's, it's where he's supposed to be. Yes. He's, it's a divine intervention to put him with you. For sure. And he's

Will: such a nerd. I think he, he fits in perfectly. Oh my God. And

Karen: he's really clumsy.


Will: hilarious. Yeah. So, so, right. It fits right in. He's

Nicole: so loving. Yes. Oh my gosh. Such a loving. Will's gonna help him with confidence which he totally needs. Mm-hmm. You know, cause Will, has, has confidence and that's great. Yeah. And that's what, like, he

Karen: never reacted adversely to me at all. But I think he maybe had a situation with a man or something because he has a couple times s away when will's, you know, picked up a broom or something.

Nicole: And that's what communications are good for. especially like, uh, adopted animals, rescued animals that come in [00:46:00] and, you know, these are the, the challenges that we're having.

And then I address those challenges. Mm. And things do get better. Let me ask you, did you notice any better eye contact or loving from him? Since I communicated with him? You don't have to say yes if you didn't, but,

Will: but no, I think I did. I, since the first time you, communicated with him to this time. I've seen a difference throughout that course.

Now. Right before you came on,

Karen: so here's a question. He's from Puerto Rico. Do you have to

Nicole: communicate to him in Spanish?

No, but that's interesting. Just getting a couple porter, uh, dogs from Puerto Rico that I've connected with. No. Um, there is no barrier. The, the, the assault knows no barrier. Yeah. Of language

Will: barrier. All right. Is there anything else that, that we haven't touched on you wanna make sure gets out there?

Nicole: Uh, just that it's all about healing, um, whether it's for the animal or the human. And so a little different with my communications, I usually get information because the human and animal are intrinsically connected. I get information for both. I don't have to elaborate on the human part, it's up to them.

But it, since it is a bond that relies [00:47:00] on each other, it's good for us. It's, I'm always getting what each entity needs for healing. So, um, that and, uh, uh, that, uh, Um, I guess that's it cuz I drew a blank. I'm just kidding. Cut that part. Um, yep. I'll, yeah. It's just about healing and growth and I just want, um, animals and humans to live, um, as, as, as, um, emotionally connected as they can, better understanding each other.

Mm-hmm. Um, just for the animals sake or for our sake too, but Right.

Will: Wow. Yeah. that's amazing. we're gonna add direct links to all your. Contactable areas, in our show notes, if you go to, go to Nicole's episode page, you'll, see all of her information linked directly there.

So it'll be super easy for you to access. and if you are just listening and you want to take a look at the paintings that we showed and the book, we will put those on our website as well. So if you go to skeptic me, you'll see them laid in there in [00:48:00] the in the blog format as well.

Nicole, can't tell you enough how much we appreciate everything you've done for us. Thank you for coming on the

Nicole: show. Thank you so much. And you. Forward.

Will: Thank you. Look forward to seeing you again really soon. Cause you're local so we'll definitely get together.

Nicole: Thank you so much. It was, it was an honor and thank you. I really

Will: appreciate your time and we, we appreciate yours as well.

Thanks. Okay, thanks.

Well, thanks for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website at or on Facebook and Instagram under Skeptic Metaphysician Podcast. If you know someone who would benefit from hearing the messages we're sharing on the show, do them and us a favor and share the show with them.

It will help get the word out about us, and it may just change someone's life for the better. And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed something, well, not to worry. All of our shows, including this one, can be found at where you can also watch the videos or you can send us an email or voicemail directly from the site.[00:49:00]

We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you. Well, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. That's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of the Skeptic Meta Physicians. Until then, take care.

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There have always been two sides to Nicole Harp; the Creative Arts side that lives and breathes art, and a compassionate side with a deep connection to nature and animals. While she has always felt she had to shelve her spiritual side, it always seemed to emerge on the canvas in organic brushstrokes and vivid colors.

Nicole is a lifelong artist and designer with a degree from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU.) She has spent most of her career as an accomplished abstract painter, balancing the functions of text and image in her artwork. Now, both sides come together to enhance her multifaceted career as an animal communicator.

Nicole is an animal communicator. She provides consultations for all animal species and communicates with animals in spirit as well as living. She validates by revealing personal details of your animal. This meaningful information authenticates the connection to your animal.

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