There’s an Ancient Manuscript about YOU in a Library in India: Indian Palm Leaf Reading | Dr. Q Moayad

3,000 years ago, enlightened sages gained the power of clairvoyance. These Maharishis used their divine powers to look into the future and predict the lives of millions of people. Their insights were put down on dried Palm Leaves. Your Palm Leaf was written specifically for you to answer your most important questions about your life: Karma, Obstacles, Children, Destiny, Partnership, Career and Health. On this episode, our guest shares the secrets behind this jaw-dropping, little-known modality that you just HAVE to know about!

When Dr. Q Moayad, a white Austrian, discovers Indian palm leaf reading, otherwise known as Nadi Astrology, as a way to heal himself, he embarks on a transformative journey to uncover ancient secrets and bring the powerful modality to the West, only to discover the challenging truth of its complicated journey.

"When I was diagnosed with cancer, I said to myself, 'If I survive, I will go on a search to find meaning and finding this …it blew my mind I’m telling you.'" – Dr. Q Moayad

Dr. Q Moayad was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 19, an experience that propelled him on a spiritual journey to understand the unknown. After struggling with his health for years, he encountered Indian Palm Leaf Reading and was deeply intrigued. Despite the complexity of the system and difficulty of finding an authentic reader, he eventually created an institute to bring the practice to the West. He now works to not only help people through readings, but also to support an orphanage in Southern India.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: Dr Q founded the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute to bring this powerful, ancient wisdom to the west. Dr Q has been a guide for 30 years. His reading had a major transformational impact on his life where he was predicted that he will bring this ancient knowledge to the west.

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Participant #1: Hey there. This is will. Thanks for hitting Play on the button on our podcast. And I know you're thinking, oh, Will's coming on before the show starts. That's never a good thing. Well, that not necessarily the case this time. I'm coming on early because you're really going to want to pay attention to this episode because it's a modality that we'd not heard before and it absolutely blew our minds. Truly, this is something that people need to know about. They need to know about. But please understand that Dr. Q, who we interviewed on this show, was in Vienna at the time of the interview. And the connection was not 100% what we wanted it to be. So the audio is not to the best quality that we are used to or expect from our show. But the information was so important, so important that we felt we had to still release it as it is because you need to know about this modality. So bear with us. Listen to the show. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Q. You can find his information in our show notes or reach out to us. And we're happy to provide any information that you missed. Well, with that said, have a listen to Indian Palm Leaf reading. Participant #1: Karen? Yes. You might not be aware of this, but did you know that there is an ancient manuscript about you in a library in India? About me? Yep, about you. You see, it seems that it seems that 3000 years ago these enlightened sages, through the help of Lord Shiva, gained the power of clairvoyance. Now, these maharishis then use this divine power to look into the future and predict the lives of millions of people. And they put these insights down on dried palm leaves. Now, your palm leaf, Karen, was written specifically for you. So billions of people. Then, these palm leaves answer your most important questions about your life, including questions about karma, your obstacles, your destiny, career, health, you name it. And today's guest founded the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute that was stood up so that people like you and I can search for our leaf without having to travel all the way to India. Why have I not heard of this before? Are you curious yet? I'm very curious. I know I am. So let's get the show started. My name is Will. And I'm Karen. And unlike Moulder and Scully, both want to believe. So we've embarked on a journey of discovery. We've talked to people deeply entrenched in the spiritual and metaphysical world. We've thrown ourselves into weird and wonderful experiences. I even joined a coven of witches and wait, you joined a coven? Yep. All in the interest of finding something, anything, that will prove that there's something beyond this physical three dimensional world we all live in. This is the Skeptic Magicians. Participant #1: Got time for one more story? Good, cause this one is a great one. It's called the Story of the Donkey and Tiger. The donkey told the tiger, the grass is blue. The tiger replied, no, grass is green. The discussion became heated and the two decided to submit the issue to arbitration. And to do so they approached the lion, the king of the jungle, and before reaching the clearing of the forest where the lion was sitting on his throne, the donkey started screaming, your Highness, is it true that grass is blue? The lion replied true. The grass is blue. The donkey rushed forward and continued, the tiger disagrees with me and contradicts me and annoys me. Please punish him. The king then declared, the tiger will be punished with five years of silence. The donkey jumped for joy and went on his way, content and repeating, the grass is blue, the grass is blue. The tiger accepted his punishment, but he asked the lion, your Majesty, why have you punished me? After all, the grass is green. The lion replied, in fact, the grass is green. Tiger asked, So why did you punish me? The lion replied, that has nothing to do with the question of whether the grass is blue or green. The punishment is because it's not possible for a brave, intelligent creature like you to waste time arguing with a donkey, and on top of that, to come and bother me with that question. So the worst waste of time is arguing with the fool and fanatic who doesn't care about truth or reality, but only the victory of their beliefs and illusions. So never waste time on discussions that make no sense. There are people who, for all the evidence presented to them, do not have the ability to understand, and others who are blinded by ego, hatred and resentment. The only thing that they want is to be right, even if they aren't. So when ignorance screams intelligence, shuts up. Your peace and tranquility are worth a lot more. Participant #1: Hey there. Thanks for joining us on this episode of The Skeptic Metaphysicians. Today's show is one I have been looking forward to for a long time. We're talking about Indian palm leaf reading. Now, we're not talking about your palm, the palm of your hand, but actual leafs from a palm tree. Now, this miraculous gift was brought to us by the ancient Maharishis to help us answer some of the toughest questions challenging us today. To think that every person has all the answers they need written on a palm leaf in India. Simply put, it's hard to wrap your head around, very hard. To help us with this eye opening concept, we are privileged to get the chance to speak with the founder of the Institute that helps us have access to these answers without having to trek across the world. Now, he's founded the Institute specifically to bring this powerful ancient wisdom to us. After his reading revealed to him that he would bring this ancient knowledge to the west he's now been a guide for 25 years. And welcome, Dr. Q, to the show. Dr. Q, thanks for coming on. Thank you so much for having me. Karen and Will, it's an honor and a pleasure. And we're going to get to all your questions, Karen, but we want to make sure we set a foundation for our conversation, right? First and foremost, Dr. Q, this is a very specifically Indian modality. However, if someone is watching the video, they can see that you don't look like a typical Indian. So how did you get involved with palm leaf reading? That is one of the questions that I'm being asked all the time. How come a white guy profoundly Indian? Not just Indians, Southern Indian. That's different. Yeah. Southern Indians, right? Southern Indian. Yeah. It comes from the state of Tamingaburu where people are Tamil. Very distinctly different to the rest of the country. They don't speak Hindi, which is the unit of language in India they speak to. And I am in love with Indian stuff. Meditating for 30 years, yoga for 20 years. But I'm not Indian at all. What happened is the biggest challenge with my neck is health. I've been in hospital longer than most people. Cancer when I was a teenager caused by Chernobyl, that was in 1986. All now. And Dr. Q, before he was Dr. Q was a teenager living in Vienna capital city of Austria. Got cancer because of that. So I spent three years in and out of hospital months as an inpatient thousand nemos. And I survived. You can imagine when I get diagnosed cancer, I was like, oh me, why me? I'm a kid, I'm years old. I haven't done any as yet. I was just starting on night at 19, going through sometimes hell watching people die. I said, God want me, how come I survived? Did not. So that is the beginning of my spiritual journey, if you wish. I've been trying ever since pierce the veil to understand what is beyond what we can actually see. I spent a lot of time with Amazon. The Amazon visit, called several times was possibly the most famous medium who lives in Brazil, done a lot of things. Ten years ago I got sick again. And at the time my girlfriend said maybe that has to do with karma. And there is a modality called Indian palmer reading. Maybe you can do that and maybe it helps you overcoming. I said Indian Palmer reading. How is that? And the rest is history. So I told myself if I survived and I did, because I was at the MCU, I had a major heart issue. I went on a search to find Malign and it blew my mind, I'm telling you. And this doesn't come easy because I've seen a lot of things more than most often, and yet I was really impressed. Indian palm leaf reading, I did some research on it and it is mind blowing to think that this is out there, that it's so little, not well known at all. Can you tell us what exactly is it? So that we've got a foundation about two to 3000 years ago. We do not know exactly when because there is no record of any of it, only word of mouth. So called Maharif, which means great sage, sat down in meditation, primarily meditating to Lord Shiva, but also Kaneisha. Why? It's not just Shiva, primarily meditation. And they got access to the academic record. They downloaded the information and then passed on the information to their disciples to write down the message. Those messages are written on omnis. We need to think historically. At the time there was no paper. They had to use something they had in abundance and that's palm trees. What they did is they took these huge palm leaves and cut them into stripes if you were 1020 inches long and about an inch or two wide. They're not standardized either, by the way. So they took these fresh leaves and then they used the sharp tool to etch the information onto the fresh leaf. No ink, no paper, no waste. Everything organic and in a beautiful way able to preserve the information. And when it dried up, the message came through. And that is how the information had been preserved, I guess. Preserved for the past two 3000 years. So then how is it possible that someone two to 3000 years ago got information about Karen and wrote it on a palm leaf and it's been preserved for 3000 years in this repository, right, in India? How did they think ahead that okay, Karen is going to want this palm leaf. Then allow me to dive into quantum physics. A lot of it, by all means. And it's the explanation I came over myself because I've been doing a lot of things in my lifetime. If you can accept that there is no time the way you see that, no past, present, no future, it all happened at the same time. I came to the conclusion thousand of hours of meditation and chapanic help in the Amazon. Once you're there, you understand. So if there is no tolerance the way we experience it, that means everything happens at the same time. Which means Karen, then, now in future says well, I need some guidance at some point, so let's have them. Even though I don't think there is a them either. The thing is connected, give me direction when I need it. And that is how it all makes sense. Right? So then does everybody on the planet have a palm leaf there waiting for them? In theory, maybe, yes. But the quintessential question will be does everyone hear the message? I didn't hear it because I remember I've read a book with My Chopra. What it talks about is own palmyrating. This book of secret came out 20 years ago. It's own went in one year. Now the other. Nama suffer for spiritual things. I just wasn't ready to hear it. But when my girlfriend's woman got it, I was ready. That is the beginning of my journey on my opinion. So is yours the only institute? Because it seems like this is something we would have heard about. Why have people not heard about this before? Very difficult. It's not easy at all. First of all, and all due respect, I do like India. I really do. But regrettably, majority and readers are not as qualified as you might think. They would sell you anything to make a quick buck, right? 80%, I would say. Not culture. Even if you go to the hump of it all, you got to be very careful who you entrust with the reading. Because becoming a reader is not easy. You need to study five to seven years. It's very complex. A reader not only needs ancient Tamil, because that is how reads are written today. They speak modern Tamil. Different language, similar to Greek. An ancient Greek. A modern Greek person doesn't understand ancient Greek at all, even though modern Greek is rooted in ancient Greek. We go to university and study it. That's one, two. He would need to know all of astrology, that he needs help in his life. He would need to know Gemology, chakras, yoga, Ayurveda, anything and everything that has to do with healing, really. It's a long, long, long process to become a reader. And too many people want to just become your Sum, and they take it. So in order to find the real one means the rest of time. And then over time, there is trust and you find the right people. And that is how I ended up eventually creating this incident. I guarantee you have no intentions whatsoever. This all I wanted ten years ago is over at my carbone. But I wouldn't end up in hospital again. That's it. But when the guy told me, oh, you will bring this to the West, I thought he is trying to promote it or tickle me into something. And yet I'm a very enthusiastic person. When I shared my story with people, they all wanted to get everything done too. They always oh, my God. It's crazy. And then I realized it's not so easy to have it organized. Let's go to India. As soon as you say that, 99% of the people all say, oh, thank you, but no thank you. Although I'd love to travel to India, but the minority India is a magnet, an absolute magnet. But I spent most of my of my pushes in tourism. I've got it, God knows, and 20,000 people across the globe. So really been to many, many, many countries. India is a bit of a dichotomy. Majority will never go to India, no matter what. It's too hot foods, too spicy, my sick, whatever. They should have small minority, wow, they want to go there and so forth. So when we started the first readings, all I did is help people through their process because then I type of reader is can we do this online somehow? They say sure. So we use Skype in the old days and then I realize that people don't understand Indian English, known as English. I said and I'm reading repeating things to make him understand it's. Not only the accent, but it was the deeper meaning of it. As I said, I have a lot of experience in brutality, so I knew what the method is. I simplified it, repeated it, made them understand. They started to talk about their experience and at some point said my God, there's way too many people just do this as a hobby and help people. And that is what we put in framework established in the US. We're now celebrating seven years, exactly seven years ago incident was created and now we're also converting it into foundation, a nonprofit organization. As my aim is to not only serve this knowledge and help my Indian team to make a decent living, they continue doing what they're doing and I'm losing them to them becoming it people or centre, you know, whatever else. India has been a smaller we also support an orphanage in the town where the institute is. We have a brick and mortar office in southern India, in the middle most parts of India in the state of Minnesota, which is twice as big as California, to give an idea, it's not a small state as 85 million people in it. And in the central cause of it, this help of palm readings, which we call naughty reading. I just created the term Indian palm so that people hopefully a better understanding of what it is when I say India and they know they're connected palm leaf, so they won't be set up with palm and reading, some sort of reading involved, right? Because otherwise anything we have to call it in the palm of it, it's also known as naughty astrology. Right? Correct. Naughty reading. Naughty. Naughty, by the way, has many meanings. Naughty means for example, naughty means pulse. Nadi means the exact moment in time when the message is divulged to seeker. That's the person who's seeking information and that person is also called nadi. So naughty reading or nadi astrology was a part of it, is connected with baiti astrology, right? Non bidding astrology is connected all of it. To your point how it's all connected, right? Naughty one word for so many things. The connection is so evident. Right. There also is getting back to the actual process of it. I did some research on your website and it talked about the fact that to your point, when Chopra talked to you specifically about this in his book, it went in one year and not the other. And it wasn't too much later that actually you got the message. Apparently from my understanding is people who hear this message, truly hear it, are the ones that have that palm leaf waiting for them in that library. So if you hear this message and it brings something out and resonates with you it means that you probably should initiate that search for your palm leaf if those that it goes in one year or not the other perhaps the palm leaf is not there. Right, indeed, in the yes. No, two things if it might be there is not one library. There are hundreds if not thousands of small libraries and they are far from what you will think a library is. No security guards, air conditioning. Right? One of that's it's holding a wall. These palm leafs, they don't look like books, right? They're just it's a bundle. Yeah. Which is also what's a book? Yes, it would yes, but whatever wrote it, there's no Dewey Decimal System or anything where you can actually look through so how does when when someone wants to get their leaf, their message, how does someone go about going through these thousands of libraries to finding the one that's specifically for that person? The whole process is three parts search for the bundle or book matching of the actual leaf within the bundle to the seeker and then the reading search happens or starts and again going back into quantum physics. How do they find it? You need to submit your thumbprint. Ladies, left gent's, right considered with Melissa again, in the old days nobody could be the right can you connect a leap to a person thumbprint makes it easy. And each thumbprint has a category name, 108 different category names and each bundle only contains leaps with the same thumbprint category name and for those of you watched this on YouTube, abroad on the woodmes, look at it. It is about 1020 inches long, 20 inches long and about ten inch or two white. The leaves are in between. And they're protected with wood, basically, and that is how they're stored in archives. So each bundle is, for many people are in that bundle. 108 different individual leaves in one bundle. But of course, over the centuries it was integrated there's got a very brittle and usually the average bundle has already maybe and we assume there's just thousands and thousands of bundles out there. Tens of thousands, tens of thousands many authentic ones. Sure. Also take 1 st the real ones you need to know to go you find the real ones. Now, what happens is the moment you're suffering, Karen, quantum physics you initiate, you bring a thought. The beginning of everything is a thought. Before that there is nothing. That's why we meditate to eradicate thought. Then you come home with the universe as soon as the thought comes into existence that is when existence starts really and then you need to manifest that thought or in this case your wish to get a reading for an act and that would be submitting a summary and as you do that 3000 years ago. At the same time Mario starts dictating your league. Wow. Okay. And then the reader looks at the template, identifies the template category name, and with that knowledge, knowing that you've seen something, category name, country of your birth, he goes into the archive and it's a physical act, meaning he hops on his bicycle was from one occur to the next in his village. If the distance is too long, he hops on his moped or public bus. And if it's in the municipality altogether, we now use agents. So we call up an agent. Hours are wasting. Dude, we need a bundle that has this category name. And then he looks in his municipality and then ships them over. So it's like a lending book for library or public library that we added. And does every different libraries have different categories? That's how you know. Or you just kind of have to hunt at every library out there until you find your category. Well, a reader run this for years and years and years, knows after a while where I can find something makes sense because it gives so many of them. So then he would go into the library. Let's say there's 20 bundles, only 20 that have four category names. He wouldn't take all 20. Intuitively somehow connect me out. They don't know either readers. I mean, he picked the two where he thinks your individual lead is in those two back to the office. Hence the search comes to end to Bangladesh or three where the chances are very high. We need to be in that's the first part end in the matching starts. If you live in India, you would walk into our office and then we would do it in person. We do the same exact same process online. We use zoom, do a live call with a reader who doesn't speak any English as an interpreter who interpret camel to English, which in itself is also I love that term. That is the reason why in our we have a moderator, a western moderator. So there's three people helping the seeker to get the message. And the western moderators are all trained by the person named and they know how to help and what the message needs and all the rest of it so that you're in good hands. Basically, they hold your hands at the end. Then the matching starts. When the matching starts, reader in the bundle in my hands now he opens up. He opens up a bottle like he does a book. And then he goes and looks at the very first lead and reads out the message. That is the most important in his opinion on that lease. He reads it out. For example, you're married, and if you're married now, you say yes. If you're not married now, you say no. The only answers and you ought to give is yes, no, right, no wrong, correct and correct. Nothing more. These days are written in ancient panel, as I told you, as a poem, not in prose and in symbolic ways. It takes a lot of time to be able to decide for the message. That's easy. And it's delivered to you as a chance. And then the interpreter interprets English, and then my moderator helps you understand it if you need to. You're married? Yes. No. As long as he yes. Stays on the leaf and goes deeper. You have two siblings? Yes. No. One of them says brother. Yes. No. As long as you say yes, he stays on it. You say no. That's the league. You can show it to the next one. You know it's released when after a long series of statements, your answers are only yes, and boom. He then tells you your name. Your name is your mother's name is your father's name. You were born on this month's date. This year, the weekday was that husband's name is blonde. You have two children, one daughter, one son. You have three siblings, brothers, one sister. You know it's. You lost your mind. So all of that information is in that leaf. Yes. Right. Wow. This is so mind blowing, I got to tell you. Dr. Kew. Holy smoke. And it's a small leaf, and the only way to compare so much information onto the leaf is by using singles. So there's no ambiguity about this stuff is real. This is you. Because it gives your name, your mother's name, the date of birth, it gives you so such very specific information. Correct. So then after all that information, it goes even further to talk about your karma and give you the message. Well, that's just a matching because you can verify it's you. That's step two. Okay. Once it's verified, once you're matched oh, my God, that's Monday. Then only we can start the reading. And the reading starts with the moment you get the reading, whatever that is. Don't forget, nodding means the exact moment in time when the information is devastating to you. Monday before Monday, later on the day, in a trajectory coming in two, three year increments until there is no more writing hourly, which could mean it's the end of your line, but not necessarily. You need to know in one sentence. No, it's not scary at all. In one sentence. Why a reading? Reading is here to help you create a better life. Trajectory. That's it. You've been given a trajectory from the moment you get the reading based on three aspects. Your overall energies, not your mood, whether you coffee in the morning or not, makes up the trends that you had to fight with your husband or not. Makes no difference. It's your energies. According to our system, our energies change every six months. There are energy cycles where there is no need for you. Whether energy cycles, there is a message for you. That's one, two, based on your somepoint category name that is your baseline. It's your genetic imprint. Do not change it, it's you. And that will be described to you, explain to you detail in your reading, to what your son can meet. And last but not least, it's based on video astrology, which is more precise than Western astrology. The big difference is Western is based on sun and India, which is now called Vedic astrology is the hip name that was invested in the 70s. They started calling it Vedic reality. Hindu astrology is based on Moon. So, based on these three, because the punishment has an impact on us. So, based on these three, you get a trajectory. But life's not linear, is not. So you can only all the reader give you, is from today's point of view, it's a likely trajectory until the end of your life. It comes in increments of years. What we do will cover the whole life. We only give whole life reading, which means all aspects of life. Health, education, career, money, relationships, kids, you name it. And the reader gives you the good, the bad and the ugly. Good mean it's a great period for X, whatever that might mean. Writing a book, move, change jobs, get married, have children, doesn't matter. Whatever it is, no one takes away your free choice. Your life is not predetermined, is not it's way too complex. Otherwise we would all just be puppets. Then why should we at all? All it does is that's how you must take a reading. As a blueprint, as a map, as a compass. Because the intention of a reading is to help you with a better life projected for you. Whatever better means to you. To me it meant more hospital, no more needles. In my way, that's already much better for me. So bad when or ugly in a reading, simply identifies block in your life. If you can embrace that, everything is just energy. Period. The combination we have is just energy. Our physical presence. My laptop is out and I can talk to you. The food is put into our mouth of career money. You need to self energy. And if it's in flow, if it's a perfect honest curve, if you wish, then everything is handy. You have a good relationship, you make enough money, you're new job, whatever that might be. But if it's a block, the sinus curve is not as long as curve at all. It's good up, and that's a block. So, good news is, every time a block is identified in your reading, embrace it as a blessing. Then you know there is an issue. Because at the end of the reading, the real power happens. And that is when the remedies are shared with you. For every blanket inside, you get a remedy. Okay, good. It makes you feel better. I don't know this. Okay, so there's a way to heal it? Of course. As I said, the only reason for everything is to help you improve your life. Yes, Participant #1: it is. A lot. But it is a lot in such a profoundly wonderful way that of course, I am 100% called now to get a reading, right? So if I wanted to move in that direction, I assume that your institute would be the way to go connect with you and start the process for that search. How long does that search typically take from start to finish? How long does it usually take to get this reading? Because I assume it must be quite a long time. It does take a while. One has indication use of many different soundprints. And by the way, we have websites for whoever is worth about their campaigns floating around. I'll pay good money to get this secure. By the way, when it comes to money per se, I make no money. It's a full time job. Not dedicated my life to help others. I help my Indians, my orphanage, my moderators, me personally, zero. Wow. Lots of money. That's amazing of you, doctor. Thank you for I have a different, you know, I make money. I'm not independently wealthy. But what that illustrates is that you're not out to get rich on this. This is not get rich quick scheme. This is something that you founded this institute in order to help people. And not just not just your Indians and your translators, but also us, the seekers. Right? That's an amazing thing that you're doing for the world. So thank you, seriously for doing what you're doing. Thank you. So when we set it up is we want to provide ethical, authentic reading from the comfort of your home. You get the exact same experience. Actually, it's a better experience. I don't know if you have been to India or not yet, but we will get a romantic connotation to it all going to India. But to be honest with you, the reality is harsh because you are holding the wall called office. When they get the reading, it's hot as hell, mosquitoes, 20 incense, candles are burning. It's suffocating. And then you try to understand what the reader is trying to tell you. None that's romantic at all. It's not. There's no one holding your hand. If you do it from home, you have your comfortable copy chair, everything's handy. Go to the bathroom, western bathroom. Again, they have it's a lot more comfortable doing it this way. Hence we say get the reading from the comfort of your home and it's safe, secure. And we're registered in the US. So that people deal with a US based, at the moment still institute to be a foundation so that you have the security that you dealt with people. There are many, many websites out there. I sure you might not necessarily ever end up signing up with them because you have no idea whether or where they've done. So the process is in person in India or online. You you start the surge. You pay $100 for the surge. Once we receive $100. We send you an email with a form where you then submit your right or left something depending on your gender. For those of you who are watching this, I can show you a form that we have here. This, that's the form you get. You circle in male, female, country of birth, has a little bit of your impressions. That's it. And then you upload it to our secure server. The reader looks at it, identifies your sub category name and then the search starts. The average search time is six to twelve weeks. Can be shorter, can be longer. Maximum search time is six months. Remember our energy change over six months. So if there is no bundling, six months don't get difficult. It just means not now. You resubmit new impressions in a new energetic set of woman could be out there later. There is a bundle for you. So once they unbundled the bang into the office and congratulations here we found bundles for you. Now it's time to set up a time to have the matching and reading. Matching and reading happen the same in one sitting. Takes about three to three and a half hours on average. First the matching where they identify your needs. It takes about 45 minutes, give or take. And then there is a 15 minutes break because you need some time to touch. Sure, get a cup of coffee, do whatever. And then these hour and hour and a half, how many questions you have at the end of the reading. Ask unlimited questions until you're done. Plus the remedies are within the reading time frame of two, three and a half hours. As I keep telling everyone simple words, the magic, the secret, the secret lies in a thumper. All of this, the magic lies in a remedy. We call them pujas. That means literally translated prayer ceremony. So those pujas, we the moderators, explain to you in detail after the reading one more time. Even though the reading pleading is overwhelming, the only part in the reading that you must take verbatim are the Pugas. Okay? You got to follow them exactly as prescribed. That is your way showing the universe that you're serious about change, period. Sure, makes sense as prescribed. And the universe thinks, oh well you're not serious about it anyway. Why should there be change in your life? And so these, these remedies, these pujas, are they all ceremonies or things that you actively do or they're two times. Some talk about energy parts an hour but don't have the time. So pujas, they're two of them. To keep it simple, both of you need to do yourself. I call temple Pugas and usually they are mantra would tell you exactly how to do it. Don't waste your energies on how to correct pronounce them. It's waste of your time. The intention is important part and we will explain to you what the intention is to be as you did the mantras. We explain to you how to set up a loan alter at home. Follow the puja rule, and how many times that takes time speaks for months. For each block, there is a cycle that lasts about a month or two or three, and then you're done with the energetic block, and then you move to the next and next. Each blog at any time has a remedy, and these are called temple. Puja. Could also be a physical act. For example, feed cow and waiter cow while you're doing the pugh. And people say, oh, my God, I live in New York City. I've never seen a cow. Well, that is a challenge. You then need to think outside the box. Go to the farm, talk to the farm. Look, I'm not a crazy person. I did it too. I moved to Hungary. I had reading done, and they told me I need to feed at least five children with fruits and candy. I was like, man, oh, man, at the same time on five consecutive Fridays. And I thought to myself, if I ask a kid on the streets, they might arrest me. Get them candy. Then I thought, how can I solve the issue? I just contacted kindergartens and orphanages, and I said, look, I'm not a great, lean foreigner in your country. I don't speak here either, but this is what I need to do. Can you help me? Of course. Everyone always said, thank you so much, fruits and candy. And on five Fridays, I showed up and said, please distribute day at least five, and make sure that there is no fighting somebody for everyone. There you go. You can overcome it if you're serious about it. All right. Wow. And do you do all of these remedies right when you get so if you have these blocks throughout your life, so many whenever those blocks come, do you have to do those remedies at that? Like, if it's in 20 years, how does that work? Yeah, all the blocks are identified in the reading. Doesn't matter if you're in a year from now or in 20 years from now. It's just energy from today's point of view, that is all screwed up. So for all of the entire reading, which was entire life, you get remedies now, and you need to focus your energies for nine months. It takes a while. It's not not it's not overwhelming. It's not that much, but it's on specific days, specific thing you need to do. I can't get over the image of at the same moment as you put your thumbprint onto that piece of paper, that's when the maharishi starts writing your palm leaf. Right. We're all connected at the quantum level, so it's all happening at the same time. And that image that you gave me sticks in my head. Not until you put your thumbprint down does the mahari she's talking about your palm leaf. That in itself is the price of admission to my estimation. Thank you. So these bundles, have they always been around if this is happening all at the same time or were they discovered like in our dimension a thousand years ago and then the reading started? Well, no readings have been going on for two 3000 years. So it's not like these bundles were ever kind of lost and then discovered and the reading started. They've just started and continued. We just don't really know about them. It's like an episode of Doctor Who where the minute it just blows my mind. You may not have a palm leaf right now, but the minute you put your thumbprint on there, there you go, it's there. Dr. Q said after six months in the search, we can't find a pompey for you, but maybe the next cycle, maybe it could be as early as the next day. Put your thumbprint again and boom, there. All of a sudden it is because that's when the Maharishi wrote it down. That is just it twists your head in so many different directions it's hard to wrap your mind around it. It's amazing. This is a terrible question, but this is a skeptic manipulation. So I've got to ask the question, what is the rate of success? Has there ever been a point where you're sitting there in one of those meetings and the person goes, that's not me at all. Or you don't find the palm leaf at all within that bundle. What are the chances of something like that happening? If you find a bundle, that means you have a leak 100% of the time. 100% of the time if you find a bundle, then you have a link. What happens? Not often, let's say 90% of 90% of the time, first matching. That means managing. In the reading appointment that you have on zone there is a match and you get the reading. But about 1015 percent of the time the reader picked not the right bundle. As I explained to be porn. There are thousands of bundles that have your name and there are 108 different categories or hundreds of thousand bundles. He then goes back and picks two or three other bundles with yourself in category name. And if it's a second matching because the first matching was unsuccessful, there's a 99% chance of success in second matching in the history of our institute with lady and half a dozen people had to have third matching and once a fourth matching. But as I said, if we have a bundle, if you find a bundle, it's now to me, given how many readings we already done, guaranteed that you have a lead. We don't find a bundle, it means this is not near energetic. Michael, have a reading, come back six months later. Not only do we recall the reading and send a recording of reading professionally edited, we also use tapped a lot to explain things as the reading goes out. You get that too. We take high resolution public picture, send it to you too and your pod just in a PDF format, transliterated into English. They can read it with the pictures of the gods and goddesses that are necessary to your job. Send it downloadable file through we transfer you, set it up to your computer and then you can start your home. Wide remedy. Wow, this is mind blowing. Participant #1: And if someone gets the reading and they do to the best of their ability to complete the Pooja, and it just doesn't kind of work, can they come back and ask you for help with that? Or have you never had that experience where anyone's needed that? Sure, of course. Again, once night is not set in stone. That's what people need to understand. Just because the trajectory on the day of the reading shows it doesn't mean that that's the reality that you're experiencing. The only person one more time, the only person who can create the reality they're experiencing is the person name, self, person, period, actions, non actions, thoughts, belief system, you name it. Life is way too complex be predetermined. It doesn't make any sense, not in my way of thinking and preceding the world. Otherwise I could be just popular in public. So why shouldn't it all because I want to experience things and do my choices. So if indeed you do it all correctly and it doesn't work out, God knows what to issue my opinion, we have this of course sometimes people say, oh, you're married for the rest of your life and the partner dies, I don't know. Or they get divorced, or they find someone else, or they don't get married, though they want to get married. There are so many things it's too complex to say that is guaranteed. No, it's likely from today's point of view that this might unfold. So please accept the reading only as an online what it is next part is so that you can steer the direction that you want, so that your soul is in alignment with what's supposed to be doing. That is important information for me. So when I had my reading, I wasn't a stickler on the small details, I just wanted to know overall, where should I go with this? Nobody forced out this institute. Sure, I could have said nonsense, I'm out of here, bye bye. And yet I'm here talking about it ten years later. Right. Good choice. Yeah. And this is not like you would think, the amount of work that it takes to get this reading. You would think it would be, you know, thousands of dollars to get a reading, but it's not it's I could charge a lot longer. Yeah, on purpose or not. Yeah. We didn't talk about charges. It's $100 for this verge. If we do not find the bundle in six months, you get your Honor dollars back. Yeah. 100% guaranteed money back if you don't find a bundle. That's amazing. And then once we find a bundle, you can choose to have a reading. That will be $400 for the reading. Now, you also want to put your money back, guaranteed. If you say, I didn't like it, you get your money back soon. All the reason why I'm doing it is to help. If you say it was no help, Morgan, I'm very sorry that it wasn't. Use your money back. Not a problem, really. And that is the reason why after thousands of readings, if you go online and search, it only have hundreds of five star reviews. Only one less than five star. I can only imagine. Doc, that's an amazing thing you're doing to give them. Anyone could just say, no, I want my money back. But I would say I would look at it as an exchange of energy. Right. This is an amazing service, for lack of a better word, that you're giving to the reader. So you're doing an energetic exchange. $400 is not a lot of money. $500 is not a lot of money to do a reading like this, especially with the amount of work it takes to find that link. You don't have people involved, find the scenes that you are aware of. We're a professional editor, editing and everything. We got a reader, interpreter, moderator, insurance, web platform. We have to perform security or credit card payment processing. So once people do it, they can donate money. And many do. Many, many do afterwards. So that's the reason why I purpose to keep the cost as low as possible to make it available to somebody, by the way, says I cannot afford $500. What I do, we set aside some money to then be able to support a person who cannot afford $500 and utilize the money mean we're given a donation or money anyway. I can help. Again, I do this not to be a millionaire, because I assure you there is no way I'll ever be one doing this. I'm doing it to help people, genuinely help people, because I'm believing it. It's an amazing vehicle. You get that feeling from you very clearly. You are here to help people. And it is amazing since this is about energies and when you make that thumbprint, that's when the leaf is created. Is it better to start this process when you're happy and things are going well or it doesn't make a difference, so that whatever comes up, no matter when you make that thumbprint, it's always going to be the same. Yeah, because it's your soul's energy. It's your energetic, your thumbprint name. That in itself is a science to explain the name of your thumbprint, what's in it, and there's usually three or four parts, and each part reflects water half or sword of your life. The energies, it could have Maguda crown. You're connected to the universe, your inherent leader. It explains to you in detail who you are. So you got to embrace it. And if you embrace it, it can help you understand why things happen the way they are. And so now, because something already has it, the only thing cannot change in a reading because it's you. It's another infringement, right? That's it. Embrace it and then utilize it as best as you can. Look, just like you were called to share this information with the west after your reading I don't need a reading to feel the need to share this with the west. This is unbelievable. So we're going to do everything we can to get this into the hands of the people that really need it. So if you're listening to this right now, and you are aslabbergasted as we are about this, if it's something that either you've heard of before but didn't really understand or hear properly, or this is the first time you're hearing it, I urge you to go to our show notes, connect with Dr. Q and the Institute, and get your reading. And please share this episode with as many people as you can that you feel will help, because this is astounding just unbelievably amazing. Dr. Q, thank you so much for your patience and stuff and coming and telling us your story and providing this information because it is truly life changing. And thank you for all you're doing to help so many people. Absolutely welcome. It comes from the heart training, otherwise it won't be here tonight. Thank you once again, and we'll see you later. Namaste. Participant #1: Well, we're celebrating another five star review, guys, and I want to share that one with you now. This one is from mom to jay. That's the name that was left by mom to Jay. And the title is loving it. It's a five star review, and it says Loving it. She goes on to say, I'm someone who's dipping my toes back into the spiritual world, and I love the show so far. There is so much cool information, and I'm learning about things that I've never even heard of. Good job, you two. Well, Mom, Dejay, thank you so, so much for taking the time and leaving us a review. It does go a long way towards helping our show be discovered by other people. Just because people then see how much everyone else is enjoying the show and they hop on the bandwagon allows us to get the messages out to lots more people. So thank you. Thank you for leaving us a review. And if you'd like to hear your review read on the air, just go to You can leave us a review there or, of course, on Apple podcasts or Pod Chaser. Either one of those will allow you to leave a review for the show there love, love feedback. Once again, Apple. Podcast. Or podcaster? We would love to hear from you. Participant #1: Thanks for coming along on this journey discovery with us. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website at skeptic or on Facebook and Instagram under Skeptic Metaphysician podcast. If you know someone who would benefit from hearing the messages we're sharing on the show, do them and us a favor and share the show with them. It will help get the word out about us, and it may just change someone's life for the better. And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed something, well, not to worry. All of our shows, including this one, can be found at skeptic You can also watch the videos or even send us an email or voicemail directly from the site. We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you. I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. That's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of The Skeptic Metaphysicians. Until then, take care.

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