Intuitive Energy Healing with Scott Clover

Intuitive Energy Healing with Scott Clover

Today’s guest considers himself an intuitive energy healer. He works to release unhealthy patterns and create positive healing environments within a person and creates environments for healthier patterns in people.His work helps with:- Trauma Release-...

Today’s guest considers himself an intuitive energy healer. He works to release unhealthy patterns and create positive healing environments within a person and creates environments for healthier patterns in people.His work helps with:- Trauma Release- Work Fulfillment- Family Dynamics- Interpersonal Dynamics- Goal Achievement / Intentions- Intuitive Emergence He graciously offered me a complimentary session prior to this interview so that I could speak to the experience on the show and I can’t wait to dive into it with you For more on this topic, check out this great book:Intuitive Self-Healing: Achieve Balance and Wellness Through the Body's Energy CentersLooking for an introductory book on all things metaphysical? Check this one out:Metaphysics: An IntroductionIf you’d like to book a session with Scott, you can do that on his website You can find Scott’s podcast, “The Intuitive Energy Podcast” on Apple Podcast, Spotify or Libsyn. If you’d like to connect with him on social media, you can find him on Facebook and Instagram as Scott Clover Energy Healer and on Twitter at scott underscore clover underscore.Skeptic Metaphysician @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastE-Mail:

Scott Clover

[00:00:00] Will: My name is will, and I like molded from the X-Files. You want to believe? So I've embarked on a journey of discovery. I've talked to people deeply entrenched in the spiritual world at thrown myself into weird and wonderful experiences. I've even joined the coven of witches all in the interest of finding something, anything that will prove that there's something beyond this physical three-dimensional world we all live in.

This is the skeptic metaphysician. Hello, again, I'm will. And I'm grateful that you decided to join us on this episode of the skeptic metaphysician today's guest considers himself an intuitive energy healer. He works to release unhealthy patterns and create positive healing environments within a person.

And he creates environments for healthier patterns in people. His work helps with trauma release, work, fulfillment, family dynamics, interpersonal dynamics, goal achievement, intuitive, emergence, and a whole lot more. Now he graciously offered [00:01:00] me a complimentary session prior to this interview so that I could speak to the experience on the show.

And I cannot wait to dive into it with you. So please welcome Scott Clover, intuitive energy healer to the show.  Thanks for being here with us. 

Scott Clover: Thanks. Thanks for having me So 

Will: to get started, , I've had a Reiki practitioner on the show before we've talked about energy healing, but I've never until you reached out to me and I never heard of an intuitive energy healer. Can you share what exactly do you consider to be an intuitive energy healer? 

Scott Clover: So I use that description too, to try and get people to understand that there's energy in and around us.

And it's sort of my goal. Or if you ask me to help you, then we set an intention together to help you clear your own patterns. You know, words fail a little bit at this sometimes when you describe the ineffable and when you describe metaphysical stuff, as you have over these last couple of months words fail sometimes.

So in this case it's just for people to know that I see incense energy [00:02:00] patterns in and around people's bodies in their ancestral field, in their soul purpose. And I can see either contractions, expansions coagulations and describe it back to them in a way that they understand it and in turn feel it and then do something about it.

Hmm. So I'm not as much of a practitioner inside that I'm an observer and then I'm also an explainer. 

Will: But then you also help not just explaining it, but also you help someone work through it and release some of the energies that might be trapped and things like that. Right.

Scott Clover: Yeah, my clients have called me the energetic plumber, so I figure out  somatic ways somatic in the body. Yeah. So, I also consider myself a somatic guide or a somatic healer as well. And that's where the healer question comes in is I'd much rather inspire healing in someone else. Then do the healing.

Myself, it's more effective. I find the, the efficacy of you being involved in the process, you have a better chance of it achieving a longterm [00:03:00] goal than just having it done to you. the healing that I'm involved in is, is more than just collaborative. It's your healing experience that I'm helping you understand better.

Will: Right. And I think when we start talking about the experience that I went through with your process, I think we'll be able to explain it a little bit more specifically. Cause I know, I know exactly what you're, what you're saying. It's just hard to, it's hard to quantify in words unless we have dialogue about it.

So, you mentioned something that struck me. You said that you, you see energy fields. And yet when we did our session it was over the phone. And when, in fact, when I asked you whether you wanted to do it on camera, on the phone, you said you it's better. If you didn't see me. So. When you use term seeing, I assume that you are using that term loosely in a lot of contexts, is it more of a feeling than a C?

Scott Clover: So it it's, it's seeing I can describe it this way. I use a lot of metaphor. I use a lot of little banter sometimes to help people understand how to describe these things. So in this case [00:04:00] if you're listening and not driving a car or operating heavy machinery and well, you can do this with us.

I'll go back to the house you lived in, in, in high school, in your mind and walk up to the front door and as the door knob on the right or the left, 

Will: it's on the right. 

Scott Clover: Enter the, enter the door and walk into the, to the room. That's on the other side of the door and go to the, the room that had the television in it.

And you see that in your mind's eye and you see where the lamp is in the room and you're maybe on a chair or the sofa and the television's there. You see that in your mind, right? I can. Yes, but if you were to look at me now, go ahead. Look at me. How many fingers am I holding up? You're holding too, but can you see the television in your high school house?

In your mind's eye? 

Will: Yes, I can. Yeah, 

Scott Clover: I, I, yes. That's how I can think. That's how I can say that. I see things because I'm seeing them in a double refraction, if you will. 

Will: So I've got to ask the question then. Are you, are you psychic, do you have psychic senses that allow you to see someone else's thoughts?

Scott Clover: Well use the P word. The psychic word [00:05:00] has a lot of baggage in our society. I live in Manhattan and it has a different connotation on the streets of Manhattan in terms of there's booths and places you can dip into and get a reading for this much dollars. And who knows what the heck they're going to tell you, and then charge you more for this.

And it's just not where I, where I land in the realm of intuition, the P word has, has a lot of stuff that gets carried with it. So that's where I use intuitive. I use my intuition or my psychic skills to see and sense these patterns on behalf of healing, someone else. Okay. Yeah. So not only do I see them sometimes and a lot of healers, when they start do this, they feel it in their bodies as well.

And I, I try to make an effort to keep it out of my body because that can be very taxing to the observer. Right? If you, if you do this as often as a week at a time, as I do bringing all these people's energies into your own body and feeling it, and then you have to process there's as on top of whatever you have in your own personal life.

So over the years, I've tried to develop a sense that I project the [00:06:00] person's energy as a hologram, and then see that hologram it's safer for me. And I think ultimately more effective because I'm not empathizing with the client. So I'm not pitying the energy of the client. So, I mean, over the course of the years, I've heard some terrible things that have happened to the people that I work with.

And that's why they come to me for trauma release. Right. But I don't, I don't go down into the pity well that they're in to try and get out of them. I don't go down and bring it up. I sort of put a ladder down and say, climb up out of that vibration. Right. Got it. Gotcha. That makes sense. 

Will: very much does it.

And I mentioned to you on the phone the other day, one of the things I really truly enjoy, I do listen to your podcast. for those of you who aren't aware the Scott has a podcast that he does, it's called the intuitive energy. And you can find those on that on Apple podcast, Spotify and Libsyn, but I have listened to your show.

And one of the things I enjoyed the most about the way that you explain a lot of things is your metaphors, your imagery that you share. Because just when I [00:07:00] think you've gotten as descriptive as you possibly can, lo and behold, you've come out with a new, the new one that makes me smile.

So I appreciate that about you 

Scott Clover: very much. Thank you. And that's interesting. That's an interesting point. You bring up that you asked me in my second, can I read people's minds? And I really, over the years have channeled my second energy towards the healing environment or towards the intention of the healing.

I, back in the day, I used to pick up way more than I pick up now, but I spent so many years confining my abilities and keeping them at Bay that I have sort of a muscle that opens the aperture and I'm now able to close it. So the second ability is I experienced as a child. I had to shut them down and in hindsight, it's shut them down.

I think to prepare me for later in life, because having been this open intuitively as a child in the seventies and eighties wouldn't have served me well. Especially in the community that I grew up in. So to re-experience this in midlife, and then ultimately make a career out of it, you know, I had to channel and say, wow, I pick up a way more [00:08:00] than necessary.

And even now I use a fraction of my intuitive and psychic abilities when I work on anybody, because I don't need to see everything. Some people, when they get involved with this or they start to send energy, their goal is all everything. And over time, that's not only taxing for me. It was painful, frankly.

It was physically painful to open up and be resented of the abilities and then accept the abilities and close them down. It was like, you know, water hitting a wall. There was a lot of stress there. So once I decided to accept what I was receiving, then I was able to. Tone it or hone it down and not pick up everything.

So the example I give is have you ever walked into a sports bar and there's 19 televisions going on and you're trying to watch badminton and volleyball and baseball and the football. And there's cricket over there for the one English guy in the corner. And you're like, Holy crap, I don't need to watch 19,  different people have sports matches.

that's what it used to be like for me, when I first opened, backed up to my abilities and over time, I've decided, wow, I'm going to walk into an environment and I'm going to [00:09:00] automatically turn off at least 11 of those televisions. And then I'm going to look at the other eight and then decide which three are the most important.

And then the two or three that are left, I can concentrate on those and I can interpret and extrapolate anything more than that as a cacophony. 

Will:  It makes great sense. And I think I'm a big comic book guy, and that's the thing you think about with Superman, right? He has to shut off if he's constantly aware of everything everyone's saying it would drive him crazy.

So He's gotta just focus on the one thing he wants to actually listen to. 

Scott Clover: Imagine it'd be the same thing. Yeah. And most of the Superman movies focus on that, this latest Henry Cavill one, there was a scene where he was an adolescent and I really empathized with that kid. I bet I really empathize with him.

I mean, I had to change classes when I was a child. And this is for people  that may have children. When I was in, I think it was kindergarten or first grade, I got sat in a class with a teacher who I didn't like. She was sort of old and gruff and wasn't compassionate. And so I cried every single day in that class.

until I was removed [00:10:00] and everyone decided, Oh, it was because I didn't like the teacher. And in going back and using my abilities and helping and guides with other people that I've gone to, to help me understand my abilities. I keep bringing up that point to them that I couldn't stop crying in this one class for the weeks on end.

And it turned out couple of years later, we found out that the girl that I was sitting directly next to was being horrifically molested by her father, like horrifically. And this went on for years. And what I was ultimately picking up was her inner pain was so strong to me that I couldn't express it at seven or eight years old.

And I just cried. the adults around me didn't understand what was happening. So they just assumed I didn't like my teacher. Cause she was, they said, Oh, I had allergies that I was too sensitive that I was this or that.  They went through all the whole laundry list of things. Not am I sitting next to someone going through unbelievable agonizing pain and trying to hide it that I was picking up on.

Right. And over the course of my life, I picked up on a lot of people's pain and put my foot in my [00:11:00] mouth. Plenty of times, not understanding that it wasn't sort of written on their sleeve. And I was reading it like a logo, like on a shirt, It was actually private to them. those things can factor in for intuitive people is do the abilities that you have if they're opening up or you're trying to understand them.

Ultimately, people go through periods where they hurt other people with them, not even on purpose or intentionally, but they hurt other people's feelings. I know, when I was a child, I was ostracized as a kid, which is ultimately why I closed my abilities off because I started knowing too much about my peers.

And it made them uncomfortable. 

Will: , you don't think about that. When you are thinking about intuitives or psychics or whatnot, and as, you're opening up your senses what kind of worlds is that opens you up to  that must have been horrific. So I, it makes perfect sense.

Scott Clover:  To finish up with that, the motto that I came up with recently is you don't have to be the best psychic.  You don't have to James Von Prague but be useful and be courteous and keep your intentions to yourself. A lot of people that get these abilities start off [00:12:00] and they just want to start expounding things, but  most people don't want to hear it.

Trust me, I've lived through this. Most people don't want it unless they ask you. They don't want to hear what you have to say. 

Will: Really good point.  I find the same thing with standup comics. When you meet a standup comic, they immediately think that you need them to be funny. So they're constantly on. And I just find that tiring, but sorry, I digress.

 Let's talk a little bit about these energies. We've not spoken on the show yet about chakras and I think in order to, to talk really deeply about the experience I went through with you we did speak specifically about at least two different chakras. So, can you explain a little bit what a shocker is to anyone who might be listening, who doesn't, who might've heard the term, but doesn't really know what that is.

Scott Clover: So chakra is, is sort of, I talk about the East meets West. The it's an Eastern practice that has been adopted over here, similar to yoga, unfortunately. And so here the structure of the [00:13:00] belief is that their energy centers in the body. Most people know of the standard seven, which is the root, the base chakra is at the base of the paraniem of your body, the base of your torso, that's considered the red chakra.

And then it sort of rainbow colors up to the crown chakra that is perceived of, or, or talked about as being white. Now that's difficult for some people because some people don't see or sense colors, just the way some people can't smell or dogs are color blind. Some people have a hard time asking. I do a lot of color visualizations if the person's able, the point of is their energy centers in and around the body.

 There are hundreds of them. And they are all around our bodies, all around our fields or fields. The ones I deal with primarily on top of the seven, I'd talk about eight, nine and 10 in my work. Eight is more archetypes nine is more past lives. Nine and 10 can be past life stuff. So, getting any higher than 10, unless I'm with somebody either skilled or there's really a detriment up in those higher shockers.

I don't delve in those. What I [00:14:00] like to do is go down in the body and do some chakras and get people to understand that their energy field is built on a structure and creating some stability down there. 


And that work can be very healing and cathartic for people. As I said, who come from an unheated stable home life or that have anxiety or anxiousness in their fields. But generally people think of the shockers as FLOTUS flowers, opening and closing. And I see them more as tunnels through the body.

A lot of empathic people that have healing energies, their spleen chakra, the shocker right below their left breast will get very clogged. And so there's ways in my work, I have to help unclog those kinds of shots. If you come from an alcoholic family, generally the liver gets very clogged up energetically.

Even if you're not the alcoholic, if there was alcoholism in your family, there can be a lot of coagulation of tense, energy around the shocker at the liver, 

Will:   We've started the show by talking about the fact that you you graciously offered to do a [00:15:00] session with me so I could speak to it.

So, spoiler alert. I'll let everybody know that I absolutely felt something and am still feeling some things, and we can talk specifically about what those are, but when we first made the connection to do the session, your instructions were very specific. You said to get a an unlit candle next to me, a glass of water, and to make sure I had my head propped up and my feet flat on the floor.

Could you explain what those guidelines were for 

Scott Clover: sure. . having someone in that position, not only allows me to see their energy fields in a specific way as opposed to laying down. So I generally ask clients, are you laying down?

And they're like, yeah, cause I can generally sense that. So if I know the way you're sitting,  I have to work less to send to  the energy field and also grounding. The feet on the ground is very important because we actually do somatic grounding experiences when I work with a client, especially as I said, those with anxiety, things like that.

So a lot of times that the sessions are started by a grounding session, which is done by the feet, [00:16:00] contacting the floor. Gotcha. There's that the pillow behind the head and neck that's so you can just relax. This is your, , session with me as your hour off. I have a lot of Manhattan nights. They run around, you know, 24, seven all day long and they come in and they just like to be relaxed for one hour, knowing that that's their time.

So if we're doing a somatic experience and you don't have to engage the neck muscles, then that's one less thing your body has to worry about. So that's why I told you to do engage the neck. That candle that is ultimately lit is just a intentionally. I generally light one on my side. So we share that kinetic fire energy.

And at the same time, if we're doing healing work with your hands on your body, and I want to cleanse them or change the palette like lemon Sherbert at a dinner I'll have you wave your hands over that candle and clean out the palette or clean off the energetic palette. If the candle isn't available, I just have people gently rub their hands together.

So that's, the water is hydration is important. And if we work on the throat chakra, [00:17:00] which is the communication center, it's nice to have that lubricated or at least it's a way to change if I'm doing three or four different energetic exercises in one session, which happens fairly frequently. Then the water can also be sort of an intermission if you will.

 Will: I've struggled with how much to share  on this conversation because I did share with you , some things that it's not really public knowledge but that were certainly keeping me stuck in a certain way. Right. So I think probably the best way to go about this, to tackle this is to say that there was some energy blockages that you found in my body that, we were able to clear. That'd be fair to say, 

Scott Clover: it's your experience? So you talked to it at all. I'll interject when need be, but I'm going to let you explain your experience. I'll explain the energetic reasoning behind what we're talking about, but it's for you to share as much or as little as you want.

Will: Okay. So I'll start by saying that  I started the show because everybody knows I've been, looking for something that I could put my finger on that could say, yep, [00:18:00] this is real. This is, I can feel it. I can touch it. I know  that this exists I've done Reiki. I felt the energies involved with Reiki, that kind of thing.

So I didn't know what to expect when I worked with you fact, when you told me that it was better not to see me, it kind of threw me. I think we touched on it a little bit earlier, but as we got started it suddenly started making sense because you really used visualization is really your big tool towards identifying and then resolving the challenges inside of a person 

Scott Clover: visualization and metaphor.

Yup. Right. Those two things combined. Okay. 

Will:  With me  my blockage or what we found was it was a challenge was more right below my belly button. Right. So, here's where I am.

After the experience I sat in and talked to my wife about it at length because I truly was Blown away by a few things. The very first thing that threw my mind against the wall probably two hours or so before the session I turned to my wife as we were working together. And I said, man, I'm having a really difficult time with my stomach, [00:19:00] but it wasn't my stomach.

It was actually right below the belly button. It was that area of my body where like your intestines or something, it wasn't really my stomach pain. It was just really uncomfortable. It wasn't a typical stomach ache after, I don't know, 20 minutes or so it kind of subsided. So I didn't think anything of it until when we started doing the exercise.

And you told me to put  my hand  right underneath my belly button in that area of my body, which was the exact. Position for the exact placement of where the pain was just two hours before that, which blew my mind ,  I spoke to you about it right away as we're doing it, because it, it shocked me that you would have identified that area immediately, or that I would have had a pain in that area even before we started working.


Scott Clover: Well, two things, chicken in the egg or chicken or the egg. And in terms of that, a lot of people are precogs. They have pre-cognition energy, they get an echo from the future coming back to them and they process it in, in their bodies. And then ultimately they haven't experienced.

And that can [00:20:00] be 24 hours. That can be two hours. I know personally, my body used to react hours before an acupuncture session. So I go for acupuncture. And prior to that, and I didn't know where the acupuncturist was going to put the needles, but prior to that, my body would have a similar effect to what you were saying.

So that can be Precog pre-cognition of the cells. Echoing. It could also be that you knew subconsciously that we were going to work together and that's what needed healing. So it spoke to you enough that it created. Sort of a flag up that I went and looked at that flag and said, Oh, why is this flag waving here?

He wants me to look this way. Right. And then ultimately we found what we found and extricated what we extricated. Right. 

Will: So that was just the first thing that blew my mind. and I would be remiss if I didn't mention that you folks, you heard it here first.

I've been called now officially a Precog. So, I'll, I'll take it, whatever, 

Scott Clover: whatever works. Well, I called the cells in your body. Pre-cognitive 

[00:21:00] Will: wait, wait a room, my bus.

Right. How can you try? And then okay, so, so that was the first thing then. The next thing that really threw me by surprise was you asked me to pull something. From the back of my head. And I don't want to go into too much detail because I'm sure it's different for everybody. But right before that I had looked at the candle and the candle was just about the beat put out.

It was almost snuffed out. And I almost thought about stopping you and relaying the candle, but I thought, well, let's just, let's just keep it and see what happens. Hopefully it won't go out. Maybe it'll just be a really small flame. Didn't think anything of it until I took that thing out of my head. And you asked me to throw it into the candle.

And I did that with my eyes closed, then you asked me to take a drink of water, which to do. So I had to open my eyes and it just happened that the glass of water was right next to the candle. And when I opened up my eyes to ground the glass of water, I noticed that the candle now was a roaring [00:22:00] flame that I would never have expected having seen where it was just mere minutes before, and I can't help, but think that it had something to do with me throwing whatever it was from my head into that fire that caused that flame to roar.

Is that possible or is that just me making stuff up? 

Scott Clover: No, it's very possible. As I talk about frequently, the electromagnetic spectrum is visible to us by one, 1000th or one, 100th. There's so many energies out there that we can't see or feel, but people like making sense, you know, an extra 10th. Hmm. And what we sent or helped you sense was coagulated built up energy that had been stuck in your body for years.

Right now it may not be cellular matter, but it was energy. And, and I know that because I sensed it and you felt it. So we shared that in common. It wasn't like, I may have said it. And then you found two days later, and then the next day you were [00:23:00] able to dismiss it. So this is now we're coming into what I call healing and community is a healing experience with someone else is more effective than an individualistic healing experience because you have two intentions combining to create a stronger intention that just the two individual intentions alone.

Right? So you can heal in groups, which people are very fond of and often doing. And then a lot of people prefer one-on-one. So what we did with you was we. Not only shared a healing intention was that to clear your body of energy, that no longer needs to reside in it for whatever reason, why they're there.

 I helped you remove that energy. Now. It was palpable to you. You actually felt it physically. So you can't deny that tomorrow. And I was there with you sensing it or feeling it in my way of feeling it made it even more real and made it less dismissible, 

Will: Yes,  I would concur, there was definitely a palpable feel to the energy not just when you pointed it out inside my [00:24:00] body,  when we identified it sure enough, it was an over whelming feeling of it, but when we released it and the way that you released it was I guess I should say the way that we released it was Was really pretty cool in a, in a metaphorical sense, I've never really been one to to feel comfortable with things like this, where at the end of it.

And I know I'm going ahead ahead of myself at the end of it, you asked me to give a Wu, right. And I've just, I've never really felt comfortable doing those whoops of joy or,  excitement. not just on one-on-one, but in large groups either, but really literally the release of the energy helped me to feel so much lighter that that will, who came to me freely naturally.

Didn't feel self-conscious at all. And I should say I physically felt later. If it actually 

Scott Clover: impossible. Yes. And what you were doing was the celebration aspect of that reference is that you're celebrating the difference. You're acknowledging the change. And that resource moment of happiness is allowed to be yours more often.

 That's why I was hoping you would connect to [00:25:00] that because it makes it more real, right. If you win something and then somebody acknowledges that when it makes that win more real. This isn't a win loss. This is a, this is a release or a catharsis, and that can be celebrated too.

Will: It was. And I did, and  I'm still celebrating because I will tell you What I, what I really enjoyed about what you did, especially the way that we close it out is some of the imagery, some of the statements that you were making that you asked me to make were all about allowing myself to release it and allowing myself to, appreciate life, to laugh and allow myself the opportunity to be happy in large extent.

Scott Clover: Yes, but let, let me interject here. I also asked you to permit yourself.  Allow and permit, and that's very specific in my work. And I'll, I'll explain it really quickly   for the listeners. Did you ever see the movie Footloose? I did. Yes.

so the premise is these kids live in a small town and dancing is not permitted. They don't have permission by the elders, [00:26:00] by the church and the superintendent of the schools to dance. So these children, they want to dance. They have the urge to express themselves. They do not have permission by a conditioned thinking society or an oppressive energy above them there.

Right? So that we're permission comes in when we talk about this energy work. So when you started to say these allow statements, that's different. Now imagine,  a school district that supports the arts and third grade dance class, and there's little Johnny in the corner dancing his face off, and he's got the underbite and he's having fun and little Susie in the corner says, wow, Johnny, you're terrible dancer.

You look like an idiot. What if, why would you make a fool of yourself in front of everybody? And he's so mortified, this kid that was loving, expressing himself is so mortified by the judgment of a peer. That he disallows himself to dance going forward. He doesn't go to Sadie Hawkins or homecoming dance.

He doesn't dance at his wedding all because a girl in third grade made fun of him for self expressing. [00:27:00] So he has permission to dance. Actually, his fiance wants him to dance at her wedding. He doesn't allow himself to dance, right? So bringing in different aspects of those things and I'll have the client repeat, I allow myself to do XYZ or I'll give myself permission to do one, two, three, and I will read and sense their energy field.

And when they say both of those statements back to back there, their body reacts differently. And it gives me the signal to say, Oh, this is a pattern that was imposed upon you by conditioned thinking. Or this is a pattern that you created for yourself or a cage that you've put yourself in that you forgot where you put the key.

Hmm. And so I helped find that key and then you can unlock the cage on your own and have possession of that key to feel more comfortable, opening and closing it. 

Will: great point. And you're absolutely right. There is a difference between allowing  and permitting

And in my case, it was both because over the course of the last decade, several decades I've been [00:28:00] slowly but surely disallowing myself, the ability to laugh out loud at a movie or enjoy  in sheer. Gosh, I don't even know how to say this. I felt like my life has been somewhat oppressive.

I have not, I've not experienced the joys of life as they are. And S very, even more specifically, or the over the last year, something happened a year ago that caused me to close up even further for very specific reasons. And really it's a year ago and I was still carrying it around on me on top of all the other stuff that was going on inside of me for all these decades.

It started way back when I was four years old, six years old, however old. 

Scott Clover: Yeah. I think we started it at around four years old was going to your parents. Yeah. 

Will: Sorry. So when we released that energy, the sense of lightness that was involved in it was quite shocking to me, not just at the moment, but also a day after, or a couple of days after, even now that night [00:29:00] was the first time that I've actually literally laughed out loud.

It's something my wife said. And she looked at me kind of like what. Are you okay? Cause it just has just not been me, but I'm finding myself more at ease. I'm finding myself happier. I'm finding myself more relaxed. When I think about the incident that happened a year ago, I no longer look at it as something that I need to hide from that it was oppressive.

I don't get this awful feeling in my gut of like, this feels terrible. Instead look at it as for what it was. It's, it's a learning experience that I can put behind me now. And I'll tell you, it has made a massive difference in my relationships in just a short amount of time. So I can only imagine where it goes from here.

Scott Clover: Yeah. Expansions are wonderful when they increase your allowant of joy. And so what you're disallowing is judgment because joy and judgment can't live in the same moment. You have to pick one. [00:30:00] So, what you had inside of you was almost this parasitic energy that kept your toggle switch into judgment mode.

 And it was like, it rusted it over in judgment mode. And what we did is we took the WD 40 out and we got some of the rust off that thing and we targeted it over when and said, Hey, Hey, here's some joy. Take that and see what happens and your body went. I remember that. I like that. , I want more of this.

Will: Yeah, absolutely. I used to be known as a very happy go lucky guy. When I reconnect to people from my past, they asked me what happened to that guy. Well, I'm hoping that eventually he'll come back. He's not quite there yet, but, but at least I'm on the right 

Scott Clover: path and Oh yeah. This takes time.

I mean, a session with me is, is more than just eating one salad and expecting to be thin, but it's, it does have to be worked upon. If we open up an aperture, you have to either keep it open or keep it clean. 

Will: So I do want to ask you after we finished with my experience about frequency. That's so please remind me about that because I will forget I'm a Swiss cheese memory [00:31:00] these days, but I w I would be remiss if we didn't talk about the next thing that really surprised me.

And that was the effects that I had, that you warned me. I could possibly have the next day as we closed up our session. You did say to me, if you feel  stupid, happy for no apparent reason, like way too happy. I'm freaking out about it. That kind of thing. Well, it wasn't happy for me. It was, it was unbelievably stressed, right? The next day I was on the verge of panic attacks, anxiety attacks, which I've hadn't had for over a year.

And I thought for no apparent reason. So I did eventually reach out, as you told me to do and, mentioned what was happening. And you asked me to do a very specific thing. I probably should back up. One of the things that you asked me to do was to sleep with a bowl of salt next to my bed, which I promptly forgot to do.


Scott Clover: And, and what, what did I ask you to do the next day? What did the ritual involve? Yeah, so 

Will: then I had to if, if you don't do it right, the first time you got to do it right. Five times as 

Scott Clover: hard, right. So Dylan didn't [00:32:00] grandiose ultimately would happen. Yeah, 

Will: exactly. So, you asked me to get a, just a ton of salt, go into my bath and actually give myself a salt bath, like rubbed the salt all over my body, as robustly as I could in order to have these energies kind of siphon themselves off into the salt.

Cause you mentioned that  these energies had to go somewhere and  they were getting right. 

Scott Clover: yes , changes, awkward for people. And so your arrows, weren't all going out the outdoor the way they were intended. Yeah, which is where the salt helps because it gives the energies a direction.

Yes. And you set that intention. And that's why I said sleep with salt by your bed, which I tell my clients do very often, particularly after we remove something, right. 

Will: Well, I need to tell you to this day, that bowl assault that I put on the very next day is still there. I don't know if I'll ever not sleep, but that bowl is all because it was such a traumatic experience for me not to have [00:33:00] done.


Scott Clover: so what, well, let me tell you if people are listening and they do like the idea of sleeping next to a bowl of salt, you want to throw it out at least every three or four nights. Oh, that's good. Tonight. You want to throw it down the toilet or in the garbage, in the garage or outside. You don't want to throw it in the garbage in the kitchen.

Cause you don't want to bring that, that energy back into where you consume food. Very 

Will: very good point. And I think you actually did mention that to me when we spoke and I just, again, I did mention Swiss cheese memory, right. So that's okay. So, yeah. So you asked me to do that with the bath.

I promptly went out and went to a grocery store here in town and bought two massive things of salt because I did not want to take any chances. And I, and I did exhaust one completely in one of the, in a bath. And then I, the Bolden next to my bed is a massive bowl of salt because I don't want to it was, it was, it was really uncomfortable.

It was a very difficult situation. Something that I never want to have to experience again. 

Scott Clover: Well, and that's change is difficult for people, as I said, so your energy system was told, [00:34:00] or you had responded in a way the day before that says, we're going to do it this way. And then the old pattern came back and they kind of confronted each other.

Right. So once again, that's why the salt is there. 

Will: Now, I've got to ask you the question that a lot of the people are listening probably are, have been asking themselves. And that is how sure.  Can we be that these are actual energies that we're clearing?

Or is it just me doing an autosuggestion in my mind? That makes me think that these things are the way they are. 

Scott Clover: Well, I would say if you experienced them individually,  then that question could be posed, but I'm the librarian and I'm telling you where the book is. Right? So you just have to read the book.

I'm not going to read the book to you, meaning it doesn't matter which book I choose. I choose the one that's going to help you the most. So since we experienced it at the same time, and I mentioned to you a location and, and sort of a pattern of what it might feel like, [00:35:00] then you were able to communicate with that pattern as well.

And when you felt it, leave, it actually left in your mind's eye. I sensed it leaving as well. So as I said, since we experienced it together,  it's less likely that it's you know, the latter part of your statement is cause the, the, the energy that you felt was palpable, it wasn't dreamscape energy or thought you weren't imagining it.

It was happening in real time. Right. So, yeah, there are people that say, you know, you tell me to feel this in my body and is it the power of suggestion? Well, I don't have time for that, frankly.  I didn't work as hard to become what I am and, and train this hard be dismissed like that.

 People come to see me when they're ready. People find me on the internet or through a friend at a dinner party and they go, you know, maybe that's something I need because my talk therapy, the guy doesn't understand. I know in my personal case, I used to tell my therapist when I was in my twenties, you know, I [00:36:00] dream the future.

I dream this and months, or days later it happens and it freaks me the hell out. And he goes, Oh, let's not talk about that right now. Let's talk about something else. And ultimately that was one of my biggest hurdles was not understanding what was happening to me. If I understood more of what was happening to me and that person was responsive to my empathy or my empathic abilities, then I would've, I would have understood myself a lot faster.

Hmm. So people find me when they either exhausted other things or they're tired of their own bullshit, or somebody recommends them and they go, wow, that's fate. I need something like that in my life because I've been questioning. Right. 

Will: . I'll say at some point someone has to take a leap of faith, right?

Yeah. If even if it was an autosuggestion, what is the harmony? Right. If it works, it works. However, the very same thing that I said to my wife, if it was just the candle or just the fact that I had that pain in that particular area, [00:37:00] I could have maybe said well to coincidence. Right. But the fact that there's so many different things, you just mentioned this, that happens that point to the experience.

I can't explain it any other way, other than. Exactly how you say it is you are an intuitive energy healer and you have helped me to begin the unblocking of something that has been holding me back for many years. So for that first and foremost,  I've got to thank you for it because for someone who's been struggling with it for so long, not even realizing that they were struggling with it for so long and have you come along and offer this for me?

] , I'm incredibly grateful, so thank you. 

Scott Clover: thank you. And thank the podcast association for introducing us to each other. 

Will: Absolutely, absolutely. Okay, so then I've got to ask. Is one time enough, now that you've cleared me, am I good to go? I'm now I'll be happy for the rest of my life, or is it like talk therapy where you have to come back to your abuse?

Scott Clover: Is that your frequency question? I thought you were going to, you were talking about vibration, not to me [00:38:00] frequency, you know, it varies for people healing. Isn't just popping a blackhead and having perfect complexion. You have to work on it. You know, you have to change your diet and you have to change the soap you use, and you have to change things about yourself to reach that, that aspect and, and tip the scales from judgment to joy and have it be farther on the joy side.

Right. You know, I think if we boil it down for what's the purpose in life, it's that it's to have more joy in our lives and we've had judgment and judgment is a tricky beast and that it's everywhere, especially in our society now. So, in terms of frequency, what I generally say to people is if you have an issue or a pattern, or you came from a childhood, that's quite rough give our work together three sessions.

And after that, the third session, you're going to understand yourself better. And you're going to know if you're one are going to want to work with me more or not, or go off to do something else. the energetic plumber aspect of my work is I take the largest elephant out of the room. So imagine you got a small [00:39:00] room with an elephant and a bunch of animals in it.

Well, the elephant takes up all the room and the animals can't run around. And similar to what happened with you. We took one of the larger elephants out of your room and your animals started scrambling around and saying, look, we're running around. What do we do? And so, that can be uncomfortable for people.

So that's why I say one session is kind of a one-off and you're taking your chances. But if you have a way of understanding that this work is cumulative, And that maybe you have something from your teenage years, that sort of got pushed on top of the thing that we removed or something else that happened to your twenties, or you were being betrayed by a family member or something like this.

That's very traumatic and in your field, then it takes several sessions to extricate or unravel that macrame that gets right. Right. 

Will: Okay. So then I guess you could probably expect to to hear from me from my next session. Okay. 

Scott Clover: Looking forward to it. Yep. Me too. And that was a laugh. See, so I have to [00:40:00] say, I don't talk about my work often enough.

I don't talk about my work often, but for you to say to me, I used to be the fun loving guy and I laughed for the first time and it, it lightened up my life and it lightened up the room I was in. I'm so grateful. I'm so grateful that I got a handle on these abilities. They didn't drive me crazy. They didn't put me in an institution that I can now cater them to help people like you.

That just want to laugh more. So I'm grateful that I have these abilities that I'm able to share them in the way that I I've chosen to, I should say, 

Will: I'm grateful that you reached out to me because not only did you open the door to something that I wasn't even aware or existed but you've also, like you mentioned, opened the door to my to my happy-go-lucky self again.

So curious, hoping for the best Scott, I can't thank you enough for coming on the show. Any last parting words of wisdom that you want to make sure that my audience takes away? 

Scott Clover: Yeah, one of my podcasts is called mind your own energy. And I really [00:41:00] liked that term because a lot of impacts a lot of people that feel they want to overfill, or they want to over-give or they want to push their energy into other people's thinking they're going to help that other person, if the person didn't ask for it, then you're being intrusive.

Hm. So, and your own energy and clean up you, and then lead by example, as opposed to maybe feeling victimized and then thinking, Oh, I have to go help that person to make me feel better. I would say, encourage self care, encourage self healing, and then shine your light, a little brighter. And then people can read by that light because you going out and trying to force your energies on somebody to make you feel better instead of actually doing the work and making yourself feel better is kind of detrimental to everybody in that equation.

So think about it, your energy field. Think about your history. Think about your patterns. And if you need help with those things, reach out to somebody, maybe outside the box. I mean, if you're listening to this podcast just by the name, which is how I [00:42:00] found it you're interested in something that's out there.

You said something, some reference to the X-Files, people like me, I eat those shows up. I can't wait for the next supernatural show because maybe I'll see a little bit of myself in that character. And that's why I think, these shows are becoming more and more prevalent is because we all have these inclinations, you have Precog abilities.

We just found out who you heard it here. And that was a natural woo-hoo. So we all have these instincts. They may be a fraction of what we see on television, where there's so grandiose or these superheroes, but those energies exist in real time in real people. And it's for us to open up the aperture safely and let them out comfortably.

All right. So, 

Will: I encourage anyone who is interested in this type of thing and specifically , in you and what you can do to listen to your podcasts because you speak on that show very specifically. I know there, there was a whole series that you did on the different chakras. I mean, it, it really speaks even more in depth into what the process is.

 It's [00:43:00] really quite illuminating. So 

Scott Clover: I, well, and I will send you, I try to keep the top practical I'm non-dogmatic So I don't talk about dogma. I talk about energy, right? And I'm trying to bring out information that I would have loved to have heard when I was coming out as an intuitive, when I was accepting my own abilities, I thirsted for information and I've compiled it all over the years and I'm trying to put it into this podcast.

So people have a reference and a place to go, to feel their tribe, to feel understood, to feel heard, to hear someone talking practically. About energy and that's what I do. 

Will: Yep. The, the podcast is  

Scott Clover: the intuitive 

Will: energy podcast, right? The intuitive energy podcast recommended highly.

Anyone can find it on Apple podcasts, Spotify. And I know that you've got it, Don libs in it as well. So, thank you, Scott again for coming on. I'm sure. This is not the end of our road together. . 


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