Cosmic Guardians, Starseeds and Artificial Intelligence | Ismael Perez

The world is undergoing a seismic change so profound that everyone on the earth …and the stars….are feeling it. The intergalactic alliance of beings called the Covenant of Palador is here to help protect us from forces that may not have our best interests in mind. This week's guest is a Cosmic Ambassador that represents this alliance, and he says that the information he has to share with us today has never been heard of before on this planet. If you thought we went off the deep end before, then strap on your seatbelts because it seems that we’re only just getting started!

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- What is the Covenant of Palador
- What are Volunteer Starseeds
- The cosmic disclosure that will help save the Earth
- Who or what is the Animus?
- The intergalactic war that has been waging for billons of years


Ismael Perez is a Cosmic Ambassador that represents an intergalactic alliance— known as “The Covenant of Palador.” It is a cosmic treaty that was initiated by the forces of light in the higher dimensions to protect, and guard the Earth from the Draco forces.

The majority of the starseeds that have volunteered for the call to rescue this planet, including Ismael — have been selected to come here and help. He's one of the inner council members who is here to bring forth the next level of cosmic disclosure that will restore our planet back to it’s original glory in fulfillment of the galactic prophecies.

Our Cosmic Origin: Knowledge In Preparation For The Ascension Of Planet Earth by Ismael Perez


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Ismael Perez

Ismael: [00:00:00] Karen.

Will: Yes. There's no question that we are living tumultuous times. Mm-hmm everywhere you look. There's a crisis or someone we know is experiencing a hardship or a loss. Apparently there's a very good reason for. Well, is it a good reason or a bad reason? I'm not sure. It depends which direction you are looking at it because it, it seems that the world is undergoing a seismic change.

Mm-hmm so profound that everyone on this earth and the stars are feeling it. I know we are. Yo boy, are we ever now, what if I told you that there is an intergalactic Alliance of beings called the covenant of palador that is here to help protect the world and us from forces that may not have our best interest in mind.

Would you sit up and pay attention? Uh, yeah, that sounds very promising. I know I would. Which means we are in luck. Because today's guest is a cosmic ambassador that represents just such an Alliance. And he says that the information he has to share [00:01:00] has never been heard of before on this planet. Ooh, we're gonna learn all about what the Alliance is, why they're here, who they consists of, how we can align ourselves with the forces of light to help fight off the darkness.

And what this message that has never been heard of before is if you thought we went off the deep end before. Then strap on your seatbelts because it seems that we've only just get started.


Will and Karen: so will, with all these people that we've interviewed and all of these different [00:02:00] modalities that we've looked at so far, if you could choose one and I'm gonna call it a superpower that we have learned about to be yours, what would it be? Now it's like asking you to choose between your kids.

No, it's not. Yes, it is. No, it's not. Yes, it is. No, it's not. Yes, it is. I can keep this up all day. So can I okay. Captain America I don't know. That's, that's a hard question because obviously you all know, everyone knows it. Astra projection out of body experiences has been the thing that's been pulling at me most of my life.

Right. Not sure that that's exactly what I'm most looking forward to now, though. I think that

I think probably the thing that intrigues me the most now is life after death. But what that, Hmm. How is that a modality life after death? No, I'm just saying pick something that one of our guests has had the ability to do manifestation. the ability to manifest, make your dreams come true.

Everything that you hearts desire. That's what makes the most [00:03:00] sense or interest to me right now. Okay. Do you know. Because I'm very good at it. And you're jealous. Yes. . That's exactly right. What about yours? What's your favorite modality? Oh gosh. I think I would like to be able to communicate with spirits.

See that that kind of freaks me out. Ooh, I changed my mind, but anyway, that, that freaks me out because, we talked about it during the interviews. seeing someone in the foot of my bed is, is never gonna make me a happy. Well, you know, you just say, Hey, don't come to the foot of my bed, but you know what, if they don't listen, but they, everybody says that they listen pretty well.

Yeah. But, you know, anyway, it would freak me out to know that there is a dead person whispering in my ear. Mm. It wouldn't freak me out. It wouldn't really Nope. Wow. I think it'd be kind of nice. That's brave, but I don't, I don't believe in the scary, dead bad stuff. I just believe in the good, happy stuff. So I'd be okay with it.

Okay. Well thinking about. Happy stuff. I think I changed my mind and what I would be the most [00:04:00] interested in right now is seeing a UFO. Oh yes. The whole Elizabeth April really inspired me. She talked about her, first conscious. Abduction. And then the subsequent conversations that she's been having with the G galactic Federation mm-hmm and that sounds really flipping cool to me.

It does sound pretty cool. I just wouldn't wanna run into the bad aliens. See, there's the rub. There's always a rub though, but you don't believe in bad rubs, right? I don't believe in bad rubs. Well, so then you just keep thinking that there's only good rubs and that will be fine. No, I am fine with that.

You're the one that's afraid of the bad aliens. I mean, aren't you. You just said, you don't want, he say, no, you do, you are. I heard, you just told me, I don't believe in bad stuff, but that's because you keep telling that yourself and it's true. Yeah. It's manifestation, you know what that's where I was going to next.

I do. I think, and we've had people on the show before that have talked about the negative side of things. And I do believe that they believe that that is all real mm-hmm and reality. But how many times have we talked about the fact that we create our own [00:05:00] reality? Right. So. I can't help, but think that if we say, and truly know that only light beings exist, mm-hmm , then that will be our reality or kind of similar if you know, We believe and know that only light beings exist, but actually there are bad ones.

I think we'll only draw the light beings to ourselves. Hmm. Yeah. I'm, I'm not sure. I think you kind of have to know that they're not there. because otherwise, you know what? We had that one gentleman come on and talk to us about the fact that people who do metaphysics are like beacons to negative energies.

Mm-hmm . So if that's the case, the more awake we become, the more apt to be attacked by negative beings. We. Well, then you just have to be strong and know that you're more powerful or you just LA LA LA LA . I'm not looking, if I don't look at them, they can't see me kind of thing.

Right. Mm-hmm so I I'm just saying I don't make eye contact my, my whole thing, not just [00:06:00] my eye contact, but just refuse to believe in their existence and hopefully. That will be the case, but I mean, it's, that's the hard thing about manifestation, right? It's it's not your conscious mind. It's your subconscious mind.

Mm-hmm your subconscious mind has to know and believe something for something to be manifested. So if, if you subconscious things, oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. But then your conscious, mind's saying, Nope. It's nothing thing. Then what you're manifesting is, oh my God. Oh my God.

Oh my God, my God. Well then you have to consciously convince your subconscious to stop saying, oh my God. Oh my God. And that's the rub. It's always a rub, always a rub. You know what else? Rubbed me the wrong way. This conversation, people who don't listen. people who don't listen to our interviews, so let's just get to it.



Hey, everyone I'm will. And I'm Karen, welcome back to the skeptic meta physicians. We could not be more excited to have you join us on this journey of discovery, particularly because our guest today is taking us down a rabbit hole that not many shows have explored.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, the covenant of por is a cosmic treaty that was [00:07:00] initiated by the forces of light in the higher dimensions to protect and guard the earth from the Draco forces. Now, his name is Ishmail Perez and he is a volunteer star seed who represents the Alliance and is here to bring forth the next level of cosmic disclosure that will restore our planet back to its original glory in fulfill.

Of the galactic prophecies, absolutely chomping in the bit to talk with him. So let's not waste any more time and say hello to Ismail pers Ismail. Welcome

Ismael: to the show. Thank you guys for having me here. It's a, it's an honor to be here at this time and service to humanity and, uh, more so in service to the organic way of life.

Um, as many people have known that, uh, you know, we're not dealing with the cabal. We're not even dealing with, um, regressive, uh, fallen LHE whatever you wanna call. You know, Draco, we're actually dealing with artificial intelligence, you know, at the highest level of reality, not only is our enemy artificial intelligence, but [00:08:00] it is the enemy of the entire multiverse.

Yeah. We're, we're, uh, been involved in this cosmic war with, um, an alien scent in AI that actually didn't even have its origin in our universe. It had its origin in a different universe and a different creation prior to the existence of our local universe. So for those that don't see it as a multiverse, uh, this is gonna be the first level of the rabbit hole.

You're about to come in. Mm-hmm because there is proven data by quantum physics, um, and super string theory and theory and leading edge scientists that definitely tell us. And they give us validation that we live in a multiverse that, um, in fact, our new and new universe is being born each day. So this phenomena known as the big bang, which is what they call the beginning point of our.

That took place. Approximately, you know, 13.7 billion years ago is actually a phenomena that is taking place every second in time, every day, new and new universes are being born. New [00:09:00] beginnings are happening. So going back to the conflict with AI, uh, this has been a huge dilemma in the entire cosmos in the entire omniverse to the point where the guardian races from the higher levels of reality.

And I'm not talking about PLAs Arturians blue. Avians. Uh, you know, and Roman, I'm talking about beans from levels of reality beyond the physical dimensions, beyond the, you know, fifth devil of reality, or even beyond the gala galactic structures of reality. You know, when we look up at the sky, we're only seeing the galaxies, we're talking about beans that occupy the other 96% of the so-called missing matter.

So that's another, another, uh, I guess revelation is that dark matter and dark energy is really reality vibrating in higher frequencies. So that's the other 96%, you know? And so these beans hail from the highest levels of reality, and they're doing it for a reason. Uh, first and foremost, you know, the earth happens to be the, [00:10:00] you could say we could call it to the, uh, the Pope, the amalgamation, the Noah's arc of the entire multi.

And for many, many reasons, you know, it is the planet I was chosen long ago by the higher levels, by the councils of the eternal of days, which again, these are levels of realities that are in that exist within the realms of eternity. Cuz yeah, we, we are part of a finite finite realm. You know, we exist within a local material, physical universe that had a beginning.

Right. Of course. So that they call it the finite realm. But there is a level of reality beyond the local universe. That are, uh, related and associated with realms that have never had a beginning around. So that's what I mean, I'm talking about cosmic, celestial intelligences that are part of these realms.

That for the first time in cosmic history had to actually intervene in, in order to make sure that this intergalactic experiment, uh, known as you know, us comes into fruition. And what do I mean [00:11:00] by an intergalactic experiment? Uh, it turns out. when the AI war broke out 300 and some billion years ago in the 11th creation, which was a new universe that was devoted to, um, machinery and technology.

Uh, apparently that AI, you know, quickly destroyed all biological life wars, but it realized that it, in order for it to exist, it had a plugin as it had a plugin plugin into living systems as a battery resource. So that's when, when it was able to use universal life force coming from living organic. And it was able to figure out how to break or how to leak into other realities or other universes.

And so our universe became plagued with it and other surrounding universes as well. And so the, the, um, this thing has been for billions of years, it went on a rampage where it was actually destroyed, galaxies, left and rights. Whole universes were Des were, were, uh, um, erasing from existence, uh, due to the fact that it was sucking up the life force of these univers.[00:12:00]

So to the galactic and to the cosmic community, it is known as a cosmic virus. And so the solution for this cosmic virus came about when the council of eternal of dates, those that are associated with the Emerald covenant of the seal of por, which are the guardian races, uh, the always existing race. Um, I call 'em the central race because they come from the central universe.

That's when they actually had to step in and figure out a, so. Uh, to put an end to this cosmic virus and the solution came in the form of combining the best cholesterol, genetics from all the different humanoid races, not only within our universe, but throughout the entire multiverse and putting them all in one spot to create an extraordinary, super race that would exceed every other race ever in, in the, in the history of the cos.

but not only do they, yeah, I know. It's crazy. We are part we're the end result. you are

Will: drop me. It's it's like breakneck [00:13:00] speed. I don't, I'm not even. So I've got approximately 15,782 questions.

Ismael: All right. Ask.

Will: Wow, God, where do I even start? Uh, AI, this is a lot of information that you've just unloaded in the last eight minutes.

Literally we've been on the air for eight minutes and you unloaded an entire different way of thinking, than anything we've ever heard before. To your point, I know that you channel messages from international beings and things like that, right? I'm assuming that's how you've gotten this information.


Ismael: it's, it's a combination of, uh, intuitive downloads from, um, I guess my star family, my galactic self, my ancestors, and also through, um, tangible research to verify the inform. and that's how I was able to write my book or cosmic origin. It's not just all, you know, theoretical, it's actually backed by cutting edge, real science.

And so that's what I do. It's a combination of both. I [00:14:00] get the downloads and then I do the research to confirm.

Will: Hmm. Well, that's exciting to me because a lot of times we talk to people that don't have that type of scientific research. Can you share some of that research with us? I mean, how can we know?

How did you know, how did you corroborate all that. It's

Ismael: a combination of reading, uh, ancient manuscripts and also highly classified information, uh, that it's only accessible to those that are at, I guess, at a very high level of, uh, clearance. And, um, the only reason I was able to tap into some of that information is because the doctor who defected from this organization, uh, known as the, uh, labyrinth group.

Well, I guess that's the inner core, but the Labrinth group is, um, the outer vehicle for that is known as the advanced contact of intelligent organiz. . Yeah, they're, they're, uh, the depository of all breakaway groups. So everything, when it comes to dealing with extra terrestrials alien technology, they have the most, they, they they're the depository of that.

They, they have all the records, um, that were given to [00:15:00] them by the different non terrestrials. Records that they were able to verify for their own research. But of course it's, it's a, it's in, it's very classified and, and only a few people have been able to access some of this information. And so one of the doctors actually defected, um, and when he defected he's, you know, was able to disclose a lot of this stuff, but, uh, he's no longer with us.

So, you know, I, I dedicate this, this interview to him, you know, he was, uh, a lot of the information that he disclosed actually was Verifi. By the advanced contact of intelligent organization, which is information that they wanted to keep from the earthlings for many, many years. And again, it had a lot to do with this cosmic AI war that we've been having against artificial intelligence.

Um, they, they call it by the name of the animus. That's the name of this AI collective that has been destroying galaxies left and right for billions of.

Will: Well, you asked for it, then you asked for it again, then you demanded it. Well, finally, we have heard you, the skeptic meta position merchandise store is [00:16:00] now open with really fun show logo, designed on things like shirts and mugs to notebooks, phone, and laptop cases and everything in between. You can now take your favorite metaphysics one on one show with.

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so the, the more you talk, the more questions I have but there was a little question that just came outta the introduction. That's very basic, and it's not even anywhere near where we wanna go with this.

But, so in the introduction will mention that you're a volunteer star seat. So I thought either you were a star seat or [00:17:00] you weren't, I didn't know. It was something you could volunteer for. Can you tell me a little bit about how that came about?

Ismael: Sure. So basically, um, the, the restoration and liberation of the earth is a two-way process.

Mm-hmm um, when the earth was hitting in a negative trajectory due to the explosion of the Adam bomb, as the planet, as a sentient being, uh, she called out for health. And of course it was, uh, arranged with the galactic councils and the guardian races, of course, uh, the spiritual councils of the Elohim that are even beyond our Galax.

To, um, invite millions and billions of advanced souls from the higher dimensions into the earth and be born in human bodies in order to, um, you know, bring forth a higher vibration through their energy essence, they were able to raise the collective frequency and, um, fortunately bring, bring the earth out of that timeline that was heading towards nuclear, uh, destruction mm-hmm

And so that was the first thing. The, the second way was to also infiltrate the human. [00:18:00] by not only being born here, but by eventually, as we grew, we would actually have these abilities, a lot of the star seats or wonders, they go by various names. Some people call wonders, um, crystal children, Indigos rainbow children.

Those are all the different, I guess, terminology set. A lot of people are labeling them with, but overall what they are is they're, they're actually, Celestials, you know, there's a difference between celestial intelligence and terrestrial. Terrestrials start the evolution from the bottom. And so they go through the gradual ascent process of, uh, gradu, uh, of becoming a first, a mineral and then a plant and then an animal so on and so forth, whereas Celestials, they begin their, um, their origins from the top downs.

But they're involved in a process of dissent, rather of evolution, not evolution, which is the dissent of spirit into matter. So pretty much the, um, you know, the celestial are, are the ones that are, uh, how can I say it?[00:19:00]

They're the ones that are, or orchestrating everything, you know?

Will: they're orchestrating, everything that's happening here on earth or everything together?

Ismael: Well, I guess because we are living in a, in an organic living simulation, everything is a thought projection from the celestial.

so you, you say things just like,

Will: oh yeah, by the way, we're, uh,

Ismael: simulations. What, they're the ones that, uh, allowed for us to come into human form so that we could change the trajectory of the earth. So that's what we are. We volunteered to come save the earth, uh, in order to in also to also become the first, uh, I guess pioneers were the first, uh, to emerge as the next stage of human evolution, which is already happening as our dormant DNA.

so scientists for a period of time now have been, um, have been pro not prophesizing have been predicting the right of the next stage, which they call homo Aticus. Well, Hoon Aticus was part of the forces of life, part of their plan to bring forth higher [00:20:00] dimensional souls into human bodies in order to, uh, begin the activation process of the dormant, you know, alien DNA that we all carry so that we can become, uh, the guardian race that we were intended to, to become from the, the.

so that's why we're here. We're here to not only save the earth, but eventually to save the organic way of life.

Will: Gotcha. And so then, you are here to fight off the animus then to help us. we,

Ismael: I'm not working by myself, the whole team that's down here. Exactly.

Will: Sure. Sure. now is, so you said this has been going on for billions of years.

Correct? Yeah. Is there an end in sight? Is there a way to, to get rid of it, the animus altogether? Or is this just an ongoing fight that will always be here?

Ismael: Oh no, no, it, it does have an end and that's why, um, we are the solution to that. You know, it turns out that this intergalactic experiment of combining the best, uh, energy signatures, um, and bio from across the multiverse and putting into one.

Um, we become, [00:21:00] we are at the end result of that experiment. So we are the chosen race, not only that, but we also carry within our Dean, our genes, a defense mechanism that is going to act as an EMP that is going to literally destroy all the black goo nanotech and everything that's associated with AI. And as we become, uh, galactic and multidimensional, again, as a result, DNA D DNA activating.

Um, we do also eventually win the war against the AI that we're developing here in our world. So if that war doesn't take place for a thousand years, but because the future in the past are existing simultaneously with the presence, it's all happening at once. Uh, you could say that we've already won that war.

So now we're just seeing it play out here in the presence, cuz we're at the hub. We're at the hub of every probability, every possibility, uh, both going forward and backward in time.

Karen: you're saying that, that this in, in a thousand years, there's, it's gonna end, but, well,

Ismael: yeah, because that's when the timelines are gonna remerge right now, the timelines are gonna be [00:22:00] separating.

We're gonna have the fived timeline, right? Heaven on earth, biological, Ascension, spiritual Ascension, and then we're gonna have the, the, the five, uh, you know, I guess what's the word, you know, golf timeline, transhumanism, cyborg, the age of AI. So that's gonna, they're gonna coexist separately, but at the end of the millennium, they're gonna kind of remerge and that's when the final battle takes place between what I call, uh, the angelic met humanoids, who did it naturally by the activation of D DNA.

And of course the sidebars and the. That, uh, did it by merging with technology.

Karen: So now this might be a dumb question, but you know, with everything going on with climate change, is the planet going to last that long? I mean, I, I think about that, I'm like a thousand years, man. We're having hurricanes and droughts and all kinds of craziness.

Like what's your take on that?

Ismael: Well, the planet is going through a transformation herself. You know, she's also shifting density. She's gonna become less denser. She's going into the fourth, fifth, and sixth dimension. Those that are making the positive Sunday timeline. So the planet is going to be overnight.

When the shift [00:23:00] takes place, the great solar flash is going to be, uh, automatically, you know, her, you could say her entire ecosystem is gonna be back to normal. So it's not gonna be the planet that we have right now that is like hanging by a thread. Mm-hmm, , it's gonna be a totally new, uh, restored and replenished earth, which is already existing by the way, in the fourth, fifth and sixth dimension, we're just gonna like translate over into that reality.

So the planet also exists on different dimensions. You know, you have the third dimensional earth, right. Um, and existing and harmonic univers number one, which is the lowest density of the harmonic universal systems. And then you have higher dimensional herds, like terror. You know, Gaia, Arab, and then finally the highest version of earth exists, um, on dimensions, 13, 14, and 15.

And that is Sophia. So eventually we're heading to merging with Sophia. Wow.

Will: This is mind blowing. it's expanding my. Consciousness as we speak, just because I'm trying to keep up with everything that talking. Hold on. so let let's, let's back up for a quick second. You [00:24:00] mentioned, this group of, people that were really diving into this et phenomena for lack of a better word, but then we just had Congress.

Had a big disclosure event, several months ago that basically they said, we know something's up, but we don't know what it is. So is this organization that you got all this information from? I mean, I would assume it must be clandestine, but it's, it's a governmental agency or is it an independent

Ismael: agency?

It's it is an ultra organ ultra secret organization that operates within the NSA, um, for, for the last 70 years. Uh, it was actually run by the. You know, by the cabal. Uh, but just so recently, ever since we ended the, um, the, I guess what it's called the Luciferian manifesto control of the planet, the old Babylonian old guard.

And we shifted to the seal of por. In other words, the seal of por, which is now established throughout our universe and our galaxy has finally made it here. Um, things shifted, you know, now it's like the [00:25:00] entire, or all secret organizations that have advanced scientific alien inform. Uh, are all now being forced to bring information forward because now they're, they're under the control of the white hats, no longer the dark heads or the Alliance rabbit.

Will: I feel. Like we just crammed six episodes into one 20 minute segment.

Karen: I was just thinking that I'm like, we need like a glossary like definitions and explanations. And one of those like game of throne maps

Will: so I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go through this episode and I'm gonna, outline the stuff.

And then we may ask you to come back and say, okay, Ismail, we're gonna focus on just this mm-hmm . And so that we can kinda walk our baby steps through, because I think you've talked so far over our heads. That, I'm not sure that we are, conscious enough to, to really understand everything, all the messages that you're, that you're bringing, which are, are really all important messages.

Mm-hmm . Has anyone looked at you when you said the stuff that you said to us and gone. [00:26:00] Brother, do you need help? Because that it's, it's a lot, it's a lot. And it's so different than anything we've ever heard of before. Uh, we've had people like Elizabeth April on the show who talks about 18 fived consciousness and things like that.

And she never mentioned the animus she didn't mention the volunteer star seeds and things like that. But, it just seems like this is such a big departure on such a scientific. way that I'm not sure I understand everything that you just said.

Ismael: I guess I should break things down and, um, and this is begin with fundamentals before I just go into different,

Will: you know, sorry.

No, we're, we're kind of, we're kind of just dipping

Karen: our killings. I thought were smarter than that. Yeah.

Ismael: Sorry. It's not that at all. No, it's just, um, you know, um, I do interviews sometimes and I feel like, um, speaking to the choir. So they want like deeper disclosure. Um, so I just, I, I always just kind of just share what I want to share just to you, you know, even if you're on a very low level of, uh, awakening, uh, this is the time to really.

Fall [00:27:00] deep into the rabbit hole. So to me, it's just whoever's rate to resonate with this next level Intel. I'm just gonna share it for sure.

Karen: They'll be interested and they'll reach out.

Ismael: And for sure they know more. Yeah. They'll know. There's a lot of information in my book, our cosmic origin that is dance path with cosmic and lactic knowledge.

So that's a start, you know, that's a start to really understand a lot of the stuff that I talk about. Yeah. And we're

Will: gonna add a direct link to our show notes to your book for sure. and I'm gonna pick it up because, I'm fascinated by all this stuff. And I knew we were gonna be talking about this, but didn't realize just how deep of a rabbit hole we're gonna go into mm-hmm

And, and the time that we have will give us nowhere near enough time, honestly. because I do want to follow every little path that you drop down. so I hope that you will, accept our invitation to come back again at another time to go deeper into this stuff. I guess really the, the big question that I have now, other than the other 15,762 that are left is how can we [00:28:00] earthlings?

How can we help in this battle?

Ismael: We are already, you know, um, especially those in the truth or community, those that are speaking out, those that are sharing their. , um, it's all part of the great awaken, every single person out there who has a channel, who's putting out content. Uh, even if it's just, you know, this is what happened in area 51.

Oh, you know, these are the hybrids that we're doing this, you know, even if it's just simple stuff like that, it's all bringing awareness. You know, even if it's just, this is what, you know, the current, uh, I wanna call 'em Inba cell and the, you know, the white house is doing even that is awake, getting people.

So as long as people are out there speaking the. then, um, we're the change is happening, you know, we're so we're, we're all part of this, you know, Alliance it, we don't have to be in the military to be part of the Alliance in the Y house, just by Merly speaking our truth. We're helping the, no, the, the Alliance situation we're helping.

Will: So we're all trying to raise our vibration to the fived and, and [00:29:00] beyond. but it sounds like there's so much more than that, you mentioned that those of us, that, that are just beginning our spiritual awakening, someone wanted to learn more about this world other than picking up your book is there a way that someone can reach out to you and, and have a conversation?

Ismael: Well, I do teach an online star cosmology course, which I go really deep. It's it's a six hour course divided, uh, in three classes, each one's two hours. Um, I give, um, the, the content is for about an hour and 20 minutes, and then I leave the other 40 minutes for questions and answers, but oh my God, that one is, is such of a deep dive that, uh, as soon as people are done with the third course, their whole conscious level of consciousness has expanded exponentially.

It's transformed. Uh, not to mention, I do teach like, uh, two meditative techniques that help you also reach your multidimensional gala self cuz uh, you know, the truth is that we're, we might be down here operating with a, with a physical earthly avatar, but that's only a portion of our consciousness that is down here.

The other [00:30:00] 99% of our consciousness is still operating on different levels of reality with different avatars. That's how powerful we are. So we are multidimensional. Hmm. Um, yeah, you know, that's one of the things that I talk about is multidimensional integration is the idea that we might hear. We, we are here down on the earth as boots on the ground, but at the same time, a lot of us are commanders.

Some of us are, are operating, you know, motherships, we're also doing work in higher dimensions. We just don't have access to that memory.

Will: is there a way to access those memories? it's curious, there are people out there who actually can say you are so such and such in a different star seed area, but do you do things like that or is there, is there a way to do that?

Ismael: I've been doing this stuff for, for a few years. No, actually ever, maybe a little over 10. Oh, wow. Okay. So that's part of my course, my Starcy cosmology course. I, I gave you the, uh, information and knowledge that you need. First, once you unlock the gala galactic history, um, the knowledge of the cosmos, then it's gonna trigger memories in you of who you were in these, you know, [00:31:00] throughout the galactic history.

Great. Cause many of us were involved in those four. Many of us came from Lira, the PLAs or I, you know, office and to, um, many different star systems that the star seats are coming. And a lot of our, our worlds were blown were blown up and destroyed throughout the galactic wars. So in order to really understand who you are, you have to understand bar galactic history.

So someone

Will: wanted to learn about that or take your course, things like that. What's the best

Ismael: place to go. The mystic and I teach the star seat cosmology course in that, um, link. Okay. And, um, , you know, also reading my book, you know, that's like the first step, you know, first you wanna read my book, I guess you could do either or take my course, read my book.

They, they both compliment each other. Mm-hmm but yeah, there's a lot of information in my book, you know? Um, a lot of people that have been reading my book and that have, um, you know, gathered a lot of. Have been not only activated, but they are thanking me because in, in a lot of 'em, they, they, they had memories.

Some of these people actually had memories of some of these [00:32:00] wars. And so it's, it's a book that activates, you know, especially if you're a volunteer soul, it's definitely gonna activate me. Wow. And remember our mission, why we came over the earth. Okay. Well, we're

Will: definitely gonna put a link in our show notes to your book and to your website.

So people can reach out to you if they're interested in taking your class. I know that you'll hear from me for sure. Not just from the buying the book, but that class sounds fascinating. so I'm all in. I know you're short on time. So we do want to thank you very, very much for coming on, talking with us.

Hope it's

Ismael: not the last. No, no, it won't be.

Will: if you're listening to this on the radio, go to skeptic and go to his episode page.

You'll see all the direct links there. Listening to this on your phone, then just hit the information, the eye button on the corner, the top right corner. And you'll see the show notes there and just click the link. It'll take you directly to, Ismail. Thank you so much for coming on and talking to us.

Ismael: You're welcome guys. Thank you so much for your time.

Will: And thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website or on Facebook and Instagram. You can find this there at skeptic position or skeptic [00:33:00] And if you're listening to this on the radio and you miss something, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be, where you can also watch the videos or even send us email or voicemails directly from the.

We promise we won't send you a sales pitch. We won't add you to any email list. We simply would love to hear from you hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have it's all for now, but we'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic IANS until then take care.

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