Karma's Only a Bitch If YOU Are | Jessenia Nozzolillo

This episode, we talk about the dreaded K word! Karma! The word has gotten some controversial attention of late causing some people to deny that it exists or even that its a part of our spiritual process at all. But what exactly is karma. How does it really work? Why do we have to account for it and how can we end up on the right side of it? Cause no one wants to be on the receiving end of karma.

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- What IS Karma, really
- How Karma actually works
- How do we bank good Karma?
- Surprising ways in which we accumulate bad Karma
- How we work Karma out
- How past lives affect Karma, and vice-versa


Jessenia is an international Published Author, Psychic Medium, Healer, Akashic Records Guide and Worldwide Spiritual Teacher.

​Her Global Audience reaches over 2 million+ monthly. She is an ​instructor at the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment located in Virginia.

As an Akashic Records Guide and past life reader, she has the rare ability access your deepest soul-level experiences for the purpose of catalyzing profound healing and self-awareness. A natural side effect of this deep soul-level healing process is the awakening and evolution of your spiritual gifts, which Jessenia also reads and trains. This is a process which Jessenia calls, SOUL REINTEGRATION™. ​Through her healing modality, she will access, heal and repair the fragments of self we have lost in trauma, calling one’s power back.

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Will: [00:00:00] Karen today. We're gonna talk about the dreaded K word

Karen: oh, there are so many things

Will: that that could be yes, but oh, there's only one really, really in our world dreaded K word. And that is karma. Oh yeah. Now the word has gotten some controversial attention of late causing some people even deny that it exists or it's at part of our spiritual process at all.

But what I wanna know today is what exactly is karma. How does it really work? Why do we have to account for it and how can we end up on the right side of it? Right. Cause no one wants to be on yeah. On the receiving end of

Karen: karma. I wanna know if I can stock it

Will: up. That's a great question. Well, by the end of this episode, we're gonna know everything we ever wanted to know.

And then some about this mysterious karma. Are you ready? I'm ready. Here we go.


Karen & Will: Karen. I've been thinking about a lot of stuff today. What kind of stuff was the stuff that makes you go? Hmm. Hmm. Not the stuff that makes you go stuff. The stuff that makes you go. Hmm.

so I, as you know, I went to a session in the harmonic egg today. Yes. And every time I leave the harmonic egg, I feel so energized and so connected. Mm-hmm then I started thinking. About other places in this world that are set to be these kinds of places that energize you and connect you. Mm-hmm, kind of like, uh, what, what are those other places people think about?

Oh, Machu Pichu. Well, Machu Pichu is one for sure. Mm-hmm where it that's one of the, highest spiritual places in the world is Machu Pichu. But then also there's places like, Sedona. Or, Stonehenge, Stonehenge, the NASCAR lines. Yep. The vortex [00:02:00] and Sedona Stonehenge, NASCAR lines, Lee lines. there's also, the, what is it?

The Quida yes. as most people call it the equator, but you know, yes. The equator quit it in the MI, the equi of the world. right then there's equator. So there's all these places though. The pyramids, how can we forget the pyramids? Right. there's all these places. Seem to be closer or the where the veil is thinner.

Mm-hmm . So I was thinking what if these places are all portals that are meant to have us go and reconnect or recharge with spirit mm-hmm and the things like a harmonic egg? Well, they're like artificially made portals. So every time you step into the egg, You feel connected and recharged cuz you're closer now suddenly to spirit.

Does that make sense? Um, yeah. Yeah, and I, I [00:03:00] like that there is, you know, the egg would be a modern version because all of these other places, are very old, but I think it was probably so much easier. back when they were created, whether it was the pyramids or in the Las NASCAR lines were created, for people to be in tuned with that, because there was much less noise in the world now with everything going on and the internet and the news and the people in the travel and business and work and all that stuff, we just don't have time.

Or maybe we don't see what's in front of us.

And the great thing about the egg is it's trying to bring that awareness back and now things are starting to change and people are getting so much more aware of what's happening that hopefully. That would the harmonic egg will just be one of many ways for us to help kind of find our, our sole root that we're looking for.

Mm. And if you haven't listened to the episode about the harmonic egg that we released a few weeks ago, then I recommend that you go back there and listen to it because this probably makes no sense to you whatsoever. and that's too bad because a harmonic egg is an astounding modality that we feel [00:04:00] everyone should experience because it is truly astounding.

Have I mentioned it's astound. I don't think so. I feel like I said it once or twice. No, no, I'm pretty sure you didn't. Okay. Well, it's astounding. anyway, maybe you should get onto the interview.


Welcome to the skeptic IANS I'm will and I'm Karen. And today we are very fortunate. To have sole architect, Yesenia NAZA with us today, who is not only an acclaimed instructor at the famous Edy association of research and enlightenment, but she's also an ACO records guide and past life reader. Now she has got the rare ability to access our deepest soul level experiences in order to help people heal through process that she calls soul integration and she just so happens to be the expert on the dreaded karma word.

I watched her lecture at the agri Casey center and she's got so much information. I don't know about you, but I've got my notebook ready and I am ready to [00:05:00] take lots notes. So thank you for coming on the show Yesenia.

Jessenia: Thank you so much for having me. I'm really excited.

Will: I guess we just gotta ask, It's a dreaded word. People are scared of karma.

Karen: I don't think it's dreaded. I've never heard of it being dreaded before. Why are you

Will: dreading it? Because maybe cuz I have a lot of bad karma. Oh well there's and I'm afraid the intervention's gonna come back and hit me.

Jessenia: I've I've seen a lot of people use it as like a threat almost like Karma's gonna come bite you in the ass,

Will: right. Yeah. Yeah. Karma's a bitch kind of thing.

Jessenia: Yeah. Yeah. I see a lot of people use it as a threat and that's, that's kind of like the first thing that really got me into the subject is I realized how very little people knew about karma.

You know, karma does not do our bidding. Karma is not our personal warfare tool. Karma does not stop in its tracks to make you feel better about your ego. I think that a lot of people have this dreaded relationship with it because they assume it's just. Weapon that you use when you're angry and it is not, it is not that at all.

Will: Hmm. Yeah, that's a good point [00:06:00] because people do throw that word out. You're gonna, your Karma's gonna suck, Karma's a bitch Karma's coming for you, that kind of thing. But on the other side of the equation,

Jessenia: Karma's only a bitch. If you are.

Will: Ah, I like that. I think we found the title for a podcast.

Karen: see. Well, I I'm wondering which side of the karma coin you're on because I just thought about good karma. Oh, you do this. You get good karma.

Will: Yeah. Well, you know, better than most actually how bad my karma probably is right now that I'm trying to make up for a lot of things. My entire life. I've done things questionably.

So now I know that I've got a lot of negative karma banked, but that brings up your question. Karen, Nia, can you bank karma? Can you get like, do a lot of good things and just keep banking it so that it negates all the bad crap you did before.

Jessenia: Well, I think it's important for us to understand karma altogether. Karma is what I like to call part of universal law. It's what keeps energy infinite. It is energetic. Accountability. [00:07:00] So essentially it's, if we spend energy, we must replace what we spend and therefore it is like cosmic currency. You can spend it and owe some, or you can accumulate some.

And then the, the goal is by the end of our experience here on earth, we have come to carmic completion. We have come to a place where we are no longer in debt, because we have been held accountable for. Experiences or those lessons or those debts, but it isn't a form of punishment. I think that's like one of the biggest things people simply don't understand.

We learn through experience here on earth. We're humans of experience. So what happens is if we have a lesson or something or we do something negative we lose some of that karma. and then the idea is we learn through corrective experience. So for example, if I hurt someone, I make peace by helping them heal.

If I took something, then I make peace by replacing that or creating some type of completion cycle with that. If I hurt someone, then I make peace by helping them heal from that pain or that wound. [00:08:00] If I need to understand what it was. To be cheated on, then I might have a life where I get cheated on so that I could complete that carmic debt, you know, we learn through experience, meaning like if I wasn't cheated on, I might not know what that feels like.

So I might not feel compassion for someone else when I do the same to them. So we learn to have compassion. We learn to have experience. We learn to create completion and then we find peace with it. And that helps us master. So we definitely have situations where we have positive karma and we definitely have situations where we have debts.

And it's not a punishing system. It's a system of learning. It's a system of energetic accountability.

Karen: will you cannot borrow any of my karma. Oh,

Will: come on. Just a little, you got so much of it.

Karen: can you accident? Have bad karma. Like, can you do something without realizing you're hurting someone and then you're gonna get, you know, bad karma from that.

Jessenia: Absolutely. And sometimes we think we have bad karma and we actually don't.[00:09:00] it's a very cosmic kind of game. So what happens is now this is gonna get really complicated for a second, but I can't really explain that process without talking about, you know, incarnation in general.

So, what we all do before coming to earth is we intricately plan our lives and our goals in the AACC realm. And a lot of that is based around our carmic repayment plan, right? Which relationships we have, how those relationships function with those lessons might be. And we have situations aligned for us to repay those debts and play those debts.

So it's a very cosmic game and it's tied to other lives and other experiences. So for example, if it is a part of my story to repay my debt by, let's say selling someone a crappy car. I might feel really guilty about that and not even know that that was a part of my story that somehow this lesson was really important for them.

And I might have part, I might have written that into my story. And I might think, oh my gosh, I feel so bad. I would [00:10:00] never do that on purpose. And then sometimes I. Over or overcompensate for that, even if it was a part of that plan, somehow in that story. So many times what we find is we're helping other people pay back their carmic debts.

And we don't even know that we're involved in it. We don't even know that we're doing that. We assume something's negative when it, in fact is a repayment or a positive experience, or we assume something's positive when it sometimes is negative. Like one of those things is I get a lot of mothers who try to steal their children's.

If the child is suffering or struggling or dealing with some type. Problem. The mom might try to scoop in and say, I'll deal with that. I'll handle that. I'll, I'll take that from you. Cause I don't wanna see you suffer and that's negative carmic debt because you're stealing their lesson. They actually usually suffer more in the long run.

They have to face that lesson when they're off on their own and you're no longer there to support them and love them and be kind of like a cushion for that experience. So we definitely have experiences where [00:11:00] we are both confusing, what's positive or. And that's I, you know, working with records and past lives has taught me if anything, that there really is no such thing as good and bad.

There is only completion. There is only a lesson and how, what we do with that lesson makes all the difference.

Will: If I'm hearing you correct. You're saying that our carmic accounting goes way beyond this lifetime. It goes past lifetime that we're paying back forward, things like that. So if that's the case, why is it that we don't have the ability to remember? Because I think I figured if, if you've done something in the past that you need to account for in this lifetime, you would want to.

Remember it, so you can make sure that you do that. So how, you know, how can I pay something that I don't know? I.

Jessenia: That is the beauty of spirit altogether. So I mean, everything we do here is so much more difficult because earth is such a dense [00:12:00] atmosphere. the basis behind all of this, not remembering whether it carmic debt past live soul origins, gifts, all of these things we forget when we come to earth.

That is because earth is an incredibly dense atmosphere. It is the densest known to spirit and human alike at this very moment in time. So when we incarnate here that density amplifies our emotional body. So we feel deeply, we feel power. But that also snuffs and drowns our connection to anything else outside of this emotional experience.

So it is very valuable to spirit because it is a densified energetic experience. So it has incredible value and power and potential for the cosmos. But it is also incredibly difficult to manage, which is, Hey, we all know that cuz we're here. Right? And it's, it's a difficult game. And we're actually, as we experience earth, we're teaching spirit because it is a unique experience and they're learning from us.

They're learning, [00:13:00] watching us, they're learning. While we manage this very difficult incarnation and experience. So the idea is. Once we clear that pain and that emotional body through repair, this is the whole basis of my healing modality. The more we heal, the clearer, that connection becomes, the more we remember who we are, the more we remember those deaths, those lives, those experiences, because we all have the ability to see or connect to our soul, our intuition.

So that would mean your past lives, your gifts and your why? Why are you here? What are you here to complete? Who's sent on that path for. So we, we silence that voice created in trauma and we help people manage and regulate their emotions, and then we help them find clarity and connection. And then that helps the remembering process.

Karen: That's

Will: complicated, it? It is. It's like, I'm trying to figure out

Karen: where do I go from here? Well, I'm still thinking about the example you gave with the mother and the child, because I'm a mother and I mean, how do you know, like if, if your child is suffering and you're trying to do something to [00:14:00] help that child, I mean, how do you know that, I mean, you might think you're building good karma by doing that, but then you're saying that you're stealing their lesson, which would not be good karma.

I mean, how, how do you differentiate? How do you know. You could just be bury yourself in a trap.

Jessenia: It is. Yes, it does feel like that. And I know, well, I mean, how many times have we all said, like, we wish there was this guidebook to life, right? There is no real way to know that anything we're doing is perfectly right or perfectly wrong. But what I have found in my, working with my experience is that our job as parents is to allow healthy, loving independence in our children.

So this would mean something like, if you can do it for yourself, I'm not gonna do it for you. I'm gonna love and support you and teach you and guide you because that's my job. I'm not gonna expect you to just know how to cook things. I'm gonna sit with you and teach you how to cook things that are safe for your age and for your skill set.

right. So we teach [00:15:00] as needed, but we understand that whatever surfaces from that experience is not ours to control. So we allow our children to experience their lives and we don't need to manipulate or control the situation. Like for example, one of the things is maybe my child's friend is bullying them.

This is a great opportunity to teach, to guide, to. right to say, you know, well, when I was at age, I had a similar experience and you know, people who are hurting sometimes wanna hurt others and let's get to know this person. Maybe this is a skill we need to develop. Maybe we should do this. And then they continue learning that experience at school.

Everybody's gonna have someone who believes them. Everybody's gonna have someone who doesn't like them. How do you deal with that? That's a really important. But instead as parents, sometimes we're like, Hey, I'm just gonna call her mother. I'm gonna harass her mother and take her mother to court. And I'm gonna steal that lesson.

And my child is never gonna develop the skill, set the ability to understand other [00:16:00] people's pain, the ability to understand not everybody is gonna love them or like them, but it doesn't mean that they're any lesser doesn't mean that they're not amazing people. Right. So we, we tend to steal instead of teach.

Will: So then you, you help them to understand where the bullying is coming from and then you teach 'em how to punch 'em a nose, right?

Jessenia: Whatever you think as a parent, what, whatever you think is a variant is the proper lesson. I mean, it's all situational. So we do live in cultures where some people like that's their answer. And so, you know, I'm not here to judge anybody on their journey. I'm just trying to give an example of how we steal.

Will: wow.

Jessenia: And I've done plenty of that. I have a lot of children, so I've definitely, I've been caught up in that process. So many times, myself realizing, you know, spirit telling me I have that loud voice. So they call me out all the time. that? That is what allows me to teach other people. I definitely get called out.

Will: Now, if someone's kind of caught up in a carmic trap kind of [00:17:00] thing, I'm assuming there is such a thing where you're not realizing it. You keep kind burying yourself in a, in a hole because of the circumstances that you're living under. This is something that you help people clear, right?

As a NACAC records guide past life reader, you can help someone, you read their past lives and help them to understand where their debts might lie and how to get around.

Jessenia: There is no cheat to karma. But a great example of this might be a relationship pattern. Like I've had a lot of people come to me who have really deep, powerful relationship patterns that they can't seem to break or snap. And they think it's bad luck. They think it's bad karma. They think that they're here to just suffer and that's it.

And they're never gonna find somebody who loves and respects them. And then when we go in, we find. Like this guilt, this heaviness, this, this repeated pattern, this life, this experience is forcing you to believe you deserve punishment, even though you've already paid that debt. So often we find that this is almost what we call unjustified karma.

It's [00:18:00] your obsession with your guilt. And as much as you. Believe you're unworthy. Spirit has said you already kept that you already paid it back. You've already learned the lesson for yourself. Forgive yourself, move on. So if we have a situation where someone is obsessed with their debt, obsessed with their.

They create a cycle of what we would call that trap, that bad luck cycle. It looks like bad luck. They're choosing suffering cause they don't believe they're worthy of anything better. So that awareness and that knowledge in itself is a huge unlocking code. We find that people are able to finally pick up and have meaningful relationships and then move on from that pattern and really feel at peace.

Will: is it just as simple as here's what it was and then something it clears it up or is there a process you have to go through to kind of clear that outta your system?

Jessenia: So past life clearing is incredibly delicate work. it can be very dangerous work. We are going into an experience. We have a whole bunch of terms. I do discuss all of these terms in, in the process, in my book creation, because it is a really intricate process. [00:19:00] And the, the issue or the circumstance with some of this is, it's almost like we're doing past life psychology, right?

We're doing past life therapy. If you have some deep emotional traumas or wounds in that experience, then surfacing it without properly clearing it, healing it, understanding it. Does it creates what we call a past life war text, where you are now reliving that life while living your pain on top of your experience.

And it creates almost this cluster of deep, emotional trauma, baggage, and problems in the person. And sometimes that comes with. Physical ailments issues and pain. So some people think that they're, they can just go in and rip these up in people. And we actually see a lot of really dangerous side effects.

I've had people come to me after years of suffering, being to people who like dangerously, ripped these up and didn't properly clear them. My ability to access past lives was kind of handed to me in bread. And, you know, there was some times where spirit, where we read straight from their life records.

There's [00:20:00] times where I had to go in and do some healing and some work. There are times where I had a support system or other guides. There are lives I'm not allowed to touch at all. If the trauma is so severe that surfacing that life would not bring healing to that person. Sometimes I'm told to just leave it and not touch it and not experience it for them.

So I have to take direction. It requires a heavy. Self control process. It requires a deep compassion for the person and their experience. I actually went to school for psychology. So I'm able to use some of those skills in managing and working with these past lives or these, these traumatized versions of these person.

It's also something I've developed a skill set I've developed over many lives. Right. You know, I have tons of lives where I was working with psychology therapy and understanding the human mind and emotions. So. It's a delicate process and it can be very difficult. And we are really just scratching the surface in how powerful this could be for someone.

Karen: Now have you ever been in a situation where [00:21:00] you're kind of going into the past lives and you realize that this person hasn't paid their carmic debt and that's why they're suffering. And if, if so, can you do something to help them with that?

Jessenia: the one example I can think of right now, it's a, it's a touchy, very dangerous. It's a, it was a very deep trauma for this person. They had a past life where they had done some really terrible things to children. And because of that, they decided they just would not have children in this life.

And they're going through infertility and a whole bunch of other things. And essentially it was like, you have decided you couldn't do that because the pain was too severe and the guilt was too overwhelming. Now the idea is they understood it. Because they knew exactly. They, they felt those emotions.

They made sense to them. People ask me this all the time, you know, how do you know these past lives are real it's mind blowing, how intensely they overlap with their current reality, whether it's the belief systems, the fears, the confusion, the ways of thinking that have somehow still kept in our.[00:22:00]

We have the same kinds of blocks. But we never understood why, or maybe like you love something, but you never knew why you loved it, or you hate something and you never knew why you hated it. You just naturally thought it was a part of your character, but it actually occurred in this life. And it made sense to you.

There's a lot of that, that surfaces, it is a part of your knowing. It is a part of your conscious, so subconscious awareness somewhere. So there is a very deep familiarity that surface. So when I bring something like this up and it is accurate, people feel that deep familiarity they're like, well, that makes sense to me, because for some reason I feel like I always knew that, you know, so essentially their debt, their karma, their experience created a life where they weren't.

Supposed to have children. And they did that for their own healing and wellbeing, because part of that carmic completion cycle meant healing that wound. And that means not triggering or surfacing that wound by having more children in this life.

Will: Right. So here, I'm gonna put my skeptic hat on, cuz I got two. That's the name of the show?

mentioned [00:23:00] people who their, our past lives really match our current circumstances in a lot of ways and things like that. What would you say to someone that says, well, if I can't have children and I get a past life reading, then it would make sense for that person to say that I did something bad to kids.

And that's why I'm deciding that. So could it be backwards? Not that they've had a past life that affected their current life, but person, but really I don't like chocolate, so I must have had a, really, a past life where I drown in C. Maybe it's just that I made it up because I'm, I don't like chocolate, so there must be something in my past life.

So maybe we manufacture these things.

Jessenia: I do get a lot of people that I do get a lot of people that assume stuff like that. And. My answer to that is always like, we really wouldn't know unless we looked into those lives to see what happened. For example, there was someone who knew that they had been somehow held captive or hostage, but didn't know why [00:24:00] are the details of it, but it was this continuous nightmare and fear that they had.

It wasn't like they imagined, but it was a pretty traumatizing, horrible situation. So we were able to surface it and say, it's not the same, but it is kind of similar. And the idea with that is there's like, they have physical body pains that are the same. So when I connect with someone, I don't, I, I sometimes never even see them in person.

I never see their face. The only information I collect from people is their birth name, birthday and birthplace. And I use that information to anchor to the soul. And then I pull up the records myself. So when I'm pulling these up, there is no awareness of what you like or what you don't like or. Feel, or your life patterns or your, you know, your behavior or even your nationality or your background.

I have no idea. So when people hear these things and how wild they are and how, how intensely they align to their current life, there is always this like, holy crap, you know, like how could, you know, something like that about me? I, I don't even know you. And for [00:25:00] example, one of those would be like, we had.

A person who had trauma with her parents and the exact belief system. Repeated in this life. And they told me, they said, and your mother is the same in this life. She has the same belief system, the same habits, the same words, the same things that she said to you. And I read them all. I, I repeated them all.

And this happened today and she goes like, there is just no way you could have been sitting with me at five years old. And that conversation with my mother, as she told me those exact same words and they, you know, burned through my psyche. So the pattern repeats in ways that I shouldn't know or shouldn't have access to you.

Can't Google those. Right. I can't Google random person's childhood trauma. So

Will: have any advanced idea of what it is they're struggling with before you give a reading. Now that that makes sense that, that mm-hmm, suddenly makes it all

Jessenia: I'm a natural skeptic. So to me, it's the only way to do the work because I never want to be led. I never want to be biased. I never want these ideas or even their image or what I think about their body or their, their face or the [00:26:00] nationality to interfere in the message.

Will: That's great. I, I did not know that. That's

Jessenia: I actually ask people to not tell me things. That's my favorite thing.

Will: I like that. Okay. So then what, what are you gonna do now that you know what we look like? We come to you and we say, Hey, I need a reading. You go, ah, I can't do it. You look like, you know, a, a dude, I can't do it.

Jessenia: Um, I do actually turn people down all the time. Um, I , I, I don't, if I know too much about someone, I tell them that I I'd rather not read them because you know, there's different kind of support I can offer. I can offer connection to your guides. I can do psychic sessions. I can clear your past present or future.

Like I can still help or coach people. but at some point, you know, I know too much about someone and at that point it's like, you're getting constant information from spirit anyways, because it's just, I always say like spirit is my first language. It is all that I do. Right. So if you're my friend, if you are a coworker, if you are someone I connect to regularly, you're going to get the constant low down [00:27:00] in what is going on around us, because it's.

My natural state that that's just who I am. So they're always getting help. They're always getting assistance. It's not like they're being denied that kind of help or service. It's just a different type of relationship, you know, when I'm working with clients. Well, I don't have a lot of people, but I have that kind of relationship with, and when I'm working with clients, it's, I don't need to know anything.

I don't want to know anything. And a lot of people will wanna pour out and write like a six page email and I've deleted it and said, please don't send me anything. I did not read that because I'm trying to, you know, I need to do this my way. And I don't want. Any of that information at this point. And I, and it's, and it's not about not listening to people, you know, I tell them when the sessions are delivered, if you want to send that again, you can, but I've deleted it.

And it's because I wanna make sure people have someone to talk to, right. That's still very important. You, if you want to share those things with me, I want to receive them and be here for you. But not before I do the.

Karen: you said you're constantly receiving downloads and we've interviewed quite a few people on the show. And a lot of them tell [00:28:00] us that they just kind of turn it off. Is that something that you do or do you just take it all?

Will: That is an excellent question. Karen will ask you to answer that for us right after this.

And now back to the skeptic meta physicians.


Karen: you said you're constantly receiving downloads and we've interviewed quite a few people on the show. And a lot of them tell us that they just kind of turn it off. Is that something that you do or do you just take it all?

Jessenia: So I have lots and lots and lots of gifts. So the idea is if I was constantly on, if all of my gifts were constantly on, then I wouldn't even know what world I'm in.

Will: Yeah

Jessenia: Um,

Will: Be able to,

Jessenia: Right. It would be really very, very stressful. And part of gift mastery is learning to shut them off. But what we always have is our intuitive connection to our higher self and our spirit team.

And those are always connecting with us. They're always guiding us. So the stronger that connection [00:29:00] gets the better you hear them. And it doesn't matter if you're in the middle of the mall or if you're having a conversation with friends or if you're at work or if you're driving, you're going to hear the.

Constantly feeding through. It's like our Gemini cricket, you know, it's our natural part of existence. So it's not even a gift. It's our natural connection to our higher self and our spirit team.

Will: You mentioned spirit team. We've heard that term a lot from a lot of different people and we've heard different numbers of people do people have a certain amount of spirit team members or everybody's different?

Jessenia: This actually

Will: team? I mean, I, I, I like big team, so kinda hoping.

Jessenia: This actually just shifted cosmically, not very long ago. This is a new shift taking place this year. We have, so before January, April, anybody could have anywhere from like four to 17 spirit guides on their team.

Will: Wow.

Jessenia: There are some people who are contracted into really big positions and they might have 20, 30, 40, maybe hundreds.

Like for example, I clean our clear, [00:30:00] huge hauntings for like, like for example Auschwitz, when I read a past life connected to Auschwitz, there are millions of souls there. I pull in my. I don't do that all by myself. We clear the whole land. We don't just leave it there. We don't just leave. You know, all these suffering beings.

If we're anchored there, I see them. We clear them all. We help them find peace. We move on. I bring in the team, so I need a bigger team. So it depends on what we're doing and how we function and, and you know, what, what, what those guys are here to help us accomplish. But since January, we've had this massive rip up in reconstruction.

Our connection and everything else where essentially we've said, Hey, this isn't really working. You know, a lot of people are still having a hard time connecting. We need to awaken people. We've had these huge shifts in awareness happening globally. I think everybody's been aware of how that feels. I mean, at one point you were skeptic, right?

And now you're more of a believer because those shifts in that those waves of awakening do shock your system. And you're just like, I. Question these things anymore. If they've become such [00:31:00] a deep part of my reality, my everyday experience. So these waves awaken people part of that was it. Wasn't doing enough.

So we've come into a guide reconstruction in Upal where now people have seven guides minimum. So you have your first in command. Your second is your connection to your higher self. It amplifies your connection to your own soul. And we have a couple of gift. We have a life Weaver and then we have protection.

So something that can help us protect ourselves from lower level energies, bad energy, or whatever it is, people that are ha have, you know, that don't have our best interest in mind or negative energy or whatever it is. We need protection from. So we now have a basic seven guide structure, but that changes person to person still meaning, like I said, like I have more, I have more, cause I need more.

We do more. We, we have a lot of spirit work that we do if I'm working my students, for example the second someone signs up as my student, they're like, oh, well, I keep dreaming of you. We do a lot of [00:32:00] work in. So when you've decided to work with me, we're doing most of that in spirit. That's my spirit team.

My peop my spirit guides are working with my clients in energy and in the physical. And that would only really make sense cuz we're spiritual beings first,

Will: Super

Karen: interesting. Oh, and it sounds very structured and like, there's like a hierarchy. Is there like one spirit that rolls them all? Or how does, how does that work?

Jessenia: the guide structure.

Karen: Yeah.

Jessenia: No. Well we do. So the only reason we have a first in command. Is because it would be chaos to hear seven voices in your head all the time.

Will: Mm.

Jessenia: So the idea is first in command manages commands right? First in command leads the show. And usually that is the guide we've had since childhood.

So so many times people just don't even listen to that voice because they assume it's them, you know, your inner monologue, that's our guide system. So a lot of people come to me like, oh, I've never heard them. I can't connect to 'em. I'm like, they're literally, always there. They're there so much that we've learned to take them for granted and we don't even know what they are or what, they're, what they're trying to [00:33:00] tell us.

We also see that if you have a lot of trauma and self sabotage and abuse, you might hear those voices. You know, the voices of people who. Hurt you or didn't believe in you or said you weren't worthy, right? Those are not our guides. That's our pain and our trauma. And that's why healing allows that clarity and a powerful connection.

So the more we heal, the more we can divide those two and we can create a strong inner monologue verse, a lower vibrational trauma pattern.

Will: So it's like, for me, Karen Mariana is my chief of staff of my spirit guides. Mm-hmm right. That's what we were told. So right. That's what it makes sense. So a lot of people think, no, a lot of people believe that. Time is not real, that all of our lives are happening concurrently with each other all at the same time.

So my first question is a, do you believe in that, do you a subscribe to that theory and B if you do, if you're clearing things from past lives, how does that work? Because you were [00:34:00] clearing them in this life, but we still have 'em in our past lives. Right. But it's happening at the same time. So how would that.

Jessenia: I went, so my process when I am, so for example, if I was working with you and I go into a life. I'm going into your energetic field and I'm following. So our energy, if I were to look at your, your energy altogether, what we see is your soul looks more like an onion. It's got these layers. And what we do is we actually go into the layer with the most disruptions and we find, oh, that's this life.

Let's pull it up. Let's see it in that life. We see all those disruptions. We heal. We clear them in the process. Allow a lot of awareness knowledge and a lot of new information. And you can say, Hey, I repeat that pattern. Now I understand this pattern better. And now I can change my behavior here because this wound has been MedEd and healed this person, this being this life has found peace, right?

So we change our lives through new behavior because of this [00:35:00] awareness. We know the pattern we can change. When we're going deep into this experience, I have to be present. There is a part of me that has to be present there. I am there in that life, in that experience. Because I'm reliving it for you.

And I'm kind of like the buffer to that. So in a sense, we are really creating what we call like a timeless fifth dimensional experience. It actually does feel like time travel. And I try to tell people that all the time it's difficult to comprehend with the human mind, because you want things to be past, present and future.

But in, in this work, It's all happening now because it isn't connected to any time or experience, if you have extreme trauma in this life. For example, a terrible example. When I was doing my own healing and I was mending some childhood trauma spirit had told me to go visit all the places that I struggled and suffered.

And I went to this apartment and I was with my mother. I was probably a year old when we lived in this apartment. There's no way I would remember what the apartment looked like. My [00:36:00] mother, I was helping my mother heal her wound. She was in an abusive relat. She looked at me and she said, I have no idea where this apartment is.

I literally couldn't tell you everything's different. Everything's painted this park. Wasn't even here. It was 35, 34 years ago, maybe 30 years ago. She said, I just can't remember Jacenia. And I said, it's this apartment right here. And she said, how would you know that? And I said, I still see you. So you are still jumping out of this window, running across this porch, going down here and running up the stairs.

You're in the trauma loop. You have left residual imprint in that apartment. She went over and she couldn't believe it. She said, that's the freaking apartment. You're right. That's the window. That's the apartment. That's the number. That's that makes sense. So what she had done is this really traumatizing experience left in energetic imprint.

In the house and somebody else might have viewed that and thought it was a haunting, but she's actually still alive. So it wasn't a haunting. So she was pulled back to that memory over and over and over again, because a part of her is stuck there. A part [00:37:00] of her is still, she died in that apartment. She was resuscitated.

So it was a, it was an extreme trauma. So the evidence is, I shouldn't know that I have no idea where that was. We weren't even in the same town anymore. And here I am, I can see the whole thing. I could even see the nightgown. She was. So I was able to, she was able to clear it. She was able to say, I'm gonna go in and reclaim that piece.

I'm gonna go in and take ownership again and allow her to be free. I'm gonna send her love and compassion and remind her that she's no longer in that loop in that moment in time. So we do this also in past lives. So when I'm going in and I'm reliving these moments, I can pull out the residual energy and do the exact same thing.

I am healing that imprint. They have left on the world in their suffering, in their deep, deep, emotional pain. And then sometimes. Even more interesting. Sometimes these lives are haunting. And I like to explain to people that we are all a fragment of our higher self. So instead of being like a whole soul, we are actually more like drops to the ocean.

And that means that [00:38:00] multiple drops can exist at the same time. So we have this idea that time really doesn't exist because if we can have multidimensional experiences and some of those experiences are even overlapping, then it really. Below our sense of time. And in that sense, like we do have some of these fragments that never return home.

And then so parts of us can actually be haunting here on earth. So sometimes part of the healing is I've sensed them back home for healing. I've put them back where they belong and they found peace. So it's a big, big confusing process, but in the end it does kind of mess with our idea of. But there are ways, you know, there are, this is intricate life planning.

There are ways that spirit has to manage the idea of time. Meaning like we can't do certain things. If it's not in alignment with the linear processing of the brain, there are times where spirit has to align to the human illusion of time. Even if it's technically more fifth [00:39:00] dimensional and a timeless experience in space or in the cosmos or in life planning.

So they have to work together. We have to understand the theory on both ends.

Will: gotcha. So Have you ever run across someone that just refuses to. what you are reading for them that says, no, that's that's wrong. You're you're wrong. What's your track record? How successful have you been?

Jessenia: I'll I'll tell you I actually just had this conversation right before the podcast. I have never had anybody say that's just not in alignment with my belief system and that's not something I understand. I have had one person question, some things, and it was really interesting because their therapist was one of my clients.

Their therapist sent them. Their therapist reviewed all the sessions. And then the therapist was like, oh, she's she? That's absolutely who she is. We've reviewed all your sessions live here. So you need to, you know, just keep working at it. And she kept booking sessions and she eventually admitted that she was in [00:40:00] denial with some of her patterns.

But that that's the only incident I've had where I was kind of, I, I was shocked. I was like, oh my God, what do I do with this? I've never had this. you know, and then that's when the therapist was like, no, no, no, no. We've reviewed these all live. That's absolutely who she is. She's just having a hard time accepting that because there was a lot of trauma with her identity.

So. That's the only experience I've ever had. I've never had anybody say that they just didn't understand it or get it, or didn't resonate with them. I have had questions, you know, obviously I love questions. I would say questions are necessary. I love questions. I ask questions all the time, a very curious person.

So I definitely encourage questions. It's a very difficult process. Like I said, it's multidimensional. Deep it's some heavy work. And then with the questions, they, honestly, some of the questions are more superficial. Like people wanna know about when in time it occurred or what they were wearing or what color their hair was.

And I, I sometimes am able to share that, but like I said, if, [00:41:00] if you remember how I explained the process, You know, if I'm deep in an emotional wound where let's say I'm being choked alive, you know, and there's not a calendar on the wall that says like 1972 Europe, then I don't really have that information.

I'm there to clear the wound in to get out. I can tell what they're wearing. I can share with you what they're wearing, what the buildings look like, what they're doing. I can, sometimes I do this thing where I'm allowed to have this. Person perspective. And I kind of rise above like bird, eye view.

And I can tell where in the world that is, I can tell what continent it's on or where in that continent, this person is. Right. I kind of leave. And then I come back and say, okay, so this is Europe. And we can tell by the close and the time we can pick up a timeframe.

Will: mm.

Jessenia: I've learned a lot of really cool things that way being observant, meaning like, how buildings were made.

I learned how the pyramids were made. I learned how, you know, the science and technology was, cuz I am very curious. So I do look around while I'm there. But there, like if I'm not looking for it in the life, then I can't go back and [00:42:00] review some of those details. The idea is not to obsess over the experience.

The idea is we go into heal, right? And we go into clear it. And when it's done, it's done. We don't wanna keep playing with that wound. We want to let it heal. We want to let it pass. We want to keep focusing on this experience and that's a big, huge, important part of it. Sometimes we get so obsessed with the idea of this past life journeying that we forget.

The only reason we do. Is to heal and be the best version of ourselves in this life. It is not to obsess over the details or the what ifs or the could have beens, you know, it's to really strengthen who we are in this experience here today, physically.

Karen: And I would imagine for some people it can be pretty tough. Like you're talking about the person who, their past life they had abused children. I mean, I would not wanna hear that about me you know, so I'd imagine you get some pretty strong reactions.

Jessenia: You know, I, I had a, I had a horrible session today that was really emotional. And it took a, I mean, I cried, it was a very emotional, I have to relive the life of the person. I act like a buffer. So it was a really difficult, awful [00:43:00] experience. And I definitely get emotional with it. And then it allows me to clear it, right.

Because if I'm at peace now, then that means that individual is at peace. So, it was a difficult life and The idea is that the people completely understand the wound. They really do. So if anything, it's the first time they finally feel heard and seen at the depth of that life or that experience. So they usually don't react negatively.

It might be overwhelming and sad, and you might need some time to properly heal the emotions that come with it, or even grieve. But it's deep soul work. So there is a whole bunch of homework that comes with it and I expect people to follow through with the homework. So a part of that is allowing yourself to grieve and feel and then release and then forgive yourself.

But I try to remind people all the time that. We are beings of experience. The whole purpose of earth is experience. If you know that murder is wrong, guess what? It's likely because you've done it and you've dealt with the guilt and you don't ever wanna do it again. There's a reason you have a strong reaction to that.

It's because [00:44:00] you've been involved in that somehow, whether it's being a victim or. Accidentally hurting someone or tragically murdering someone, you understand the repercussions of that behavior. You understand the repercussions of that action, cuz you have lived it some. So we are beings of experience.

So the idea is we've all done these things, and that's what allows us to understand it so deeply. And when we heal it, we come into a place of compassion and nonjudgment, we come into a place of deep soul level understanding where we can now heal and help other people through some really deep. Stuff, you know, that's where the whole concept shatter work comes into place.

Shatter work is those deep subconscious belief systems and pains and traumas that we are so scared to surface because we're so scared of that judgment or what people think of us or what society might say about such an awful thing that we carried. And many times when we surface it, we realize it really wasn't as scary as we imagined it.

And the idea is you bring light to the shadow, right? You surface it, you share it. You [00:45:00] have someone. Understand your wounds deeply and therefore clear them and bring peace to them. You are never gonna heal a wound by guilting yourself and calling yourself bad names and telling yourself what an awful person you were.

You only heal it through compassion and love. So we have to go back and say, Hey, I might have done those things, but it's time to release that, to love that version of me and to give them the opportunity to make peace with that through corrective. because guilt is never gonna solve anything. Guilt is never gonna bring peace to that.

Guilt is never gonna help me grow or find a solution to that issue. So as much as we might want to stay stuck, Sorry about that. As much as we might want to stay stuck in that type of experience or in that guilt or in that self sabotage, it's really important for everybody to know that it's not actually ever gonna be a solution, right?

The solution is forgiveness. A solution is completion doing good helping others, making peace with it. So karma.

Will: back to full circle, nicely [00:46:00] done. You see? Yeah. yeah. All right. So you do do this for people, but I do know that you are pretty backed up. At least from what I heard during the lecture, you're pretty backed up with people who are seeking your services, but if someone was willing to wait and they wanted to reach out to you to ask you to help them with this kind of thing what's the best way for them to.

Jessenia: so my cash reports are booking, I think March next year. But I do have zooms that are booking this year still. There's a bunch of options on my website, but the best way is always my website. So that's my name? Just Senia. Nelo. Dot com. And I'm on a bunch of social media pages as, so architect Yesenia.

So I'm a Facebook, Instagram. I don't too much with my TikTok, but I'm there. Um, so that's, you know, the greatest way to reach out or to contact me website has all my social media links and my email.

Will: well, we're gonna go ahead and add those links to our show notes. So if you're listening to, to this on your phone right now, just hit that I information button, you'll see the links directly. You can just click it and you can get connected to [00:47:00] Yesenia immediately. If you're listening to this on the radio, you can always go to skeptic on her episode page, you'll find the same links there.

So you could actually access. Directly. She mentioned very, very briefly, very slightly her book. Right. We'll have that link in that show notes as well. If you're interested in finding out the book that Jo wrote. So I don't have the word to say thank you enough for coming on and sharing your expertise with us.

The word karma is a lot more clear, but not anymore. Fun to think about right now. So, but , but, but I do appreciate you coming on the.

Jessenia: Thank you so much for having me. It was really fun.

Will: And thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery. Did you know someone that could benefit from hearing the message we just shared on this show or any of our others? really love it. If you do them a favor in us and share the show with them, it's super easy. You might just help change someone's life.

And if you miss something. Not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be found on our website, skeptic,, where you can also watch the [00:48:00] videos or even send us email or voicemails directly from the site. You can actually even subscribe to the podcast there.

We absolutely love feedback. We'd appreciate hearing from you, but that's all that we have for you for now. We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic IANS until then take care.

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