Law of Attraction, Manifesting, and How to Leverage it Best | Benjy Sherer

Law of Attraction, Manifesting, and How to Leverage it Best | Benjy Sherer

We've all heard about the Law of Attraction and manifesting, even if we don't really have a good understanding of what it is and how to implement it.But have you heard about "reality transurfing"? Or the Law of Least Resistance? Familiar...

We've all heard about the Law of Attraction and manifesting, even if we don't really have a good understanding of what it is and how to implement it.But have you heard about "reality transurfing"? Or the Law of Least Resistance? Familiar with Abraham Hicks?If you said no to any of the above, this episode is definitely for you!There is a fine line between emotional awareness and spiritual awakening, and that is where this week's guest, Benjy Sherer thrives as a mentor and teacher. Guiding people to emotional mastery, Benjy bridges the gaps between psychology, spirituality and philosophy. Those 3 realms are all intrinsically connected in Benjy’s completely unique - and yet intuitively and compellingly simple - approach to self love and emotional mastery.Growing up with a deep existential need for answers, Benjy’s academic background was in Philosophy and World Religions, but that academic search left him pessimistic at the soul level about our ultimate role in this universe and the purpose of life. It wasn’t until after a dark night of the soul and a spiritual awakening of his own that he was forced to dive more deeply into his own inner healing, in order to rediscover his true purpose and learn the skills, tools, and techniques that he teaches to clients today.His overall approach is about “Feelings First”, referring to the notion that we can master our emotions directly, without the need for deep intellectual analysis, ultra-spiritual practices, or pharmaceutical medications. He teaches people how to connect directly with the emotions and sensations of their body - without fear, guilt or shame - and to allow these feelings to run through them so that they can be truly released. It’s about building emotional muscle, not seeking rational answers.As he says, emotional healing is NOT an intellectual activity.But our conversation doesn't end there! Come for the Law of Attraction, stay for the discussion about time, dimensions, ascension and so much more!One of THE MOST brilliant and well spoken men we've had the pleasure of meeting, Benjy will clarify this elusive term better than anyone else you've ever listened to....all rooted in such a deeply practical way that you'll be astounded it hasn't been explained this way before!Think you know the Law of Attraction? Think again!Benjy's BooksFeelings First Shadow Work: A Simple Approach to Self Love and Emotional Mastery (with Journal Prompts)10 Mind Hacks for Quicker Emotional Healing: Hacking Your Brain Training Book for Healing Your Emotional Self.Guest Info:Website: therightson.comFacebook Group: Self Love & Shadow Work: Modern AwakeningsIG: @rightsonphilosophySkeptic Metaphysician Info:Facebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastVisit our website:


Law of Attraction

Will:  [00:00:00]Hey everyone. Welcome back to the skeptic metaphysician. I am excited that you're here with us again today. Karen? Yes. This show. God, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about the show. Have you. Of the law of 

Karen: attraction. Oh my God. So I know you say that I'm just the believer and I believe everything.

And I mean, that's, I mean, sorta true, but not a hundred percent true, but this, I have had it in my life so many times and in a super bizarre, impossible ways. Okay. So 

Will: we're going [00:01:00] to, we're going to get into that, right. So, but I take it that you've heard of the law of attraction. Okay. Well, how about manifesting?

Have you heard about manifesting? Okay. Reality trans surfing, no clue. Well, what if I told you that all three are kind of the same basic principle, but it would little subtleties, right? Well, thankfully we have someone that's much, much smarter than me to be able to give us the concepts behind these three terms.

And so the introduce him, I'm just going to read his bio, which he sent to me because it's perfect. It says growing up with a deep existential need for answers. Benji's academic background was in philosophy and world religions, but that academic search left him pessimistic at the soul level about our ultimate role in this universe and the purpose of life.

And I wasn't until  after a dark night of the soul and a spiritual awakening of his own, that he was forced to dive more deeply into his own inner healing in order to rediscover his true purpose and learn the skills, tools, and techniques that he [00:02:00] teaches to his clients today. And today. He's coming on to talk to us about the law of attraction and manifesting something that's easy to talk about, not so easy to implement.

In fact, this gentleman has so much knowledge in his books, so much information that we had to narrow down to a single chapter in one of his books, and that is this one, the law of attraction manifestation. I'm super excited to introduce to the audience Benji, sharer, Benji. Thank you so much for coming on the show.

Benjy: Oh, it is an absolute honor. I, I only hope that I can live up to that, to that each other. This gave me the bar is set pretty high. So I like a challenge 

Will: we're counting on, you know, honestly, so Benji did send me access to his books.  He was nice enough to give me early access so I could read up on some of his stuff and we can have an intelligent conversation  it is. Mind blowing. Right? Cause he does talk about it in the spiritual side, but also in the scientific side. So it's right up. My alley is perfect. [00:03:00] So Benji, I don't even want to talk anymore.

What is law of attraction manifesting in most of all reality, trans surfing. What is that? What are those terms? 

Benjy: Okay. Well, each of those, as you mentioned, they're basically just different lenses for looking at , one in the same universal principle that is simply guiding the way that things work all the time.

And as you mentioned a moment ago, it does work both on the spiritual side of things, as well as on the scientific side of things, whichever side you want to go at it for him. Whichever angle you're looking at it from any one of these terms, basically talks about the connection between your intentions, your beliefs, and your energy on the one hand and what you are going to experience in the three-dimensional world on the other.

So talking about the connection between your inner world and your outer world, and this notion of being a co-creator in this world. What does it mean to be a [00:04:00] co-creator? It means that your inner world and your outer world are constantly working at any given moment to create each other. It's sort of like that, that classic painting where one hand is drawing and other, so your thoughts, your beliefs, your intentions, and your energy, and the way that you look at things, your perception is constantly guiding.

What you are going to experience, from the outer world. And then what you experienced from the outer world is going to influence what you think and what your beliefs are and how you know, what your disposition is, what your energy and your emotion is. And then those energies and dispositions and emotions are going to help guide you in one direction or another to what you will experience and around and around and around.

Now there are. 

Will: So basically then you sorry to interrupt, but basically what you're saying is like, if you, if you're putting positivity out, that's what you're going to get back. If you're putting negativity out, that's what you're gonna get back. Is it [00:05:00] something like You hang around with people who are constantly negative and it influences you to ha to, to attract negativity towards you.

Is that 

Benjy: the kind of thing you're talking about? That that is exactly what I'm talking about, but I think that there are some distinctions to be made because like, We need to understand on the one hand, the energetic side of things. And on the other hand, the practical side of things, and there is a way in which they're connected, but I think the biggest problem is that people get this, both of them confused.

So they word things in this way where it's like, okay, well, if I hang around good people, then it's going to attract good energy into my life. And that statement, which is basically what you just said.  The first half of that statement was about practicality.

The second half of the statement was about energy. And when we're looking at it through both lenses at once, this is where people get a little lost in the [00:06:00] law of attraction and manifesting and where they are. You know, do kind of believe that like, oh, well look, if I just think about gold bars enough, then eventually the universe is going to come and dump a truckload of gold bars in front, in my house.

It doesn't work. I've tried to be safe here. I've tried to do so. Those are the, exactly the things that I'm talking about. But though they're are the two separate sides of the coin that on the one hand, if we're going to look at it through it, yeah. Whatever energy you cultivate within yourself, whether it's love happiness, abundance, joy, bliss, or on the other end of things, shame, guilt, fear, whatever.

Then that is the energy that you live in. And at the energetic and spiritual level, you are constantly attracting that sort of thing and pushing it away. That is the exact same thing. As noticing that if I hang around really negative people, I'm going to be more negative. And not only that, [00:07:00] I'm going to continue to resonate with negative people and therefore the cycle will continue.

So both of those sides of the coin, they're both looking at the exact same phenomenon, but through two different lenses and. What I think, you know, this whole, you know, the skeptical metaphysician is, is really about that concept as a whole is trying to bring those two worlds together in a way that actually makes sense a little bit.

So I think that's the, that's the idea behind that chapter in my book and behind what we're really talking about. 

Will: So that all sounds great in, in a lot of buzz words around all that kind of stuff, but, you know, you mentioned the skeptic metaphysician emphasis on skeptic, not how could it be possible for someone to change the way they think and cause things to attract.

Through just the power of [00:08:00] thought, or like you mentioned changing your energy or in your book, you mentioned tuning your vibrational frequencies to that, that you want to attract to you in this three dimensional world. Right? We're taught that the only way to get something to happen is it to work hard and make it happen, go out there and make it.

All right. So how do you, how do you not, I don't want to say justify, but how, how do you make sense of this in this type of world that we live 

Benjy: in? Okay. So on that end of things, We start with the practical perspective, because as I was mentioning to you both before we actually started the recording here and we started chatting, I myself, same as you came from this very skeptical position.

I spent my life searching for answers and I, by the end of my degrees, I was still stuck in this Newtonian view of the world. Just this three-dimensional sort of view, even though I already knew about quantum mechanics and I was already starting to veer in that direction. [00:09:00] The paradigm of my perception of reality was still in this three dimensional view.

So I was coming at it from that very skeptical point of view and. In order for my, for me to allow myself to even interview investigate some of these more spiritual notions, I needed them to make sense at the practical level. So if you're asking me, how do we start like that? Then let's, let's start with the practical elements of it.

That if the example that I like to use is let's say. You truly believe that you are always going to be poor. That that is your core belief like that. You know, you were raised poor, you're going to die poor, and there is no part of you that believes for even one instance that escaping that cycle is anywhere remotely possible.

Then as you go through life, Let's just say in the most extreme circumstance, someone pulls you aside and goes, Hey, I noticed something amazing in you. I want to pay you a hundred thousand dollars in the next two days to teach me something. Whatever is [00:10:00] not a great example. When you are presented. With an opportunity.

You are going to look at it from this very skeptical, very pessimistic, very like, oh, there's no way that this can possibly happen kind of thing. So I'm not, and you're going to look at all of the reasons why, oh, maybe this person is trying to take advantage of me. Maybe they're trying to scam me out of something.

Maybe something horrible is going to happen, or you are going to be rude to that person and aggressive, and they're going to retract the offer. So before we even deal with any. Energetic stuff. We need to understand the practical impact that positive beliefs have on your interactions with other people.

When you believe that people are genuinely good. When you believe that the universe has your back, when you believe that everything is a lesson that is pushing you in the right direction, that is there for your evolution and for your growth, then. You will handle your challenges and your [00:11:00] struggles and your failures in a completely different way.

I mean, there's, there's not a single millionaire out there that hasn't had a hundred failures along the way. And it is very well known that the main difference between those who succeed and those who fail is how many times you can pick yourself back up and keep on moving. Now, when you believe that.

Everything is terrible in the world is out to get you. You don't have that motivation. You don't have that strength. You don't have that passion. You don't have that reason to pick yourself up and keep moving. Every time something comes crumbling down. But when you shift your energy towards this positive mindset, then every moment of your life takes on a different perspective and you get to act differently.

So. The way that I like to look at things is life is kind of like a lazy river at a water park. So you're in your [00:12:00] inner tube and you can steer one direction or another. Let's say you're in this inner tube. So you can steer in one direction or another at any time, but that's it. You can't control your speed.

You can't control the actual route. You can't control how long it's going to take you to get from point a to point B, but you can. Veer to the left or to the right where to the left is fear, guilt and shame into the right is love, trust, faith, that sort of stuff. And at any given moment you're being given the opportunity to choose between love or.

And the more that you choose fear, the more that you create these defense mechanisms and these negative cycles that are only going to keep you pushing people away and rejecting opportunities and being bitter and not making progress in your life. Whereas when you're able to look at whatever you're experiencing through the lens of [00:13:00] love and trust and faith, then you get to keep right.

So at any moment, you're moving in one of those two directions and it's like at a certain point, you're going to get to the next fork in this lazy river. And based on the decisions that you've made along the way, when you reach that next fork, you're either going to be given opportunity a or opportunity B

Will:  So that is a wonderful practical.

 Explanation of the law of attraction. You have satisfied the skeptic in me tremendously, but now,

but now I want to take it further, right? Because you also in the book. Split it up between the practical and the spiritual. And because we're on the skeptic metaphysician. Now we've got to talk on the more esoteric side. Talk to us about the differences between the terms law of attraction, manifesting and reality trans surfing, which you do a great job of explaining 

Benjy: it.

Thank you. So [00:14:00] they're all different lenses of looking at the same overall mechanism. So it's, I imagine like we're, we're thinking about Newton with the apple falling on the ground. This isn't a perfect metaphor, but I think it'll, it'll help explain. So on the one hand we can look at it as.

The earth attracting the apple down through the force of gravity. And let's just say for the sake of this metaphor, for the example, that another way of looking at it would be that the apple is actually attracting the earth to it, or a third way of looking at it would be that both are attracting each other to each other, which is actually closer to the truth, because even a tiny apple has some gravitation.

Paul. So each one of those is simply a different way of looking at the connection between these two objects and why they are going to come together. So that is overall the difference between manifesting law of attraction and reality trans serving. So manifest. Base it like, even take that word. What does manifest [00:15:00] mean?

It means to bring something into reality to create it from scratch. So the idea of manifesting is very much the idea that we are creator beings in this kind of infinite quantum universe and that your. Thoughts and intentions actually brings something into existence. So it's like at this very moment you know, I don't own a porch, but if I think a lot about owning a porch, then in some distant space time, reality, I have now created that Porsche, which through my continue.

Actions in the law of attraction, manifesting is going to bring that into my current reality. So my thoughts and intentions have created it in some far away temporal space and emotional space and physical space. And now I need to work to, you know, collide with that. Whereas law of attraction. Is more saying that, okay, [00:16:00] we already live in infinite parallel universes.

And that thing that you want to bring into your life already exists and you simply need to sort of find it and bring both of you to it. So it's sort of like when. Like that thing, that reality that you want to experience already exists in some other coordinates. And when you start thinking about it, you create this energetic pole between where you are right now and that other universe that's going on.

Whereas reality transfer. Is more about sort of parallel timelines that are all running next to each other at any given time and the ability to switch between one timeline or another. Now I know as the sky, you know, as the similar stuff to you, how insane that all sounds really. Absolutely. And it's. [00:17:00] When you learn how to truly see the world in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration, which is, you know, it's a famous quote by Tesla.

If you want to understand the secret, the secrets of the universe, learn to think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. And when you learn how to actually look through that lens, it's still. Look, it's still hard for us to, to really believe because we are three-dimensional beings right now. And we are sort of, you know, stuck in this three dimensional world at least to some extent, but it does start making sense.

It's not insane. It's like, look, we, we know mathematically speaking that higher dimensions need to Excel. So much of the physics that we have, and this is why quantum mechanics is a known and tested and accepted theory that so much of the phenomena that we know exists that takes place requires higher dimensions in order for the math to actually work out.

So [00:18:00] it's incredibly hard for people like us, for, for people, for people to envision higher dimensions, to actually make sense of what that means. When you can understand how these things work, at least in some basic sense, then it stops becoming insane. It starts to become like, it's still weird. It's still hard for me, Russ to imagine, but I mean, look, it, it's beyond, it's beyond a doubt that we know that these things exist and we've all seen before and some time travel movie or another, where they explain.

How a wormhole works and it's, you know, there's, there's this one point in space and time, and this other point in space and time that we are trying to get through. And it's like,  you're trying to get from this point on the paper, to this point in the paper over here, and you could try and move from one point of the paper to the other, or you can fold the paper on top of itself to move from where you were to this new place that you want to be.

[00:19:00] So that's when we're looking at time as the fourth dimension, or we need higher because they're actually moving through time. So they would actually be a fifth dimension there. But when you can take that same principle and expanded to account for other dimensions, that must exist. Then it starts actually making sense.

And this is the explanation that I give for the spiritual side of things in my book where I talk about the various dimensions. So we're, we're going to presume you can interrupt me at any time. I was just going to 

Will: say that, that I'm glad you brought up quantum mechanics because the reason or the way that I'm being able to wrap my head around any of these conversations I've had over the last, I don't know how many months and months and months of interviews.

Is by applying quantum mechanics to these conversations because otherwise. I'm talking crazy in my own head. Right. But the, but the, the quantum physics model, like the whole Schrodinger's cat, right. Being [00:20:00] alive and dead at the same time, that whole thing, it allows me to go, okay, let me at least take a look at it.

And so I'm glad you brought it up because otherwise, I don't know if we'd have this be having this conversation.  

Benjy: I'm trying to 

Will: sit all in my head at the same time, and I think I'm trans surfing as we talk, because 

Benjy: there's so 

Will: many questions.

There's so many directions I want to hit in that. You know what I, like I said, I'm just gonna let you talk. So let's continue talking about the, the, the different dimensions,  okay. 

Benjy: So. One thing that I mentioned my books. So, so we know mathematically speaking, that, that we require higher dimensions in order to make sense of a lot of how this universe actually functions.

Now, the problem here is that, so we know this mathematically based on numbers, based on calculations, but math cannot possibly tell us anything about what, what are these extra dimension? They, they, they can only tell us quantity. Math can only give us a necessity for [00:21:00] quantity. It can't give us a necessity for quality.

So we know that multiple dimensions exist, but we don't really know. What those dimensions consist of. Okay. So what is a dimension? You know, and so we think of the dimensions of space. It's an infinite spectrum that we vibrate in and move through an experience on a day to day basis. We are experiencing the physical world and at least theoretically, there is no beginning and no end to, you know, space.

There, there are no limits specifically. So it's this infinite spectrum that we vibrate in, move through an experience. On a day-to-day basis. That is a fundamental part of our reality time, which is another dimension, an infinite spectrum, which we vibrate in and move through and experience on a daily basis.

The difference between space and time that the most salient difference is that we have some relative control over our movement through space. But basically no relative control over our movement through time. So I say relative control over our [00:22:00] movement through space, because look, I can get up and walk to the bathroom and that's I'm in control, but the earth is currently rotating around the sun and the sun is going through its own.

So that there's so most of our movement through spaces is beyond our control, but we can. Move a little bit more consciously through the dimensions of space, then we can through the dimension of time, which we're pretty much just stuck on what seems like our linear path through a more multidimensional space, time space doesn't work.

So. What else might be a dimension along those lines. Now this is definitely where we're getting, this is all my own in my own theories. And there's no, you know, people have to decide for themselves whether they resonate with this statement or not. But to me, what I see as the fifth dimension is emotion.

Emotion is an infinite spectrum that we vibrate in and move through an experience on a day to day basis. that forms a fundamental element of our [00:23:00] reality without which I mean life would not be at all what it is right now. So I believe that emotion is one of these dimensions and we can look at other, I mean, light might be a dimension.

Now energy is a different dimension. There are all sorts of different dimensions that make up the wholeness of who we are. Now our consciousness, Benji will Karen stuck inside these bodies right now, are we, you know, we know ourselves to be experiencing the dimensions of space and the dimensions of time.

And there are these other intangible things that we are experiencing, like emotion. So now here's where we come back to manifesting the law of attraction, which is that. We actually have more control over our movement through the dimension of emotion than we do through any, through either of the other dimensions.

When we are in charge of our emotions, when we have done our emotional healing, dealt with our trauma, when we know [00:24:00] how to stay in the vibration of unconditional love and compassion, even when you know, people are being rude to us in the world is getting down on us when we know how to navigate. That dimension of emotion a little more fully than we can help ourselves move closer and closer towards what we want in the other dimensions as well.

imagine that the, the reality that you want to experience has a particular set of space, time and emotion coordinates. Think about, you know, a fi well, let, let's start off. Think about a two dimensional graph. Okay. You've got your height. You've got your wed. Let's say that's space and that's time.

So if we're trying to get to a certain set of coordinates over there, we want to. Get to a certain set of coordinates in space and a certain set of coordinates in time. Now, if we expand that to a fifth dimensional view of the world, [00:25:00] then we want to get to a certain place in space. We want to get to a certain place in time and we want to get to a certain emotion.

That's the universe we want to live in that those five dimensional coordinates. Now, if we want to get there as quickly as possible, then we can move into those coordinates. Through the dimension of emotion and therefore we're already a little closer to that place we're trying to get to, and we can go there a little more directly.

So it sounds 

Will: like you're saying each dimension has some sort of pull on the other. So by changing your reaction in the emotional dimension, you get yourself to. Whatever you can in time, which we can't, we can't physically touch. It's a, it's an astounding way of explaining. And I absolutely love it. I've never heard it explained that way [00:26:00] in the dimension of emotion.

just excites me. I've never heard it before,   

Karen: as you're talking, my mind's kind of going in all these different directions and I don't know why, but, well, I went to Catholic school for 12 years, so religion pops into my head and.

I remember somewhere, there was a saying that you have to become a child again, before you can go to heaven. And I'm listening to you talk about, you know, the emotion and I'm thinking you have to be open-minded and children are really open-minded and they believe in, and I have manifesting right. As a kid, there were things I believed in and they happened that should not have happened.

But then as you get older kind of life kind of smacks you back down, but maybe, you know, like the Catholics say you have to become a child to go to God. Maybe this is the same thing you have to be. Oh, you have to reopen your mind to be able to get to that. Next mentioned, 

Will: I'm just going to put the two of you in a room and let you guys talk because you're both blowing my mind.

This is, this is hard. 

Karen: It's always the same message, just different ways. It seems 

Benjy: like. Yeah, that, that's definitely a big, like, we're all just filtering the same truth through our own [00:27:00] sort of lens and yeah, th that's that, that element, I mean, we're sort of branching off to another topic here, but that is what allowed me, you know, for talking about the skeptical metaphysician, that realization.

That it's always the same truth through a different lens is what allowed me to start looking more and more into these things. I started noticing the connection between basically every religion and belief system, as well as Newtonian physics and quantum mechanics, that they were all telling us the same basic truth, but through a different lens where.

We all just kind of chose a side, a little too much that like they are it's, you know, when a white light gets shined through a prism and it becomes the whole spectrum of light. On the other side, I saw it as like, okay, well, Judaism is red and Christianity is blue. And then quantum mechanics is orange and then Newtonian physics is yellow and psychology is purple.

They're all just [00:28:00] refractions of. Actual white light truth on the other side of this, which is that, you know, where we're actually all one, we're actually spiritual beings having a human experience right now that it really all is all about love. You know, that all of those most cliched things that we've heard about the universe and God, or earth or life over and over and over are actually so fundamentally true that we've just put too many labels and forms on them.

So they sound. Insane until someone comes along, who's able to put it into terms that fit with the new paradigm that we are living in right now. So this is like, okay. I was just out. On a canoe trip with, with some buddies of mine. And we were talking about how it's, it's known now, scientifically proven that trees talk to each other, using fungus under the ground to send messages so that, you know, cheese can send [00:29:00] resources from one to another, or, you know how, I don't know all of the details about it, but it is known that trees communicate through this underground nervous system.

Of fungus as a singular organism. Now, when I say it in those terms, that makes enough sense for us as a skeptical metaphysics like that, that makes sense. That's science, right. But when the, when the English came and took over north America and the native Americans tried to tell us like, oh yes, trees have consciousness and, and talk to each other just sounded insane.

So we gave them a smallpox and killed them all off and we moved on with our lives. So. It's so much of what we are coming to learn is coming full circle with spiritual truths from the past. And that is how some of us can overcome that, that hurdle of our skepticism. It's we really are [00:30:00] all talking about the same truths, just with different language, through different lenses.

And when we stop and realize that language is imperfect, and maybe we can. Try and understand each other a little better and actually accept the very real, weird truths of this universe. 

Will: I don't know if I could say it any better. We we've talked to, they show a lot about the fact that we're on the same journey.

We just have different paths to get to it. I literally, probably in every show we talk with the fact that it just more and more, it. Proving to me that just pick a path. It doesn't matter which path is pick a path. Eventually all of them will reach the same place. I do want to go back to the, the emotional Context of what you were talking about because you do hear when part of my experience has, was to crazy enough, join a coven, right?

To find out whether this stuff was, was all real or not. And one of the big teachings in it is for you to make any spell work. You [00:31:00] have to imbue a certain amount of emotion into it, whether it's fear or anger or joy or love by an each one of them had a different. Vibrational rate and one was stronger than the other, depending on what you're trying to do.

So it makes great sense what you're talking about, but I keep going back to it because I can't believe how well you put it all together and how no one's thought of it before. I don't understand. 

Benjy: Well look, most, most people you know, I, I, I spent my life preparing for this and searching for these answers and doing this.

Most people come across this stuff and they're just looking, you know, to, to pull the good feely elements out of it. You know, they hear about the law of attraction and they, you know, they believe, oh, well, th th then that means that I can have whatever I want in my life. And that's great. That's awesome.

But they, they pull only that part of it and they completely miss all of the lessons around it. Something that people need to understand about the law of attraction and manifesting, which is true for a [00:32:00] lot of spiritual concepts. Twin flames, for those of your listeners who resonate with that. Cause I, anyways other, other things like that law of attraction and manifesting is founded on a paradox where the only way to truly make the law of attraction work.

Is to not try and make it work for you. And when you can really understand that paradox and how that works, then we can overcome this skepticism as well. Because, so from a spiritual perspective, when they, when we're practicing law, The first thing that you need to do in order to bring something into your life is to attain that frequency within yourself.

First as a basic rule of the law of attraction. If you want to experience love coming into your life, then you need to cultivate that energy of love inside of you. If you want to bring in abundance, then you need to feel abundant right here. Right [00:33:00] now, you need to cultivate that. In sight of yourself.

That's number one. Number two is you need to release all attachment and desire to needing that thing to be true because the energy of wanting or desiring something is the exact opposite of the energy of having it. So those are the two basic rules. If you want to attract something into your life, you need to already feel as, as if you have it and you need to release the important.

Of having it well, here's the secret there by the time you are in the right energy to manifest that, which you want won't matter at all, because you'll already feel as if you have it in a won't matter to you, if you have it. So, bye. Like w what we've learned through what you learned through that paradox.

We went analyzing that, is that the only way or not the only way, but the easiest way [00:34:00] to get everything that you want in your life is to learn how to just be happy regardless. And then now you live your life from this happy blissful, optimistic, and, you know, opportunity chasing way where every moment of your life has already been.

And now you have that right attitude and that right belief system and the right energy to make the connections that you should make and to follow all of your intuitions and to go in the direction that the universe is pointing you in order to get to that place that you're going to. So even if we're talking about, let's say Abraham Hicks, you know, one of the biggest advocates for the law.

Which he talks about a lot is when you put these intentions out into the universe, the universe is going to show you the path of least resistance. Now, a lot of people, I think misinterpret that term, they, they think that the path of least resistance [00:35:00] means that is the quickest way to it. That like, Ooh, if I put that intention out now, it's going to happen five seconds from now.

That's not what path of least resistance means. It means. The most blissful, the most happy, the easiest path where you get to just live and be yourself and enjoy every moment of every day until you eventually naturally arrive at this place that you believe you're trying to get to. But as you learn to master the law of attraction, you learn more and more and more that the thing that you think you want.

Is not actually what you want, what you actually want is the emotional experience of having it. And in order to actually get it in the external world, you first need to feel as if you have it. So that is the paradox that in circles, everything well, I mean, it's a 

Will: total catch 22. 


Benjy: Awesome. That's fantastic.


Will: talked about stuff that [00:36:00] is, it can be found in Wayne Dyer's books. You have talked about the seven spiritual laws of success from Deepak Chopra. You've talked about all of these things that are spoken about in very, very metaphysical terms in these other people's books, but you have brought it into such a.

Practical explanation. You know, you've got to read this book, then you gotta, you gotta read these guys' books.  You find this conversation in as half a quarter, as interesting as I'm finding it right now, these are the books for you because this Benji you are brilliant. I mean, you are by far probably one of the smartest men I've ever met, and I'm unbelievably humbled that you're here.

Super inadequate so 

Benjy: well, that is not at all. True. I promise you that 

Will: it's truly, it makes it makes perfect sense. And as you're speaking, it's filling me with excitement and joy and anticipation, but everything you say makes perfect sense, but it's not so [00:37:00] easy to get.

Right. So how does someone go about being comfortable, not having what they want be in order to get what they want? 

Benjy: Okay, well, so that's, that's a big question, but I would add my, my, my summary answer for that. And I'll, I'll go a little bit into more detail in just a moment, but my summary answer for that.

Teaching people how to get there is the main, that's my main work. That's what I do. So, we've been talking about what I wrote in my book, 10 mind tacks for quicker emotional healing. That's chapter 10 in there, but my main book is feelings. First shadow work, where I show people a much simpler way of overcoming their emotional wounds and getting to that place where you're okay.

Just with whatever's going on. So people can check that out, but to give you some sort of an. I think that the, the short Mr. Answer that I could give you or the, the Mo like, cause there's a lot to talk about here, how to actually get it. So, I mean that we would talk about emotional healing and releasing trauma and [00:38:00] dealing with fear because everything stems from.

You know, fear about not having enough or not attaining what we think we want and like everything stems from fear. So when you can learn how to conquer fear inside of you that is then how you can sort of maneuver your life on a day by day basis without needing to be anywhere other than where you are.

But the short answer that I can give. Which is, might be a little frustrating for you to develop this higher perspective about your life, what the journey that you're on right now as the skeptical metaphysician, trying to allow yourself to believe in a higher perspective is overall what we're doing here.

And this is what Ascension means for those of your listeners that are into that or five D you know, the, the new earth. It's all about this higher perception where removing from. Our intellectual strictly intellectual mind based approach to the world to a more heart and soul centered version. And when you can [00:39:00] start to accept a higher perspective on your life, where the things that you think you want in the 3d world are less important than your spiritual and emotional evolution.

Then you can actually learn to accept where you are a little bit better, because so sure. I'm not living in a mansion in Hawaii right now, and then surfing every day or doing whatever, because that's what maybe that's what 3d version of me wants. Actually, if I'm going for dream lives, I'd rather be Freddie mercury and touring the world as, as a singer.

But maybe I'm not living that life. And the 3d version of it. Benji really lament the fact, I mean, pre-list is, don't take that too harshly. I love the work that I'm doing, but part of the fact that I'm not Freddie mercury and I'm not living that dream life that I think that I want, but higher Benji high, my higher self, and, you know, the, the soul that came into this life as Benji to, to do [00:40:00] whatever knows that I came in with different goals and with, with just a different perspective.

And so the things that, you know, 3d Benji want. Is not necessarily in alignment with what my heart wants and that's, you know, I'm not going to get into this, but that's how I ended up doing what I'm doing. My heart has been pushing me in this direction, my whole life, but my head was confused. Like I was restricted to this three dimensional view of the world.

So my head wanted all of these things, but my heart was always pushing me in this direction. And this is where. We start bridging the gap a little bit because there is a very fine line between emotional awareness and spiritual awakening. That is that the little crux. When you learn to truly connect with your emotions, to move from your head and into your heart and to start experiencing life through the lens of emotions, just as [00:41:00] much as through the lens of intellectual life.

Now you're connecting to the non-physical elements of your experience of reality, which is leading you towards this more spiritual understanding of what's going on, because all like, you know, the way that I describe spiritual awakening is emotional. It's you know, think about actual puberty where like, as a human being, you have these sexual organs and you have this potential for sexuality inside of you.

But until puberty, those elements of yourself are latent. They haven't come online yet. They haven't developed yet. And most of us are living with our hearts closed up. As a result of trauma. And as a result of just the world that we're living in and spiritual awakening is when these latent potentials for greater emotion inside of you come online and it's weird and it's confusing.

 It's like, you're the first person in your town to go through. And you're trying to [00:42:00] express to them, like, no, there's more to this world. I can feel it it's here. And they're all like, no, you're nuts because I haven't felt that, so no, you're wrong.

Will: That's a great way. Great way of explaining it. I feel like we, the three of us could talk for hours and hours and hours. The books are 10 mind hacks for quicker emotional healing. Feelings first shadow work. You also have a Facebook group  

Benjy: called self-love and shadow work. Modern.  For those of your listeners who are interested. The book is available. The audio book is also available  I'm sure you all. You'll be. Absolutely of you who don't want to read the audio book.

Will: He makes it really easy for us. I will definitely put direct links to those inside the episode description app skeptic, So it's easy for you to access Benji. I've been told that God, the universe, whatever you want to call it, the divine is constantly sending messengers  to help everybody.

Get to the next level, what we need to be. I fully believe that you are one of these messengers [00:43:00] because your, message. Astounding in its practicality.  You have a knack of reaching people where it's not rude, right? It is, it is. It's a little bit of woo, but it makes sense.


Karen: It's very understandable. You know, you've kind of brought it down into easy layman's terms and I'm like, okay. I 

Will: get that. Yeah. And I think the world that we're in right now really needs it in that way. So thank you so much for what you're doing. Super important work and I, I truly I'm. I'm in awe.

So thank you very much for coming on the show.  I cannot strongly urge you enough to pick up the books because they are or listen to them to his point because they are fantastic or join his Facebook group. I know I'm going to do that right now because you have mine in such wonderful ways.

Benjy: Well, thank you. I'm I'm sorry. 

Will: Absolutely. Thank you Karen, for joining me again. Oh, this is fantastic. Yeah. And thank you listener for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. [00:44:00] We'd love to continue our conversation with you on Facebook and Instagram. So please find us on skeptic metaphysician on both of those platforms where you can find direct links, not only to our social media platforms, but also to my guests books and Facebook group self-love and.

Modern awakenings as always, if you know someone who would benefit from hearing the messages we shared on this show or any of our others, I hope you'll consider sharing us with that person. It will help grow the show and may just help someone else come to learn, to discover what wholeness feels like.

Miss any of our show today, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be found on our site. Skeptic Some wherever you're listening to us on the radio or online. That's where to go to get all of the episodes in one shot for now. Thanks again for listening in. We'll see you again on the next episode, skeptic, but a metaphysician until then take care.