Learning the Tarot with the Tarot Wizard

"I've been angry that a certain card will show up. It's like why the hanged man at this time? But you find out as you progress through it. exactly why.  And it's a really fascinating process when you're open to it and you start...

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"I've been angry that a certain card will show up. It's like why the hanged man at this time? But you find out as you progress through it. exactly why.  And it's a really fascinating process when you're open to it and you start building that relationship of trust."--Jason D. McKean (The Tarot Wizard)11/24/2021The Skeptic MetaphysicianLearning the Tarot with the Tarot WizardSummaryTarot cards have been representative of the metaphysical for a very long time. These mysterious cards have been the focus of most psychic readings that I've ever been involved with. On this episode, we take a look at just what the Tarot is, how it works and how someone learns to use this mystical tool!Info about our guestBorn into a family of Psychics and Ministers, Jason D McKean is a natural Tarot Advisor whose given grounded and heart-centered advice for thousands of people. He teaches Tarot internationally, conducts Meditation and Past-Life Regressions and has authored the book "Magic Channel Tarot Reading with the Tarot Wizard." Jason is also a producer of best-selling OM chant albums that include OM SANCTUARY, OM ETERNITY, and 108 SACRED OMS, which are played in yoga studios and meditation halls throughout the world.Resources:Magic Channel Tarot Reading with the Tarot WizardGuest Info:Website: jasondmckean.comInstagram: @jasontarotwizardFacebook: @jason.d.mckeanYouTube: Metaphysician Info:Website: skepticmetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast

Will: Hey everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysician. Sadly, I am flying solo today. Karen was not able to join us today and a know that she's going to be super, super bummed about this one, because she is all about the Turo and it just so happens that my guest today is no. As the Touro wizard.

So, you know, she's going to kick herself, you know, she's going to kick me for making sure that this interview happens when she wasn't around, but I want all the answers for myself. So without further ado, my next guest was born into a family of psychics [00:01:00] and ministers. He's a natural Touro advisor. Who's given grounded and heart centered advice to our sons of people.

Now he teaches Touro internationally conducts meditation and past life regressions. And he's even written a book called magic channel two row reading with the Turo wizard. 

Now Jason's also a producer of the bestselling own chant albums that include own sanctuary, own maternity and 108 secret ohms, which are played in yoga studios and meditation halls throughout the world. I can only imagine that you can only imagine how excited I am to welcome Jason de McKean to the show.

Welcome Jason, to skeptic when a 

The Tarot Wizard: position. Well, thank you so much. And to, to Karen, I am so sorry that you're missing. Yeah, she's 

Will: gone mad. She's going to be 

The Tarot Wizard: mad, mad, but but well, I'm happy to be speaking with, well, it's, 

Will: it's truly my pleasure. Because you are the Turo wizard.

So first and foremost, we need to level set the interview, right? Is this [00:02:00] the TRO, is this what you do for a living? How, like how much experience do you have in the. 

The Tarot Wizard: Yes, it is what I do for a living. And you know, I've, I've been around metaphysics for about the last 30, 35 years or so.

And I've worked with a lot of authors who are our, our name authors guys like Jess stern, who brought to Edgar Casey to the fore Dick , who, who brought Sedona, Arizona into a consciousness there into the, in the new age roam his wife, Tara suction is my sister. And we have, have worked in, in various workshops and a lot of different parts of the, the metaphysical field for, for many, many years.

And so, you know, I've, I've been around the Turo, but it was about 10 years ago that I just started diving into it. And I think I was ready. I think my, my age and experience just allowed for me to be ready and to, to offer my services as a counselor, which, you know, I feel that the, the Touro is like this, this perfect guide that allows for one to see.

All of the, the spectrum [00:03:00] of human experience and then be able to find where you're at in that spectrum. And, and for one to see, am I happy with where I am at, or if I need to move through something, you know, to get through a tough place to get to a more balanced place within myself. Right. So 

Will: what makes someone decide to become a tarot reader?

I mean, there's so many different types of career paths out there. Did you just wake up one day and go, that's it, that's what I'm going to do? 

The Tarot Wizard: Uh, It was a little bit more complicated than that as far as the, the real story behind it is. I, I was ending one one job of being in a a company, a metaphysical company that, that job was ending.

And so I was looking for the next thing, but there was an opportunity in, in Los Angeles to, to be in a to be part of a, a pilot for a reality show that was you know, going to be metaphysically based. And and I was asked if I wanted to play the part of, of a Touro wizard and I was like, oh yeah, yeah, that sounds like fun.[00:04:00] 

And. It was something that it didn't eventually just pan out, but the, the pilot didn't, but I got hooked as far as the, the part of reading the Toro and just being there for others. It, it was like a, a logical step in, in my own personal evolution. And and so, you know, it's been. A very interesting road of being that beginner reader.

And then just like, you know, coming up to a level that I'm at now, 

Will: how did you end up learning the Touro? You decided that you were interested in it.

 People are drawn to the Touro and certain decks, specifically speak to them specifically. And some people think that speaking with the TRO is is a sign that you're conversing with a devil, for example, right? There's all kinds of things. Good and bad about the Trello.

 Some people think that it comes innately to some people, other people believe that they, they can work into developing these abilities. How did you become. Professional tarot reader. 

The Tarot Wizard: when the, when the pilot was going on, I just threw myself into it. It was baptism by fire, [00:05:00] meaning that at every waking moment I was studying something, I was looking at the cars, I was memorizing key words for each card.

I was just really diving in. And you know, I, I thought that it was going to be something that I would be you know, just having to draw upon memory for readings and things like that. But, but as I progress through it, I, I saw that it was much more than that. I found that it was about creating this, this sacred space with, with others.

And, and that you, you, you sit with someone and you allow for. There their life, their energy and all to, to just kind of unfold in front of you. And then you're able to you know, help guide them. You're you're you know, it, it, it became more of a calling. Well, rather than it just being like this, this job that I was being hired for, you know, because I had a long white beard.


Will: And that's a really great distinction we've got to make. Right. Because we've been talking about the fact that it's your vocation. and you do this for a living and all I can assault, but, but really at the end of the [00:06:00] day, it's really, it's a calling more than more so as someone I remember back in the day Ms.

Cleo or whatever, it was out there that we, you know, the, psychic hotline. And, and I don't know, she I'm sure she was a lovely human being, but at the end of the day, they were, they were just trying to get your, you know, seven 50 per minute on this phone call. But most of the people that get into tarot reading or really get into it because they want to try to help people.

Right. And some folks believe that it's a gift that was given to them. And you touched on something that was interesting to me. You said you focus on key words for each of the cards to enable, to memorize the meaning behind the cards. Now I've heard. Yeah, sure. The cards have different meanings in the gentlemen that we have on the, on the show.

Last time actually had a book that he was reading from when you pulled the. That said, oh, this card represents blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But from my understanding, and please correct me if I'm wrong from my understanding those keywords, those definitions are those, the things that the card stand for are really meant to be just a door that help bring out, bring forth the actual message that is supposed to come out.

It's not [00:07:00] supposed to be so rigid that says, death. There's going to be transformation. You're going on. There is credible transformation, but, but much more. So it opens a door, a gateway to the actual message to come through. So it's really tapping into your, I don't want to say psychic senses, but your intuition is that kind of how you 

The Tarot Wizard: see that.

Yeah, absolutely. And that's something that I didn't quite understand when I, when I started out, it, it again, I was, I was looking for it to be a little bit more like, like factory work, right? You it's like, you're, you know, you, you, you're looking to get a spot on message because that's what the cards say.

And, you know, it's like next, you know, bring on the next reading and then you give your message and then the next, and, and I found out that, that it really isn't like that factory work, that you can use the card as a springboard for that, that intuitive hit. That's going to come up and oddly enough, it's like you, you start to see where your own life and your own experiences and just your, [00:08:00] your own intuition, how it starts to come into the, the blend.

The, the final mix there and, and then you give voice to it and it's it's that process that in my classes and I'll, I, I hope that, you know, I give people opportunities to find their own voice and to start creating that mix of intuition and, and what the, the, the cards give us permission to, to speak about some tough situations.

If it were up to just a, an individual to pull cards for someone, it'd be like, well, you know, I'm just going to pull the rainbow and unicorn cards for you and say that life is great, right? And then, you know, you pull the nine of swords and, you know, the tower and you know, these things and, and it gives you an opportunity to, to recognize that, you know, we're all going through.

And, and to see how we can move through those difficult situations. Right. 

Will: And you mentioned your students, so it's important to note also the, not just you do readings for people, but you actually teach folks how to read the Turo. Is that right? 

The Tarot Wizard: Yeah. It's [00:09:00] started a few years ago doing live classes and a metaphysical bookstores.

I'd go to the stores and, you know, maybe they'd offer classes there and I'd say, Hey, you know, I, I teach row or, you know, we can do a meditation or so. And so it started there. And then with the the pandemic pandemic a year and a few months now going, it's like all went online and so I teach three classes a week in, in English.

And then I also teach in Japan where with the Japanese community, we do a, a Turo class that is it's translated. What, what touch you on the homeboy? Got squishy. Hamachi MAs 


The Tarot Wizard: beg your pardon, right? Basically that's I speak very little Japanese and so, my, my wife is Japanese and. You know, after 20 years of marriage, I'm ashamed to say that I still speak squishy and 

Will: nosh MAs.

Well, that is very impressive. , do you feel, since you teach people how to read the Toro, do you feel that anyone can learn to read it or is it really based on a gift?

The Tarot Wizard: You know, I [00:10:00] have seen. People who they don't have like a, a formal knowledge of what the cards mean and all, but they, they have a knack for that, that intuitive part of it. And for creating that, that space and, and delivering a message that is helpful to someone I mean, there are, there are people that they have a longer way to go as far as with the Toro and like getting all of the, the mechanics into play of it, which is, again, it's not just looking at the card and saying, well, that means this.

And that means this. And so that, it's where there, there is this understanding of where a person is at. And it's like, they're, they're tuning into, to someone's energy and. Well, you know, whether someone is right across from you like, in, in live means like if they're in person or if they're a thousand miles away, I find that the ability to tap into someone's energy is still so relevant.

Will: so that brings up to us to a point. I kind of alluded to it a little bit [00:11:00] earlier, but I actually have a friend. I know it's an acquaintance. Someone went to high school with who actually believes to this day, that tools like the Weegee board and the chiro and crystals and things like that are tools of the devil, right?

That they are everything that you're getting, all the messages, the messages that you're getting that you're in party are really not meant to help us. They're really meant to deceive us, lead us in a different, in a wrong direction. They feel that it is a sin to. Tap into these energies. And in fact, we're tapping into Satan, not God or not the universal life energies to those people.

How can we assure them that this actually is meant to be a tool that is used for good? 

The Tarot Wizard: So my motto is to look for that, which is helpful, hopeful and healing. And, you know, it's like my, my path, my spiritual path has been one of of being helpful to others. It's like, you know, when I first voiced the, the it was the eternal home back in 1991, that was, that was [00:12:00] before you were born.

Well The, the energy of that was what was incredibly helpful to, to someone to place them in a an environment, this, this like sound environment where they could be in a calm space, they could they could travel on their, their own inner spiritual journey. And, you know, it just helps create that space for that.

And, and that, that showed me that it's like, if one's intention is to be of, of service, to be helpful to others, to, to not look to control a, a person's will you know, it's like none of the readings that I give are ones that say, oh, you have to do this. You should do this. It's about looking at, at where they're at and, allowing for them to see where it is that, that, you know, they need to go as far as, you know, it, it creates again, this, this space of non-judgment where, where one can look at at their own situation and, you know, come [00:13:00] to any sorts of conclusions about what is best for them.

It's not about me saying what is best for someone it's about someone really looking at their own life and saying, you know what, I, this is what I'm I'm feeling. And this is the direction that do I need to go in? And, and it doesn't always happen right there in the session. It just, it allows for, for someone to, to start asking questions about who it is, who it is that they are becoming who it is that they need to be.

So that You know, I, feel that a lot of what the, the tarot can help people see is, is their connection with their own spiritual life, their own purpose, their own divine connection. And in that it can allow for them to start to be invested in their life and, and to stay connected. And so I'm, I'm not there to, to tell someone again, you know, like what to do the direction to go in.

It's like, there's these, these potentials that are laid out there. And, and it's for that, that self discovery for someone [00:14:00] to say, you know, this, this. What is, is drawing me towards, towards this direction. 

Will: It's a great answer. Great points because we've talked on the show a lot about the fact that everyone has their own path and whatever path you're on is the exact path for you, as long as you're on a path, because we're all going to the same place at one at the end of the day.


The Tarot Wizard: and I have a part in, in, in my book that says, you know, we're, we're not always yeah, we're, we're all on the path. Right. But we can be at different points on that path. And it's and it's not about a judgment of saying, well, I'm way ahead of you. You know, I'm more advanced than you. It's just, you know, we're, we're all part of that, that eternal flow of energy.

And, and so our experiences are our own connections. It will, it will just have us there at a certain point and. You know, I, I find that you know, the, the people who, who come to me with a question it's like, it's usually uh, people, the they're in a place of, of wanting to know they're in a place of maybe confusion of of not [00:15:00] wanting to well, they're, they're not in a, in a super place just saying, you know, tell me what, what my life is, because they're there.

If someone is in a, in a good place, then they're usually you know, not that interested in a tarot reading to, to verify that it's mostly when, when someone is a little bit down or are confused. And I find that. You know, it, it can be very helpful for them to see that someone else sees that, that the reader can see that and that the reader can help open up some potentials for them to to, to, you know, go in a certain direction again, if it has to resonate with the, with the, the, the person who is getting the reading the quadrant.


Will: So have you ever been in a situation where, to your point, someone is down in the dumps and the need a little bit of guidance, they come to you for a reading and you're giving the messages that you're receiving and they are getting maybe angry because they don't like the message that they're getting, or they feel this is not at all, have anything to do with me.

, how does someone know. That, what you're saying is truly a message that's meant to that person or [00:16:00] just your creative being, coming up with something that just occurred to you. That feels the right answer for them. Maybe through body language or something along those lines. 

The Tarot Wizard: Oh, there's, there's been a handful, you know, like out of the thousands of people that I've read there, there have been a, a handful I've had a few hangups, you know, on the phone and it's like, and you know, is it a, a hard answer that I'm giving, you know, as far as it, you know, it can be in the area of relationships, you know, of where, you know, someone is wanting something so badly and then you're telling them, no, you know, that's not what I see for you or that person that you are infatuated with is.

They're there. They're not the one that that's not what I'm seeing. And, and yeah, it's like, there, there can be the the the, the people who will, who will fight that. And the job of the tarot reader is to give what you get, you know, it's not to just, you know, read someone's body language and then just try to appease [00:17:00] them.

It, you know, it it's like to, to trust the Toro, to, to be in that that space is to, is to not, you know, just look for when you're, you're always right. You know, as, as a reader, it's to it's to be of service and, and to you know, give the, the message that you're receiving. And you know, a lot of times it can be in, in a place where, where it resonates with the.

And if it doesn't I try not to take it like personally either way, if someone goes, oh my God, that was the greatest reading ever. Or if they say you know, oh, you're the worst reader ever, although who said that, but, you know, have there been maybe not to your face, right? It's like, I'm I'm to have to go and check my Yelp reviews really.


Will: I'm sure you have a five star rating on 

The Tarot Wizard: Yelp. So, you know, I've, I have a five-star rating on my book on, on my own albums, you know, it's like, I [00:18:00] don't do the work to fail. You know, I, I, I do the work to to succeed, to sustain myself, to again, be of service. If it wasn't the right work for me, then, then I wouldn't be where, where I am, if you know, the, the students that I've had, if, if I didn't have any students, then you know, that that would be an indication that it may be it's time to try something else.

Right. But for the many years that I've done this, it's, it's it keeps building and building and building 

Will: pre COVID in the pre COVID world. That seems so so long ago, but it 

The Tarot Wizard: really was only I'm trying to remember years ago. Yeah, there every once in a 

Will: while, you'd pop up, you know, one of these psychic fairs, you go and you need to have a tarot reader or maybe someone who's who's reading tea leaves or someone who was reading someone's aura or reading the Akashic records for them, that kind of stuff.

 Now psychic fairs are nowhere near as pertinent, right? That don't happen as often because of the pandemic. But in those fairs, sometimes you stumbled on someone that really [00:19:00] had an astounding gift, right? That you sit down with them and you go, wow, this person is not just here for the 20 bucks to help support cancer.

The cancer ward for kids, they are really, they know what they're talking about, but inevitably, a lot of those folks in these psychic fairs were just the Ms. Cleo's right. They're trying to get. So in the event that someone does need some help and wants to go the DRO reading route. Of course, we want them to go to you because you are the DRO wizard, right?

You are the expert. You want them to go to you, but if for some reason they could not reach out to you, what should someone look for in a reader so that they feel confident that this is someone that's going to be able to help them and not just lead them down a crazy goose path? 

The Tarot Wizard: that's, that's a great question because you know, anyone who's, who's looking to like cast a black cloud on you, like right out of the gate and then say, you know, I I'm the one who can help clear that, you know, again, because people will come to a tarot reader because they're [00:20:00] in a, in a place of you know, confusion or sadness or so, and, and so they, they can be.

Easier prey, right? For, for any type of you know, practitioner that would say, ah, you know, I can like sink my claws into this, this person. And, you know, I, the vast, vast, vast majority of tarot readers that I have worked with who are colleagues who work out of the stores and places are, are ethical.

You know, they're, they're not looking just to sink their claws into and, and make you a regular, you, you become a regular by, by giving information. That's how. To someone, but, but looking to, to help empower someone so that, you know, it's, it's not a crutch that, you know, it's like, oh my God, I'm, I'm in this state.

And I need to you know, call my tarot reader now. And it's like, well, you know, you just called yesterday, you know, 

Will: yesterday and today. 

The Tarot Wizard: Yeah. Except for, you know, you can see if someone is just, if they're, if they're not doing the inner work [00:21:00] and, you know, being a, a spiritual person is to, is to know that you have to do the work, you have to you know, take what is you know, sometimes good advice and apply it.

And you know, your, your life doesn't just change overnight. You, you, you have to apply things consistent. And, and start a process of rebuilding yourself or you know, in, in the spiritual world, I always say that, you know, the spiritual path is, is not the easiest path because you're, you're cultivating awareness, a consciousness, a, a higher sense of, of yourself and, and perhaps a, a purpose and all that you're, you're heading towards.

And, you know, it's, it's we, we get all kinds of levels of, of questions, everything from relationships to finances, to the one's own spiritual path. And I, I find that, you know, my, my go-to place or the the, the place that I like to talk with people most is, is their, their spiritual path. Making sure that they're fully [00:22:00] aligned within themselves.

That that they're not battling themselves as far as the direction that they're headed. And, and that you know, we looked to see that the, the Touro pinpoints any areas where one might be lagging or, or not in a nice flow of energy.

Will: Okay. So we've been talking a lot about getting answers and what someone should look into in a tarot reader, but the TRO in and of itself, the deck of cards. How important is that, that the actual deck of cards, is it just a tool that any old deck could do or are, is it, is it the deck itself that holds the magic,

The Tarot Wizard: the deck itself? It's a w one builds a relationship with. I, I kind of stay away from the, the word tool or, you know, it, it, it takes it like it puts it, it depersonalizes it, I guess it, it does have, its it say the Toro does have it say I use mainly one deck when I'm reading, which is the wizard's Turo because I am the Turo wizard, [00:23:00] but the the actual art on it is it's a little bit more gentle than even the rider Waite deck.

And there are some decks that I can't stand. The th they'll have like a visceral aspect or a darker aspect to them. And I don't think that for, for what I do, that it serves a purpose to to either mystify or to scale. Someone, you know, who's, who's looking at the images and, and, you know, there, there are some cards that, that hold a lot of energy on them just by looking at them.

It's like, ah, you know, that you can jump back. You know, if you're you're pulling on a, on someone and like the three of swords comes up and it's like, yeah. It's like, why that one 

Will: pretty much anything with swords. This is why that one to 

The Tarot Wizard: me, mostly that suit of swords is like, yeah, it's, it's it's pretty pretty dicey and slicey.

 You know, there's, there's information in the cards and there that the swords, you know, because the, the mind, it likes to know that's that intelligence center within us, that it can be like the one that, that creates [00:24:00] the most problems for.

Because the, it, it wants to project out into the future. It wants to know so that it can move in confidence. And, you know, we have these other parts of ourselves, our heart center, the, the spirit or our body as well, that the Touro represents that, that have their say. And, and so, aligning all of these together so that, you know, they're, they're, they're not fighting each other.

It's like that when we can align within ourself, then that makes the, the expression of that so much easier. Hmm. 

Will: Very, very deep point. And I love it. But you almost make it sound like the cards have their own personalities or their own consciousness. Is that what you're alluding to? 

The Tarot Wizard: I feel that, you know, everything is in.

And absolutely they will have their, their own energy in that. You know, I mean, if you look at it well, it's like, you know, it's like one is, is in relationship as a tarot reader with a deck of cards, right? And it's like, you, you spread them out and you're just looking at the [00:25:00] backs of the cards.

You're not looking at the, the, the art on the front. You're not saying, you know what, for this person I'm going to choose the chariots and the hermit and the fourth Swartz. It's not, it's not a conscious effort on the, on the tarot readers part. It's, it's one of. That, that the cards that, that you, you know, blindly, blindly quote, unquote, choose, right?

That, that they will start off the conversation. They will begin the messaging and you know, that aspect, it can be terrifying, right. For for, for new readers, it's kind of fun, right. It's kind of exciting. And it's like, oh, this is fun. You know, it's like a game, right. But when, when, again, people are coming to you, there's, there's real situations.

There's problems. There's that, that difficult space that you're, you're looking to, to navigate. It's like, you know, you're in this, this place of trusting the process, every everything has, has energy to it. And, and so by, by trusting that the cards that you're, you're choosing, sometimes they do choose you.

When, when you're [00:26:00] open to that process, you can feel like drawn to a certain card. And it's like, you you, you start creating that, that, that message. And, you know, there are times when it's like, I've been angry that a certain card will show up. Right. It's like Turo. I wanted, you know, something, you know, lighter to come up.

It's like, why, why the, the hanged man at this time. Right. But, but you find out as you progress through it. Exactly why. And it's a, it's a really fascinating process when, when you're open to it and you, you start building that relationship of trust 

Will: That's where the difficult. For someone like me who comes from the world of science and skepticism and practicality.

The Tarot Wizard: Yeah. For, for a card or a 

Will: deck of cards to arrange themselves in a way where they'll give you practical answers that will actually help you, or answer a question that you particularly you have in any given moment or for deck of cards. Like you mentioned before to choose someone, you are who I choose to read me.

It's hard to compartmentalize [00:27:00] in your head when you're coming at it from the realm of scientific, right? So in this day and age of quantum mechanics and Newtonian physics and all that kind of stuff, there's a lot more openness to the fact that there's no such thing as coincidence, but rather a happy accidents that align themselves in a perfect order in order to provide us what we are manifested.

Through our own transference of our consciousness into reality. Right. So I'm trying to, and it's, it's something I've been grappling with for a long time. Now I do believe that the Toronto is incredibly helpful, but I don't understand how it works.

Like how can, how can a certain car just pop up? I mean, the practical guy in me is going to say, well, I mean, just like sometimes people think astrology's incredibly vague and a lot of ways, right. Couldn't that card have fit into any circumstance or does it, is it, is it absolutely have to fit mind? Like, can it be that specific that you display.[00:28:00] 

All question in. I know I asked a lot of questions in that one question, but but I tend to do that. So I apologize if you need to answer whichever one makes the most sense and I'll try to follow up. 

The Tarot Wizard: Well, you know, if one looks at that synchronicity, right, where let's say, you know, you're, you're out like walking out in the, in the world and you turn a corner and you run into someone that, you know, or, or something that is you know, important to you.

It's like, you know, No one can question that right. And say, oh, well, that's a happy coincidence. Right. You know, I I've had circumstances where I've had these disagreements in a, in a a meeting and an evening meeting with a group of people. And then the next day, I'm just out in the world on another side of town, which in Los Angeles, it's a huge town where I run into the person that I had the disagreement with.

And, and we are able to men fences, you know, we're able to, to kind of fix it without like, you know, saying, well, I'm going to go and meet this person. I had no idea. Right. So it's not a conscious effort. [00:29:00] These, these, these moments when. We're not focusing on having a specific, specific result, but we, we, we are in this, you know what I would call this, this aligned flow or it it's when it feels like we're, we're on the path when, when we're we're, we're not eating a lot of resistance where we're, we're meeting the people that we need to, that we're getting the things done that that feel that they're they're of benefit to us.

And, you know, I, I feel that, you know, trying to look at the mechanics of the, of the Touro to, to dissect it and to I don't know that that. I don't know that we're able to look at that, that part of, of spirit and, you know, put it on the put it under the microscope and just kind of figure it out anyway.

And in the tarot, it's, it's a combination of things. It's, it's that our chemical you know, spiritual science where we're one is using their, their intellect, their mind. And they're also [00:30:00] combining that with their, their, their spiritual aspects. You know, it's like, it's like a energy healing too. If, if you've ever been healed by, by someone who is, is like manipulating the, the fields around you, it's like, I've, I've experienced it many times.

And, and it's like, I don't know how that worked right now, but I know it worked and. And I know that the thousands of reads that I've done for others, that, that it's been an energetic transference and that some people have been helped a lot by it. Some, you know, just there's varying degrees of, of, of the effects that that readings can can have.

Will: And you mentioned alignment being in alignment. And that really resonates with me quite a bit because one of the things that I've, I'm starting to really truly understand is whatever it is that you believe is 100%, what is true for you, . So if there was one message I would give to the audience, from [00:31:00] what you're saying is if you allow yourself to be like a child and open your mind to, Hey, I don't know, but I'm willing to find out. You are going to be amazed at this type of things that start happening to you when you open yourself up to this world, because the universe is saying, okay, this person is ready.

Let's, let's give them a little bit more and a little bit more. 

The Tarot Wizard: You know, what I, again, like to look at with the Turo is those areas that, that we feel fulfilled in where if someone has a natural talent or an acquired skill set that they are working on for themselves. And if they're blocking themselves, if they're you know, giving themselves any kind of negative, self-talk where it's like, you know, I'd love to do that, but I just can't, you know, because it's you know, I can't make enough money at it or whatever.

If, if someone is, is, is if their soul is connected to Some, some work or a calling that they want to do and, and they're holding themselves back then, you know, I look to, to the, the terracotta kind of help [00:32:00] show someone where, where it is that they can, can work on most so that they can move through those, those blocks as obstacles and, and feel like they're, they're able to, to move their, their own energy.

They're able to express themselves as a, as a spiritual being, as a physical being. So like, we're, we're here on earth to, to be both. And, and to make sure that that alignment of who it is that we think we are, who it is that, that we know that we are. And we have like the, the talents for it to, to be able to put that out there and, and to, to express it and to see how it lands.

And if we need to make adjustments, then, then, then you know, we, we do. 

Will: Jason. There was a question that you sent me that intrigued me and it had to do with consciousness.

And basically you, the question was, does the Turo help to build consciousness intrigued me? Because I wasn't sure in what kind of context you meant that. So I'm gonna just going to open that up to you and let you help me understand where that question came from.[00:33:00] 

The Tarot Wizard: so consciousness, as I would define it is the, the part of ourself that can like be.

Outside of ourself where we're looking at our actions, let's say, you know, we, we go on autopilot, like our, our S our spouses, like, you know, saying something to us. And then we, we get triggered by it. Or, you know, I'm thinking specifically of my wife saying, Hey, it's like, take out the trash. Right. And I'm going, but I'm in the middle of watching this or whatever, you know, where I just go into like some auto response.

And then, you know, it's like, there's like this sound of like the heavens opening. Oh. And then I can have my higher consciousness, like lift out. Right. And say, ah, I see what you're doing. You're, you're like responding in this, this negative way, because, you know, it's like, you're, you're not getting your way, whatever, you know, it's like the it's that, that part of us that can see our actions that can monitor our thoughts and feelings and all, And with the Turo, because it, it looks at like the, the, the minor Cana, the four suits, it looks at the, the, the, the [00:34:00] spirit, the, the emotions, the mind, the body like being able to, to, to look at, at all of these, these parts of ourself to, to monitor that and to, to make sure that, that we're in this, this place of, of alignment again, where, you know, if we're, if we're called to a certain purpose, whether it's to host a broadcast that can allow for people to become more in, in touch with their own spiritual being.

If, if that's, if that's your calling, then, then it's not just about having that, that fire inside that, that energy of like, yeah, that's what I want to do. That that's what gets me up in the morning. Right. It's like, it's like, okay, how, how do I enact that? And, and so we move that, that energy up to our head and, and the mind plans it out says, oh, okay, well, I'm gonna, you know, get on this, this station and I'm gonna, you know, get all of my gear together.

And, you know, I've got my plan of action. And then, you know, it's about expressing that, putting it out there, the actual work of acquiring the, [00:35:00] the goods so that, you know, you can sit down and begin your broadcast. Right. You know, if, if one area of. If, if you, no one gets stuck in their head and says, oh boy, you know that that's going to be a lot of work.

I don't do I really want to do this. It's gonna, it's gonna cost this. And you know, I've got a lineup gas and a us it's too much, too much effort. Or, you know, it's like, who, who am I to like do this? You know, this is, this might be suited to someone else for, for them to do a gutter. And, you know, we, we can fight ourselves, right.

That, that inner battle can, can rage and in for will to be able to, to like step back. Right. And, and, and monitor that within ourself and say, okay, I see these parts of myself that are like wrestling and, and I want to bring them together and, and start the process. And we'll, we'll, we'll figure it out along the way.

It doesn't have to be perfect, but, but let's, let's look to, to make progress in it. And, and so that's, that's [00:36:00] how I see how, how we can start to, you know, raise that awareness within ourself so that we're able to make that progress. And we're able to fulfill what our spirit is looking to do while we're here on the planet.

Two final 

Will: questions. One's heavy. One's not here's the heavy one. Does someone need to be afraid about hearing about the fact that they're going to die in a tarot reading? 

The Tarot Wizard: You know, when I'm, when I'm reading on the, on the queen, Mary. All right. It's usually like Halloween time and it's like the big tough guys who will like come up and it's like, well, tell me what I'm going to die.

You know, they're joking it up with their friends, you know? And and my response is, I'm not going to tell you how you're going to die, but I I'm gonna show you how you can live. And you, you know, it's like we, we all die. I mean, that's, that's just a gimme you know, as far as there's that, that transformation part, right.

As far as what happens after our body dies, that that is all you know, our own journey. But I will, if someone is interested in that, it's [00:37:00] like, we'll, we'll look to see you know, if, if they need to do some, some plans. For that, you know, if they need to, you know, craft a wheel a will and, and, and things like that, again, to, to be very practical about it or, or to start the process of forgiveness.

I once did a reading where, where I asked, you know, what do we take with us when we die? And it was all this, this heart energy that was coming up. And, you know, if we're in a place of, of pain, we can take that. If, if we're in a place of anger, of, you know, holding something against someone else, maybe we have to resolve that down the road.

But was all this, this heart connected energy that was like, it, it amazed me. And it was like, damn, you know, it's like, I, I want to be able to, to let go of anything that I'm holding against anyone. In in this life. Cause I don't, I don't want to take any, any negativity with me, you know? So I hope that answers that question as far as like, you know, it's, it's it's not a great question to ask, you know, it's like, when [00:38:00] am I going to die?

Right. Because we all die. It's about how, how one lives and, and fulfills their, their spirit. 

Will: And God knows we all need a lot more positivity these days. So that's for sure. Ironically enough, the second question was about the queen Mary, really curious, how do you happen to find yourself being a tarot reader on that famous 

The Tarot Wizard: ship?

So every Halloween, they have a, an event which is a month long. It's like a. What do they call them? A haunted house type of situation. And it's called dark Harbor. And it's it's a really big event. I mean, you have hundreds of, of actors that are hired uh, you have full wardrobe, but makeup teams and just concessions it's, it's a huge event.

It's a really big moneymaker, but it's, it's held on, on the queen, Mary, which is, it's like working on the Titanic. I mean, it's, it's built just a few years really after the [00:39:00] Titanic. And it was decommissioned in, in the late sixties and just sits there and in long beach Harbor and boil boy, it has energy.

I've heard my name being called by when I'm, I know I'm alone in the parts of the ship, I'm hearing it. Okay. I, I hear you. And and I've been, I've been in, in places that a lot of people have not been in and it's it holds energy. It's, it's, it's iron, right. Most of the ship. And so it can hold a lot of the, the past.

It's seen its share of, of trauma. It's it's seen a lot of joy as well. And when I'm reading there, you know, when one reads one is, is open and, and I I've had like, some, some incredibly connected readings with, with people. Some, some it's just like quick, you know, it's like, it's a, almost like a carnival type atmosphere, but but there've been some that have been incredibly significant.

And I, and I have like kind of long lasting relationships that are built from that with friends and, you know, people who. You know, we, we continue to engage [00:40:00] afterwards. So it's like amazing. 

Will: It sounds like a lot of fun that's for sure. And that dark Harbor event, that's certainly something I'm going to look into because that's right up my alley.

The Tarot Wizard: But, and it's been, they haven't had it now for a couple of years because of the COVID pandemic. Right. Right. And, and me, and you know, my shared colleagues from, from that family, that's like, we're we really miss it because the, the queen has an energy that. It, it, it allows for a great comradery between, you know, the people that work there and you know, maybe, you know, it'll be back.


Will: Here's hoping. Yeah. I'm sure it will. Here's hoping that that COVID is behind us really, really soon, because I know I'm sick of it. I can only imagine the whole rest of the world of cigarette. So Jason, if someone wanted to get a hold of you to either book or reading or take advantage of your classes is the best place to go your website?

The Tarot Wizard: Yes. Yes. Jason D McKean, J a S O N D M C K a I'm also on Facebook and Instagram 

Will: I'm going to leave all of those direct links in the show notes so that you don't have to go and [00:41:00] run for a piece of paper and a pen. Right now, you can just go to skeptic, and you'll find those direct links there. Jason, it has been absolutely fascinating talking to you today. Thank you so much for coming on the show.

The Tarot Wizard: Oh, thank you. Well, and I look forward to speaking with you again. And I'm finding out, you know, are you really skeptic? Oh, 

Will: that is a peek behind the curtain. That may be not gonna be you open for bubbly, thanks again, Jason. I really appreciate it for coming 

The Tarot Wizard: on. Thank you. Well, may blessings to you, 

Will: likewise, and thank you listener for coming along on this journey of discovery with us.

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We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician until then take care.

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Born into a family of Psychics and Ministers, Jason D McKean is a natural Tarot Advisor whose given grounded and heart-centered advice for thousands of people. He teaches Tarot internationally, conducts Meditation and Past-Life Regressions and has authored the book "Magic Channel Tarot Reading with the Tarot Wizard." One of his favorite places to read Tarot is aboard the Queen Mary. Jason is also a producer of best-selling OM chant albums that include OM SANCTUARY, OM ETERNITY, and 108 SACRED OMS, which are played in yoga studios and meditation halls thoughout the world.