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SummaryAfter suffering his own serious health challenges, this week's guest learned how to use natural and metaphysical means to heal himself .... and has now put his research to work in helping others. Using astrological natal charts, Reiki,...

SummaryAfter suffering his own serious health challenges, this week's guest learned how to use natural and metaphysical means to heal himself .... and has now put his research to work in helping others. Using astrological natal charts, Reiki, things called Mudras and sound frequencies, he's learned that there is a lot more to "healing" others than just pharmaceuticals. 12/29/2021The Skeptic MetaphysicianMedical Astrology and other Metaphysical Medicine"Even if you eat well, if you're not open to receive the wellness from the the food that you're eating... its not going to be as effective."--Pharaoh NefertemInfo about our guestWith a Certificate in Nutrition from Harvard University, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, a Reiki Certification, a Magician and a Medical Astrologer, Pharaoh Nefertem’s approach to healing is multi dimensional. By using sound, astrology, herbs, mudras, rituals, and other metaphysical/scientific modalities, Pharaoh has helped heal many people from around the world.Resources:Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About by Kevin TrudeauThe Complete Textbook of Holistic Self Diagnosis by Llaila O. AfrikaDarkness Visible: Awakening Spiritual Light through Darkness Meditation by Simon BuxtonSpiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya RomanGuest Info:Website: thenatureshield.coInstagram: @pharaoh_nefertemYouTube: PharaohNefertemSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Website: skepticmetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast

Will: Hey everyone. Welcome back to the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician. Karen, welcome back. Always happy to be here. Well, it's always a pleasure having you today's guest is really exciting because it's something we've never touched on.

, it's going to be super interesting because I know how you feel about. 

Karen: No, you don't, you know how I feel about astrology, but, 

Will: you know, I guess it's just based on the things that you said to me about, you know, I believe everything except astrology.

Karen: No, I never said 

Will: that I'm a hundred percent sure. That's what you said. No, no. Well, I do believe in astrology. And I actually, I know for a fact that it does say a lot about a person may not necessarily for tell your future, but [00:03:00] it does give you a pretty good glimpse into who you are as a person where our next guest actually takes that to the next level.

And he uses astrology for medical purposes. Oh, wow. Yeah. So he has a certificate in nutrition from Harvard university. He has a bachelor of science in electrical engineer. He's got a Reiki certification. He's a magician and a medical astrologer. And his approach to healing is multi-dimensional. 

Karen: It sounds like you'd have to be a magician to be able to incorporate all of that stuff.

Wow. What 

Will: wouldn't even be having touched to broach the subject, but he's he uses sound astrology, herbs mood-wise and I'm really curious to find out what that is. Rituals and other metaphysical and scientific modality. He has helped heal so many people around the world and we're excited to have him on the show Farrow.

Neffer Tim, thank you so much for coming on. 

Pharaoh Nefertem: Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Will: We are we're psyched to have you on. I'm super excited about what you do. So first and foremost, I need to, we need to ask the question that just came up. What is a moodra 

Pharaoh Nefertem: mudra? Mudra is a [00:04:00] hand gesture. So like, there's just like hand gestures and like things that P people will do with the hands to invoke a physiological response in the body.

Wow. So like, if you hold it for long enough, it'll have your field of response in your body. Depending on what, you know, 

Will: Right. So, so that's the person themselves, like I would do the hand gesture to heal myself. Not that you do some hand gestures to heal me, but just as you do while you're driving will, well, those are very healing to me actually.

Honestly, I feel very healed.

So where did the mood was come from? I've not, I've not heard of those. 

Pharaoh Nefertem: Yeah. So Moody's had been around for, for ever. It's just, it's just not really talked about like that. So I found out about moodra is how I found out about mergers. It goes what I think it was on watching YouTube videos. And then I, I found someone talking about them and then I started, I started looking them up and then I started realizing that you could actually use these things to heal.

And I was like, oh, I didn't know that that was a thing. I thought that they was just Hanson niches that you use when you meditated or something. I didn't know that it was like, That you could use that you go hold those [00:05:00] mergers and over time it will help heal your body faster. I didn't know that how do they work?

so, okay. How do I explain it? So I'm a dancer, right? I'm a professional dancer. And as a dancer, you have an understanding of how your body works and how different movements. Or different gestures, whole, whole different energy signatures. So like, I'll do a move, like a, I don't know, like I'll hit something and then it'll that it is a different feeling than if I were to like jump or something.

It feels different in your body. And then if you put emotion behind it, you could actually feel what that does to your body. Right. It's the same thing.

Will: Yeah, it does. I think it probably has a lot to do with like for example, Tai-Chi where you're letting the energy flow through your body in a certain way. Maybe the hand gestures or are releasing certain blockages that you might have, or re re energizing the energy within that particular space. A lot of, a lot of that we don't know about, but really.

Super exciting because it's a stuff we [00:06:00] don't know about that actually works that, we're willing to dive into. Right. So, yeah, definitely. All right. So then how do you use astrology for medical purposes? How do you heal with astrology? 

Pharaoh Nefertem: for me and I think everybody, well, not everybody people who do this may have different methods.

So I use a topic of astrology, which is basically using the 12 signs and looking at the, the planner from like a top down view. There's something called cyber strategy, which I'm not, I'm not as proficient in, but uses the, the tilt of the earth as well. I don't do that one. So. Each sign is born under or eat, eat.

Each person is born under a different energy signature, right? So like the planets online in a certain way when you're born. Right. And then not only that you're born under a certain sign. Right? So, so the sun is in a specific position when you're born and that's your sun sign. The moon is a position, which is your moon sign.

And then On the horizon, you have your like areas in tourism, Gemini, right? And [00:07:00] then as time goes on that those signs like rotate, you know what I'm saying? The size of rotate the earth, rotate,

Whatever sign is like going above the horizon as a born is a rising sign. Right. So it's a little bit complicated, a little bit complicated.

Will: There's other bodies in there now, like, like asteroid and meet either meteors and yeah, 

Pharaoh Nefertem: there's all kinds of stuff. Right. so each sign is, has a certain energy signature, right? And so like, if your areas sun or air is rising, you may have to watch out for things regarding the head. So areas, rules, the head, like all up and then tours move like.

And the thyroid gland and the devote this area. Right? So like, if like, like for me, my sign is Virgo. My sun sign is Fargo, right. So I have to be more careful about [00:08:00] my small and large intestine because that's the, the Oregon dive Virgo rules. And so when I. I have to make sure I eat a lot of vegetables because if I don't, it's easier for me to be clogged off than it would be for other signs.

Will: That's interesting because my father is a Virgo and he's had all kinds of intestinal issues. He's got pains all the time that he's never been able to fix. So that, that makes a lot of sense. So then I got to ask I'm a Gemini, what do I 

Pharaoh Nefertem: got to worry about? Yeah. So for Gemini it's. Right.

So like your arms, your legs, your, your lungs the eyes kidneys even though the other signs that will get these, but it's still in twos, if that makes sense. So, so everything that has to do with uh, Great. 

Will: So I've got a lot to worry about is what you're saying. Cause we're all like our whole bodies, right?

We're duality are our personality. All right. What about cancer? Which is what Karen is cancer 

Pharaoh Nefertem: is the stomach. Yes. another thing with cancer is a lot of people say that that cancer [00:09:00] is an emotional sign that is a true statement, but is not a negative state. Does that make sense? It did because emotions society painted emotions as a negative thing does not mean that being emotional is negative.

It just means that you're highly into her. And you and your vibe with what's going on. Yeah. Yeah, 

Will: boy. Do I know that and I think that 

Karen: helped us on the negative emotions because the good emotions are great, right. Laughing and being 

Will: happy. Right. We're Hispanic. Right. And we love, we love to live life. So when we laugh, we look like, if you heard Karen's laugh, man, you could hear it a mile away because she loves to laugh.

And that's a wonderful thing. Right. But when we cry, man, we cry. We do not, we're not afraid of letting those emotions shows to us. That's a good 

Pharaoh Nefertem: thing, right? That is a good thing. And it's 

Will: not, not to a lot of people. Unfortunately, 

Pharaoh Nefertem: a lot of people find emotions to be negative. And I think that that's one of the main problems, because as I've been doing readings, I'm finding that a lot of people's health problems stem from emotional trauma.

A lot of it is not necessary. Physical. It's a lot, a lot of it has to do with [00:10:00] all in them all on the mind. Yeah. 

Karen: Well, it kind of relates doesn't it? Because if you have emotional trauma, you can get stressed and stress releases all those crazy, you know, hormones and whatever that can mess you up to yeah.

Will: All this research that's come up. The step that has proven that stress is a killer. Right? The one thing I do is release the stress, reduce the stress notes to live a long life. So that's interesting. So you take on your clients and then you, you see what their logical signs are. Do you do a chart for them to kind of get more deeper than just the sun 

Pharaoh Nefertem: sign?

Yeah, so, so I look at the natal chart. Um, A natal chart is basically the best snapshot of the sky when they were born. And then they don't try, you could get a look at the sun, the moon, the Mars, Venus, and all the other planets. Right. And, and some comments, right.

Will: 10 years ago when I was 

Pharaoh Nefertem: first looking into it. Right. And then it basically tells you what planets are at certain angles with other planets. So like your son and your moon might be like in the sky, 90 [00:11:00] degrees away from. W when you were born, right. Or they can be 120 degrees or 60 degrees. Right.

And those degrees mean different things. So like, something called a scoria, which is, which is DB 90 degrees means that it's like a challenging aspect. So like, say if your son is for your moon, which is what I have, and I I'm, I'm noticing that. That that's like a normal thing. Like, so like your son square your moon.

So your son is like your identity. How, how you kind of express yourself almost. And then the sun is like your emotional body. So like, if you're, if you're sun is square, your moon, meaning you're going to have issues or a challenge. I want to say issues to cause issues is like strong. It's more of a challenge with how do I find this with, okay.

Say like you have an angel on one soda and a devil on the other shoulder. Right. And always going back and forth. It's actually more like 

Will: devil 

Pharaoh Nefertem: and devil, but you know that too, but um, that, that's [00:12:00] basically what having your sun and moon square means having to having those two things on your shoulders and just keep going back and forth and to make a decision.


Will: I feel like that's a natural state for a Gemini. That's like everything must be for me, like everything. 

Pharaoh Nefertem: Gemini is the, is a sign of communication. And in the mental aspect, You guys have a lot to say, but it's not a negative thing. It doesn't mean 

Will: that you have. Yeah. I feel like he just told me that I talked too much.

So this is super interesting to me. Cause I've never heard of this before I am stoked. So what kind of things do you, can you help people get over it? 

Pharaoh Nefertem: Okay. So, so, if you're looking strictly from a medical astrology standpoint, it's not necessarily helping people get over. It is more about identifying, showing them what may be going on and they don't really [00:13:00] know that it may be going on.

And now, now if you're trying to heal something, that's more. Verbal aspect using arms or using methods to help the psychology of the. 

Will: Interesting that you just said the psychology of the person, because I'm assuming you're talking about using the mudras and sound healing and Reiki and rituals, even that are meant to help someone everyone's said a lot about someone's mindset, right.

Mindset. So far towards where you are even on the physical plane, because we just talked about stress. Right. But there's all, there's so many other things. So I've always, I've always thought that changing the psychology is changing the way someone thinks. Could go a long way towards helping them to get, to overcome certain maladies.

Now there's some certain things like, for example, cancer, that, you know, you can't wish it away. Right. So, but, but there are, in that instance, I assume herbs and things like that, that actually do physically would, would help with something like that. But it is something as serious as cancer, [00:14:00] something that you could potentially help someone with.

And I don't mean to put 

Pharaoh Nefertem: you on this. No. Yeah. So, so, so cancer is basically a tumor, like, like it's just as is a cell that's been, that's been grown in a bad way. Basically. It's been overgrown and has been fed to, to the blood vessels. There have been many studies that's been shown that you can use herbs to heal cancer or, or you can use sound to heal cancer.

It's called somatic frequencies C Y M a T I C frequencies. I've actually seen videos of people chanting with like the handover over the cancer and it shows on the screen like a picture of the cancer. A real view of the cancer and then light the cancer will totally disappear visually in 

Will: real time.

Pharaoh Nefertem: Yeah. It's pretty, I haven't gotten to that level. I'm not there yet, but wow. 

Will: There's so much that we don't know about. 

Pharaoh Nefertem: So like, I don't know if you've, if you've [00:15:00] ever seen like a speaker with like sand or like some other. Solid. And then it plays music and then it makes a shape with that. Yeah. That frequency is basically different pitches to make different shapes,

Karen: to explain that, and I can totally visual. 

Pharaoh Nefertem: right. And then that those shapes can do different things with the body. Like 528 Hertz is used for like. Right to, to hit, to hear the DNA 432 Hertz is like the natural how did, how you find it is it's like the natural frequency of the healing in general.

It's just like standard. Does that make sense? Yeah. 

Karen: . Quick question back to us. We'll set a total non-believer I know that's not me at all, but I'm also not someone that lives by it. Well, this is why this person is like that. I'm like, well, maybe they just had a bad day, you know, but Why does the way that the planets and stars were aligned impact you when you were born?

Like, how does that connection happen? 

Pharaoh Nefertem: [00:16:00] all the planets, or I don't want to, I don't want to, I don't want to just say the planets, everything has energy, everything is a light form. So like, the, the heat can affect your day, like could, because of the energy from it. And that, and that's come coming from, coming from the sun and the sun and the Mars and Uranus and Pluto.

I'll have a gravitational pull that have energy that that's affecting what happens on the planet. Right. And when you're born, all those planets are like hitting you at the same time. It's not even just the planet is also the location on the planet that you were born as well. So like if you were born in London, you're born at night.

At the same time, it's a different energy. 

Will: Karen, I look at it like this, like we know it's proven that the, that the moon, the phases of the moon actually affect us. You, they say that full moon is when a lot of babies are born. Babies are born, but then also people who have psychological challenges sometimes are it's pronounced.

Right. For example, people there's more people arrested during the full moon, for example, things like that. Right. It affects us in that sense because [00:17:00] of. How close or how far or what the phase of the moon is that point in time, because we are what, 90% water, whatever that the number is in the moon affects the tides.

Right? So it would make sense that it would affect the water within us. Also, same thing with all the other astrological bodies, to certain extent as strongly or weak as, as they are, as far away as the close they are, they do have some effect on our physical essences because of the fact that the. Astrological bodies, astronomical bodies that, that do affect us, just like the moon that's that's how I was able to pragmatically make myself understand it, 

Karen: of the energies and the magnetism and all of that.

Pharaoh Nefertem: Yeah.

Will: I mean, so All the stuff is, is absolutely fascinating. So I've got to ask the question. How did you get. So I'm going to be a healer and this I'm going to use astrology. 

Pharaoh Nefertem: So growing up I've always had problems with my health especially with asthma.

If you look [00:18:00] at my chart, I can explain why I put up it up, but I'll, I'll continue. So asthma has been an issue of my mind for awhile and. I've been like hospitalized. I don't even know how many times it has been so many times. I don't, I don't even know. So, so from there I was around the age of nine to 10 or something like that.

I was reading this book called the natural cures. They don't want you to know about by Kevin Trudeau, I didn't mispronounce his name. Hopefully I didn't. And he was talking about it, but, but at that time I wasn't, I didn't really have a full understanding of what he was saying. Because I was still a little too young to really get it.

I didn't really, I didn't really get no pharmaceutical industry and you know, all the stuff in the food and I didn't, I didn't really get that yet. But I knew something was up. I didn't know exactly what, and so I was, I was searching for how. Right. And I started off doing vegetarianism which I didn't even do correctly.

And then, then I bought it and then I tried to do veganism, which I did even worse

Will: if I'm vegan, I can eat fish. Right.[00:19:00] 

Pharaoh Nefertem: So, so from, from there, I, I I get, I guess you could fast forward to. Right. And COVID hit. And then I became extremely depressed, right. Because, because, because of the asthma, and then they were saying that, you know, people were really conditions or health conditions is exports. So I'm kinda like, I kind of like locked myself in a room and go, and I didn't go nowhere.

I was like, oh, I'm not going outside. Yeah, I did. I did that for, for about three months. during those three months, I like, I, I like really. The nutrition part. So like, I, all I ate was like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds for like 30 days. Right. And, and in those 30 days I went from like 10 to 20 posts a day to like one or two.

Right. And, and, and from there I was like, Hmm, that's something about this. I can feel myself with this with just food, that's something I can live. There's something here. Right. And then, so I did that and then. Unfortunately I went back to a bad eating habits again, which was just stupid. Um, [00:20:00] But, but, but, but from, from there I had another asthma attack.

Like, it wasn't as bad as, as normal ones, but I didn't go to the hospital, but, but, but, but the, but the ambulance came to me and they gave me like, you know, the oxygen stuff and the, you know, math stuff. And then I didn't have a nebulizer. They didn't have a nebulize, all that to give me was oxygen, but, but I had.

Right. So I have peppermint oil and you can have this. I was like, well, I'm going to try it. So I put it all on my neck and then over time it took, it took longer than an LOL, but over time I noticed there was, it was, it was going away slowly and I was like, Hmm, it's going away. So this that's even more something to, to this, to these urban stuff.

And then and then I realized What time you eat has a, has an effect on your health. . I started, I stopped eating at the sunset. And I realized that the next day I didn't use my inhaler. So like, it was like a. Health benefit. 

Will: Wow. Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong. Cause I'm sitting here at 1130 


Pharaoh Nefertem: road. Right, right. [00:21:00] So yeah, I did that for about six weeks.

I saw someone online say that if you do that for six weeks, like half of your health problems will go away. So I was like, well, might as well try it. 

Will: If you stop eating after sunset for six weeks. Yeah, 

Pharaoh Nefertem: that, that's what he said. Is it 50%? I don't know, but I do know that it does do something. It helped you for sure.

But that's what I'm saying. So like, I know it does something. And so like, I, I did it for six weeks and I really thought it was different. You have more energy, your digestive system kind of what's better. And then I started learning about how important it is to have vitamins.

And get it from the sun, As much as possible from the sun. And then I started feeling better from that. And then one day I was, I was, what was I doing? I was probably on YouTube. Something. And then I came across this dude who was doing like regular astrology, just regular predictive astrology.

And then I was like, oh, this is cool. And I started listening more. And then somehow I was clicking around on YouTube somehow I was clicking around. And then, and then someone said like, [00:22:00] they, they just mentioned medical astrology. That's the thing I didn't even know. And so I started reading up about it and then I bought some books and then I'm always like, yeah, this is, this is very interesting.

And then um, I started, I started to do readings for people and I was like, yeah, this is.

Will: Yeah, gotta love that YouTube rabbit hole that we fall down and discover what kinds of things they can't be helpful. It could be also quite a underage, especially if you have a 10 year old daughter, but.

So then you took all of that information that you helped to heal yourself, to help yourself with, with your medical challenges. When was a time that you said I can't live one more second without helping other people with this stuff. 

Pharaoh Nefertem: When was that?

Will: And maybe you still haven't gotten there yet. 

Pharaoh Nefertem: There it's really, I think that that will be started when I found out that I could heal myself. So like, but, but, but I feel like, I think COVID was really, the kicker was when I was like, yeah, if I could do this with myself, I know a lot of other people.

Yeah. And so I, I want to help as [00:23:00] much as possible. It was, it was, it was kind of like the switch then went off. 

Karen: Yeah, I think COVID really had that effect on lot of people, you either went inside yourself and became a total kind of reckless hermit, or you really wanted to branch out.

Will: You know, it is no question that COVID was transformative for everybody. We've all, we're all different people than we were when COVID first hit, which is just, just no way around it in, in your case, for example, You locked yourself away because you were worried for your health. Rightfully so. And then it transformed you into this healer because you helped yourself and realized, well, this is a way for me to help other people because other people need help.

Other people have unfortunately transformed for the, for the, not so positive side of things where they are now suddenly all kinds of Anger and frustrations that bubbled up to the surface and change who they were and how they reacted to people. I'll I'll admit I was one of those where I changed for the negative, where I became obsessed and angry and really lashed out at people and you know, thankfully.

It's lasted long enough where I've gone. Hold wait. No, I don't want to be that guy and has helped me to [00:24:00] change to be a little bit nicer, a little bit smiley or, but it it's, it's changed us no matter, no matter who we are, it's changed. It's definitely changed.

 All right. Well, so what do you wish you knew you had known like any pitfalls? What do you wish you had known before you started down this path? 

Pharaoh Nefertem: Well, before I started downhilling.

Not everybody's ready for it. 

Will: Ooh, interesting.

Everybody's ready to heal others or to be healed, to be 

Pharaoh Nefertem: interesting. It's it's healing is, is, is more than just the physical, you know, the, the, a lot of people have a lot of trauma, especially when it comes to food or when it comes to. Just, you know, other stuff that's happened in alive and that fear is, is the w the thing that's hard for most people to face.

Like for example, a lot of people aren't ready to do a detox. Like, like, could it be three days, but, but a lot of people aren't. Take three days off and just eat vegetables and fruit, you know, in the mind that already in the mind to, to, to [00:25:00] really sit there and not touch stocks yet 

Will: as someone who has gone through it, it is hard.

It is difficult to, to sit down for three days in. ground up kale and apple, it's still difficult. So yeah, I can see that. 

Pharaoh Nefertem: And then a 

Will: severe, like an eternity. Yeah, 

Pharaoh Nefertem: it does feel long, but but yeah, like, so like that, and then like the emotional aspect is probably the hardest part. Like I said, a lot of people's a lot of, a lot of issues.

Or stem from emotional trauma and a lot of people aren't ready to heal that trauma yet. Meaning that, that like go, go back and really sit there and yeah. 

Will: I know that too. 

Karen: It's a lot to face and a lot to remember are things that you compartmentalize or buried them. Yeah. 

Will: And a lot of times though, I am a Reiki practitioner also, and I know that sometimes when I've given Reiki in the past, some people get really emotional because it does bring a lot of stuff to the surface of bubbles things up to the surface and you're right.

Some people blocked themselves off to close themselves. [00:26:00] To the Reiki because they don't want to feel it. They don't want to have that emotional catharsis, which I mean, we all have to go through and it's. Unfortunately, some people are more willing to go through it than others, but with 

Pharaoh Nefertem: something 

Karen: like Reiki does the, the person being healed, do they have to be open to it for it to work?

Or can they just be like, yeah, whatever and it would still work the same way? 

Pharaoh Nefertem: I think that that being open to it as is, is kind of almost required it, to be honest for, for me. Like I feel like if even if you eat well, if you're not open to receive. The wellness from the, the, the food that you're eating your is not going to be as effective.

Your, your mental is, is so strong. Likewise, what do you think has such an effect on, on your reality that if you're not thinking positive thoughts, if you always thinking negative thoughts, though, those, those thoughts are pirate or overpower, what it is that someone else is trying to help you with. Yeah, it makes sense. Which is unfortunate, but that's kind of how it is. Why am I don't even wanna say that it's unfortunate. It could also be fortunate if you use it for the opposite way, [00:27:00] positive thoughts. It could be really good 

Will: and karmically. It could be where they're not, they're not at the place where they're supposed to be healed just yet.

There's, they've got to work through some stuff themselves, but before they get to that 

Pharaoh Nefertem: point. So yeah, I think that's what happened to me. I think I wasn't ready. To, to be your, like the asthma part cooker, because for me it was physical, but it was also mental for me. Um, I would psych myself out and a lot of points because, cause I've had so many experiences, I was psyching myself out.

Will: don't blame you at all. I don't know that an attack is, feels like this. Right? You get, you have to have it in the back of your head all the time. Like I, this is it's, it's awful and I don't want to have to experience it, but then we, we psych ourselves out. Like what does it say? What you resist persists or what you look at disappears.

So it's a really, really interesting way of saying if you you're resisting, you're saying you're psyching yourself out where no, I'm not gonna look at, I'm not gonna look at, I'm not gonna deal with it. It just keeps coming and keep coming. When you finally sit and look at it and deal with it, suddenly it becomes a lot easier to deal with.

Karen: [00:28:00] I'm going to ask you from a nutritional aspect. So what kind of diet do you follow now 

Pharaoh Nefertem: right now? So I'd like to say I'm playing bass. I don't like to say vegan. Normally I don't like to say vegan discuss vegans. We can't wear, or vegans don't wear like certain clothes or

like there's a little more. 

Will: That's interesting. Vegan is not just diet. It's actually a complete lifestyle. Yeah. Yeah. And then wonder I've been doing it wrong way 

Pharaoh Nefertem: wrong. So yeah. I like to say plan, I'd say plant beds. I, I, I strive to eat as much vegetables as possible. But. No, I don't eat a lot. I don't eat any meat or I don't eat any struggle.

Like I haven't, I haven't had candy in forever.

I still eat like popcorn sometimes, or like maybe some chips, but I always go for everything organic. And I always read all the ingredients before, before I, before I um, Yeah, 

Karen: so now, like, as far [00:29:00] as your asthma is concerned, do you rarely have, 

Pharaoh Nefertem: yeah. Yeah. I really have an attack now. I still had the inhaler but I don't, I don't really use it.

Like, like, like I've used it probably five times in the past two months, but like single. So not like cooking, like, you know, when you're doing a hell, it's like, you've got to do a two times. Not a lot of times, I just have a one time. So it's probably been like five times in the past two, two and a half months, which is, and, and I feel like it's is possible to heal, completely heal the asthma, but I've, I've learned and I've, I've read the research about.

Time, because, because now you, you've done so much stuff to your body for decades. Now, I was going to take a little time. Get all that stuff out. Right. 

Karen: So then do you think, as far as not eating the meat, fish and chicken and all that, is it because in itself it's bad for you? Or is it because of our environment and these animals have eaten so much stuff that that's gotten into their system and that's why it's bad?

Pharaoh Nefertem: I think, I think it has to do a little bit with both. I feel like humans for the [00:30:00] most part, right. Supposed to eat meat necessarily. It's, it's harder to digest on a body for our purposes, but it, I don't wanna, I don't want to say that people who eat meat are bad because it doesn't make you any less spiritual for you to meet.

Does that make 

Will: sense? Yep. No, it makes perfect sense to me. Like I mentioned, we're, we're Hispanic and we eat a lot of meat. Right. I specifically I'm Cuban. My parents are Cuban and there is nothing like a pig or a steak, a Cuban period. No, we don't meet in like three days. You're right. No, you're right.

We don't, but you know, we miss it when we don't have 

Karen: the truth comes out. We miss it.

Will: When I was looking on your website before we started talking I noticed that you have something that helps with things like eczema. I'd love to hear. It's a topical thing, right? 

Pharaoh Nefertem: I have so many, but, but I, I it's basically the the cream, I don't want to say a cream it's it's, it's it's Shea butter.

It's able to mix with some materials that basically what it is is there's only five ingredients. And that helps with eczema psoriasis. It helps with stretch marks or, or, or. That's all my stuff. Actually, I have a sign and I'm going to read the sign. [00:31:00] It's a, it's a, it's a, it's a, it's a sunscreen.

The SPF is 30 because it's been a while since, since I've I've sold this I, I usually go out to that corner bowls and stuff and I tend to have a tent, you know, and I have all that stuff. So like, I'll sell it to people. Okay. Great. 

Will: So I actually suffer from eczema. So I may, I may take a look at some of your stuff because obviously with the doctors always prescribe is, is steroid base and that's not ever any good.

So lots of chemicals in the body at present moment. Yes. 

Pharaoh Nefertem: One of the good things that I've learned about eczema is that. Helps a lot just plain old water is difficult. I'm not allowed to use.

Being healthy is, is harder than destroying. Yeah. 

Will: Yeah. I do know. Yeah. So are there any resources, like if someone, obviously we're going to recommend people to reach out to you? If they, I do have some water here [00:32:00] I've noticed the whole interview have not even taken a single sip of it, but I'm just so intrigued in what we're talking about.

It. We're going to encourage everyone to reach out to you. We'll put your Instagram, your YouTube and your website on our show notes. Go directly to his resources from our show notes. But if someone was, was looking for to get more information, what kind of resources do you recommend for people? 

Pharaoh Nefertem: So like this is probably the best book.

I don't want to have the best book, but it's a really good book. It's called the complete textbook of holistic self-diagnosis is by Dr. Layla. And then the picture of the wife and then Layla, Layla, or Africa that this book is, is, is a lot, there's a lot of things like 400 pages, like four or 500. No, it's over 500 pages.

So it's, it's a, it's a, it's a really good book. It shows you how to sell diagnosis of using many different methods, like so many different methods. 

Will: That was the complete book of holistic self-diagnosis is 

Pharaoh Nefertem: the title the correct textbook of [00:33:00] holistic some diagnosis. 

Karen: That sounds so much better than Google self-diagnosis you have cancer?

Will: Well, Google is not our friends. 

Karen: Sometimes if you're 

Pharaoh Nefertem: sick. Well, that's one book that I, that I would recommend. I'm looking at my books to see if I have another one. This is one that doesn't know that it's interesting is interesting. And you might not think that it has to do with health as it's called darkness visible is, is basically explaining and talking about Shaq.

And, and, and shadow work is basically going into a bedroom or something and just figuring out your own emotion basically.

And, and shadow work is important. I like to really, really, really stretch set of what the people cause I've noticed that a lot of people's issues stem a lot from emotional problems and saddle work will help you. There's those emotional. Um, One of the methods, you know, that that's a resource that I would, that I would do.

And then this is another one it's called spiritual growth. Yeah, this is a good one. Dads, a lot of. It's not a mantra. It's a, I guess, I guess, I guess, I guess you can call that [00:34:00] a mantra, I guess, regardless. It's it's it's it basically helps you find your higher self and your higher self meaning the best version of you that makes.

Yeah, I think, I 

Will: think I've read that a long, long, long time ago, if it's the same book I'm thinking about. So, I I'm overdue for picking it up again cause I remember how good it was so well Pharaoh thank you so much for coming on and talking to. To us about all this stuff, it was absolutely fascinating.

Your Instagram people could reach you at Farrow underscore Neffer Tim. Um, You do have a YouTube channel under the same name and your website actually is the niche, the nature Again, we'll put all that in our show notes. 

Karen: And just a quick question for people out there. If someone wants your help, but they live in a different state.

Is this something that you can help them with? The astrological? 

Pharaoh Nefertem: the yeah, a reading is, can be done wherever. That's one of the good things about readings. I want to say it had to be next to you to do it, which is good. So like if you go on a website, it will say free consultations and like, you know, a little tab that, you know, like comes up, you click that and on there [00:35:00] you can schedule, you can schedule a consultation with.


Will: And you've got free consultations. You've got free downloads for different things. You've got something called the DNA detox. You can get an energy healing session directly on your, on your website. You got your, your butter, they are your body butters.

That means you've got lots of stuff on there. Karen, the link to his website will be on our show notes. So feel free to go to it and click on it. And so you can access.

All right. Well, well, thank you again, really, truly appreciate you coming on, taking your time to come talk to us about this kind of stuff. 

Pharaoh Nefertem: It's been really great. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. Yep. 

Will: We enjoy it too. And we love meeting new people like you. So, hopefully we'll, we'll stay in touch.

And Karen, thank you for coming on today. 

Karen: Thank you. I learned a lot and this might've, you know, changed my views a little bit on Australia. 

Will: Yeah. Thank you, Farrell. I've been trying forever, 

Pharaoh Nefertem: but I do want to mention one last thing when it comes to strategy is not meant to be a The end all be all for everything is merely a guide.

It's not like. You know what I mean? 

Will: Okay. Yeah. Very good point. Because [00:36:00] there's lots of different, lots of different things that could affect it. Like where you were born, your upbringing, who your upbringing is, where, I mean, there's all kinds of things that you have taken in consideration. So, yeah, that's a very good point.

Pharaoh Nefertem: So 

Will: upbringing that's, that's the actual word, an actual word you hear to hear first? Got it. Well, thank you listener for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. Now we'd love to continue to talk. With you about this and about all of the topics we talk about on the show we can connect with us on Facebook and Instagram at skeptic metaphysician, or you can just go to skeptic,

You can find direct links, not only to those social media platforms adjustment. And those of our guests, but you can actually subscribe to the show directly there. You can actually leave us a, an anonymous review or a voicemail directly on the site, so that if you have some thoughts about what we're talking about, good or bad, really would love to hear because we're always trying to grow.

So please feel free. They're anonymous. No one will know you. And if you have any topics you'd like us to discuss, we'd love to have you. Come on the show, as well as always, if you know someone that would benefit from hearing these messages we shared on [00:37:00] the show or any of our others, hope you consider sharing us with that person.

In fact, take a minute right now, just share the show with one person that you think will benefit from it. It will truly help grow the show and you may just help someone else come to terms with the fact that we're so much more than just this three dimensional body that we inhabit. Now, if you miss any of our show today, Skeptic has all of our shows directly on there.

That's all we have for now. Yeah. Thanks again for joining us today. We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician until then. 

Pharaoh Nefertem: Take care. 

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With a Certificate in Nutrition from Harvard University, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, a Reki Certification, a Magician and a Medical Astrologer, Pharaoh Nefertem’s approach to healing is multi dimensional.

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