My Interview with a Vampyre | Lady Ann Selene

My Interview with a Vampyre | Lady Ann Selene

"My personal experience within the vampire community has just been absolute love."--Lady Ann Selene10/06/2021The Skeptic MetaphysicianMy Interview with a VampyreSummaryPeople will say vampires are the undead... they're creatures of evil....

"My personal experience within the vampire community has just been absolute love."--Lady Ann Selene10/06/2021The Skeptic MetaphysicianMy Interview with a VampyreSummaryPeople will say vampires are the undead... they're creatures of evil. They're servants of Satan. The connotation is really not good.  And while vampire culture can also be romanticized for being erotic and beautiful, its also known as dark and dangerous and scary.  Like super scary. But is that really the case?My next guess says its not. Learn all about the underground vampyre movement, straight from one of its card-carrying members.Come for the stories of vampyres......stay for the first-hand accounting of supernatural stories Lady Ann Selene has personally experienced. Stories of Sasquatch or Bigfoot, and ghosts and haunted dolls. Stories that may keep you up at night.Info about our guest She was born with the paranormal in her blood. She has had experiences beginning with her earliest memories, delving from ghosts, shadow entities, Sasquatch encounters and lots more. She’s a Reiki Master and Intuitive Tarot reader who loves to dive into the Spiritual realm, but also considers herself a Vampyre. And that’s Vampyre with a Y…… She also Hosts a podcast called The Caravan, Library of Lore and owns KPNL Radio a digital broadcasting station that specializes in paranormal podcasts and music….for the uninitiated, KPNL just so happens to be the very first radio station that picked up a little show called…..The Skeptic Metaphysician.Guest Info:Websites: or kpnl-db.comFacebook: @kpnlradio or @thecaravanofloreInstagram: @kpnlradio or @thecaravanofloreEmail: or Recommended Resources:,, vamporium.shopSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Website: skepticmetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast


Lady Ann

Will: [00:00:00] Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysician. Today, we are taking a walk on the dark side. Yeah. We're going where the show has not gone before the topic is the supernatural and you know, I'm just going to introduce my guests. I don't think anything that I say is going to prepare you for what you're about to witness.

So my next guest was born with the paranormal in her blood. She's had experiences beginning with her earliest memories, including.[00:01:00] Ghosts, shadow entities, Sasquatch encounters in so much more, but she's a Reiki master. And we know all about that and intuitive tarot reader who loves to dive into the spiritual realm, but she also considers herself Of empire. Now that's a vampire with a Y. Now she's also the host of a podcast called the caravan library of lore and happens to be the owner of K P N L radio, a digital broadcasting station that specializes in paranormal podcasts and music, and for the uninitiated K P and L just so happens to be the very first radio station that picked this little show.

For air. I am beyond excited to take the show into the realm of the supernatural guided by the expert hand of the fabulous lady and saline lady in I can't even, I don't have the words to say how excited I am 

Lady Ann: to talk to you today. Well, thank you. I am honored to be here seriously.

Will: Tell us a little bit first about K P and [00:02:00] L and then we'll branch off into other directions from there.


Lady Ann: Yeah, sure. So Kate PML started actually because of the caravan. So the caravan came from. And from having a podcast 

Will: that you host, right? 

Lady Ann: Yes, it is. It is. And I, you know, I have a lot of friends within the paranormal community, a lot of friends within the podcasting community and I love what they do and I see how hard they work.

So what I was wanting to do is really put together a place to support them and to lift them up and be like, Hey everybody, check these guys. And so at first I had a page on the caravan website that just that I think it was like on air, but then it developed into, I, I learned that you can have a network and then you can have a radio station.

I was like, this is perfect. This is what I'm going to do. So I created the the network and yeah, it's been, it's been amazing ever since.[00:03:00] 

Will: And so your station really focuses on the paranormal. So what kind of shows can people hear on your station? 

Lady Ann: so we have, gosh, we've got mysterious circumstances.

We have dark windows, both of them, they can touch on the paranormal, but they're also like a true con crime. And then we have into the free radio, of course that's Shannon Legros podcast and she's, she has been amazing. And this is, she is really how I found this world. And then we've got, you know, the caravan, we've got your show.

We've got curse, text files. I mean there's a lot. And then we also have music that runs when the podcasts aren't running and the music's really special because a lot of them, you can hear the paranormal themes you can hear about the hell hounds and witches and ghosts and demons. So it's been quite a ride.

Will: Yeah. If someone wants to listen to the station, you have an app or they can listen online. 

Lady Ann: That's right. That's right. 

Will: Yeah. I did download [00:04:00] the app and every Wednesday, religiously at 8:00 PM Eastern time, I do turn it on to be giddy, hearing my own voice coming through someone else's radio station.

But I'm excited that, I have an opportunity to talk to you because the more I looked into you, the more I realize that. There's a lot to you, right? So you bill yourself as a Reiki master and as a tarot reader and this whole vampire thing for those who are only listening, and aren't looking at the video, watching the video and has a set of fangs on her.

That just makes you, you, I don't know. It's like you can't stop looking at. Well, thank you. 

Of course, now I've got to ask and I keep asking you, you've never once given me a straight answer. So maybe, maybe now the pressure of the microphone you'll tell me are those fangs permanent. 

Lady Ann: Here's what I'll tell you.

My things were made by father Sebastian. And he is a master Fang Smith, and he [00:05:00] has created, I mean, gosh, he's done amazing work. He's written books and he just released I don't know if their mail order or not right now, but 3d fangs he's printing. So I would definitely check out father Sebastian and check out the things there.

Will: All right. We've got to get into the whole vampire thing because you just opened up a door. That makes me go, huh? Right. So you consider yourself of empire, right? So I, I grew up with, you know, Bela Lugosi and, and. All the other vampire movies. I, one of my favorite movies growing up was fright night back.

And then when I was a kid love at first bite was another one that I loved white. So I'm, I'm very pretty well versed in the whole vampire lore, but you, you are a vampire with a wine, which is the old Victorian spelling, which is fantastic. Yeah. It's much more romantic that [00:06:00] way, but so do you tell me, what does it mean to be a vampire?

Do you go around feeding on people's blood? 

Lady Ann: No. No. So, the best way, the best way that I can describe it is I hate to use the term energy vampire, just because a lot of people have a negative connotation with that. There is energy vampires out there who are, and a lot of them are unaware that they are, and those are the people that are super negative and they just create negativity in the room and then they feed off of that and negativity.

And that's not what I do. Look at it more like. Life force. So if you're you're a human, you've got, you know, you're a pot of boiling water, right? So you've got all this boiling water within you, all this life force, but the steam, right. Cause we have so much that it can radiate out from us. So then we're, it's radiating out to [00:07:00] where we don't need it anymore.

So with the vampire We can take in that, that extra energy. And I can it to, to Reiki a little bit because in Reiki, if you're running energy on someone, right, you're giving them that energy and that energy is very healing. So that's kind of how I put it all together. 

Will: It's interesting. So, and I think when we talked about this before I mentioned.

It was kind of like an ethical energy vampire, right? Because it's not that it's when you think there are, there is a negative connotation. When someone says this person is a, an energy vampire it's it's you go in and you drain someone and you make someone because of your negativity or depression or something, you it's just someone who you're not happy to be around, but that's not it at all.

Right. You, it's more like a symbiotic thing where you're just taking what someone does need. 

Lady Ann: Exactly. Exactly. 

Will: So then what happens if you don't get this excess energy from someone? Does, did [00:08:00] you do with her.

Lady Ann: I mean for me personally, I mean, we all, we all kind of know what it feels like to be low on energy and it can be harder to focus on different spiritual rituals and stuff. And, and the more energy that you have the easier it is to you know, do your, do your magical work. 

Will: Interesting. I'll get back to that in a second, because that intrigues me also, but how, how do you go about it?

I mean, so you've got these fangs, but you don't bite into someone to steal their energy. Right? The fangs are more of an aesthetic. 

Lady Ann: Right, right. They are. And it's when you get your things, it's a really huge It's a really big moment. And it's, it's this transformation that takes place because for me, you know, gosh, I was 15 years old and I'm going to date myself here a little bit, but back in the days of the dial up and the AOL chat rooms and all that.

Right. So, [00:09:00] so

and so, so I was 15 and I met somebody in one of these chat rooms and they were talking to me. And they had things and I couldn't believe it. And we had so many conversations and told me all about this vampire culture, kind of like how there was a goth community. Apparently there was a vampire community and it was fascinating to me.

I couldn't believe it. So, and then, and then one day he just kind of disappeared. Was really a big bummer. And then I was kind of left going, man, how do I, how do I find this group? How do I, you know, and, and then of course throughout life, I had asked different dentists if they could make things. And cause I, I always identified.

With vampires and their stories, especially interview with a vampire, that one was, is, will always be my favorite. And I've always [00:10:00] identified a lot with Louie. And so I'll never forget the point in which he has that transformation when he says it. You know, he's looking for the first time through his vampire eyes and he's seeing the beauty of the magic in the world.

And Struck such a deep cord within me. So then COVID hit and I through, you know, having the podcast and everything, I found about father Sebastian. So I Googled his name and found out that now he was doing a mail order things. And I was like, oh my gosh, you know, it's meant to be, so I got them. And when you see yourself in the mirror, that first time there is something.

Almost magical that happens. There is, there is a bit of a transformation that happens when you see yourself for the first time. 

Will: I can imagine. I can imagine so many questions popped in mind that the van park culture is, is, is super intriguing to me. My mother. [00:11:00] Was flabbergasted when one day she asked me who, who's your idol.

In fact, every time she'd have a guest over, she said, will wilt tell, tell them who your idol is? Nate, I idolized Dracula for some reason, that whole romantic, when he was very like swab and, you know, sexy. And then the whole thing. So that whole culture intrigued me at the time, but I never expected there to be no, when you, you, you know, you seen the movie like blade and even interview with empire, that kind of stuff.

Where the, the vampire culture is erotic and beautiful, but dark and dangerous and scary, like, right. Like super scary. 

 People will say, vampires are, and don't take offense to this. Cause I don't feel this way, but I'm saying people were saying, vampires are the undead they're creatures of evil. They're servants of Satan. I mean, the connotation is really not good. 

Lady Ann: No, no. My, my personal experience within the vampire community has just been absolute love. I have made so many [00:12:00] friends and friends that I know that I'll have for the rest of my life.

it's been a healing experience. It's been exciting. It's been so educational. So, I mean, that's my. 

Will: you're saying that all you found has been love in this community is really counterintuitive to everything else that you think about when you think about vamp.

Lady Ann: this is true. 

Will: So going into this, did you expect to find the culture of love that you found or were you expecting this dark, dangerous, sexy subculture that we all associate with? 

Lady Ann: No, actually I was kind of thinking I was going to be alone. I thought that I was just going to have my own things and I was going to read books and watch movies and just kind of be the lone Wolf that I've always tended to be.

And so when I started to really talk to people and meet with people, like I was, I've been blown away and I mean, the, I mean, let's face it. A lot of people. It's easy to go to fear, and it's [00:13:00] easy to have your, your own conditioning and you look through the world in your own through your own glasses, due to the experiences that you've had in your life.

So I do understand why people would jump to conclusions like that, but it's really, it's really not like that at all.

Will: It's fascinating because I had no idea that, that this, this subculture was actually there to your point, very goth light, right. It, and I would assume that there's a lot of goth elements within the vampire culture, but you mentioned getting your fangs and I likened that in my mind and tell me if I'm incorrect, but in my mind, when not.

 Joined that coven that I speak about on my intro of the show, you, I went through an apprenticeship a period of time was 13 months. Not yet in the 13 months, if everything was still copacetic, I became initiated into the coven. That's when all the mysteries were revealed and all that kind of stuff. Is that, is there a similar [00:14:00] process to that?

Did you go through something before you became, like getting your fangs as a type of initiative? 

Lady Ann: A lot of people will get things, but it doesn't mean that they're going to be a part of the community. They may just get their things and be like, woo, I got it.

Cool. You know, or, oh, this will be a great part of a Halloween costume. A lot of people get fangs for different reasons. So it's just kind of, it's, it's a personal thing. 

Will: So it's, it's, it's like not every which is going to be initiated into a coven. But all those that are initiated to coven are witches.

So maybe that's something along the same lines where I like to romanticize that it is this big Rite of passage and you got your fangs and who now you're a part of this community. You not think that's super. 

Lady Ann: I mean, it kind of is. I mean, if you get your things, you know, done from father's bastion you are a part of, what's known as the saber tooth clan, and that's just basically his, his Fang clients.

So yeah. 

Will: I guess I should ask [00:15:00] follow Sebastian, but as it there's a mold you make of your teeth so he can make your molded to your mouth, or is it just kind of one size fits. 

Lady Ann: No, it's, it's specifically tailored to your teeth, your, your mouth. 

Will: I, honestly, I, when we started talking about bringing on the show on didn't expect, we'd be talking about vampirism.

I'm glad that we are, because I didn't know that was out there. There's so much more to use of th your vampires side is just one aspect of you. You also do a lot with the kind of the investigating of the paranormal or the supernatural. I've listened to some of your caravan episodes, and I know that you and your co-host have spoken about certain times that.

We're involved in that kind of thing. Like I heard about the was the hat man and all the shadow work and all that kind of stuff that you have been involved when, but. It just seems to kind of go hand in hand with the whole vampire thing, but supernatural and paranormal stuff. It is it like, there is a dark side [00:16:00] to that, right?

So even to the point where people say, if you spend too much time in it talking about it, being trenching yourself in it, you know, spirits could potentially follow you or, you know, Bad things could happen. So what makes you decide I'm going to go investigate this stuff? 

Lady Ann: Well, I mean, okay. So, so I started out going to healing group and I began learning Reiki there.

That is kind of, I mean, I've always been called as a healer. So the latest episode of the caravan, where I was with Natalie and we were talking about the hat man. And when I went and did like a house cleansing for her, that was, you know, you, you want to help those that need help if you can, you know, and I'll always attempt to try.

I'm not afraid to, I mean, it's, it sounds funny, but I am. Up for going against a shadow entity or an angry spirit [00:17:00] ghost, whatever, before I'd be willing to go in front of like a, like a Sasquatch or something. Which, you know, I've only really been on two paranormal investigations, like a formal investigation.

The first one was, it was actually a birthday gift from my co-host I had at the time. And we went to the Fairfield infirmary in Ohio. And that was quite the experience. I mean, I have to be honest, even though I've had all these experiences, my whole life. I, I don't, I'm not just going to believe it.

I'm not just going to be like, oh wow. This is, you know, so I need to experience it for myself. So everybody else, they were like, okay, you know, we're going to go here. We're going to do this investigation. I walked into the building. And it felt fine. I didn't feel scared, but I did feel pulled. And so [00:18:00] feeling this energetic pull to travel deeper into the building, I just kind of went with it because.

It was too strong, not too. And I didn't feel afraid, you know? I, and I went down the stairs and I found myself alone in the basement. And I was coming, oh yeah, always. And I was just humming this music, you know? And I turned around and, and all of a sudden it, it literally felt like somebody took their hand and just went up the back of my head in my hair and grabbed, grabbed my hair.

And it was so awful. It was so awful. Yeah, I did. I ran all the way back up the stairs and ran back into my group. Yeah. And they're like, what happened? What happened? And I told them, but here's the thing I calm down. Everything's fine. Right. And then I was like, okay, [00:19:00] well, what's the actual probability of that happening again?

Seriously? What is the probability? Not high, not high. So. In my head. So I laughed and I went and explored the building alone again, some more. I mean, I didn't go down into the basement, but

so, yeah. 

Will: Wow.

 It's so it's so. Sorry to see you talking to me in this backdrop of it's it's gorgeous. Right? You got the candelabra behind you in the fangs and the cameo or on your neck and talking about supernatural, but then you also talk about being a healer and being in a group it's it's, it's really interesting, like.

The dichotomy is just, it's, it's really hard to justify or make sense of it in my head. [00:20:00] It's it's beautiful. I mean, it's fun and exciting and but not at all something I would have placed. Right. You are also. On top of being a Reiki master you're also a tarot reader. So I'm assuming you're a, you do say you're an intuitive tarot reader.

So, do you, you consider yourself clairvoyant. Do you are you a channel do you, how do you get your information? 

Lady Ann: Gosh. Okay, so that one's really kind of hard. It's good. It's good. I, I don't know all of the Clair senses. I can't remember. Cause I'm still, I mean, I consider myself the eternal student, so I'm definitely still learning. However I will. Okay. So let's say I'm doing a reading for you. I'll take out the cards or my rooms and I will see a number in my head.

That number is the number of cards that I'm supposed to pull or a number of rooms that I'm supposed to pull. And then sometimes [00:21:00] I can smell something which is weird. Like for example, one time I was sitting there and I was thinking about my co-host and I smelled these red peppers, red and green peppers.

And it was so strong and I wasn't cooking anything in my house, nothing. And so I called her up and I was like, Hey were you, have you eaten any red or green peppers or anything? And she's like, oh yeah, we just finished cooking some right now. And I was like, oh, okay. All right. So, so, and then sometimes I just feel Whether it's flashes and images in my head, whether it's just a really strong feeling.

I just go with it and I, I lay the cards out and I'll write out everything that they mean. And then I look at it as a whole and kind of give, you know, not only the interpretation that is specifically written for them, but then my interpretation is. 

Will: Okay. So yeah, [00:22:00] intuitive, I guess. And there is, there is a clear something that's that's smells and I forgot what it's called.

You're right. There is God, I am jumping from topic to topic and the same, because there's so much that I want to cover that I'm just going through. Bye stream of consciousness, which is the absolute worst way to conduct an interview. 

Lady Ann: It's good though. It's good. I will touch on. You asked about channeling and that is something that I, I was learning how to do channeling when I was in healing group.

I stopped for a little while and I've been slowly trying to kind of get back to it a little bit. 

Will: So there's different types of channels, right? There's the conscious channel. And then the there's the, I don't remember now. Sadly, what, what the other one is, but one takes. And you, you, you go into a trance and you just channels. Someone goes through the other is just someone kind of talking to you and you're, you're relaying the information, which, which one of those do you kind of relate [00:23:00] more to?

Lady Ann: It's okay. I'll tell you the story. We're just really quick. One time in healing group. I saw this crystal in my head. It was a crystal pyramid and one that I hadn't recognized before. And just as I see this in my head, There's a man and he's got this kit and I wish that I could remember what it was called.

Some something dealing with Atlantis and these Atlantean crystal tools that he had. Well, he pulls that out and I was like, oh my gosh, can I, can I hold this? And he allowed me to hold it. And then I kind of was pulled over to this other woman in the room. So I take the pyramid and I go over to this woman.

And then I was like, I think I have to tell you something and she's sitting there looking at me and then it's weird because then the next thing I know, it's like, I'm in space and, and I know it's like the Palladium's are there. And then all of a sudden, [00:24:00] I don't know what happens, but by the time I opened my eyes, she's.

Apparently there was some sort of message that she received. That was a really big deal. It brought, you know, a lot of emotions up and then and then she scheduled to go to east. He ran. And that's the last I knew about that. So it's kind of like that where you just you're kind of put aside and something else is taken over and you don't.


Will: Maybe, and as he trains channel, now we know that's the term I was looking for is a conscious channel or channel it's the trans channel. So, that's that really. Intriguing also, cause I've not spoken to a trans channel before and you see that in the movies and things, where you go you start shaking and some other entity speaks to that person and the person wakes up and go what happened? Right. So I've, I've never been. To be good at relinquishing control. So I [00:25:00] don't think I would be happy with that, but if you are, that's all that matters well then moving on to my next question a little while ago started speaking my language. When you said that you don't just believe things off hand, you have to feel the reality. Right. Then I always say. As a skeptic, I've got to, I need proven it, tangible proof. I need something that I can touch.

I can feel, I can say, yep. This is read before I can wholeheartedly get behind something. Right. And really that's, that's the whole point of this show for me is to find that something now longtime listeners will know that Reiki for me was that thing. I, I found something that I knew was something I was not controlling.

He was definitely something I was feeling. It was a, there's a tangible feel to it. But a lot of the other stuff I haven't experienced, I've not astral projected. I can't see auras. That mean a lot of the metaphysical stuff. I don't. Get I don't, I don't, I'm not lucky enough to have those talents. I'm not really a channel.

[00:26:00] So then when we're talking about the supernatural and the paranormal specifically, when you were in Fairfield yeah. And you were thinking, this is not real, unless I feel something. And then lo and behold, you felt something, right. How confident are you? That you felt something like how sure are you that this, you know, you go into a spooky place and then you kind of freak yourself out and, oh, am I going to feel something, but it's really kind of your mind playing tricks on you.

Lady Ann: I've had that happen before, too, where I, you, you can kind of project it and. You're like, oh, okay, wait a second. Wait a second. That was, that was just me. And you rationalize it and you are able to find, okay, that was my sweater or my hood or my hair tie or something like that.

This was multiple fingers. Like my hair, like on my head. And. I mean 

Will: the shivers down my [00:27:00] spine right now. So you have no doubt whatsoever that these things are real, that they exist and you have, I mean, you felt that you've seen it. This is with your own senses. 

Lady Ann: So here's the big thing. If I would have been experiencing this on my.

Hands down. I would have thought something was wrong with me in my head. Most like 95% of all of my experiences. There's been other people with me that have witnessed it, felt it heard it, all of it. So. 

Will: Wow. Well, can you share with us some of the craziest things? I know the hair thing is pretty crazy. I'm not going to lie, but like.

You've seen Sasquatch, for example. 

Lady Ann: Well, okay, so I'm still struggling with this because this happened last month. We had started out doing a paranormal investigation on some haunted. I've never done that before. Never talked to a haunted doll. So I [00:28:00] thought, well, let's see what happens, you know, but something else kept coming through.

So we had somebody doing the estos method and the estos method is where you've got your spirit box and you have noise canceling headphones plugged into it. So you've got your, your headphones and then your blindfold. So you can't lip read, you can't see what's going on. You're concentrating in the, the spirit box is like this it's this radio that sweeps through really super fast.

And sometimes you can hear, you know, words, words will come through. So we had somebody on that and the words that were coming through equated to something being attached to the land. So. We kind of just didn't really put a whole lot of stock into it. Kind of got bored and quit. But [00:29:00] a couple of days later, I was like, well, it was talking about something with the land.

So why don't we go out into the woods to, I guess, to domestication stupidest idea that I've had. So we go and we get, we get in the side-by-side. And it's myself, another person and, and my co-host and she's in the back and like the, in the bed of it. And we, we go and we park it at the mouth of this woods and we go in and the first red sign, the red flag.

Didn't even register it because over here in Oregon. Yeah, we've got woods, but it's pretty quiet. You can hear some crickets and frogs, but man, over in Ohio, it's an orchestra cicadas. And just like, I've never heard it like that before. And so we walked into the woods and it was silent. I should've known, [00:30:00] I should've thought I didn't, it was completely silent and we put everything down.

And my co-host says to me, well, how are you feeling? Cause she knows that I'm sensitive and everything. And I was like, I'm feeling pretty good. Everything's good. So we set up our equipment and off to my right behind me. I hear footsteps. But it's, it's, it's obviously by pedal, it is not a bird. It is not a bunny, not a deer.

Like you can tell, these are like, like a human walking, two footsteps, and I'm just like, I'm like, whatever. I'm just being a Wiener because I'm scared, you know, like, and I can, I do get scared. So then I hear this low guttural growl that. [00:31:00] Again, I just sat there and thought, you know what? I am imagining things.

I'm imagining things. So I stood up and I turned around and I had a flashlight. So I take the flashlight and I look off in front of me cause I'm now facing what was behind me. So I'm looking over, you know, and it was really strange because at one moment, I saw a silhouette and you can see this head and the shoulder and this arm, like around the tree.

And I'm like, I didn't my glasses. This is just I'm again, I'm just being a scaredy cat. I don't have my glasses on. And that's what this is. So I look away and I look back, it's not. Okay. Yeah, just my imagination. I doused the light and that's when we heard just a little bit after that. That's when we heard this really loud.

I mean, it'd be like you open handed, smacked [00:32:00] the side-by-side that we drove in on, like something hit it and now I'm froze. Now I'm froze. Now. I am. Just standing there. They're looking at me like, are you okay? Cause for them, 

Will: was this in, later in the daytime, 

Lady Ann: it was at nighttime. So we got there during sunset now at this point it's night.

So they normally are used to sounds when you're doing, I guess ghost investigation sounds are a normal thing. So they were still in ghost investigation mode and now I'm sitting there going. I am frozen because of course I don't have fight or flight. I have freeze. And so they're like, are you okay? Are you all right?

And I'm just like, no, no, no. I want to go out to the field. Can we go out to the field? I really just, I want to go out to the field. And so they're like, okay, all right, let's go. So we gather stuff. We get in the side-by-side and we drive out and we're in the field. This is good. All right, I'm good. This is better.

[00:33:00] You know, cause when I was in there, the other thing that I was feeling, it was almost like we were encroaching on, on some things territory. That's just how it felt, but I couldn't really make sense of it and I didn't really want to say anything. And so now we're out in the field and lo and behold. My co-host decides to play the Ohio hoe.

And I did not know she was going to do this, so she's, she's holding it up and it's playing the hell. And the exact same Howell came out of the woods where we just were. 

Will: Okay. So hang on a second. Before we get any further for those. Yeah. We're listening in who don't know what the Ohio Howell is. Can you explain that to her?

Lady Ann: Yeah. So it was a recording. I think it's from 1994, you can YouTube it just YouTube, the Ohio Howell. And it is a supposedly Sasquatch Howell that was caught, you know, in 1994 that they recorded and it's uploaded on YouTube. And so. So 

Will: you play [00:34:00] the Ohio Howell and then very shortly thereafter, it was echoed from the exact location that you were just in.

Lady Ann: Yeah. And it was loud. It was awful in that moment. I was sitting there and I'm like, Munster's a real, like, like my reality is, is totally changed in that moment. I'm frozen. So, but I'm able to move and we, we start packing up our stuff and we get back into the side-by-side, but we're in the side-by-side, we're listening to the howl and I, and we take a moment and it seems like everything's okay.

That was until it sounds like it ripped a tree up and hit it against another tree. And at that point I'm done and I'm just like, go, go, go, go. I'm done. Like I, and all I can think about. You know, the, the stories where they'll bluff charge you or they'll flank you. And so my co-host is in the back. She's got the night vision cameras, she's scanning the Woodline and [00:35:00] we're going, and it doesn't matter at the same time because that thing isn't going to go any further.

Like it's not going to go that fast if they really wanted to come out of the woods and just pluck you out of there, kick it off. They're going to do that. Bye. Hello. I'm missing 4, 1, 1, you know, that's

it's so it was, it was awful. It was terrifying, but, but then there's another half after we got back and everything had calmed down. I hear these two different camps where something Sasquatch is a, you know, as physical as you and I, and just like another ape or hominid. And then the other camp that thinks that they're dropped off by aliens and have, you know, all this woo stuff to them.

And I thought, well, you don't know until you try. So let's just get out the spirit box and see if they can come, can communicate.

So we put somebody on the, the STS [00:36:00] method again, and a message comes through that says we were once worshiped and now we're a. And they're talking about how things have been taken and how humans have changed. And you know, the, land's not the same humans, aren't the same. And, and there's this there's missing connection.

And all of a sudden it says, look, see, and we look up on the Ridge and it wasn't just me that witnessed this, but you could see. Step out on the Ridge line next to a tree that same head and shoulder and arm, and then it's kind of swaying back and forth. And, and then the person on the SS method says, you see me?

And so then another person went to turn on a flashlight. And when they turned on the flashlight, the person on the SS method said bright. And boom, you know, turn the turn the flashlight off. And there was no way for the [00:37:00] person on the SS method. They weren't even facing the person with the flashlight.

They weren't facing the silhouette on the hill. They were facing me and they had their blindfolded and had their noise canceling, you know, earphones.

Will: Okay, hang on. 

Lady Ann: I know, I know.

Will: I really want to believe this stuff. I do. I want to believe this stuff because I want to believe that we live in a world where mysteries are real and the unknown is out there. Like I said, in the beginning, I'm like, molder, I really do want to believe, right. 

Lady Ann: Yeah. So you've got the spirit box and it goes through just radio channels and it goes through them really fast. And so sometimes though it'll there there's there's words that just come out and they're very clear Southern those clear words that you hear, you shout them out. If you're the one on the estimate.

Will: Got it. So there's, so when you say that the person that on the, on the headsets [00:38:00] was hearing words that they heard on the radio, as it was scanning quickly through all the different frequencies and it would just, he would be shouting out what he's or she is hearing. I understand. No, I get it. This is terrifying.

Great. I mean, it's, it's, it's not just me, right? This is terrifying. So even though I say, I want to believe I'm also really scared to believe, because this is terrifying. If this is truly what's happening. 

Lady Ann: Right. Well, it's, it's one of those things where I've had experiences since I was young and there are things that are, you know, coming into my reality that I never wanted to.

And I'm even scared. I've been living this since I was really little. 

Will: Wow. I can't even imagine what that must been like so quick question, because it, it struck me when you said it, but back then, when you were in the woods, you mentioned you were looking, but you couldn't see anything cause you didn't have your glasses on.

What were you thinking? You're out in the woods, in the middle of dark. We don't have a, how do you not have your glasses on the entire time? Like when I go [00:39:00] scuba diving, when I go scuba diving, like I need to have my head in the water and I'm looking everywhere all around me. Cause I need to see the shark before he hits me.

Right way. How would you not have glasses? I don't understand that. 

Lady Ann: It's one of those things where like Michael, the prescription things. I mean, I can see everything. With the glasses on there, it's, everything is so much more crisp and clear and it's the distance, you know, seeing a further distance. So seeing up close, everything's fine.

So I just kind of, I mean, I don't have any contacts in or anything right now. I have love, hate relationship with my glasses. And so, yeah, so being out there, I just wasn't really, I mean, I just, wasn't expecting to see. 

Will: So then if this is so terrifying for you and it sounds like it is because you keep telling me that these experiences run chills on your spine.

Why, why do you keep doing it? Is it just like a, like an adrenaline rush or is [00:40:00] it something you're trying to discover? Why do it, 

Lady Ann: well, it comes back to. I'll never forget when I got to go on Shannon show. So into the fray, it was like episode number 47 or 48. And it's called stranger things in Oregon. She had finally, you know, she gave me a platform, a voice to tell my stories that I've had since I was little.

And even though I had had these experiences with other people, you still feel weird or isolated or. You question you question it. And after the episode I got emails and I got messages from people all over the world, New Zealand, Canada, different states in America saying that they've had the same experiences and it was so healing for me.

So I want to give that to other people,

Will: you know, [00:41:00] so, okay. We're woefully short on time and I would be remissed all the conversations we've just had. If, if all of these things are indeed real, whether it's the man, which I see over your shoulder right now, which is freaking me out or , the howl or, you know, anything, any of these things that you've experienced the hair, the hand, the hand in your hair, if all this is real, how does it connect?

Like this show? We've talked to people who have given us an idea of how the universal word. And if the universe works the way they've been seeing these things, can't really truly be what we're saying, what we're talking about here. So how does it all connect? Any thoughts? 

Lady Ann: You know, it's, it's really interesting.

That is one of the areas that I am trying to learn about a lot. I mean, take ghosts for an example. It's only recently that I've learned that sometimes you can be seeing what you perceive [00:42:00] as a ghost, but they're in, they look at you, but it's actually a time of. So they're looking at you thinking you're a ghost, you're looking at them thinking that they're ghost and it's, and it's nothing, but a time slip, just like, with demons and how everything's a demon.

Well, I, you know, you could go into a place and investigate, but be an antagonizer. So you're yelling and doing all these negative things and you're sending out that negative energy. You leave. The next group comes in and they feel that negative energy, but they don't know that it's from the group before.

So they automatically equate it to some evil spirit. And then they kind of put energy into that. The next group comes in. So now you've got this angry, evil aggregor that everybody's created. And then all of a sudden, boom, people are saying that now it's a demon. I. I don't know. I don't know how it's all connected.

I mean, there's things that I thought was one way, but now I'm learning that they can be other ways. So I don't know. I'm just excited to be [00:43:00] the student. 

Will: All right. Well, one thing's for sure in that is there are mysteries in this world. We're not. Truly sure of what it would, the origins of them are. Whether it's astral projection or or demonic forces, right?

So somehow some way eventually, hopefully we'll get the answers, . Now, if someone wanted to be a part of the vampire culture, how would you recommend they go about. 

Lady Ann: Gosh, I would recommend, I would really recommend going to dot shop and checking out the book called the black veils.

It's a really fantastic educational book that touches on a lot of, a lot of different things within the vampire culture. Check out father Sebastian, see his work. He's on Facebook. He's got his own website. I mean, he's all over. If you just Google his name, father, Sebastian, tons of information will come up.

Will: Okay. I will do [00:44:00] that. And I will lay a lot of direct links to some of the stuff that we've been talking about in, into the show notes. So if anyone's interested in learning more about the stuff, Miami's just go to our show notes and you can find all of the information via direct link. So thank you for that.

So then if someone wanted to listen to KPN L or caravan or follow you on social media, what would be the best way that someone could reach. 

Lady Ann: Oh, gosh, I mean, you can find me, I'm under an saline on Facebook. You can find the caravan on Facebook as well as KP, and I'll just type it in. Usually Facebook is really the best way to get ahold of me.

If you want to email me, you can do that to KPL So I would, I would suggest that. 

Will: Great. And now again, I'll add all those to the show notes as well. So, so thanks for that lady. And it has been an absolute honor to have you on the show. I've, I've, we've talked a little briefly here and there to the discord channel that you have for K P and L.

And, and you are absolutely fascinating. [00:45:00] There's so many different dimensions to you that it's been really a lot of fun to kind of unpack. So, so thank you for coming. 

Lady Ann: Well, thank you. It's been an honor. I'm so glad to be here. 

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