Proof of the Afterlife? | Annette Marinaccio

Proof of the Afterlife? | Annette Marinaccio

Welcome back to another installment of The Skeptic Metaphysician, where we explore everything related to the metaphysical and beyond. Our next guest is a Certified Public Accountant and an accomplished healthcare executive.Not the most intuitive...

Welcome back to another installment of The Skeptic Metaphysician, where we explore everything related to the metaphysical and beyond. Our next guest is a Certified Public Accountant and an accomplished healthcare executive.Not the most intuitive person to have join the show, right? Well…it just so happens, that though she has her feet firmly grounded in the 3 D world we all live in, she has also written a book about… the afterlife, inspired after her mother-in-law led her on a path after she died… to prove to her that there is life after death.Her book is called Your Soul Focus and its a spiritual book written in a practical way. It tells about her journey and what she’s learned through her relatives on the other side, chapter by chapter, and contains personal stories and anecdotes applicable to daily life. And now that she knows for sure that there IS an afterlife, she’s since learned how intricate and extensive our souls and our journeys are. The information that she’s accumulated and conveyed through her book has a clear and deep benefit to others during their times of need, grief or curiosity, and this episode.....and Your Soul Focus... will pass that knowledge onto you.Resources:Your Soul Focus: You Believe in the Afterlife, Don't You?The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams Guest Info:Website: annettemarinaccio.comJosephine GhiringhelliSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Facebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastVisit our website:



Will: [00:00:00] Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another installment of the skeptic metaphysician, where we explore everything related to, I mean the physical and beyond, sorry, I couldn't resist 

Annette Marinaccio: that. Karen

Will: kind of let me down a little bit. I was looking forward to it, right? This is not how we practiced. It can be more professional. Oh wait, maybe I need to start doing that too. I guess. Is do you believe in 

Annette Marinaccio: life after death? Absolutely. You do really? What makes you believe it? 

Karen: I don't know what makes it, yeah, exactly.

Yes, yes. 

Annette Marinaccio: Yeah. 

Will: I don't mean to put you on the spot. I'm just so excited about the next guest that we have. So it has to do with life after death. So the fact that you fully and wholeheartedly believe in an afterlife makes me want to. Inquire as to 

Annette Marinaccio: why? 

Karen: Well, I, haven't had some interesting [00:01:00] experiences in my life and I know you'd like to tell everybody, I just believe everything.

And I mean, don't you care? That's like only 99.8%. Sure. I've told you before, it's more fun to believe it. It makes your life more enjoyable. It gives you something to hope for it just as. Compliments your life in so many ways. I think that when you're constantly looking for a reason why something isn't oh, 

Annette Marinaccio: that's 

Will: so right.

I'm right on the money. Karen, I couldn't, I couldn't have said it better than, than, than you, and that's why I bring you so you can make me look good. So it's perfectly, absolutely. Now my next guest I've, I've touched on it a little bit. I've intuitive a little bit, but she actually is a certified public accountant.

She's a. Okay. And not only that, but she is an accomplished healthcare executive. Right. So now what could this possibly have to do with the skeptic metaphysician or life after death? Well, it just so happens that though she does have her feet firmly grounded in the 3d world. We all live in. She's also written a book about [00:02:00] the afterlife.

So apparently her mother-in-law. After she died, led her on a path to prove that there actually was life after death. Wow. Yeah. I'm so curious about how that all came out. So her book is called your sole focus and it's a spiritual book written in a practical. 

Karen: Well, that sounds fantastic, but I am so impressed that it was her mother-in-law mother-in-law those relationships can be kind of tough.

Annette Marinaccio: That's 

Will: a really 

Annette Marinaccio: good point. 

Karen: Although I have a good relationship with my mother-in-law too. So it does happen, 

Will: you know, she listens to the show. So you have to say that well, so the book that she wrote that tells about her journey and what she's learned to her relatives on the other side, relatives, plural.

More interesting chapter by chapter and contains personal stories and anecdotes applicable to daily life. So. That she knows for sure that there is an afterlife she's since learned how intricate and extensive our souls and our journeys are. [00:03:00] I just don't even want to continue with introduction. I just want to get her on the show because holy smokes, we have a lot to talk to her about.

So please welcome to the show and net. And I'm not even going to try your last name. I'm so sorry in it. Well, how do you pronounce your 

Annette Marinaccio: last name? My last name is Marianna. 

Will: Marin nacho. Never not Joe. Thank you. Yeah, you've got the Italian training in the background. I just, I just sound terrible. So I'd much rather you sounded so much better at it than I did.

So thank you for, thank you for coming on the show. 

Annette Marinaccio: Thank you so much for having me. I'm very happy and excited and honored to be here. Yeah. So 

Will: I, and thank you for saying such nice things about us. Hopefully you'll feel the same way after this.

I've got it. I've got to approach the elephant in the room, right? So your mother-in-law after she passed, started you on this path, I've got another 

Annette Marinaccio: story. So I would say before my mother-in-law died, she died in 2006. It's not that I was a skeptic with respect to the [00:04:00] afterlife, but I just really hadn't thought about.

I had lived my whole life and I thought, you know, when somebody dies, they die and that's it. And that's not that that was a belief, but that's just what I thought. And And it wasn't until after she died that she very distinctly and methodically started sending me signs and synchronicities to me directly, but mostly through my daughter actually.

And then one thing led to another where eventually my eyes were opened and I was like, oh my goodness, she's really still here. This is unbelievable to me. And and then I spent. Probably three or four years trying to understand the afterlife, because the big question to me was once I accepted that there is an afterlife, then I had to determine, well, then what are we doing here?

I mean, I don't understand it. Can we go on and on what is this about? So, that's sort of what I spent a lot of [00:05:00] time learning, but with respect, I just want to say edit with respect to my mother-in-law because you had mentioned, you know, relationships with mothers in law. And my relationship with my mother-in-law was great.

It was very good one, but the interesting thing is after I wrote the book, my girlfriend said to me your mother-in-law must have been such a strong entity. And I was like, well, she, she was strong for sure, but she wasn't like super strong. I mean, she was strong. And then she said, well, you must have had a great relationship with her.

And we had a very good relationship, but. Many family members have, you know, I wouldn't say it was like extraordinary our relationship, but then my girlfriend said this. She said, well then why did she pick you to teach you about the afterlife? And I said, I don't know. And when she, when I was thinking about it, she said, oh, I know why, because she knew that you would being an accountant, get a book out there.

You would, you would be one to actually take this and. [00:06:00] Formulate it into something that you can share with people. And so I was like, well, that's true. That's true. I think her, I think the reason she was insistent on showing me what life was about was so that I can put this book out there and share it because it's going to get to one or two or 10 or a hundred people, and it's going to change someone's perspective and help them live their life here.

Will: Makes perfect sense. In fact, I was just thinking about the fact that it, because you look at it from a practical perspective, that might be you, you don't go to the crazy person down the street. When you want to tell your story about afterlife, right? You, you want to talk to someone who probably people might think are the least likely to believe it, because if they are the ones.

Giving out the message then. Okay. Well, let me take a look at this because this is not someone who's been mired in a metaphysical or a spiritual. This is someone who's practical. [00:07:00] Who's telling me this stuff is real. Right. 

Karen: You look at an accountant and you don't think, Ooh, flighty. You're like, okay, numbers, facts, figures.

Yes. No answers. 

Annette Marinaccio: Right, 

Will: right. So your mother-in-law seems to be a very smart lady even after her death. So I grant her. Okay. So then, so then how, how has she managed to prove to you now? You mentioned. Swayed you, but you've actually said she's proven to you that there's, 

Annette Marinaccio: I would say she's proven it to me now, of course, proof to me maybe different than to anybody else.

But for me what happened was after she died, she actually sent a physical sign to my daughter. So, pom-poms of all things, but about five days after we buried my mother-in-law, my daughter, who was 13 at the time, and I were having breakfast together and My daughter said, oh, but like just very matter of fact, grandma sent me pompoms yesterday and I'm like, wow.

You know? And [00:08:00] she was just like yeah, I was in art class and these pom-poms just appeared. And they were the exact color of the balloons that we let go at grandma's grave site. So I know grandma was thanking me for the balloons and I was like, well, have they appeared. And I'm thinking, you know, maybe that's just making this up.

It's some coping coping mechanism, but sure enough, she had the pompoms, they were the same color. The whole thing seemed fantastical. But I was mentioning it to everybody in my life. So friends, professional people, like I'm just trying to make sense of it because I didn't know if my daughter was coping with something that maybe I should be helping with.

I don't know. You know, I wasn't sure what to make of it. And what happened? The second thing that happened, I guess, is, is a very dear friend of mine. We've been friends for 10 years. She listened to my whole story. And I guess she and I had never really discussed the afterlife or whatever. And she very matter of fact said will you believe in the afterlife don't you, which is the subtitle of my book, you believe in the afterlife, don't you?

And I was like, yeah, that's great. You [00:09:00] both, you believe. And she was like, like you, Karen, she just, you know, she knew. And so she was very, very matter of fact of it. And she was like, of course there's an afterlife. So when you, when you run across somebody who is so sure about it, because of their experiences who you value, because I've known her for 10 years, we were very good friends.

It made me think really? So you think these pom-poms are from my mother-in-law, you know, just that kind of thing. And then she started. Either 

Will: that, or you, you start calling the, the gentleman in the white 

Annette Marinaccio: coats, right? I wasn't sure what I mean, I thought, I don't know. I didn't know what to think, but then what happened was my girlfriend then told me that she actually.

Frank frequented, one particular medium Josephine G who's a local medium, and she would go to this medium and get real practical advice from her deceased father. Like, you know how to sell, what should I sell my house? Should I move to this place or that place? Which I named my son. So this medium was tapping into [00:10:00] her.

And I was like listening to my girlfriend, who I've been friends with for 10 years. I'm Chris, this has never come up. And I was like,

oh no. But as a fate, the universe, my mother-in-law would have it that following Saturday, my husband, my son, and my widowed recently widowed father-in-law went out to dinner at a local restaurant in and town on our main. And we were seated near a window and there was a poster of facing outside the window.

So we could see the back of the poster. And it said a dinner and show with psychic medium Josephine G just been guaranteed, like the same one she had just told me about. So I was like, okay, that's, that's a really weird coincidence. What are the odds? Right. And and she she's actually never been there before or after, so, but whatever.

So, and it was for, it was in an upcoming forum. So I was like, I guess I, I guess I'm curious, you know, [00:11:00] so I reached out to my girlfriend, I said, do you want to go? And she was like, yes. So, and then our recruited a third friend and I made the reservations and I said, you know, a net party of three, no last name, no credit card, no address, no anything.

And not because I was trying to. Play the system and make sure nobody could read me or whatever, but just because that's all they asked for. And, you know, I just made the reservation. So not for any reason, but I just know what I, what I get, you know, the information I gave and then four months go by and we, we go to that restaurant and, and that's where my mother-in-law really started opening my eyes.

So what happened was the lovely meeting. Who I'd say in the book, it didn't look like somebody that would be so deceitful, but whatever, you know, I sort of was doing it as a magic show. She went over to one family. And as you would see on TV, when you see like John Edwards or somebody reading she started reading the family and they're the police officer and they're all crying and I'm like, Interesting.

They're probably planted there. And then [00:12:00] 

Will: you just say the word. Interesting. 

Annette Marinaccio: And then she comes over on my table and she says, I'm okay. I have a woman here named Lucille. Lucille was my mother-in-law's name. And you know, and she's got black hair. She's describing my mother-in-law and I was petrified. I would not take the money.

You know, and my girlfriend's like kicking me under the table. Like, that's your goal? And I'm thinking a net positive story where I give them, what, how does she know this? And my girlfriend Remy. Yeah. Like the whole thing was mind blowing to me. And I didn't take the microphone. And so, Josephine eventually sort of retreated out and gave the microphone to someone behind me.

Continue to read me, like she said, oh, I see you're going to Italy in a few months. I was going to Italy and for you not to, you know, so it was, and so the woman, it wasn't a reading for her. Anyway. Then Josephine went read a couple more people, but my mother-in-law was insistent and she came back and Josephine said, okay, this woman is still here.

If it's not Lucille, it's someone with an L [00:13:00] she's holding her stomach. My mother-in-law had died of pancreatic cancer. So she died of like a stomach cancer. And I was just like, all right, fine. So I raised my hand, took the microphone and after a little bit of discussion, she said the line that opened the door for me.

And that line was she's asking how Rita is. Rita is still here. A year earlier than, than my mother-in-law dying. My mother and my mother-in-law, they were both diagnosed with cancer within a year of each other. And so for that year, we went through chemo, you know, my mother-in-law pancreatic, my mother breasts.

We went through, you know, the chemo, the radiation, the surgeries. It was just, it was a whirlwind year, but every time we would visit one or the other. They would always ask how the other one was, you know, so Lucille would say, how's reader, she's not doing that well. And Rita would say how's Lucile and it was constant.

So when this Josephine is standing there and [00:14:00] says to me, how's Rita, oh, she's still here. Isn't she? Which she was, my mother is still here. I was like, how could you possibly tag these two unique games? It's, you know, CPA standpoint. I think it's statistically impossible. So, you know, then she, she continued with some very, very evidential items that nobody could know.

And then and then sh she retreated, you know, retreated back or whatever. And then I left there and I was like, I don't even, I don't exactly know what to make of this, but it, at some point it's easier. To believe that it's true and your loved ones are than it is to fight it because what are the chances?

So that was just the opening of the door. For me, that was just the opening. But throughout the upcoming three or four years, I just was soaking in everything I could. I read, I went to psychic ability [00:15:00] classes. I have none, but I tried.

Will: So I've spoken to a lot of people who would say otherwise, I say everyone is psychic, but we won't go into that in this one. But one thing I do have to mention it's, it's interesting to me because that your thought process going into it was, oh, this is a magic show. Right? You mentioned a general. John Edwards, who actually was found to have been maybe not as legit as he was putting himself out to be.

And that's the trouble, right? There's so many the messages that come through in a case like yours that could not possibly have been anything other than what it was. There's so many people out there who really try to. I don't want to say snow, but, but maybe take advantage of people and you hear so many more of those stories, then you hear the stories like yours, where it makes sense that it, it it's sad that the majority of people out in this world.

Oh, this is just a, this [00:16:00] is just some charlatan, right? When you look at someone like Shirley and clean, when she wrote that out on a limb book, right? When she came on about her past lives and things like that, she was lambasted in her professional world is she was looked at as a complete pariah, as a CPA, as someone who's firmly rooted in the executive world, where you not at all worried that when you wrote this book, you're going to be.

Ostracize or, or subject to the same type of, of biases. 

Annette Marinaccio: Yes. So I have a lot of things to say to that. First of all, I have a chapter on my book about John Edwards because we ended up my family and I ended up coincidentally being read by him. He was not a charlatan. He was spot on. And what I learned from his reading.

Was the intricacy of our souls, which is, it's just very, very involved. So that's one thing. Let me put that on the side for now, because let me address your direct question [00:17:00] is yes. During the time that I was learning this, I was very aware and very concerned about my business reputation. I didn't want people thinking I was I dunno, just sort of out there or flaky or, you know, losing it or anything like that.

Very, very concerned about that. So I was very ginger with who I spoke about it with. I spoke about it in my professional life a lot, but I was still very careful. Now I will say I'm in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry in terms of most industries is a very caring industry. So there are a lot more Comfortable with speaking about feelings and things that other pure business or finance industries maybe wouldn't be as comfortable speaking about.

So, so I'm fortunate enough to have been in the healthcare industry for the last 30 years, but still I was the CEO and CFO of a major healthcare organization. And [00:18:00] so for me to come out and speak about the afterlife was very concerning to me. And I had to worry about who I spoke about it with, but most people, when you start speaking about it and you're credible and you're not, I'm not pushing my view on you.

If you don't want to believe it, you don't have to. I'm just telling you, you know, it's sort of true, you know, so it would be helpful if you didn't believe it. You know, people, I found that people were receptive to it now I'm in a very, very large healthcare organization. And they encourage individual individuality.

So, I, you know, I was at the point where I was, I just knew I had to put this book out there to help people. And I'm very fortunate to be working for indirectly for a woman who is a very compassionate person. And so she's, you know, she was very happy that I put the book. So, I think the healthcare industry is a little bit more caring with respect to that, but absolutely.

And I go in, I go [00:19:00] into that in the book. I was very concerned about what people were going to be thinking about this, the two worlds don't seem like they need that much, you know, 

Karen: and I think it's great. I love your story. And I think this, that you just told us is going to help a lot of those closet believers, you know, kind of come out and say, okay, this is, you know, it's out there.

Some good solid people are having these experiences as well. Right. 

Will: And I don't want to gloss over the John Edwards thing because when, when it was all over the news about the fact, oh, he's found out to be Charlotte and all kind of stuff. If you, if you're saying that you have personal experience and believe that he is not, then that's something that we need to get out because unfortunately there's nothing that is sensational about someone being real.

And so there's no. No benefit to local media or to any national media to talk about the fact, oops. No, actually he was right. Right. So if you have some information that you want to put out there about him, we would, we would welcome it because all I remember was [00:20:00] the th the schmear campaign had happened after after his scifi channel TV series went off to layer.

Annette Marinaccio: So it's interesting with a lot of these. Medium television shows. I think they get a bad rap because understandably because their television shows they have to be edited. So if you go to a real medium reading, you're going to get, you know, with a great medium, you're going to get 90% hits, but you're going to get 10% where they're not exactly sure.

You know where it's going and they could be an absolutely wonderful. But for TV, those misses or where they're trying to figure it out or edit it out most times. And so I think that's why they get a bad rep because they're editing out the parts that. An audience, a television audience may not resonate with.

Cause he wants to see somebody up there missing, 

Will: right? Like for example, the lady behind you who had the microphone, who was being read, but it was really you Suze, I'm not going to Italy or the front of the girl in front of you, the [00:21:00] lady in front of you is, but so it's not used as she might have thought near 

Annette Marinaccio: she missed it.

That's right. And if that's on TV, who's going to, right. So I think the fact that all these medium shows edit out a lot of maybe all of the mistakes. I think that's why the mediums get a bad rap, but the ones who've done, the television shows, they really, they really are legitimate. And I like to say this and I also say it in my book, even if they weren't legitimate, even if there are a hundred mediums out there and 99 are fraudulent and horrible and have some short of psychic ability maybe, but one of them is on the money.

Well then what does that mean for all of humanity? Because it's not about them and it's not about, it's not even about their message. It's not about them as a person. It's about the fact that, that one who's legit of which I believe there are a lot more, but that one was legitimate. Legit is tapping into your deceased loved ones because they're still here, like, okay, like, can we focus on that [00:22:00] 

Will: and to take it even further, even if it's someone who's giving you, even if it's not coming from the great beyond, but it's a message that's going to make.

That's giving you a lot of peace. What is the harm in it? Right. I had this show was. Reviewed by a podcast reviewer a few weeks ago. And though he gave the, the show of great review. He went off on a tangent about how awful the subject matter was because all that these people are doing is trying to take people's money and only could think about as I'm listening to this review.

Oh, my God, this poor guy needs to get some help. Right? He, there is something happening in his life that has made him so angry at someone, someone did him, did him wrong. Obviously, I don't know why or how or who, but if only he just relaxed and, and let things. Com he might have a whole change of heart, but he's not letting himself doing that.

So, sorry for that tangent. Oh, 

Annette Marinaccio: no, no, that's okay. I absolutely understand what you mean because the sort of naysayers out there, they're just, they're just wasting their energy on trying to. Bring [00:23:00] other people and other people's philosophies down. But I think one of the reasons why my book has been a little successful is because I'm a CPA and a successful healthcare executive.

I am not selling this book to make money. A couple of dollars on a book. That's my source of income. I'm not looking to brand myself. I'm not looking to do anything other than get my message out, but you're not going on a national tour. Someone. Great. Right. And that's then that's. Purpose. And that's an interesting thing too, because I, after three or four years of learning about the afterlife and getting my head around the universe and how it works, sort of, I was like comfortable.

I was like, okay, I get it where we live on. And this world here is a little teeny sliver of what our soul is about and, you know, I sort of understand it. And then what I've found is that the universe kept putting me in the path of people when they needed a little shard of information that I had. You know, in the workplace or personal.

And so, I would, and all of a sudden [00:24:00] people, oh my goodness, you've helped me so much. And then I start having people say, oh, I heard you helped. You know, so-and-so when their mother died. Do you have any pearls of wisdom? Wisdom for me? And I'm like, really? So people were like seeking out some of my tidbits of knowledge.

So that's why at the beginning of 2020, having nothing to do with COVID, I was there. Put my mind to putting my knowledge into a small digestible format, because when you start getting your head around the metaphysical world, The volumes of literature out there and the different theories is absolutely overwhelming.

There's so many people who have so many different philosophies, so, or theories about it, or thoughts about it or stories about it. So I said, I have to consolidate what I've learned and just boom, you know, just go right to the point on on the afterlife and what I believe to be true. But the interesting thing.

In terms of helping other people at the beginning of 20, 20, [00:25:00] January of 2020, I happen like one of the algorithms that came up on my iPad one day when I was like, just laying on the couch or something was an interview with Justin. Bieber and Hailey, Hailey Baldwin Bieber has his wife and like of all people like this young guy to influence this, like if I'm kind to myself middle-aged woman.

But basically, basically he was saying that his whole life changed when he changed his perspective from thinking about himself only two folk, put it, placing his focus on helping others. That changed him and turned his life around. And, you know, I'm thinking, you know, and when he w he said, when he was younger, he was really sort of lost.

And I'm thinking he is, of course still very young, but I know what he means. It was a time period was real. And now he's sort of, you know, found religion and he's on more of a straight path or whatever. So I, I thought of that. All throughout the [00:26:00] time I was writing this book because it would have been very easy for me at many times.

I'm not a reader or a writer. I'm a numbers person. I'll pick numbers would be very easy for me to just say, all right, you know, something I give up on this, but I kept knowing it was going to help someone. And so that's why I just kept at it and kept at it until I got it into a night. You know, digestible format that might help somebody, you know?

Wow. Yeah. 

Will: Well, I I'm, I'm excited because I you've convinced me. I'm going to, I'm going to pick up the book and it sounds like it sounds 

Annette Marinaccio: amazing, but 

Karen: it's interesting. Like once you start giving. You receive so much more and I'm reading this book and it's conversations with the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu.

And I don't remember who said it, but they're describing that and they liken it to the dead sea and comparing that to like another river ocean where water flows in and flows out. But I guess the water that leads into the dead sea, once it gets there, there's no way for it to flow out and it becomes dank and dead.

So they're saying the more you just take it and take in, there's nothing that's going [00:27:00] to get better. Nothing's going to come up that you need to also put it back out. So 

Annette Marinaccio: it was just interesting how it's interesting. I had that reminds me of I have a friend who is a professor and his son died like maybe early twenties, 10 years ago.

And he said his son was in a dream, a dream visit with him once. And his son from the other side had a platter of. And and he was, his father was facing him. And as he was sort of backing up with the platter apples, every once in a while, the platter would tilt and a piece of that apple would fall off an apple pool until they went on left.

And as the father who's in, you know, was dreaming, was saying, wait, why did you drop the apple? Oh, oh, you dropped the apple, like trying to protect them. And he was like, those are those are those pieces of knowledge. And what he, what he said the father is that he feels he's given knowledge from the other side when he's in a position to share it.

So [00:28:00] it's not about him getting the knowledge for his own sake. It's about him sharing it. And that resonated with me because that's what I felt. I felt like I was not in. You know, of course, Wilson, I love my mother-in-law, but I was not in a stage of. Uncontrollable grief or not being able to see straight or you know, people say, oh, then you go to a medium, they'll take advantage of you.

I was not in a situation to be taken advantage of because I wasn't in grief really. So I was just soaking everything in, but I think a lot of the information was given to me, number one, it was given to me in a very methodical way, because I think my relatives on the other side of my spiritual. You know, we're sort of like, okay, we understand she's got to take this one step at a time.

She's an accountant. It's very methodical. And I think, and I think also they were like, sh she's going to be one to two. So I think that's why I was given a lot of this information. Wow. 

Will: It's a remarkable [00:29:00] story, but and I'm sorry, I cut you off. You started, so you mentioned that the methodical way, once you got the information, so we talked about your mother-in-law coming through for the first time, then you started doing some research into it.

What happened after that 

Annette Marinaccio: continuous? Well, okay. So the interesting thing is, after my mother-in-law opened my eyes on that, that one day it was. Sunday, April 29th, 2007. I don't know why I remember dates sometimes. Oh, that's 

Will: a big in 37 seconds. 

Annette Marinaccio: But at any rate what, once I started realizing kind of, she's still here.

I realized that my journey actually had started years earlier, but I hadn't realized it at the time. There were things I tucked in the back of my mind that I just, you know, Didn't really think about, but just always w were there. So as an example when my, my daughter was 13, when my mother-in-law died when my daughter was two, she started singing a tune.

This was the tune, she's saying a lot of tunes, but this was a tune that I couldn't figure out where she learned it from. I come [00:30:00] to foul Sinhala, remember miso. I come to foul Sinhala, remember myself. And I just thought that was interesting because cause she's two she's young, where could she possibly learn it from.

You know, we have to be something that we taught her at home, which we didn't. And my grandmother's, my grandmother's deceased. One of the maiden name is . And so I come to Fasanella remember by myself, sounded to me like I'm grandma Fasanella remember my soul. I don't know. I don't know. So this again, she was too.

And so, she sang it for months. And then at one point I asked her, you know, who, who told you that. And she said, grandma. And I said, which grandma? And she said, grandma Rita. That's my mother. Although in the book I changed her name to margarita. Cause I changed everybody in the book. My yeah, my mother said, can you make me Marguerite?

I've always wanted it to be,

well, I'll make it more margarita. But her name is Ruth. [00:31:00] So, so sh so my daughter said grandma Rita. So when my mother was over at Christmas time, my daughter was now. Two and a half, two and three quarters. And she had been singing this song while found, I said to my daughter, Diana, sing that song for grandma.

And she sang the song. I come into the house and Ella remember myself and my, I said to my mother, did you teach that to her? And my mother was like, no. And so I turned to my daughter and I was like, did, did grandma teach you that song? And she looked and now she was confused my daughter. And she said, no, it was grandma Lucille.

Who's her mother. My mother-in-law. So. So I was like, okay, now that would be really weird because how am I, you know, it's my side of the family. And, but whatever. I didn't think about it again. And then a couple of months after that, now my daughter had turned three. My mother-in-law was over. And I said to my daughter, can you sing that song for grandma Lucille?

She sings the song. And I said to my mother-in-law, did you teach her that song? And she says, And then I turned to my daughter again and I said that song, [00:32:00] and now my daughter's getting a little agitated. Cause she's, you could see she's confused. She's openly confused. And she said, it's, you know, it's my other grandmother, the one who puts me to sleep at night.

Will: Ooh. I just got goosebumps. 

Annette Marinaccio: And I was like, which. Puts you, I mean, I put her to sleep every night thinking, did I teach her that? And I'd like, she thinks I'm a grandmother. I don't know. And I was like, who puts you to sleep at night? And she said, the grandma that sits on my bed and I just stopped asking questions because I, right.

So I never, I never pursued that because w w okay, what do you do with that? Now? Here I am. 10 years later. And that door opens for me now, I'm thinking, well, was my grandmother hanging out with my daughter? So actually my journey [00:33:00] started a lot earlier, but in terms of the chronology of what happened right after my my mother-in-law opened my eyes at that session.

I started now becoming just fascinating. And I was taking everyone to every medium group thing that I could find. I didn't want to one-on-one because I didn't need to be read. I just was. Objective was share. So I took my husband to one. I took my my friends to another one. I took professional friends to another one and you have to sitting in dozens and dozens of different medium sessions and every single one of these beginning of sessions.

My friend would get red husband would get red. And I was just like my parents, you know, they're in their seventies. 

Will: Like one of those multi-level marketing companies, all here comes a net with our new thing. They asked us to buy into this medium thing.[00:34:00] 

Karen: Are they like, okay, whatever, we're just gonna do this to make you happy. 

Annette Marinaccio: Well, initially going in, they would be like, you know, I don't think so. After coming out when, like my, I also have this in the book when I took my husband to the one in a group meeting of 10 people, whatever. And his mother comes through and and the psychic says, who's Phil who's Philomena Philomena is his mother's mother.

And so my husband's sitting there besides all the other evidential stuff. Philomena, like 

Will: how do you pull a name? Like Philomena out of the, 

Annette Marinaccio: so when we came home to that evening, my husband rye, and I was like, well, you know, try to not be so excited that my excitement is making people believe. So, I said to him, well, maybe a lot of what these, these mediums say can apply to anybody, you know?

Cause I want it to sort of feel on that. And he said, well, Philomena, doesn't apply to many people. [00:35:00] I know, right.

Anybody that I was bringing was getting more and more excited. And one of the more rewarding things for me was actually my dad, you know, I mean, my dad was in his late seventies and he would have saw it like I had throw up and he did, he did. And Now I bring him here. His, my uncle, my uncle is very strong.

He came through a lot of different sessions to me when I was learning about this. So he's when you said relatives, he's another one of my relatives that methodically got involved. And so he came through to my father, my father's brother. And my father walked out of there like, oh my gosh, this is just mind blowing.

So he was really satisfied. Yeah. 

Will: Wow. I mean, these are all very specific instances that I wasn't sure what to expect in our conversation, but you're, you're talking about V like verifiable meet Philomena got me, right. [00:36:00] That is not a name that comes to mind very easily as 

Annette Marinaccio: well. Think 

Karen: about the experiences.

No, there's a medium, the, in Florida where we used to live and I used to go to her from time to time and I was kind of like, you, you know, I didn't, well, I didn't give any information. So for, I probably saw her for 10 years and she still doesn't know. Like nothing like, you know, and she was spot on to the point of saying, you're going to be moving in two years and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

And all this stuff has happened. And it's just, you know, it's amazing. I mean, how can you not believe that 

Annette Marinaccio: at some point it's just easier to believe. It's, it's more difficult to keep fighting it, then it constantly disproved. And it's really easier to believe, but this is what I tell people, because the number one thing, since I've put the book out, Couple of months ago.

And the number one question that people seem to ask is what about signs? Everybody signs on signs and you know, I want the signs, why is she getting assigned? I'm [00:37:00] not getting a or whatever. And one of the things I learned at the very first session was if you're not sure if you believe or whatever, ask for a sign, ask for a specific sign.

What I learned and what I say in my book is not only that as an actor, But your relatives will help you if they can, so they can give you signs if you ask for it. So as, just as an example, so it's, it's really not a matter of. Haphazard. And I wonder if ask for a sign as far as a weird sign that you think you won't, you won't get an ask, meditate on it and ask for a specific deceased relative to give it to you.

And usually within a couple of weeks, you're going to get that sign. So I write that in my book and I have a couple of examples of it. And, and one of the things I've heard since people have read my book is they've asked for specific signs from their deceased mother or [00:38:00] brother, and they're getting. And they're just like, like I have a friend of a friend of a friend who said she read my book and she asked her mother to show her like a really bizarre thing where the blue cameo, I want to see a blue cameo.

And then she's reading a magazine like a week later and there's an ad for cameos and there were four pictures and one's a blue cameo. And and she's just like, and I'm like, yeah, because they're there, you know? So you don't. It's not so mysterious. Just ask them for something. So, and, and that's what the one of the first mediums and one of her sessions with us, that's what she told us.

And so that was a little bit fascinating to me. But another thing that I did in terms of like, let's say proof is to prove it to me is I would add, I went through in those years asking for specific things, like even ask for specific things at specific times. And I received it. So, so makes me think like, okay there, you know, like [00:39:00] it's happening.

Will: So at the beginning you mentioned the fact that a lot of the messages that you were getting were in order made you question. So then what are we doing here in his life? If there's other things out there, have you gotten that 

Annette Marinaccio: in? Yes. Yes. So the reason the purpose of this life, which has the same purpose on the other side is, is to love and to grow that's it.

But the interesting thing is this, our soul, which goes on and on, you know, after death, which is not really death, it's a transition. But now this life is earthly life. Is a sliver. It's a fraction of, of the continuum of our soul and the continuum of our consciousness. And so what happens is on the other side, our soul continues to grow, but it's a very, very positive blissful experience who grow through songs.

We prayer through very [00:40:00] I'll call them positive heartwarming. And on this side here on earth, you also have wonderful, positive things, but you also can have a lot of negative things and to work through, if you can work through those negative things, it's sort of like fast tracking your soul's growth. So the, the, the concept is sort of this, we travel in, in soul groups under 5,200 souls.

There's so. And if someone's and the soul group, won't, I'll say move up to the next sort of level of light because we want to become this light as you can. So the next level of light until the entire soul group is ready to move up. And so if one particular soul is maybe on this bottom of that soul group, in terms of level of light, and one is a little bit on the higher side, they [00:41:00] may decide.

To help you catch up to the higher level of light. We're both going to go back to earth and we're going to go through something very traumatic. And it's not about that. It's about living with that and living through that so that when we get back to this side, High five. We did it. We're not about here.

And it's and, and like, Einstein's theory, relativity, our frame of reference intentionally is just this earthly life. That's intentional because if we. Really had the perspective of what our soul is all about. We would be very distracted and we would not be living our purpose. If we knew that, you know, our best friend was going to die at 50 years old in a, in a car crash, because that's what their sole choice.

I mean, we would be like locking them in the house from like 45. [00:42:00] So you intentionally your frame of reference so that you're intentionally so that your soul can grow as much as it can. Yeah. Your frame of reference is very low. It's just of what's happening on earth. 

Will: Right? Ladies and gentlemen, this is coming from a certified,

Annette Marinaccio: I have a question. 

Karen: So you said, you know, you kind of go up to the next level and the goal is for the whole group to go up to the next level. Is there a final level that 

Annette Marinaccio: you, I believe that the final level, which some people might. You know, the Supreme being or God or Allah. However you want to say that, I believe that that highest level of light is all of the souls of the universe in their purest form.

So it is not necessarily a being outside of us. It is a being that we are all part [00:43:00] of. So, and that, that is what. Trying to move back to that hot, the highest level of light of all of the universe. And I will say that. Again, not you know, sort of odd because I'm a CPA, but I did get a dream download from one of my spirit guides.

And believe me at the beginning of this, I did not want to have to believe in spirit guides. Like that was a little bit like too much. 

Will: Right, right. That goes over the line, 

Annette Marinaccio: you know, and that, and reincarnation, I did not want to have to believe in those things, but as I learned more, I learned that it is, that is the truth.

So, I had a download from my spirit guide at one point. And he showed me the intense connection of all of the souls of the universe. And so that's when I understood that we are all connected and you know, you spoke well about this [00:44:00] year being such a pivotal year, the co you know, cause the COVID year, but I think isn't it amazing how COVID raced through the universe effortlessly.

And people still will think we're not all connected. It's like how much more proof do you need that you're connected to? Absolutely everybody. I mean, the connection was rampant and obvious and physical and you know, this invisible connection was visible through COVID. So, that's what I believe that we're trying to do.

We're trying to get to that very, very high level of light. Which we are all connected 

Will: and that's a beautiful way of explaining it. And one of the, one of my earliest interviews was with. Fabulous. Laura Saltman. She's a channel of conscious channel and the medium. And we were joking about the fact that we here on earth are technically the redheaded [00:45:00] stepchildren of the universe because we have to, this is like a crucible, right?

You have to come through this crucible in order to sharpen yourself to the, to the position where you need to be in the other. Dimensions or planes or whatever it is that you want to talk about it. Everyone goes through earth and while you're here, it is, this is, this is the challenge spot. This is where you come to, to learn and to go through the hardships so that you can better yourself as a soul, as a person, as a whatever.

So it's interesting. You're saying the same thing. As a CPA that a conscious channel and a medium and a psychic and all these different people that we've interviewed over the past hour, how many months you're saying the same thing. And that's probably the thing that blows my mind. Every single interview.

It's the similarities in messaging 

Karen: experiences of how they got, there are all totally different. And this is not like you read Laura's book or whatever, it's just your own disconnected. 

Annette Marinaccio: Oh, that's [00:46:00] right. I think, you know, at the end of the day, I w when I started getting entrenched. Probably 2006 to 10. When I started getting entrenched in all the data and the literature and the classes and the people speaking and out that are, that are out there, I found that I needed to sort of discount what didn't resonate with me and absorb what did resonate with me and develop my own thought of, you know, what this world is about.

And and you know, I'm, I'm pretty, I'm pretty comfortable. The fact that I think I have a handle on it, and at least this, I have a handle on when I'm working with the universe, when it's a smooth, I'm working with the universe versus there's a friction between myself and the universe. I'm not supposed to be doing something, you know, whereas before I probably would have fought through that friction.

Now it's just, I, I retreat back out because it's just like, no, that's, that's not what I'm supposed to be doing. 

Will: Right. Right. And as Deepak Chopra [00:47:00] said, one of the seven spiritual laws is the law of least resistance. Right. That's what we're supposed to follow. 

Karen: So I know we're running short on time, but I've, I've got to ask so will, and I were having this discussion either last night or the night before, kind of about, you know, what you're talking about, the, you know, you leave and kind of becoming one and.

Being different drops of water. It was like a long, long, interesting conversation. And he, you know, says, agrees with what you say about how you ultimately get into the highest light. And everyone is one. And so my thoughts on that, and they're not a hundred percent sure, either way, obviously, but it just seems like if you're all going to become one, then there's just one and wouldn't that be kind of low.

Annette Marinaccio: That's interesting. Oh, you mean at the very, very top? No, because I don't think you become one as in one. I think you'd be, it's not one it's altogether. Okay. You know what I'm saying? So it's it's right. It's, it's, it's millions together [00:48:00] in unison, like a collector, not. So that, that's how I would see that, because I think like that a lot better.


Will: In all fairness, that conversation has a lot more to do with soulmates and twin souls. And it did actually about where we ended up at the end of the, of our lives. But when you say collective, it makes me think of the Borg, which is not something that I'm actually living well. We are running a woefully out of time on that.

Thank you so much. For coming on the show. If there's one last parting words of wisdom, one, one last thing that you want to make sure that our audience hears from you. Is there anything that you want to leave us with? 

Annette Marinaccio: I had somebody asked me once what would be out of everything I've learned the most important thing to know with respect to living your life as fully as you can.

And I would, I answered. And so I think I would say that [00:49:00] that's the same answer to this question. Is if people could learn how to truly drop the word and the feeling compare out of their vocabulary and out of their lives, they would really be able to live a more full life. I find that one of the I don't want to say demons, but one of the difficulties and challenges that we, that we are given here on this earth, we lie.

Is the ability to compare and it's, it really can be very detrimental. And I don't only mean comparing yourself to others because somebody might say, well, I've never been one to compare myself to others, but if you are comparing yourself to what you used to be or comparing yourself to what you want to be in, you're not sure.

That can also be detrimental. And I understand that it can be helpful sometimes to compare drives people sometimes. But comparison can be very unhealthy. [00:50:00] And so I think really best for everyone to know in their heart that they're exactly who and where they should be. There is no there's no point and it is not helpful to your soul to sort of worry about how you relate to others or to your past or to your future.

It really is about dropping the word compare and learning to just, you know, be the best that you can. This point in your life? 

Will: Well, that's, that's great. And I've actually heard, it said that the ability to compete with each other is actually physical attribute where the soul is not in need to compete with anybody.

It just the opposite. We're here to help each other. So, and that [00:51:00] that's beautifully said, thank you so much for coming on the show today. Yeah, I always, it's been a pleasure. You have so many information, so much information, so many stories and the information that that she's accumulated and are conveyed through her book really provide a clear and deep benefit to others during the times of need grief, curiosity.

And if you're looking for that type of knowledge, your sole focus, which is the book that she wrote is the place to go for that. So, Annette, once again, 

Annette Marinaccio: thank you very much for coming on. Thank you. Yeah. 

Will: And thank you listener for coming on, along on this journey of discovery with us as always, if you know someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we've shared on this show or any of our others, I hope you'll consider sharing the podcast with that person.

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Karen, another completely filled show that I am I've had you 

Annette Marinaccio: on board with. Oh my gosh. This has been fantastic. Absolutely. 

Will: If you have had any doubts in life after death, I would urge you to pick up your sole focus because after that, after this song, this conversation, I know I am convinced 

Annette Marinaccio: no, 

Karen: she didn't plug her book, but we're going to 

Annette Marinaccio: plug it.

We're going to, 

Will: we're going to plug it because I'm actually going to be the first one in line to buy it. Absolutely. Well, Karen, thanks so much for coming on the show again today and that's all for now, listeners. Thanks again for listening. And we'll see you [00:53:00] again on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician until then take care.