Seances, Love Spells and More with Hollywood Witch Patti Negri

Seances, Love Spells and More with Hollywood Witch Patti Negri

People are people, no matter your level of celebrity. But does a witch that helps the biggest stars in Hollywood have amazing stories that will send chills up your back? You BETTER BELIEVE IT!

This episode, the amazing Patti Negri shares some of her most hair-raising stories on the set of some of the biggest films and TV shows like Ghost Adventures, with top stars such as Emma Stone, Jon Voight, Josh Duhamel, Chevy Chase and Gregory Hines.

“Put some more importance on the humanity part, the unexpected part, the unknown part. We really don't want this perfect world. We would all look the same. We would all be the same. We would all think the same. Its a perspective change. Perfection is imperfection” --Patti Negri

Some topics covered:

  • What a typical séance with her looks like
  • What celebrities most ask her to help them with
  • Is it the materials that's the magic or is it the intention behind the material that makes it happen?
  • How she’s managed to not get sick for over 20 years
  • How her getting onto Master Chef and America’s Get Talent, despite the fact that she can’t cook or dance, proved to her that manifesting is real
  • The one thing that holds most people back form manifesting the life of their dreams and how to change it
  • How a super skeptic cameraman on a Hollywood set burst spontaneously into flames
  • Just what is Dragon Energy, Dragon Magic and Crossroads Magic
  • Some of her wildest experiences on the set of Ghost Adventures


About our Guest:
Patti Negri, Psychic-Medium and "Good Witch" is best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel & Discovery Plus' #1 show GHOST ADVENTURES and the #1 paranormal show on YouTube TFIL WITH ELTON CASTEE.


Patti is partner and Vice President of Streaming Service, and partner and educator at University Magickus an online Spirituality School.

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Patti Negri

Will: [00:00:00] Karen. I think we finally made it.

Karen: I'm

Will: excited. Well, I mean, when you have a celebrity with the cred that our next guest has, you know, that's when you finally made it, I know this is so awesome. Right? So you've seen her on the smash hit show, ghost adventures, which is travel channel and discovery. Plus's number one, paranormal show mm-hmm

And if that. Wasn't enough. You've also seen her on any of a dozen other shows from master chef to wipe out to America's got talent, a bunch of podcasts, radio, and video shows. She's worked with legends like Emma Stone, John voy, Josh DeMel Chevy, chase Gregory Heinz, and she's conducted seas on radio, film and TV.

And that's not even coming close to. Any of it. Did I mention, we finally made it? I

Karen: know. I feel like, you know, she's she, this is charity for her, so ,

Will: and what's she doing? Talking to us, but I'm happy and we'll gladly accept it. Thank you so much, Absolut.


Will: Welcome to the skeptic positions. I'm will and I'm Karen and we are the host for this particular journey of discovery.

We are excited if you couldn't tell by now, because we get to talk to psychic, medium and good witch of Hollywood, aside from all the other stuff I mentioned, she's also an international bestselling author. She's worked with massive influencers, YouTubers, crossover, talents, like Lilly sing good mythical morning and awesomeness TV.

And she's been featured on the number one paranormal show on YouTube T F I L with Elton Casteen. Now she's graced numerous. Magazine covers she's contributed to over 20 books. She has a popular weekly podcast called the witching hour. And if that [00:02:00] wasn't busy enough, she's also just launched her second weekly podcast.

Patty Negres haunted journal, and yes, there's an, and she's also a partner and vice president of streaming service. And she's a partner and educator at university Maus, an online spirituality school. I think that. At least they've scratched the surface, but let's welcome to the show. Patty, thank you so much for coming on.

Patti: You are so welcome, you guys are so cute. Thank you for having me on. You said my name perfectly Negri Patty Neri, cuz I always go it rhymes with. Nothing my entire life decades going Negri rhymes with nothing. And it, and it's a weird name that people get, ah, Dave, how do I say that name? Right. I used to was able to say vaguely rhymes with ed Bagley.

Who's an actor and an activist, but people don't know who he is anymore. So I, that means nothing. I certainly do. He's

Will: who doesn't know who ed be is? That's a, he's a, he's [00:03:00] a big name. I I'm surprised we didn't put his name on the creds.

Patti: those darn kids, I guess, I guess. Cause it sounds like that, but no. So you said it right,

Will: well, you're gonna be a lot of fun to talk to. I can already tell you are our type of people. This is gonna be so much fun. So, I'm a little overwhelmed because I don't know where to start. Right? One of the things that when that I do, when I bring a guest on is I do a little bit of research on them. And I found that there is just so much about you that I think we need at least four shows to you can come close to covering it.

But thing that strikes my curiosity. Because on your website, you really talk about the fact that you conduct seance. And that's not something that we've talked to on the show before, because when you think about seances, but you think about that Madam Zou, where the table's moving and you got the crystal ball in the center and people holding hands.

And there's someone on the, in the other room kind of making who something

Karen: on the table either.

Will: So what does a typical seance with Patty Neri look like?

Patti: It, it could look like a lot of [00:04:00] different things. I've literally been doing them since I was seven or eight. Have you read my bio on that? I've always been kind of, I've always been able to talk to the other side and I've always been obsessed with the dead and, and never in a darker, morbid way. You know, it like people, most people are nice.

Most ghosts are nice. So I literally went in my little suburban hallway, closed all the doors. Realized, I didn't know, dead people. I, I came up with a way, cuz I, the way I see energy that's part and I lift the veil and close the veil. So I Marilyn Monroe and John, whoever I knew at age seven or eight, filled with orbs and lights and I went running out and jumping up and down at the same time going, this is real.

So I've spent my entire life studying science, a cult science, a religion philosophy metaphysics. All sorts and take it down to the energy that I do see. And it's pretty great. So my style of seance, I work is a little bit of the old fashioned spiritualist turn the last story. Yeah. Give me a nice table and give me a crystal ball.

Great. I don't have [00:05:00] anybody in the other room going. Woo. Yeah. Not even on TV. But there's this gentle way to it. It's funny because my, my real seance is we're gonna talk to your deceased, loved ones. We're gonna call in. Grandma and uncle and a kid that died when you were in school. And they're so happy to come.

And the way I lift the veil, that everybody, whether it's around, you know, you know, at 13 people around on my dining room table, or it's a hall with 600 people in a mediumship gallery, everybody gets more psychic, then everybody, wow. I could kind of, kind of see my dad. I can kind of feel it. Cuz I it's like peeking in and, and that's just something I was innately born with.

It's, it's interesting, cuz again, they are these sweet, empowering things. If you see me doing it on television, not necessarily. So because TV doesn't wanna talk to grandma, they wanna talk to the serial killer and the San asylum who sort 14 people. And I get to channel that person,

Karen: Oh

Will: boy,

Patti: than like grandma loves you.

So it can go any [00:06:00] which way.

Karen: Yeah. As, as a, as, as a.

Patti: elementally. So I don't try to offend anybody religion wise or philosophy wise in, in how I open and how I close.

Will: As a reformed TV news producer. I understand if it bleeds, it leads. So I get why people would wanna talk to the serial killers and all that kinda stuff. But so you you've actually performed seances on television. On in radio shows you've actually worked. I mean, you are known as the good witch of Hollywood, right.

so you work with, with big, big names to do things. And I know that we all live in an NDA world, so we can't talk specifics about stuff which I get. But when celebrities come to. The most part, cuz you are a psychic medium and you're a good witch and you offer spell castings as well as seas and all that kind of stuff.

What's the most things that when, when celebrities come to you, they

Karen: ask for.

Patti: And it doesn't have to be celebrity. It could be the secretary next door first always is love. [00:07:00] It. Just love relationships are important to us humans, whether they're wanting relationship or they're wanting to, to better their relationship or whatever, their long lost love. Relationship and love is almost always first then going into career and family second, and then it's going into health and all that stuff like that.

Third. And it's across the board. I don't care if you're a list academy award winning, whoever, whoever, or again, the person who just got off the bus trying to make it for themselves. This is that's the human thing. We wanna look at stuff. And again, the spell working. I do the good witch I, I use, I don't like white witch versus black witch cuz.

This too many connotations. I work good. I'm not gonna do anything that's negative or hurt anybody else. But what I see, and since I was a kid, is that we have away our power way too much. It's like, and if a spell, working's a way to do that. It, it's not hard to have money. It's not hard to find the love.

Let's I, I literally in my, even my. Bell [00:08:00] working, take the mystery out. It's mind, body spirit, that philosophical idea that 20,000 books are written about from psychology to self-help to spirituality, to and in, in witchcraft, in spell casting, be creation, working dispatch. You have to create what you want need.

You have to know you just. You believe you deserve it. Believe you can have it, then you're gonna do the working. Then you're gonna, whether you're grinding a candle or a mortar and pestle, or you're, you know, you're tying knots together and chanting over a fire or, or riding out a Sid, creating a thing. And then the spirit is the magic that makes it happen.

So again, whether you're, you can go sit in your psychologist's office and talk about vision boards and affirmations and new age stuff. You go to church, you go to temple and your prayer. All fits the same. It it's science as much as anything else. It's however you dress it. And I just show people how to be really good at this.

Cuz take our power back. We, we are these amazing beings. We, we are divine beings. I believe whatever your idea [00:09:00] of D divine is. And we have free will that free will thing is our like get outta jail free card and to create the life you want. And people so often give it away. They give away their, their power.

So figure out who or what you gave it away to, and take it back, you know, whether it's fear or other people or limiting belief systems. So that's what I do. Whether we're Ty sitting here talking to your dead dad or, you know, whatever else

Karen: you, I have so many questions.

Patti: go for it.

Will: we'll, I'm gonna start my time, Karen. I

Karen: know, I know, but I kind of wanna start at the beginning. I just need to know. You said you had these power since you were seven or eight. What was that like for a kid that young to be in touch with dead people?

Was it scary? Did you feel safe? Was it exciting? How, how did they come to you? I so many questions.

Patti: I just thought everybody could and no, it started at four probably when you could talk. The, the official I do seance has started at seven or eight in my little suburban house, a [00:10:00] four or five. I just knew that those so-called imaginary friends, little kids have. We're not all imaginary. I could get real information.

What's gonna happen tomorrow. What uncle Bob's middle name really was that I would never stuff like that. And like I said, most spirits and I think kids do. It's just in our modern society, our Western society, our non mystical society. We send everything into logic into the left. Brain. Oh, that's your imaginary friends.

We've even take the, the magic and, and mysticism, even out of religion and stuff. It's like, and we need it. We need it. Take art outta schools, their math scores go down. So I just thought everybody could talk to 'em and I still think kids can, until it gets taught out and it just didn't get taught out of me.

And even on the witchy side of things, I would be in my little suburban backyard. Making these weird concoctions of Rosemary and mint and mixing them up and stuffing them in my mom's wallet, knowing that would bring her more money. [00:11:00] She didn't quite get it all the time. Like, what are you doing? Why are you putting all these plans into it's like, no, it's money.

No, it's not money. Yes. It is money. This will give you money. And I just knew it. And then years later you study herbs and magic and APO carry and all it's like, yeah, I was right. It just knew it. We know things. We just. And we don't tap into it. Whether you wanna call it instinct or intuition, what animals have it, humans have it too.

We just. So

Karen: And was your family supportive? Did they think you were kind of crazy? Did they have it in them as well? How, how was that dynamic?

Patti: yeah, always supportive. My mom was always like oh yeah, grandma did that too. Grandma. How always would know when somebody's gonna die. Cuz her mother would come down at the end of the bed. So that was good. And I think also what was kind of lucky about me is that I was not, it was never evil or bad. I wasn't raised with some kind of religion that told me that was.

Bad because you talked to dead people. My mom, would've been a good old Southern Protestant of whatever. My dad father came over from Turkey. Would've been a, a I [00:12:00] Sephardic Jew, but my grandfather was this very famous psychoanalyst philosopher, atheist, practically evangelical, atheist, thinking anything, religion or spirituality was a weakness and would not have any of it in our family.

So we would go by, we I'd drive by a church. Or a temple or a mosque or a park, and I'd see the energy and I'd see the energy people going in and out. And I wanted to go in and I wanted to go in, but it's like that God, word's a dirty word. I don't wanna say that. So I, I think I was 13 years old and. I, there was this really cute Christian rock band playing at my friend's local church.

And I, I just wanted to go see the really cute Christian rock band. And I was so scared to ask my mom, if I could go to church. I mean, I would've might have felt safer. Can I go to a RA? Can I go Hawaii, some blurs, like, yeah, it's like, can I, and then my mom goes. You could do whatever you want, you could do anything.

And I'm like, ah, so I became a [00:13:00] seeker. I started going, I went to church. Okay. I like this. I don't like, I went to temple. Don't like went to a month. I went to Buddhism, Tibetan, Buddha, this, that new, and then the new age thing. Ooh, that's pretty cool. Surely Mylan and all that. And then it's like, oh, but that's a little squeaky key.

That's a little pastel for me. I like a little, I I'm an earthy girl. And then I discovered like a PA path. It's just, it's just been this little led by spirit led by spirit all the way along.

Will: Gosh, so many questions, so many questions, but before we get too far, You just mentioned stuffing all those herbs and things in your mom's purse. do you feel it's the actual material that's the magic or is it the intention behind the material that makes it happen? Because we've heard both sides that, of that equation.

Patti: Yes. And yes,

Karen: And yes,

Will: I knew you say that. I knew.

Patti: yeah. And aspirin is gonna work, whether you believe in it or not. And herbs, why is people think it's so weird or oils or scent, this is what we make medicine out of. So why mug work is an enhancer? [00:14:00] Rosemary is protective. All these things. I don't know why even people think that's odd because it's what we make medicine.

It's what we make electronics, everything out of. Yes. The intent. We have to have intent. If you were gonna go deep and you're gonna create something you do, but it's gonna work no matter what, it'll just work even better. if you, if you know what you're doing, cuz it fits into that mind, body, mind, mind, body, spirit, or creation, working dispatch, you know?

And so yeah, both completely, both.

Will: Yeah, no, I understand. I you're talking to someone that has a crystal in his hand as he does every show. So oh, matching

Patti: Yeah.

Will: so I, I totally understand it, but to me it's more of a, it was more of a tool, right. To help me focus my intention than things like that. But, mm.

Patti: And we don't need any tools, but they're nice to have, you don't need a dishwasher, but if you just served a five course dinner to 20 people, it's [00:15:00] nice to have one. I do believe we don't. We have everything. We, the receiving hand, the giving hand, we have our breath, which is our new it's our life force.

We have the moisture in. Our moisture is our free will. That's why some cultures spit like, ah, a pretty baby. You don't have to spit, but we have free will we have life force? We have breath. We have air. We have sight. We have, we have it all. So if we have nothing, we could still do magic again. But if we have tools, it's nice.

Will: absolutely. So what is it like catering to the Hollywood crowd as a, as a witch or as a

Karen: psychic medium?

Patti: It's great. And it's it's again, people are, people are people, but people who get to a certain level of success, there's something that got them there. Yes. Good. Looks matter. Yes. Talent matters. Cuz. Who not having the talent, you, you won't stay or whatever, but they have this energy about them. They have this life force about 'em.

They have [00:16:00] to have a drive about 'em. You have to have a, a determination. I mean, most of the time, yes, somebody could be born into something. So these are high vibration life force. Force people. And also usually to be into the creative, especially if it's Hollywood creative, there are people who really, I talk a lot left brain, right brain, you know, your left reasoning, rational, logical brain gotta have that to get through life, but that right, creative, intuitive, spiritual, artistic side, the.

People who get there. They really know how to dance between the two, without us shutting each other down. Regular people have an intuitive thought, but oh, that can't be true. They're shut it each other down. They know how to dance between it. So it's nice working with that plus it's nice. I mean, I mean, funniest thing, like, you know, I house clearing at the little, you know, the little the little track house down the street is fun.

When your house clearing at the Aaron spelling mansion, it's like wild. This house has got 912 rooms or you're you're clearing. It's like, wow, this is the biggest thing I've ever [00:17:00] seen. Or you're having to clear out the Phil specter castle. It's like, Ooh, you gotta go dark. This needs clearing stuff like, yeah, that, so it's all great, but it, and but other than that, they're these beautiful people.

They have the exact same fears and doubts and insecurities and pride and desires. It's just, they get to get dressed up a little, you know, literally like fancy car or whatever. Yeah,

Will: down red cock. That's pretty cool.

Patti: yeah,

Will: Now, Patty, you were voted number one, psychic medium trans medium to reader. Which magical practitioner, whatever in the world in wow. In a competition by times square press, how was it that you got voted?

Number one?

Patti: I have no idea. No, it was a vote. It was an international vote. It was like a, basically like a people's choice. How even the times square press thing happened is like years and years and years ago, somebody called me up and it was some magazine and done by times square press. And they said we are [00:18:00] interviewing the 10, you know, top psychic mediums and the, I don't know, nation in the world.

I'm like, Why are you calling me? You mean, at that time I hadn't been doing that much TV stuff, cuz I used to keep that very separate, very separate until the big economic crash. But I'm like, they go, no, we don't mean the richest and we don't mean the most famous. We mean the ones with the reputation and for the best and whatever.

 Okay. And the, the guy who did that, who was the publisher and editor of the magazine, he, he kind of fell in love with these 10 people that he interviewed. And at that time he said, you guys, you guys need a professional organization for like what he goes, plumbers have 'em doctors have 'em lawyers have 'em because it's true.

There is not a worse profession or more shysters or more fakes or more everything you wanna do than this. Profession, you know, not that many neurosurgeons are, you know, fake they're a thing. So he goes, if anybody needs a legitimacy, you guys do. So he started the American [00:19:00] Federation of certified psychics and mediums where then people would start applying from all over the world and you had to be tested.

Oh, did you have to be tested? If you say you're a crystal person, you better know everything about crystals. If you say you're astrology, you know, everything you say, you're a psychic, you are tested and tested and tested and tested to give this legitimacy. You've never got in trouble. Upselling or telling somebody they have a deep and attached or you old curse and all.

 so he started this thing and then somewhere along the line, he said, well, if, if all the best of the best are trying to do this, there should be a contest. And, and there it came. I don't know. So I, I don't, that's all I know.

Karen: That's

Patti: though.

Karen: Very cool. So of all of these different modalities that you practice, which one do you prefer? Which one are you the best at or works best for you?

Patti: Oh, I think I, I think what I'm best at. Again, I think I'm, I'm, [00:20:00] I'm probably the, the what I'm not good at. It's not because I'm not good. Is that my which side? Trumps my psychic side. I'm I'm a dang good medium. I'm gonna be able to talk to most everybody. I'm a dang good psychic, but the, which that free will thing takes over me.

So I'm not, if I, I don't wanna take somebody else's power away, cuz nothing's written in stone. There's that? It's like, I'm not gonna go. You're gonna get hit by a bus on Tuesday cuz I'm seeing it. Because if I said that, that person's gonna, we, we, we live into that. They're gonna go out and get hit by a bus.

I'm gonna go be really careful on Tuesday. You know, you don't wanna cross a bus, you don't wanna do this. You don't wanna do this, stay home, do whatever don't cross any streets. So they don't. Do that. So if people want prediction psychic, like somebody, when I was a little kid, and this is probably partly why I didn't even ask for a reading, see, I don't think you read anybody without asking without permission, but some somebody grabbed my hand.

My mom was singing at a old folks home and said, You're gonna [00:21:00] have three husbands. You're gonna have fertility problems. You're gonna have, oh baby. Oh, but they're dead babies. All of a sudden I hit 16. There's these fertility problems. Oh, if you got pregnant, you'd have to take the fertility drug. Oh, but your viewers can't care.

Oh, there's dead, baby. Ha. I'm living into all this. She should never have said. And yes, I am on my third husband. Third. Time's the charm. But it's like. It, it should be what, how I would work with somebody is saying, okay you could have three husbands. And the reason that the first two you married wrong is because this isn't right.

You're marrying your daddy, or you don't have enough of sense of who you are. So give the sense of who you are and you don't have to have three, you don't have to do this. So, so I would. If somebody's looking for a fortune teller, I'm not good at that, cuz I'm not gonna give you my power. Even if I see on Tuesday, you're gonna hit by a bus.

I'm gonna say let's not get hit by a bus on Tuesday cuz we are powerful beings. What I really like in my, I like doing something different every day where I'm I am clearing your house or I'm network one on one with clients. . [00:22:00] I like to see a light bulb. I like teaching. So whether I'm on bad girls club teaching the, the little, the little girl fighty girls on the goofy TV show, how to not beat each other up going, okay, let's make this column, this, and this is your power, you know, light bulbs.

That's why my group keeps getting younger and younger. I started with the 40 something Zs and then the 20 something TFI LS. And then I started awesomeness. The teen set. Now I've got all these like 13 and 14 year old YouTubers. Let's go, I'm waiting for my kindergartner show and that's why I started the school.

It's about letting people. Oh, wow. I can create the life I want, I don't have to have physical illness. I don't have to have money issues. I don't have to feel lonely or lack of love. I don't think we, any of us do. Yes, there is some fate. Yes, there is some destiny. We can't control everything where we're born this or that, but we completely control what we do with it.

And that's the everything. That's the everything. If I didn't believe in all this, I would've been dead years. Years ago. I was told at, by the, because of those [00:23:00] weird female problems, by the time I was 30, they said, if you make it to 50, which you probably won't make it to 50 you'll be in a wheelchair cuz you have tumor in your head fractures.

And I just kind of went, Hmm, no no, I'm not gonna buy this prognosis. I'll do the right things. I'll take the medicine. I'll work out to exercise. So at 50, instead of being dead or in a wheelchair, I hadn't been sick in 20 years and I'm like, screw this. How powerful are we. I'm gonna try out for, I mean, Hollywood girl, I'm gonna try out for wipe out the world's hardest obstacle course.

So, beat, I beat a hundred thousand people. Not the most physical one of there. And I got on wipe out and using magic, spell working good magic. I don't, you don't have to do naked mag. You don't have to go. I hope that person sprains your ankle. I go, you do good. And you do good and you do good. And what you put out, you get back and then shines out and then I'm on.

Then I'm doing the most painful, hard, scary thing I've ever done, but it's empowering. And then again, same thing. And then I'm like, okay, wow, that's [00:24:00] fun. What else can I not do? How show people. Or we have, whether you wanna call the spell worker. Okay. They won't let me in the kitchen. I can't cook. I got kicked outta home.

I'm gonna cook for Gordon Ramsey. Next thing I know. I beat another a hundred thousand people and I'm on master chef three, cooking for Gordon Ramsey and Joe Bo and Graham didn't last long because I really don't know what boil water means, but I get there with positive magic, the same thing, and then I'm going, oh my God, we are so powerful.

And then not because I could do, it's just, everybody needs a hobby. And then I'm like, okay, what am I really not right for? Besides. Wipe out. And besides master chef, America's got talent. I have no talent. I'm a dancer, but not that gonna dancer.

Will: and yet you danced with Gregory Hines, right? Ah,

Patti: Yes, I did. I'm a good Tapper. I'm a good Tapper.

But next thing I know, I am rolling around on the floor with Howie Mandel at the Doby theater on America's got talent and it's like, and it wasn't hard and I am no more talented. I am no more gifted. I, you really, I really picked things. I was bad at to see what we can do. That's what I like [00:25:00] best showing people how powerful they. Whether it's on a TV show, a cool TV show, a silly TV show, whether I'm zoom teaching my students in school world, or I'm with a bunch of, you know, preteen kids on YouTube. That's what I like

Karen: That's fantastic. Now you.

Patti: talking to your deceased loved one. So yeah. It's okay. Granny says she was glad you weren't there when she died.

She didn't want you there. She waited until, you know, people to get confused.

Will: So that earlier you, you mentioned something about the fact that sometimes people don't allow things to come into their life. You're talking about doing all these things and you, you had them happen because of the magic that you, that create the intentions. I'm a student of the law of attractions.

In a, in a big way. And I'm trying to attract certain things to me and all that kind of stuff, but it's taking a long, long time for things to manifest. Right. And all the books you're saying, right. I'm reading all the Abraham hick books and all the, all that stuff. And they're all saying that maybe I'm just not [00:26:00] allowing them to come to me.

So how does someone let go of the need or the, or the, the non allowing it to come? Cause darn

Karen: it. I.

Patti: the word you said is trying.

Karen: Mm. Got it.

Patti: Trying trying it. I mean, try if trying is a positive word for you, but it isn't trying means it's hard. Trying can mean it's hard or it may not work. Just be, just do just that's what allow means. B do live as if step into it. We do that with spell working too. And, and if, if, and don't start too big, if you have to get to that, like I'm really good with money spells really good.

So, but if, so, if you believe, if you go, I wanna win 75 million. You have to believe that you can win 75 million, that you're worthy of 75 [00:27:00] million and that you can do that. If you don't, you're not gonna get it, cuz you don't really believe you're trying to get it. And you're gonna struggle. Start out with.

A thousand dollars. I'm gonna manifest I'm to do money, spell that I'm gonna do a thousand dollars. It's gonna come like that. Maybe next time we're gonna do 5,000, then 10 stair step. Just like you learn how to dance or ride a bike. So are you doing either something that breaks the laws of physics, like fly without an airplane, we'll be able to do that soon, but not yet.

But you know, start within your belief system, cuz you'll never. The psychological part of it, the creation working dispatch, the, the mind body spirit. We know we will never, ever surpass our balloon belief system,

Karen: mm-hmm

Will: okay. So Karen, that is why we don't have a million downloads per episodes yet so far because I don't think that the show's good enough for it yet.

Karen: is that why that that's.

Patti: the second you believe it is good enough, then it will be good enough and then you'll get [00:28:00] it.

Will: So then how do you handle a perfectionist? Because right, because I've been, I've been fighting with that my entire life. Right. I'm a perfectionist at heart, but I'm trying to let go of it. So I'm always gonna be with the show. It could always be better. The show could always be better. So how do you fight that perfectionism

Karen: inside you?

Patti: It, you, you, I'm not being on fighting. You just change your perspective. Cause fighting is good of an energy into, to this. Just like change your perspective of what oh perfection is. I.

Look at things that that is like art, is there a perfect painting? A van go more perfect than a whoever, you know, so it's changing.

What is perfection and your idea of perfection may be very imperfect and then you might want to embrace that

Karen: So if you're always looking. For something to be perfect. You're always gonna believe it's not.

Will: Yeah. That's what I've been finding I mean, our show is really good. Right? People love it. We have a [00:29:00] lot of fun and I'm just, well, I mean that the, the, information's not quite exactly where it needs to be or the Polish isn't quite there.

It's gotta be the, the guests. Aren't perfect. I mean, I'm, I'm constantly criticizing what we're doing. And when everyone around me is telling me, no, the show is really good. And I appreciate that, but I'm like, That's that's nice. Thanks for the kind

Patti: Okay, but haven't you noticed that some of your. The biggest foibles are the goofy things are the things. People like the best.

Karen: yes. . Yes, yes,

Patti: So there goes your perfection out the window. If, if somebody, if I, if, if, if you are on like Facebook and you have your pretty picture, people will like it. You're crazy. Picture.

People will love it. You'll get 10 times the likes.

Karen: you.

Patti: Put some more importance on the humanity part, the unexpected part, the unknown part. We really don't want per a per in this perfect world. We would all look the same. We would all be the same. We would all think the same again, it's a perspective change.

It doesn't have to. [00:30:00] Mean any one thing, but just change that perfection is the unknown. Perfection is imperfection. Perfection is cause I mean, just practice that with a, a dumb picture and a good picture, which one gets to like picture go back and look at your shows where you guys had some goofy thing that happened that you got flustered or you got whatever people love it.

Cuz shows you're human too.

Will: Right. And, and I am being an incredible hypocrite right now cuz my messaging to my daughter has always been the beauty is in the imperfections, right? Beauty is in the flaws and I, and I do, I believe that wholeheartedly when it comes to everybody else.

Patti: Of course. We're human that's that's that? We're that's we're these humans are the most amazing beings, but we are silly creatures. We're so silly.

Will: Yeah. And, and I think that's what makes our show so much fun is that we don't take it seriously. We just have fun

Karen: so, so speaking of fun can you share with us one of your experiences that has been [00:31:00] super impactful? You know, without, obviously without sharing names or anything, but just something that has just you've seen it, the tangible life changing. Moment.

Patti: Yeah, I think the craziest thing that ever happened to me and I can talk about this one is. And I have talked about this one, but it's like, but it's crazy. It's really wild is I was at a house again, big in life, big in death. Like I was talking about, it's fun to work with, you know, famous or successful people because they have so much life force when they die.

They're big, bigger ghosts. That's why you ha that's why partly they wanna go talk to the serial killer ghosts. But I like hanging out at the Hollywood Roosevelt where they're swinging from the chandeliers, cuz they can, or they went to the academy awards there, but big in life, big in death. So there was.

We were doing a documentary as a film for cameras in my neighborhood. I live in the Hollywood Hills, right under the Hollywood sign old 1920s movie enclave the first one there. So there'd be a little writer's bungalow next to a movie. Charmen what next to writer's [00:32:00] bungalow. And this house had been built by Charlie Chaplin for.

One of his many girlfriends. Mary asked her a silent movie star and it was a party house and party house. And whenever you had drugs or alcohol involved, you can get some weird stuff in just saying stuff. And it was a party house party house. And then rolling stones manager was rolling. Stone stones manager moved in and the stones lived there or stayed there.

The mom was in Papa's grant Parson, all. Creative chaotic people. And then they moved out and then the person who invented the real life sex, all moved in and house was, he talked about the energy in this house and then he moved out and then my neighbor for seven years, Marilyn Banson moved in and he recorded there in the basement.

So the house really does attract this creative, talented, chaotic, sometimes dark, sometimes whatever people. So this house, and it looks like it was built by almost like. Mason I a Masonic temple create sacred. There's literally is a compass drawn in the floor, the wood floor, as you come in, there's four level round staircase, Ooh, spirits like that, this [00:33:00] leaded glass thing, almost like, oh my God, sacred geometry everywhere.

So we were doing a seance with young people. Young people have big life for, so that's why Poltergeist see happens in those teen years. And this. A group of young people around it and this one kid got disrespectful. So that's my one rule. Whatever I'm doing is I believe don't believe, be a little skeptical.

It's okay. Try to be open. But whether you believe it or not be respectful, cuz it is real and nobody likes to be disrespected from you to anybody else, too. Spirit. This one kid got a little outta hand, little more than a little outta hand and first cool things were happening. The French doors flew open everybody's screaming and the producer's side of me is like, Wow.

That's good. And I mean, I would never fake anything my life. And then that happened again. And then the speakers, you know, old school speakers on the floor. How big a, you, ah, they came on a white noise. They sounded just like a spirit box. Look later, they weren't plugged in. That happened again, but the tension was building and I'm feeling it coming in.

And I'm trying to keep, hold on the room, trying to keep, hold on the room. We were working with the oui [00:34:00] board, which again, I've used safely since I was seven or eight. That's just how you use it. But all of a sudden he said something really stupid and not him, but the cameraman facing him burst into flames.

Karen: what

Patti: Like a V up his back, like angel wings of fire up his back two cameras caught four cameras, two cameras caught it. One camera started filming the stealing or the floor. You know, you're gonna test the metal of a camera person by a small room with a lot of people bursting into flames. His camera, of course, is facing the opposite way, going like this.

He's wondering why is everybody screaming and pointing at him as his. Full of burns off him. Like it was a synthetic, it was like cotton. It should not have burned off like that. It's like, oh, and a cool medium. Which Patty becomes medic Patty, which I am. I'm EMTs searcher, like drop rule. I'm calling in my guardians to shut it down, drop in what we're done.

I don't care what we're filming. Nobody bursting the flames on my watch. This is not right. This is really not. All [00:35:00] right. Ha. So it. But the guy who caught on fire, who was a super skeptic, he was like, oh my God, I spontaneously combusted. This is I'm. Okay. I'm okay. I was like, you're not okay. I'm watching the BLIS.

He go, I'm okay. You're not okay. I have a sweater. He could take off that burn shirt. I knew the kid that caused all that was not gonna be a problem. He became the choir boy in the corner. gonna say

Will: Right. Right.

Patti: Nope. So.

Will: to the footage though? That captured.

Patti: There, some of it exists, but what happened even crazy? I, I know where I'm talking about a I'll talk really fast.

He showed me his back three weeks later and where the blistering was and it looked like he went and got a tattoo of a dragon open mouth, sharp teeth, winged body into the shape of the serpent. That is the exact energy I called in to shut down the. I work, dragon energy, dragon magic, crossroads magic.

I'm looking at him. I'm like, oh my God, you have a tra stamp of a dragon on your back. That is like the coolest thing I have ever seen. And, and, and he thought so too, he actually ended up [00:36:00] writing a horror film script about this. TV second, medium. Who did every TV show me, basically. I hope somebody fabulous plays me.

And then, and then a portal opens and then it becomes a horror film. One of those scary, funny ones that I like. He wrote it with Steven. Norrington the guy who wrote late league of extraordinary gentleman and the blade series. Yeah. And I. So, I mean, they haven't done it yet. I hope they do do it, but I did sit down with him for five hours.

I go, you can't say that on camera. He goes, but you said it. I go, I know those words, those sounds do something. You don't wanna be one of those cursed horror films to you. It happens all the time. A spirit, an energy, whatever you wanna call it does not know the difference of an actor reading off a script here, LA.

So I changed all the words. So it won't be all the actors die at 27 or anything, but that was, that was the wildest spontaneous. I'm married to a drummer. I've seen spinal tap. It's like, yeah, wildest, but I've million of kids.

Karen: okay.

Will: Holy cow. So when Karen asked that question, that was not the answer I was expecting. Nope. [00:37:00] I just thought the table was gonna around or something spontaneous combustion now. Oh my gosh. Now, do you consider yourself a trans medium or are you a conscious medium or how

Patti: Yeah, I, I, a trans medium, I will go into trans state. There's evidential medium, which like Cindy Kaza. I love her madly. She's on tolls or files and a lot she's I worked with her a lot here and she's like details. No you're wearing purple underwear and green socks. And your grandma said that, and I. I'm not that good, good in that, but I am a trans medium.

I will let people channel through me. I will become grandma or whoever the weirdest time. And this is one of the crazy places. The Cecil hotel, we've all heard of the Cecil hotel. You know, the Alyssa lamb in the water tower, people drinking her Richard Ramirez lived there. I've done probably more than a lot of people.

I've spent two nights there. Ghost adventure, Zach and the guys one night there with my T F I L boys just finished the CW show. But that you start walking half a block away from that [00:38:00] house, the depression, the depression, you wanna kill yourself? Hopeless. I almost jumped out the window. I led them, right.

I had my choice of 700 rooms. I led them to a room where somebody jumped out. I didn't know it. And I'm opening the window and I'm wondering why Zach's yelling at me to shut the window. It's like he never yells at me. I'm in a trans state. That place is crazy. But the one thing and lots of crazy stuff happened with, but with my T F I L guys, I thought I was channeling, I thought it was transmedium.

And I thought I was talking, cuz it's like a dream state. And I thought I was talking, I rock, I do rock. I'm rocking back so hard that somebody had to put their hands. So I didn't like give myself a concussion. And I thought I was talking. All they heard was gibberish. All they heard was gibberish. And I've been working with these young guys and Corey.

We should play that backwards cuz I'm like, they played it backwards. And I was speaking English backwards

Karen: Wow. Wow. Holy

Patti: like. I mean, I can't even do my alphabet backwards cuz I've got one of those minds who can't do, like if you've got pulled [00:39:00] over for drinking, I haven't been drinking and they say, do your alphabet backwards?

I'm I'm arrested Z X, no X, Y, Z X YT. I can't

Will: I can't do

Patti: I was talking backwards. They played it backwards and I, I, then I was speak in English. That's crazy. So that's a trans medium.

Will: That is crazy. Yeah. That, that is true. Trans medium. Not, I've not experienced anything like that before, so I think we're gonna have to talk after this right now. Mm-hmm that sounds really super interesting though. Yeah. I don't think we've even scratched the surface with you. No, I'm wondering if maybe in a future when you're not so busy.

You can come back again and talk some more with us because I'm absolutely in awe and I could talk to you for

Karen: weeks

Patti: Okay. I would love to come back. You guys are great. I you're a fabulous show. Use it of a billion followers. Actually. You do create it in the now.

Will: I believe it.

Patti: you do. But yeah, I would love to come back and I'm sure we did not take any of the paths you were gonna take

Karen: No,

Will: not even, not even a little bit. I've got all I've got, I've got 12 questions lined up right here. And I think we touched on two [00:40:00] that's it

Patti: Okay.

Will: so, but before we go, I really wanna make sure we talk about your book because mm-hmm, , old world magic for the modern world. That sounds really cool.

Patti: It is, it is, this is because again, I see energy and I'm elemental and I live in LA and I don't have any time. So the, how I see things, I, we are out of balance. We're all out of balance. It's co all of it. We're out of balance. And, and so I've, I take all these theories of, if you put your body into the elements, air, and fire and water on earth and who you are, your earth is who you are, your fire, your passion is what drives you, where we get off balance is.

Emotions and thoughts, thoughts, and emotions. That's we and ease. And what do we need more than anything else? Air and water, air and water. So it is, it is great to let's go meditate for an hour. I don't have an hour. I have 30 seconds to pull it together. I've gotta walk on stage. I've gotta walk. So I came up with these things.

I was just channeled by spirit going well, if you invite that mind, body spirit, a creation working dispatch. If you. Okay. It's my [00:41:00] emotions. That's water. I'm gonna run my hands under water for 30 seconds. Guess what? Everything goes away. What? That's my air element? I'm overthinking. Oh, wait. I'm not breathing and good.

No one breathes. Well anymore. Three deep breaths. Add some valves. Chatter stops. Fog lifts, clarity. I need grounding. Hug a tree. If you can't hug a tree, touch anything, wood, it still has the spirit of the tree. Grab a pencil. I came up with all these things. So this whole book is hacks literal. How to keep your house clear, how to talk to the dead.

If you want to, how to find love, how to keep healthy, how to lose weight, how did. From go sex to everything for anybody, you don't have to be a psychic or a medium or a witch. You don't have to be anything it's li little life hacks that make, you know, carved dollar signs in your soap. Now you're taking a little, a money bath every day.

You know, stuff like that. Little bits of salt in your toilet, all your lower shocks are open. When you go to the bathroom, that's a great big old water cauldron. It's going away. It goes all the right direction, release, angst, release anxiety. So that's what it. [00:42:00] And so I wrote it because I got tired of saying it.

Will: are inspiring to psychic me to come out because I'm getting a feeling that that book is gonna be in my bookcase. very near future.

Patti: If you were here, I would

Karen: to, how do we get it?

Patti: on you can get on Amazon, you can get an ebook or audiobook or print the ebook and audiobook is $6. The print is 12 or 13 on my website. You can get an imprint, but it's easy and some stores, but that's, it's easier Amazon or my website.

Karen: Okay, well, we're

Will: gonna put links, direct links to the Amazon store and to your

website and all that kind of stuff on our social, on our show notes. So if you're interested, Contacting Patty or following her on social media or getting her book or anything like that. She does take clients, she books people for readings and seances and all kinds of things. If you wanna reach out to her and now you strongly recommend that you do mm-hmm, like we are going to then please just go to skeptic, meta and go to her episode page.

You'll find the direct. In the show notes makes it super easy for you to connect Patty. I am [00:43:00] so grateful. We got a chance to talk today. Thank you for sharing your expertise with our audience. And I really, really look forward. I hope we get a chance to, to keep in contact, cuz you are amazing. I am in awe.

This has been fantastic. Absolutely.

Patti: I would love to, I would love to. So thank you guys for having me on. Thank you. You guys are great hosts. Really? You're fun.

Will: Thank you so much. Yeah. And thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery. We really love it. If you do us the honor of helping us get the show into the hands of those that could really benefit. The show, if you know of anyone that you think would enjoy your conversations, please be sure to share the show with them.

And if you're listening to this on the radio and miss anything, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be, where you can also watch the videos or even send us email or voicemails directly from the site. We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you very much.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we have this offer. Now we'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic IANS until then

Karen: take care.[00:44:00]

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