Unveil the Power of Manifesting with Sex Magick | Jessie McLean

When Jessie Mclean invites us into her world of Sex Magic, she reveals an intimate journey of self-empowerment and manifestation that challenges us to release our inhibitions, embrace our full potential, and discover a new level of pleasure.

Sex Magic is an intimate practice used to manifest desired outcomes by raising one's vibration and embodying their highest self. It is a practice of going within and letting go of societal conditioning about sex. It is both an internal and external practice, with the man practicing semen retention to take ownership of his own power and the woman allowing pictures of her manifestation to come in. It is a commitment to oneself that can open doorways to greater pleasure and success.

Here's what we cover with Jessie Mclean in this episode:
1. What is Sex Magic and how can it be used to manifest what you desire?

2. How can Rituals be used to bring out an individual's highest self and highest pleasure?

3. How can Men use Sex Magic to step into their true power and experience heightened levels of bliss?

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: Jessie McLean is a women's empowerment coach, Reiki master, manifestation master, and yoga meditation teacher. She helps people upgrade their mindset and step into being the creator of their own reality through sex magic rituals.

Jessie is based in Brisbane Australia with her husband and four sons.

Jessie has lived and breathed everything she teaches by learning through her own journey of self transformation and now is working in person & online with those looking to upgrade their mindset & step into being the creator of their reality.

Creating a community of conscious souls that want to benefit your highest self, your loved ones and humanity, collectively doing good for greater human consciousness. Everyday we get a fresh chance to get the most out of this human experience, learning how to have a life filled with joy, connection and love is always on the other side of suffering.

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Will and Karaen: [00:00:00] karen, this time of year. There's so much love in the air. There is, isn't there? There is, of course. Of course. I'm referring to Valentine's Day. Mm-hmm. , since the show's coming out right around this time period. Hope you've been shopping. for what? . It's Valentine's Day coming up.

Oh. Oh. Well. So happy wife, happy life. Well, I thought that we'd switch it up a little bit and chat about something that we all love to. Which is love, romance. Okay? And of course, sex. Ooh, yeah. Now, if you're easily embarrassed by true unbridled, genuine, passionate talk about sex, then this episode might not be the one for you because today we're diving into sex magic.

Is it real? What's it used for most of all? Do we use it to get the things and people that we want in our life? So if you're coupled, go ahead and grab your partner and listen to this episode together. And if you're still searching for that special someone, then listen very closely cuz this one's going to change everything.



Will: , Karen, you know what we haven't ever talked about with the audience? Well, there's

Karen: a lot, .

Will: You know what? You're right. Let me rephrase that. There's one story in particular that we tell a lot to our friends that we've not shared with our friends on the other side of this microphone. Okay?

Karen: Which one is that?

The day of our wedding? Oh,

Will: yes. Yeah. So do you remember. Uh, you know what I, I'm gonna let you tell the story cause you tell it so well. So, Karen, take it away. .

Karen: Well, I don't know if the real story [00:02:00] is the day of the wedding. I think it's everything leading up to the wedding. It's

Will: actually the entire thing.

It's all, a great story and really important in this context.

Karen: Well, so how far back do you wanna go? .

Will: Well, let's just start with when we are looking for the site.

Karen: Okay, well that's, that's easy enough. So we, we, meaning, I love the, the fall colors and the leaves and it's something growing up in Florida I that I have not really experienced a lot.

So the few times I've seen it have blown me away. And so for our wedding, I wanted to be amidst that beauty. So I wanted to go somewhere in the fall and be outside. , they have these beautiful colors. So we decided to go to North Carolina and start looking at different locations. , we saw quite a few different locations and all of them, none of them were what we were hoping

Will: for.

A lot of farm houses and pumpkins.

Karen: Yes. A lot of people wanted to do Jack of lanterns and I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that. We should, but it's just not what we wanted. Right. We should

Will: mention, we we're looking to get married relatively quickly. Probably sometime in, in, uh, November.

Karen: It was [00:03:00] well, October.

October. . We had, um, a six week engagement and no, I wasn't pregnant , we just were really excited to start our lives together and we didn't really feel the need to delay. We didn't wanna have a huge wedding. So anyway, so we started looking and found all these, you know, lovely people with very different styles than ours.

We wanted something beautiful and elegant and simple and just lovely. And so we had pretty much given up hope. At least I think I had and, um, we decided to go to Asheville because it's a beautiful city, will had never been there and we wanted to go check it out. And what were your impressions of Asheville?

Oh my

Will: gosh. It's an amazing city. It's a tiny little city that feels so much larger than it really is. Mm-hmm. . It's, it's beautiful, it's very artistic. A lot of great energy there.

Karen: Really great energy. So we, we got there just to check out the town and kind of give up and make the rest of the trip about us having a great weekend.

And we were walking through the downtown area in the evening and [00:04:00] just kind of looking at the inside the shops and you know, the windows, most of them are closed, but we saw one with some lights on and I look in and I see a bride walking across the room and the room is all lit up and decorated and I'm like, Will , there's a bride , something to do with weddings.

What is this? People get married in Asheville. . So then we saw a sign on the, kind of the bottom of the door that said, you know, if you're interested in booking the venue, here's the number. So the next day, which was I think a Sunday, which of course everything is closed, we call, and surprisingly enough, We get an answer.

And it was the sweetest lady, uh, Egyptian lady. Do you remember her? Uh, I do

Will: our, our

Karen: fairy godmother. Our fairy godmother, yes. Mm-hmm. . So she agreed to meet with us in like an hour. And so we went to meet with her and we sat down and it's inside this really neat. Uh, it's a room that's in an old, old building with exposed brick walls and wooden floors and high ceilings.

And it just was beautiful. And she said, oh, yes, you can have your, your celebration here. You know, we'll have to figure out a place for your ceremony, but when are you looking to get married? And we're like, oh, we'd like to do it [00:05:00] in October. And she's like, oh, that's fantastic. Da da da da da. And she puts down October.

What was the year? Well, she

Will: starts looking at her date book. Yeah. And she's looking in and we realize it was a year away. Yes.

Karen: October two. . 2009. Yeah.

Will: We said no. , no, it's 2008. And she looked at us and

Karen: laughed. Started laughing. Mm-hmm. , she laughed.

That's six weeks away and closed

Will: the date book .

Karen: Well, apparently we learned Asheville is the second most sought after wedding destination in the country. So, we said, all right, we'll keep looking. And we enjoyed the rest of our day in Asheville and went on our Merry Bay home to Florida.

Well, within a week we get a phone call from her and she says, well, how would you guys feel about getting married on a Sunday? Like, I'm good with Sunday, Sunday's okay. With me, . Nice.

Will: It's good for good enough for the Lord. It's

Karen: good enough for us. . Exactly. . So we're like, she said, well, we just got a cancellation and my venue's open on a Sunday, for your reception.

So I don't know if we can find caterers, photographers, I don't know where you're gonna have your wedding, but you can have the after party here. But let me help [00:06:00] you. . So little by little the phone calls start coming in from her. And she has found a photographer that had a cancellation, musicians that had a cancellation, everything.

It was the craziest thing. All these people had a cancellation on that day. And they were her preferred vendors? Yes. And then she found us. The most beautiful location that like

Will: the most perfect my God. Location. Karen wanted to be married outside. Mm-hmm. with the leaves changing and I'm sorry to take over the story.

No, take over. But then she came back to us with. , a mansion that happened to have a small glen outdoor glen with you have to go down these little steps, stone,

Karen: like stone steps. And it was kind of deep down. Yeah, it was a

Will: steep, stone steps leading down into this gorgeous. Glen with a, wedding altar.

Karen: Yeah. Beautiful stone. Very rustic looking covered by trees and plants. It was like a fairy wedding.

Will: Yeah. And it just so happened that they had a cancellation. [00:07:00] Surprise, surprise. So it seems like all the stars were aligning. Yeah,

Karen: they were. Absolutely.

Will: Yeah. . And then of course, as it is in North Carolina in October, it is brutally cold.

But the days leading up

Karen: to the wedding, oh, they were miserable. I went up with my mother and we thought, oh, we're gonna have a nice spa day and we're gonna do this and just enjoy, and, and everything wrong happened. I couldn't get my dress pressed. I, I found a company to do it, but then, Tore it up and well, we were able to fix it, but it was raining every single day.

We lost our marriage license. And then I had a panic attack, at the civil ceremony. That's a whole other story. That's another story for another day. Yeah. the day of the, so the day before the wedding, it was storming all day. The day of the wedding, it was beautiful. It got up to 70 degrees. Gorgeous.

Sunny day, the day after the wedding, it snowed. Yeah. So even the bad weather got canceled for our wedding . Yep.

Will: It's amazing how things lined up. Everything lined up, [00:08:00] including the weather. Yep.

Karen: And if that's not meant to be, I don't know what else. You know what more of a sign could there be? Absolutely.

Will: So I would say probably the moral of that story is if something, oh, you just said it.

If if something is meant to be, then the universe will align itself. But I think the best thing was we just received it as it was coming in gratitude. We didn't force it. We weren't angry, we didn't push things, we didn't make people angry. We just allowed it. We surrendered and we let it happen. And that was a beautiful thing.

It sure was.


Will and Karaen: Hey, welcome back to the Skeptic Meta Physicians. I'm Will. And I'm Karen. And the show is for all the lovers out. Always wanted to say that, Karen . You know, I don't even wanna waste any time. I wanna dive right into the topic right now. So let's just welcome Jesse McClean to the show. Jesse, thanks for coming on

Jessie: Thank you so, so much for hosting me. I'm so excited to be here.

Will and Karaen: Ah, The feeling is [00:09:00] definitely mutual. Now, you are a woman's empowerment coach. You're a reiki master, a manifestation master yoga meditation teacher. It's fair to say that you help people upgrade their mindset and step into being the creator of the reality. Right now to do this, you've got lots of tools that you use, but today you're here to talk to us about sex magic.

So let's just get to right to the meat of it. What exactly is sex magic?

Jessie: Sex magic. Oh, how do you sum this down into our 30 minute show? This will, I feel like you need to stay to the end to get every single piece of what this is and what it is not.

Will and Karaen: Yeah, there's a lot to this, so.

Jessie: yes, there's a lot to it, and there it's so simple. At the same time, peeling back the layers. Um, an individual person and bringing out their own true nature and embodying that with their highest self, their highest pleasure to become the magnet for what they want, what you desire to open that door and to allow it in, um, in the [00:10:00] most sacred and intimate way. If that's like a little bit of a summing up of what sex magic is for me.

Will and Karaen: Okay. Now, when I think of sex magic, I tie it in a lot of times with witchcraft and Wicca and things like that because, uh, I know some practices use it in order to, uh, manifesting to make something happen. is that kind of how you see.

Jessie: absolutely. You can use it to manifest things. Something that. Already yours. That is that you've been trying to manifest like love or an upgrade in your career, more money. But these things, you have to, it's about raising your vibration at a core level to be a magnet to a track back, and in those moments of ecstatic bliss of letting down all of the walls, of coming against your own limitations.

um, in that practice and the ritual that we use, sex magic, it allows you to go within, to deal with the imposter syndrome, to deal with [00:11:00] the lack, the scarcity, the block, the valuing one's self, and to allow that pleasure, those feelings to come in and mixing it with the desired outcome. So that's how. It's a process of going within, and it's not about the name, how you just think, it's just sex.

The manifestation is about the upgrading, the letting go of what's no longer serving. All the stories, all of the, all of the stories put on from the ancestors and our parents and society letting go of what sex. And stepping into what it can be, opening the doors and allowing that intimate time to be a portal.

Will and Karaen: Well, first of all, I love how you say pleasure,

Jessie: Mm.

Will and Karaen: You really feel that word? I love that. but you said that it's a ritual. Is there, you know, when I think of ritual, I think of like candles and, you know, all kinds of, you know, the stuff you see in movies. Is there that type of ritual or is it just something that you kind of [00:12:00] go in your head?

How does that.

Jessie: Absolutely. So there's a ritual to sex magic, the practice that I have created myself, and it's little pieces from all of these beautiful souls that have tapped into all of this wisdom. But we all learn these things and then we package it up in a way that works for us and put it out for someone else to learn, take pieces from, and bring it into their life as well.

So it's basically the opposite of how most couples would dive into intimacy at the moment in the world at large. The opposite of that quick fix, that transactional sexual experience where there's no intention put into it. The opposite being everything's intentional.

the masculine and the feminine, bringing what they have to offer to the table with the setting up of the rich or the candles.

For me, it's candles, incense, the lighting, the music, the blankets, how I dress, what makes me feel truly, truly beautiful, and allows me to fully step into my [00:13:00] goddess that. Coming into his intention, man or woman, you know, masculine or feminine energy, whatever their relationship was, um, to tap into their core, spending some time apart before where they get clear on what they're bringing to the table.

So for the masculine side of preparing for a ritual, doing something that allows 'em to step into that role of their primal essence and getting really clear on that they're not act acting from their root chakra, that they're acting from their heart space. So to slow everything down before entering into the ritual so that they can hold the space.

For the duration needed. So there's a ti there's a real importance around a sex magic ritual. That there's no time restraints, that it's not transactional, that it's there to ex let it unfold on its own, a slowing [00:14:00] down of time and space because for the woman to completely release and relax, all expect.

Needs to be released around the time pressure or the expectation to finish in a certain way. And then, you know, the usual, the woman will finish the man finish a goodbye goodnight. It's not like that. It becomes an ongoing process where, It doesn't even end at the end of that ritual. It can flow into the days and months and years that follow.

Will and Karaen: So I'm getting that. It's, there's a lot behind this, A lot of intention, a lot of, very, well intention and be intentionally going into this process, so I can assume that. it would take a lot more than just like, as I'm climaxing, oh shit, I just thought I'm gonna lose all my money. I, you know, , you have to, right?

It's not one of those, it's something that, that you really have to go into intentionally before anything happens. Right? Because, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming [00:15:00] that all this is in an effort to build up energies magic. That will then, draw forth into the universe and, and bring whatever it is that you are coming into, to ask during the sex magic.

So do both parties have to agree on what they're going to be manifesting or can we think about different things?

Jessie: No. You can think about different things. The beauty, the beautiful thing about this is it's a co-creation and you can practice this on your own as well. So you would only go into this with a partner if they were aligned with your energy. They were in that space of growth. They were stepping in to change their current.

Heal those conditionings around pornography and what things are meant to look like. So this name Sex Magic gets people in, but what is it? It's an a healing of a lifetime of being coded to sexualize in a certain way. To show up and perform in a certain way. It's a healing at a deep [00:16:00] core level to stop trying to look a certain.

Sound a certain way. Experience a quick dopamine fix. It's a complete unfolding of an individual to connect with their, the cosmos, the higher self feel, the pleasure that's available, and then play with a meditation, a meditational state, and bringing that into the. Bring them the field around you embodying it using your imagination.

And there's different types, you know, people can visualize images and some people get a sense of they're both right, they both work. It's tapping into your higher self and allowing like through a channel, straight up and down to flow. with that intention, allowing the feelings of what one's trying to manifest to come into the reality, and whether that comes about, whether you wake up in [00:17:00] 10 days or 10 months and you've met your soulmate or you've, um, you have this beautiful solar line business that's just flourishing.

You can't, you're not changing your destiny. You've still gotta take your action. But when you experience that end result for a moment, you st. When you step into that, that end feeling, that's the epitome of being at a vibration or a frequency, which then when you go about your day, you're going to have opportunities doorways open up because you've felt it for a second.

What it feels like to already have in your hand to hold that end.

Will and Karaen: So how do you keep. You have to keep focused on, on what that, what you're manifesting while you're in the midst of it. Because I'm thinking if I want a promotion at work and I'm thinking about work, it's gonna be really hard for me to enjoy anything else , you know? How do you,

Jessie: No, no.

Will and Karaen: how do you do that?

Jessie: So if we go back to the basics and think about, and [00:18:00] most people, when they're stepping into that place of being intimate or doing the deed, there's still this underlying fight or flight response going on in people's nervous systems. You've been at work all day, you've been on social media. Um, the kids have been yelling and screaming the TV's.

There's no embodiment being in one's body, feeling an in a state of calm, peace, clarity, joy, love, enlightenment, all of those beautiful high vibrational feelings that we all want to feel every single person. That's why we're here. We're chasing two. Feel those beautiful feelings that when you, I've forgotten what the question was.

Oh, what Thinking about, um, what you wanna manifest. So the part of the setting up the ritual, the taking one's time while they're getting ready with intention, it's all a meditation in itself. It's all a de fragging of the mind. And like any practice, every time you [00:19:00] shop and you get ready and you are hit with, I'm not gonna do this today.

You know, I've got too much to do. I've gotta do this with the kids. I've gotta do this with work. Putting it off, prioritizing, taking that time is the activity itself. It's getting out of your own way to prioritize yourself to come back to true self-love.

Will and Karaen: So that reminds me, Karen, when people talk about manifesting, one of the things that they say is that you have to focus intensely on what you want and then you have to release it, right? You gotta let it go because if you don't release it, the actor. Release is what is what it calls it to you, but I thought the focus wasn't necessarily what you want, but how it feels like to already have true feeling what it's, yes, what you want.

You have to, you have to imagine yourself already having what you are trying to manifest. But then once you do that at an intense level, you need to release it. You need to let it go and just know it's coming, but don't focus on it. Don't obsess over, because then the universe will keep thinking, oh, she wants to go.

keep wanting. So I would assume that in the case of sex magic, it would be something similar. You're leading up to it. You're, you're, you're thinking about what it is that you want [00:20:00] during the act, perhaps, although I don't know. But then the act of the, the final release, the finishing, it's almost symbolic of releasing of the, of the manifestation or the Right, the desire or the, and I understand that, but what if you can't get to that point if you're thinking about work?

Jessie: If you can't finish

Will and Karaen: Yeah. I mean, what if, what if this like thought about, yeah, what if this thought about, you know, whatever you're trying to manifest is, it's not a sexy thought , you know, and it's not helping the, what do you do?

Jessie: and this is so common in women that it's, it's absolutely heartbreaking to think that that level of pleasure is an access by people because of traumas, blocks. traumas in the physical body as well. Desensitization from experiences that, you know, someone started having sex at a young age, and we'll say typical male, female.

The male's been watching porn. They're quite rough. The female is desensitized to their actual pleasure. This whole [00:21:00] process is about becoming sensitized. slowing everything down so that the touch you have, this is a commitment, a practice. It's not something that you do once you show up time and time again.

As you let go of old ways, old practices, you're at the, that front line of ancestors here to change how your children, how your grandchildren experienced life and. programming. Stepping outside of everything that is available to you on the phone. Screens sexualization and stepping into the present moment, making a ritual around it.

Letting go of all of that fear, all of that program, that dopamine hit, and experiencing actual true life pleasure with a partner.

I want to come back to what you said before, will, how you're explaining, um, the letting go. When you go into the practice and [00:22:00] you've got the intention, you are thinking about what you want to manifest in life or what you wanna let go of. You might be aware of the blocks that you have, depending on how much work you you're doing with your own self growth or that specific thing that you want to bring.

And you're thinking about it, you know that this is your intention. You might spend some time journaling and you are, then you release that as you set up that beautiful ritual space, your full presence with your partner coming into your body, letting go. You're not thinking about what you're manifesting at this time.

You are bringing your presence in.

Will and Karaen: Okay. That I can see how that would work. Then , so then, so then when do you bring your, the thought of what you're manifesting into the, into the scene?

Jessie: Yeah. So as you, as you spend time with your lover or with yourself coming into the body completely defragging that, that all of that fight and flight, all of those. You know, cortisol hormones that are flowing through from just being alive in 2023 and living in suburbia. And you know, we're not living off grid [00:23:00] with no technology.

Defragging coming into the present moment, slowing down, remembering tantric touch, bringing all of these ancient practices in into the space, even meditating journal. , talking to your lover, getting in touch with your love language. What does the other person need? What do you need? Finding your voice, dropping into the present moment, and then it's a dance.

As the energy starts to build, as usually the woman starts to let go and starts to come into the space, it usually takes a bit longer for a woman to come into her body and be. , it takes time for the man to release the expectation, allowing that woman to unfold, to come down. The actual core of the manifestation is from the woman.

The man doesn't nev it. They never hold the same power that the woman does, and it's not through a fault. So the man would use the woman's energetic [00:24:00] body to. Come into his true power. He can take the power from the woman, the energy down through the chakras, up through his body, and the woman, um, Starts to allow the pictures of what she's manifesting to come in and often in this time, say, say someone, they're like, I want a brand new Tesla.

I, I want this year's Tesla brand. The best model. I want this. I've been thinking of it. This is it. I, I want this car. When they're in that moment of deciding to bring it in. They usually realize that it's not just the car. What, what else comes with that lifestyle? What other thoughts come through while they're in their flow state?

Allowing that God source energy, creator energy to circulate with the desires. There's other things that come with that. Maybe it's, they finally have written that dream book that they've been wanting to write and. in that Tesla driving to a book signing. They more images. As you become [00:25:00] a open vessel of spaciousness for your cosmic downloads to come down through you in that moment, there's a bigger picture.

And this is where we've become, we've been blocked to what, what our intuition, what um, source is trying to tell. in every moment because we're always so distracted. It's coming back to your roots, your own spaciousness, your setting that ritual for with intention. Yeah, we want the Tesla, but what other things come down through us accepting them in leaving that space with a clarity.

Will and Karaen: so. You mentioned a lot in that, and there's a couple of things I wanna touch on, but you mentioned tantric sex and. We need to take a break. So I've gotta, take a pause here. But when we come back, I wanna talk to you about Tantra and I wanna talk to you about whether or not this, it's possible to have this go off in the wrong direction.

but I'll, I'll clarify that when we come back, right after this,



Will and Karaen: Okay, we are back with the skeptic ions. We're talking to Jesse, who is a woman's empowerment mentor, and she is talking to us about, something that's very timely in this time period, right around Valentine's Day when this show is being released. And we're talking about romance and love and sex, right?

Sex magic, and manifesting things, making things happen by, two beautiful souls coming together. And drawing their energies together to make things happen. Now, before we left, you were touched a little bit on tantric sex. I wanted to ask this question because, So far what I'm hearing is the act of the, the, I mean, in my head, actually, I'm, I'm hearing this, you probably didn't say it, but the release is what actually sets things into motion in the universe, but if I understand tantric sex correctly, it's the release is actually an internal release, not an external release.

So is there a difference? Does it work better or. Worse? Or is that not [00:27:00] something that you recommend? Well, she said tantric touch. I don't know if that's the same thing. Yeah, no. Yeah, she just reminded me. Oh, tantric touch. So then let's take a step further into actual tantra, which is an internal release, not an external.

Does that come into play at all? Have you thought about that? Even.

Jessie: Yeah, absolutely. It's, if I understand the question correctly, you're asking if it's the external result as opposed to the internal game. What's happening on the inside? The, as in a co, a cosmic, um, experience, like a spiritual experience? Is that what you're asking?

Will and Karaen: Yes. Uh, tantra is very, is a very spiritual experience. People use it very, uh, for, for spiritual enlightenment and ascension and co consciousness expansions and all that kind of stuff. But it's all about, at the moment of orgasm actually, internalizing it rather than. Sending it out. Right? And if, uh, , I'm trying, you crack me up.

I'm trying to do . Uh, so if the act of sending those thoughts out and along with everything else that comes out at that moment, is what makes things happen. [00:28:00] If you internalize all that, will it stunt that manifestation?

Jessie: No. So for the man as part of the Sex Magic PR practice, they would practice semen retention. So if a man was devoted to this path, they are manifesting in their outside world by. Playing with their own power and energy by learning, um, how to not let their external world dictate when and where their energy goes, and allowing that to be their force for their everyday life.

Will and Karaen: So it's better to internalize the release then than it is externalize it. Oh, okay.

Jessie: in the way that, um, in my method that I put together, the man would always practice. Practice here is, um, while having fun is holding onto that energy. And I have seen time and time again, the difference in. Particular a male's life and what happens in [00:29:00] their success in their business, in their relationship is them being a father.

Um, every single piece of them when they take ownership over that piece of their being, their body, how they're showing up, and they draw so much more pleasure from retaining in that way. Whereas a woman, it's completely. As many times as you can upping the energy, and it changes everything between a couple when the man holds space and steps into his power.

In this way,

Will and Karaen: Karen's breathing a sigh of relief, uh, going a little bit deeper into the tant part of it. Having been someone who has not pr ever practiced tantra or internalizing anything, is there, and I've heard that it actually, internalizing it. can actually, enhance or, or make things even more powerful. So I completely understand what you're saying and makes sense. the more energy you develop, the more powerful you're manifesting will be.

You know, that kinda stuff. But, and I guess maybe this is [00:30:00] not the right form to ask you, but how do you stop? Like, I mean, uh, I was just gonna ask that. I'm like, I didn't know you guys could do that and you could do that. I mean, well, I mean, you what you get to, I mean, me in general, the general, you, not you, well, gen, gen I can only speak for me, but when I get to a certain point, right, they call it brinksmanship.

If you, you bring me up to that, to that brink, I can come back. But then if I, if just, just a hair over that brink and there's no coming back baby. Right? So how do you manage.

Jessie: So this is the, the, the practice for the man to,

to completely step into the ownership, to walk away, to before that, that fence gets, you know, jumping over the fence. To feel all of that heat and fire in the body and choose what to do with it. So over time, this and this, when I say over time, for some people this could happen the first time, and some people it could be years and years, and they've never experienced a cosmic orgasm where they, a man can orgasm multiple [00:31:00] times in full body bliss, but they cannot. this is happening right now, but how hard for a human being faced with all of these images, these stimulations, um, these, uh, calling all the time, every day that living, releasing that, that makes someone powerful. and if we really tap in and we go back and we look at the, the evidence, and you'll only know this when you tap into this yourself and you see how everything shifts, and yes, it's difficult, but nothing good ever comes easily, that this is a beautiful internal practice for both people.

And when you come together, the amplification of that and the power that it gives you as a couple. Is just so incredibly beautiful.

Will and Karaen: Hmm. You had a question? I'm trying , I pausing. I was watching, I was watching your face earlier and . Well, well I just love, I just love the term [00:32:00] cosmic orgasm. I think that's, we found the title of the show, but I'm, I'm thinking, you know, the look on your face was kind of like, okay, let me get this, lemme wrap my head around this.

It's like, oh my, hmm. . You know, it's like, how is that enjoyable? It's like, No . Well, uh, I mean, I think, I mean, would, would you be like, or would you be okay with that? Is that Well, or, you know, how does that, how does that instead of being frustrating, become enjoyable? I was not, I was not on border first, but then

 I've never experienced multiple orgasms. and you don't usually , at least inside myself by that . I didn't know it was even possible for a man to have. You know, a woman can have many, when it's great. And, I've heard that when that. when multiple orgasms happen, in quick succession, it's incredible.

It's a, it's a life-changing moment. Something that men don't, typically you don't assign that to men. But what I'm hearing you say is that practicing this will actually help you to achieve that. So then now you got my attention. Cause once it's nice, but many times it's nicer.

Jessie: It demand, it's not only not missing out, it's experience experiencing a level of [00:33:00] bliss that you, you can't access through that quick release that that pledge, that dopamine hit. That energy that goes, like, I've never heard anyone describe it better than Joe Rogan on this podcast. And, you know, something else is driving the bus.

It's driving the bus, and he goes through all of these things and then the minute it's over, um, like you, you realize you weren't driving the bus that that per that man was sitting at the back of the bus. And now you can get back up in the driver's seat and decide where you want to go. It's absolutely overcoming your own.

your own mind, becoming the master of your own mind to experiencing these great levels of heightened sensitivity to a point that all of these other nerve pathways start to awaken up to experiencing a full body orgasm over and over and over again, and not tiring to leave that experience and be energized.

More than ever to step into the next phase of the day or the next day, the next week. And [00:34:00] this energy just accumulates the joy in a man, the, the realization of his power, his next, his next step in his business or his family life. His relationship is clear minded that how it, you know, it works in with all of the hormones that that man's producing, just letting his seed go everywhere.

not, it's not productive for his makeup to keep that, that energy, that sea to use. Discernment about when and where to let that energy go, because it's still fun, right? It's the game of life. Maybe you choose to do that this time. Maybe you practice this other way for a while and you can move back and forth, and I encourage you to see what.

it feels like if there's discomfort there, anyone listening to this show would know what is that discomfort trying to teach you When you lean into that discomfort of what you just said, the frustration. If you were to leave an a sexual experience thinking that you got ripped off, like this person just used my body and I'm leaving this frustrated, [00:35:00] then no fulfill.

to lean into that discomfort and someone's telling you maybe there's this greater, this greater power that you hold, and if you tap into it with your patience, your inner stillness, your own healing, and stepping into true power as a man, you still get to experience that if you want to, but you get to play with it and awaken all of this incredible magic.

Will and Karaen: So do you. This with someone that you're in a relationship with or, um, you know, that you care about or there's feelings for, or could you just meet someone and you kind of have it in your head and you're, you know, going about it that way. Hey, hey Joe, what are you doing tonight?

Jessie: Yeah, I think, um, some people have a relationship with people, um, in a different way where they're energetically bonded in a way and they're not in a couple cents for me, for me personally. with my husband that I'm devoted to, that I'm committed to. It enhances my practice when I know that I have this man's total devotion and he knows that he has mine and we're in a, there's space for everybody to [00:36:00] experience this.

But in my, for my life and my experience, that devotion from another person in a monogamous relationship and using it as. An up-leveling mindset, mind, body, spirit, like a meditation to play with life. You know, when, uh, so many people's relationships are going down, down, down in this, in the sexual side, getting further and further away from truth, why not play with it and learn how this can work for you and how it can be fun and exciting and incredibly spiritual and uplift.

Imagine manifesting incredible things, and it starts with that, like who doesn't want that in their relationship?

Will and Karaen: So here comes will. Get ready. Everywhere. You, I was just talking to my daughter about this the other day, not about this. What? No, but what I'm about to talk about, right? So everyone, knows, where there two or more of you are congregate, that's where I will be or something.

Right? So we people go to church on Sundays because they feel that. That praying together, um, will, will make their prayers stronger, will will help, bring peace or whatever it is that everyone's praying [00:37:00] together for. will, it'll be stronger, right? The, the intentions will be stronger. People get, come together in meditation groups as groups to meditate for one particular thing, to, unite their energies together and make that manifestation stronger.

So my question is, does that. We had to go there, didn't you? Will? I said I did warn you. Here comes will, right? is group sex, group sex, the epitome of sex magic? Or is that something that you need to be careful? Here's, here's where we touch on the possible negative side of this thing, right? Is there a negative side?

And I think, I know the answer is, but I have to ask it because you know, there's people out there wondering the same thing.

Jessie: I think, um, that's such a great question. group sex and all of tho those beautiful things there, everyone gets to choose how they live and what's, um, what's right for them. In this particular way that I like to practice this, that the energy would be to. Scattered, it's not so much a devotional practice.

Um, although I can see that in some circumstances, if [00:38:00] everybody was energetically aligned working on themself in such a way they're there doing these energetic practices, that it could work for some people. But I haven't personally seen it where it's so incredibly powerful where you're, you know, . It's not just about the pleasure.

This is a deeply devotional practice where you unfold, where you feel deeply in trust. There's no mask. It's all the masks getting shed away, where you're coming into your power. So to be there with, um, all of these different people where there'd be all of these different dynamics and people might be there for different reasons that it could work, but I haven't seen it being used like.


Will and Karaen: that makes sense. Well, I have another question that I think that this is, if I was listening to this podcast, I might want to ask this. How do you know it works? I mean, it sounds great, like a great practice to to, to do, but how do you know it works? I mean, does it matter or It's fun? but they would, you know, I mean, , if I didn't believe it in this sort of [00:39:00] thing and just kinda heard this for the first time, I'd be like, Hmm.


Jessie: Absolutely. Well,

Will and Karaen: or any stories?

Jessie: I never believed in anything spiritual. I had family that would go to church. I had people that was spiritual around me and I just thought that they were crazy. I thought, what's here is here right now on this earth? Everything after that's blackness. These people are crazy. What is this word?

Faith. What is tapping it? Like just that was how. I was until a few years ago, until I started getting proved beyond, um, you know, beyond any doubt in my own life, the truth, this is, When I speak on this, when I am talking about these things, I've experienced them firsthand through, and I never found anything.

These things find me, these practices find me. I feel the transformational power. I see it. I go in completely skeptical. I absolutely do not believe. I do not believe in you. Tell me something. I will not believe anything even right now until I experience it myself. I can. . I c I simply have a mind [00:40:00] that's been programmed and conditioned to only believe science that's proven here.

And then through my life path, I've been pr, I've been shown time and time again that there's something else, that there's more, and it's this awakening to the fact that, whoa, no, no, no, no, no. You know, science is, is, is down here with what it can prove. And there's all of this world up here. And how do I know, how can I be on a podcast?

How can I stand behind this? It's through my own skeptical mind you, you, you can't know until you try these things and you know that they work for you. If I say it, if you say it, if some guru says it, it doesn't matter. You've gotta experience it. You, you get shown the. And then you become a believer because there all doubt is washed out on its own.

Truth speaks, which is no distortion to truth. Truth will speak itself through you when you feel what you feel it.

Will and Karaen: and people can practice. Solitary, right? You can, you can do sex magic within yourself. it's, I I would assume it would be the same general thing. [00:41:00] Uh, some sort of ritual, maybe, uh, a bath, some bath salts, uh, a couple candles, uh, you know, treating yourself really well. And then, enjoying yourself.

Jessie: there's a lot of, you know, people that are at different places in their journey, and for a lot of times it's the women that initiates this kind of exploration. The women, um, are, have woken up at a bit of a faster speed. You know, they say there's like 80% of women here, 20% of men that 20% of men that are waking up to these things are gonna bring the rest of the men awake to all of these other forces.

And the rising of consciousness, um, the women ex having a deeper desire to awaken, to feel that enlightenment, that love, that joy, that peace. So they start to look into these practice, how do I manifest a better. And oftentimes there's a, a, I'm trying to think of the word, but it, it can be temporary or permanent mismatch in where the, where the growth is.

So the woman will start to get a desire for more and the man might be stuck in the 3d, stuck doing these same old habits, unwilling to change. [00:42:00] We usually don't change until we experience great level of suffering. Sometimes it's that she walks out the door, the heartbreak leads them to some plant medicine retreat, some.

um, big deep hole where they've having conversation based around spirituality, where they go, wow, this actually feels good. It feels healing. I'll look into this, this, this, this. But that's self-practice. That is oftentimes where it starts. The woman goes, you know, every time I try with my man, like they're not getting on board.

It's gotta be based around self and only coming together in that with a partner that can see what you're actually doing, why you're there. Into that communication and that co-creation with the same intention of upgrading their own spiritual life basically.

Will and Karaen: Do you know what this is reminding me of? Karen? What? Shibari? Yeah. Remember when she talked, talked to us about Shaar. This is exactly what she was, she was saying. She was talking about how they took their very sweet time, asking permission at each step of the way. It became this really [00:43:00] sensu, agreement between the two of them.

That ended up lasting for a long time. Yeah. so now it's all kind of falling into place. Makes perfect. .

Jessie: If you think about that, there's one goal. Everyone wants to be happy, joyous, and. , and then we can put that in like this little enlightenment, like you know, like this enlightenment banner. But this just happiness, this joyfulness, this inner peace and contentment, and there's a million different pathways to get there.

There's all the different gods, all the different avenues and. . It's just accessing the one that hits the right spot, the right trying, all of these things. And as you raise your vibration, your own, you're getting closer to truth. You know, you feel like, oh, as you step out of mainstream matrix life and into really truth of that, we're, you're a human being here as part of an ecosystem.

You're a human, you're a spiritual being, having a human experience, all of that. What path do I take to find truth and expansion? let go of Old Karma to be the leader of my own life and my own destiny, that there's no [00:44:00] right or wrong path. There's just different paths.

Will and Karaen: Yeah. Mm-hmm. , you are very much speaking our language. Exactly what we've talked about again and again and again on this show. there's gonna be a lot of people asking a lot of questions and I'm not gonna be able to answer 'em. So I assume since you are an empowerment mentor, this is something that you might be able to help couples or singles to achieve.

Jessie: So I work, um, myself with women one-on-one. My beautiful husband works with men one-on-one. We work with couples together. Um, we are both available on all platforms. It's simple. Jesse McLean, coach on TikTok and Instagram are my favorite. If you just slight slip into the d.

Will and Karaen: we're gonna put in all, uh, of your links in our show notes. So if you're interested in reaching out to Jesse and diving into this really. Sexy modality. all you need to do is go to skeptic, go to her episode page. You'll see all of those links directly in the show notes. Uh, I encourage you to, uh, give it a try, right?

This is what this is. This show's all about, is about exploring every different modality, every different path, and seeing which one [00:45:00] fits the best. No. Jesse, thank you so much for coming to us all the way from Australia. We really appreciate you taking the time, and sharing your expertise and your thoughts and your energy with us and our audience because, uh, this conversation has been super eye-opening.

So interesting. And I have a feeling I'm gonna be getting some candles for Valentine's Day . It's an incense . But now thank you so much, Jesse, really appreciate. It's a, it's a wonderful meeting you.

Jessie: Thank you so, so much. .

Will: Well, thanks for coming along on this journey Discovery with us. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website at, or on Facebook and Instagram under Skeptic Metaphysician Podcast. If you know someone who would benefit from hearing the messages we're sharing on the show, do them and us a favor and share the show with them.

It will help get the word out about us, and it may just change someone's life for the better. And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed something, well, not to worry. All of our shows, including [00:46:00] this one, can be found at where you can also watch the videos or you can send us an email or voicemail directly from the site.

We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you. Well, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. That's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of The Skeptic Meta Physicians. Until then, take care.


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