Truth Behind UFOs, ETs and Starseeds | Lily Nova

Our guest this week is an astrophotographer who during the covid time, started getting visited by……UFOs. Having collected a massive amount of evidence that UFOs are REAL, she now knows what these ETs look like, and most importantly…how to make contact with them.

She’s even become a channel for the messages that these star beings are sending us….they’ve taught her TONS about the truth behind the universe, spirituality, how to develop psychic gifts and what it truly means to be “human”.

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"People have profound experiences after coming in contact with UFO's and it can turn your psychic abilities online." --Lily Nova

Some topics covered:

  • The evidence she has collected to support that UFOs are real
  • The story of her first and subsequent encounters with UFOs and the beings that are behind them
  • What real ETs look like, how they communicate and why they're here and what they really want
  • Where they really come from and what life is like there
  • How many different types of ETs there are
  • Why some people will never see a UFO (and why some see them often)
  • Why the government is keeping their existence from us
  • What the connection between ETs and our "missing link" is
  • How her encounters with UFOs and ETs have deepened her spirituality
  • How humans can initiate contact with them
  • What a CE5 event is and how you can experience one

And much more!

About our Guest:
Her journey as an Astrophotographer turned from fueling her passion and love for space in taking photos of the night sky, to being visited by extraterrestrials and documenting close encounters with UFOs. She now initiates contact with these other-worldly beings and has become a channel for their messages. They have taught her many curiosities of the universe, spirituality, how to develop psychic gifts, and what it truly means to be human. She's discovered so much about who we are, and where we are heading as a species.

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Will: [00:00:00] Karen? Yes, I am so excited today. I feel like a little kid in the candy store. I'm a little freaked out. Are you freaked out? Oh, don't be freaked out. This will be fun. I mean, today we're going to be taking a more cosmic approach to the show. Our guest is an astrophotographer who during the COVID time.

Started getting visited by UFO's hence the freak out. Not right now. Apparently she has tons and tons of evidence that UFO's are real from her photographs, even more freaked out. And now she knows exactly what the ETs look like. And most importantly, how to make contact with them. She's even become a channel for the messages that these star beings are sending us.

And they've taught her tons about the truth behind the universe, spirituality, how to develop psychic gifts and what it truly means to be human. 

Karen: Okay. That doesn't sound so 

Will: it doesn't right?

Karen: Way better than the movie. 

Will: As long as you stay with the communion type of aliens. I think we'll be good. 



Will: Welcome to the skeptic metaphysicians I'm will and today's topic is so exciting.

For me, not just because I'm a huge scifi fan, but because the theory of UFO's absolutely fascinates me. Let me tell you a quick story before we get started. Did you know that my father has seen a UFO? Nope. Yeah. So a long, long, long time ago, probably before I was, , born, he act, she swear that he and a whole lot of people were privy in Cuba.

Big UFO. And he can explain that you can describe it specifically and ever since then, he's [00:02:00] instilled a real, huge curiosity in me about UFO's 

Karen: that explains so much because I never would have pegged him as a UFO type, but he was so interested in it 

Will: now, you know, why that's he watches all the documentaries?

He's constantly talking about it. He took us in Puerto Rico, to El Yunque which is a reportedly where aliens have dropped off they're there they're beings or whatever. So we there's a. A lot behind this and I'm excited because we have someone on the show today that is an expert about all this stuff. I'm just going to go and introduce her because I have so many questions.

I am excited to bring onto the show. Lily Nova, Lily. Thanks so much for coming on the show. Thank 

Lily Nova: you for having me. I'm excited. 

Will: So UFO's are real, huh? 

Lily Nova: Yes. Very, very much. So. Very much so. 

Will: In the intro? I said that you were taking photographs of the stars and it was just like you started seeing shooting stars across your lens or what, what happened.


Lily Nova: [00:03:00] So it was much more obvious than that. My, my first encounters. And so I started off doing astrophotography. And, you know, we're in the middle of lockdown, there's nothing to do. Everybody's, you know, stuck inside. So I went up to the stars and spent like every night under the stars doing astrophotography.

And I wasn't even thinking about UFO's honestly, that was the last thing on my mind. But a few months in to astrophotography. It was a random night. I went outside to get some pressure before bed, late at night. And that's when I had my first encounter. I saw a hovering light somewhere over the neighborhood and I was investigating.

It wasn't a plane. It wasn't anything like I'd ever seen before. It wasn't a star planet. And I looked away briefly because this orange [00:04:00] light appeared at the end of my street and it got really eerie. And you know, it was dead quiet in the middle of the night. I looked back over and a second craft had appeared and it was much closer to me, maybe like a few houses down and it was largely.

Diamond triangular shape. I could see the lights on it. And I was bending my neck, looking up at it and it went up down side to side really quickly. And then it began coming straight to me, like literally right to me. And it went above my head and disappeared. And that's when I realized, okay, this is, I think, you know, that that was real.

It really blew my mind. Yeah. And after that they just started coming like left and right. 

Karen: So when it's coming at you, did you just stand there or did you run? Like what, where are you frozen? 

Will: We just heard how Karen would have reacted 

Lily Nova: all of the 

Karen: above. They probably would have paid. 

Lily Nova: Yeah. It was a, it was a.

[00:05:00] Scary with the second one, because it was so close and I got to see it, you know, like all the details of it. And I remember. At first, I wanted to capture it on camera. I had my phone recording, but I, I ended up putting my phone down because I, now I was like, okay, this is coming straight for me. I took a few steps back and to hide underneath my roof and I was shaking.

And then after that I was really freaked out because I'm like, okay, it disappeared above my house. Where did it go? Is it still here? Or are they watching me? it was very freaky at first, the first few. 

Will: Yeah, I can only imagine. , 

Karen: did you sleep after that? I think I wouldn't have slept like. 

Lily Nova: Yeah, no sleeping was difficult for sure. I went inside and then I honestly, I didn't feel like safe inside because I thought they were like outside of my window. So I went on a drive for a little bit and yeah, I didn't get much sleep that night.

Will: Wow. Now you automatically, immediately went to, this is a UFO. This is an extra [00:06:00] terrestrial craft. Or did you think at all, is this like the military or is this a weather balloon or anything or did you have no doubts whatsoever? 

Lily Nova: I pretty much knew that it was a UFO, but of course I did want to. I did want to rule everything else out.

And, you know, I told some other people about it. And so I was like, maybe I was, you know, imagining it or making it more dramatic than it really was. I found uh, the recording on my phone a couple of weeks later and saw you can't really see the crack because it's so dark, but you can see the light and it makes the same manual.

That you know, that I saw. And I was like, okay, that actually happened. But then my next few encounters after that, it was very obvious that it was not anything of this world. they behave very differently. And they just looked very different than anything that we have. 

Will: people that have listened to the show before, no, About my experience with the book communion in how unbelievably scared [00:07:00] I was when I read it in college for two weeks, I had to sleep with the light on because.

Karen: Because it was freaky. I read that back to my mother, took it away from me cause I had the lights on and in high school I wanted to 

Will: use a little bit more scientific term than freaky, but yes, you're right. It was incredibly freaky to have an E T in the guy's bedroom looking peeking around the, the corner of the dresser and only to realize it was, he was awake and in rush directly to him that would have given me a heart attack.

So. When I started looking into your story, everything I'm reading is a complete opposite. There's no fear. In fact, just the opposite. They've taught you an awful lot about who we are and where we're headed. Do you consider yourself an abductee?

Did they take you into the. 

Lily Nova: Yeah, I don't believe that I've ever been abducted. And I never really, I mean, I was definitely spooked in the beginning. It's a very like mind bending paradigm shifting thing. But I feel like it [00:08:00] was pretty gradual. They gave me a little bit of time to. You know, soak that in.

And I became like a hardcore investigator. My curiosity, overruled. Any fear? I just felt like this is big and I want to learn more. So I literally became an investigator and as I began meditating, which is at first, it was very physical. I was capturing physical proof and learning how to kind of communicate with them.

I wasn't sure if. Communicating correctly, but I, I would feel like I was getting messages and I would talk out to them and then they would, you know, move around or appear as if answering my questions. But as I began meditation, That's when I began actually seeing them through visions. Well, the first time was they sent me a telepathic vision of the beings who were Manning this craft during a UFO encounter.

And yeah, it's always been very, it's been very positive for 

Will: me. So we got to backtrack just a little bit. [00:09:00] Sorry, Karen, to interrupt you for a quick second, because you keep talking about collecting evidence. What kind of evidence do you have? 

Lily Nova: So since I had my camera with me, I, I was just recording them.

Whenever I would see them, I would record them. I've got some video. This is actually from my second encounter. That happened a couple months after that first one I saw outside of my house. I spent the night at an astronomy park, surrounded by UFO's. 

Will: Yeah. So daytime, nighttime. Surrounded like hundreds or.


Lily Nova: five. There was actually, there was five, there was one. Yeah, there was one in every direction. And at first, so I went up to this astronomy park by myself and at night it was the middle of the night around the same time. So 

Will: brave. Oh my God. 

Lily Nova: Yeah. So I was in my car and just suddenly, like, I, I [00:10:00] looked over and there was a, another, a hovering light going back and forth.

I was watching it on the horizon, above the tree line, going up and down. It was kind of moving like a, B just going back and forth. And then I was like, is that them again? And then, you know, I'm looking around suddenly, like the energy just shifted. And I looked around. There were two in the trees behind me.

There was a one in the treeline to my left one to my right. And then another one had appeared in the trees about 50 feet in front of me, which was not there five minutes ago. Like they just appeared and I was honestly too afraid. Leave because they were surrounding me. And so I just, I stayed in my car and I just started recording them and I, I recorded them for hours until the sun began coming up and I felt comfortable to leave.

Will: Okay. So then the next question that jumps to mind then, because they beamed telepathically and image of what these beings look like. I'm sure everyone that's tuning in wants to know what do they [00:11:00] look. 

Lily Nova: Yeah. And this happened like a little bit later as I'm developing, I learned that I could, you know, initiate contact with them and, and became more intentional about it.

That was actually the first time that I tested it out where it's not just, I was. Under the stars and they appeared it was, I went out with the specific intention to invite them. And a golden orb appeared within five minutes of getting out of the car and this golden orb sent me a message. Of its inhabitants or the ones who were Manning it and what this being looked like.

So there was a woman laying down on a table and she looked very human, but she had light blue skin. And she had no hair. She was bald. She was very beautiful though. And she had a silver skin, tight uniform on kind of like star Trekkie. And there were five crew [00:12:00] members standing behind her with the same uniform, also light blue skin.

So that was the first one that I saw. and I've seen a variety of different types of beings, but a lot of them look very human, surprisingly. 

Karen: So she was laying down on something. Did it look like she was alive in distress? That's just how she traveled. Like how did you interpret 

Lily Nova: that? Yeah. So at first I was a little confused because she, she had her eyes closed as well.

And I was like, is she dead? Is she alive? Is she sleeping? And as I learned more, I, I believe that she was. Maybe in some sort of like a meditative state to make contact with me and was using yeah. And was using her consciousness to, to visit me with this golden orb. I think she was connecting with me on that level.

Karen: Why, why do you think they chose you to connect with, do you think it was just a coincidence. They happened to be, you know, poking around that night and there you were and you weren't afraid, or do you think there's something beyond.[00:13:00] 

Lily Nova: Well, since the first time I saw them, they haven't left me alone. So I think it's a, I think it's, it's very intentional.

I believe that, you know, they kind of singled me out because I had the camera and I was documenting, I was very unbiased. I was not into UFO's before this. I wasn't spiritual before this. And I was very curious about the science behind it and how it worked, you know, how. Appearing and disappearing in the matter of seconds, are they going into another dimension?

You know, I was just very curious. And so I, you know, began documenting that with my camera and then time went on as time went on, I began to connect with them more on a spiritual level. So I think they chose me to show the world some of the evidence that I've called. And, you know, help turn some of the non-believers to help, to open their mind and also to teach people how to make contact with them and kind of the beauty of [00:14:00] contact, the positive side.

Karen: when you say that, you know, they, they kind of appeared in the trees. Do you think that maybe they're always there, but most of us just can't see them or do they just come? Like what, what's your interpretation of 

Lily Nova: that? That's a good question. I believe that they're not too far away. Yeah, I think, and it is interesting because.

I think it has to do a lot with the frequency and who they want to see them. It seems like people who see them, it's very intentional. if they don't want to be seen, they're not going to be seeing. I guess that has to do with the inner dimensional travel. So they're very intentional about who sees them.

And I think that most of them are pretty nearby. Some of them may be coming from far, but with their type of travel connected with different dimensions and consciousness, it seems like they can travel very, very quick. 

Will: Now you've used the term interdimensional. Now a couple of times, is this where you [00:15:00] think they come from most people consider UFO's to come from outer space?

What are your thoughts? Are they from outer space? Are they from another dimension? Are they different time from us? What's your theory on it? 

Lily Nova: I believe that it's a mixture of both. I think that some of them are from higher dementia. And other dimensions and some of them are probably right outside of earth right now.

And we could connect with them, the interdimensional thing. I'm still learning about it, but they're definitely, they definitely have mastered the dimensions is, is what it feels like to. 

Karen: so you described the, the ones in the golden aura, but then you said you've contacted or been in contact with other beings.

And most of them look human, but some of them look different. So on that note, but a little bit. Are they mostly nice, there's some bad ones that we have to worry 

Lily Nova: about. So I have only connected with and [00:16:00] engaged with positive beings. They are very intelligent, advanced, very, just balanced, very positive energy, very in, in for a while.

There. It was that after the initial fear kind of wore off in shock as I began, you know, getting used to seeing them I felt love a very strong feeling of love whenever I saw them in would connect with them, like to the point of where it would. Cry. Sometimes it's a very healing in loving feeling.

Yeah. It's very, very beautiful, but I do know, and I've heard stories from other people. Okay. That there are some negative ones out there with different agendas. And I have seen visions of a couple ones like that. I haven't communicated with them or, you know, seeing them or talk to them. But I have seen some of the negative ones as well.

Will: Now you hear about people that come into contact with [00:17:00] ETS or UFO's and then. Share their story. And then they are shunned by civilization, by society. Have you experienced anything like that or have your, like your friends, your family, do they think you've lost your rock or, or are they. 

Lily Nova: Oh, definitely.

It was a, it was a tough battle in the beginning, especially in the beginning, but I felt so strongly about it. My friends and family, they didn't believe me at first. But 

Will: yeah. Yeah. And is it because they've experienced it themselves as well? Or is it just that they've came they've come around to your side of the story?

Lily Nova: I think a combination Mostly because, so I stuck with it and I made that my number one priority and capturing evidence and. You know, to prove that. And from the start I began posting it on social media, screaming it from the top of every mountain, because I'm like this changes everything. There's actually beings out [00:18:00] there who are, you know, communicating with us.

That's people need to know that. So I began posting on social media and screaming it from the top of every mountain. I have received a lot of hate from it, but, you know, I stuck with it. It's been almost two years now and uh, people are, you know, people are coming around, so, 

Karen: why are they here? Like, what is their.

Will: Ah, now we get to the nitty, 

Karen: what do they want? 

Lily Nova: from what I have experience, they have really taught me, you know, they they've shown me different times, different time periods on earth, through telepathic visions. And during meditation, they've been here for a long time and. From my understanding right now, we're going through a very pivotal shift in consciousness and just everything with all the chaos going around, all of these old systems, they aren't [00:19:00] working anymore.

You know, we need a new medical system. We need a new school system. We need a new government system. We need new everything because it's just not working. And so. It's like everything kind of negative and everything that's not working is coming to the surface right now, especially with COVID going on and everything.

And so it seems like we're, we're at a very pivotal point where things are about to change drastically and they can teach us how to. You know, connect with our inner selves, if you want to get a little spiritual with it, but connect with our inner selves. And we have all of these different gifts and abilities that are just kind of locked away inside of us.

We're very, very powerful. And so that's what they've been teaching me, developing different gifts, raising the consciousness, and they can also. Not only help us with unleashing our full potential, but also, you know, advancements and technology and just living on, on a green earth. [00:20:00] Getting rid of all the pollution just so much.

Will: And you've actually developed gifts through your communications with them. 

Lily Nova: Yeah, definitely. And that seems to be um, a thing. People have profound experiences after coming in contact with UFO's and it can turn your psychic abilities online. And after they began visiting me, I did, my intuition grew stronger.

Whenever in, I was beginning to learn how to kind of tilt telepathically, communicate with them. And, and then I began receiving visions. I had never received visions before. So that just tripped me out and it was really excited because I'm like, whoa, I'm seeing. Like 200,000 years ago through this vision.

And I'm seeing these beings through these visions. So yeah, I developed and they also taught me about like energy healing and stuff like that. So yes, everybody has these gifts. Some are more prone to one or the other that could be [00:21:00] clairvoyant. Seeing visions or, you know, Claire audient, where you're, you're able to hear things in different types.

So one person may be a little more, you know, better at one specific one, but this is something that we all have access to and we can all develop. 

Will: I know they talk to you about. The consciousness shift that we're experiencing now and things like that. But you say that, you know what it's like to truly be human.

What does that mean? Why are we here? 

Lily Nova: I believe that, like I said, the ETS have been here for a long time and I believe that that is actually the missing link. We have shared DNA with some of these ETS and, you know, the missing link, like Darwin's evolution, you know, you've got the monkeys and then, you know, there's a missing link and then you got us.

And that's what I found, especially with so many of these ETS looking very, very [00:22:00] human Yeah. So we have DNA connected with them and they've taught me that how powerful we are and how we can activate this DNA. Scientists say that 95 to 98% of our DNA is junk DNA. It doesn't appear to do anything, but we know that nature doesn't do anything by accident.

There's not anything that doesn't have a purpose in a place. So, and that's another thing that I focused a lot with them and that they taught me is activating this DNA because we have all of these gifts and unlimited potential within us. And yeah, we're just very powerful and it's, it's weird because then like magical, wonderful things just begin to happening around you.

It really is quite remarkable. So yeah, we're very powerful. We we've been kind of. Suppressed and in, you know, our capabilities in our abilities and in what we're capable of. So, 

Karen: and they don't want anything in return. They're just very [00:23:00] altruistic. 

Lily Nova: I believe that this will also benefit them in a way. But it feels like a lot of them have kind of taken us under their wing to help guide us.

They don't want us to destroy. And raising the consciousness here. It is said that that will help the rest of the galaxy and the rest of the universe. 

Will: Now there's a theory that says that we are actually in the whole cosmic astronaut theory, right. Where we were actually implanted. We were dropped off here and that these UFO's are watching over us because they are our ancestors.

There is all this talk about the pyramids being built by aliens and things like that. Now, a lot of this stuff has either been disproved or there's real big questions around, but there are cave drawings that are of questionable origin that, that look certainly like they would be UFO's or some sort of ETS or [00:24:00] something.

There's also a school of thought that says that we are actually reincarnated beings from other planets. do you ascribe to any one of these theories or do you think they're all correct? Or are we all just all a bunch of. 

Lily Nova: I actually agree with both of those, both of those. I do believe that we were created long ago.

These ETS had something to do with it. And you know, they've been here for a long time. They were here guiding us. If you look back and like ancient Egypt, some of the gods I assume, were actually just extra terrestrials. And. And that's what all the myths are about. And the pyramids they've shown me the pyramids a lot during meditation too.

And I've seen a lot of visions of the pyramids. So they're very, very important. And I think they will come online again, as we progress in, in, in we're able to, you know, [00:25:00] advance our technology. and after about six months of interacting with these UFO's and learning about them, and as I began meditating and communicating with them more closely, closely, they taught me that yes, we are also reincarnated.

And so they've been looking at. Us watching out for us. And they're trying to help us remember who we actually are. I began having visions of past lives on other star systems. And if you look into it, it's actually a very common thing. And it's growing. 

Will: We've actually heard through. Past guests that Karen actually comes very specifically from a, from a specific star region member.

What, what star system is at Polaris? Polaris? Yes. Have you heard about people from Polaris before they had the same exact reaction actually then you just did for those are only listening and not watching. Lily just went, Ooh, like this is something special. Care to explain why that. 

Lily Nova: Well, I have heard of beings from Polaris before I have not actually dived [00:26:00] into those beings yet.

I don't recollect seeing them, but that's, that's amazing. And I, I do know that there are beings for sure, from 

Will: Polaris. Now you also offer star origin readings, right? You help people to identify where they're come from and where they're supposed to be going and things like that. How many different star systems could someone possibly have come from?

Lily Nova: So I actually have four, I believe. And whenever I do readings often, Wonder one or two pop up, but there are many of us who have had, you know, multiple lives in different star systems, but some of the big ones are Arcturus these Octorian beings and they have like a bluish gray skin. They, they look a little less human.

They've got the big almond eyes and tall, very technologically advanced plea. The Pleiadians are another big one and they're the ones. They usually have blonde hair, fair skin that one's very, very [00:27:00] popular. I believe that they are the closest link to us. They're like our older brothers and sisters Lyra, the librarians and uh, people from Orion and Sirius star is also a very common one.

Will: You know, we've been looking for life out there for and we've not found a single shred of evidence of life beyond the stars. So why haven't. And I know what you're going to say first and foremost, I know we're going to say, but why haven't our scientists discovered these beings out in space? You is that because we're hiding from.

Lily Nova: I think that the live very intentional about who sees them like I said, they would just pop in and out. And be there one second. Not there one second. So I think they are kind of in the hiding until we get ready, but I do believe that they have found proof. Of these and they've [00:28:00] engaged like the government.

I believe that they have engaged with these beings. They just didn't want it to come at, come out yet because that would change everything, our free energy, you know, the technology, it would literally, it would change the whole world. So you don't 

Karen: think it's, 

Will: you, you don't think it'd be panic or massive Steria but rather it's a selfish.

Self-serving reason for not disclosing these things because our planet would be saved from greenhouse gases. We'd have free and clear energy. We probably wouldn't have the pharmaceutical industry the way it is now, things like that. That's your thought? That's why. 

Lily Nova: I also believe, yes, the mass hysteria is a big part of it.

A lot of people would probably think the world is ending, but that's why I'm I'm here and why I'm sharing this message and sharing, you know, the, the positive things I've experienced and helping to educate people on it. You know, people like us are helping to open people's minds and [00:29:00] so they're not afraid of it.

So it's definitely like a big combination. And 

Karen: honestly, after this conversation, I, I feel better. I had heard kind of inklings of, of the, you know, wanting to teach us something, but you know, it's something I read a long time ago. I don't even remember where I read it, but talking to you, I'm like, ah, maybe that's true in the 

Will: movies.

So then where do the stories you get about people who get probed and implanted and things like that. We've had people. Who actually have, removed implants from people on the show before . And they've told us about it. Why are they implanting us? Why are they probing us?

Lily Nova: I believe there are. A couple of different agendas out there with these extra terrestrials. 

Will: So you think it's the bad, the bad ones that are doing this stuff? 

Lily Nova: Yeah. Or possibly? So I believe that there are positive ones and negative ones who, who may abducted duct us and uh, you know, do kind of tests on us.

The benevolent ones [00:30:00] would be to make sure that we are, you know, doing okay. Kind of just to keep track of our. It does sound very intrusive, but if you think about it from, you know, a wider perspective, I understand I get it. And I do believe that there are also, and I've heard horror stories.

There are negative ones doing, you know, scientific experiments using our genetics. And I believe that that will become less and less and less. And the benevolent ones not to sound like kind of like a star wars thing, but the benevolent ones are, you know, getting rid of that in a. So, yeah, that will become less and less.

Karen: I like that. You can go with that star wars theme. That's fine. 

Will: So we have like guardians, like benevolent guardians are looking out for us and helping us clear the path from these not so much, but that benevolent people. 

Karen: And I can understand kind of, like you said, like when we have animals that are becoming endangered and you tag them to make sure that they're doing okay and you can follow them.

I mean, maybe that that's 

Will: part of it 

Lily Nova: exactly. It's it's, I mean, we do the same thing with, with animals. [00:31:00] Unfortunately, it sounds a little messed up, but you know, 

Will: All right. So if someone wants to do star origin reading from you, what does that entail? 

Lily Nova: So for my star origins reading, What I do is all, I'll get a few key questions from them.

If there's anything that they really want to know about besides their star origins, if they want to know more about their purpose or, you know, what they're supposed to be doing, or if they have a trauma from past lives. So I take a few key questions and I do it an hour long meditation before the call and go, yeah, I go deep into meditation 

Will: No on my own. Oh, thank God. Okay. Sorry.

Lily Nova: Yeah, exactly. That's why I do it beforehand. And I'll go in with the intention of. Finding their star origins and any information that will help them. Sometimes I will actually see [00:32:00] some of their star family, and I basically try to make contact with them or connect with them. And then whatever information I get, whatever will help them move.

We get on a 45 minute to an hour long call and I, you know, relay all of the messages that I received. 

Will: You had mentioned something a little bit earlier in the conversation that struck me and I wanted to come back and ask you about it. I think this seems like the right time to do that.

You've said that you have experienced past lives in other star systems. Any clue on what that was like? I mean, did, did you go to work? Did you have kids? Did you mean, was it just like hours now 

Lily Nova: yeah. I think a lot of these. These aliens or extra terrestrials, they're very much just people just on a different star system. So yeah, kind of like a normal daily life. But some of the, so I've seen flashes of images of different beings that I have been and. The more in depth past [00:33:00] life.

It's, it's come up with trauma that has affected me in is still kind of like deep seated to, so that I became aware of it and then could work through it and let it go. And there was a one life in Lyra where the planet was attacked. And so I kind of relived that and watched it happened. And it sucked if I would say so.

Yeah. But you know, and, and it's kind of a. Then it helped me. Then I began to understand more and I realized, okay, that's why, you know, I had these trust issues or, you know, these, these different things. It's kind of like a deep seated thing. 

Karen: When you, and this is kind of going back to when you were making contact and starting to communicate.

So do they, is it a feeling that you get? Because I would imagine there's a language barrier. I mean, how, as far as the, the communicating, how did that work? 

Lily Nova: It's really kind of a telepathic, intuitive conversation. So a lot of time, whenever I receive [00:34:00] information or messages from them, it's almost like, just a quick download of information.

Like I just get a full sentence or get in it. It's not necessarily a language. It's more of a feeling. Yeah. And 

Karen: yeah. How do you know that that's not you? How do you know that that's them? 

Lily Nova: You just, you just know, but yeah, you just know, but you can also, your intuition begins developing. And so as that, you know, you have more discernment for what's going on in, you know, just in your mind and in what's coming from outside.

Also a strong feeling of love. Whenever I would connect with them and receive messages from them, like my heart would just feel so full. It's really quite remarkable. So that could be a sign that they are connecting with you too. If you just suddenly feel this, this love and just feel bliss and then visions through visuals.

Karen: Yeah. And I guess you wouldn't know the stuff beforehand that all of a sudden, you know, when they [00:35:00] download it to you or however they transmit it to 

Lily Nova: you. Right. Exactly. And in some of the information that I've received, I could have never made up like. I could've never made up and would have never thought of and then, you know, doing a little bit of digging afterwards, you know, other people have experienced it or I find more information on it.

You know, I tested it out a lot to make sure that, you know, am I just, 

Karen: yeah. Did you ever wonder that? Cause I think that's what I would have first hand what is going on in my 

Lily Nova: head. Yeah. Especially when my psychic. Psychic gifts began developing. And I was getting a lot of information at once. Yeah, I definitely had to like pinch myself to kind of chill out.

Will: Yeah. Are these star beings, what people consider guardian angels, spirits, that kind of thing. 

Lily Nova: So I believe in, in what I found is. You know, we have star beings that are here right now, star families. I like to call them star fan. Like we, we each have a star family, especially if you feel called [00:36:00] to this, you have a star family who, you know, and that goes in with your star origins.

And, and then also you can connect with them spiritually. And we do have. You know, spiritual guides that we can connect with on a, on a deeper level that are help guiding and protecting us. And I've, I've also seen angels So a little bit similar to angels, but not quite. As I began meditating, I began seeing all, like all of these things began happening and I, and I saw angels and I saw, you know, this and that and all of these other things.

So all of that is very, very real and that, you know, surprised, surprised me, honestly. 

Will: So I think I'm obligated by law to ask this question and I mean, absolutely no offense is because I'm really enthralled about all this, but any history of head injuries in your past or anything like that? I just asked the question, right?

Lily Nova: Okay. 

Will: Yeah. But you know, people are gonna ask. Right. Did, did she, did she hit her head? Is she taking drugs to see [00:37:00] me? There's all these. Oh, that's true. All these 

Karen: people, right. 

Will: Because I've seen all kinds of stuff. Wild tripping. So you just never know. 

Lily Nova: Yeah, no, this was definitely. This is sober

Karen: and sober and 

Lily Nova: sobering. Yeah, exactly. And I encourage anybody to give it a shot, you know, try and meditate on it and see what happens. You could, you know, I'm teaching people how to initiate and connect with them. You know, their star families and, and just these, these starvings, they have a lot to teach us.

So I encourage anybody just to try it. You can, if you want to do a C5, which is human initiated contact with, UFO's go outside, spend 10 minutes looking up at the sky and, you know, kind of just set that intention. Or if you want to learn more about this for yourself and S you know, get a better idea of where you've come from in.

Any questions that you have, if you meditate, the answers will come to you.[00:38:00] 

Will: You do CE five workshops and things like that, that people can reach out to and experience with you with your help. 

Lily Nova: It's human initiated contact with UFO's. So that'd be like, instead of connecting with them on, you know, like a through meditation, spiritual level, it's where you go outside and stargaze and invite a UFO and, and they'll appear.

Will: Oh, and is your track record for those kinds of things? Pretty good. You have you brought other people into somewhere and, and have been visited? 

Lily Nova: Yes. I was doing weekly live streams where I would stream the night sky with the night vision camera and we'd get together as a group and set the intention.

We'd kind of do a, maybe a little bit of meditation and we did, we've had some visitors. Wow. 

Will: I am. I am joining your wait list right 

Karen: now. 

Will: Well, that was my next question. Nothing to fear, right? You're sure you can assure us. There was nothing to do. [00:39:00] That's the good 


Karen: are going to come and not the bad 

Lily Nova: ones.

Yeah. And if you just set that intention, you know, I am only connecting with, with positive beings and then that's what you're going to get. And the universe also kind of projects what you are, you know, sending out re projects it back to you. So if you focus on the feeling of, of love and positivity, and that's what you, you send out that invitation, that's what you're going to get right back.

But if you do it whenever you're. Super afraid. I mean, don't do that because something, you know, can come right 

Will: back. I better take my name off that class. Wait list then. 

Lily Nova: No, no, no, no, no. There, there. Yeah, all of the encounters that I've had very positive, very transformative just beautiful experiences.

So there's, there's nothing to to fear just, you know, set that intention, positivity and love. 

Will: Well, if someone wanted to reach out to you to talk more about UFO's and CE fives and star origin readings and things like that, what's the best [00:40:00] way for someone to do that. 

Lily Nova: you can reach out to me on social media or through email.

My email is Lily Nova dot I at My Instagram handles the same Lily space, and I also do YouTube and share different resources on there. Different meditations and information on C5 and stuff. 

Karen: And can people see some of the recording that you've made? Do you have those on YouTube or on your social?

Lily Nova: So I'm about to actually do a kind of a collage of all the, the top, you know, CE five footage. So that's coming very soon. I do have some on my Instagram and some on, I have a lot on Tik TOK. And my name on there is Lily Nova dot I Same as Instagram. 

Will: we're going to add links to all of those things directly into our show notes.

So if you're interested in reaching out to Lily, all you need to do is go go to her episode page, and you'll find all [00:41:00] of those direct links laid out there for you. So it's just easy. All you gotta do is click Lily. This has been absolutely fascinating. I can't thank you enough for coming on the show and sharing of your expertise with us.

Lily Nova: Thank you. It has been awesome. And I'm glad that uh, you guys are a little less, you know, spooked out by it and hopefully exciting, less spooked out. 

Karen: See, I want to make some friends with the good ones so I can have some backup if the bad ones come, is that possible? Can we arrange that 

Lily Nova: you most definitely can.

Well, the 

Will: things, again, really, really appreciate you being here 

Lily Nova: with us. All right. Take care, guys. You too. 

Will: Well, that was. Interesting. Karen. Super interesting. Yeah. I mean, I, I, I'm really looking forward to getting on this wait list. I think I'm going to do it. I want to check out your social media. Yep.

Nope, for sure. And thank you also for coming along on this journey of discovery. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website or on Facebook and Instagram under @skepticmetaphysician or And if you're listening to this on the radio and miss anything, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be found there.[00:42:00] 

I hope that you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have that's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysicians until then take care.

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