Urgent Messages from Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters | Julie Smith

Every once in a while you get an opportunity to speak with someone that holds a message so profound, that you're never really the same again. This episode presents just such an opportunity, since this week’s guest has the ability to channel messages from people’s spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and light beings, including the renowned being known as Seth. And we even get a special visit from Will’s very own Spirit Guide! Don’t miss this one!

Julie Smith holds a certification for Quantum Emotional Healing, and while learning this modality from Rocky Krogfoss, discovered an ability to “speak” with her own Spirit Guides. After a short while this developed into an ability to connect with other people's Spirit Guides; Angels, Ascended Masters and Light Beings, to relay messages back and forth.

The following year she spontaneously started to channel the entities she connected with.

Her focus is to help those who are ready to learn more about who they truly are, by channeling loving guidance from Higher Beings. It is time for us to realize that we are all so much more than we have been taught. Through learning to love ourselves with kindness and compassion, we are able to share the same loving energies with others. It all begins inside ourselves.

She lives on Vancouver Island and takes bookings for one hour private sessions via Zoom, to have a cozy chat with a loving Higher Being.


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Will: [00:00:00] Karen. Every once in a while you get an opportunity to speak with someone that holds a message so profound. That you're never really the same again. That's true. Well, today we have a tweet, Karen, because we have just such an opportunity, but it's not her message for the most part that she shares the messages that she receives and shares with the world.

Are those of spirit guides, angels, ascended masters in light beings, maybe none so well known. However, as the being known as Seth,

Karen: this is very

Will: exciting. Yeah, it sure is. Now, some of you may recognize the name from numerous books channeled by Gene Roberts in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. And Seth is the being most accredited with the original concept of creating your own reality.

Oh wow. And if we're super lucky, Well, she might just channel someone from the other side today.


Will: So, Karen, when or when are you going to go get Reiki

Karen: certified? ? I need to do that right away, don't I? You do.

Will: We've been talking about that for a long time and you just haven't done it.

Karen: And, and not to mention that my back has been out for like three years and my Reiki certified husband won't reiki my back and fix it, so it looks like I'm gonna have to do it on myself.

Will: Well, what, what's the term? What's that saying? That people say, uh, God helps those who help themselves.

Karen: Or is it the, uh, shoemaker's kids have holes in their shoes?

Will: One of the I

Karen: kinda, I mean, [00:02:00] I'm not your kid, but

Will: kinda the same thing I would think. Yeah. But no, I, I, Regardless of the pain that you're in with your back and stuff, there's so many more.

Uh, benefits to Reiki than just pain relief. And in fact, when I give myself reiki, I don't feel You give yourself Reiki,

Karen: but you don't give your No, no, it doesn't work for me. Pain wife. It doesn't work for me. That's what I'm saying. Right. But the thing is, you're doing it to

Will: yourself. You're not doing it. No.

I gave, I've

Karen: given up cause I've learned, Okay, let's just give up this fight and listen to the interview.

Will: Welcome to the Skeptic Physicians. I'm Will. And I'm Karen. And today we have a special guest. Julie Smith holds a certifi certification for quantum emotional healing. Oh, wow. Yeah, that is quite the certification.

I can't wait to talk to her about it. And while learning this modality, she discovered an ability to speak with her spirit guides her own spirit guide. Well, then after that, this then developed into an ability to connect with other people's spirit guides, angels as descended, masters, light beings, and so forth.[00:03:00]

Now, she has mentioned that my spirit guide is very excited to speak with me and I am like a kid in the candy store. So let me just welcome to the show, Julie Smith Julie, thank you so much for coming on.

Julie: Thank you very much for this, uh, opportunity. I'm really happy to be here.

Will: I would say I'm beside myself, but that would be a little bit, on the nose. So let's just say . I'm very excited to speak with my spirit guide especially after you said that my spirit guide is very anxious to speak with me. It certainly has, stayed with me since that day that you mentioned that to me.

Mm-hmm. and I will admit to having lost a little bit of sleep over it.

Julie: Goodness.

Will: also very nervous.

Julie: well Well, everybody has spirit guides. You know, if you're human, you come down with a certain amount. And a spirit guide team that all they want to do is love you, help you, and they are very excited to contact their [00:04:00] person. And so it's, it's just a, a very loving and relaxing kind of communication.

Will: let's make one rule and no, deep, dark secrets can be revealed to Karen cuz I'll never hear the end of it. But beyond

Karen: that, it I had my notebook, my pen, and

Will: sorry for all the hard work that you've got now, throw out the window. But, Julie, what exactly are spirit guys? Are they angels? Are they departed souls?

What, are they? Who are they and why are they around us? All the.

Julie: Well, coming down to the Earth is rather the school of hot knocks. If you like this total free Well, Planet has created so many I intense emotions, unlike many other planets. And so we come down here to learn more quickly. And most of us don't learn so much from the good times. So we bring in a pile of challenges with us in order to clear out old things from past lives, clear out.

Um, karma's not such a big thing anymore, but any old negative stuff that we've been [00:05:00] dragging around with us, you know, that bag of crap we, we drag around, um, to clear that up and especially in this life as we're about. Transcend to the fifth dimension where everything will be different and everything will be much more immediate.

You just don't want to be dragging a lot of negative energy with you. So in this lifetime, many people have bought like all their old laundry to get it done in this life and to clear everything up so that they can have a much, much smoother transition into the fifth dimension, which is all about lab light, peace, harmony, and unity at one last.

This is, um, that's how that works. But when you, when you choose to incarnate, because that is a pure free will thing, we all choose when we come in and when we leave the planet, you, you choose, um, a group of people are attracted to, they are your [00:06:00] parents. So a number of different spirits will. and you will have a discussion and those that resonate most with you and your chosen purpose will become your parents and your siblings and that sort of thing, and whatever order, and then also a group of spirit guides will come, and those that have expertise in what you have chosen to go through in this life, they will be joined, and the ones that most resonate with you will become your spirit guides.

Uh, people have anywhere from two to, I've even heard six, which is rather a lot, and sometimes they change throughout your life. Like you will have four spirit guides. You have three that were with you since birth, and one that came into your team when this idea of your podcast was birthed. And so, and then if you are, you know, on a certain path and you've learned all you can from that spirit guide, sometimes they'll leave and a new one will come in to help you go to the next.[00:07:00]

So it is all very harmonious and all in divine right timing

Will: I don't know why. It makes me feel so good to know. I've got a spirit guide that came in just after I greet the podcast. That's kinda, It does feel good, doesn't it? It

Karen: does. It really does. It's very, It's that loving feeling. It's just like, Oh,

Julie: absolutely.

Karen: I wanted to, I guess, maybe change the subject slightly and ask me about, No, listen, About

Will: the, um, quantum emotional healing.

Karen: Did I say that

Julie: Ah, yes indeed you did. Well, I was in a very dark place and I was just putting in time hoping to exit the planet, but not in a place where I was willing to do it myself and, um, and make the world a better place. Uh, that's where I was. It was pretty bleak. Um, and when I was 61, I met a gentleman who gave a seminar that I was invited to on.

It was the power of money, the energy of money, of all things. And I met this, this man named Rocky Cro Foss, who went through his own journey [00:08:00] 20 years before and had spirit guides working with him, and he developed his own human modality called quantum emotional healing. And through the course of that evening, um, he kind of reached in and pushed this huge red button inside of me I didn't even know existed.

And my whole body went into a right reaction. My insides were trembling for like three hours and I just thought, holy smokes, this man is the real deal. And he had a sheet there that, um, you know, for sign up for a free healing session. And I thought, well, I was fried on it and went to see him and we made progress in the first session and I went back to him, um, many times because I had a whole bunch of stuff to deal with.

And then, um, through that, in that journey I learned to, um, speak to my spirit guides. I connected to them and that was through another. She channeled my spirit guide for me, and then I was so determined. I went out [00:09:00] and he said he was of the tree kingdom, and so I used, I've had the big tree in a park behind me, and I would go out there all the time and lay hands on the tree and envision it as an aerial to talk to my spirit guides up in the sky.

Well, I, I since learned that our spirits are actually only about three feet off the ground, but they're in a different dimension, so we cannot see them, but they're very close. And anyway, one day I did hear a voice of a faint voice and I just hung onto it and kept connecting and connecting until I could speak freely with that one.

And then the rest of my spirit guides. And then, um, you know, we'd have some fun and, um, Rocky would say, Let's have some fun, shall we? How about we talk to so and so and so and so? And so, I was very fortunate that everybody I tried to connect with or everybody I, I reached out to, they agreed to talk to.

And so I was channeling cuz his spirit guide is, is Seth or one of the Seth and, um, one, I'm sure Seth has [00:10:00] many facets. So he, um, I was doing the mediumship thing, you know, the relaying the questions and the answers and all of a sudden, um, okay, back up. This was during the time I had, um, Rocky asked me if I would like to.

With him to be a quantum emotional healer because I was giving him a bad time saying, Well, who else does this and where did you learn it from? And that's when I found out the whole story. And he said, Nobody does it. I haven't told anybody. And I was agast. So I said, You need to do that. So anyway, a couple of weeks later I got an email saying that I like to be his first student.

And I said, Absolutely. So during that, towards the end of that year is when I was doing the relay thing with with Seth, and all of a sudden his voice. ports really, it was the easiest, most spontaneous thing. was amazing. And so since then I've been, um, my focus has been channeling, but the quantum emotional [00:11:00] healing that I learned, which is all about helping people release negative programs from the subconscious, cuz you know, there's been a lot of science about.

And our subconscious runs us for 95% of our days are waking hours, and our subconscious is laid down mostly before we are eight years old. So we have the seven, eight year old who is in charge of us. And the hard part of it all is we're not aware when our subconscious is working. We're not aware of it cuz it's below our conscious, but other people can see it, you know, just as we can see other people's issue.

that they're totally not aware of. So we can all have a little more grace, I think, and acceptance for other people, cuz we're all going through this, this rather strange, Um, Well, it's hard. Hard, but what, so the, the, the practice of quantum emotional healing [00:12:00] is to, uh, just listen to people's stories and certain words.

Tell you exactly where they're at, where their problems are, what they're resistant to, and then help them to relax and sink down into a deeper state, sort of a, a meditative state, and then talk to their subconscious and in doing so, help them to release those negative programs in the subconscious so they are totally gone, never to return again, unless you were to actively put them back in there.

So things get in the subconscious, your hypnosis, cuz we're in hypnosis for the first seven years of our lives. That's how we learn to be a human. And also through repetition. So like learning to drive a car. First time you get in, it's very uncomfortable. Now you do it and most of the time you're not even consciously driving because if your brain is busy thinking about something else, it's not driving.

Your [00:13:00] subconscious is doing the driving. Through all those many, uh, experiences, it knows how to do that. So that's how the subconscious is. And, and that's, and I have become a totally changed person through it all, and I would highly recommend anybody to do it, cuz a lot of healing, it makes you feel better for a while.

But unless you actually change those subconscious programs, the behavior is just, you know, it's just gonna come back again.

Karen: So is this, do you just provide healing or do you also teach it? Because this is so interesting, I'd really

Julie: Well, like I say now, the focus of my work is channeling. And so I channel for people their spirit guides, whoever they wish to talk to, um, in order to, And it's all about the focus of my work is to help people to love themselves more, to love themselves first and best with the theory that you can't share what you don't.

So it's not selfish, it's not sinful, it's not a bad thing [00:14:00] to love your selfish and best because then your love energy battery is always full and you always are in a position of taking care of you, and you can then share that loving energy it goes around you rather than the exhausted worn out person because you've given all your love away in the hopes of getting some.

which doesn't actually work so well.

Will: It's like you can't fill someone else's cup without your cup being full,

Julie: Exactly. It's, yeah, just like I say, you can't share what you haven't got. So the idea is the more, and you can't, you know, people say, Oh, I have compassion for them. Meanwhile, they're raging against themselves. Like us, people's self talk, self talk used to be very toxic and, but then it is just words you are giving.

But unless your heart is involved in it, they will actually feel it. Your heart has to be involved in everything in order for it to be [00:15:00] more than just empty words from up here.

Will: Now, you mentioned something a little bit earlier on. I wanna go back to real quickly, you mentioned very flippantly. As, as if it was nothing that we are on the verge of transitioning to the fifth dimension, . Um, can you, can you kinda clarify what you mean by that? Because what happened on the fourth?

Julie: well, well, the fourth we are, we've kind of been, we kind of have one dimension that we fluctuate between. On our worst days, you know, we drop down to the three. On our best days, we go up into the high fourth, and that is most people, But some people are totally in 3D and some people are even in the fifth dimension already.

It is just a different state of being, but it is, the universe is designed to evolve and it's earth's turn. Like our whole solar system, our whole Milky Way galaxy is, [00:16:00] has been evolving. All the planets have been evolving and now it's our turn and um, I don't know, I don't want to freak a bunch of people out, but we are surround.

by millions of light beings in their starships who have come here to help us and to, to make this transition, to step into love and light, to let go of the anger, the greed, all the negativity, because you can't cause those energies lower your vibrational frequency. And so we need to be in peace, love, harmony, self.

You know, that sort of thing. It sounds very la la, la woo. It's not. But when you love yourself, you're much more willing to be kind to other people and that just helps bring people together. Cuz we've been in a state of, we, we agreed sometime ago as a race to enter this duality [00:17:00] game to experience it. And we've taken it, we have taken it way past where it should have gone.

It should have ended, you know, in, in September, December 21st, 2012. The age changed from the age of Pisces to the great golden age of Aquarius. And that is the time where we should now all be in this peaceful, loving, more harmonious, more accepting, frame of,

Will: when you say When you say transition into the fifth dimension, are you saying, is it like a rapture where we just, we all leave our bodies all of a sudden the, everything just cha just, uh, vibrational frequencies.

Julie: this is the good news. We keep these bodies, but we are being upgraded from a, a carbon based body to a crystalline based body because the carbon based bodies won't last so well in the fifth dimension. The fact that frequency in the vibrations are much higher and. Yes. And then, you know, there'll be no more [00:18:00] disease or we'll be able to live for a long time.

All of this good stuff. And, um, but we, it's, but it is a transit transition and we will transition when we raise our own frequencies high enough by letting go of all those negative, you know, emotions that I mentioned,

Karen: It feels almost like that's impossible though. I think I've been going these days, . Yeah. You know, it's

Julie: Well, exactly,

Will: the opposite. It does feel like you're going in the opposite direction. You're right.

Julie: yes. But in order to get to that world, we have to break all our current systems down that are all non-sustainable. So every institution has to be broken down and allowed to go because it, it's not if, if we continued on the way we. We would all, we would be extinct in 60 years. That's how bad it is.

That is how bad it is. And that's what, you know, things like cancer is so rampant, but there is no [00:19:00] gene for cancer. It is brought about purely by destructive self-talk, by self-destructive behavior. By living in those, those, you know, dark, dense energies, the body is not meant to. The body is meant to feel love and light and be.

We are all divine, sovereign and free beings. That is the law and so on higher levels than the universe. Higher. The fifth dimension, of course, is already there and a lot of these now this is gonna get really trippy. A lot of the beings that are here, the light beings here to help us, is actually us from the FR future come back to help us get through this.

And so, because there is no time.

Will: language,

Julie: Well, there we go. There is no time, as you know, like there is on Earth. So, and we tend to view like beings and what they do through our lens of time and it's, yeah, it's, it's hard to get past that [00:20:00] and, uh, just accept that we come and go in different places. All our lives are happening at once, not chronologically in time and so it's, there's so much more going on than we've been told.

and that we, we are aware of, but all that is changing.

Will: You are dropping so many things that we could do entire episodes on. this thing about there is no time. Reminds me of Eckhart Toe's book. when he talks about the fact that, and, and when you, when you think about it, it really hits home. you can't live in the future. You can't live in the past.

Any moment that you're living has to be in the present. We are, the only thing we can experience is the present. So when people say, Oh, you're living in the past, or you're living in the future. It, it's just, it's a, it's a thought process, right? It's a, mm-hmm. . It's a thought form. You're just,

projecting your thoughts into those, into those times.

But, but the present moment is the only thing that truly exists. Everything else is just a [00:21:00] construct when you look at it that,

Julie: Yeah. It's a memory or it's a

Will: really,

Julie: And so

Will: It's, it's really quite earth shaking.

Karen: Well, and you said that all, all the lives are happening at the same time. So what does that mean when you're talking about past life regressions?

Julie: Well, we, you know, we talk about our past lives, like we had that one, then we had this one, then we had that one. But it was explained to me that they're all actually happening at once because there is no time out there. It's like, you know, those old fashioned newspaper. There's a wooden pole and the newspapers are, are wrapped up on them, and you see all the pages.

Well, it's like that. It's all in one place, all the pages, but they're on different levels and so different layers of the same of our lives. And so yeah, trippy,

Will: So really past life regression is really actually interdimensional contact. Yeah. It's like current

Karen: life jumping . That's, that's pretty

Will: cool.

Julie: that is a different facet of you. If [00:22:00] you like, you came in with a different purpose. So it's not you who you are right now living a different life. It's a different portion of you to learn a different lesson. And so, and when you, this something else that's interesting about quantum emotional healing.

When you heal something in your present life, you heal it all horizontally to all your. But, you know, having that problem, I heal from that. You also heal, uh, two generations up and two generations down, and so it helps your parents, it helps your children and grandchildren. And because we're all connected, we're all made out of the same stuff.

Everything you see is made out of this. The same stuff, all practicals, vibrating in different ways to

Will: I'm sorry, Julie, Does, does that healing have to happen before your generation, The next generation comes in or it just automatically passes on to my current daughter, for example, that was to be healed quantumly

Julie: If if she has [00:23:00] learned traits or, or taken on some of the pain that you have, because you know she's right near you, she's part of you. Then when you heal that, that theme, that emotional problem. that emo it's all emotion. It's all about emotions. And when you heal that it also dissipates in, in her.

Will: I mean, it sounds amazing, but it's not easy to wrap your head around.

Julie: No. No, it's not. But you know what, we, we have been so dumbed down. We have not been told how magnificent we are. You know, I love to channel St. Jermaine. He, he. He is the Lord of the great golden age of Aquarius, and he loves me to tell everybody, Okay, write this down. Put it on sticky notes all around your house.

I am magnificent and I love myself infinitely. And say it from your heart with real [00:24:00] feeling and keep saying it until you develop a program that keeps you in that state all the time.

Will: It's like, gosh darn it, people like me

Julie: Well, they will when you love yourself, right, , Because they'll pick up that energy.

Karen: true. That is true.

Will: so to transition over to the next phase of our conversation, I guess the main questions I have to ask you before we get started is, we've understood the differences in types of channeling. So the question is, do you consider yourself a conscious channel or a trans channel?

Julie: I guess I'm a conscious channel. I really don't know. I've never really questioned it because I don't want to have details get in the way. I am aware of everything that's being said. I just move my ego and personality aside as soon as my channel opens, and I just allow them to use my vocal chords, But I'm aware and staying outta the way and letting them flow through.[00:25:00]

So I don't go into a trance. So it's basically my voice. Sometimes a bit of an accent comes through, but it's basically me just giving over the use of my vocal quotes to them. And, and sometimes I think, is that me saying that because they use my knowledge to especially, um, well, Seth, not so much because he's very familiar with this, but when I'm dealing an entity like someone, spirit guy that hasn't.

Oh, I have more to say about spirit guides. Um, they will use my lexicon if you like, to help them make their point more easily. And so some of the words I, oh, I've said that, but, um, but it's not me saying that it's them borrowing my language. But spirit guides generally to answer something from before. I don't know how you're gonna edit this, but, um, um, spirit guides.

mostly [00:26:00] have had lives on earth, and that's how they are able to help us as humans. You know, they're, they're familiar with the human condition, they know how we work, but, um, one of my spirit guides has never incarnated, but the other three all have. So, and I've had two of my spirit Gods change. So, you know, things happen.

Will: that brings up the question, how did you know that my spirit guide is anxious to speak with me? Are you also. In connection with them without actually channeling them? Or did they come through and say, I must speak to Will

Julie: No, I, I generally reach, I reach Exactly. No, I reach

Will: I, I kind imagine my spirit guy being very manly, right?

It's a,

Julie: what you're in for a, you're in for a shock then

Will: Hm.

Julie: no. What I do is when, when someone, you know, wants comes to [00:27:00] me, they want to have a session and we set it up, I'll ask them, Who would you like to talk to? Because if they want to, uh, speak with an entity I haven't channeled before, I like.

Have a time to go to them and make introductions and tell them why I'm, uh, coming to them. It, it may be very old pa fashioned and pedantic, but it's my comfort zone that I go to them and say, This is me. So and so would like to talk to you. Um, are you willing to channel through me? And if they say Yes, great.

And so when someone, um, wants to talk to their spirit guides or, you know, I had a feeling it might be something you might like. Um, so I will reach out to the Spirit guide of Will Rodriguez. My, this is Julie said, I'm going to be talking to Will and he would like to talk to you. Actually, I didn't say that cause I didn't know at the time.

Would you be willing to channel through me if Will is, would like to talk to you, is what I. [00:28:00] I'm very polite. . I don't know if everybody does this, but you know, we set it up ahead of time and I ask their name. So your, the, your spirit guide that talks for your team is Mariana?

Will: Mariana is my spirit guide. Wow.

Julie: and you have the three others.

Will: this is the new spirit guide that just came on then is who is gonna be talking through you.

Julie: No. Mariana has been with you for, for life since you came in along with, you know, two others and then the fourth one joined. I have a feeling that was a male joined, um, when you chose to do the podcast.

Will: So interesting. I think we could literally, we can devote entire show to you for the next year and not get you all of the information I've got to ask you. But, but you're at the bit

Karen: aren't

Julie: Uh,

Will: in a chair . All right. So then Julie, how do we do this? How, what, uh, [00:29:00] how do we usher Mariana into the conversation?


Julie: I'll just close my eyes and call her cuz she's with us right now. I'm, And, um, it, she loves to hear your voice through me. Uh, because I am an open channel, it goes both ways. And when they hear your voice, they don't just hear your words, but they feel the vibration that those words are floating on.

And it tells them much more about what you're really saying than just the words. Cuz words can be misleading, but it gives them a much greater feeling of where you're at emotionally. And so they love to hear it.

Will: So do I need to ask questions? Is there messages gonna come through? How does that

Julie: Yeah. It'll be just like, I'll have my eyes closed when I'm channeling. But other than that, it'll be just like we are now having a cozy chat, I like to say. So they'll say hello to you and you ask, They'll ask you to, I don't know what she's gonna say. I'm not gonna speak for her, [00:30:00] but, um, she will. Come in and then ask if you have any questions or, because moly, mostly they ask that so that you will talk so they can hear you

Karen: Oh

Julie: and feel you

Karen: wow.

Julie: on, on a, on a different level than they do, you know, all the time they're with you.

Will: Sure. okay. Well then, I think we're ready if, you and Mariana are ready. I'm, we're, we're excited to get started.



Will: I think we're ready if, you and Mariana are ready. I'm, we're, we're excited to get started.

Julie: Well, dear, this is Nna, your spirit guide that talks for your team. How are you?

Will: Uh, a little odd, uh, little nervous but excited at the same [00:31:00] time. It's nice to talk to you.

Julie: Yes, and it is lovely, Lovely to hear you and feel you. , although I've been with you from birth, this is a different form of communication and now you are aware of me, so your consciousness is reaching out to me too, which is something different for you. And so we are having a much more, I could say, intimate conversation if that doesn't scare you.

So do you have questions for. Is there anything you'd like to ask of me? I speak for your whole team, but they have elected me to be the voice.

Karen: Okay. I have lots of questions,

Will: so get ready, . I doubt we'll get through 'em all, but we're, we're, we're gonna try, probably the one question that jumps out at me the most at this present time, I don't wanna say phase. The, the, the period of life that I'm going through now, [00:32:00] the changes, the evolution that I'm undergoing, the awakening that I'm undergoing, is this something that I'm ready for?

Or am I trying to push it too soon or am I at way over.

Julie: You're overthinking it. It is a natural evolution that if you relax and allow all the changes to flow through your being with grace and ease, it'll be a much smoother transition because there is a problem when you resist. They like to, change is not painful, but resistance to to change is painful because you are stopping the natural progression of things when you put your hand up and say, No, no, no, no, no.

But the thing is you are never really ready for it. How can you be ready for something you've never experienced before? But the ease comes when you trust that whatever is [00:33:00] coming is way better than what was, And so bring it. It may be different, but that doesn't mean you won't like it. It doesn't mean it will be hard or painful.

As you go through your spiritual evolution and elevate your vibrations, life becomes easier because you're more connected to more of you. You're more aware of who you are. You're more connected to your gifts, your abilities. You have a greater sense of what your purpose is and no, I can't tell you what it is.

There are. To being a spirit guy and we cannot tell anybody anything about them that would change their current path. You must take your one step at a time. Cuz if you were, if I were to tell you all your purpose is this and you just did a right, you know, right angle, turn somewhere else, you would miss all the steps you need to take to learn all those [00:34:00] things that will help you get to your purpose more quickly.

and if you try and take shortcuts

Will: Well,

Julie: you'll just be missing some relevant info.

Will: Am I at least on the right path now?

Julie: Do you love what you're doing?

Will: yes. Yes.

Julie: Are you filled with passion and fun?

Will: I would

Julie: Uh, some things , but just about. Podcast you know about what you are choosing to do. Life throws things at you that is not always pleasant and exciting, but the work that you are choosing to do, that is where your purpose lies. And if, but not all per people choose to do things that align with their purpose, but you will know if you are in alignment with that.

If you are loving what you're doing, if you feel good about it, if you. Elevated by it and not sunk under a weight. That is your clue. [00:35:00] And so then doesn't mean to say you'll be doing this forever for something new may come along and it's like, Oh wow, that you need to have hand on heart. Because sometimes like the head will give you instinctual answers based on, on what it's learned, based on, It's like a computer, whatever you've put into it, it will send things.

But if you get that quiet, warm glow that you just know this feels good, has no fanfare, it just lands soft as a feather. But it is solid and you know, that is your intuition telling you this is right, this is resonating with me. And that's the, that those are the messages you. and then you just lean into it more.

You step into it more. And once you make a commitment, then what you all find is you know when the student is ready, the [00:36:00] teacher appears, and so you will be connected with people that help you, give you information. You'll have experiences that open you up more to do whatever it is your chosen route. And so this is how we learn, sadly, yes, humans.

always learn best through the fun, the good experiences to tend to just sit back and say, Wow, this is great. I on Easy Street, you know? But if we wish to spiritually progress, it generally involves a challenge of some kind so that you can work through all the levels of the, the pain, the forgiving of them, the forgiving of self, the letting it go, and to rise.

That's where, that's where you and in, in the understanding what it was all about. And in the forgiving self as well as the other, that's where you mine the wisdom. And after [00:37:00] all, when you leave the planet, that's all you take with you is your wisdom. It is a very treasured resources, and you keep it like you have innate wisdom in your being.

You have knowledge. That you have amassed through all of your lives, it is all there. You bring everything in to each life to fulfill your purpose. There's everything you need, you already have. It is just a matter of relaxing, creating that safe and sacred space inside you for that information to well up and come to your consci.

It's not about running around in circles. Here is it here? Looking, grabbing, trying to find that just pushes everything you want away. It is about becoming, still about trusting yourself, hand on heart. If you ever want to do anything like that, spiritual work, putting your hand on your heart helps because wherever you touch your body [00:38:00] is where your attention goes.

So if you want to work from your heart, which you. Then you just put your hand there and take some deep breaths and just relax and ask, What is it I need now where ask simple things that will reveal and you get a bit of an answer, and then you just keep working with it until you know where you're going and what's to do next.

But after all, it is just one step at a time. And so when you have a big task ahead of. It is not about how am I gonna get from here to there? It is all about asking what is my next step? And before you know it, you've taken all these baby steps and then you are somewhere else entirely. And then you'll look back and say, Wow, how did I get from there to here?

You didn't concentrate on the big tasks, you just concentrated on the next step and it, [00:39:00] and when you. You get to where you need to go

Will: now, Julie mentioned that you had been with me since birth and that we're in constant communications. How do you speak to me? How are we in communication? How can I get closer to, have that conversation of that communication, be more conscious?

Julie: now through choice. When you were a child, you were much more. Easy to talk to. But then as you become conscious around the age of seven or eight, that then the world comes in and takes over and the schooling system is designed to dumb you down, not to open you up and elevate you. And so these things happened and life happens and, and you forget about us, you know?

But now that you are aware, you can choose to just talk to me whenever. Just mentally call out to me. Whenever you have a quiet moment and now we [00:40:00] have connected, it will be easier for us. You have every ability to consciously have a chat with us, and it's just like, uh, well, telepathy is the word they use when humans talk to humans, and that is a little bit of a different process, but it's the same idea that you have a conversation in.

that, um, is not verbal.

Will: Now I'm hogging all the microphone time. Would you mind if Karen asks you some questions?

Julie: no. Actually, I have a message for you, Karen, because you are more than capable of connecting to spirit and even channeling. It's right there, right there. You just have to trust and. because it is all free will. Nothing in your lives has been done to you. You have attracted it all through the law of attraction, through your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, [00:41:00] and through what you brought into this life.

And so it helps, I mean, in some way that is very dismaying. Like what do you mean? I wouldn't have chosen that? What do you mean? But it's true because the law of attraction is working 24 7. And so that means if you take all your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and make a soup out of it, that vibration goes out to the universe and brings you back like experiences.

And the reason that happens is to help you become aware. Why does this keep happening to me? It is to make you aware that this is a problem and it needs to. Released. You need to engage in some self healing or get help to go through the healing process so that you can let go of that old stuff. Karen, please stop to me. I'm sorry.

Karen: And, and do I have a lot of old stuff to get rid [00:42:00] of?

Julie: Well, there is old stuff and there is new stuff and this, you know, this covid has not been kind. To many people. There's, you know, the whole idea was to breed fear and division amongst people. That was the whole idea of this exercise. It was planned. It was, It's not a natural thing. Very controversial. I know, but we see it all from up here, but so let it go.

The thing is what you worry about, you feed what you focus on, grow. . So if you're constantly worried and stressing whatever you're worrying and stressing about, you are feeding, You are growing, and so choose to fill your mind with pleasant thoughts. You remember that great vacation. Just change the channel really quickly.

Whenever you find yourself feeling down in the dumps or fearful [00:43:00] whatever and wondering about this and worrying about that, just, just take a breath and. And remember some happy times

Karen: just one more question. How can I learn to love more?

Will: Ho is that even possible? It's always possible. You are the most loving person I've ever

Karen: met. . Yeah, that can be better.

Julie: Well, but you know what, everybody can love more because really there is so much wrong, So much more. That you do that by stopping the negative talk. You can only love others to the extent that you love yourself. So the whole thing is to love yourself more. Walk up to the mirror, look deep in your eyes, smile and say, I love you.

And when you can do that, you'll know you are on the way. You've made the start on the journey to loving yourself [00:44:00] and consciously open. , pull in pure love. If you're surrounded by it, pull in pure love directly into your heart to open it and grow it and, and fill your inner space with pure love of self.

And, and do this consciously, not so much consciously, but with your hand on your heart, with emotion. Not just words from the brain, but feeling it, feeling. That's what moves mountains is the emotions and it can be done and it's a choice. Cuz once you make that choice it I wish to love more. No, I am loved and I am loved.

Say that to yourself many times a day, along with I am magnificent and I love myself infinitely. Of course,

Will: and gosh [00:45:00] darn people like me. So Mariana, is there any reason whatsoever to. Deprive yourself of things that make you feel good. Is there any reason why we should feel bad for wanting things that bring us pleasure at all?

Julie: No, but as a child, were you taught? I knew there's a brown trees. You're stupid. You're like, a lot of times we choose parents that aren't going to be particularly nice to us, and that is their job to create, if you like, to feed those programs we came in with, so that they will get our attention later in life when we are more aware and we can go in and release them.

So it's, yes, it's a lot to take in. . That's why I say in all of your life, nothing was done to you. [00:46:00] You attracted it all to you through the law of attraction, through the programs, through the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, all of that. You don't come in an empty vessel. You come in with all kinds of things that you are brought in because you didn't get it right last time.

You want to get it right this time. Just karma was, you know, a thing when you were. and so you ha some people come in with very painful, short and painful lives and they've volunteered for that so that they can mitigate some of the karma they've created by being less than pleasant in other lives. So there is so much going on, but it is all in divine right timing it.

You can learn to relax and go with the flow. follow your intuition to love yourself and relax and stop [00:47:00] trying to make sense out of it. Stop perhaps the wheel from going round and round because the more you grab for things, the more you push them away. The way you track things into your life is creating that loving, welcoming space for it to appear into.

There is so much more that we could say about that, but there isn't time.

Will: Yes. Uh, we are woefully running out of time. Quickly, and have I turned the corner? Have I learned? The majority of lessons that I've need to learn in order to move in this direction because obviously you can tell, anyone can tell, talks to me that I'm, I'm ready to put my past behind me and continue on this path of rebirth that I have adopted. And though I know probably obstacles are always gonna come, I'm really curious to know whether the majority of the [00:48:00] internal work that I've had to do over the past two years is that now behind.

Julie: Uh, yes and no, but when you. Trauma and deep problems. Your pain to heal, you have to think of it like an onion, and as you release one layer, it basically just makes room for the next layer to come up. And so you have made great inroads, but there is still more that will come up as you are ready. And so there will always be something, something.

There is still some trauma that you have chosen to ignore cuz some things, you know, you don't just push them down. You dig a deep hole, you stick it in a box, you nail the box shut, you put it under the floorboards, you nail and hammer [00:49:00] things to stop, to cover the floor. . Yeah. And so it takes some time to get into them, some time for you to be willing to let it out.

And the thing about this, uh, going into your past traumas, the thing to remember is that you are not, The idea is not to relive the trauma. The idea is that when a traumatic event happens, you make a judgment about that. And a hundred people will have exactly the same event and create a hundred different emotions from it.

And so when you go into your subconscious, you are feeling the feelings that occurred around that, that event. And you have, you have been living with those feelings. I mean, you lived through the actual event and you've been living with those feelings coming, you know, affecting you on different layers, [00:50:00] just not consci.

but it, you have been living with them ever since those events happened, and so now to be willing to go in and just feel as much as you can because when you feel into those emotions, you are activating those molecules, you are activating that energy, and then it can be moved more easily if you are just ignoring it.

They are just stuck down there remitting their message. But not moving. So they're stuck in a time walk. So when you actually engage in them just by feeling them and being willing to do that, then the more you can feel, the more you can heal. Cuz what you do is you transmute it, which means you change it from negative and you can either transmute it back to source or you can transmute it into pure level of.

the choice is yours. But the idea [00:51:00] is to move it from where it has been stuck all this time. Because all those negative programs, really all they want to do is to be heard. So just by hearing them, you are changing the energy of them. And then when you consciously transmute them into something else, then that makes you feel much better.

Will: Well, this has been absolutely fascinating. I, it it's an absolute pleasure to formally meet you, Mariana. And, thank you for, bringing across these messages.

Julie: Our hearts are full with being so close to you though, and it is lovely to feel you too, Karen. We are. We are really thrilled , and we love you. We love you infinitely, even when you don't love. We are sending you love and holding you in our hearts always cuz we don't sleep . All right, dear. Hopefully [00:52:00] we will hear from Lucy.

Just reach out and talk to us. We will hear you even if you don't hear us back. You did Ty.

Will: Well, welcome back Julie

Julie: Thank you.

Sometimes I don't want to, cuz it feels good.

Will: Yeah, no. Is, it, seems incredibly peaceful, but is is that experience, Is it draining at all? Is it, uh, like you said, just sidestepping and letting something come through you? Uh, what does, what does that feel like? Do, do you feel anything bodily? Any sensations?

Julie: not really. No. It is just, um, I feel more. I do because I pick up on their energy and spirits have higher love energy than we do. So I certainly feel that. And that's that ah, when at the end, and it's like, do I have to open my eyes and come back? uh, I mean, come back to this, this level, right? So, um,

Karen: Right.

Julie: no, I, it's, it is very peaceful and because I'm [00:53:00] not aware of time passing, I have actually channeled for like three hours.

And after that, yeah, I'm a little bit, uh, a little bit drained, but it is, um, it is, uh, not, I don't know. I don't feel the passing of time. I don't feel like it's work, it's just, um, I just relax and let go and kind of sit back. So I'm not really doing anything, just allowing , yeah, I can't really answer that.

in time. I haven't been actually channeling for that long, since 2018. So there is so much more to learn and oh, that excites me because if I thought I knew it all now, it'd be like, what's the point then? What's the point of doing anything else if I know it all now? Right.

Will: these? Yeah. Yeah. Can anyone channel these beings that you channel, or is it, Is there special attunement you have to undergo?

Julie: I don't, I think I've done it before in previous lifetimes [00:54:00] because it happens so naturally and spontaneously. But I think, No, I know that when you are ready, if this is something you choose to, to do, and that you do the spiritual work to keep your vibrations up so that they, because their vibrations are high and you know, you have to raise yours to meet them part way.

Right. And so, and also, , if you don't have your vibration high, you can fall into the trap of, of encountering low level entities and even your own spirit guys, but in a lower level. And then with them, I mean, it wouldn't be, it wouldn't be a problem except that you would only bring through a certain level of information.

if you wish to bring through higher level information, you need to do your spiritual work, clear all those negative things, as much as you can just keep working on it and, and have a practice where you elevate your, your vibrations, however you can, you know, I [00:55:00] mean, naturally I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs.

I'm in into whole food, plant based food and you know, I've lost over a hundred pounds since I've started all this. And it's just,

it, all of those. Yeah. Yeah. I was a sorry state, I could tell you , but um, but that just throws me to know how far I've come.

So turning 60, I say sixties are the best years. Don't fear it, it just gets better.

Will: We're right around the corner. Yep.

Julie: Yeah.

Will: not that far away. Yeah.

Julie: Yeah. So,

Will: thank you so, so, so much for coming on and, sharing of, your expertise and your, your channeling with us. Thank you for being open, to bringing through my spirit guide cuz that was quite the treat. Uh, and thanks for spending, uh, the time with.

Julie: Well, it was my pleasure and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity cuz you asked Oscar, you both ask great questions and so that makes it more fun for me,

Will: Now, if anyone wanted to reach out to you to get someone to come through to [00:56:00] channel or any information, what's the best way for someone to reach out to you?

Julie: Well, uh, as I've been told, I've kind of been flying under the radar, so right now it's my email. Email is the best. I don't have a website yet. It's, you know, I'm gonna get there. I haven't written a book yet. I'm gonna get there. But this whole thing's in my future, I've just been really enjoying and getting into the channeling experience, and I still feel like I have more to do here before I start spreading my energies around.

Karen: Mm-hmm. .

Julie: That sort of thing and being a trouble adult. Um, building a website doesn't sound exciting. Work,

Karen: For sure. I know. Yeah.

Julie: right?

Will: Well, we're gonna go ahead and lay in a direct link to your email in our show notes. So if you're listening to this on your phone, all you need to do is hit that information button, go to our show notes. And you will see a link there that will get you connected directly to her email.

And if you're listening to this on the radio, all you gotta do is go to skeptic, go to the [00:57:00] episode page and go to Julie's episode, and you'll see the same link there directly for you. So it will make it super easy for you to connect with Julie because what she's doing. Really wonderful.

And, these messages is, yeah,

Karen: really It's so lovely. There's like this loving, just soft,

Will: wonderful feeling. Absolutely. Uh, just like Mariana said, uh, their heart is full. Well, my, I think my heart is probably overflowing, so I need to uh, go take some Tums or something. Cause

Karen: No, that's a good feeling.

Will: You want that feelings Good.

It is. I'm just teasing up you. Of course. But yeah, no, it is a very nice feeling. So, once again, Julie, really a pleasure having you on the show and we look forward to, to maintaining in contact.

Julie: Thank you. I would love that. And thank you again so much for this opportunity. I've really enjoyed myself today. Thank you.

Will: And thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website or on Facebook and Instagram. You can find us there at skeptic meta or skeptic And if you're listening to this on the radio and you miss something, not to [00:58:00] worry, all of our shows, including this one, can be found at.

Of course, skeptic meta where you can also watch the videos or even send us email or voicemails directly from the site. We absolutely love feedback and would really love to hear from you as well. Well, we hope that you have enjoyed this episode as much as we have, especially me have then that's all we have for now, but we'll see you on the next episode of The Skeptic, Ians.

Until then, take care.

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I hold a certification for Quantum Emotional Healing, and while learning this modality from Rocky Krogfoss, I discovered my ability to “speak” with my Spirit Guides. After a short while this developed into an ability to connect with other people's Spirit Guides; Angels, Ascended Masters and Light Beings, to relay messages back and forth.

The following year I spontaneously started to channel the entities I connected with. Such a blessed gift, I am so very grateful for all my life experiences that have brought me to this place!

My focus is to help those who are ready to learn more about who they truly are, by channeling loving guidance from Higher Beings. It is time for us to realize that we are all so much more than we have been taught. Through learning to love ourselves with kindness and compassion, we are able to share the same loving energies with others. It all begins inside ourselves.

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