Using Astrology for Parenting | Maria Riegger

Using Astrology for Parenting | Maria Riegger

Astrology may be one of the most well-known modalities within the metaphysical space, but when it comes to kids, things get really complicated. So should you use astrology to profile your child? And how can you use the profile to help you position your children for success? Our next guest answers this and many other questions!

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"You want to start with that strong relationship, unconditional love and acceptance, but then I add the nuance of astrology so you can understand your children a little bit better." --Maria Riegger

Most parents today expect their children to do exactly what they are told because they are so told, and they expect them not to have feelings (or to constantly control their feelings, which is hard for a young child to do). Families today appear to have every minute of their lives scheduled. Parents sometimes are more concerned that their children follow society-based rules than in forming a bond with their children. Forming a strong relationship with one’s children takes time and effort (and a TON of patience); and it’s virtually impossible if you have every minute of your day scheduled with activities with no down time.

Parents who are astrologers parent from a place of understanding and empathy, and try to give their children all the unconditional love and support they need in order to independently live their own lives, because they know that soul is more important than ego every time.

About Our Guest::
Maria Riegger is based in the Washington, DC area. She is a banking /corporate attorney by day, and an author by night. She writes contemporary fiction, including romance and romantic suspense; and parenting/self-help books.

Maria is a Gemini whose head has always been in the clouds. Her worst fear is boredom. She has been writing since she was about thirteen years old. A lover of languages, she speaks French, Spanish, Catalan and some Portuguese; and has lived in the U.K., France and Spain.

In true Gemini fashion, she indulges both her logical personality as an attorney as well as her creative personality. And because Maria is an overactive Gemini, she is also a practicing astrologer.

Guest Info:
Facebook: @Maria-Riegger-Positive-Parenting-through-Astrology
Instagram: @rieggemr
Twitter: @RieggerM
YouTube: channel/UCIvSb2h5u1_z7YCe5aIyOug

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Will: I am flying solo today. Karen, wherever you are, we hope that you feel better if it is that you're not feeling good. I'm not really sure why she's not here actually, but it doesn't matter because we've got a great guest is going to make for an amazing conversation. Now she's a banking. slash corporate attorney by day and an author by night And because Maria of course has an overactive Gemini, very similar to someone else. She is also a practicing astrologer. And that's why she's here today. She happens to focus a lot of her astrology on children. Yep. You heard that, right? Apparently astrology is slightly different when working with kids and to demonstrate that she's generously offered to pull my daughter's chart and compare it to.

So we can see some of the opportunities and challenges that come with the Gemini score bearing. That is my daughter. And I Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysician



Will: hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysician. I love to welcome to the show. Maria, Maria, thank you so much for coming on. 

Maria Riegger: Hi. Well, thanks so much for having me. I'm really, really excited. 

Will: The very first question I have to ask is. Astrology we've talked about it before, right? It is signs that are ruled by where planetary bodies are positioned at the time of your birth.

not only the time of your birth, but the place and the date that you're born. Right? So, in similar fashion to what the other astrologers we had in the show did before I gave you my daughter. We gave you my daughter's birth date, birth time [00:02:00] and place of birth. And you have pulled the chart for her.

That gives us a very inspiring look into what her personality could potentially be. And then you went to the step further and you pulled mine and you compared the two. So I'm utterly fascinated by what you're going to tell me. But first and foremost, why astrology.

Maria Riegger: So, you probably think it's weird that an attorney would be into something as esoteric as you would see. Right? So, I kind of been into astrology, dabbled in it my entire life. And as a Gemini, like you, I kind of approached the world from a place of logic and detachment, but Gemini people are also.

Masters kind of using precision of language to differentiate concepts. And we're also very open-minded because the mutable signs kind of walk public, being Cardinal and fix energy. So we're very open-minded and willing and able to change our minds. So I saw a lot of patterns with different energies that, that people displayed and all over the course of my life, I determined that there was [00:03:00] some merit to study astrology.

And even though we don't necessarily know. Y the position of the planets at the moment of Landsberg has an effect on how they approach life, how they may behave in relationships. I think there's some merit there just because we don't understand why it has an effect or how it has an effect. Does it mean that it has no merit?

Right. So when we talked about the birth chart earlier Uh, reiterate that the birth individual's birth chart is a snapshot of the position of the planets at the moment of birth. And we can get really down in the weeds of looking at all the planets aspects, asteroids, but I'm going to try to keep it a little more higher level.

So I don't go off on a tangent, which is a Gemini I'm very apt to do anyway. So I you know, I also like. How to Gemini sun in the eighth house, which is the house associated with Scorpio themes and a death rebirth of not just physical death, but kind of metaphorical death, like death transformation, rebirth and themes like.

And my son, like your [00:04:00] daughter had the Scorpio sun, and I have not been able to ever avoid Scorpio people. My father was a Scorpio son. My sister has a first house Pluto like your daughter does too. And my son is a Scorpio sun, and my partner has a Scorpio moon. So I'm very familiar with this energy. It is very different from Gemini energy, but I, I came to the conclusion that studying children's birth charts is helpful to give parents some additional tools to understand their.

Better. You have to be careful about reading charts for children, because obviously you want to always respect, freewill the fact that that human brain is still developing into the twenties. So I would caution against using the chart to predict outcomes or events. I would caution against using the chart to diagnose.

Any physical or mental impairments, I would not do that. It's more of a tool to help parents just learn more about their children, learn what their propensity is to approach life would be maybe learn about their learning styles and things like, 

Will: And I guess that's where the [00:05:00] question of ethics come in.

Right? Is, is it ethical to read an astrological chart for a child when they're in fact, not yet developed themselves? There's some schools of thought that might think. Yeah, leading them in a certain direction or something like that. So, is there something that people should be concerned about when it comes to astrological charts for kids specifically?

Maria Riegger: Sure. Well, I, I get a lot of questions. Who read things on the internet and there's so much information. 

Will: Google's not our friend sometimes. 

Maria Riegger: Absolutely. And you have to be really careful with the sources, right? Cause most professionals for all I know are very data-driven and they have science backgrounds 

So I get a lot of questions for parents about while I read this. Maybe my child has a mental impairment. Well, hold up, hold on for a minute. Let's not diagnose anything from the chart. Leave that to medical professionals. That's not what we're doing here. So I would caution parents about being a little too fatalistic and to take their cue from the kids.

It's okay to ask. Hey, what do you think about this? Or how does this make you feel? Or what do you think about and take your cue from the [00:06:00] children's. Because like you suggested children are their own separate entities from parents are not extensions of the parents. So you want to be careful to respect the child's intrinsic nature.

That's kind of part of what I use the birth chart force to help the parents understand that your child is going to be different from you. They're going to find different ways of fulfillment than you. They're going to have different values in you and that's okay. That's their life path. The child's life path is going to be different than the.

Will: So is a life path laid out in a chart. I thought it was mostly your personality traits and things like 

Maria Riegger: that. You know? So it's more about how you approach life. You, you don't want to use it. I don't use the chart to predict outcomes. There are astrologers who will use transits to predict. I think you can get very tied up in that, and then you don't live in the present, but uh, like you always learn respect free will.

So you don't want to be, parents want to be careful. Pushing or pressure and children, certain directions. It's more about kind of trying to understand how they approach life, maybe how they, how they real [00:07:00] recharge their energy, how they may communicate and things like that. Scorpio is a sign that needs to feel as a soul oriented side.

It needs to feel the entire range of human emotions and squirm your kids have big emotions. Part of the Scorpio nature is sometimes the children do not understand these profound feelings they are having. And they're all, it's also a sign that's very private, so they may not come right out and tell the parent, so the parent needs to.

Be attuned to when the child wants to talk to them and not pressure the child to talk. So it's just a very different energy from Gemini because Gemini is compelled to 

Will: communicate. 

Maria Riegger: We're always talking. I love to write, I love to talk. They talk about this all day, so, but score is more private, so you don't want to pressure the Scorpio child to talk.

We'll talk when they're ready. And to a Gemini person, because we kind of live on our nerves and uh, uh, we approach the world more from a place of logic and rationality. We're not always comfortable with these huge displays of. But that's [00:08:00] kind of the Scorpio nature. You have to respect that, that they need to feel the feelings.

And this is actually I talked about this on, on my YouTube channel. This is actually a big area where the Gemini parent can help us hope your child is Geminis are very good at using this precision of language to differentiate concepts. There were constantly taking it and processing and evaluating data.

Why Joe has changed your mind so frequently, we're constantly taking this data, right? I am, I don't want to speak for you, but 

Will: that's not how it works, so 

Maria Riegger: we can help the Scorpio children. To identify and articulate the emotions that are feeling. That's the healthy way to deal with emotions. As you identify the emotion, you articulate it, you sit with it for a bit and you release it.

Scorpio children tend to dwell. It's a water science, still waters run deep. It tended to dwell on things. It's also a fixed energy side, which means that it's maintain, it's concerned more with maintaining things as they were before maintaining the stability of things as opposed to Cardinal energy, which has more action oriented intend on moving forward.

That's right. So score Scorpio [00:09:00] deals doesn't deal as well with transitions as some other song, because it's a fixed energy side, but that's where, what area of the Gemini parent can really help us warp your child is to identify those emotions instead of repressing the emotions, identify them, talk about them, release them.

Right. Right. And I've seen that with my son and he's very articulate. Now he's 11. And part of that is because I worked very hard. To find the words to describe these things, right? These feelings of these emotions that they're having and it's corporate, a child needs to feel. They would rather feel negative emotion than feel nothing.

A large part of their life is dealing with negative emotions as well as positive emotion. Very 

Will: interesting. So you're saying that I should stop pressing my daughter into talking to me when, when I clearly know there's a problem going on, but she's just not being open with me. 

Maria Riegger: They may be a little different for her because she has a Sagittarius moon and the moon rules.

Will: Oh boy. Okay. So here we go. Now from Scorpio, right? It's [00:10:00] all a set in stone until it's not right.

Maria Riegger: So your birth chart, your personality, your outlook on life, more than just a sun sign. The sun is kind of the, kind of the filter through which we see the rest of the. Hi, to kind of how we, our main approach to life, how we shine, kind of our driving force, the moon rules, our emotional life, how we behave in relationships what we need to recharge our batteries, how we connect with other people how we subconsciously respond to anything, dealing with our emotions, emotional triggers, things like that.

So Sagittarius moon is. Prob, probably a person who's very demonstrative, affectionate, very affectionate and demonstrative with emotion. It's very different from Scorpio. You probably get a little bit of duality with her, like I do with my son, because he has a Gemini moon where they're very expressive.

It's a Sagittarius energy, very expressive, outgoing, and extroverted, but Scorpio is very reserved, very private. Doesn't talk about the deepest emotions right away. It takes time. So there's probably times when she's very affectionate with you guys. And as an [00:11:00] aside, Scorpio, children, Need, even though they don't always seek it out.

They need more attention affection from parents or the average child. She probably wanted to be held as a baby and a toddler a lot, most kids do, but some more than others. And my son, even now, like he's older, he still likes to have me around. I don't know how long that's going to last, but he still likes to have me around, like even when he's going to sleep, he likes me to be sitting in his room, reading.

Right. That's 

Will: interesting. Really interesting. My, my daughter does have a problem going to sleep by herself. She, she just stays, she stays awake the entire time. And in fact, asked us to lay with her for a while. Things like that. She was trying to go to sleep. And she's still now cuddles with us when, when she's watching TV, that kind of thing.

And to your point, I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can, because I know at some point it's not going to be there anymore, but what, what broke my heart very recently is we used to always use to love holding hands, walking down the street or whatever she's now stopped that now it's kind of embarrassing for her to hold [00:12:00] daddy's hand.

So it actually broke my heart, but I still have her cuddling with me in the couch and things like this. So it's good. 

So you're seeing that my daughter, her astrological chart points to the fact that she needs somebody in the room, even if it's just reading something while she's going through. And it's not a, it's not a function of her. Just not being able to see, but rather more about the fact that she needs to have that comfort of having someone else around all the time.

Maria Riegger: They score kids. The nature is they bond very closely with the parents, Scorpio kids. Once they deem somebody worthy of their attention and their love. And once they find someone trustworthy, They attach very closely to the person it's almost in mesh, but I don't want him to say that that's a psychological critical term, but they bond very closely with parents with people in general that starts with the parents.

Right? That's what attachment is all about. You have a healthy attachment. When you're a kid with the parents, then you're going to have healthy, hopefully have healthy relationships as an adult, hopefully very closely with the parents and you a little [00:13:00] bit more attention and affection from. They get hurt really easily too.

I've done that with my son. He's like, you're yelling, like I'm like, I'm not even yelling. I'm not close to yelling, but to him it's yelling. Right. 

Will: Because as gentlemen, as we do speak very pointedly I think is a good way to put it. 

Maria Riegger: We're pointedly very animatedly. Yes, but Scorpio kids, like when they're little, they love to have physical contact with.

When they're older, they need to know the parent it's there for them. Physically, but also emotionally that the parents there for them, they bond very closely to people they're close to. And one thing I want to point out that I talk about with parents, the Scorpio kids, a lot Scorpio kids do not trust automatically.

Some parents think that just because their parents, the kids will automatically trust them with the score. The parents have to earn the trust. Once you earn the trust, you have a pretty much. But but it does take a lot, you know, it does, it does take a lot. And when you earn that trust is to accept them exactly how, [00:14:00] say how as they are, but also, you know, good traits as well as maybe some traits, you know, like, but also not overreact to anything that they share with you where they decide to share their animal's feelings with.

You're very accepting. You're very calm. You're very, you know, you're not emotionally over-reactive, even if it's something that you think is off, you accept everything that they tell you. So that's all very important and spending one-on-one time with the kids, Scorpio, kids love that. And I talked to parents with who have multiple children.

I tell them, you know, these children, you have to have one-on-one time with them to once in a while, which is harder to do when you have many kids. But but yeah, but that's necessary. Yeah. And, and some parents think. Yeah, they showed the kids too much physical affection. It's going to make them codependent.

It's the opposite. Once the kids feel secure, right? Then they can kind of go out and be independent, having the secure relationship with the parents. And part of that is responding to the emotionally, like you said, your daughter maybe needs you guys in the room at night and she goes to sleep and you [00:15:00] may think she's a little old for that, but that will eventually fade away.

It always does. And my son too, like, like eventually, like you said, he's just going to be like, You know, you don't even need to be home. Just go, just leave me. 

Will: She's actually asked for us, she's asked for us to leave her alone already say, Hey dad, I'm 10. I can be left alone for a while. And we'll no, no, you can't.

Maria Riegger: Exactly. You may think you can, but we're not comfortable with that yet, but yes, SCORP needs a lot of alone time. It tends to be. More introverted. Although I, I have never found one factor in the birth chart to indicate introversion or extroversion always seems to be kind of a combination of things, but score.

Yes. Tests like on the NBTI things like that is introverts, which means that they need alone time to recharge their 

Will: energy. Very interesting. When she was younger, she did exhibit that she, she would play with kids really well, but then after a while she needed, she went off to a corner to spend some time by herself and she needed that alone time.

Now, however, at 10 [00:16:00] years old, she is now maybe it could be a product of the COVID times that we're living in now that we're. So we're forced to be on our own for so much of the time. She now finds herself. That means she she's nine times out of 10. You'll find her the neighbor's kid's house. Now. She she's loves being around people, period.

She wants to be around people all the time, which is contrary to what she was in the past. So something has changed in the past few years. 

Maria Riegger: Right. I mean, she, the Sagittarius mood, energy Sagittarius being a fireside is forward energy and fire people areas, and Saje especially tend to have an entourage around them at all times.

They love to be with. Right there. And so it's very different from Scorpio. So if she does need some alone time to recharge, you're going to have to teach her how to kind of buffer periods of activity and social time with periods of being alone and rest to kind of recharge the energy. I mean, I don't know.

We don't know if she's introverted. I can't really know a hundred percent, but based on what you're, what you're describing. That's because the [00:17:00] energies are so different. The sad energy compels you to be social, compels you to go out, compose you, to surround yourself with people. Satch people love to have an audience tell stories, too, all that stuff.

They love adventure, trout, all that stuff. But if you know, she is introverted and needs the alone time to recharge, you're gonna teach her to buffer those. So the activity with it, cause my son has the same issue because he has a Gemini moon. So he's compelled to like communicate and hang with his friends.

But I have to tell him that we have to have an introvert day cause yesterday, like I can tell you we're just wiped, like having an introvert hangover, you're cranky or whiny. We need some time alone and tomorrow we can like go out again. Right. So that's when you have such different energies present like that.

Kind of, it takes a little bit more effort to honor both the energies because they're so different. I guess that's like, if you have a water sun sign of water, Those are more similar, obviously saying element rights and feminine energy. That will be, that will be easier to reconcile when you have different energies like that in the chart.

And I do too. It's more, it takes more [00:18:00] effort to reconcile the two it's a lot, or the two to give respect 

Will: to the two that poor child. She, she got the same curses I did my dichotomies in my charter off the chain I've had to deal with my duality for, for my entire life. And unfortunately, now it sounds like she's going to have to do the same thing, but 

Maria Riegger: so there's a lot of good that comes out of that, right.

Because you learn how to do that. It's challenging, but you, 

Will: most of, most of us do. Yeah. I can't, I can't confirm nor deny that I've learned, but I'm still working on it.

Maria Riegger: Aerosol air mood, air rising. So you're all over the place. The nature of air covers covers a lot of ground. It covers a lot of ground and Scorpio is a sign about going in depth, covering things in depth, in details of slower energy. And Gemini is like lightning fast. Most people probably cannot keep up with you mentally or otherwise.

Will: Yeah, there's a special a, I lead a team of creatives at work it [00:19:00] has to be a special type. Person to fit in my team because we move every very quickly. Just, I was just the way it is. It makes people uncomfortable, but this is absolutely fascinating to me because it brings into play a whole other level of parenting, right?

Knowing your child, a lot of this, all those personality tests that people do when they're going to them to the. Life and things like that. this is similar to that, but with children and I could see how this could be a wonderful tool for parents to know how to interact with their kids the best way possible in order to provide for them the best environment possible to grow up, to be well adjusted, adults.

 So, of course, we're talking about a Scorpio daughter with a Gemini father, but what about other signs? I guess we're, we're, we're going so far off the beaten path, just because I'm so fascinated by it, but we've talked a little bit about Scorpio trades.

We've talked a little about Gemini traits. We've agreed that there were [00:20:00] both positive and not so positive things in each one of the birth charts or assigns. How do you mitigate the challenges? Cause I'm sure you found some challenges between my daughter and myself and my charts, that, that we're going to have to work through some, at some point in time.

How does someone go to. 

Maria Riegger: Right. So it starts with a parent cause obviously the onus is on the parent, the adult mentally, fully, mentally developed adult to kind of make the effort of understanding the child 

Will: more or less, 

Maria Riegger: So how do you mitigate those challenges?

Right. It's hard when you're kind of mired in the day-to-day quagmire of life. It's hard to take a step back and look at things right from like a 360 degree view.

So the onus is on the parent, understand how they operate, how they seek fulfillment, their propensities for things, how they approach life, what's fulfilling for them and then understand the children. Right. And understand and respect the fact that. The children may be uh, do things differently from the parents.

I mean, value things [00:21:00] differently, the parents, and also I always say this to parents and most parents don't even realize they're doing this. Make sure the children understand that the parent's love for them is not conditional on anything. It's not conditional on them behaving. It's not conditional on them.

Uh, You know, their grades, their behavior. Yeah. They can. Uh, I don't want to say we don't, there are no bad children, but they can behave the way they shouldn't have, but that will not affect the parents' love for that. It's about unconditional love and acceptance. It doesn't matter what song we're talking about.

That's kind of the basis and that's kind of what conscious parenting positive parenting. That's what they teach parents. Right? If you want to start with that strong relationship, unconditional love and acceptance, but that doesn't have anything to do with astrology, but then I add kind of the, the nuance of astrology.

So you can understand your children a little bit better, but it starts with that. Whatever the children's traits are or turn out to be, as they get older, the parent accepts that about the child. Essentially children grow up into adults. Well, you know, do whatever they want in their lives. It doesn't have to be what the parents want.

Obviously [00:22:00] what you want to make sure that you're not suggesting to your children, that you're loving affection or conditional anything that they may do such as their grades. Right. 

Will: And this goes pretty universal, right? It's not a Scorpio Gemini thing. This could be for any kid. 

Maria Riegger: Yeah. But that's kind of the basis, the foundation, when I start, where I start from.


Will: So this is something that you recommend for all parents to go through. 

Maria Riegger: Absolutely. 

Will: So then we started the conversation by talking about the fact that these traits will most likely haven't been embedded into a child yet. Right? It's as you look at the adult astrological chart, it might show some differences.

Between the chart that you pulled as an adult and the chart that you pull as a child, what makes that difference between the two? I mean, the planets aren't changing the date at which you were born is the day you were born. So why does it, how does that affect, why is it affected that way? 

Maria Riegger: That's a very good question.

So we're all conditioned in certain ways as kids, right? [00:23:00] So, you know, whole nature versus nurture. So, so much of adult life is kind of unbelief during the negative ways we were conditioned as kids. That was like that for me, at least, especially if those of us who have had adverse childhood experiences and things like that.

So your, in the birth chart, the planets are energies. The signs of the planets are how the chart holder kind of champion. The energy of the planet and then the houses, right? Our fields of experience. So generally speaking, the more planets you have in the house, the more emphasized that those fields of experiences in your life will be relationships, material, things, first houses, the house of self, things like that.

So, how the charterholder deals with the fields of experience. And energies that's up to them, right? As they get older, but the, the energies of the planets will tell you kind of how, how they, how they channel the energy of the planet and how they may learn or how they may behave in relationships, whether they were private or [00:24:00] outgoing.

They can learn to develop those or not develop those traits. You know what I mean? So it really depends on kind of how they're conditioned his kids and their life experiences. Right. So my father died in a car accident while I was 11, so that obviously had a big effect on my childhood. Right. Now the IME have turned out differently if that had not happened.

Right? So you always have, you cannot discount life experiences because those shape our conditioning, you cannot discount the parenting we receive that shapes our conditioning and, but also our own, our own kind of characteristics. Also play into that. So with Gemini people, air sign, people were a little bit more detached.

It's easier for us to see things from another person's point of view. Firesign people are more ego oriented. It's harder for them, not impossible, but it's harder for them generally. To step outside of themselves and see things, one of the person's point of view, right? So that's kind of where this comes in, what your propensity is, because you can have [00:25:00] two kids who have very similar upbringings, but they try it a little bit differently.

Why is that? I will see that household siblings can turn out differently. Why, why is that? Right? You could even have people with very similar charts that express energies at different ways. Why does that, that could be conditioning life experiences, and we can never discount free will. That's why. I caution against doing anything predictive with the chart as far as specific outcomes or things like that.

That would be my answer to that. It's a, it's a very complex answer. And I'm not a psychotherapist, so I, I don't want to you know, give any therapeutic advice. That's not, there's not qualified to sure. But that will be my answer to that.

So, It's very interesting, but I find when I do kids' charts, I talk to parents and ask, does your child like this? Do they do this? They're shocked. Like, yeah, that's exactly what child does. Yeah. If you probably want to be held a lot as a kid. Yeah. He doesn't leave my side yet. He's not going to because he's, that's just how he is.

So, and it gives different things, need different things for the emotional security [00:26:00] 

Will: and your answer makes perfect sense to me, because then the question has always been. Why does someone read their astrological sign or chart and see something and go, that's not really me at all at this point. And it's probably because trauma parenting their own characteristics have tweaked the person a little bit because not every Gemini is the same.

Not every Scorpio is the same. It there's a lot more to it, right. Not just planetary bodies, but also like you say the way that parent raises the child traumatic events could very certainly affect anyone, not just a child into changing their personality. So that, that makes a lot of sense. So then it would almost beg itself to say that something like this is a way to maximize the child's potential based on their own.

Needs and personality traits. And that's why this would be advantageous to do, 

Maria Riegger: Yes, that's right. What develop their natural strengths too. Like Gemini had this gift for written and spoken language. You obviously want to, again, [00:27:00] not pressure, but encourage a child and try to develop that if they don't want to you, you just, you don't pressure them to do it.

Sure. But that's exactly. Yeah. That's what I was at with.

Will: So then are there any negative results that could occur by looking into this child's astrological chart too early or too soon? 

Maria Riegger: That that comes up a lot in, so my parenting groups some people will have like a one or a two year old and say, how can I do this? Or if I transfer, it says this, like a question I get frequently is I read that this aspect means they're going to have a bad relationship with the mother.

And I'm petrified because it's my child. I don't want a better relationship with them. Okay. First of all, you're getting way ahead of yourself. Right. Right. The fact that you're concerned about it probably means you're not going to be a bad mom. Okay. So, right. I think, yeah. What I say in my books is that I really write for the parents who have older kids, six and seven and up, because that's kind of a route age seven is when kids really start to assert their own autonomy and independence, and then really start [00:28:00] to realize, and, and, and not act, it's not an act, but then we'll start to realize.

 there are separate entities from the. And they have different values to the parents and how the parents, you know, to your question earlier, how the parents deal with that push for autonomy, independence for the kids. That's almost everything at that age, because if they are encouraging that that's fantastic.

That's a normal, that's normal childhood development, right. To seek the independence of autonomy. But if they're quashing it, that's going to have that. That was the case of my childhood. That's going to have other repercussions that you spend a lot of your adult. I'm doing parenting yourself 

Will: essentially, right?

Maria Riegger: So what I think one or two years old, it's almost too young to be thinking about this. I was like around six or seven. It's great to be thinking about it. You can look at your child's chart with a board. That's fine. But, but I would be careful about about you know, picking everything. To deterministic and say like, don't go thinking they're going to be this way, or they're going to handle these situations this way.

It's not until really age six or seven, that their personality really starts to shine.[00:29:00] 

Will: , it's the book that everyone says, why hasn't this been written? Like how the best way to raise your child based on your child's own personality? how much better can it be by pulling their astrological chart and knowing what their personal traits or tendencies are and reinforce or downplay the ones that make the most sense for that child?

This is super exciting for me. So I'm so glad we got a chance to talk, but I've got to ask you are an attorney. How, how did you end up going into astrology that just, and we talked about it a little bit at the beginning. I know, but, but let's dive a little bit deeper into that. How, what did you just pick up a newspaper one day and say, wow, this is interesting.

Let me look into it. 

Maria Riegger: Yeah. That's I know it's fascinating. Are you going to psychoanalyze me now? Well, no, 

Will: I'm not. I'm not licensed for psychotherapy, but I know I need to edit my 

Maria Riegger: website. So my, so I'll be honest. So my mother had a lot of these astrology [00:30:00] books, like Lindy Goodman sign. That's like an old classic from way back when like lying around the house, she would read the stuff for fun.

She was never into it as seriously as I am. She would read the stuff for fun. And I started reading it and I thought it was interesting. And then I kind of, you know, like I said earlier, kind of dabbled in it my whole life and I'll tell you something else. So you and I both have our son in the eighth house.

That's the house associated with? That's also the house of astrology. So for me, kind of when you have your son in a house, the house gives the son psychotic added flavor, right? So you have this scorpion, the Scorpio flare to the Gemini energy. Cause you're interested in themes that are associated with the sign of Scorpio.

So themes of, you know, life and death and rebirth transformation. And transcendence via cult, any taboo subjects and new age stuff like astrology. So you'll see a lot of people who are into astrology seriously, having a lot of these eighth house placements, I've always been [00:31:00] interested in esoteric stuff.

I mean, I was into the Knights Templar. You know what I was my son's age, cause I'm always been into medieval history and I drew a lot of like esoteric stuff from that Knights, Templar, the holy grail, that's where it all started. It kind of like snowballed from there. I found that fascinating. Right. And because that was interesting to me and nobody else, my age thought it was interesting, but I would like hold myself up in my room and read about this stuff and that's kind of where it started.

So anything SOC. And, you know, I listened to all your episodes on the astral projection. I've been, you know, a law of attraction. I'm a lot of traction partitions practitioner that our consciousness is separate from the body. We're not, we're only limited by the physical body because we think we're limited by physical body 

Will: and all that stuff.

Thank you for being a listener. I appreciate that very much. Okay. So I guess I see thread There has been a constant interest in the esoteric in my life. I've started studying this stuff in my twenties. I was in Miami at the time. You know, if you [00:32:00] listen to my, my intro, you've heard it.

I've joined the coven. I've done energy healing. I've tried my whole life to ask. I have been a utter failure on all of it, but I'm still trying. And that's what this show is about, is to finding a way to, to, to find my path out there. So you've got two audio books, You've got one that we're kind of, we're talking about Pretty steadily on, which is your Scorpio child, because my child happens to be a Scorpio as does yours. But you also have one that says your Gemini child. What is it because of your own personal experiences or do you also have a Gemini child? 

Maria Riegger: That's right. So, it's basically due to my personal experiences.

So my son has a Gemini moon, so he does have a lot of Gemini energy get his chart, like. Talks nonstop. I mean, with people he knows, well, that's where the Scorpio energy comes in. If he doesn't know you, he will not talk. If he knows you well at home with us, he won't stop talking, which I think is great.

Cause you always know when he becomes a teenager and I'm not cool anymore. He's going to hopefully, still want to talk to me. So basically, you know, I spent a lot of my adult [00:33:00] life reparenting myself after childhood trauma. And so that book is largely a process of that, right. So I was kind of a misunderstood Gemini child because I'm also introvert, which is very weird for a Gemini.

But I also. Harbor a, my traits I'm compelled to communicate. I love people. It's just that I need a lot of alone time to recharge interaction with people. So I have talked to adults who don't have kids who read my books and they felt really emotional because they felt like they felt understood.

Right. I have a lot of people that contact me through my YouTube channel. That don't even have kids that told me who I read this, or I watched this video about how to parent your Scorpio, moon child, when your child has a Scorpio, moon placement. And I felt so emotional because I felt like for the first time I was reading about myself, like I always felt so misunderstood.

And I said, yeah, that's largely what I do is, is to help parents understand, you know, and parents, their kids have the strongest relationship possible, their kids, but also for the people, there are so many of us, I found that are reparenting [00:34:00] ourselves after these childhood trauma or even adult trauma. That, that that's also a way that my books can help people.

And that, that makes me feel great that I'm helping people, not just parents, but also adults who actually are feeling understood. I, and I love that when people contact me, I think we feel fantastic. 

Will: So have you ever had the opposite? Have you ever had a parent come to you and say this is, this was irresponsible.

This is reading this or hearing this or watching this on your YouTube channel was incredibly. 

Maria Riegger: No, I have had at least one person say a parent, say not about the child. The parents say, well, I'm not, I'm not like that. I'm like, okay, well that's fair. I mean, maybe you have other, I mean, I would have to see the whole chart.

I did a, I did a video on how to parent your Capricorn child when you're an eras parent. Cause energy's very different. And I have a Capricorn moon, so I know a lot about that. So I had areas, parents say I'm not ego oriented at all. Like, okay, well, I didn't say. All areas, people are egotists, but [00:35:00] fire energy is Eagle oriented.

Now you may have a water moon or an air moon that makes you a less, maybe a little more detached or intuitive, depending on the sign and the, and the, the element. So I would have to see the whole church and know that I always tell people I'm talking about these energies, you know, for example, airy sun, but I'm talking about that.

Just the air for part of the energy. I can't know. Everybody's chart, right? Talk about generally, this is how it is. You do want to be careful about being too determinative, but I have had at least one person say I'm not like that. But you know, and that's fair. That's totally fair. Maybe they feel that they're not, they don't embody that 

Will: energy.

And it's similar to the, people that pick up the newspaper on a daily basis and take a look at their horoscope and sale, today's going to be a great day, or it's going to be a bad day when in essence, this is, I mean, I'm hearing the same thing in you that I've been saying is that I don't take this as a predictive thing, Rupert, rather, it's a, it's a good thing.

To get an understanding of someone's base personality, [00:36:00] but there's so many different elements that, shift and change us that you would have to know the entire chart, as well as the upbringing of that person to be able to, to really truly nail somebody down. So it's not, you're not really, to a large extent invading anybody's privacy or personal information.

You might have a really good idea of what their personality is like, but by and large, Did you not, you're not pegging them down a hundred percent. 

Maria Riegger: No. No. And you always have to talk to the charterholder when you're, if you're somebody who wants you to read their chart or the child's chart, or like, like with you, you have to compare the parents, a child's chart.

You always have to talk to the charterholder, just like any counselor would do. Right? Absolutely. Like you'd have to talk to them. You want to be careful about making any statements that are too. Fatalistic or determined, right?

I mean, if you will, there are some astrologers who would say, oh yeah, I can tell this is going to happen. No, you really even believe you can a hundred percent. I mean, look, I have had astrologers tell me, oh, I can see by your chart, [00:37:00] this happened. I'm like, well, actually that did happen in the past, but I'm still not comfortable saying it to other people because.

That's also a self fulfilling prophecy. So if you follow the law of attraction principles, you attract into your life, which you give your time and attention to. And if you're thinking about if some psychic or intuitive tells you this is going to happen well, let's get, if you still on your mind constantly, it's going to happen.

Such a B. Careful about that 

Will: stuff. Right. And the whole on a NAMEC system. I'm butchering that word. But when you, when you think about the number 1111, for example, all of a sudden you see it everywhere, right. Everywhere, because you trained your mind to look for it. It may mean they may have already been there all along, but you didn't notice it until your autonomic system system.

Wow. I'm butchering that kicks in and then it starts like when you are looking to buy a new. And you say, yeah, I'm thinking about the Mercedes blah, blah, blah. Right? All of a sudden the Mercedes blah-blah-blah is everywhere where you, you wouldn't see them before, but suddenly you put that out in the universe and it is everywhere because it kicks in that system.

So [00:38:00] similar to that, all right. So you have a. That is it's at law school, And I love that address law school heritage, because most attorneys would consider you a heritage because you're going off into all these kinds of practices. But on the blog, you do talk about a lot of these echelons.

Principles. So it's a great resource for folks who are looking to, to find more information about the stuff you also, you mentioned your YouTube channel and that's that's a great resource as well. I'll add direct links to your blog and your YouTube page directly on the show notes. If you're interested in catching up with Maria this is a great place to do that.

But then you also have a Facebook page. That's Maria. Rieger positive parenting through astrology with a whole bunch of numbers. It's, it'll be easier if I just put the link in there, but is that the same basic principle? I'm assuming right. Positive parenting through astrology. 

Maria Riegger: Exactly. I have a lot of free regular parenting content on my parents get astrology content on my YouTube channel.

So I'll let my Facebook followers [00:39:00] know that. New video out, things like that. 

Will: Great. Great. And of course you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter, and that's at Reger, M R on Instagram and Reger M on Twitter. It's much easier. Just go to the show notes, there'll be direct links there. All you'll do is click the link and it'll get you there, which are whichever area you want to go to as well as our audio books, your Scorpio child, and your Gemini child will both be linked in there as well. And then you did give me your email address. I don't know if you want me to put it out there, if you want people to reach out to you directly, if someone was interested in getting a chart done, do you do that? 

Maria Riegger: Yes I'll yes, I do that on the side. I'm doing mostly doing writing right now, so I still have my day job.

But yeah, I don't really do charts for people depending on our schedule and things like that. But absolutely. Yeah. My email address is, you know, Maria at law school, And it's on my email address is on my Facebook and my YouTube. Oh, 

Will: well there you have it. You can reach out to her directly.

I know I was planning a hundred percent to talk a lot more about my daughter and I on this, in this [00:40:00] conversation, but we went off into so many, I mean, it's a, it's a fascinating topic that I think we really need to kind of cover the basics on, because I believe that this is such a fantastic. Parenting tool that is not really well-known out there.

So if you are a parent, you, if you have a child between the six and 15 years of age, this is a great way to learn how best to develop your relationship with your child. I cannot recommend it enough. I would reach out to Maria of our, you don't wait. I would do it right now because you're going to forget, because.

I always do it. So do it now. So you don't forget, Maria is there, if there's one last final nugget of wisdom you want to impart on the audiences that are listening right now, what, what would that be? 

Maria Riegger: this is not specific to astrology. This is just, this is specific to like positive, conscious parenting.

I would tell parents to always prioritize connection and relationship building with your children. Over anything else over [00:41:00] correcting them over you know, meeting out consequences over getting them to do what you ask them to do or getting irritated with them. Just remember that always prioritize the connection with your kids and building positive moments with them and being affectionate with them.

That's that's what I tell parents. Cause once you have that relationship or the children. That they ha the parents have their back. And and I, over over a lot of specific tips on my YouTube channel and in my books about this, once the kids feel that they have the unconditional love and acceptance from parents, everything else stems from their, their way.

We're willing to cooperate with you. And do what you'd like them to do if they believe that the parents have their back and love them with no, you know, without any conditions. So that's kind of the main message I relate to in parts of parents, it's hard to do when you're mired of the day-to-day parenting, but every once in a while, step back and ask yourself this, I believe, get here with this right now.

Is this really important though? In the grand scheme of life, adults, what? The small stuff, 90% of it is small. So always remember that when you're starting to get really irritated with the [00:42:00] kids and parents are not perfect. I'm not either. 

Will: Yeah. Well, that's great. Great parting words. You have given us a lot of food for thought and a great tool to engage in.

So thank you so much for coming on the show. 

Maria Riegger: Thank you all for having me. I had a 

Will: really good time. Thank you. It was a pleasure. It was really a lot of fun talking to you. And thank you listener for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on Facebook and Instagram.

So please find us there under, at skeptic metaphysician where you can find, like I mentioned, direct links, not only to our social media platforms, but also to that of our guest. Social media platforms for audio books and blog as always, if you know someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we shared on the show or any of our others, I hope you'll consider sharing us with that person.

It'll help grow the show and me just help someone else come to learn, to discover what wholeness. Now if you're listening to this on the radio, all of our shows are including this one can be found on our [00:43:00] site, skeptic, And you can even subscribe to the show or leave us a review or voicemail directly on the site. Well, this has been a full show.

That's all for now. Thanks again for listening in. We'll see you again on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician until then take care.