Angelic Awakening: Discovering the Judah Collective

What if you could tap into a collective of around 350,000 angels who move and work together as one unified being, similar to a swarm of birds?

This week’s episode allows us to do just that when we have the wonderful opportunity to chat with, and about, these beings who are considered to be the Oprah of the cosmos. They’re called the Judah Collective and they’re here to introduce us to powerful spiritual beings from other dimensions ready to help us in the moment we ask.

Listen to the Judah Collective yourself as Anjie Hipple channels them for us live on the show! Join us in the conversation about human enlightenment, awakening your power, and spiritual wisdom from beyond.

PLUS a very special health update from Will that just might have you believing in miracles!

"Its never too late to meet your angels and be reunited with your tribe. We don't think in terms of a 70 or 80 year life. You see, you are an eternal soul." – Anjie Hipple

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: I'm Anjie Hipple, author of The Answer To All Your Questions and creator of the True You Accelerator™ course. I have been so very many things in my life: wife, mother, schoolteacher, singer, songwriter, and so many other things. And right now in this season of my life, I have set all those roles aside to play the most important role of my life, which is as a channel for a beautiful collective of angelic beings from the fifth dimension.

Their name is Judah. Judah is a collective of around 350,000 angels who move together and work together as one unified being, much like a swarm of birds you might see in the sky. As a collective, Judah is considered the "Oprah" of the cosmos, here to introduce you to powerful spiritual beings from other dimensions ready to help you in the moment you ask.

And we are all going to work together -- the humans and these beautiful beings who are channeled -- for your highest good.

The Answer To All your Questions (The First Book of Judah): How To Gain Wisdom Beyond What You Know by Anjie Hipple

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