The Powers In You: A Near-Death Experience that Changed Everything

Do you find yourself helpless...feel like you're stuck and don't know how to move forward in your spiritual understanding and growth? Disconnected... feel isolated and alone in your journey, without anyone to guide you? Do you feel like you've been chasing spiritual understanding and growth, but keep hitting a wall? Are you searching for a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm? Then this episode is for you!

This episode you will learn:

1.What are the different levels of understanding among spirits?
2.What is the purpose of incarnating into a physical body?
3.How can we use our powers to create the life we want?

Leora Leon is a published author, TV Show Host, Divine Path Life Coach, Energy Healer, Teacher/Coach and an International Motivational Speaker. Leora learned how to overcome successfully, any trial or tribulation that came her way.  Never giving up, with determination, extensive education and training, she discovered the secrets to leading a happy and successful life. Leora has studied Metaphysics for over 30 years.

The Powers In You – by Leora Leon

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