How to See Auras and Interpret Them | Yasmine Yaiche

SummaryAuras are an unseen spiritual energy field that surrounds all living things. The different colors of your aura are thought to provide insight into your emotional and spiritual well-being. But can just anyone see them? And if so, how? What do...

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SummaryAuras are an unseen spiritual energy field that surrounds all living things. The different colors of your aura are thought to provide insight into your emotional and spiritual well-being. But can just anyone see them? And if so, how? What do the colors mean and how is it connected to the feelings you get when encountering others with conflicting auras? Absolutely everything you've ever wanted to learn about auras, on this episode!12/15/2021The Skeptic MetaphysicianHow to See Auras and Interpret Them with Yasmine Yaiche"We all have the ability to see auras. We all have the ability to channel.... everyone can do it."--Yasmine YaicheInfo about our guestYasmine is a medium on a mission to raise consciousness using her channeled gifts and energy healing through her brand, the Door to Value. She is a composer of messages from the ethereal realms to help her clients evolve their wounds into wisdom so that they feel empowered through their healing + elevate into freedom. And she's an expert on Auric visualization.Guest Info:Website: doortovalue.crd.coTwitter: @door2valueInstagram: @door2valueYouTube: Metaphysician Info:Website: skepticmetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast

Will: Hey, everyone. Welcome 

back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysician. I almost had to do the show without you, Karen. I was really concerned. But thankfully all the universe conspired, we had some technical challenges. It seems like it's kind of a running theme here. Right? We have technical challenges and it allowed us to kind of tap dance a little bit to let Karen join us after or so I'm thrilled because this is a really important one for you to be on care.

I'm very excited about this. I dunno, it's kinda dark in here, but can you tell what color is [00:01:00] my order right now? 

Yasmine: I don't even think my glasses had me. 

Will: That's a good point. Well, um, Yasmeen who's our next guest is a medium on a mission to raise consciousness, using her channel gifts and energy healing through her brand, the door to value.

She composes messages from the material realms that help our clients evolve their wounds into. So that they feel empowered through their healing and elevate into freedom is like poetry to me. I love it when, when they sent me their bios, because it always, it gives you an insight into the person's personality.


Yasmine: You said wounds into 

Not Sure: freedom. 

Will: Yeah. 

Not Sure: That's so much better than lemon until 

Will: I'm totally 

Not Sure: stealing.

Will: About a lot of things, and I'm sure that this we're going to the conversation is going to go into a lot of different places. I had the privilege of listening to one of her intuitive channeling sessions on clubhouse a bit ago, which prompted me to immediately invite [00:02:00] her, to share her expertise with us here and our audience.

So I want to welcome to the show Yasmeen, Yasmeen. Thank you so much for coming. 

Yasmine: Thank you so much. It's such a pleasure to connect with you both and gave me this topic of, of auras. And I can just see both of your auras already. It's glowing, it's healthy, and I'm excited. I'm excited to dive into the conversation today and get really esoteric on, you know, the metaphysician energies that exist in this world.

Yeah. Thank you so much for 

Will: having me. We're thrilled to have you and mom, you heard it here first. My aura is clean.

No, I'm, I'm going to make sure. Yeah, we're going down here in a few weeks, so I'm going to make sure she listens to it. 

Yasmine: And I can have to 

Not Sure: say it now. I don't read auras, but if 

Yasmine: you just 

Not Sure: look, I wish you could see her. She just is so bright and smiley and happy, and you're just exuding this energy.

Maybe, maybe I 

Yasmine: can see auras. 

Will: And that's a good point for those of you who are only listening to the [00:03:00] podcast. You're only seeing halfway or listening to half of it. When you have a chance, you should check out our YouTube channel so that you can see Yasmeen. Cause she does exude this incredible. Energy that you have to see to believe.

So. Okay. I've got to know. , you say that you've already seen our auras, so obviously you can see them through a computer. You don't have to be in front of someone to check out someone. 

Yasmine: Exactly. Yep. It's quite a strange thing because I basically just started developing and being open with my clairvoyance clairaudience, you know, all of these sort of sixth sense beyond gifts, if you will.

And so that kind of just has been evolving for me. And so recently, probably the past few months of 2021, I started to notice how easy it was for me to pick up a clients. Or I would sit with the. Have a session on zoom, right? It's not even in person because you know where they live in the world, the state of the world currently.

And I can immediately pick up on their energetic barrier even while I'm on clubhouse. And I'm just talking to someone I can get that download immediately, [00:04:00] sort of like a thought it's really profound and I can say out loud, and you have no idea. The person that is getting a reading from me, responding.

Wow. I've been seeing this color a lot more. Wow. Someone else, another psychic told me this just a few weeks ago. Like, I can't believe you just said that and it's like, I can feel, I can see it and I can feel it. Here's what's crazy. We all have the ability to see auras. We all have the ability to channel, but everyone can do it.

But it's sort of like, you have to be careful with your own energy because it's like almost as if you're staring at someone for 24 hours. Right. And just staring at them and you're around their sort of presence. Sometimes if you're not sure about who they are or, you know, the type of things that they're carrying from their entire life, you're sort of hanging on to their energy as well.

So that's kind of, you know, you might be able to see the aura if you're around someone for that long, but you're also carrying that person. Energetic field, meaning all the stuff that they've had throughout their entire life. And so it's [00:05:00] really profound. Anyone can access it, but it's can be intense if you don't, you know, try and transmute, it 

Not Sure: sounds like a sponge.

You can suck in 

Will: that. Okay. So, so, so first I'm really worried about what you're able to see right now. So, keep that in mind, but. Remind me later. And I'm sure Karen's going to remind me, remind me later to tell you my story about auras and seeing auras. I'll tell you about it later, once we get to that point.

So, you keep looking at me like I'm I got like a two heads coming out of my shoulders, everything. Okay. Yeah, 

Yasmine: I'm just trying to see if I can 

Will: see or I'm afraid. That's what the whole point is. You see something nevermind. So when someone sees auras, is it colors, is it feelings? Is it an info dump?

I've we've heard everything. We've seen pictures of people that are meditating in their energy field, around them and a different colors. And depending on the color, it kind of tells your. Mood or your thoughts? Like how does that work? 

Yasmine: Yup. And I love this question. Well, thank you for asking. And I [00:06:00] just have to say before.

Explain the kind of ORIC layer. I have to say both of your aura colors, because I'm sure that the audience is probably curious, like you said, you could see their horrors, what color is it?

And it's so beautiful. You know, Karen, yours is definitely emitting a yellow or a, and right now, you know, we're talking on, on video and we're also recording this and it's like, I can hear based on your voice, but I can also see your aura in the, in the physical. It's not showing in the camera, but like, through, it's really strange, like through my third eye, which would be kind of where the pineal gland is.

I can see. Sort of behind that veil, it kind of sounds like super woo you know, cuckoo type of deal, but it's there.

Right? We're all the, you know, all of us discover our own rule eventually at some point, but it's crazy. So you have a very healthy, clean sort of like vibrant or uh, it's yellow. And if you were to conduct. [00:07:00] Your aura to an energy center, which is a chakra. Cause that's, you know, the word that most people know, every culture has a word or a definition for those different energy centers.

But in this case, I'll use chakras. A yellow is connected to the solar plexus, which is very much it's, you know, above the abdomen, you know, above the navel, it's basically connected to your emotions and your self-confidence who you are as a person. Mind you it's connected to the gut. So it's also connected to sort of your mental layer.

So your ORIC layer, which is your mental layer is healthy. And I can feel that I can kind of feel other things about you as well. From that experience of just seeing that. Now 

Will: you're opening up a whole can of worms.

Yasmine: I mean, we, I know we could talk for hours on this. I can do a whole reading on you. Is the color 

Not Sure: always the same or do they change like, well, my, my aura. 

Yasmine: So it can change. I typically, if I focus on what aura you're carrying based on the [00:08:00] thoughts that you've had. So our aura, our ORIC layer, it shifts, we have those sort of standard colors, sort of like a mood ring.

If you will, if you're happy, you're going to have that energy conducted. The green is going to appear. Right. But. Based on your thoughts, the feelings that you're carrying, you're just the energy that you're holding. Let's say you are doing great. You're having a great day, but you still haven't had that tough conversation with let's say an employee or someone in your personal life, like a parent.

And you're holding onto that, that energy, even if you're, you're trying to push it to the back, it's still going to reflect in your ORIC layer. So to answer your question, yeah, the colors can change. They can switch. And it's not something we need to do. Scared about at all. So that's something we need to be worried about.

It's just an ability for us to recognize. Okay. I'm feeling good too. You know, how can I continue to allow this sort of supportive, loving energy around me? So I'm not allowing stress to take hold for too long. So it's, it's unique because, you know, [00:09:00] I'm seeing the yellow and I feel like that's very much connected to your ORIC health.

You wake up tomorrow, Karen, and you're like, man, I still want to be yellow. You can still be yellow. It's just like the, the, the ORIC layers will continue to shift and change. But right now your main Orrick layer that I can. Um, My guides are actually telling me the cathartic template layer. So that means it's connected to your top, your crown shot all the way around.

That is what I'm seeing right now. Which is very, very good. Like what does 

Not Sure: that mean? It 

Will: sounds so weird to say I want to be yellow today. And

so do me do me, do me, do me. 

Yasmine: So it's very, very powerful right after I saw yours, Karen being yellow. And by the way, this, this isn't bad, having different workloads doesn't mean anything it's just reflective of. And I will get into detail your choices, your thoughts, but, well, I actually see more so blue purple, which is also a good thing.

The celestial ORIC layer, [00:10:00] that means that you're very much in tune and connected to the sort of third eye and the crown and the throat chakra. So it's the top three chakras. Our throat chakra, right? Which is looking at our throat area and our third eye, which is sort of the space between your eyebrows.

That is the purple indigo color. So what I'm seeing for your aura is this basically focus. It's a focus that you have right now to continue and open and expansive spiritual conversation. And that is sort of at the forefront. Of your ORIC layer of your entire energy system. So it's sort of like you're tuned in celestially that that's reflecting in your aura as a primary.

Whereas Karen she's obviously tuned in as well, right? She's here in the show with us, but DOR or if layer is also, for some reason, it's reflecting other elements of your personality, which is a beautiful thing. And that can depend on how open you are as a person. You know, how you show up in the world.

There's so many layers. You know, never black and white. [00:11:00] There's always more than one contribution for the way we are the way we are. But yeah. What do you think about that for the both of you guys? Those colors? 

Will: Yeah. I mean, color wise, I've, Blue's my favorite color. So it works out great. I like the fact that, that, that you're seeing it's focused on, on spreading this spiritual message, because that has been a, a big thing I'm finding.

And I've been told by several different people that I'm here, not really to experience things, but rather just to help others to get the message out. Right. So I'm not I'm not bitter about. But I am happy to help spread the word for others to experience the stuff.

You know, I'm only teasing. I'm actually I'm I'm on. That I have a, I'm able to have a platform that can, that can help spread the message. If it can help one person, then that's great because I actually get a lot out of it. I think that I like all the toys a little too much. So it's, it's kind of [00:12:00] an ego lesson for me to say, you need to find.

Spirit within yourself, inwardly without all the bells and whistles, because that's really what, where you pathway is not. And I'm finding that to be actually super inspiring for myself. 

Yasmine: that is inspiring. I feel like it's amazing that you get to connect in this way, right. Connect and really discover your purpose.

And it's interesting, you said helping other people, and I shared this. With you before, when we were talking on the phone before, you know, doing the call I know that there is just everyone who's here right now has a purpose. Right. And this is what's unique about as difficult as it is. What's. In the world because it's sort of allowing a lot of people to turn inward and kind of connect in a way with their own experience and their journey that is seeing the benefit of two things, helping others.

Like you will, but also discovering more about their aura, right? Like who they are as a person, what kind of vibe they want to carry in order to [00:13:00] manifest and bring about just the utmost best experiences. So you can see our auras 

Karen: and we're in a room that's kind of lit up funky, which I think it's incredible that with all the, even the weird lights, you can still see the colors.

Can you 

Yasmine: see your own. Can 

Karen: people say their own 

Will: good question. Yeah. 

Yasmine: That's a really good question. And I'm actually studying this now, how to properly see my own aura and kind of practice and hone in. It's actually, one of the harder things for energy workers to do is seeing their own aura. For some reason, it's easier to see other people's energy fields, but when you're looking at your.

You have to keep in mind, you're sort of carrying your own eco and mind and judgment. That is energetically. Yeah. Like it's just energetically there. So it's so hard to, you know, like if I um, and I've tried to experiment with this before, like if I try to sit down and stare at like my arm and see if there's a kind of connection between the color I'm seeing with my arm, you know, my whole body.

Right. And I try to practice it, just putting your own. [00:14:00] I'm seeing like color at all, which is really hard for me to do now. I'm sure if I fit kind of meditate on it, I can see an aura, but for some reason, it's just hard for a lot of energy workers to do that. And I think that means that it comes with a lot more self practice and self work.

Like it is very easy for me to channel for clients, but I can't really channel for myself at all. I can't pick up anything about my future timeline. It's just not possible. 

Karen: That 

Yasmine: seems like it'd be frustrating.

Okay. I have the answers for everyone else. Pretty much answers for myself. And I think the thing is, is if we knew too much, Then we wouldn't take the active steps to make those changes that we need to, to heal things that are needing to be healed. Right. It's sort of like, you know, if before you were born, they said, Hey, you're going to have all this wounding, just so you know, and you remember it when you're born, you know, you're not going to do the work.

And so it's sort of the, [00:15:00] kind of the same way of like discovering. What you're holding on to and how that's reflecting into the world. Now, mind you, you can kind of tell when you go into any space about how your aura, your vibe, if you will affect the environment that you're in or how it environment affects you.

And it's of. You know yourself, right? Even if you can't see your aura right away in the same way, you might be able to see your neighbors or your friends or your spouse, or whomever being alone with your own energy and being around other people. You can tell if something is not really matching up with you, it is that gut feeling that comes in and it's like, Hey, pay attention.

Something doesn't feel right about this experience. Something is not matching with. Energy alignment like with what's going on in your own little sort of bubble, if you will. And that gives us a reality check to kind of sit and like be intentional in that moment about how we can move forward. Like, do I need to change this environment that I'm in?

Is there something about my mindset that's creating this stress and [00:16:00] anxiety, which is leading to my aura, which I'm, you know, sometimes they even said. Like, oh, if you're out somewhere and you know, you walk into an aisle and there's a full aisle of people and all of a sudden you see a bunch of people leaving the aisle.

There's been a situation for me personally. And I know for some of my clients as well, where they get so paranoid, like why did it all the people just leave this aisle? As soon as I walked into this aisle, right? Like what, is there something about me? Like, do I smell sometimes, sometimes they can be connected to your aura and your vibe.

It's not something to blame yourself for. It's just. It could be a good vibe that you carry. That is just a lot of high energy resonance that it's moving other people away. Cause they're not energetically matching with you in that exact moment of time. Or it could be, you know, it could be just something with your energy of being a little bit more down that day.

And so it gives us a chance to sort of check in with ourselves. I feel not in an obsessive way. Am I good today? How am I feeling? 

Will: And to your point, I [00:17:00] think if I see the gas man running away from my house, I'm running to. Okay. So I could not, it just reminds me of the story that Joe 

Karen: gassy I'm running

Will: well. So, then let's get back to That makes a lot of sense. Your, or, you know, you always, everyone goes into a room sometimes and go, oh my God, the feeling in here is like, like it's not a good feeling I need to get out of here or the opposite. Like, wow. I feel like I'm at home. And so that's coming from.

The people in the room that the aura in the room, or can an oil, can there be a residual from someone who was in there before there, or stays behind? 

Yasmine: Um, Well, both, but your aura doesn't technically stay behind. It's not like a lost soul. Like energetically. Our energy can be left as an imprint in different places, for example, but it's never because energy is always moving, right?

So it's never in one place. And we learned this in middle school too, with physics and chemistry, how energy is always moving. It's always flowing the atoms, the molecules. They're [00:18:00] always at a state of just movement. So our energy can be like, In a place that imprint, if you will, is, is made, but at the same time, it's sort of transferring out.

So it'll sort of stay if you will imagine like a cloud in the room, but then it dissipates. And that just goes with the natural selection of energy and how that, that energy moves. But, you know, let's say you're walking into a place and you're feeling that energy. And you're like, I really, I feel something different about this experience that I'm in this conference room, let's say, right.

Or if you're walking into a meeting and you're like, I think everyone's doing well today because I'm feeling really good about where I'm at that sort of is you picking up on where all of these people are at energetically. Our auras stay with us. We have seven or eight layers. Some people actually claim that there's 11.

But I like to say that there's a layer per chakra. So we have an ORIC layer per chakra. 

Will: So then when you say the Karen is aura was yellow and mine was blue purple. [00:19:00] All the layers of the. 

Yasmine: Nope, they can change colors and they can change based on where you're at in terms of your healing.

So the yellow that I saw for Karen, you know, Karen, it could be kind of connected to, oh, you saw yellow color. Does that mean that there's something connected to my solar plexus chakra, that energy center that's in your. Because that energy center, that chakra is known to have a yellow hue, but that's actually not always the case, even though the chakras are known to have an association with a color, a particular color, it doesn't mean that that Orrick layer will match that color.

And so when I said that earlier, I felt like a yellow hue. And it's funny because my spirit guides are actually around me right now. I can feel them. And I'm sort of channeling at the same time. We'll talking to you guys going back and forth here, but the yellow that I'm feeling. Belt. And then I'm feeling from new Karen it's connected to the cathartic template, which is the outermost layer connected to our crown chakra, which is the tallest chocolates at the crown of our head.

[00:20:00] And that's said to be sort of a golden hue by nature. But I'm seeing yellow for some reason, I do feel like that's very much connected to clarity, like the vibrancy of your energetic field. Like laughter not really holding on to any residual stagnant energy. Like if someone cut you off on the road today, Like you would get pissed for a second and then you would let it go type of energy.

Like you're not holding onto something. Residual it's feels very clean and clear. That's kind of the way that I'm receiving it. Yeah, 

Will: I like about the laughter because if anyone's heard Karen laugh, you have heard Karen laugh. She did not hold back. And I love that about her. So then, I mean, I've got so many questions.

We can go in so many different directions. Karen, I don't want to take over the show. So is there anything that you would want to know specifically 

Karen: kind of thinking back to what we were talking about on, you know, if it's easy for you to read your own aura, and this is more of like a, I don't know, opinion or uneducated guests.


Yasmine: I think, I mean maybe 

Karen: could it be that on [00:21:00] the spiritual realm, you know, it's better for someone not to be able to, to have. Self knowledge so that they will focus more on helping other people and not just focus on themselves because I think very selfish if they were, you know, 

Yasmine: I love that. No, don't feel selfish at all. Well, and you know, Carrie, that's a phenomenal question. I think that a lot of people in the community talk about this a lot. I will claim to know and be the end, all be all this for knowledge. You know, I'm in the process right now of applying to an intuitive medic medicine school in California, because I want to expand on this practice.

But I know that a lot of folks who are connected with me with kind of this conversation about auras in the energy world, they have. Similar perspectives, but also expansive perspectives based on what they've experienced and the work that they've done. So, yes, I won't claim to be the end all be all.

But what I will say is, and that my guides have been giving me this message, this journey that we're on. Is a two-way [00:22:00] streak of sort of serving the world, helping others an equal give and take, but also helping ourselves in the sense that we all returned to the planet. I won't claim to say, you know, take what resonates, leave what doesn't, but we all essentially chose to come back to experience not only helping other people, but to also heal ourselves.

We're all serving as the black sheep of our family tree. I've been saying this all over Instagram where the liberator's of our family. Oh, it is a personal journey, but as you start to work on your self love, but that's the easiest thing. I can compare it to your own self love and self worth. How do I want to show up in the workplace?

How do I want to be paid? How do I want to be loved in my relationships? How do I want to live my life, et cetera, et cetera. You see a shift with other people in your network, because then they naturally. I'm noticing something about you. You're kind of glowing. What is your secret? I like your vibe. I want to know more.

And then they start to take on those things and shift. It becomes like a [00:23:00] domino effect pretty much. So it's kind of fun when you realize this. Cause you're like, oh, I have to do is be by myself and make sure I'm good on all fronts. And naturally the right people will be brought into my. And I'm going to know when it's my time to serve and show up and help someone because it's going to be in front of my face.

And that's because of the work that I do on myself as well. 

Will: There's a couple of questions I have. One is you mentioned earlier on that everyone can see auras. How does someone get to that point?

Yasmine: everyone has the ability for supremacists to channel. Intuitively like we can all receive messages from the divine, I actually say, or from the ethers or however you want to label it. But I actually say that if. Have a focus of working on yourself so much so that you're committed to your own self journey of personal growth.

Let's say, for example then what happens is that transpiring of you starting to receive intuitive messages downloads if you will, from the universe. So it sort of [00:24:00] becomes like what we all say in the modern Western world. I have a gut feeling that this is working is going to work. That's kind of what that connection is.

Our spiritual body and our physical body are always working in harmony to not only enjoy and experience the physical world, but to also receive messages from the ethers at the same time, it's sort of that mutualistic effect of our creation. So you can channel and as you start to channel as you practice and like, essentially.

Your third eye, you end up starting to notice people's auras and you don't necessarily need to be a clairvoyant or a psychic, or what have you to be able to tap in some people. I have no clairvoyance gifts and randomly one day they started seeing auras, actually a friend of mine in my, in my social circle.

She said, I literally see people's auras when I'm out. And it's the strangest thing, because I have no connection to, you know, the veil. I'm not a psychic what's that about? [00:25:00] And so it's interesting. Right. But it's like, as soon as we open up. Ourselves a little bit more and are willing to connect. All we have to do is just say set the intention I want to, I want to connect to the ethers and then all of a sudden you start to see the sides.

They synchronicities these events and your 3d experience. That are so completely catered into your, to you and your soul because of how unique you are, that another person might not recognize the sign in the same way as you, that the divine then brings in this, this awareness in front of you and you say, Hmm, okay.

This is interesting. Now I need to take the next step. And as soon as you take that next. It just gets stronger and stronger. And that is truly how I feel. You can expand your ability to tap into these gifts. I mean, anyone, anyone can have it. I feel not a lot of people are willing to do the work to get it though.

I will say that because 

Karen: so many people think it's something you have to be born with, but I like that you're saying it's something that you can, 

Yasmine: can work towards. [00:26:00] Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. It's, it's interesting. Cause both of my. They have sort of mediumship gifts. My dad can see spirits. That's all he has.

And. Actually can sort of have vision. So she'll have dreams. She's had a series of dreams that she's told me about for even you. I was moving to Chicago before I even knew what was going to happen. And she shared that with me few years ago, and they've all come true with me forgetting about it and her reminding me about it, you know, when she came to visit a few months ago.

So it's, it's pretty intense. I personally did not develop a strong. Connection to the spirit realm until this year. Like, it has been ongoing for me since 2018. But you know, this year is when I sort of said, okay, I want to channel, let me try it. And what I started doing was going on clubhouse, you know, with these different clubs offered my gifts, said I would like to channel and see what comes through.

Surprisingly, I just found by the virtue of praying [00:27:00] meditating, righteous before setting that a good energy intention. It's just sending that good intention into your work field so that you don't allow any disturbances from all the other energies that existed with perhaps any. You know, joins your space and all of a sudden, you know, you get these downloads, they're like thoughts to me.

I don't really have to think about it too hard. It just comes in and I'm like, okay, let me share this. Let me explain it in this way. You know, what's, what's the message. How's it gonna resonate with this person? So. For me not to be born with it. I think that's something that's a tall tale of what human beings are capable of in this point in time.

Will: So you, we keep talking about seeing auras and we also talking about the fact that it comes from your third eye chakra, your penial gland is it really, can you, are you using your eyes to see it or is it more of an intuitive look like I'm looking at it? Is it like a. Those magic eye puzzles, where you stare at something in your eyes, kind of go wobbly and Nelson.

The picture of emerges picture. [00:28:00] Is it like that? 

Yasmine: That's so funny, you said that they still have those things that exist, where it's like you see the picture and all of a sudden the color changes type of thing. Yep. Kind of, yes and no, I honestly don't have to think about it at this point. It just comes naturally, but it's not an everyday thing.

So, you know, after this call, for example, I have another call with the client. And then after that, I'm going to go to the gym. Let's say, once I go to the. I'm around all these people that are working out with me. I'm not going to see all of their work layers for several reasons. The first could be, if you don't want to intentionally connect to someone's energetic field, you don't have to see it.

You can just ignore it. A lot of mediums say it's not possible for them to turn that off. That there sometimes taking a shower and all of a sudden they can see something that wasn't there before. I personally believe that you can turn it off. So. I don't really see people's auras right away. But, you know, for situations like the, both of you, as soon as you mentioned that I just naturally allowed that channel to open.

I, it was just a thought, okay, I'm going to, I set an intention, [00:29:00] right? I want to see what comes up. And it just downloaded as a thought immediately. And as I'm looking at it, I'm seeing that you'll work field around her and I'm seeing the yellow hue sort of like someone took a paint and just painted over with that color.

So it comes very, very clear. And yeah, so, I mean, it depends, you know, where you're at in your intuitive journey. 

Will: Okay here. Here's where the, where my story is going to come in that I told you about before that I had a story about auras because it's something that's freaking me out a little bit right now.

And I'll explain it in a second. So before I get there, quick question, can someone manipulate their. 

Yasmine: In the sense that you're manipulating it, you're going to hurt yourself pretty much. If it's a manipulation that's ill intentioned 

Will: like can someone expanded or contracted or. All right. Here's my story.

We long, long time ago when I was living in Miami and I was first starting to look into all these different modalities and things like that. I studied under a man who was of [00:30:00] middle Eastern descent. Who is his name? Was.

It very in the middle of the middle Eastern middle east, but, very, he, he was a disciple of Sai Baba. He had started a lot and I wanted to learn about all this stuff. So I started doing meditations with him and he did some Reiki stuff with me and Vassar and all that kind of stuff.

And He would regularly tell me, oh, your aura is really off today to color whatever brown or whatever it was. And it wasn't, you know, what's going on, what's happening. And he, and sure enough, oh my God, Larry how'd, you know, that, that kind of thing. Right? Cause he sees my aura within some of the one time we were sitting here across from each other and there was instance burning and we're having just a conversation at night.

I said, I'm not sure. I think I'm seeing your aura. Is it like a, like an energy field around you that kind of takes the shape of like your head and your shoulders kind of thing. And he says, oh, okay, well, what color is it? Well, I don't know. I don't really see a color, but I see kind of a, a silhouette around you kind of thing.

And he said, okay, [00:31:00] let's do this. What's it doing now? And he closed his eyes. And as soon as he did that, I saw his aura or whatever it is, shoot up from the top of the head, just shoots straight up. And I went, whoa. And he goes, oh, you are seeing it right. Then he confirmed what, what I had seen. Remember, this is a skeptic metaphysician, right?

I am not a hundred percent convinced. That's what it was. And I honestly, I had forgotten about that up until right. This moment, because as we, and I'm looking at you in the camera and I am seeing. The same kind of outline around you right now. And it's a color, like a dark green. Is that, does that make sense to you at all?

Yasmine: Yeah, it definitely does. And what's crazy is my entire partner is decked out in dark green, light green. I mean, it's all like if I could show you the camera, like everything I have around me besides my couch is green. So that's very accurate. I've been feeling I've been having heart palpitations all day.

Weird for 26 [00:32:00] year old, but that has been a significance of the heart shocker, which is the color green. So that's no surprise that you said that to me there. 

Will: I am getting

that. Okay. So maybe I do have some tools after all. That's pretty cool. So again, I don't know if I'm really, I mean, it could just be wishful thinking. But, but to me it is kind of like that third, like that, which is why I asked the question that magic I puzzled because I'm like, if I look at you, I'm not really seeing it.

But when, if I look at you and I relax my, my gaze a little bit, that's when it starts seeing it. And right now you've got a pretty closed in around you right now. So that's why I asked if you could contract it or expand it because I feel at first it was pretty regular. The average, but then now I'm seeing kind of contracting.

So I don't know if maybe you were you're uncomfortable in a meeting or I'm sorry. I don't mean 

Yasmine: I actually, I actually pulled it in. And what you asked earlier about manipulating that energy it's real, you can do that. You can do that in the way of just an it's so funny that you said that the person that you were [00:33:00] speaking to, he was able to bring that energy through his crown all the way up.

I try to actively do the same thing when I go to the gym, because if there's so much. You know, kind of energy around. There's a lot of people I like to sort of stay in my own bubble, which doesn't always work in my favor because then strangers start coming up to me. But I try to do that same thing that he did imagining manipulating that energy and visualizing, which is a huge component to you.

Being able to. Basically have that frequency shift in your favor. So basically I visualize that aura to go all the way up and I don't know why I did it like that, but you guys know what I know, but basically for it, for it to go all the way up to the ethers and I imagine it and it, and it totally works.

So with you saying that aura coming expanse, like basically going in a little bit more, it's like, I'm trying to harness it. Putting it not in a box, but more closely tied to my own frequency and visualization is the key here. [00:34:00] It really does make a difference. Wow. So can you see. 

Will: Hmm. Now, I don't know if it's because of the blue behind you, but I, I, I, don't sorry 

Yasmine: I take her and I still see her or I'd so vibrant.

It's just like, her is kinda like this like little squiggles around, so it's around you, but it's sort of, I love that it's very heavily. Yeah. So then what 

Will: would it be that I could see yours, but maybe, but not Karen's. Why would that. 

Yasmine: That could be for a number of reasons, maybe just the need for you to focus more in on Karen's aura.

Like really, really focusing. So sometimes if we around people that were very close to our colleagues or our friends or our family, we can pick up their aura, but we might not. And usually at those times it could be because we're not allowing that barrier to go down all the way. It's sort of. A little bit more energetic work to be able to [00:35:00] sit with someone that you know, a little bit more and actually identify what that work field is, but Karen's is really yellow.

I mean, I don't always use. Healing in my readings, it comes and goes as it needs to. I'll see it when it, for a person when it, when I need to see it. But for years, it's just something that's very, very prominent. Like it can feel it in my third eye almost. Right. So it was just quite beautiful. You know, not to say well that I can't see yours, but it's this Karen's, it's really like, you know, at the forefront of what I'm feeling, 

Will: believe me on the first one to say that Karen is much more beautiful than me, for sure.

So, no worries.

All right. So you had also mentioned that not only can you see colors in the ORIC field itself, you actually get information from that that you just mentioned that when you, you don't use or acute. All the time. It's just when, when you need to see a you'll see it. And you also mentioned the fact that [00:36:00] Karen you saw right away.

So does that mean that Karen needed some sort of a healing. 

Yasmine: Well, no, because, well, so first of all, if I were to channel for Karen now, which I can kind of sit and pick up things, if you guys want me to experiment with that, but just with the get-go with you, Karen, it just is so vibrant for me in the forefront.

Almost. If I had to describe it, it's like wills, aura. Is behind a little bit of a veil, but I can still feel and see it. Yours is in front. And to me that doesn't necessarily mean, you know, anything bad or good. It doesn't mean that you need healing. It just means that that's the frequency that you're carrying.

And as I mentioned earlier, the yellow that I'm feeling from you is very healthy. It's very clean. You know, and just because someone's aura is clean, doesn't mean that. They don't have any trauma or wounds or anything that they're thinking about that is stressing them out. It just means that that's the primary focus of your ORIC field of what you're carrying energetically is more of a sense of like [00:37:00] flow laughter, joy just prioritizing sort of a fun, upbeat, playful energy, rather than really focusing on something.

That's a little bit more deaths, if that makes sense. Yeah. 

Will: Nothing can different people see different colors in the same person? 

Yasmine: Possibly I've seen that work in one of our, everything has energy club on clubhouse. I've seen that work with that club where one of us will read for a guest and another healer will read for another, for the same guests, excuse me.

And then we kind of pick up the same messages. So it is possible. I think that someone's org. Depending on how strong it is. We'll reflect a little bit more vibrantly for the same sorry, the different healers. So let's say you have a group of three mediums who can visually see someone's ORIC field.

There is a very high likelihood that all three healers mediums can see that person in that particular person's aura, but it depends. And that's kind of goes back to my point of there's 8 [00:38:00] billion people on the plant. And that means 8 billion people are experiencing their own personal truths perspectives, that their reality.

So it's very likely that they, what I can pick up might be different than what the next person could pick up. And a lot of that also has to do with what your higher self Karen, for example, that's aspect of your soul that is supporting and living with the angels. If you will, what they're allowing me to ask.

Some mediums might give you very, very specific details about your energy, what needs healing, you know, past life, anything like that. And while as the next healer or medium might not be able to, and that has a lot to do with basically what your higher self is allowing to come in, you know, what the divine is allowing to come in.

So, but I have no, you know, disagreements in that. I think if the F another intuitive was on this call right now, they'd probably be able to pick up the same thing. Cause it's really like. For lack of a better word it's in my face. It's like so beautiful. I've [00:39:00] actually never had that before with seeing yellow for someone's aura.

So that's definitely a first for me. 

Will: Cool. So in reference to your point about whether we want you to channel, whatever comes through, we are an open book. So if you want to, if something comes out and said, Karen, oh my God, I got to tell you, stop doing this. Right. Whatever it is, whatever it is that comes through, please feel free because we do edit this.

And if it becomes too personal, Okay. Now

Yasmine: I've got to say this because I just feel inclined to you know, Karen, it's just coming through really clear for me. When I first initially saw the yellow hue around your, your energetic field, your cut, their template layer. I, for some reason, got this very strong message about a bunny run. Like a rabbit and I've been seeing that it's very heavy.

Now. Normally rabbits are representative of fertility. New, whether it's a pregnancy or new beginnings, fertility in life is often a symbol of new beginnings, new chapters, but I see [00:40:00] just a bunch of. So maybe you look up the symbol or the meaning spiritual meaning of bunny rabbits. If you don't have a personal connection to them and see what resonates with you.

But I just, I'm seeing that really, really prominent, like I'm literally seeing a white bunny hopping. So, probably also a symbol of curiosity in the world and exploration, but I do feel like it's more so symbol of birthing something. Okay, well, I'm 

Karen: gonna have to, 

Yasmine: yeah. I'm my curiosity is like going in to message me and let me know.

Will: So then what, what do also yellow and you saw a yellow and Karen, you saw blue purple and me. What, what, are there any colors that are not good? 

Yasmine: All right. Well, I don't know if you need me to read you now. So I'll, I'll share this or as are not as, as I mentioned earlier, black and white, you know, as we may think that life is.

And so our auras can have indications of [00:41:00] healing. When we see sort of like a gray Mustang. Kind of dirty type of orange color. I don't think dirty is not even the right word. Maybe sort of like a brown, black, gray, those muted, darker colors are sort of connected to the Arora. If we are carrying a lower vibrational energy and it's not necessarily a bad thing, as I said, it's an indication for us to recognize gain a level of self-awareness of something's not right.

At any point in time, any single human being can have a clouded. Darker colored aura. And a lot of times those auras don't only just come with that shade. It's more so the holes, you see gaps in that, in that person's energy field, it's like a visible hole. And you can kind of tell when they need to transmute something.

So, yeah, it's, it's kind of goes along with. Let's say for example, and I feel this more so because of where I'm at in my journey, but you know, again, take what resonates, but a lot of times, if you're in a place energetically where you're just [00:42:00] so sad, you're upset about something that's happening in your personal life and you just don't know what to do with it, but it's happening.

And you're just kind of carrying that. It's so important to feel your emotions and not suppress them because essentially if you suppress them, you're bypassing your truth and life will bring something in front of you so much harder for you to recognize it. But here's what you can do with, with knowing that information, knowing that you're not feeling good.

Is going about your day. If you have to continue to run errands or go to work or go to school, or what have you taking that knowledge that you have about where you're at emotionally and energetically and keeping it in mind? Because when we carry that frequency about our day, Not to put it behind, but we have to be so aware of how we take it to other places and forget about worrying about too much about, oh, how will my issues affect other people?

Energetically. Don't think about that. It's more so how will my energetic field that is not in the most [00:43:00] optimal state today? Impact get impacted by the external world. I don't want to have any other energies feel influenced to come near me. And this is not a fear based thing at all. Not to say that you need to be worried.

It's sort of like an afterthought. Think of it like an afterthought. Just go about your day, but be mindful about how the way you feel can affect what. Access your energetic field more. And that kind of shows when you come across people on the road cut you off and then someone annoys you on the phone or something happens with, you know, your phone company, just all these random things.

And it's like, this is a reflection of not only my energy, my thoughts and what I'm carrying. It's a reflection of also what I've allowed myself to take on too much, too much into the physical world. I got to heal something. I got to take care of myself, you know, get my myself love. And then hopefully that starts to transmute some things.

Will: Alright, so you started that whole thing by willed. You need me to read you now, is that, are you trying to tell me something because [00:44:00] you were talking to me. 

Yasmine: you know, well, I know obviously Karen's energy is very, very prominent because it's so good that I. That I'm feeling that well I think for you, it's just very much connected to a one track mind, and that could also be because you have a very prominent masculine energy.

But when I say one track, mind, I need, it's sort of like a straight shoot, like a straight shoot all the way from where you are in the physical right now as a human being to the divine. And I'm. Sort of like the story you shared earlier, a blue purple indigo. It's more of an indigo. Whew. That's just conducting all the way up to the divine, which means, and my, my left.

Okay. Now both of my ears are reading right now, actually, as I say that, which usually when that happens on a nonphysical way, let's just say spiritual way. That means that the divine is, is starting to affect. What you're saying. So that, that could be an affirmation for you. It just means you're focused.

You're tuned in I also intuitively my third, I see a gear. [00:45:00] Connected to that as well. Like, you know, those sort of like the gears from a settings or, you know what I'm talking about, like the internet browser settings, I'm seeing that. And that's telling me again, that you're very, very focused right now on, on the job.

You're doing, and that's not a bad thing. It's actually, it's actually very healthy because it means that you're living in the present as much as possible. You're not really carrying the monkey mind too far for yourself. Great. So I'm gonna put my 2 cents in with that

Karen: can get very focused, but he'll get like, almost very single-minded. And can 

Yasmine: that ever be. 

Karen: Bad thing. Yeah, because sometimes I think it prevents him from being able to experience other things because he gets really fixated on 

Yasmine: what he's focusing on. Yeah. It depends on the nature of what it is. I think single-mindedness.

I guess you could say it's okay to focus and be present, but sometimes if you're holding onto something like a particular ideology for too long, you're too attached. And what happens is you're going to meet [00:46:00] people naturally that are going to come into your environment to shake up that single-mindedness that attachment.

I don't know if I connect. A hundred percent. Totally. Okay. But that's kinda just what I'm feeling from single-mindedness is sort of like it's okay to have a one-track mind. If it's something that's allowing you to be in the present moment and focus on what needs to get done. Let's say the masculine energy in general, and these are just energies.

It's not saying you don't anything left or right. Or anything like that, but the masculine energy in general is very much an operating mode with action with. Steps with giving. So sort of having that single-mindedness is sort of like a go, go, go mentality. Like another easy example is in a relationship.

I posted a video about this on my Instagram a few months ago, but basically a couple, a male and a female in a relationship let's say, or if you have someone who's predominantly feminine energy and someone who's predominantly masculine, if they get into an argument, the masculine energy, the person who holds that primary energy in the relationship.

They're going to just want to get to [00:47:00] the point 99% of the time, if not 90% of the time, they want to just get straight to the point. Whereas the feminine energy wants to circle around and have her point heard. And it's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just about, that's how the feminine energy operates beyond logic.

And reason and more so about love, like really, really getting deep in the intricacies and the details. So that can be a good thing. Right? And so the masculine energy in this case, you know, we'll you having that aura? It's not really a bad thing. It's just not remit reminding yourself, not to get too attached to one particular thing.

So that you could allow for more expansive, you know, opportunities to come in. 

Will: I could literally, literally I could literally sit here and talk to you all night long about stuff. I mean, truly. 

Yasmine: I'd love to 

Will: talk to you about again. Well, we'd love to truly, truly would love to have you again, because I thought we were going to go all over the place.

We kept ourselves [00:48:00] pretty well to the aura thing, which is good because there's a lot to talk about, but it's also bad because you have so many. Else that you can share so much expertise you can share with the world. That makes me sad that we didn't get a chance to, to, to talk about it. But we are getting close to time and I know that you've got to go.

So if someone wanted to reach out to you to connect with you for a reading, or did you just want to follow you because they love your energy, how what's the best way for them to. 

Yasmine: Yeah, and I appreciate you both so much. Thank you for this time. I would just say if you'd like to connect with me as, you know, our conversation with us three, you know, served you in any way or resonated with you.

Just find me on Instagram at door, the number two value. And I do have a link in my bio that. You know, reading service options available for you. And another great way is through clubhouse, right? I mean, this social audio is growing in all these different directions. And I think that that is sort of the next leading future for a lot of folks, especially podcasters.

[00:49:00] Right? So hopping on, they're hopping on a social audio app like clubhouse and connecting with with me, you can search me with the same handle. So again, that's at door, the number two that. 

Will: Great. And I'm going to go ahead and put all those links on our show notes. So if you're looking for a way to connect to Yasmeen, you can just go to skeptic,, go to the episode where she's at and all those links will be there.

That is just a click away film as mean, thank you so, so much for coming on the show. It has been a wonderful time spent and truly, I hope you consider. 

Yasmine: Oh, I would absolutely love to you. Both are phenomenal, phenomenal hosts and so great. I'm leading and guiding a conversation that, I mean, I could talk to you both for hours.

It's really nice, you know, to have this kind of deeper conversation. So I appreciate 

Will: you though. Absolutely. And thanks Karen for coming fighting through all the gremlins and, and making your way to the show. Really appreciate having you here at all the time. Can you ask some great questions that I.

Thought of, so that they here and [00:50:00] listener, thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. Now we'd love to continue our conversation with you on Facebook and Instagram. So please feel free to find us there under, at skeptic metaphysician, where you can find the direct links, not only to our social media platforms and those of our guests, but where you can subscribe to the show or leave us a review or a voicemail directly.

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Then just this three-dimensional body that we inhabit. Now, you miss any of our show today. You listen to this on the radio, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be found on our site. Skeptic,, where you can become a member of a community for free and enjoy the added benefits of discounts from services from some of our past guests, as well as a chance to connect with us directly, you can even leave us a voicemail that we might [00:51:00] just read on the air in a future episode.

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That's all we have for now. I want to thank you again for joining us and we'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician until then take care.