The Secret Afterlife of Pets | Rob Gutro

Everyone knows that mediums can speak to people from the other side. And this week's guest certainly does that.....but his special power is speaking with animals that have passed on to the afterlife.

On this show, this pet medium gives us the low down on what its like for our pets on the other side.

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"Pets are amazingly intelligent. They have the intelligence of a three to five year old child... So they learn on a lot of different levels. They learn language, they learn emotion, they have instinctual learning, they learn social interaction... I love to say the only difference between a human child and a dog is that dogs won't grow up and marry someone you don't like and move away."-- Rob Gutro

Some topics covered:

  • How he learned to communicate with pets that passed on
  • What types of things does he prefer not to disclose to owners of deceased pets and why?
  • How he uses his abilities to help people learn how their pets died
  • Does the spirit of your pet move with you if you move or do their spirit remain where they died?
  • DO all dogs go to heaven?
  • Did Karen's beloved pet Kyra make an appearance on the show?

And much, much more!

About our Guest:
Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator and medium with Inspired Ghost Tracking of Maryland. He's become known as a pet medium, although he communicate with pets and people who have passed. Since he was a child he could receive messages from ghosts or spirits (who have crossed over).

His latest book is "Pets and the Afterlife 3: Dog Spirit Signs."

Rob's Books Can Be Found Here:

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Pet Medium


Karen: So Karen, when we first met, you had a dog. I did now. She was a great dog. She was the best dog, the best dog, the best dog. Now, do you miss her? Oh my gosh. Yes. You miss her a lot, right? I do. Sometimes I even dream about her still. Well,

Will: you are in luck, my friend, because our next guess is a paranormal investigator who also happens to be a medium.

Now, you know, that mediums speak. people from the other side mm-hmm right. Well, our next guest also does that, but he also speaks with animals really from the other side. Yes. And he's known as a pet medium and he's here today to give us a low down on what it's like for our pets on the other side.



Will: Welcome to the skeptic meta physicians I'm will. And I'm Karen. And today we have the pleasure of welcoming Rob GTO to the show. Rob is the author of the pets and the afterlife series of books. The latest of which messages from dog spirits can now be found on Amazon and wherever books are sold. Rob, I am incredibly excited to have you on the show mostly because Karen is such an animal lover.

I know she's fairly giddy right now. I'm so

Karen: excited. so think thanks for coming on the show.

Rob Gutro: Well, thanks for having me will. And Karen, I really appreciate you having me.

Karen: Well, it's

pet-medium_recording-1_2022-03-21--t10-46-15pm--60a6648fbe6c5f0878af8737--willrodriguezfl: our

Will: pleasure to have you. I'm gonna just go ahead and open the floor up for Karen because I know she's chumping at the bit. So, Karen, what

Karen: do you got for Rob? Oh God, I have so many questions. I guess my first question is. How did you find out you could [00:02:00] do this and how did you know it was animals?

And I guess I got lots of questions. How did they speak, how we'll stop with we'll start with the first one. Let's take it question at a time. Did you realize you were communicating with animals?

Rob Gutro: Well, first I had to communicate with people and I learned that back when I was a teenager and my grandfather appeared to me about six or seven months after he died. And he scared the daylights outta me.

Karen: Yeah.

Rob Gutro: yeah, I, I actually told my parents and my, it turned out my mother had the ability, but she was afraid to use it.

So what what's interesting. No, she wasn't surprised. But she did tell me about her, you know, that she had the ability, which was a comfort to me that I wasn't going crazy. But I kind of buried it for a long time while I was getting, you know, growing up and going to school and going to work and all that stuff.

And, and in 2005 I had a puppy I bonded with him very quickly because he came to me with pneumonia. And I, I got him well, and in [00:03:00] when he was seven months old, I was walking him and his leash open. He ran across the street and was killed by a car

Karen: Oh man.

Rob Gutro: and he became the world's best canine communicator.

And he really, we reawakened my abilities. as a, a medium, you know, I hadn't thought about being a medium at all for my entire life until 2005 and I used to journal everything. So I wrote everything down and that became the foundation of my first book.

Karen: So how did the, the, your dog first kind of make contact with.

Rob Gutro: Well, there are a number of ways. The first way was actually a musical sign. And I learned as I got more in tune with things that there's no such thing as a coincidence when it comes to spirit. So what happened was after. My, my neighbor's call came out. They helped me. We took his body back to my house.

I called the vet, but as soon as I went into the house, I opened the door and the radio was not on. When I left [00:04:00] to walk the dogs, it was him and another dog of my roommates. But the radio was on when I came back and the radio was playing the, the dance by Garth Brooks about a man who loved deeply for a very short time and was very grateful.

And I. There there's no song that could be more appropriate than that. There was another song that came on right afterward, which was also very appropriate. But once I took him to the vet, I drove him to the vet. Some friends met me there and we were standing in the parking lot waiting for the vet to just kind of clean him up.

And so I could say goodbye and a trashcan li. Into the trash cans next right next to us popped off and was shot about four feet in the air. Now there was nothing behind it. There was nothing there to do that. And I knew it was him because I heard him in my head and he said, dad, I'm here. And that kinda freaked me out.

Karen: Yeah, I bet


Will: we're a little

Rob Gutro: yeah, so, so that was the beginning. But he [00:05:00] gave me signs, many signs in many different ways over the years.

Karen: And when he said dad I'm here, was it just a feeling of that communication or did you hear words?

Rob Gutro: Oh, I can, I can hear them. So pets are amazingly intelligent. They have the intelligence of a three to five year old child, according to Dr. Stanley Coran, who wrote a couple of books that I love called how dogs think and the intelligence of dogs.

So they, you know, they, they, my books explain, they, my books actually cite his studies and dogs learn on a lot of different levels.

They, they learn language, they learn emotion, they learn instinctual, they have instinctual learning, they learn social interaction. We teach them how to go to the bathroom. We teach them to go to obedience school. We take them to the doctor. I love to say the only difference between a human child and a dog is that dogs won't grow up and marry someone you don't like and move away. [00:06:00] Right.

Karen: Hmm.

Will: Well, so Rob, I gotta ask you, cuz I ask this all the time. The question on my mind, write the. Second is when you say you hear them, like, is it an auditory thing or is it in your mind that you hear them? Because we've

Karen: heard both ways.

Rob Gutro: Yeah, for the most part, it's in my it's in my head. A lot of the ways that spirits communicate with people are telepathically. So as a paranormal investigator, when I go on investigations for earthbound, ghosts and ghosts are earthbound spirits have crossed over. That's the way I define them.

Karen: Oh, okay.

Rob Gutro: When I encounter a ghost, I actually can see them in my mind.

So I actually, I sketch them out. I bring a book with me and I sketch them out. I, I learned how to draw by the way from my mom and I used to draw superheroes when I was kids. So it comes in handy as an adult.

Karen: So

Will: then you draw them out in your paranormal investigations, but do you do the same thing with the animals? What [00:07:00] occurs to me is someone comes to you and says, Rob, I need to talk to my pet goldfish who died yesterday and I had to flush him. Is it just dogs and cats or is it any kind of.

Rob Gutro: good question. It is any kind of domesticated. Animal. I, I actually have done a short reading with a fish, believe it or not, because fish can only convey to me what they see from their environment, what they see and what they hear. So, but for the most part, it's it's dogs and cats, it's horses, I've done birds and rabbits and gerbils and even a rat.

So. No spiders and no snakes and

Karen: No,

Rob Gutro: you know, no reptiles.

Karen: what's the most impactful communication you've had with a.

Rob Gutro: oh my gosh. You mean how many times have I cried doing a, doing a reading?

Karen: no, I mean, have you ever had like, you know, a dog say, well, tell my owner, you know, not to go into this room because there's a snake in the corner under the bed. , you know, something like [00:08:00] anything like that.

Rob Gutro: so there's been no warnings. There have been some pets who have told me that they didn't like the person's boyfriend or girlfriend. But you know, those are kind of things that you kind of hedge about whether to disclose or not because it's really about the pet. So. I think one of the movie, one of the most moving pet readings I've ever done is, is a cock spaniel puppy that passed away.

And his name was Clancy and his mother didn't know how he passed away. And, and she was out actually with friends the night. The night he, he fell ill and her husband was watching him. And this is, I think this is my pets in the afterlife two book, but it's a good lesson from a spirit. So. She wrote me.

And she told me that when she, she was called home because the dog was very sick and from her husband and she called the emergency vet. They told her to either bring the dog in or watch the dog. If the dog doesn't look like it's uncomfortable and then make an assessment in a couple of hours and then bring the dog in.

So she said, [00:09:00] okay, I'll wait a couple of hours, watch the dog and, and bring the dog in. Well, in a couple of hours, the dog passed. This was a puppy. So she didn't know what happened. She had no idea because a puppy was fully healthy when, when she left. Well, so what I ask people to do is send me a picture of their pet.

Give me their pet's name. Tell me if it's a male or a female, cuz I don't know like, if, if peanuts is a male or a female for instance

Karen: right.

Rob Gutro: Tell me, tell me the name of the person or people in the house. because those, all those people want to be acknowledged by their pet and any questions they have. So she asked about how the dog died.

And so Clancy showed me, Clancy is the dog's name. Clancy showed me that he was eating plants in the backyard. And so when I wrote this, this reading up, I emailed her and I said, here's a link to the SPCA website about toxic plants. Please let me know if any of these are in your backyard. And she wrote me back and she said, Oh, my God, there are a [00:10:00] number of those plants in my backyard.

Clancy loved to eat plants. He was out in the backyard that night. Now I understand. So Clancy's message, which really choked me up is a warning to pet parents to be aware that some of your common house plans are toxic to your dogs and cats. So that was probably one, one of the hardest ones for.

Will: that sounds like a hard one. Now, are they around all the time or do you have to physically have to tune into something? Just gonna ask? Yeah. Sounds like we're tuned in Karen.

Rob Gutro: You are you're reading each other's energy. that's fantastic. They are not around us 24 7, like they are in life. So when anybody passes, so what happens after we pass is that the memories, personality, and knowledge that we have of this life. Couples with the energy that is within us. We all have energy.

If you think of how the brain works and, and thoughts are little electrical impulses. If you think of cells splitting and so forth, that's energy. And it has to go somewhere [00:11:00] according to the law of conservation of energy. So a couples with memories, personality, and knowledge, and we choose to either stay here on earth at a fixed location of our choosing.

And that's what I call a ghost, or we cross over. Join the energy of the universe or cosmos. That's what I call a spirit. And some people, you know, people can call that heaven or paradise or whatever you wanna call on the other side. So, pets who pass, like people who pass don't stay and stick around they're busy enjoying the afterlife as energy.


Karen: Okay. So Rob, you said that the, the ghosts will remain in a fixed spot. Does that mean they can't like if you move, your dog is staying at your old house or your dog's ghost is staying at your old house, even though you might physically move.

Rob Gutro: So it that's what really typically happens with the ghost, but 99% of our pets cross over in, into the light. Because when they pass, our loved ones are waiting for them. Our pets that we maybe have had when we were a child are waiting for them. And they, [00:12:00] because dogs and cats are are, and all animals are sensitive.

They can sense emotion. And in the light, there's nothing but love and acceptance and peace. So they all go to it.

Karen: Okay.

Rob Gutro: however are stubborn and they turn away from it from time to time. That's why there's more human ghosts than there are animal ghosts.

Will: So what you're saying. Is that all dogs do go to heaven.

Rob Gutro: Very good. Yes.

Karen: you know, every once in a while you hear about that cat ghost, but you know, hear about the dog ghost. Right, right.

Rob Gutro: There is one exception though will. And I met an exception in in England when I visited a, a little dog named Fanny that, that belonged to Mr and Mrs. John Stone, who, who he was an architect in, in England. And when I went, walked into his house, which is now a museum, there was a little dog that was running around and I knew it was, I knew it was a ghost.

I wound up confirming that with the people that worked there.

Karen: Why would a dog stay? Were you able to communicate with Fannie.

Rob Gutro: Fannie stayed because he [00:13:00] was very, I mean, I'm sorry. She was very bound to Mrs. So, and Mrs. So was still alive when Fannie passed. So Fannie did not want to go into the life. She wanted to stay and she wound getting stuck.

Will: You hear the dogs in your head you get the messages from them that you give to the owners. I can only assume that you've gotten some positive reinforcement from some of the folks that have come to you for you to go. Okay. Yeah. I am really talking to someone's pet rather than me.

Just kind of hoping and wishing that was hearing someone's pet. So can you give us some examples of some of those success stories that you've,

Karen: Encount.

Rob Gutro: Sure. Gosh. I, so I gave, I did readings for 10 years free of charge. And a lot of those people would ask me if I was right. If I was, if I would put them in a book. So I did. That's how pets in the afterlife one started. So now I have three books and I have two more pets in the afterlife, all written ready to go.

[00:14:00] So there were, there were quite a number of examples. One particular dog his name is buddy. He, he came to me. What I, what I do is I ask people to send me their name, the dog's name. A picture and, and any questions and the number of people in the house. So they, this couple sent me a picture of their dog, buddy.

I met the middle lecture. I did, they were crying through the lecture for the most part. And they could barely talk to me at the end. They just gave me their email and I gave them mine and they sent me a note. So buddy came through long story short and buddy. provided a whole bunch of things.

He, he told me how he received. He went through a drive through and got an ice cream on his last day. And that was his favorite thing. His favorite treat. He also told me about his favorite place to walk, which was a long dirt path with the tallest pine trees I have ever seen. He also told me about his grandmother named.

Elsie, but he, he [00:15:00] spelled it out E L K E. And I just thought these people are gonna think I'm outta my mind. So , I, I wrote to them and I told 'em all this, and they wrote me back and they said we can confirm everything. They did take buddy. Through a Wendy's drive through and got him an ice cream on his last day.

Then they let him sit in the park and watch other dogs. They also confirmed that they liked taking him to Germany, which is the wife's mother's home. Um, They loved. The dog loved going through a walk on a dirt path through the third garden forest, which happens to have the tallest pine trees in the world.

Karen: Wow.

Rob Gutro: The wife's mother's name is Elsie spelled E L K E a.

Karen: oh my

Will: gosh. That's pretty cool. All

Karen: right. That's

Rob Gutro: Yeah. Yeah. So it's kind of chilling.

Karen: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That's pretty cool. Oh my gosh.

Will: So do, do pets ever come to you? Unbidden I know we touched on a little bit. You said that most of them. They're not around us all the [00:16:00] time, but like for example, Karen's dog, Kira. Is, was it possible that while we're talking, she might stick her snout in your face and go, Hey, you gotta tell my mom something and I'll tell you why, because the people who are only listening to the show right now, don't see your background.

So if you wanna check out his background go to the YouTube video to tick, check it out. It just so happens that the dog that you have in your background looks exactly. Like Kira Karen's old dog who was also a wer both as a puppy and as a grown dog. So it's kind of ironic. that we're having you on the show

Karen: now.

Rob Gutro: So yes, actually. So there's no such thing as a coincidence when it comes to spirit. And that is a, that is a sign from your dog. That your dog is very much around you. When you see a dog that resembles your dog anywhere, either out walking or in a picture or somewhere know at that time you, [00:17:00] your dog brought you to that moment.

So you can see that picture, to know that they're still with you. That's how it works.

Karen: I'm gonna cry now. you need,

Will: you need a Kleenex. . We were there when she passed. Karen was directly there. I was in the other room. So, it was a. A sad time and to know that she's still around and, and kind of nuzzling us every once in a while.

It's kind of comforting

Karen: to know that. Yeah, that was tough. I'd had her for 16 years. So for a big dog, that's a long time.

Rob Gutro: Yeah. As a matter of fact my dog Dolly we adopted another wine after after buzz passed in 2005 and Dolly just passed in October, 2020. And she was just a couple weeks shy of 16. And she was, she she's my heart dog. And, and I can tell you a story about how. With an experience with her that she helped me realize, well, she helped me confirm that people are waiting on the other side.

Karen: That, that

Will: people are waiting specifically for you or just that in general, people[00:18:00]

Rob Gutro: They were waiting for her because it was her time to cross. It was the night before she passed.

Will: Wow. So, so who waits for the pet? On the other side, if you're, if you're with her here, who's there

Karen: waiting for.

Rob Gutro: So your relatives in, in spirit and any, any pets that you may have had? and what happened was I was sleeping on the floor with her in the kitchen. I, I always, in the last couple of months before she passed, I would always sleep. In the kitchen until she fell asleep. Me and my, our, our little docent who was bonded to her and we waited for her to go to sleep and then we would get up and go to bed.

Well, on that last night, I stayed there and so did the, our little docx and Tyler and at two 30 in the morning, Dolly woke up and, and was staring at one side of the kitchen. And, and she was in the kitchen because she was in incontinent. By the way she was wearing a diaper. So she wouldn't stop staring.

And I finally said, I said, lay down, lay down, lay down. And she wouldn't lay down. So I finally looked over there and in, right in the kitchen [00:19:00] at that door where my mom and dad who passed our friend ed and our three dogs. it was hard to see, but they were there for an instant. The next day, my friend Ruth who's a, a medium texted me and she said, Rob Dolly is okay.

And she said she was greeted by your parents and some other guy and your three dogs. and you know, I, I can, I can sense spirits all the time, but I, it, it just, it just destroyed me emotionally.

Karen: Yeah.

Will: I can only imagine pets for people. I mean, really part of the family.

Karen: Right? It's that unconditional love. Yeah. No matter what they just love you and to lose that is just devastating. Yeah. You

Rob Gutro: as a, a scientist in my day job, I, I, I just wanna say that I I've read surveys uh, papers, research papers. They confirm that people grieve more deeply for their loss [00:20:00] of their pets than they do for most people.

Karen: Wow. You know what I believe it


Will: no, not for any other reason other than, than what you just said, Karen, is that the unconditional love that these pets actually give you throughout life? The bond is much tighter mm-hmm than with a lot of people.

Karen: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rob Gutro: So there, some people will on your not so good list that are not gonna be grieved over a lot.

Will: I can either confirm nor deny anything cuz they could be listening. So ,

Karen: let's just say he misses Kira a lot. well, When you're approached by, by clients, what are they typically asking you for? Like, what are, do they just wanna know that their pet's okay. Or is there anything specific people want when they, when they reach out to you?

Rob Gutro: Sure. There are a number of things that people often ask me. One is, is, is, is the pet okay. Number two is, do they forgive me for helping them cross over and out of pain? And [00:21:00] the answer is always yes. Number three, they wanna know who they're with. If there's anything they should do, should I adopt another.

How will I know you're here? What signs will you give me? One question that really doesn't that some people ask that really it's hard to answer is what's your favorite memory with us? Because as we grow older, our memories change. I mean, our favorite memories change. I, I mean, I have a lot of favorite memories. What was a favorite 10 years ago is not as much of a favorite as more recent memories. So, and it's the same thing with a toy too. People say, well, what's my favorite toy? I'm like, well, what, what year so it's,

Karen: things right up.

Rob Gutro: Yeah.

Karen: Do people ever want proof? Like, do they ask you anything really specific? And, and if so,

Rob Gutro: So people do you know, everybody wants proof and actually within every reading, whether or not I. I intend to give it or [00:22:00] not. It doesn't matter. It all depends on what the pets tell me. So, in one particular instance, a I remember a, I think it was a, a great day came through to me and said I remember the one time, the only one time in my entire life that I came back to the house covered with mud.

Just one time in my entire. and, and of course I write that down and I wrote it and I sent it to them and the the dog's mom wrote me back and she said, oh my gosh, there was only one time. It was at my mother's house where our great Dane was covered with mud in their, in his entire life. So she said, how would you know that?

I said, well, that's what your dog told me.

Karen: wow.

Can't refute that. no. So,

Will: I, in your books, you talk about.

Karen: The

Will: ways that pets actually communicate with, with their parents and things like that. And, and you actually teach people in the book to look for [00:23:00] the signs that that your pet might be communicating with you. Can you share a couple of those

Karen: with us?

Rob Gutro: Sure. Absolutely. There's, there's quite a number of ways that pets will communicate with us. So, they may give us some audible signs, like nails on the floor. You may hear a a bark or Meow, if you will always sounds like it's coming from another room, but that's cuz it takes a lot of energy. And it means that it's, it's actually right near you.

You can dream of your pet. And Karen, I think you said that you've had many dreams. So that means that your, your dog keeps coming through you to let you know that she's around. They can get physical. You can feel them like curl up against your legs or you can people often report cats walk across the end of their bed.

You may feel a, a cold. Now in paranormal investigations, cold spots have always been kind of a hallmark of, of ghosts, but nobody ever explained them, but I'm a meteorologist. So I'm gonna explain it for you. What happens is be because, and this is when you happens, when you talk to a geek,[00:24:00] So, what I've come to find out is that so fast moving molecules of air are warm. Air, slower moving molecules of air are colder air. So what happens is the ghost or the spirit will absorb the energy of motion of those molecules, slowing them down, creating cooler air, where they are trying to show up.

That's why we get a cold spot.

Will: You know, I knew there was a reason for it. I knew it. And I knew someone was gonna tell us on this show. And I finally did it. thank you,

Karen: Rob and will, I don't know if you remember, but the soundproof, it's not

Rob Gutro: very

Karen: I'm thinking about, what I'm thinking about is not the nails, but remember how curious to flop our ears Uhhuh really loud.

Yep. And it was like two years ago here that we heard that remember. Yeah. I'm like, oh my God, that sounds just like Kira sounded, she passed away about six years ago in a different. So it was weird to hear that sound here, but I remember thinking what, what was that?

Rob Gutro: Well, so that brings up another point is that spirits can find you anywhere, anytime, any [00:25:00] place, because they're connected to you by the love that you share with them. I was on vacation in 2009 in Puerto Rico, and I wasn't thinking about what date it was and we had to choose which way, which direction to walk.

I picked one because I. Nudged to go to a certain direction. And when we got to the end of the street, there was a dog Walker. He was walking a whole bunch of dogs. One was a weer honor that looked like buzz. And I heard buzz say, dad, do you know what day it is? And suddenly I remember it, it was four years to the day of the anniversary of his passing,

Will: Wow.

Rob Gutro: not a coincidence. So birthday. Um, Sorry about that. Karen

Karen: You are definitely making Karen cry. Oh my God. maybe was a poodle. I wouldn't as a.

Rob Gutro: I know. Yeah. So birthday's anniversaries and holidays are often the time to look for signs from our pets or our human loved ones because our energy levels are higher at that point. And they can sense that. So [00:26:00] pets, you know, pets can sense your emotions and so forth. And they know when you're happy, sad, depressed, angry, sick and when you need attention and when to leave you alone.

They often come around those birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, even the anniversaries of their passing or the anniversaries of their adoption. So those are the times to be on guard. Look for also shadows. You may see shadows outta the corner of your eye. You may feel like a brush like a brush of fur or whatever against your leg.

While you're sitting or Le sitting on the couch if your dog was a couch, a couch lover So those are some, some other signs, but there are, there are many, many signs. One dog actually used social media.

Karen: What, how we gotta hear the story on that one.

Rob Gutro: Okay. Well, one dog AC in order to, for the dog to use social media, the dog had to have help from a human spirit and that's what they do. So, in this particular instance, my friend, Dan. Who volunteers at a shelter really bonded with this one dog. Couldn't take the dog home it when COVID hit. So the dog went to another foster [00:27:00] family, the dog wound up passing over the course of like two months later because he was heartworm positive and Dan was devastated.

When Dan was online months later, The shelter put together a video. And there was a little picture of this dog, this dog in it, but it was like one minute and 44 seconds into the video. Now the freeze frame, when he scrolled up on Facebook, if you will, the freeze frame was that dog. Now you, you know, online, usually the freeze frame is one of the first frames.

It's not one minute and 44 seconds into a video.

Karen: Mm-hmm

Rob Gutro: and he was astounded. And I watched the video and I'm like, it is it's one minute 44 seconds. One, one second. Clip of that dog. So I told him, I said, that's not a coincidence that you, that dog got help from a spirit connected to [00:28:00] you so that he would come up when you were scrolling.

Cuz Dan was really grieving over the loss of that.

Karen: You know, we really learn a lot from our pets, how to be more patient, how to you. Maybe be more, I don't know, loving, but you have had so much more of an intense connection with all of these spirits. What have you learned? Like what lesson have you taken away from, from being a pet medium?

Rob Gutro: The pets really are the embodiment of unconditional love and it makes you appreciate them a lot more. And it makes you not appreciate people as much. to be honest with you.

Will: I can nor deny ha

Karen: house.

Rob Gutro: So, so somebody asked me about evil dogs. And to be honest with you no, they, you know, once they get in spirit, they're aware of their behavior. But we all maintain our personalities on the other side. So, if you [00:29:00] are a good person in life or a good dog in life, you're gonna be a good per dog and person in.

If you're a jerk in life, you're gonna be a jerk in death.

Will: That, but that's usually a reserved for cat Karen, so you're

Karen: good. some of those little dogs can be jerks too. That that's true. Not the big

Rob Gutro: I'm not

Karen: We'll do that for you. we just,

Will: we just lost like 500 subscribers. they hate cats. I hate

Karen: them.

Will: I actually just full disclosure. I had two cats when we met. I love cats. I'm a cat lover. So please don't don't don't leave us.

Karen: see. I. I'm more of a dog person, but you have to admit that the neighborhood cats, for whatever reason, love me and they come into our house, I let them, they sit on my lap.

I, you know, I have a,

Will: and I'm not a cat person. I've got a theory. I think they just, cats, dogs, fish, reptile, snakes, whatever it is. They, they feel young kids. They feel the goodness in you and they're, and [00:30:00] they're drawn to you. Remember Daniel Jackson said you are an angel walking on this earth. And I believe it.

I say it every day to somebody they're drawn to your light. So completely serious. And I, I think Rob's gonna confirm that right

Karen: now.

Rob Gutro: I am. I am. And that's why, that's why 99% of the animals cross over is because they're drawn to that kind of love on the other side.

Will: There you go. So one of the coolest things about you.

Rob is you do a lot of these things actually via email, right? So it's not like so, so you could be anywhere in the world and still reach out to you to get a reading from you. And the thing that astounded me the most, honestly, we've talked to a lot of people that have these gifts?

And they, they talk to different people from the other side or do this or that. The other thing,

Rob Gutro: good thing.

Will: there's a price that comes with these gifts because a lot of people do this for a living. When I did some looking into your skill sets, I found that you only [00:31:00] charged 20 bucks to do a reading.

Karen: Wow. Is that still the case?

Rob Gutro: Absolutely. Yeah. I, I want it to be affordable to, to people, you know, it, because it TA every reading takes a half an hour of my. and, you know, you can talk to my husband who says, are you gonna spend six or seven hours on a Saturday night up there? Hello.

Will: I get the same wife. So

Rob Gutro: Yeah.

Karen: the dog.

Rob Gutro: You know, there's an administrative side to this too, is that you have to, I have to track all these people and, and I have to email 'em all to get all of the things that I need and so forth. So it's, it's really time consuming it. I spend about an hour maybe or an hour and a half per person.

When you add it all, add it all up. So it, it it's a lot of time, but the reason I do this and I make it affordable is. I want people to find comfort and healing and know that their pets are waiting for them on the other side. Because I have a good job and I work as a, a meteorologist [00:32:00] during the day.

I don't need to rely on this as a stream of income. This is my way of trying to, you know, bring some, some comfort to the world that we live in.

Karen: so kind of, you. Now I just couldn't help thinking of, so are you, you're a meteorologist, are you like on TV meteorologist or do you just do the research part?

Rob Gutro: Now I have a face for radio. So, I

Will: No,

Karen: that's not.

Rob Gutro: I used to I used to be on the weather channel radio, but now I'm, I'm a behind the scenes kind of guy. So, but oh, but one, one other thing I wanted to go back to for just a second is I also do fundraisers for animal rescues all over. If they want me to come and speak about how pets communicate they can charge.

And they, I don't take anything. Don't ask them for anything. They collect all of the money that they raise. And I've been doing it for about four years. And several rescues have raised up to $1,800 in one day for their shelters.

Karen: That is fantastic. Wow.

Will: Now, have you ever had [00:33:00] someone at those events come to you and maybe not so happy about what you're doing because they feel maybe you're taking ad advantage or you are exploiting the emotions of people who've lost their pets

Karen: or anything like that.

Rob Gutro: No only, I think only early on there were, I was in a library and I was talking about how people communicate from the other side. People. Not pets. And two women knew what I was gonna talk about and they made a show out of being offended and. Not nice to me in, in public. I've never forgotten that, but you know, they'll remember that when they're dead.

So , it is what it is.

Karen: exactly. Oh, dang. Yeah. sorry.

Rob Gutro: Yeah, but no And, and I will tell you that whenever I go to these events, sometimes a dog comes through. I went to the animal rescue of New Hampshire. And when I got off the plane in New Hampshire, a dog named Missy came through to me, I was on the plane and the dog said, my name is Missy, Missy, Missy, Missy.

And [00:34:00] I heard it like three times and I'm like, okay, I don't know who you are, but I'm sure you're gonna meet your mother tonight or today. So when I got to the rescue, she just as walking through the door, that little dog was right next to me in spirit. The first two women that walked in, they were like 45 minutes early.

And I said to one, do you have a dog named Missy on the other side? And the woman was, I swear, she w almost had a stroke. She, she said, she said, yes. Oh my God. She said, I did not want to come to this. My, my girlfriend here dragged me to it. And. Missy wanted her mother to know that she had clarity of thought again on the other side.

And I said, I don't know what that means. And her mother said I do. She had dementia before she passed. So right there. Yeah. So, oh, dogs get dementia. Yeah, absolutely. Yep. So

Karen: oh, Yeah,

Rob Gutro: that was an important sign that that little dog wanted her mom [00:35:00] who was a nonbeliever. Until that moment to know

Karen: right.

Will: this just opens up so many different levels to me. Like I never, People talk about going over the rainbow bridge and all that kind of stuff. But I mean, I don't know how much of that I believe. I don't know how much of anything I believe. Right. At any given moment, but you're telling us stories that are irrefutable from, from what you're telling me.

Mm-hmm , I mean, that's, that's,

Karen: God, I don't even have the words. Like I can't even talk. Could you I'll continue

Will: now. yeah. Now. Yeah. Who, I would never have thought that pets actually. Do go to heaven to go back to that dumb cliche, it's just, it's just kind of mind blowing a little

Karen: bit.

Rob Gutro: that's a something that has kind of been a pet peeve of mine all the time is that, you know, some, some religions will tell you that pets don't have souls and that's absolutely excuse my language, asinine because everything has a soul, a soul is memories, personality, and knowledge combined with our physical energies and, and we all have a [00:36:00] soul, everything.

And we all go to the same place afterward. So. The rainbow bridge, by the way is just kind of a, an image that was concocted to give people a sense of peace. When they're pets.

Karen: right,

Rob Gutro: It's, there's not really a rainbow bridge. It's actually a tunnel of white light.

Will: right. Yeah. I figured, I think it comes from like that it's the poem, the poem that yeah. Talks about the rainbow bridge. Mm-hmm

Karen: I'm wondering, so when you are, are doing these readings I get, and I guess at these events that you've been to for fundraisers, you're, you're right there doing the readings with the people.

How long does it. You to com to contact the animal. I mean, is it, is, are the animals around us all the time or do you have to, you know, call them in? How does that work?

Rob Gutro: So when I do, oh, sorry. One of, one of our dogs wants to get on the air.

So when I do public events, I don't do reading during public events. I actually just talk about how pets [00:37:00] communicate from the other side, but every now and then a dog or cat will come through. And, and I can sense them in the room, but I'm too focused on explaining to people, you know, how.

Pets communicate to do readings at that time. That's why I do them all in my, my home by email so that I'm not disturbed and it's very quiet and I can concentrate and connect. Cause that's the kinda medium I am. I'm kind of a medium rare if you will. I need to sit

Karen: I like that.

Rob Gutro: by myself.

Will: I think we might have just found our title for episode. the medium rare medium

Karen, do you have any last questions?

Karen: No, I think I, I mean, I'm sure as soon as we stop, I'm gonna have like 50 . Okay. Other than how would someone, you know, get in touch with you if they wanted to get a reading with their pet?

Rob Gutro: They can go to my website. It's Rob That's G U T R O. And that's without the squeaky that you may hear in the background.

Karen: I love it,

Will: but, but if you do the squeaky, somehow you [00:38:00] get special treatment on his website. So make sure you have one nearby

Karen: squeaky

Rob Gutro: And if people can't remember how to spell my massacred French name, they can type in pet and that goes to the same place.

Karen: Great.

Will: Well, we're gonna make it easy and we're gonna add direct links to all of your website, social media, all that kind of stuff on our show notes. So all you need to do is go to skeptic, hit his episode page, and you'll see all the direct links, just click those puppies pardon the pun.

And it'll take you right to two robs so you can connect with them. Rob, this has been fantastic. Any last. Messages, you wanna make sure our audience hears

Karen: before we say.

Rob Gutro: The only thing I will tell you is number one, don't feel guilty about helping your pet pass out of pain. Number two, their love for you will bind you to them forever. And number three, they will be waiting for you on the other side. And thank you both for having me today.

Karen: it,

Will: it was a pleasure having you I think we're gonna invest in some [00:39:00] Kleenex here in a couple of minutes for Karen, but the, you, you brought up a great point and I've, I've gotta expand on a little bit, and that is helping your pet pass. Over when I was a very young man, I actually volunteered at a pet shelter and was forced to be there holding the animal while they put them down.

That was probably the single hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. And I always wondered if something like that was. I mean, they put so much trust in you. Oh my gosh. That I can't imagine them not being really pissed off at me because I'm holding them while they're getting that shot. So I, I, is that the case or do they understand that we're just trying to ease their pain.

Rob Gutro: They do understand. And as a matter of fact, I'm sure that that dog or, and any animals that you helped were very grateful that you were there and being very gentle with them and kind to them. In some cases pet parents do not they don't have the courage to, to go. [00:40:00] But I urge everybody to do that, to be there for them.

For those that don't make sure you pet your dog or cat around their nose because it puts your scent there so that they can smell you. Because scent is the most important thing. And you know, nobody really wants to die alone. However some, I will tell you that if you, your pet passes when you're away they did make that choice to die before you got there so that it would not be the last memory that you have.

They know how traumatic it would be if they died in your presence. So they do something unselfish and they pass on their own. So there's, that's an important point to.

Will: Oh, Karen, just looking at you breaking my heart right

Karen: now. Wow.

Rob Gutro: It's a very emotional thing. And, and.

Karen: is. Oh my gosh. I was not

Rob Gutro: And Karen, I I'll tell you, Karen. I have cried a lot when I do readings. As a matter of fact, I did a, a spaniel a cavalier spaniel last week, and I [00:41:00] cried for 30 minutes while I was typing the messages from this dog. And by the end of it, I was exhausted. I was so, but the love is just so pure.

Will: well, Rob, I thank you so much for coming on and talking to us about this. I'm not sure Karen is as happy now as she was at the beginning of the interview, but I really do appreciate you coming on. You've given us a lot to think about and information that really everyone needs to know.

So thank you very much for coming.

Rob Gutro: Thanks for having me.

Will: And as always, if you know someone that would benefit from hearing these messages that we've shared on this show or any of our others, I hope you'll consider sharing us with that person. It will help grow the show and may just help someone else come to terms with the fact that we and our pets are so much more than just as three dimensional bodies that we inhabit.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. That's all we have for now. We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic IANS until then grab your handkerchiefs

pet-medium_recording-2_2022-03-21--t11-01-30pm--60a6648fbe6c5f0878af8737--willrodriguezfl: and

Karen: take.

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Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator and medium with Inspired Ghost Tracking of Maryland. He's become known as a pet medium, although he communicate with pets and people who have passed. Since he was a child he could receive messages from ghosts or spirits (who have crossed over). His latest book is ""Pets and the Afterlife 3: Dog Spirit Signs."
He has three different series of books: 1) Pets and the Afterlife - that includes Pets and the Afterlife 1, 2 and 3. ," 2) Ghosts on a Medium's Vacation - that includes Ghosts of England and Ghosts of the Bird Cage Theatre; and 3) Ghosts and Spirits - that include:
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