How to Raise Your Vibrations for Happiness and Success | Miranda Brooke Hall

How to Raise Your Vibrations for Happiness and Success | Miranda Brooke Hall

"Your reality conforms to your definition of it. If you want the outside world to change, you have to start by looking within."These days, the term “Raise your vibration”  is being thrown around a lot. You can’t refresh your social media account feeds...

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"Your reality conforms to your definition of it. If you want the outside world to change, you have to start by looking within."These days, the term “Raise your vibration”  is being thrown around a lot. You can’t refresh your social media account feeds without stumbling on someone else who is talking about how they were able to raise their vibration and speaking on the importance of raising your vibration.But what exactly does that mean? How do you go about it? What are the benefits of doing that? And what does it have to do with time? Other dimensions? And conscious manifestation?  Well……today’s guest is here to lay all of our curiosities to rest! The conversation meanders from raising vibrational rates to achieve happiness and success to things like quantum jumping, the Law of Attraction and Manifesting, synchronicities and coincidences, philosophy and reference books like The Celestine Prophecy and The Secret!If you've ever wondered how you can make tiny little changes in your life in order to achieve great things, not the least of which is to be truly happy....this conversation will give you at LOT to think about!About my guest:Miranda Hall empowers women to create a life of passion, purpose and freedom as a quantum based, intuitive Relationship Coach and Online Entrepreneur. Miranda's approach combines her studies with the Cacao Shaman in Guatemala, Metaphysics, Quantum Theories, Shadow Work, Inner Child Work, Ancient Texts and Guided Visualizations to help you find your worth, voice, passion and purpose and to bring the relationship and freedom lifestyle of your dreams into reality. Key Takeaways:- Get into your heart- The importance of gratitude- Notice beauty- Visualize the life you're creating- Know that its ALREADY happenedThree steps to take:- Follow your excitement- Try as hard as you can to get as close as you can to that- Don't be attached t the outcomeThings I learned during the interview:- Its not about him/her- That's not what its about- It will not change until you look at what's really going onBooks to read:The Celestine ProphecyThe SecretGuest Info:Facebook: @miranda.hall.1291IG: @mirandabrookehallSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Facebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastVisit our website:


Raising Vibrations

Will: [00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to another eye opening episode of the skeptic metaphysician. These days, the term raising your vibration is being thrown around a lot. I mean, a lot, right? You can't refresh your social media accounts feeds without stumbling on someone else. Who's talking about how they're able to raise their vibration.

Speaking on the importance of raising your vibrations, talking about the fact that we've, you don't raise your vibrations. A world is going to go to hell in a hand basket, but what exactly. Does that mean? I mean, how do you go about it? What are the benefits of doing it and of [00:01:00] course, what does it have to do with time other realities and conscious manifestation?

Well, today's guest is here to lake all of our curiosities to rest. She empowers specifically women to create a life of passion, purpose, and freedom as a, get this quantum. Intuitive relationship, coaching online entrepreneur. I love those terms. You all know that she strongly believes that your reality conforms to your definition of it, and that if you want the outside world to change, you have to start by looking within the, her approach is super interesting because it combines her story.

Her studies. And I hope I don't screw this up. Cacau Sharman in Guatemala, metaphysics, quantum theories, shadow work, inner child work, ancient texts, guided visualizations, so many things, and they all go towards helping to find your work, your voice, your passion, and your purpose. And to bring your relationship and freedom lifestyle of your dreams into reality.

Now, [00:02:00] those are huge, huge claims, and I am super excited to talk to Miranda hall today to put all of this out there into the universe. Miranda, thank you so much for coming on the show today. I'm excited. 

Miranda: Hi. Well, thank you so much for having me.

Will: discovered you on Instagram, right? When you specifically you posted about raising your vibrations and like I mentioned, this is something that I've heard a lot over the last year and a half or so. So in your estimation, let's just set the table. Right? What does raising your vibrations mean?

Miranda: to me in general, vibration is sort of the energetic quality of a person, a place, a thought or a thing. And how do we, as people experience by our reservation, we experience it through our emotions, right? So, you know, when you're, you did, you're vibrating really high and fast or nervous, right. And Happy's a vibration and then there's contentment, which is a little bit slower.

And then you get into more. Fear, which is, I like to [00:03:00] use the word heavier or anger or frustration, and, you know, in your body, it feels, it actually feels like if you tuned into how you feel and those emotions, they feel very differently, sort of in a vibrational sense in your body. Right. So in that way, so what does that mean?

In our lives, we all have some kind of goal to be happy in our life to have ease, to have flow, to have one of those higher vibrational experiences. We're not always an excitement the whole time, or we just like buzz buzz right, right off of the day. But the goal is to have those higher vibrational experiences in our life.

and then the question is how do you do that? Well, there's sort of, there's there's techniques that you can use to bring yourself into those higher vibrations. I'd like to talk about the techniques first and then really more the sort of science behind how it makes a 

Will: difference. Okay, before we go into that though.

The way I understand it, Mike, is that everything in we're talking quantum physics, right? Everything [00:04:00] in the world vibrates at a certain frequency. Those folks that have listened to the show before are familiar with the conversation about tuning for like Reiki energies and that kind of thing, where you attune yourself to a certain vibrational frequency.

Now, I've not heard it before, said the way that you did it, which is the way that you can feel it is within your emotions. Right? So it makes perfect sense when you're excited, your vibrations are, are going haywire, where sadness has a lower vibrational rate and things like that. It makes perfect sense.

But , we're talking about raising our vibrational rates. Continued happiness, right. To be able to maintain that type of contentment throughout life. But, but people also use this term in terms of raising their vibrations to a level that now you go into the endothelial realm, your soul language, so to speak.

Is that kind of what we're talking about here? 

Miranda: Sure. Well, w like going to the Reiki example that you gave To compare it to what we, a lot of us know in life. If you have two guitars, for example, and they're tuned [00:05:00] exactly the same and you strum the, a string on one guitar, the eighth string on the other Qatar will start vibrating because of the vibration from the one guitar.

So it's about bringing your own individual vibration to a level where then you also help or have access to others of that same vibration. Okay. 

Will: I love that. I love that so much because that you do hear a lot of people, someone walked into a room and you can feel that they're there. Right. And that's, that's certainly has to do with the vibrational rates and certainly impacts for example, feel others' vibrations and sometimes sound.

Allow them to overtake their own vibration. So there's a lot to this. I read a book a while back called the celestial prophecy that talked a lot about sharing of energies and things like that. And it was fascinating to me because it, it, it's not something that you think about, but it makes perfect sense.

If you're with someone who is, I mean, I don't want to use the term energy vampire, but someone who you feel drained every time you talked to them, As because they're gaining their sense [00:06:00] of well being from you. And if you don't open yourself up to that and give it to them freely, that could become a little bit of a challenge.

But so it sounds like vibrationally, this is, we're talking about the same thing just in a different way. Is that right? 

Miranda: Absolutely. And you know, I'll have friends, who'll say, you know, I met that person and oh, something didn't feel right, right. It's it's right. So if we have our own frequency, so the vibration of ourself and someone else is on a different one.

Discomfort between them. But when you're vibing with somebody, it just flows. That literally feels the same. And you know, he just, that one person you hang out with, you're like, I feel so nice when I'm hanging out with them. It just feels really great versus that like, oh, something didn't feel right where you're just vibrating differently.

Will: just so many questions come to mind, but rather than. Then go down that rabbit hole first. If someone wants to for example, match their spouses vibrational rate or the best or the friend's vibrational rates, is that something that happens naturally or do you have to work.

Miranda: What will happen is if [00:07:00] you literally, it's sort of following the law of attraction, if you make sure that you're in the vibration, that you want to have your life experience with those people who resonate with you. We'll be drawn to you and you feel really good hanging out with each other, right?

I mean, if you're hanging out with someone who's angry all the time, you don't really want to go down to their level vibrationally. That's part of the practice is holding the space of where you want to be. And then around you, that vibration will start attracting like the guitar string.

You can absolutely. Other people's vibrations. But what I choose to do is if someone's having a bad day or feeling down, I don't want to go down to their level because then it's harder for me to come back up, but I can hold the space you know, I'm in my heart. I completely hear you if you're having a hard day.

But I'm gonna, be the example of where I would like them to come up. 

Will: interesting point, because you hear of people who, I mean, you've got to keep this conscious in your conscious, but because a lot of times I know personally some folks that [00:08:00] wants to have better lives, who keep making the same mistakes again really conscious about wanting their life to be better and yet continue to.

Hang out with people that maybe don't bring that kind of positive energy into your life. Who, who do feel contrary to the things that you, you feel and are sometimes bring them down to the point where even though they want to be better, they still fall into the trap of sticking around with people who are at a different vibrational rate that isn't conducive to your betterment.

So How do you stop that from happening? How do you, I mean, cause these are people who you've been hanging around with for years and years and suddenly their vibrational rate does not vibe with the direction you want to head in. How do you, it. 

Miranda: That's a really great question. Well sort of the word that when you're saying that, first of all is unconditional love and unconditional love for friends, family for anybody is literally having love for them.

Exactly where they are and not being touched. If they change it. So you have love for them in the [00:09:00] vibration they are being at the same time. You have enough love for yourself that you say I'm not going to bring myself down because that doesn't serve me. I'm going to stay where I want to be. And almost sort of lead by example, I'm holding the space that when you're ready to meet me at a higher vibration, I'll be there cheering you on saying yay.

But I, I need to be here. So I can keep moving forward sometimes with friends and family, it's kind of like leapfrog in terms of vibration. I work on mine and I get into a spot that feels really good. It looks like somebody's behind me. But they do their, their inner work they're working on. And then maybe they'll jump ahead of me.

So if you take a snapshot of. It looks like one person in person is in front or behind, but it's kind of this progressive move. Those sometimes people want to stay in their stories, want to stay in sort of poor me because that's how they get their attention. And there is a distance and those are the hard ones to love from a distance energetically.

You really want them to, but you can't be attached [00:10:00] because it's their own journey in their own path. 

Will: Right. So if you do encounter someone like that, that is, is resistant to change, they feel they're fine just the way they are, but they're really not bringing to you the, Energies that you are in alignment with at that point in time, should someone continue to hang out with that person?

It's hard to do with family, for example. But is there a point in time when you have to say enough is enough and maybe you're not the right person for me have in my social circles anymore? 

Miranda: And there can be. There've been people in my life that I haven't spoken, didn't speak to for years.

And then sometimes we do reconnect and they go, oh my gosh, that's what you were talking about many years ago. Right? Again, it's sort of like holding this, like when I, if I fall off of talking to someone it's true. When we both hang out, we both recognize we don't resonate or it's kind of that little. Long awkward pauses, because what I like to speak about now is not the same as what they'd like to speak about.

Not saying either one is wrong. So you do just kind of fall off and when they're, they do start to wake and that's the [00:11:00] fun part is they go, oh my gosh, I just, I just read that book. The solicitor prophecy, you talked about five years ago now I'm ready. Like cool. It was amazing. So it's, it's with love and again, love in the biggest thing is love for yourself.

You are creating the life that you want and, surrounding yourself with the vibration that serves you, that moves you forward is important for you. Again, it does create the space for them to also come. You just don't have any control of what they choose. 

Will: And that's when it gets difficult when you have to make the decision.

Okay. Well, enough of a downer conversation, let's talk about how, how does someone go about it? Raising their vibration. You mentioned you had some techniques that you could share. Yeah. 

Miranda: Well, and it's at sort of the, I call it sort of the surface level. What you like to do is. As many moments in your day, get into your heart, get into either a good vibration half of a ration.

So I sort of have, I have a gratitude practice. So in the mornings I'll get up and meditate and then I will [00:12:00] journal and write all the things that I'm thankful. And you know, it can be the same things every day can be different everyday. And it can be big or small. I mean, you know, your home, your family, you can write that, but it can be, oh, the birds this morning were beautiful when I woke up.

Just anything that you're just like, oh my God. I start with that. In my meditation, I also visualize the life that I'm creating. Which is really neat. Some people I do it just purely visualization. Some people will create vision boards. You may have heard those of that before, where it it's some kind of picture.

And some, sometimes you can cut out pictures. If I can't find the picture of a cutout, I'll draw, draw a picture or a write words of the life that I'm wanting to create. Now, some people have asked me recently, you know, what if I don't know exactly what I want to. Well, again, you do know how you want to feel in the future.

You want to feel happy. You want to feel joy, ease, excitement. So sometimes I write those words on my vision board, if I don't know exactly the outcome of the future that I want.[00:13:00] And then the most important thing about writing the gratitude journal when I'm meditating, visualizing, looking at these vision boards is to get into the vibration or the feeling as if it's already happened.

Which is then tuning you to the guitar string of the life, where you are happy. So, and this is an, I love this example. It's my understanding that for example, when the indigenous did arraignment. They wanted to call in the rain because the crops weren't being grown, it wasn't technically about the dance.

They were dancing as if they were dancing in the ring, they would visualize the ring, hitting their face. They would smell the green grass. They would, they would sense the mud on their feet as if, and. And the ecstatic weakness of, oh my gosh, it's raining. That's what brings it to you. You have to be there vibrationally first for, to manifest in the third dimension.

Will: now you're talking about, you're touching on manifestation, right? [00:14:00] If you keep saying to yourself, I wish I was more successful than the universe is going to say, okay, he wants to continue wishing. So let's just make it just out of the reach so that they have to continue continuously wish.

But if you're living. And that goes into part of what I mentioned in your introduction. If you're living the reality, or even though you may not be specifically in that reality, if in your mind you believe you're living that reality, you attract that reality to you. So it's not, I wish I was more successful, but I am incredibly successful.

Absolutely. And those positive affirmations till the universe. Okay. He wants to be, that's what he wants. He wants to be successful. So let's just make sure he, we make his reality or make his thought process, correct? Yes, you are indeed incredibly successful. Right? 

Miranda: Right. Because if you say I would like to be successful, you stay in the current now where you're successful in the future, but it always stays in the future.

Right. It has to be, I am successful. 

Will: Right, right. And that is where a lot of that remembered that the secret came [00:15:00] out. The, the, the book it became a phenom a few years ago and in the, made a movie out of it, and I've talked to people actually who believe that the secret is not great because it stops just shit.

Right. It tells you specifically, this is what you should be doing, but then it stops from exact telling you exactly how I don't know, because I'm not a hundred percent familiar with where the deficiencies in that book or that movie were. But I would tend to imagine the secret talks about changing your thoughts to make things happen, but maybe doesn't go into the fact that you've got to live in the current.

For that to happen? I don't know if I'm explaining myself correctly. 

Miranda: That's fine. Okay. I didn't read the book because it didn't resonate with me. I have it every time I would try something didn't feel right. So, and again, doesn't mean that it's wrong. Just the way you're explaining it. It may be that the missing piece was not just think, but feel, feel, it, it just might have been, maybe that's the next book, you know, like the little piece it's possible.


Will: sure. And would you talk about being a three, a three. Being [00:16:00] right. So you can't just think you have to feel, and you have to know, I guess, right? The physical, mental, and soul only when you all three. Do things actually 

Miranda: happen. Absolutely. And the weights, cause I I'm, I come from a science background and they like to understand why, because I mean, all of this makes sense.

Okay. Feel good. Then I feel good, you know, work on my emotions. But to me it was like, why? So I started looking into some quantum theories. And when I heard these two, the cup, it just made sense to me. So this is the way I like to look at it. If that's okay. If I go. Yeah, 

Will: of course you're speaking right directly to me because everyone in the audience knows I am very much in the scientific mindset.

I talk about quantum physics all the time. And you and I talked a little bit about this before we started recording it, and I'm glad you're bringing it up because you do come very from a. Rooted in science kind of family. Right. So can you share that a little bit about that with us? Both 

Miranda: my parents have PhDs and I was taught that the answer is in school and I mean, [00:17:00] there are a lot of answers in school.

I studied for degrees, all sort of science backed and some in sort of medical science. Yeah. Four 

Will: four degrees. Wow. 

Miranda: Yes. I'm a kinesiologist, a physical therapist manual osteopath and a fellow of the international academy of manipulative 

Will: physio. They're not an overachiever at all. 

Miranda: but for me it was, I would finish a program and something felt missing.

And how it helped people. I, but I couldn't put the words on what felt missing. And of course, since the answer I was taught was in school, I would study something else similar. So I gathered a whole bunch of tools, which I'm really grateful to have. But for me, what was missing was the energetic component.

Right. It was all very physical in nature. 

Will: Right. And how did your parents. 

Miranda: Well in the same thing, they want me to be happy. They want me to find the answers that work for me. So they're happy for me to explore. And interestingly enough, the missing pieces for myself that I found. So I came to a point where I just [00:18:00] sort of threw my hands up and said, I have no idea how to figure out.

What I'm looking for. Cause you don't, you know, because I knew it was outside of the box of going to school and I didn't know how to find it. So I love that you mentioned that book, this listing prophecy, because that was my tipping point. It was actually the first time I heard about the word synchronicity, 

Will: right?

Yeah. So I. 

Miranda: Isn't it amazing. So, so I, I, there was the first time I heard that word and I said, you know what? I was willing to try anything he knew because I knew I couldn't figure out with my own mind what the next step was. So I literally, for the first time in my life, spoke to the. And just sort of said universe, I'm absolutely willing to give this synchronicity thing a try.

I mean, you'll say anything. I don't know if this is real or not, but if this is real, please show me what I need to do next to get me closer to what really lights up my fire so that I can help people and enjoy my life. But I'm like, because I'm brand new to this. Can you give me three signs, the same signs, make it [00:19:00] very obvious because I might not even notice, you know, you just, whatever three, tell me three times what you want me to do.

And I promise whatever it is you say I'll do it. Like doesn't even matter. It might be totally bizarre. Okay. And there was another teacher of mine who spoke that there are sort of three guidelines to the universe. And the first one is to follow what excites you, because that's your vibrational indicator of what direction to go.

Number two, try as hard as you can to get as close to that as well. And number three, don't be attached to the outcome because the universe will take care of the rest. So I was like, okay, I'm going to try the synchronicity thing and follow my excitement. That's what I meant when I'm ready. And then the story is my favorite sport.

I can't say. And that was the only thing in my life at that time that excited me. It wasn't happy in my job. I wasn't happy in our relationship. My health was going down, going down and I didn't know why. So I'd love to exercise. I couldn't exercise. There's so many things going on and I just [00:20:00] said, well, what if I can move somewhere that I can.

And I live in Toronto. And there's on the west coast of Canada. There's amazing kite surfing. So I was like, maybe I could move there. I have no idea. I handed my resume all over the province because I didn't have a specific plan. And three weeks later I had three amazing job offers in the same city that I'd never been.

But three weeks later I moved because I was like, okay, I'm meant to go there for some reason. That was the start of my journey. 

Will: Fascinating. Now, for those that aren't familiar with slushing prophecy it's a fictional book, that gives the column insights. Right?

The, I forgot a nine insights. I forgot how many there were, because it was such a long time since I read that book. But it's one man's journey in trying to find exactly that the following synchronicities things kept happening. A friend of his says follows the synchronicity. And he did that at, which took him to the jungles of south America, where he learned all about what synchronicities were the, the exchange of energies in.

So, so much more all in the [00:21:00] interest of, transcending, right. To becoming Eve to evolving the book is fascinating. In that it is told from a fictional point of view, but you can tell that each one of the insights is a specific lesson that the book is imparting. It is, it changed my life.

Really everyone who listens to the show. No. My number one book is conversations with God. And then 10 secrets of success by Wayne Dyer. But slicing prophecy is one of those books that is right there, right? Like the trifecta of books that have, that have made my belief system into what it is.

So I'm glad that we're talking about it because honestly, I completely forgotten about slicing fascial until our conversation. So I'm going to have to pick that one up again and reread it because it is truly remarkable book. 

Miranda: So it's amazing. And then just to even, so I moved to the west coast. I lived there for half a year, had the same life and kite surf more and was equally unhappy.

So I knew that kite surfing wasn't the answer. So I said, universe, you got me here. There must be a reason I'm ready for the next sign. Cause I needed to recognize that that wasn't the answer, just living in a new city [00:22:00] because I had a similar job, similar friends, which were lovely, but the missing piece, wasn't it.

Wasn't the answer. And I followed some signs to learn to surf in this small town. And I met someone who was going to prove, and I was like, okay, interesting. And then I was in school at that time for us, the apathy and last-minute position with osteopaths without borders opened up the week after he was going in proof.

Right. So, and I ended up having three signs saying you have to go to Peru. So I ended up quitting my job, putting my stuff in storage and going on this trip. And that was the beginning of Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, living in Guatemala with the cacao Shellman. A lot of them. 

Will: Wow. That was incredibly brave of you now.

 How does that brief come about? Me for me to sell everything or put everything into storage and just move somewhere sight unseen to a lot of people listening right now would be just a daunting task. Like how do you find the bravery within yourself to do that? 

Miranda: Well, and honestly, I was at the point where.

I was not willing to stay [00:23:00] in the same situation I knew. And when I was in Toronto, I knew my health was going to keep getting worse. Cause I couldn't like the Western doctors couldn't tell me what was going on. I knew I wasn't happy in my job. I didn't know what else to do. I wasn't happy in my relationship.

So I just was like, if I stay the same, it's going to keep going. Downhill, it's going to get worse, you know, and, and that was an, an, and this was the path that opened up for me that showed itself. So even though it certainly felt scary, I was willing to try something new. And what I, what I recognize as my journey is to share it with people.

So people don't have to do what I did to learn it, to learn the lessons. So now I can share it. That was that's what excited. Yeah. 

Will: you bring up a great point. If you are at a point in your life where you do not feel you can move forward in the same spot, I know it takes time. For me, it took a personal tragedy to get me to look at myself and say, this can't go on right.

And make necessary changes. But it doesn't have to be that [00:24:00] way. If you can learn by someone else's example, the fact is. That is really what we're all here for, right. To show by example how to live our lives. And sadly, most of the people don't right. They have to learn by experience and sure enough, we're having conversations with a lot of people.

I've learned that we're here to experience, but how nice would it be to not have to experience something firsthand to know this is the right path, right. And that's. What you're doing with a lot of people are doing these days. So hopefully we'll reach a tipping point at some point. 

Miranda: Yeah. That's the biggest goal.

It's true. Because a lot of us, even myself included, you know, in your life or in a part of her life, it's like, oh, this isn't that good, but I'll keep trying. And this isn't that good, but I'll keep trying at any time you can make a different choice, but a lot of them. Won't make the choice until we have that.

I call it the frying pan effect. You get hit over the head by a frying pan, whether right. A divorce or being fired or a health concern or a big accident. And that's where we say, oh my gosh, I need to make a change. So I was [00:25:00] there emotionally, mentally, emotionally. I hit the like, okay, this is as far down as I'm willing to go.

And you know, a lot of us won't make the change until the fear of staying the same is bigger than the fear of doing something. 

Will: Wow. Love that. Great. 

Miranda: Thank you. And that's an okay time to do it, but like you said, we can also do it sooner. So that's why I want to share this information because there's, sometimes these little tips and little tricks can start, you know, what, steering the boat slowly in a different direction instead of waiting until it hits the iceberg and then you gotta figure it out.

Will: Right. Right. And apparently the way the universe seems to work is you don't have to wait for that to, to your point, the frying pan moment, because inevitably the universe has been given. Clues way before then suddenly telling you, and every time it tells you, it tells you a little bit more emphatically, a little bit, a little bit stronger to the point where, okay, you're not listening.

We're here comes a frying pan, bam. And then suddenly you've got no choice, but to change, right? So eventually you're going to have to do it is just probably [00:26:00] listening to our internal voices to know what direction we're supposed to be heading in before that fine pain hits us. Is the way we want to go in, but it doesn't always happen that way.

Unfortunately. It's true 

Miranda: because we get busy. 

Will: Can you tell me those points again, follow your excitement. What were those three? 

Miranda: Try as hard as you can to get as close to that as possible.

And then don't be attached to the house. The university will take care of the rest. So that's me paraphrasing. This is not my these are not my guidelines. So this is by a an individual named Bashar, or this is what he teaches and I love his teachings. There's so many great resources. Yeah. 

Will: Hmm.

Yeah, but I've actually, I've heard some of these before in it's the same message from a lot of different people in different ways, but I have heard something similar to these before, and I just want to make sure that I have them so that when I write my show notes, if you've missed this or anything else the audience can certainly go to the show notes and capture these nuggets of wisdom that you're imparting, which have been wonderful so far.

So thank you. So then we've learned about what raising vibration is. We've learned some techniques to do [00:27:00] that. And some of these are really great I had not thought of doing them, so I'm going to start implementing them on my daily practice. So thank you for that. what I'm curious about when we talked about conscious manifestation to a certain extent, right.

But you mentioned we talked that this had something to do with time. In alternate realities. I'm really curious as to how that all comes around. 

Miranda: Okay. This is, this is the fun part that I like to explain. So, yeah. Cool. So according to quantum physicists, there's a theory that time is not real, although we experienced.

Okay. So the way I like to sort of visualize it, but like to have visuals in my head. So time is sort of like you know, the old celluloid movie strips, like the drips, the old ones that have, you know, a picture and then a picture and then a picture and a picture. So it's my understanding that reality is actually a piece of reality, a piece of reality, a piece of reality.

The, we go through it as if we're watching them. So that's how we experienced time. So we technically, so each of those little [00:28:00] pictures is a parallel reality. Moving forward in a time. 

Will: Right. Like a film strip in each box is a second of time or whatever it might 

Miranda: be possibly. I don't know how many per second, but it's so seamless and fast that we it's feels like it's continuous and seamless.

So it's, so that's how we experience time. So technically we are quantum jumping forward in time, however many times a second. So, but we don't know we're doing it. We're not aware. We don't even have to think about it. You know, we don't think about breathing. We don't think about walking. We just do it.

So we are moving forward on that same movie. 

Will: Quantum jumping that is such an amazing term that I don't think I've ever heard before. I've I've seen it. I've seen, I think I've saw it on your post actually on Instagram. And one of the things that intrigued me tremendously is quantum jumping. 

So we have one film strip, or we have a film strip, then we've got the one picture on the top. And then by quantum jumping. What do you, what does that mean? [00:29:00] You're jumping to a one, 20 pictures down. 

Miranda: Well, so quantum jumping technically is moving from one picture to a different picture.

It can be in any direction for any way forward, backwards, sideways. So in your current beliefs and perspectives, you are jumping forward in the same will say movies. If you never thought anything different, if you never did anything different and you always did the same, you'd always be jumping on the same movie strip.

Now there's the theory that there are an unlimited number of parallel realities as well. So what that means is there an unlimited number let's use the same example of parallel movie strips where every possibility and we'll just stay with you of you exists. So there's a parallel movie strip. That's almost exactly the same, but you're shirt.

That's the only thing that's different. There's a parallel reality where you live in a different city. There's a parallel reality. We have 10 children. There's a pair of reality where you're the president, other ones where you're homeless, other ones where you're a famous musician, every possibility of you in any choice that you could [00:30:00] make in any moment exists on a parallel movie strip.

Okay. So when you make a choice, you jump. Sideways. And so you come to a fork in the road, should I go, right? Should I go left? Well, the movie strip to the right is when you went, right? The movie strip to the left is when you went and left. So it's when you make your choices, you, you move. But we don't experience it as a movement, 

Will: So you're saying that every step of the way, every decision we make brings us to a different alternate reality. Wow. Got to love quantum physics. You just got to love it. 

Miranda: That's amazing. Thinking about comfort conscious gives me manifestation. So we're manifesting every moment as, because we're quantum jumping in every moment, but once you know you're doing it, then you can say, do I want to continue on the same movie strip?

Or do I want to jump to a different. Do I want to put a purple shirt on or a red shirt on today? I mean, it's conscious, like then you're aware of that. Every single thing is 

Will: choice. Well, [00:31:00] have you put this theory by your PhD parents? I'm curious what their thoughts on that. And we don't know what the PhDs are in.

So I don't know if, if it's not quantum, it's 

Miranda: more biological sciences, so 

Will: it's a little different because I would be fascinated to know someone who maybe is a quantitative. Doctor or someone that really has is an expert in something like this. Right? So quantum physics, anything is possible.

Right? We talked, oops. I just hit my microphone. Sorry about that. So I'm just getting too excited about the conversation. So quantum physics rates, Schrodinger's cat, the cat is both alive and dead at the same time. That's the same concept that we're talking about, but. How do you wrap your head around that?

some people might feel completely paralyzed by, I can't make any decisions because I want to stay in this reality. Right. There is a reality that I could lose everything. how do you temper that? Because holy smokes. You just opened up a level of awareness and fear that I wasn't even aware of that I had inside.

Miranda: Well, so then here's the [00:32:00] next and the next thing to think about. So then what I picture are the parallel realities. So now we're not going to think about filmstrips, we're going to think of them like radio stations right there. You know, there's tons of radio stations, they're all different frequencies.

We're going to take it back to vibration, right? So, so in our ultimate goal, all of them choices in our life again, are moving us towards what we think will make us happy. What will bring us joy and contentment. So we know we want to be in the parallel reality or in the radio station where we're feeling happiness, joy, gratitude, those things.

So all you have to do, if you think of our body, as the actual radio is tune the dial. Me my feelings, my emotions, my vibrations, to the vibration of the station. I want to hear as a radio station. So to come back to raising your vibration is going to tune you to the experience where you have the feelings that you want.

The hardest part is not knowing. What the [00:33:00] decisions are that will bring those feelings. Cause you think, oh, I think if I do X, Y, Z, I'll be happy. And sometimes I used to do it and get there and go, oh, I'm not that happy. Right. So sometimes we don't know why I'm even making choices coming up where I'm like, I don't know why I'm making this choice, but it feels like the right choice.

I don't know what the outcome's going to be. It's not being attached to the outcome because sometimes we get excited about something, which we try to get really close to it. Yeah. And then we don't and the outcome doesn't bring us the joy, but at least sometimes it makes us go, oh, that's not going to be part of my final destination.

So we, sometimes we need to tease out what brings us the feelings we want and what doesn't. But if you don't know, keep bringing yourself back into the feeling into the vibration. And that's what tunes you to the parallel reality where you feel. And then it's kind of fun. Cause then you can, then I play that game.

I'm like, Ooh, I wonder what's going to be in my life. That's going to make me happy, you know, because it might be what I think, but it might totally be [00:34:00] different. I don't know. It's going to be kind of a fun game. Wow. 

Will: Well, you have a really great way of expressing these concepts that are really kind of heady and hard to wrap your head around is, so I commend you for that and can see why someone would absolutely reach out to you.

To work with you because you do lay it out in a very understandable manner where a lot of people that are talking about these types of things are talking in such theorial terms that it's sometimes not easy to grasp someone like me, who is very grounded in science and needs that understanding for me to move forward with something like this.

So thank you for that. You, talk about your approach. Being combining different things like, like shamanism and quantum theories and shadow work, inner child work and things like that. I feel like we could probably talk for another two hours for easily on some of the things, but in a general overview, how do each of these, these different modalities play into what you're talking about, how you help people raise their vibrations to improve their relationships in their lives.

Miranda: this is what I love because I've done. I I've spent [00:35:00] half of the last eight years living in different countries studying under different teachings. So seeing the spiritual perspective, seeing the shrimp shamonic perspective, also seeing the Eastern medicine perspective, I've been doing some work through the medicineless hospital, out of Beijing and working with cheap.

And again, it's almost. It's like, I hear what they're saying and I can almost see that they're talking about the same things with different languages. So that's what I absolutely love. So in that way I can help bring the perspective to someone based on the language they need to hear. That's my race.

So someone wants to, he needs to hear it spiritually or someone needs to hear it more of a Chichi gong perspective. That's I I'd like understanding the whole thing and then finding the words that may resonate vibrationally with people. But the big, the biggest thing is not only the tips in every moment to bring yourself into gratitude.

One other tool I forgot to mention is that I also have a little reminder on my phone that goes off every three hours and it has its own [00:36:00] little thing. And that's my, oh yeah. I get back into your heart and gratitude. And then I just sit for a second recenter and move on. It's just my reminder, just to, you know, no matter what I'm doing, if you're not in your heart, get back into your heart.

As I sort of say. Surface level. 

Will: Yeah, such a great piece of advice because it's easy to get caught up in everyday life. 

I do need it. Constant. Hey, don't forget to get into your heart. Hey, don't forget to ground yourself because I do meditate every morning and I start my day in a certain mindset, but ultimately life gets in the way in that mindset. What, what mindset? Right? What mindfulness, where, what are you talking about?

we do have a device in our hands, in our possession, every one of us every day that can just so easily remind us to go back to center. . I've got, I've got to sit in that reminder on my phone today. I'm going to do that right after we finished this interview.

So thank you for 

Miranda: that. Welcome. I think there's, I don't remember what it's called. There's even an app that has like the Tibetan bowls. They kind of, you know, if you find a sound that also feels resonant with a hard experience for you and it's not. Yeah. Oh, that's going to be hard to [00:37:00] bring you into finding a sound that helps.

Right. And so this is the exciting thing, cause you say, you know, life happens and then you, ah, but what would be amazing would be to go at the end of the day, sit and write down what pulled you out of your heart? Oh, I was stressed about traffic. I don't know. Oh, I was talking to so-and-so and they were annoying me because those are showing you.

The scenarios that pull you out of your center. So then the question is, why am I allowing that to pull me out? That's like the deeper work. That's the inner work. That's the shadow work. I love working on this. I sort of talk about, or I've learnt the the mirrors of relationships. So if we're triggered by somebody else we'll go to the there's three rules of that.

Number one. So I used to get, for example, before I knew the stuff, he used to get mad at a, at a boyfriend cause he, I wouldn't do the dishes not you know, and this was when I was living one mall. This is a fun story. We were living in Guatemala for half. And I was mad at him. He didn't do the dishes and I was on my way to a cacao ceremony with the gentleman that works with the cow, [00:38:00] the beans that make chocolate.

So you drink sort of like you drink hot chocolate, but it's ceremonial. It helps you center in your heart to do the work, to figure out why. You know, stuff is going on. And my teacher looked at me and he's like, what's going on? We're in. And like, oh, so-and-so in the dishes. And he's like, you know, the three rules.

I'm like, you're right. Number one, it's not about him. It's not about my boyfriend. Number two. It's not about what it's about, which means it's not about the dishes. And number three, that scenario me being annoyed at him. Not doing the dishes will not change until I go inside and figure out what it's bringing up for.

So sit down, you know, we had our kick out, close my eyes and go inside. And if I remember correctly for me, my whole life growing up, I developed this belief that I had to do everything and I had to do it properly. So when you have a belief like that, I have to do everything. Then I manifested boyfriend.

Who let me do everything because that was what I believed, but I didn't [00:39:00] truly right. But I didn't truly want to do everything. I mean, I'm happy to do, give and take and cooperate. But so the universe brings you scenarios so you can see what you believe. So I sat down and I had to work through, okay, when this is the inner child work, when in my life did I create the belief?

Is it true? No, it's not true. And I had to unwind that history of beliefs and the history of patterns. And when I got into the space of like, wow, I can have a partner where we work together. We're a team. Sometimes they do the dishes, sometimes he does, you know and they really got into this.

Heart-centered excited. I was like, oh my gosh, that's what a relation. That's the relationship that I really. The cool thing is one of two things happens when you 100% clear that old belief and the energy with it, and the vibration with it. One of two things happens, which is the scenario actually changes because you don't need to be taught the message anymore, or the scenario stays the same, but you don't get triggered by it.

You don't have that. Because it's not, it's not something you need to work on within yourself. So I'll tell [00:40:00] you the neat thing about that was I had been with this partner for about three or four years at the time, and he didn't help a lot with cleaning. This was the first time he went home and after that ceremony and the entire house.

So I was like, I'm in, I'm under this everyday. I don't care. This is amazing. Right? 

Will: Well, there is so much out there and there's so much in what you're saying. And I know, I say, they'll say there's a lot to a lot of people because I'm meeting a lot of really incredible people, but I think we're going to have to ask you to come back because I think our conversation has not ended.

But we are running out of time. I'm super grateful that you took the time. To come talk to us about vibrations and everything that we could. We, we went far beyond just vibrations and I thank you for that, but is there any last minute statements or anything you want to make sure that our audience hears before.

Miranda: Yeah. Just remember, as we were saying earlier in terms of vibration remembering what experience you want to have, how you want to feel in your life and loving yourself, this is what [00:41:00] I've was working on. It doesn't feel easy to be loving yourself enough to stay there for you. And to be the example for others to know.

Allow yourself to be pulled down to where people are. Cause then both of you have to try to struggle to move up. Being that example, lighting the way is the best way to help other people and to have the experience that you want. And then your life will fill with people of that vibration, whether it be people rising up.

Or new people coming in and people just will be like, wow, how are you having this amazing life? It's the best way to help everybody else's for you to also have the amazingly. 

Will: that is an amazing, amazing way to end it. So thank you so much. Thank you for coming on the show today. Thank you for having me.

And thank you listener for coming along on this journey of discovery with us as always, if you know someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we've shared on this show or any of our others, I hope that you'll consider sharing this podcast with that person. It will help grow the show and may just help someone out.

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