We don't even have the words to prepare you enough for what you're about to hear. The single most controversial episode we've ever released! If you are easily offended, then this one may not be for you. But if you are curious about a completely different take on .... well EVERYTHING, then this is the conversation for you! We talk about archangels, death, the guiding light, spirits, the truth behind Jesus and crucifixes, what religion doesn't want you to know, what the archangels actually look like and just what or WHO is "The Light" that we cross over into? We're warning're just not ready!

The Skeptic Metaphysician
Beyond the Veil with a Spirit Medium

"Religion is a group of people wanting to tell you how to live your life how and where they want you to live it. It's about power and control. And money. Always has been because it was written by the people who were in power and control; Kings and Queens."
--Spirit Medium Daniel Jackson

Info about our guest
Daniel Jackson has been surrounded by spirit his entire life, but the ability to communicate with spirit bloomed when he turned 50.

Now, as an intuitive reader he communicates with spirit and angels, notably the Arch Angels.

He's able to confirm spirit crossings, provide spiritual consult and guidance for those seeking help with life‘s problems.

He's also able to retrieve answers for people who feel they have lost their way (spiritually and emotionally).

The answers he retrieves are received from the Arch Angels, which is ultimately the word of God.

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Facebook: @SpiritMediumDaniel
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