How To Use Astrology and Lunar Cycles for Mind, Body and Soul Care

Hey! What's YOUR zodiac sign? Lots of people use astrology in order to help navigate their lives. From love lives to whether or not to cross the street that day and everything in between, its all fair game for some people when it comes to their horoscopes. But our next guest takes guidance from birth charts, astrology and the lunar cycles to a whole new level, by helping people guide their self care with the use of these ancient traditions. And she's gonna share that in lots more on this episode of The Skeptic Metaphysicians!

The Skeptic Metaphysicians
How To Use Astrology and Lunar Cycles for Mind, Body and Soul Care

Some topics covered:
- How she beat celiac disease, IBS and a thyroidectomy
- How to use the lunar cycles and astrology to best guide your workout routine
- The importance of nutrition in your daily life
- What the best weeks of the month are for pushing yourself
- Why you should go easy one week of the month
- How she uses energy healing, Tarot readings and new and full moon energy forecasts to optimize her programs


About our Guest:
Tandy Gutierrez is the founder & creator of Unicorn Wellness an online studio that has been bringing Tandy’s unique blend of wellness & fitness to her monthly paying subscribers throughout the US, Europe, Asia & Australia since 2013.

Tandy is a mother, life partner, tarot reader, intuitive-psychic, and author, thriving in an autoimmune body (Celiac, thyroidectomy, IBS) with 20+ years of experience in the fitness & wellness industry.

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