Manifesting With Intention Candles

There are many ways to manifest things into your life. After all, its all just about focusing your intention. One of the very best tools to help make things happen for you are intention candles. Call it candle magick or intention focusing, whatever you prefer, there is no denying that using these infused candles will go a long way in fulfilling your dreams!

The Skeptic Metaphysician
Manifesting With Intention Candles

"Our intentions will always follow our attention. So if our attention is at how we will not meet this intention, then we are likely to receive the result that our attention is focused on "

About our Guest:
Q began her journey serving as a master intention candle artist.

While exploring her spiritual gifts, she awakened to her title as Käzmik Priestess; becoming a harmonious bridge connecting the spiritual and physical worlds.

She now serves as a spiritual artist, best selling author, intuitive, and soul work priestess offering an array of products and services including interactive workshops, intention products for the home and body, intuitive consultations, and sacred ceremonies.

Guest Info:
Instagram: @elevenelevencandlesandmore
Facebook: @elevenelevencandles

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