Mysteries of the Unseen World | Benton Ryer

Does someone open themselves up to parasites from beyond this world when practicing metaphysical modalities? Our next guess says YES! Learn from whom and HOW to protect yourself while on your journey of discovery on this episode. This is another of our more controversial episodes so be warned!

The Skeptic Metaphysician
Mysteries of the Unseen World

"Everything that you've ever heard of existed, exists. And if you practice and train yourself, you can make conscious contact. And here's the thing about demons; If you expect them to be a nightmare, they're going to be a nightmare. If you expect them not to be, then they're just like any other deity that you can interact with in the unseen world."
--Benton Ryer

About our Guest:
Benton Ryer is a healer and mage whose power is rooted in ancient esoteric traditions.

He performs his healings, incredibly, through Instagram where he has 100s of testimonials from the individuals he has healed for free.

Check out his book here:
The Shores of Eternity: A Memoir of Sorcery Vol I

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