The Shamanic Soul Retrieval Process | A Skeptic Metaphysicians Soundbite

When you have a traumatic event, part of your consciousness, part of your soul basically takes one for the team and it takes the lived experience of that event...and it basically departs. It leaves from your system there. And it goes off and hides in the spirit world during this realm of consciousness.

And so this of course helps the person go on in life because they don't have the felt experience of that trauma. Even if they have the memory of it, they don't have that felt experience... the memory of the felt experience. But at the same time, this can eventually lead to problems because you literally are missing pieces of your consciousness, pieces of your soul.

And so a big part of the Shamanic healing process is going and retrieving those bits of soul that have those memories and reintegrating them into your system ... Because you have to face those memories again and experience it and make that piece of your consciousness feel comfortable coming back.

That can be a lot of lifestyle changes. It can be a lot of things in that bargaining relationship that opens up there, but ultimately it can heal you in a lot of ways, make you feel more powerful, make you feel more present and happier.

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