True Tales from a Real Ghost Hunter

No conversation about metaphysics is complete without talking about spirits, ghosts and communication form the "other side". This week, a professional ghost hunter joins us with spine tingling stories of her paranormal investigations. Don't listen to this one in the dark!

The Skeptic Metaphysician
True Tales from a Real Ghost Hunter

"We fear what we don't know. And just because something creeps us out, we're automatically like, oh my God, that must be evil because I feel terrified right now. And that's not always the case, you know, it could just be somebody just popping in and being like, oh, Hey, oh gosh, sorry. I didn't mean to scare you there. And then they leave, but you're sitting there like, oh my God, that was a demon. "
--Chrise Williams

About our Guest:
Cherise Williams, a wife and mama from Ohio is a tarot card reader, paranormal investigator, and witchcraft practitioner.

She's passionate about the paranormal, having studied it for her entire life, and always knew that she wanted to incorporate it into her life and career.

She has 15 years of ghost hunting under her belt, including formal/professional investigating with a team, as well as independent/informal investigations.

She's investigated in every type of location such as abandoned hospitals and homes, hotels, historic buildings, private residences, and cemeteries and considers herself a healthy mix of skeptic and believer.

The Witch's Guide to Ghost Hunting

Guest Info:
Instagram: @cherisewilliams.xo
Facebook: @CheriseWilliams.xo
YouTube: Cherise Williams

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