Paranormal Investigations and How Witchcraft Works | Cherise Williams

Paranormal Investigations and How Witchcraft Works | Cherise Williams

In my eternal search for something to prove that the metaphysical exists, I spent some time in a coven as a young man. That topic is probably best listened to on another episode, but in my search for great guests, I stumbled on someone that epitomizes...

In my eternal search for something to prove that the metaphysical exists, I spent some time in a coven as a young man. That topic is probably best listened to on another episode, but in my search for great guests, I stumbled on someone that epitomizes what I’ve always considered to be….witchcraft.She holds certifications in Tarot reading, crystal healing, hypnotherapy, spiritual studies, and life coaching…..And best of all…though she does consider herself a witch and a psychic empath…she uses her talents as a paranormal investigator!She specializes in Witchcraft, Paranormal Investigations, Animal Guides, Shadow Animals, Animals in Magick, Herbal Wellness.Her life is almost as if it were a real-life paranormal investigation movie!Here to talk to us about how witchcraft works, I’m over the moon excited to introduce Cherise Williams to the show!Looking for an introductory book on all things metaphysical? Check this one out:Metaphysics: An IntroductionResources:The Goddess Life: Inspiration & activities to align your mind, body & spiritThe Feminine Macabre: A Woman's Journal of All Things Strange and UnusualGuest Info:Website: cherisewilliams.comFacebook: @CheriseWilliams.xoIG: @cherisewilliams.xoYouTube: Cherise WilliamsSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Facebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastVisit our website:https://www.skepticmetaphysician.comListen in to our show on your favorite radio station:K-Paranormal Radio (KPNL)AmericaOne RadioPulse Talk RadioFresh Radio (SWFresh)


Paranormal Investigations and Witchcraft

Will:  [00:04:00] [00:03:00] [00:02:00] [00:01:00] [00:00:00]Hey, welcome back to the skeptic metaphysician I'm will. And sitting next to me is my lovely cohost. Karen Ansley. Karen, welcome back 

Cherise: to the show. I'm starting to feel 

Karen: really at home here. 

Will: This is your home. You know, you are here anytime you want to open invitation. You are. You're a part of the show now.

So, so as you may have heard in my area, In my eternal search for something to prove that metaphysical exists. I spent some time in a coven as a young man now that topic's probably best listened to on another episode, but in my search for great guests, I stumbled on someone that epitomizes what I've always considered to be.

 Now she holds certifications in [00:05:00] Touro, in crystal healing, hypnotherapy, spiritual studies, life coaching. And though she does consider herself a witch and a psychic empath. What is the most interesting to me is that she uses her talents as a paranormal investigator here to talk about all things, witchy and paranormal.

I am over the moon, excited to introduce Shariece Williams to the show. Shariece thank you so much for coming on the show. I hope I didn't just put your. 

Cherise: No, you did good. Thank you. And I was laughing at all my certifications. I do have a lot of interests.

Will: Great. And it, and it really the problem is wow, where to begin. Right. We got so much to talk about and I'm pretty sure we're not going to be able to get to all of it because we want to keep this to a a time where people. Won't have to take out vacations to listen to, but so I think Karen, what, what jumps out at you?

What's the first thing that 

Cherise: you want to talk to her 

Karen: about? We [00:06:00] just got back from Charleston, excuse me. And we went on a ghost walk and so I really want to know about the paranormal investigating like 

Cherise: that. Like what, what do you 

Karen: do? How do you get into that and what have you learned? 

Cherise: Oh, my gosh, those are all big.

So I guess I have always been interested in the paranormal and ghosts. I saw my first ghost when I was around six or seven. And luckily my family didn't like freak out about it. I told my aunt that I saw this ghost and she was like, yeah, the house is haunted. We just didn't want to tell you because we didn't want to scare you.

So it was always kind of just a normal, so I was like, oh, okay. And rather than being a little kid that was like, oh my gosh, I don't want to sleep alone or anything. It's more just, I think, sparks something in me. It's like, well, what was that? And so I've just really studied the paranormal my whole life.

And then around 2005 or so I joined a group here in Ohio. They're kind of, I don't know if you've seen the show, ghost hunters they're that kind of stuff. Model, they model their team after that. And then I just kind of broke off on my own and have been doing on my own since 

Will: then. [00:07:00] Does it not scare you?

Like aren't you like freaked out 

Cherise: sometimes. I'm more scared of animals and humans than I am of the ghost. Cause some of the buildings that I go into, you know, Old and decrepit and in the middle of nowhere. And so, yeah, you're more likely to run into a raccoon honestly than you are probably a ghost.

And so that freaks me out more than, 

Will: yeah. Very short time on a paranormal investigation team, like a ghost hunters team. Right, right. I'm always looking. I know I'm always surprising here, everything that I've done. See, 

Karen: I have known you forever and every other day is like, oh, I worked at that for five days, right?

Will: Yeah. Like I mentioned in the intro I'm, I'm always, I've always my whole life. I've been looking to, to find that proof, like I want, I want to believe, I want to see ghosts. I want to know that there's stuff out there. But the thing is when I went on these things right there, there was one particular case.

I remember going into this poor ladies apartment. It felt really. Bad. Like, I felt really [00:08:00] uncomfortable to the point where we would go into her bedroom into a certain area of her bedroom and the temperature dropped and it was just an overall feeling of dread. Like I get out, right. Like the whole thing too bad.

We can't stay baby. Cause I can't. Those types of things freak me out. And then of course afterwards when we confirm yes, of course, there's absolutely. There's something here. There's no doubt in our minds. There's something here. Okay. Well, we've got to go. Thanks for having us over there. What you do, like how do you D do you clear the room after you find something or, well, first have you found something.

 Cherise: Lots of things. And I'm one, I mean, I will say like, yeah, I'm pretty sure it was a ghost voice that we captured, but because I do have that kind of skeptical, skeptical, like, well, what if it was something explainable? I usually like to say, like, here's a piece of potential evidence that I captured because, you know, I mean, at the end of the day, we don't really know.

No necessarily. I mean, even though I've had crazy experiences, I've seen things with my eyeballs. I've felt things. I've seen [00:09:00] photos of things. 

Will: What have you seen? 

Cherise: I mean, I've seen full-bodied shadow figures you know, doors shutting on their own things, kind of moving on their own. I'm seeing lots of bats.

Those are always freaky because they scare you. They start to leave. And that's hilarious. Seeing grown men that you're investigating with like cowering in a hallway because flying overhead 

Will: that's really came up with ghost hunters, that TV show, because I guess from one skeptic to another, right, you, you saw a full on body.

Really like really? Did you, like you could, could you, it could have been a trick of the mind. Could it mean, have you looked into these kinds of things like you, are you convinced that this, this stuff. 

Cherise: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm convinced that there is so much, I always use the ocean analogy. I mean, we've only studied what 5% of our oceans and that's something tangible that we can physically see, feel touch.

And we still don't know what the heck is under the [00:10:00] ocean, really. And so I think it's kind of naive to think that there is a. A whole world that is unseen all around us. I mean, there's, everything is energy and molecules and science is discovering so many new things every day. I think eventually we will come to some definitive proof of like, here is another dimension on top of ours, or here is a ghost.

This is what happens when you die. 

Will: Right. Right. And unfortunately, there have been people that, I'm sorry, I keep cutting you off. Karen. I just, I just see another question. I'd, like I said, I have so much to talk to her about, but. Back in the day when you had the sciences and the mediums and stuff who, you know, they would have a little button that would meet the table move and right.

All the all the charlatans that would be out there in, in Meda made people. I mean, there's most people, maybe not most, but a lot of people out there think this is all bunch of hooey, right. With it's all smoke and mirrors. This is this, that the stuff doesn't really exist. It's it's just people talking.

Take people's money, right? Eh, in end [00:11:00] exploiting their sorrow or their loss in order to make a buck. Over the past, I don't know, 10, 20 years science is rediscovering the quantum field in doing all these things to your point, and finding that there's so much more out there that we don't necessarily know about that maybe is answering some of these questions, but there are still people out there who are stuck.

Yeah, these are all people just, Thies trying to steal money and make, make living off of, of, of, you know, your, your sorrow, your loss of of a mother or a husband, a father, a child.  What do you say to people? 

Cherise: Well, I think there's a few reasons that people are like that one. I think just people are afraid of what they don't know or what they don't understand.

And so rather than saying like, yeah, that possibility freaks me out. Instead it comes out as that's a bunch of crap. It doesn't exist. It's not real. It's more like they're trying to convince themselves, I think. And also, I mean, there are people who just. Unless they can see it, feel it touch it. There's proof.

It's hard for them to like conceptualize something that they can't really see. I mean, like, look at germs, there was the [00:12:00] germ theory, like these germs exist and people are like, what are you talking about? You can't see these things and it doesn't exist. And then, you know, let's put this under a microscope and, oh look, there are germs.

I think it's kind of the same thing. We just. Found definitive proof of the ghosts. And then unfortunately there are people that take advantage of others. You know, there are people who yeah. Completely take advantage of people's trust and their sadness, like you said, and their grief and even people who are just going out and investigating for the thrill of it.

You know, they want the views, they want the followers. And so they fake paranormal evidence. And it's a shame because people like that then give a bad name to people who are genuinely trying to help or genuinely trying to research and contribute to this field. 

Will: Absolutely. And it's unfortunate that it really there's people like that in every room.

Right. It's not just the paranormal or the metaphysical or the esoteric there's. There are you hear stories of, of doctors who are practicing without a medicine, without a license or people who believe certain elements can be treated  certain things that [00:13:00] perhaps aren't the best thing to put into your body, or, you know, you just, you just never know.


Karen: well, I think there are so many people that I've had personal experiences that have no, you know, money. Quest that it can't be not true. I mean, I've had I had, so I had a house. I still have it in Orlando. That was from the early 1920s. And I know there was a ghost there and I Lyla, I named it. Well, I mean, I don't know that was her name, but I called her.

I had seen when I was really young. Some television show that said, if you think there's a ghost in your house, you have to talk to them and tell them that if they're nice, they're welcome to stay. But you know, if they're not, they have to go. So I did that several times, but so many things that would happen and you're talking about tangible proof.

I was a teacher at the time and for Christmas a student had given me is really nice pen and it went really well, is all fancy. And I loved it. Well, I lost it. Like I do most things. Yeah. And that was kind of bummed, but it was, you know, a couple months down the road. had forgotten about it and my dog, she would do the things that you hear about like standing in the doorway with no one's in the bathroom and just barking and barking and barking [00:14:00] in the bathroom or not going in certain rooms.

At times I woke up one morning getting ready to go to work and they're on my dresser is my pen. It's all taken apart and perfectly lined up. Now I lived there by myself with the dog and without opposable thumbs, I don't think Kira could have gotten them in order. Yeah, no, 

Cherise: that's something. And then you ask skeptics like that will then how do you prove that?

And they're like, I don't know. I'm sure there's some explanation. Okay. Well, why you get the explanation? Be that it's something paranormal. Why can't the explanation be something that we can't see with our eyes? Exactly 


Karen: So Shariece. Do you think you, you talked about, you know, different dimensions. Do you think that the ghosts could be not necessarily people that have died, but just shadows of other dimensions that we're getting.

Cherise: Oh, I love this topic. I love all these topics. That's a really good question because I think it depends on what your definition of a ghost is or what your definition of haunted is. You know, we'll, you were mentioning going into this woman's apartment and it just felt heavy and off and not good. You know, that could be caused by.

Your typical [00:15:00] ghosts, or that could be just her energy that she's admitting maybe she was going through stuff in life and just had some really unpleasant energy around her. And that's what you were feeling. But to some people that could be considered a haunting I think that there are a lot of different types of ghosts.

I think that there are the kind of emotional, mental ghosts that we all kind of carry around with us. And sometimes that can manifest as activity in your home. I think that there are. I guess when we think of a ghost, we think of a person who's passed on and kind of maybe their soul or their spirit is stuck here.

I think there's that kind of ghost. There's just the energetic imprints, which you've probably heard residual hauntings. But then, yeah, I also think if time is not linear, maybe we are catching glimpses of whatever was happening in that home a hundred years prior, or even a hundred years into the future.

There's also theories that we can haunt ourselves. Like if you're still living in your childhood home you know, maybe you're seeing, and you start seeing like a child ghost, maybe it's actually you're catching glimpses of your childhood itself. Yeah. There's lots of, lots of rabbit holes that you can go down 

[00:16:00] Karen: at the same time.

Cherise: Yeah. 

Will: Yeah. I mean, I think paranormal investigations is something we can devote entire series to, but I do I do want to ask you about some of the other stuff, but before we do,  I would be remiss if I didn't ask you to share some of the most I don't want to say astounding, but, but the, most memorable events that you've experienced during your paranormal investigations.

 Cherise: Well, one that always stands out is an EVP that I got. This was when I was investigating with that team years ago. 

Will: Sorry for those uninitiated, can you let us know what an EDP 

Cherise: is? The electronic voice phenomenon. So, when people do like didn't have a digital recorder and they ask questions and then when they play it back, there's a response or a voice that is captured on the recording.

That was not her. At the time of asking the questions, which is different than a disembodied voice, but just embodied voice is one that you actually hear with your ears. Sometimes your recorder might capture it, but EVP, a true EVP is a voice or a [00:17:00] sound or something that was not heard with anybody's ears at the time.

But showed up somehow on the recording. 

Will: Could those have been imperfections in the tape or in the recorder or something like. 


The theories with that which actually that UVP that I I'm going to tell you about, I got on the old school, like analog recorder, like the actual little tape in the device.

So some people say it's, you know, you're just hearing the sound of the tape warring or. You know, you're just hearing like reverberation from something or, you know, there's all kinds of which a lot of MVPs can be explained for that. Like maybe you're recording and you take a step in the floorboard creeks and you don't.

Market. Like, normally if you hear a sound, you want to say, oh, that was me taking a step or, oh, that was the floorboard creaking. That way, when you listen back and you hear that, you're like, oh, that's what that is. Stomach growls have been also, it's like a demon voice. It's like, no, it was perfect.

Karen: Highlight of the difference between.   He wants to know, could it have been a mistake? I want to know what did it say?

[00:18:00] Cherise: Well, I think it's like the AVP I got, so it was that a house they cleaned. There was a little boy that they had seen in the house. And some other stuff going on. And like I said, this was with the old like tape recorders. And so at the time, I didn't listen back to the recordings now with digital recorders, it's a lot easier to like ask questions and then listen back right there in the moment.

So I didn't hear this until days later when I was reviewing my evidence, but I get up to leave the room and you hear clear as day a little boy's voice. Say, why are you leaving?  And I'm sorry, but I mean, you know what? A little kid's voice sounds like a floorboard. You know, it wasn't, it was a little kid voice and it, it had emotion in it.

Why are you leaving? Like, he sounded so sad. And to this day I'm so heartbroken about it. I'm like that poor little boy who like, you're trying to talk to me, I'm talking to you. Why are you leaving? And we had no idea. So yeah, that one. That one stands out for sure. 

Will: I, I got to admit, I gave me chills, so [00:19:00] it does freak me out.

Right. But when, when I, when I went on this, these things and I went to the ladies room and physically palpable feeling of something, wants to do me ill in this room. I can only imagine that it was just me being a coward right now. Come on. Did the power of, of of the, of the mind saying, oh, this place is haunted.

So of course it's, it's gonna, it's gonna feel bad. It's gonna feel weird. So, and just you freak yourself out, but I gotta say you're doing. Remarkably you're handling this really well when people who use it, who paranormal investigations and they talk to you about this kind of stuff, they, it really their mission to convince you, this is real.

This is, but you're actually, yeah, it could be the tape worrying. Yeah. It could be the floorboards. So I commend you for that because you do have more of an open money to, yeah. This could all be bullshit, but it's, it's it's, you know, in your estimation though,  voice of a little child saying, why are you leaving to your point?

Could really not be anything else. Right? 

Cherise: Well, this is kind of, I think maybe where we differ. Cause I'm saying like, [00:20:00] yeah, there's a possibility that could have been something explainable, but this is also where I rely more on my like deeply spiritual, intuitive self. And I really trust my intuition above everything else.

And my intuition, everything in me says that this works. The spirit of a little boy that I got his voice. And I think too, I don't, I don't need to convince people. Like it's more just here's my experiences. Here's what it could be. Here's what I think it is. You do without what you want. Like, you're going to believe what you want.

It's not my job to convince people one way or. Yup. 

Will: That's a great way to go through life. It's something that I have had to learn the hard way. So thank you for that. All right. So, I think we need we're to, we're going to move away from parallel moral investigations just for a second, because now I feel like I'm going to have some nightmares.

Thanks to that story. 

Cherise: One's a creepy, creepy.

Will: One of the things that really intrigued me about you and really the first thing that struck me about you, when I found you on Instagram [00:21:00] was your witchcraft. You, you do the, you do routinely tarot readings. You talk about the cards on Instagrams and things like that. You do a spell casting, you do herbal stuff, you do all kinds of stuff like animal guides and then shadow animals and animals and magic.

And so.  As a skeptic. How do you compartmentalize that in your life?

 Cherise: That's a hard question.

What did I say? So, because somebody asked me the other day, if I was a skeptic.  I'm more of a grounded believer, I guess, because I don't, I don't think I'm necessarily a skeptic because I think of a skeptic as somebody that's like, I don't know, like maybe this exists, but I don't really believe it unless you show me something like real concrete.

I believe all this stuff exists. I just am not one of those people. That's like everything is a ghost. Everything is spiritual. Everything is a synchronicity. Everything is magical. Like there are some like logical down to earth explanations for a lot of things. [00:22:00] But there is a lot that we don't know as well.

And yeah, I mean, I don't really compartmentalize cause it's just, it's so much of me and my life and my way of thinking. Yeah. Why would you need to 

Karen: compartmentalize? That's a good 

Will: question. It's a skeptic question. It's like, you know, life is like a 

Cherise: kaleidoscope, 

Karen: but they come together in this beautiful image.

Yeah. Changes, shift. Yep. 

Cherise: Beautiful way of thinking of that. Karen. 

Will: That's why she's on the show, so, okay. So let's dive into that witchcraft portion of your story a little bit. I did interview very early on in the series. I interviewed someone new that was a solitary, which she was. So I'll tell you practitioner are you, do you consider yourself solitary as well or no, just me.

Okay. And I knew, I do know that there are different traditions in there. In paganism, right? Probably the best way to put it because w it's, it's not all pagans or which has been, but all witches are pagans. Right. That's [00:23:00] how I understand it. 

Cherise: No. Cause there can be Christian, which is, there's a lot of Christian, which is that I know of.

  That's a whole hot topic.  Cause you know, you have some Christians that are like, absolutely not. Everything that the Bible and Jesus teach. And 

Will: I know, right. So you blow my mind. I've never heard of Christian 

Cherise: Christian. Technically you can be a Buddhist wished, which you can be a Hindu, which like yeah.

Lately separate from religion. 

Will: Okay, good. Because my experience with witches has been as a Wiccan, right? I, I, I became Wiccan when I joined the coven. I what's the term. I didn't transition myself, but I thank you and initiated myself into the Wiccan religion. I will no longer Catholic. I was no longer Protestant.

I was now Wiccan, right? That's a, true religion, a recognized religion in the country. And that's all, that's all I knew about witchcraft. So now you're telling me that that's not necessarily the case. 

Cherise: Not all Wiccans are witches. A lot of Wiccans, simply just,

[00:24:00] Will: it goes against everything I ever knew about Waco. I don't understand what's going on. 

Cherise: A lot of people get them. Cause there is a lot of overlap. There are a lot of Wiccans who are witches, but Wicca itself is a religion with, you know, ceremonies and rituals to honor the earth and the God and goddess, but separate from doing spells or any sort of magical work.

But yeah, a lot of Wiccans are witches, but there are Wiccans who absolutely do not do any sort of spells. 

Will: Okay. So trees, what is.  I 

Cherise: love this question. You can ask so many different witches, what is a witch, and you're going to get so many different answers. But to me really about being aware of your own personal energy, being aware of the energies outside of you.

And really finding a way to work with your own personal energies, as well as working with external energies and just finding kind of a. A balance with that and a knowledge of that and kind of tapping into your own inner power. 

 Karen: So one of the things that we've been learning on these [00:25:00] podcasts, which surprised the heck out of me was that a lot of the people can, can do their kind of their work through the internet.

Like you didn't say like you would Reiki through the internet. Like you can do all this stuff you don't have to actually be physically present with the person is the same true for witchcraft. Is it called 

Cherise: witchcraft? And is that wrong? Yeah. Yeah, I've done spell work for people who are thousands miles away from me.

And it works the same with my readings. I do all my readings virtually, or even just on my own. And I'll email the audio file to my clients. But yeah, I mean, cause energy knows no time or space, you know, it's not confined to one space, one area. But 

Karen: do you have to be like, focused, like we're having this conversation so I can see where that energy would transmit, but if there's someone that's over in another house, down the block, could you affect that person?

If they're not focused on you? Does that make. Oh, yeah. 

Cherise: Yeah. I've gotten people who messaged me like after I've done spell work for them or I'll message them and say, Hey, the spell work is done. I, you know, completed at 4:00 PM. And they're like, [00:26:00] oh, so that's why I started crying at like four 15 or something like that is so cool.

Oh. And I sent crying.

I was supposed to do, they were releasing the, you know, what they were holding on to.

Will: So super interesting. What kind of spell work do you do? mean, you, you hear about love spells and breaking curses and things like that. Is that the typical stuff that you do or is there other things that you really kind of specialize. 

Cherise: I really, I think every, which kind of has their thing that they're really good at, like some are really good at money magic or whatever.

I would say probably like,

that's not, I mean, I couldn't do it, but that's not my strong suit. Mine really is energy protection, cleansing, vanishing. Unwanted things processing

 that goes well with the paranormal investigating. Cause I can, you know, help protect myself, other investigators, people who live at the [00:27:00] location who might need 

Will: help. So glad you said that because that's one thing we didn't touch on. Is it, you know, people go into these paranormal investigations. Without doing anything to protect themselves.

Like they're here? I don't know personally, but you hear stories of people being really effected, maybe a ghost attaching them or spirit attaching to them and following them home or something that's maybe not quite so friendly. Suddenly now. I don't want to say taking over somebody, but maybe like just bringing in negative, negative energies into someone.

So there are, there are techniques that you can use. And I learned that when I was in the covenant that you surround yourself in white light, or it says a protection techniques that you do before you go into it. So. If you are listening to the show and, and now that we're on the radio and on five different radio stations, if you're listening to us out there and you are interested in being a paranormal investigator, do not do this on your own.

Talk to someone who knows what they're doing first, because there could be some repercussions that you're not aware of before you 

Cherise: do it. It's 

Karen: too late and you've already gone there. 

Cherise: You can get help 

[00:28:00] Karen: around you that you don't know what it is. She can help you. 

  Will: Right. So, not only spell works. So w how do these spills work?

Well, I, I, I didn't even mean to do that, right. Is it, is it like other chance? Are they herbs? Are they easy to push into someone drinks? Like, how does it work? 

Cherise: Oh, there is so many different types of spells, so many different types of magic. Gosh, candle magic is probably one of the most. Used in most common, I think.

And that's usually, I don't always do spell work for clients. But usually I'll do some form of candle magic just cause I really liked the element of fire and the transformation that it creates and the energy that it has. So yeah, that's primarily what I use this candle magic for things someone come 

Karen: with, when someone comes in, do they typically have a specific issue that they're asking you for help with?

Or are they just kind of like you tell me what I. 

Cherise: I have had a couple people reach out to me personally because they wanted some protection or I don't do curses or hexes or anything like that. If other people want to go for it, I'm not your mom. I don't care what you do. As long as it's [00:29:00] not affecting me.

I will do different protective magic, like finding somebody from talking bad about you or binding them from sending you energy. So I have had people reach out to me asking, like, can you help bind this? Like, You know, causing me trouble and I've tried talking to them and it's not working. So can you now magically try to get them to like leave me alone?

So I will do that, but yeah, I don't do that curses in Texas. But other times I've done spell work. It's more intuitively I'm like, okay. It feels like somebody out there needs a spell for, you know, self-love and so I'll offer it out there and I'll do like 10 spots and people can pay for it. And I'll do kind of like a group spell for self-love.

 Will: Yeah, we definitely, we're going to talk after this for sure. There's no doubt about that. So, so doing research in you, I saw that you do stuff with animal guides. Is that like, is it like medicine cards or what, what is that specifically? 

Cherise: There are animal guys are part of your spiritual team. So your spiritual team is basically anybody.

The spiritual realm that has your [00:30:00] best interest at heart. So these would be, if you believe in angels, these would be your angels, your spirit guides, your ancestors and animal guides, which are, you know, their animal spirit guides. And then. 

   Will: So like my spirit spirit guide could be a jackass or something.


Cherise: do you 

Karen: think that the spirit guides are always watching you? Because sometimes there's things you wouldn't want your spirits or your ancestors to see going on. 

Cherise: I have a choice. Like, I don't think, you know, my, my grandparents and great, great grandparents stuff want to see everything I'm doing either. So I feel like they're probably like, oh, I'll just go over here now.

Don't worry about that. You could set some boundaries though, if you are. I mean, I had to set boundaries one time. They weren't part of my spiritual team. Every time I was trying to go to sleep. It sounded like a little spirit convention in my bedroom of spirits, like trying to talk to me. And so I finally had to [00:31:00] be like, stop.

Like this is. In the bedroom, like you are not welcome, you're not allowed or in the shower or whatever,  if you do have like a weird ancestor that is kind of creeping on you,

not okay. 

Will: You know what that explains a lot now. All right. So, how did you get into all this Like you just wake up one morning and go, you know what I'm going to be, which maybe you do. I don't know. 

 Cherise: As always, like I said, I mean, ever since I was a little kid, I was always interested in the paranormal and just anything that was kind of like weird or out there or different.

I loved.  You know, I was that little kid making like potions in my backyard with leaves and dirt and stuff. Not really knowing what I was doing, collecting rocks, like, so it's always been in me. But I was raised. Pardon? My family is Catholic part was Lutheran. So I was raised in the church and was always taught and thanks to Hollywood, which is they're evil.

They're terrible. They're you know, you don't want to mess with that. 

Will: Demonic, not just Hollywood, but, but a [00:32:00] lot of religious teachings say that never went what's that what's that, that thing that they 

Cherise: not suffer a witch to live

 mistranslate yeah, there's actually. Far, as I know, there's nothing in the Bible that actually, like, if you go back to the old texts before it's been translated and mistranslated there's nothing in there that says witchcraft. You don't want to curse people and things like that that is mentioned, but yeah, just plain old witchcraft is not mentioned.

Will: It was, it was a, it was a missed translation. When you translate it to the English language, it's not really meant to be never suffer which to live. And in fact, the word pagan is really just means country dweller, right? It's not, it's not there's negative connotations with pagans or paganism.

They're not some Barbera. Race of humans at that, just worship the devil. And in fact, yeah. If I, if I'm not misstating, at least when I was learning witchcraft in the coven there was no such thing as the devil right there. That was a, that was a, an entity that was made up by one of the Catholic Pope's to try [00:33:00] to convert people to Christianity.

So there's all kinds of things and you and I can have a very long conversation about these kinds of things. I'm sure. Probably not the right place for it. But it's interesting. Not just the media, but so many other areas in the inner world around us tell us that witchcraft in the practice of spell casting is bad.

So how do you, how do you combat that? 

Cherise: Or do you, I know what I am doing is not bad. I mean, what is wrong with honoring yourself, honoring the earth, honoring other beings and entities and You know, I mean, I, I personally try to do good and put more good into the world. There's already enough hate and negativity and all of that in the world.

So I don't personally try to add to that. Like I said, it's other people want to do that. That's fine. I'm not judging you unless it  affects me. But yeah, like I know I'm a good person and I, pray to Jesus. I pray to Mary. Like I connect with them in meditations and.  Jesus and Mary don't have a problem with what I'm doing.

So why should I? 

Will: And one of the tenants of, of witchcraft is, and you harm none do as you will. Right? So it's. [00:34:00] 

  Cherise: Well, there 


Will: go. I was in a Wiccan coven. So that makes sense. 

Cherise: You see a lot that happens on Tik TOK. Anytime somebody posts any sort of spell work that could be considered, you know, a curse or a hex or bad evil magic, they always say that, you know, well, good luck that rule of three.

And it's like, well, that's a Wiccan belief, not every which. You know that what you put out, you get back so 

Will: interesting. So you, you are enlightening me to all kinds of things that I thought I knew what witchcraft was, but apparently I know very little  for the course as I'm finding it. 

Karen: Yeah, absolutely. You mentioned that you got interested in the paranormal when you were a child and you hear sometimes that children are more connected.

Have you found that to be true? Like 


Cherise: connected to I don't know, cause I haven't actually really talked to many children about that. So yeah, I don't really personally have, I mean, I've heard that to be true and it makes sense to me because you know, you start being told, oh, that's fake.

That's pretend that that's not real. And so then you start doubting yourself so I can see how we're all kind of born a little [00:35:00] more. But then because of society or family or whatever, we kind of close that off, or even our own fear. If we're experiencing something like, that's why I'm glad my family didn't freak out and was like, oh my God, it was a ghost.

You did not see that. And,  you know, and put that fear into me. And so I think if a little kid sees something or experiences something, and then they go to their caregiver or they don't go to their caregiver because they're afraid and you have that fear and kind of. Anything off from the future, you know, in the future.

Will: Wow. That makes sense. Now you also wrote a book.  Yeah. But a book called the goddess life. Right. What, what is that book 

Cherise: about? It's more just kind of like a daily prompt or inspiration. Cause you can just kind of flip the book open to whatever page and it's filled with. Different journal exercises, different prayers different little rituals or things just to kind of get you to slow down and take a moment, like go within really kind of connect to your own intuition, connect to your higher self and just add a little bit of spirituality into your daily 

Will: life.

Oh, very cool. And I, and I also did find that you were, I think, a contributor on another book. Right. And that was the theme. It was a feminine McCobb 

Cherise: yes. Such a good book. [00:36:00] Spooky it's Amanda Willmar. She put this together, so it's a journal of I'm not sure how many women are in it. But just contributed different pieces.

All broad range of paranormal topics and volume two, which I have a piece in as well is going to be coming out. I think this August, August, 2021. 

Will: Very cool. And if I'm not mistaken, both of those books can be found on Amazon. Cause I did look, look them up and found them. So I think that you could  find the goddess life and feminine.

McCobb both on Amazon. So it's easy for you to access. I'll also lead in some of those direct links to those books. It's on my show notes. So if you're listening to us on the radio, you can always go to skeptic, and find those direct links for you. Make it super easy for you. You don't even have to do a thing.

We do it all.  All right. So, I know that the, we have already taken up a lot of your time. We talked about a lot of times. Thanks. Is there anything that we haven't touched on that you want to make sure that well, I should definitely mention you are. Open to people reaching out to you if they need help.

Is that right? Yes. 

Cherise: Yeah. Actually the link in my bio, but there's a link in my bio and you can click on it for either [00:37:00] taro readings or if you just have like, you want some spiritual guidance or witchcraft questions or anything, you can leave it there. But yeah, I don't know. trust your intuition.

That's a big, yeah. Two big messages that I've been getting lately to share with others. And to also focus on for myself is to really, for people to establish a spiritual connection, whatever that looks like for you to really kind of connect to something bigger, whether you want to call that God, your higher self, the universe, whatever, to really start to establish a spiritual connection and also really start to trust your intuition.

I don't know why, but it just feels like that's a very important thing for people to be doing right now. So yeah. Establish that spiritual connection and trust your 

Will: Great messages for sure. Do you feel that your witchcraft, your knowledge in all things, which, which he helped you in your paranormal investigate?

Cherise: Yeah, a hundred percent. My meditation practice has helped with, you mentioned fear you know, fear does crazy things to a person's mind. Fear can just really kind of take the reins. And so by meditating and learning how to control my breathing and like calm myself [00:38:00] down has really helped in instances where I'm in like a dark abandoned building by myself and I need to like, okay, breeze.

And then also just really understanding energies and. How to control those energies and things like that has definitely helped to protect myself and to connect. 

Will: Right. We didn't even touch on the fact that you were psychic impact also.

So I get the, Spirit's telling me that we need to get you back on the show. 

Cherise: I will love to 

Will: be back on. That's really what, what I'm feeling for sure. And we'll talk offline too, cause we do do that, but but thank you so much for coming on the show, like a blind reach out. And I know there are a lot of weirdos out there, so thanks for having the faith in 

Cherise: these weirdos.

We're different 

Will: than other weirdos.

Exactly. So, well, thank you so much for coming on the show very much. And Karen, thank you for coming on again. This is, this was fun. It is so much fun. It's always fun to have you on the show. Absolutely. Anytime. And [00:39:00] every time that we have a guest that is so.   Exciting to talk to like Shariece was that just makes that much more fun to share with you.

So thanks for coming on and, and you listened to thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery with us as well. If you know someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we shared on the show or any of our others, I hope you'll consider sharing this podcast without rate or this radio show with that person, the easiest way to do.

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