Best Way to Figure Out Your LIfe's Purpose - Hand Analysis | Jayne Sanders

Best Way to Figure Out Your LIfe's Purpose - Hand Analysis | Jayne Sanders

9/15/2021The Skeptic MetaphysicianThe Best Way to Figure Out Your Life's Purpose - Diving Into Scientific Hand AnalysisSummaryLet's get something straight right away.... palm reading and scientific hand analysis are NOT the same things! Both...

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9/15/2021The Skeptic MetaphysicianThe Best Way to Figure Out Your Life's Purpose - Diving Into Scientific Hand AnalysisSummaryLet's get something straight right away.... palm reading and scientific hand analysis are NOT the same things! Both deal with reading lines in the hand, but only hand analysis can help you discover your TRUE life's purpose. We dive DEEPLY into this fascinating practice with one of the world's foremost experts on the subject. You will never look at your hand the same way again!Scientific hand analysis helps identify your innate life purpose, how you're meant to make a difference in the world!Info about our guestA master scientific hand analyst with three coaching certifications: 1 - Purpose2 - Law of Attraction3 - Spiritual life coach Featured in a Forbes article about her, our next guest helps leaders, business owners and teams love their lives and their work.Using scientific hand analysis and her proprietary coaching process, she reveals your purpose, special gifts and blind spots then guides you into the inspired meaning passion and fulfillment you crave in life and work. She's known as The Purpose Whisperer!Special OfferDon't miss the AMAZING special offer on your very own hand analysis that Jayne is offering our members! Become a member for FREE today and gain access to this and many other discounts at: skepticmetaphysician.comResourcesTwists Turns & Truths: The Life and Lines of a Master Scientific Hand AnalystGuest Info:Website: @PurposeWisdomLinkedIn  @purposewhispererSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Facebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastVisit our website:


Will: [00:00:00] [00:01:00] [00:02:00] [00:03:00] Hey everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysician. My co-host my lovely co-host Karen, thank you for being by my 

Karen: side. Once again. Well, I am so happy that I have been upgraded from guests to cook. Well, you know, 

Will: I figured out who it was. It was about time. I got, I kept, kept getting these nasty emails saying, when are you going to make her go home?

No I'm, I'm thrilled to have you. I really am. You bring such a wonderful perspective to everything that it was a long time coming, so thank you. Thanks for being willing to be a participant in his craziness. Oh, sure. No. My big question to you today, Karen. Have you ever had your Palm read?

Karen: Oh yes. You have you, oh yes. Many times. 

Will: And tell me about it. It was it, was it a [00:04:00] good experience? Was it, was it not? What, what did you find out 

Karen: both? I mean, I've had some where you're like, oh my gosh, this is really interesting. It's it's been a while. So I can't tell you specifics, but I can remember how I felt or somebody like.

That was nothing, you know, that was a piece of dirt buddy or in the wrong, or, you know, so I've had a little bit of both, but I really have had some really interesting, fantastic experiences with 

Will: that. Well, you know, in this show, we explore all kinds of things that are out of the norm.

This one's no different, except for the fact that our guest doesn't do palms. She does something that's much more scientific in mind and she calls it hand analysis, but it kind of rooted in some of the same general principles. So rather than just keep talking about it and she was so wonderful, she actually sent me an.

To, to introduce her to the show. And I'm going to read it here for you because it's so wonderful. So a master master scientific hand analyst with three coaching certifications, purpose law of attraction [00:05:00] and spiritual life coach and featured in a Forbes article about her. My next guest helps leaders, business owners and teams love their lives and their work who I love it already.

Now using scientific hand analysis and her proprietary coaching process, she reveals your purpose, special gifts and blind spots then guides you into the inspired meaning passion and fulfillment. You crave in life and work. And of course, corporate and team benefits are numerous. Now, Karen, we're not doing .

Her purpose work, Jane can be found out on the trail, riding her beautiful Arabian Appaloosa horse. Wow. Darby or eating dark chocolate and Karen sometimes both at the 

Karen: same time.

Will: And it's really wonderful that she has his horse because. You heard about the horse whisper at that movie, Lord, she's the purpose whisper her. So it's perfect. I want to give a very warm welcome to gene Sanders on the show. Jane, thank you so much for coming on. 

Jayne Sanders: Well, thanks. We'll I've really been looking forward [00:06:00] to it.

I love talking about this work and you guys are a great pair and this'll just be a lot of fun. And I think really interesting for you. 

Will: We're really excited to talk to you about this because we've not had this topic on the show before, and it, it touches on so many different things that I'm really interested to hear from you 

at the very beginning of the show, I mentioned to Karen that it was not pawn meeting, but rather scientific hand analysis. Can you give us a basis for the differences? Everyone knows. When go to a psychic fair and someone takes your Palm and says, oh, you can have a long life look at is your lifeline you're gonna have three kids.

Cause you have these three creases in your hand. How does it compare? And how's it contrast 

Jayne Sanders: primarily. The accuracy of a Palm reading is directly connected to the intuitive level of the reader. With scientific hand analysis, the science is that the lines in your hands mimic the neural pathways in your brain.

There are no predictions to it. I can't [00:07:00] tell somebody. How many kids are going to have, or when they're going to meet Mr. Right. And frankly, I don't want to, I can tell them why they haven't met Mr. Right, or what they need to work on to help improve the chances of that happening sooner than later. But there's no predictions with scientific hand analysis other than I don't care how good your life is.

Now, if you take action on the information that's in your hands, your life will only get better. I mean, this is a blueprint to your best life. 

Karen: So is there a specific age that you should be like when your hands, I don't know, stop growing or changing that helps with that? Or can you analyze the one's hands at 25 and there'll be different when they're 55?

Jayne Sanders: The answer to the second question is yes, they will be different, but you probably wouldn't be able to see the differences I would. I've done as young as three. And as old as 85. So there's no like, you need to get it now. But you know, because it does identify your innate life purpose, how you're meant to make a [00:08:00] difference in the world.

And it's not a job description that would be cuckoo because everybody has more than one option of, of work that aligns with their purpose. But as a parent, if you knew what your child's purpose was. And what their biggest tripping points were going to be through life. It's very empowering. You can help them guide them gently toward that purpose and through their tripping points.

Most people come to me in their thirties and forties because of career issues. And you know, it's not a hundred dollars Palm reading, so you got to want 

Will: it. It's the old apitomy you really need to want it for it to mean much to you. Right. So then how could it possibly be that lines on your hand can provide a blueprint to your life path?

How is that possible? 

Jayne Sanders: Because they mimic the neural pathways in your brain. I mean, you know, the gentleman that created this database. Spent 40 [00:09:00] years and analyzed over 30,000 hands. That's more subjects than any FDA approved drug out there. So the database, the system is very reliable. It's very robust. He wrote a book about it called life prints.

And the forward to this book was written by a neurosurgeon from Stanford. Who was using scientific hand analysis with his patients. He's since retired, but I mean, it's extraordinarily reliable. The accuracy, the biggest word I get with the accuracy is freaky. There's like, this is so freaky accurate.

How do you know this about me? I'm like, well, it's in your hands. And Karen to go back to what you asked. Yes. Your hands can change. Not your fingerprints. Or the FBI be in deep duty, right? So we get a lot of information about you from your fingerprints and that information never changes. It's the core of who you are because your fingerprints [00:10:00] never change other things in your homies and other things about you can change.

It may not. It certainly can, but it's small changes that most people wouldn't recognize. I would never recommend some hand endless do, which I don't think is really an integrity, but I would never say, oh, well, you should come back in five years and get another hand analysis. Not enough would change to make that much of a difference.

Will: Right? That's more job security than anything else. 

Karen: So can you give us an example of what kind of information you can tell from someone's fingerprints? 

Jayne Sanders: So number one, that's where we get the core of your purpose. So I do purpose in two ways, I do the core, the foundation, that piece will never change. And then I do an expanded version of purpose where I add to that core keywords from any gift markings that I see, and I need to come back to gift markings, because those are very important [00:11:00] also from fingerprint.

I get what's called the life lesson, which is the biggest challenge throughout your life. It is the number one thing. The greatest obstacle that people need to work through, or hopefully they will to achieve their purpose and experience that deeper and more consistent joy and fulfillment and success on their own.

That they crave. I think knowing your purpose and living it is the only way to that joy, fulfillment and success. And by the way, life lesson nobody can work through it a hundred percent. It will always impact you to some degree, but the more you work on it, the, the bigger and better benefits you get.

And the third one.

Fingerprints. Yes. And the third thing that we get from fingerprints is what's called your life school, which it's sort of like your operating system. If you don't mind being compared to a computer, you, don't kind [00:12:00] of the overarching energy of your life and the filter through what you experience life and make a lot of decisions.

And the school also identify. Some of your natural skills and talents, as well as some of the learning or training you need. It's why they call it school in order to fulfill your purpose. And there are four possible schools. Most people are in one, many are in two and some are even in three. So some of us have more to learn than us.

Will: I have a feeling that probably what you mean?

Karen: No, I wasn't 

Jayne Sanders: related to that. If you don't mind, if I continue on this vein, every marking in the hands. I mean, if you look at your hand now, you'll see lots of lines, big ones, little ones, curved, one straight ones. So every marking in the hand, including all the different fingers. Every marking has both a [00:13:00] master path and a student path master path feels good.

You know, the more Masterpass you're on, the easier it is to live in alignment with your purpose. Student paths don't feel so good. I call them the yuckies could be little yuckies or big yuckies they're life complications could be little ones or big ones. Like feeling bored, stuck, overwhelmed, confused, frustrated off track, lost procrastinating, angry, sad, depressed, money, problems, relationship issues, career confusion.

All those are some of the ways that student past show up and the kicker is nobody can be on the master path of any marking. 100% of the time. We're human. Right. We're works in process. But that's where a lot of the power of this work is because with a hand analysis, you get a description, you learn what those master paths look like.

So you know what to strive for. That's your best life. [00:14:00] And you also learn what your student has looked like. So that gives you power to work on it. If you want, it's always up to you and nobody's ever shocked by their student paths. They're like, That's me. 

Karen: I like that you get an idea of what you're working with and sometimes it's a lot easier to handle the hard stuff. When you know that this is something that you have to go through, that you have to learn, 

Jayne Sanders: you know, it's, it's in your hands, it's etched in your hands.

So people seem to really trust it because it's not how they interpret a question. Answer a question or the mood they're in when they do it, they don't have to say a word. I just need their hand prints. 

Will: It strikes me how so many things out there. How many modalities kind of point at the same thing, the same information, the same communication that you're giving me now was given to me when an astrologer read my chart.

 According to. This person, actually, a couple of people did it. Where the moons and the stars were in alignment at the time of my birth. [00:15:00] A blueprint into my personality that would help give me insight into what my challenges might be, what to look out for all that kind of stuff.

Now take that further by your hand analysis, doing the same thing, and then printing it on your hand. It just kind of indicates so much more clearly that we have all kinds of hints and And reasons to look at all these different hidden modalities in order to live our lives. It's almost like we've been given all the tools.

If we just cared, open up our eyes and take a look 

Jayne Sanders: that's right. I mean, I really think God spirit source the universe, whatever word you want to use, tries so hard to help us understand who we are and why we're here. That's the big difference with hand analysis? It does. The main thing is. Some astrologers can find purpose in a chart and some can't.

But there definitely overlap between numerology, astrology, [00:16:00] scientific hand analysis, human design, the Enneagram. I mean, we have all these tools. You know, the universe is trying to help us really love our lives and love our work, love ourselves and make the difference. We're meant to be. 

Karen: So, I wonder if this is something that is, you know, scientific and you're looking at it, I've heard something similar about your eyes and like the Iris has, when things happen to you, that those little spots change.

I don't know if that's true or not, but if this is something that's, you know, more scientific, I wonder why it's not used more or it's not more mainstream. Does that sound, 

Jayne Sanders: does that make sense? And the Iris is all about health. So, and you know, but you can read faces, you can read ears, but nothing identifies purpose.

That's the big difference here with and analysis. And boy, is it deep and comprehensive, 

Will: to touch on your answer, as a scientific mind in this whole conversation, I would say maybe the reason why it's not so mainstream is because can the plan is being a certain alignment affect you, who you [00:17:00] are, 

how can lines in your hand actually tell you what your life purpose is? A lot of people are I don't want to say the word afraid, but. But if they can't feel it, touch it. No, it there's there's it can't be true. I know astrology, I don't know how it is with hand analysis, but I know astrology is considered a pseudo science is not even an actual science.

So it's strictly because a lot of scientists just don't want to look at anything that's outside of that specific evidence-based information. Right. Having said that you are saying that this is very scientific and very evidence-based and there are provable actions that come from these hand analysis.

Jayne Sanders: I think the main reason it's not more mainstream is because of what you said, but even prior to that, Most people haven't heard of it. Right. So, you know, in the scientific world, in the modality world, it's relatively new. So I would say 50 to 60 [00:18:00] years is about how long that it's really been around.

So compared to astrology and numerology, that's young. And then when people do hear about it, they automatically go to palms. 

Karen: I was just thinking of that, the picture, the fortune teller with the big ball. 

Will: So many people out there who really are just in it to steal, not steal, but to take people's monies right there.

There are charlatans out there. The world is full of Charleston's who? Oh yeah. Let me tell you your fortune. When they're really just trying to get your 20 bucks. Right? So because of that, sadly, one bad apple spoils the bunch may that that might have a lot to do with it too. Sadly.

Jayne Sanders: I mean, so it's just different, right? It's not, to me, it's not as deep and it's not that you can't get purpose from it, but 

Karen: but it's interesting that you do hear things like this that don't tend to take off. Like I've heard about hospitals having people come in and using Reiki on their patients after surgery or before one, and you know, you're talking.

This is very scientific and you were in Forbes magazine, which when I think of [00:19:00] Forbes, I don't think it's like, Ooh, this mystical magazine, you know, that's a very kind of straight laced, you know, it's just, it's interesting. It's like it's there, but I don't know. People just are afraid to grab onto it. 

Jayne Sanders: I think so accurate.

I mean, it just, and I've always because I have a corporate background and an MBA. I've always wanted to get this into companies because I definitely see the applications and vendors. You know, as a leader, you can, first of all, be more self-aware and therefore more authentic and a better role model and a better leader.

And self-awareness is like the first step and emotional IQ. And everybody knows how important or EEQ emotionally acute how important that is. But it also, if you know, what's in a hand analysis about your employees or your team members, it helps you. Put them in the right positions and assign the right projects that are more in alignment with who they are and what their desires are and what their talents and skills and purposes, because not only purpose, it also identifies talents and strengths and gifts.

Oh, [00:20:00] give markings. That's right. We need to come back to that at some point. 

Will: . First, before we get to that, you mentioned that that all the things that you can find.

Fingerprints. Is that basically what you're looking at? Or do you also look at the hand markings? Like, you know, people hear about the, you know, the lifeline in the Moneyline things like that is that that's all, everything 

Jayne Sanders: will, it's a really good question. We look at everything. So everything in the hands, the shape of the hand, all the lines where the fingers are set on the Palm, how the fingers relate to each other.

I mean, it's an enormous data. You know, I studied for five years, but then I'm as highly certified as possible. But and you know, need five years to just learn it and do it on a surface level. Right. So do you have a question here and you look like you're dying to ask them, 

Karen: look at the backs of the hands too.

Jayne Sanders: Just the front. So, I mean, if you look at, I'm going to hold this up close and see how many can you see the little lines and all that? 

Karen: The [00:21:00] detail, 

Jayne Sanders: it is like a roadmap, literally a blueprint is what I call it. But if markings and they're not involved in the fingerprints gift markings are line formations and there's several different kinds of line for me.

Yeah. But give markings are indications of extra potential talent in different areas. And they're very important for several reasons. One if you take every human on the planet more than half, far, more than half, actually do not have a gift. Doesn't mean that some of them, aren't amazing people making a big difference in the world, but if you have anything rare or unusual in the hands makes it important.

So the fact that there are unusual mix give markings important. Secondly, they're important because they help explain the, how, you know, the gifts and talents you have to help you fulfill your purpose and make the difference that you're meant to make in the world. And thirdly, they're important because they have those student paths.[00:22:00] 

So they're kind of a double-edged sword. You know, the more gift markings you have, the more life complications you have to deal with because nobody can be on the master path a hundred percent of the time. So gift markings are a big deal and they're very important. There's only 18 possible 

Karen: lines are going to be like a mole.

Jayne Sanders: Well, there, I'm going to find that in my hands. Well, so the most common one, which doesn't make it any less than. Is a series of vertical lines right below your pinky finger on the mound where your pinky finger is hooked on. And there have to be at least four little vertical lines. But give marking can show up as six pointed stars, but not every six pointed star is a gift marking.

It depends on where it is. That's why it takes a while to learn this stuff. 

Will: absolutely fascinating. 

Karen: Stop staring at our hand. 

Jayne Sanders: Leave me in a log speaking engagement. I mean, I don't get this [00:23:00] far. I'm looking at tops of heads. I mean, that's 

Will: absolutely. This is absolutely fascinating. I've never noticed how many.

Different markings are my hands before unbelievable. 

Jayne Sanders: This is going to freak you out. Well, I would say 75% of my clients and I've had several thousand have fingerprints in there. Paul what? Yeah. 

Will: Okay. 

Jayne Sanders: Up here in between fingers, fingers. You know, right at the very top of your poem,

Karen: I can't hold my hand far away enough that it's clear. 

Jayne Sanders: This tells you I'm a pro you really got,

well, did he say anything over here?

Will: Yeah, but tell me to get my hand far enough away from my head. I it's too far.

Jayne Sanders: Your headline can be, if you have a really [00:24:00] long headline, that could be a gift marketing. And the headline is kind of the middle big line that goes across your Palm Starks under your index finger and goes across. It could go straight across. I hadn't, I don't have one on 

Will: this hand. I have no gifts. I have no gifts at all.

Jayne Sanders: I bet you do. And cause I tend to attract people that have gift markings. Cause I have a bunch. But you said you don't have that line there. Karen really? You only have two big lines on your hand. Well, let's see. Look at this one. 

Will: I don't know. 

Karen: They're totally different. The hands are totally different, but one of them, instead of going across, it just stops and it goes straight 

Will: down.

Yeah, so it, brings up a good question. When you go to these Palm meters, they say, oh, has to be your left hand cause the closer to your heart or has to be your right-hand cause is what your dominant, or is there a difference? Do you read both hands? You read only one 

Jayne Sanders: raise both hands and generally the, your dominant hand, whatever that is.

And it's usually right. Is what people see. It's what you show the world. It's your business. It's it's what's out there and left hand [00:25:00] or your non-dominant hand is personal stuff in or. Family stuff, close knit community stuff. 

Karen: Gotcha. So kids are similar in art and I never realized that they weren't and now I'm freaking out.

Jayne Sanders: It doesn't matter. It makes no difference whatsoever. 

Will: I just take it as the fact that you have a secret life. You don't like people to see.

So then I have two very distinctive lines. I have one line that goes right across the top of my Palm and I have one that goes around my thumb. Right. Those two are really well pronounced. What, what are those? 

Jayne Sanders: Well, now you're making me wonder that's possibly a gift marking. So. Like I have three primary lines.

So I have this line, which is hard line. That's my relationship style. Then I have my headline, which starts under the index finger and goes across how we refer. It goes by the way, a headline. [00:26:00] Or a Hartline, Karen would never go a little bit. And then all of a sudden make a turn. That's a different line coming up, probably from the bottom.

And then I have the lifeline, which goes around the base of your thumb major line. 

Will: Well, I do have three. I see my headline. I see my heart line and my lifeline, my heart Hartline and my lifeline. Does that mean I'm going to live forever? Cause it goes like it goes around my Palm almost to the, to the, all the shots.

Jayne Sanders: That's in scientific hand analysis, the length of your lifeline has nothing to do with how long you're going to live. 

Karen: just about to give you all the passwords because mine short, you better know the stuff 

Jayne Sanders: that is short lifeline is called a gotta, gotta, gotta G O T T a. And what it means is you.

It's like shiny object syndrome. You can interrupt yourself, you know, just whatever pops in your head, you switch and do it. That's all that means it does not mean you're. Okay, well, good. 

Will: Well, [00:27:00] no, I mean, you, you were intriguing the living daylights out of me. I really think I'm going to hire you to do a hand analysis because now I've got to note, like I got to know 

Jayne Sanders: it's 

Karen: crazy.

Like the past life regressions in the astrology. Well,

Will: maybe she can, maybe she can give us a deal one, two for one or something, but, okay. So now I know that you do this. You have clients across 11 countries is what you're talking point. You sent me. So I can only imagine that you don't hop on a flight to go all the time. So how do you do that? When we're long distances like this, 

Jayne Sanders: I use handprints.

I've never done them. I worked out in my home since 19. I don't even want to tell you um, yeah, that was a great year. So, we, I send out a hand print kit, just a big white envelope with what you need in it to take your hand prints. You take your prints and mail them back to me.

And then we set up two hour long [00:28:00] zoom calls. So it's a lot of value. So an hour for the analysis. And it's recorded because believe me, even when I do a little mini reading, three minutes, people can't remember everything I say, it's going to be a lot of information. There's also a summary report for three to five pages, depending on how much stuff is in somebody's hands.

And then an hour a week or two later to give my client time, to watch the recording and make note of any questions that have surfaced or come up, because believe me, they hang. They're thinking, how does this apply to my life? And, oh, no wonder that. Cause when I had mine, it blew my mind. I mean, it was like, oh my God, no wonder I liked that, but I didn't like that.

No wonder that worked, but that didn't work and no wonder this happened and that happened. And no wonder I haven't been happy in my corporate career because I wasn't on purpose. And I mean, it just 

Will: to me. Get [00:29:00] into hand analysis. I know you were in a corporate world. And so what made you say enough?

I'm going to, I'm going to focus on the lines of my hand. Like how, how does someone do that? What happened? 

Jayne Sanders: Well, I was asking big questions because I had three careers. I was always successful, but I would eventually hit a wall where I just wasn't happy anymore and I was bored and I wasn't fulfilled. And I knew I was supposed to be doing something different, but I just could not figure it.

A career coach couldn't help me. I read all the books. I filled out all the forms, took all the assessments and maybe I'm dense. I don't know, but I just couldn't get anywhere with it and really needed. I knew what I really believed was everybody has a purpose and I didn't know what mine is. And my last, most recent career prior to this, I was a professional speaker.

And again, hit that wall. And as my heart pulled away from it, so did the revenue, but I didn't know what else to do. So I kept doing it. So I was just in this downward spiral. And you know, when [00:30:00] you recognize something and you don't take action, the universe is going to give you a little boot and I wasn't paying attention to the boots.

So I got one of those cosmic tube before. And both of my parents passed away within three months and it just was what I needed. You know, it was like, all right, I need to quit. Farting around life is short. And I got to figure this out. I started Googling, how do I find my life purpose and went down some paths that didn't work.

And then after a few months ran across a headline for a teleseminar and the headline read, discover urinate, life purpose. I couldn't click on that sucker. Fast enough. The first words I saw were hand analysis and I was so disappointed because I thought Palm reading, right. And then I kept reading and then I saw the word scientific and that one word helped me put aside my anal MBA skepticism.

So I listened to the teleseminar and you know [00:31:00] what? I couldn't deny it. It made sense. So I got a hand analysis change.

Karen: So when you are, you've talked about how you can't predict the future with this, obviously, but when you have you ever had a situation where you're analyzing someone's hand prints and you see their purpose and it's not good, like, you know, this is not necessarily a great individual. Like, is that something that you, you could see in the hand?

Jayne Sanders: What do you mean? Cause the purpose there's no bad or good in the hands and the is. 

Karen: If you could tell that someone was like a sketchy person, just find their hands. 

Will: I doubt it will tell you, I don't know, will tell you that you're destined to become the next Mussolini or something like that. Right. 

Jayne Sanders: I mean, sadly, most people are not on purpose, so, and that's why they come to me usually because they know it because they feel crummy.

Right. It's just blah or worse. But Yeah. So all the time I see people who aren't on purpose. 

Will: I would be surprised if anyone didn't know the importance of living, of being [00:32:00] on purpose. I would be surprised. However, there are people out there who might be thinking that they, they did this.

Just, this is just what life is. When you need to get up, you make the donuts, you come home, then you go to bed and then that's the end of it. So. If you were to give any advice to someone listening right now, what would you tell them about the importance of finding your purpose and living it 

Jayne Sanders: doing so helps avoid regrets at the end of life.

When you realize you could have made a bigger difference or been happier. So I think, you know, one of the things that I've said before is something I always tell people, I believe the only way to that deeper and more consistent joy and fulfillment is by living in alignment with your purpose and your goals.

Karen: think that would be fantastic for our daughter. Like you said earlier, do it with a kid and then you can kind of help guide them because I still don't know what my purpose is. I'm going to have no clue. And if I had, and I have never had any [00:33:00] guidance like that, I mean, everything I told my husband, my SATs.

The same score on the math, same score on the science. When I took those personalities test, it was always the same. So it was just like pick, I can tell 

Will: you what your purpose is. Karen it's to be the co-host of the skeptic. That's why you were on this world.

Jayne Sanders: Well, usually not always, but usually people aren't surprised by their purpose. And let me say, it's not a job description. That would be cool. Did I say that before, you know, cause everybody's got more than one option of work that will, or volunteering or something actions that will be in alignment with their purpose and help them make the difference.

They're meant to. 

Will: Right. So your hand is not going to tell you to become an air traffic controller. It's just going to say you are meant to help airplanes. No, two specific still okay. 

Karen: Meant to help in a [00:34:00] science-y type area, right. To guide people or to teach or to heal or something like 

Will: that. That brings up a good point.

What is, what are some examples of purposes, right? Isn't you mentioned a job description. So what, what's an example, what can someone expect to hear? 

Jayne Sanders: So, first of all, let me tell you that there are several hundred possibilities, so it's very different than other things where there's only nine and you get your choice of nine or something like that.

But the, but just like one finger at a time. But notice there are 10 fingerprints. And as I mentioned there, Possible prints in the Palm wa as well. So there are like, so 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 24 possible places where fingerprints can be any combination of those 24 could be the core of your purpose, just the core.

That's not even the expanded version. So some of the single thing. [00:35:00] Purposes right. Index finger, if that's where your purpose lies and it's the numerical system, by the way, based on what, how the print looks right. Index finger. And we have all different names for the fingers of his called visionary leader.

So that's about power and influence and leadership. The right middle finger is business. So business person, somebody that's good at structure and responsibility and organization. Resources. The ring finger is about creativity and there's other ways creativity can show up in the hands too. So, but if it's your purpose, it would be on one of the two ring fingers.

It could be the passionate advocate, which means your purpose is to love your life and love your work and figure out how to do it. And advocate for yourself and others and causes that you believe in. So that's the few of the examples of, of just a second. Purpose 

Will: a lot to at least [00:36:00] provide some sort of context into what we're talking about.

Karen: And I just have one more question. And I really am just, it's just, well, no, I have like 50 more

and I mean, like, I have no knowledge of this, so these are like genuine honest questions. And, you know, you use knives and you burn yourself. So if I was to, I don't know, like cut my finger and get a scar. Would that be something that that's supposed to happen in influence my hand analysis? Or is that something that you could look beyond?

Jayne Sanders: Well, you don't want to look beyond it. What it means is wherever you injure yourself, whatever that area means is trying to get your attention. In other words, if you cut your right index finger, You need to step more into your power and leadership, 

Will: huh? Wow. So, so you got to pay attention to where you get burned and where you get.

Well, you should, because that's trying to tell you something that 

Karen: we don't have to pay attention. We just send it to her.[00:37:00] 

Will: So, we're, we're getting close to the end of our time. Yeah, so many other questions, but if, if someone wanted to reach out to you to, to talk to you about doing a hand analysis I would assume that the best place for them to reach out to you would be on your website. Is that 

Jayne Sanders: correct? Yes.


Will: So, this is. Unbelievably fascinating. And you've given me a whole new perspective into my hands and yeah, I don't 

Karen: want to be like this all night.

Will: And I would encourage anyone listening. Now. I mentioned the countries because the rate, the show does air in Ireland, as well as the UK currently. So people from all over the world could reach out to you and, and access your talents. Correct. Yep. Great. Let's go. I urge anyone listening to this to reach out to Jane [00:38:00] because just in a short amount of time that we have.

Conversing with her. It has opened up all kinds. I mean, if you're not, if you're listening to the show and you're not looking at your palms, I'm not sure you're alive. Yeah. Because this has been incredible information. And it's, you can tell just the level of expertise that you bring to the table is. I mean bar none, probably one of the highest experts we've had on any particular topic on the show.

We really appreciate it. 

, and I can't thank you enough, Jane. You will definitely hear from us because I definitely need to, I need to, I need to know.

I need to know if I'm on the right path. So you'll definitely 

Karen: hear from me. 

Jayne Sanders: This has been a lot of fun. It's really great talking with the two of you. So thank you so much for inviting me. 

Will: No, you're, you're very welcome. Thrilled to have you and, and reach out anytime you want to come back. We'd love to have you back 

Jayne Sanders: on the show.

That'd be all. That'd be awesome. I can talk about a lot of different things. 

Will: Sounds good to us because we love to talk. So [00:39:00] Karen, thanks. Thank you too, for coming on board. The show officially now, so thank you for, yeah. For looking at your hand with me because your hand is quite freaky. Now it'll be like watching it.

It's true. [00:40:00] And listener. I want to thank you specifically for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. If you know someone that would benefit from hearing the message we've just shared on the show or on any of our other shows, I hope you consider sharing [00:41:00] this show with that person because you never know whose life you'll change just by sharing.

Now the easiest way to do that is to visit skeptic Not only can you access the direct links to our social media platforms and those of my guests, which I didn't even mention, but you can. Find the special offer directly there, a direct link for convenience and share the show directly from that page.

Now all of our past episodes can be found on the site. So if you miss any of our conversations, I urge you to go to skeptic, now to get caught up. And of course, subscribing to the show. We'll ensure you don't miss a single episode in the future, and you can do that on the site too. Like I mentioned, if you'd like to learn more about my guest, you can check her out on her website, purpose on Facebook and LinkedIn at purpose whisper as well.

Direct links to those will also be found on the show notes as well. Well, that's all for now. Thanks again for listening in. We'll see [00:42:00] you again on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician until then take care.