Uncover Your Life's Purpose Through Vibrational Frequencies of Your Name

Have you ever heard the myths that soul contracts are just superstitions, that our birth names have no influence on our life purpose, or that astrological signs are a better predictor of our destiny? Don't believe the hype! Gellyahnah Aakhen will reveal the truth about how discovering life purpose through birth name vibrations can help spiritual seekers uncover their true self and find the meaningful path they desire.

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In this episode of the "Skeptic Metaphysicians" podcast, the hosts Will and Karen interview a guest who shares her insights on how birth names can create our realities and the life lessons that our souls choose. The guest, who was born with intuitive talents, talks about her fascination with mysticism since her early childhood. They explore the idea of sound frequencies and vibrations and their impact on our physical and spiritual selves. The hosts and guest discuss the concept of finding one's life's purpose and uncovering any karmic blocks through the sound of one's own name. This episode offers an intriguing perspective on the connection between our names and our life experiences.

In this captivating episode of The Skeptic Metaphysicians podcast, hosts Will and Karen engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Gellyahnah Aakhen, a mystic who specializes in uncovering one's soul contract through the vibrations of their birth name. Gellyahnah shares her unique method of decoding the sound frequencies of a person's name to reveal their soul's purpose and karma, providing insights into how these vibrations play a crucial role in shaping our lives. This episode is perfect for spiritual seekers who are interested in self-discovery and understanding the connection between their life purpose and the spiritual world. By listening to Gellyahnah's expertise, the audience will gain a deeper understanding of their soul's journey and how they can align with their life purpose for a more fulfilling experience.

"The premise here is that the sound frequencies of your name create your reality. The way that God spoke Earth into existence, the way that the Big Bang happened and created a universe." -- Gellyahnah Aakhen

· Unveil the mysteries of soul contracts by understanding the vibrations within your birth name. · Decode physical and spiritual karmic patterns and navigate life with renewed clarity.
· Explore the secrets of numerology charts to reveal your unique purpose and soul connections. · Tap into your inner wisdom for self-empowerment and effect positive change in your life.
· Discover the crucial role spirituality plays in your personal growth and transformative journey.

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Born with intuitive talents, Gellyahnah always felt different from everyone and from a very young age had a strong fascination with mysticism.

As a teen, she would seek out psychics, study astrology, palm reading and anything esoteric she could get her hands on.

While she was always in touch with this aspect of her essence, it was the end of her marriage that took her on a healing journey and a deep spiritual quest.

While healing her heart from childhood wounds, betrayal and abandonment she discovered the ancient methodology of the Soul Contract work.

Decoding and understanding her own Soul Contract, what her soul signed up for in this life, played such an instrumental part in her own healing and awakening, that she decided to become a Soul Contracts Practitioner to help others heal and remember their purpose in this incarnation.

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Will: [00:00:00] Karen, yes. Sound. Mm-hmm. It's a marvelous thing, isn't it? It is. It is. It's an incredible thing. And at the end of the day, sounds really, they're just vibrational frequencies. Mm-hmm. And some people feel that these frequencies can have some profound effects on us physically and. Spiritually. But what if a particular sound could reveal what your actual life's purpose was?

Ooh mm. Got your attention? Yes. Or what karma you may have around you that needs to be cleared. And what if this particular sound was nothing less than the sound of your own name?

Karen: Oh boy. Well, my name is not great these days, so I don't know.

Will: Well, we're gonna get into that for sure. This week's guest is gonna share with us how our birth names actually create our realities, as well as the life lessons that our souls choose.

A fascinating new episode starts now.


Will: Who doesn't love puppies? Right? Well, today's story is all about puppies, and here's how it goes. A shop owner placed a sign above his door that said, puppies for sale. Well, signs like this always have a way of attracting young kids. Into no surprise, a boy saw the sign and approached the owner. How much are you gonna sell the puppies for?

He asked. Well, the store owner replied [00:02:00] anywhere from 30 to $50. Yes, this was quite a long time ago. The little boy pulled out some change from his pocket and said, I have $2 and 37 cents. Can I please look at them? shop owner smiled and whistled. Out of the kennel came a lady who ran down the aisle of his shop, followed by five teeny tiny balls of fur.

One puppy was lagging considerably behind. Immediately, the little boy singled out the lagging, limping puppy and said, what's wrong with that little dog? the shop owner, explained that the vet had examined the little puppy and discovered didn't have a hip socket.

It would always be lame. The little boy became very excited and he said, that one, that's the puppy that I wanna buy, the shop owner said, no, you don't wanna buy that little dog. I mean, if you really want 'em, I'll just give him to you. It's not like anyone else is gonna wanna buy him. After all, the little boy got very upset.

He [00:03:00] looked straight into the store owner's eyes, point his finger and said, I don't want you to give him to. That little dog is worth every bit as much as all the other dogs, and I'll pay full price. In fact, I'll give you $2 and 37 cents now and 50 cents a month until I have him paid for the shop owner countered little boy, you really don't wanna buy this little dog.

I mean, he's never gonna be able to run and jump and play with you and like other puppies would to his surprise. The little boy reached down and rolled up his pant leg to reveal a badly twisted, crippled left leg, supported by a big metal brace. He looked up at the shop owner and softly replied, well, I don't run so well myself and a little puppy is gonna need someone who understands.

Hey, welcome to the Skeptic Meta Physicians. I'm Will, and I'm Karen. And today's guest was born with intuitive talents. Now, she always felt different from everyone else, and from a very young age, [00:04:00] had a strong fascination with mysticism. Ooh, yeah. Now, while healing her heart from childhood wounds, betrayal and abandonment, she discovered the.

Ancient methodology of the soul contract work. And I know Karen, you and I have a lot to talk about in terms of soul contract. So now decoding and understanding her own soul contract, what her soul signed up for in this life, played such a huge part in her own healing and awakening that she decided to become a soul contracts practitioner so that she could help others heal and remember their purpose in this incarnation as well.

And the first step on this journey, vibrational frequencies of our birth name. I don't know about you, but I'm about to lose my mind with anticipation. So let's welcome our guest, Galiana akin to the show Galiana. So, so thrilled to have you on with

Gellyahnah: us. I am super excited to be here. And Will, that was, you made me sound so good.

I think. I'm just gonna replay that over and over and over. That's a good vibration right there. Well,

Will: you know, it, sometimes you get guests that make it so [00:05:00] easy to introduce them in such a powerful way and you are definitely one of those, uh, we've been. Waiting for that divine timing to get you on the show.

and it feels like this is it. It just couldn't be a better time with everything that's happening right now. Yeah. But let's set the table first and foremost. We talk about soul contracts, but for those that are listening in that don't truly understand what we're talking about, can you give us a, a lowdown what is a


Gellyahnah: contract exactly.

Absolutely. So there are two things when it comes to sole contracts. Um, when most people think of sole contracts, they think about the agreements that souls make between each other before they reincarnate into any given lifetime. That's more of sort of the common knowledge or usage of that term. What, the way I look at soul contracts, the way I decipher them, it's your own soul's contract with itself as to what it is that you're going to experience in this lifetime.

Right. So I'm looking, you know, will, what did your soul sign up for in this [00:06:00] reincarnation? Karen, what did your soul sign up for? I do have the ability to look at your contract together as well, but the core of what I do is really What is it that you signed up?

Will: Yeah, we're both, because we kind of have a feeling it's a loaded question based on everything that's happening, but Okay, so sole contracts, is this like a binding contract? You, you sign it in blood and there's no way out of it, or is there, I mean, I guess because full disclosure, Karen's not a hundred percent behind.

The possibility that there is a such a thing. It's a soul contract. So, so you totally

Karen: just outed me right there. I did, because I was gonna go with this and see what I learned

Will: now. Well, no, you can, you can still learn a lot, I think, because, I think you're gonna be proven wrong this time. Maybe.

Karen: Maybe. I'm, I am open.

I am open. Okay.

Will: All right. So then is this something that, that is binding or can you change your sole contract while you're incarnated?

Gellyahnah: Well, we all have free. Right. This is the beauty of Earth is that here we have free will. And so [00:07:00] the way that you can look at this is a soul is signing up for a divine mission because every single one of us here is part of a, you know, tapestry of what's happening on earth right now.

Mm-hmm. So I think what you're asking me is, well, if a soul comes in and decides it doesn't wanna be a part of this divine plan, can it go sideways? Well, they enter as, yes. We see a lot of people go sideway. All the time, right? So the answer is yes, because you have free will. But why would you want to?

Because each soul actually plans such a beautiful experience for its own expansion and evolution. So I'm just giving you a different perspective.

Will: Sure. And then there's a thought that if you, if you do go off the rails a little bit, then it just, now you're gonna have to come back another time to, so that you can find a way to fulfill that contract or that lesson you're supposed to learn

Gellyahnah: or whatnot, right?

Absolutely. Exactly. So, you know, sometimes contract sounds like you said, so binding with blood, but it, it's really not meant to be negative because you know, the wider souls, even reincarnate here, it's [00:08:00] because they're looking to ascend, they're looking to grow. If you're coming here and you know, in your human form, you decide again to kind of go off the rails.

Well, you didn't get to expand, right? So now when you pass and you're back on the soul form, the soul says, oops, I didn't, I don't get to advance. Right? Right. So we can't look at it from the human perspective. You always have to look at it from the soul's perspective, and we never know why soul's choosing to have a particular life experience.

I mean, we can certainly dig into it, right? With certain tools like I have, there's, you know, past life, hypno, hypnotherapy. There's different tools, but for the most part, Most people walking around Earth aren't thinking, oh, my soul must have chosen this lifetime because of X, Y, Z.

Karen: So when a soul chooses the, the lifetime or the, the experience they're gonna have, are they choosing the exact like, I'm gonna be born in as a child that, uh, gets abused and or are [00:09:00] they saying I want to, to learn about suffering so I could be more empathetic, like, are.

Picking the details or just the general

Will: mission, I guess? How specific do they have to be, I

Gellyahnah: guess? Right. Great question. So the answer is yes to all of that because each soul's journey is unique. Now, do some souls, uh, choose to be born to. Not soul loving parents. Absolutely. And there's a number of reasons for that.

Number one, literally could be balancing karma because maybe in a past life that soul was, um, very abusive or not so good to others. And in order for it to come back, you just have to rebalance karma. And here's the thing. Every single one of us has been a villa. Every single one of us in PA, because the soul wants to experience all the different experiences possible, and the soul knows, well, I'll get to rebalance karma.

So that could be one reason. Another reason is a soul could say, oh gosh, all right, well I need to come [00:10:00] into this lifetime and accomplish this. And the best way for me to do that is to come into this particular genetic line because I'm gonna get the genetics of the family. You know, maybe, maybe they're psychic.

Um, and the soul needs to have a psych more of a psychic lifetime. Um, and knowing that the parents might be not so good, but then when the child is born, the parents, instead of being not so good actually, Very abusive. That's not always pre-planned, right? That's when you start to generate even more karma as the parent.

Does that make sense? Cause then there's so much to talk to, to say about this. I'm trying to give you snippets,

Will: the Reader's Digest

Gellyahnah: version, right? Right, right.

Karen: So then you can come in as a soul with a purpose, but not necessarily accomplish that purpose. Oh, a hundred percent. The child, you know, heaven forbid.

Doesn't survive, then they won't necessarily have accomplished their mission or was their mission to sacrifice themselves to this abuse to learn. Well, there you go. That's, that's where I struggle with the whole contracting. I'm like, why would someone do that? Or, you know, why would, um,

Gellyahnah: [00:11:00] because, yeah, so we could be one or the other exactly like you said.

But again, why would somebody do that? You've gotta sort of step back and say, am I asking this from a human perspective? Because no human would ever sign up for abuse or suffer. Okay. Right. But a soul might. Right. And so we always have to look at it from the higher perspective. And you know, the human thing to do, I get this often, people say, I must have been a horrible person in a past life in order to suffer this much.

And then I look at their chart and I see victim mentality all throughout it, right? And I'm like, well, maybe you're, I don't say this so bluntly to them, of course, but it's like, okay, well you're choosing to be a victim. I don't see anything in your sole contract that says you came here to suffer. But choosing to suffer is very much a human.

You know, and so if you tell yourself, oh, I must have been bad in a, a past life and now I'm here to suffer, well, guess what? That becomes your reality. Mm. Right. Is that going sideways on the contract? Yeah, a hundred percent.

Will: Well,

Karen: if, okay, so if we're in human form and we're having these [00:12:00] experiences, yet we don't remember a past life, you know, it's just the average. Joe has not done a past life regression. He's just. Having his life and he is not remembering anything.

How can in this life he work on changing the karma that was coming from

Gellyahnah: past lives? Well, there's, I mean, there's many ways. There's many ways. I think what you're asking is how do we awaken and follow our divine path, you know? And the answer to this is lemon. Those, I mean, you could have somebody who's completely not conscious of anything, but have such a good heart.

Mm-hmm. You know, I mean, you don't have to even believe in God or source or the universe to be a good person and do what you came here to do. Mm-hmm. So there's many ways to do

Karen: that. So even though the person doesn't remember, the soul will remember.

Gellyahnah: Absolutely. The soul always knows. And you know, when people come into me for sole contract readings, I tell them, I'm probably not gonna tell you anything about yourself that you don't already [00:13:00] know.

Mm-hmm. You know who you are. You've been who you are your entire life, you know? Deepest, you know, darkest thoughts, you know, whatever they may be. Mm-hmm. Um, and all I'm doing is validating things for people, you know, and I think for so many, um, me being a stranger, you know, usually off the internet that they've found to come in for soul reading with, um, They're like, how do you know?

How, how do you know? Because, you know, and this isn't, um, your sort of like, um, I always tell people, look, I may have psychic abilities, but you're not gonna come to me for psychic reading. That's not really what I offer because my purpose is to help people awaken and remember who they are. So I'm literally looking at what is your soul wanting to do here?

And are you aligned? Are you on the path? Mm-hmm. Okay.

Will: And I think Karen, You are having such a difficult time wrapping your head around why would someone choose to a subject themselves to something so negative, but also someone else [00:14:00] subject, someone else to do in, in doing something so negative because you intrinsically, you're such a good person inside that you have a hard time imagin.

Wanting that for yourself or for others? So to me, I, I can understand where that disconnect might be, just because we can't fathom it,

Karen: you know? And, and I do just wanna make clear for anybody listening, I am not trying to debunk this. I'm just, I'm trying to learn more. So if I'm asking these questions that seem like they're really pointed or harsh or whatever, it's.

Because I need to, he to, I need help understanding. Yo, I

Will: love the conversation. I love the questions you're asking because we, you and I have had these conversations together, just you and I for a while and I've not had the answer. So now we have the expert on hand. Yes. That's answering your questions and I think is gonna be really helpful for

Karen: both and I'm understanding some things a little more.

Great. I really am.

Gellyahnah: Great. Great. Okay. Yeah, and I think they're wonderful questions. I love the skeptics because you know, there this can get very woow, but it's also very practical in many ways.

Will: Absolutely. Yeah. Okay. [00:15:00] So we've set the table, we know what sole contracts are. We know why we choose them. They kind of, their agreements with ourselves, so to speak, I guess, before we were born, we decide that we're gonna do a certain thing, right? We, we mm-hmm. Understand what they are. Now, so your modality is super interesting because it's all wrapped around the sound of our birth name. How is it possible for our birth name, the vibrational frequencies around that name?

How is it possible for that name? Delineate what our soul's purpose is just by the sound of our name, the vibrational frequencies of

Gellyahnah: our name. Oh, my favorite question. All right, you ready? This is where gets really juicy until we get into your soul contracts. Okay? So I'm gonna give you three examples that I know you've heard of and all your listeners have heard of.

Okay. When it comes to sound vibration, so we've all heard of the scientific, scientific version of how our universe was created. Big Bang Theory, [00:16:00] right? Bang sounds, frequencies. Okay. Ah. Regardless of how you feel about the Bible, we've all heard the story in the very beginning. There's literally nothing until God starts to speak.

Things into existence. So of all the ways God could create. Mm-hmm. Right? God could, like snap f I don't know what I mean. God doesn't have fingers, but, but it's, it's for sound. Right? You're right. Maybe, but Right. It's for sound. So we have the word. Okay. And then there's the, the symbol that all the yogis wearing their t-shirts.

Right. The oun symbol. That's the sound of creation. So it's all around us telling us how powerful sound is. And so the, the premise here is that the sound frequencies of your name create your reality the way that, you know, God spoke. Earth into existence the way that, you know, the Big Bang happened and created our universe.

Right? Does, does that make [00:17:00] sense? Mm-hmm.

Will: Totally. Yeah. Yep. Karen. Remember Judah Collective, how it affected you immediately. Mm-hmm. this is what's doing it to me, like I'm, fighting back tears. For some reason, when she started talking about the om it, it just hit me right in the solar plexus.

There's something about this vibrational frequencies that. Resonate with me, so I'm, so excited to have you here on the show. Okay. So we all know that words have power and we create our own reality by speaking all the words we use on a daily basis. It creates, manifests our, our reality as we move forward.

That that's pretty much been established, I think. Mm-hmm. By this point. Mm-hmm. But that's by the use of an actual word. Like, I am great. I am happy, I'm successful, I'm, whatever it is. Mm-hmm. Right. And it, and it has a lot to do with the I am If you subscribe to a certain school of thought. So how does the name Karen bring about Karen's life purpose?

Cause it's not really saying I'm going to [00:18:00] be an angel. It says Karen.

Karen: And there's a lot of things out there. Yeah. And that are not

Will: angels. Right now the word, the name Karen is not, uh, is not so favorable in people's mouths sometimes, unfortunately, these days.

Gellyahnah: Yeah, yeah. No, I understand. Okay, so, so let's go to phase two about breaking this down.

Okay. So I'm not actually looking at the name Karen or Will, or Jenny or Sam. I'm looking at the sound vibrations that these names carry and, uh, What I do is I actually take the entire birth name. Now let me tell you, let's talk about why the birth name is so important. So the birth name is important because when the soul is in the process of choosing its next life incarnation, the soul chooses, um, the karma that it wants to bring in to rebalance the unique talents, the goals, which are things he wants to accomplish.

And [00:19:00] ultimately, what is the sole destiny as in the soul's purpose? When the soul decides all of this, it gets encoded into the name. So it's actually the soul that chooses the name, not the parents. And it's the soul's job to get it to the parents. And it's the parents job. Ask about that. That correct.

Right. So if you ask any parent, they always have a story of how they just knew when it was the child's name.

Will: You know? That's so funny. My gosh. We just had this conversation yesterday, as a matter of fact with someone else because our daughter, when she was born, we were so convinced that she was gonna be a boy the entire time, while we know it's gonna be a boy.

So we picked out two boys' names. Mm-hmm. And when she came up to being a girl, we were thrown

Karen: back a little bit. Will was freaked out. He thought he thought our son was

Will: deformed. I mean, wouldn't you? Right. You lift him up and you go. Uh, where's the stuff? Right? Uh, so and so then we, you know, scramble, just say, okay, she's Sophia.

Cause we had kind of thought, well, Sophia might be a, a possibility if in case it's a [00:20:00] girl. And then, so she was, our daughter was Sophia for about five, 10 minutes when they came in with a birth certificate. Okay. Are you sure the name is Sophia? We both looked at each other and went, no, no. Her name is Sienna.

Mm-hmm. And from that point, she is Sienna Blaze. And, we talked about the fact that intuitively we don't know where it came from. I think we should, she looks more like a Sienna. How does a baby look Like a Sienna, right? No, something. Communicated with us and said, my name is Sienna.

So it makes perfect sense what you're saying. Mm-hmm.

Gellyahnah: Yeah, a hundred percent. And you have so many of these mothers that's tell you, I had a dream where my baby literally came to me and told me it's name. I mean, I get these all the time. Like I have a TikTok, um, video that I post, I've posted on TikTok a few times.

It always goes viral. And I always talk about, you know, the concept that I just said, and I basically ask people to tell me how their name got picked. And it's just story after story of quote unquote supernatural kind of stuff, right? Yeah. Mm-hmm. So the soul communicates [00:21:00] to the parents, right? So that's how the, that's why the birth name is so important.

And so what I'm doing is I'm literally decoding the sound frequencies and, but mind you, I add everything up so, you know. So will y your name is not even will on your birth. That's not, that's right. So I'm taking your first name, your, your middle name, and I think it's your two last names. Mm-hmm. Correct, correct.

And I'm adding it all up, all the sound frequency. So to me, It doesn't matter if your name is, you know, will or John or, that's not what I'm looking at. Does that make sense? Sure. Having said that, you will notice, and this is, and this is maybe where, you know, um, I'm gonna use the name Jane, for example, just because, you know, it's such a common name, but, or, or Jenny or Tiffany, I don't know.

But you know, sometimes. I remember when I was in high school and I remember thinking, gosh, all these Jennys, they're the same, or all the Tiffanys are the same, and I'm making a general statement here. Sure. But it is because if we just break down the [00:22:00] sound frequencies of the name, just Jenny or Tiffany, it's gonna be the same sound frequency.

So yes, the people that have that same. First name are gonna have similarities as well, but that's not the core of the actual, that's not how I derive this whole contract. Sure. Okay. So just to do the

Will: distinction there. Yeah. And now I'm seeing Karen cringe cuz her name is not something that she wants to be associated with other people whose name she has.

So that

Karen: actually leads me to my question. I have never liked my name, even as a kid. I hated my name, my first name, my middle name. I've never ever liked it. It doesn't seem like it fits, it doesn't seem like it's my personality. Does that mean anything

Gellyahnah: at. Um, it means you should probably change it if you don't like it.


Karen: Besides that, and my mom actually changed her name, but no, I just mean like, as far as the energy that goes with my name, does that, like, do I, am I having, am I clashing with that energy? Like

Gellyahnah: what does that No, not at all. Uh, you know, cuz listen, like I said, you know, sometimes it's not about the actual name.

[00:23:00] Mm-hmm. It's literally about the frequencies. Your soul needed mm-hmm. In order to live the experience that your soul wanted to have. So let's say, let's wor work backwards from your last name because your last name was gonna be a given, right? Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. So the soul's working with the last name. Well, then it's gotta come up with another combination that's gonna work with the last name, uh, but also.

Is so many people do change their names. Like I've changed my name multiple times in my life, not on purpose. I was born in the former Soviet Union, so moving to the us you know, like my name just got shuffled and changed and shuffled and changed. Mm-hmm. Um, and so now my name is Galiana. It's actually, it's an optimized version of my birth name, which is galla.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. And so the soul will know, oh, all right, well, you know, this one, she's gonna change her name six or seven times, you know, so let's give her a foundation so she, she can keep changing her name. So, same for you, Karen. Where. You know, you needed a particular [00:24:00] frequencies to have the experience that your soul wanted to have, but should you wanna change your name, um, to really no one, nothing is stopping you.

And that's a very common thing to do. I'm sorry, didn't mean to interrupt you. It's actually a very common thing to do in cultures outside of the Western cultures, is to change your name when you're ready to, um, expand to the next mission in. Mm,

Karen: so changing your name, you know, as an adult, at least here because you can't really, really change it as a kid too much.

But, um, that won't affect, let me understand, so that the energies that you're born with, the name that you're born with, those energies will stay the same regardless of what you choose to call yourself later in the future. Is that correct

Gellyahnah: or Yes, absolutely no such. I'm so glad you asked. Yes. So the same way that you can't change your birth, Mm-hmm.

You can't change your birth name frequencies. Okay. But when you change your name now, the new name frequencies are gonna lay on top of the original birth name frequencies. Mm. Okay.

Will: So if I wanted to change my name to [00:25:00] Regent, That would then, you know,

Gellyahnah: that would be weird

Karen: or master, but it wouldn't mess anything up.

Will: It might just kind of nudge me in, in the

Karen: right direction. It might mess things up socially, but not, um, well, I

Will: mean, vibrationally Yeah, that's fair point. okay, so, uh, then I've gotta ask the question. How do you calculate it? Cause I know we've talked to Numerologist, so we understand the number thing, but this is vibrational frequency, so it's a lot more specific.

How do you Eliana translate that frequency into the soil

Gellyahnah: contract? Yes. Okay. You're asking all the right questions. I love this. Yes. So you really are. So what I do is, um, okay, there are five sacred languages that are pure vibration of source. I, I don't know all five. I don't remember, like, let's not quiz me, but I'll tell you.

I know. So one of them is Hebrew, which is the language I use. One of them is like hieroglyphic. Um, Sanskrit. Okay. And then there's two more, but they are literally pure vibration of [00:26:00] source. And so what I do is I convert the sound frequencies in your name to match them up with the Hebrew sounds and each one of those sounds has a numerical value.

So you can almost think of this as a numerology of sorts, but it's not the western numerology that we're all used to. Okay. Got it. But I'm working with. Um, a a and this is like, this is preset, right? I mean, this isn't something I came up with. What to, um, you know, like, like OIF is one A right? A the A sound.

Mm-hmm. So this is something that's been preset, you know, way before me. Mm-hmm. And I'm literally just converting the sound frequencies. To, like, that's how I match up the vibration.

Will: Okay. Got it. So that makes sense. Mm-hmm. You take the frequencies and vibrations and you put 'em into the number, and then you come up with, an equation, for lack of a better word, that explains someone's sole contract and things [00:27:00] like that.

We need to take a quick break, but when we come back, we're gonna dive into how these frequencies. Directly effect our life's purpose. And you actually were gracious enough to do Karen and i's soul contracts based on our names, and we can't wait to dive into that. Let's see how accurate this is gonna be.

We're super excited. Mm-hmm. That all, when we come back to the skeptic meta physicians.

 We're back here on the Skeptic Physicians. We are talking to Galla Akin, who is, a mystic that is actually stumbled on a methodology that calculates your soul's purpose, your soul contract based on the vibrational frequencies of your birth name. And before we went on the break, we had. Stove, Divan, doven, doven dive.

We dived into, how this stuff [00:28:00] really works, but we hadn't got to. How. Then you take those, calculations and translate them into our soul contract. So let's pick it up there. Now that you've got our vibrational frequencies of her birth names, how do you now then associate those frequencies with and create a chart that actually explains where our sole contract.

Gellyahnah: so, like you said, it's an, it's an equation. It really is. And, um, you know, to give you a visual, I'm gonna try to give everybody a visual, but if you can imagine, um, It's a, it's a star of David. It's, which is actually the Star of David, is a 2D version of a sacred geometry symbol called the Tetrahedron.

Um, most often referred to as a merkaba. And it's a triangle that faces down and a triangle that faces up. And the merkaba is such a powerful, uh, I mean, just, it's, it's powerful in so many ways. It's a light body vehicle. Um, but essentially I take the Merkaba and I put the frequencies around the merca. And [00:29:00] so it gives me two places where I see the physical karma that you brought into this lifetime.

Um, the spiritual karma. And these are, again, think of karma as things for you to write the wrong, you know? So like maybe in a past lifetime you misused your power. So in this lifetime, you're here to be of service and really stand in your integrity. Right. I'm just giving one example. Mm-hmm. Sure. Um, and the, the difference between the physical calm and the spiritual karma is that the physical.

Is typically something that you're born into. It's very like worldly, like the things you're gonna experience between ages of zero to 35 at its strongest because it's zero to 35. Like, we don't even, like, we're just trying to understand how to survive on, you know, like for sure. You know? Yeah. So it's, it's very mucky.

Zero to 35 and everything happens in seven year cycles. So 35 years is really the first, um, you know, the five, seven [00:30:00] year cycles. Um, so when you turn 35, then you step into, uh, The spiritual, you're, you're starting to step into the spiritual aspect of your life and you're asking the deeper questions, why am I really here?

What's really going on? You know? And, uh, for many people around the age of 35, they actually experience some sort of a significant shift. Um, could be a marriage, could be a divorce, could be a car accident, could be a childbirth, could be uh, a midlife crisis, could be a career change. It's, it's almost like the dark night of the soul that pushes them.

Deeper, um, deeper. But again, in that triangle that's facing down that initial zero, uh, initial one zero to 35 years old, I get the physical karma. I see the physical talent and the physical goals. And again, within this triangle, I see the karmic patterns you were born into. Like maybe you were born into a family, um, with lots of conflict, maybe alcoholism, um, things of that nature, [00:31:00] right?

That's the physical karma. Then, In the talents. Your talents is what helps you work through your karma, and it's one of your gifts to the world. Right? You know how they say quote unquote God-given gift. Mm-hmm. It's like that. And then, um, your goal. Is, what is the soul working towards? What gets you out of bed every morning?

And the physical goal for most people actually speaks to their career, right? That initial career that we're, you know, we're, we're working through ego initially in life. You know, we wanna establish ourselves, we wanna prove ourselves, all of that. That's what is the triangle facing down. The triangle facing.

Is the spiritual aspect of your life. So again, the karma there is really a lot more internal. It's more of you working through your own stuff, maybe self-worth issues and right. Things of that nature. And then we have, um, the spiritual talent, again, very similar to physical talent, but in, in this deeper way, [00:32:00] goals.

At the top, and then ultimately right in the middle of the chart, in the middle of the star is your soul's core purpose.

Will: Ooh, that's exciting. Okay. No, uh, I I can't put it off anymore. I'm, I'm, I'm just so curious before we get started on our, our chart or our. Sole contract. You do this for people regularly, right?

So anyone who would want to get this done, they can reach out to you and you can help them to figure this all out on, say it's not something that, that you give 'em a chart, say, good luck. Here's, you know, I mean, they can't do that if you want to, but I think on your website you can do that as well. But if you want to do a true sole contract reading from you, you can reach out.

Will help someone with that, correct?

Gellyahnah: Absolutely, yes. I do sole contract readings, um, daily and I'm usually booked out pretty far in advance, but yes, absolutely. And then you're lucky. Then we got in, we

Will: snuck in. Yeah.

Gellyahnah: But then there is also the option where, um, I have this in a digital format where I, I'll generate [00:33:00] their chart for them and I have videos explaining, um, every frequency in depth.

And both are phenomenal, um, experiences. I mean, I get testimonials from. Both sides. Mm-hmm. Um, or both products. Um, they're just a different experience. So when people are choosing to schedule, just, you know, do you wanna talk to me personally or do you sort of like to do this on your own? And of course, price point, so.

Sure, sure.

Will: I mean, honestly there, I don't think there's any substitution for one-on-one. Contact, that reaching out to you mm-hmm. I think would be the, the way that I would, urge people to go because you, you have a wonderful energy about you, but, and you

Karen: can answer questions and if you're just getting the information and you know, digitally you might not, what exactly does this mean and,

Gellyahnah: right.

Will: Okay. Without further ado, let's, let's get into it. Tell us about our sole purpose.

Gellyahnah: All right, let's do it. So again, we're, we're gonna keep it lightheart or lighthearted bright and, uh, what is it? I used to, you have this right? Uh, light, bright, and polite. Yeah. [00:34:00] We're not, we're not gonna sort of dig into your, um, traumas here, you know, live on air, but

Will: we got a lot of that going on, so,

Gellyahnah: But, you know, so will, um, it's, I'm gonna, so I'm gonna, will, uh, we're gonna talk about you, Karen, talk about you, and then you two together.

So just sort of, kind of quickly. So Will, the interesting thing about I see with you, um, your physical karma, um, and I'm, look, just so you know, I'm looking at your birth name, but also your common name. Your common name is what you go by. Mm-hmm. And that's not your sole contract, but it's still very significant, right?

Mm-hmm. Cause that's what people call you. Sure.

Will: So, d does it make sense that I'm really nervous, right? do people actually say to you, I'm scared about what you're about to reveal? Because I'm really nervous. I'm excited. I'm excited

Gellyahnah: too, but I'm really nervous. Yes. I, you know, people do say to me, I don't want to get, I, they're like, I'm curious, but I don't wanna get a reading because I'm afraid of what you're gonna say.

Yeah. So, yes, people do say that. Um, I don't look at it that way at all. [00:35:00] I mean, to me it's about to learn about myself from every aspect is like the most exciting thing ever. Absolutely.

Will: Forewarn is forearmed,

Gellyahnah: right? Yeah. Yeah. And I promise you, you have nothing to be afraid of. So,

Will: okay. I should have asked you that one again from the beginning.

So, okay.

Gellyahnah: Sorry, go ahead. No, no. All good. But, um, so in your physical karma, um, what I see is I see, um, a 12, this 12 three frequency. On top of it, and your common name is the 17 eight. So, I mean, we don't have an hour to dig into this, so I'm gonna tell you very quickly, both of these frequencies are about extreme expression of your voice, just expressing yourself.

So people with 12 threes, these are your podcasters, these are your book authors. You know, these are people that have a lot to say, and you were born with inner wisdom. Your, your soul's inner wisdom. It's just in you, you have it. And so you have a lot to say. That's [00:36:00] the, that's the 12 three, well, the three part of it.

Um, the 17 eights, these are public speakers. These are oftentimes politicians. These are people that speak into society, right? So actors maybe, uh, the three possibly, but the threes are actors. The, the, the, the 12 threes, they're, they're very creative. So oftentimes they're, they're actors, they're singers.

Again, lots of expressions. So you have two very vocal frequ. Sitting on top of each other, but they're in your karma. So this tells me possibly initially in life, maybe you actually had a challenging time expressing yourself or maybe felt like. You couldn't or, um, why say anything? Who's gonna listen to me?

You know, again, I, I don't know. Cause we're not digging deep into it. Mm-hmm. Sure. But they're coming in as challenges initially in life, uh, for you to work through, to actually get to a place where, You know, you say it loud and you say it proud, like your voice is meant to be heard and you are meant to [00:37:00] understand your worth.

And, um, the aids, they're here to connect with people emotionally. So when you speak, you have this sway of, again, just connecting with people in an emotional way they feel you.

Will: Hmm, gosh, that, yeah, it's making it hard not to just tear up here. I Oh, okay. So yeah. That, that makes a lot of sense. It does, uh, all of it, including the Yeah.

Nails them. The childhood stuff. Yeah. There's, there was a lot in my childhood that, yeah, I can completely see where this comes from.

Gellyahnah: Yeah. Okay. Well good. Well, I'm glad to see that you've worked through it because you're sitting in front of me with a big mic, you know? And I have one of these too. And because I have a 12 three in my chart as well.

Mm-hmm. Mine sits in one of my talent positions. So I've always been the girl with a big mic, you know? Mm-hmm. And I don't even podcast this all, I mean, I've got like three podcast episodes, but I'm like, I need the big mic.

Will: Have four, four. You have four. I saw.

Gellyahnah: Oh, you, ok. There you go. Four. Yeah, they're coming, you know, they're, they're coming.

More will come, but, um, Anyway, so, okay, [00:38:00] so that's your, uh, physical karma now. Uh, the other thing I see about you, you, you, you're actually, you are very charismatic. Um, you have a big heart. You have, uh, powerful love frequencies. So you have, um, sevens in your chart. The sevens. These people are here to help others heal their hearts.

So again, how does they show up to the world? They show up charismatic. I mean, do you find that people have an easy time sharing with you? Sometimes even strangers will just tell you their life. Oh yeah. Yeah. So then, and then you're, and sometimes they even say, I don't know why I'm telling you all of this.

Oh yeah. All the time. Yeah. Yeah. It's because you're a magnet. Um, and when they share with you, it's heart healing for them.

Will: Hmm. Maybe I'm too close to it, so I don't see it as well as other people, but I've, I've been told that before.

Gellyahnah: Mm-hmm. It's, it's sitting in one of your talent positions. Um, your spiritual talent is a seven seven. So remember how I said the talents are, quote unquote God-given talents for mm-hmm.

For a lack of a better term, you will always have this magnetism [00:39:00] about you. Um, you know, and for women it shows up even more so like, we're people just strangers, like completely random situations. People will just tell them their life stories. Um, with men, I find, um, you know, with the sevens, they're just, Well, you ha you have a lot to say, but maybe you haven't always been so open in saying it because the sevens, they don't always want people knowing their, their business or what's really going on.

Will: I've always wanted to be that mysterious guy, you know? Yeah. But I've given that up.

Gellyahnah: Good. So that's, and see this is you working through the negative aspect of it and stepping into the positive, but you're here to bring people together again to help them heal. And sometimes the sevens, they're even here to work with groups of people.

Like this is the ultimate connection frequency, that networking connection, frequency, right? Bringing people together for the purpose of their growth to help them heal. And it's all about their [00:40:00] hearts. Yeah. Wow.

Will: Jesus, that this is, oh my God, okay. I can't, I mean, obviously by our reaction, you're, you're nailing it in a fairly significant way.

Karen knows this, but, I lead a team of people that. We're very close and we are, we are like family. Mm-hmm. Uh, and that we're just building now a brand new project that brings a bunch of people, like-minded folks together to, to move forward in a, in a common good. So, That makes sense. Yeah. Now suddenly it's like, oh, that's why.

Gellyahnah: Yeah. No, see, I, I love that. So you see how it is. It's just so much validation. Mm-hmm. More than anything that like, wow, I am in my divine purpose. So when you asked me earlier, what can you break your sole contract? My question is, why would you want to, it's so beautiful. Yeah,

Will: it's true. But you are also, you're not just validating you sometimes.

Shining a light on something that pop wasn't as obvious to us as [00:41:00] it is when you call it out. Mm-hmm. Once you call it out, you go, oh yeah, that's

Karen: why. Or maybe even allowing someone to do or be something that they've always kind of secretly wanted but never really felt. Why, you know? Yeah.

Gellyahnah: Yes, yes. Oh, Karen, that's so true.

And this is why I tell people when you come to me for reading, I am, this is, it's about empowerment. It's about me waking you up. Mm-hmm. It's about me. Like that is exactly the angle I come at it from because I want you to be the best version of yourself. Mm-hmm. This is very different than a psychic reading.

Oh. He's gonna call me after our breakup. Right. It's nothing like

Will: that. The answer is no. No, he's not.

Gellyahnah: Exactly. Yes. Don't pick up the phone, but, but it's so much about that empowerment. Mm-hmm. What you both just said. Yes. I love that. Thank you for like articulating what I do. Like we're both reflecting to each other right now.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. Absolutely. And so your soul destiny [00:42:00] will is, um, it's an 11 too. You and I have the same soul, destiny. Ooh. We are builders. We are here to build. Oh my,

Will: my God. I say that all the time to people. I am a builder that's, have you been

Karen: bugging our house? I know, right? I've been listening to our conversations.


Will: is a little scary. Is it? This is crazy. It's like talking to Alexa of a sudden.

Gellyahnah: That's funny.

Karen: Wow. That's incredible. That is incredible. I mean, even those specific words that you're using to, to, you know, tell us about this. Wow.

Gellyahnah: Well, so Will, so you know what that tells you? This how tapped in you. Right? Mm-hmm. So sometimes we don't realize how tapped in we are with our intuition, with our awareness.

So many people come to me and I'm like, Hey, are you intuitive? And they're like, I don't think so. And, but then they go on to be super intuitive. And I'm like, so oftentimes we literally just don't realize how intuitive we are or we debunk it or we think, oh, it's just my brain. It's not really my intuition.

Will: Hmm. I can't imagine someone else on this call thinking that [00:43:00] or saying that ever, Karen. We'll get into that after off the year, yeah, wonderful. It, it is great. confirmation. Mm-hmm. Uh, because you, you do you think you're a certain way and, you're pretty sure about that, right?

I'm pretty sure that's what I am. I'm a builder. Mm-hmm. I am. Mm-hmm. I, that's what I do. That's my, my whole purpose. But to have that confirmation from someone who we've never met before. Yeah. You don't know me at all, so you're just going by, by the vibration of my birth name and my common name. That's, that's astounding.

That's wild. It truly is. I can't wait to hear all about Karen, cause she's an enigma to me.

Gellyahnah: Not really. Oh, she's, well, you know, I'll tell you one thing about you and Karen too in, so in both of your common names you have the same Soul Destiny, which is this 13 four frequency and the 13 four. To me, this is one of the most beautiful frequencies you can have in a sole contract.

It is unconditional. Um, it's just, it's such a beautiful, uh, maternal [00:44:00] Oh, just foundational. Unconditional. And you both share that. So this is where you two are. So heart healing for each other as well. Mm-hmm. Yes.

Will: Yes. Yeah. Oh, and here comes the waterworks. Aw, yes. Yeah. I think without you knowing Gua, you just spoke to Karen's heart completely.

This is something that I've, we've had a conversation about many times. She is all about love. I mean, she is probably, and I've said on the show before, she's one of the most loving people I've ever met in my life. It's incredible.

Gellyahnah: Yeah. Well, and I can see that in, in her chart, even though she doesn't like her name, you know, or it actually gives her quite beautiful frequencies.

So maybe after this you actually have a different appreciation for your name. Yeah. So, yeah, but that's the, I wanted to point that out. And when you have the same Soul, destiny, and you two have more connections I'm gonna speak to, but you have the same sole destiny number that is so powerful between two people.

Right, because you both share a mission. Um, [00:45:00] and this is, oh, I'm getting chills now. This is sometimes when I talk about divine soulmates, uh, because we all have multiple soulmates. Mm-hmm. Right? Um, but that divine soulmate will never derail you from your mission. They will be a part of that mission in life

Will: Are you saying that Karen and I are soulmates are divine soulmates?

Gellyahnah: Well, you know it, it could be. It could be. I don't, I can't always sell that from the charts, but when, but I'm saying it could vary. Be because you have the same sole destiny number. Which is so powerful, and, and so you have a shared mission, and that's one of the things I look for is do these people have a shared mission?

You know, when people come to me for relationship readings? Hmm. Okay. Yeah, yeah. All right, so Karen, all right, so let's get into you. Okay. Karen, you are a dragon. Ooh, you are like the mother of dragons here. You've got all these nines. So the dragon is the most powerful frequency in the entire [00:46:00] modality. Here we go.

The keyword is power. Okay. Mm-hmm. So, and, and will you have nines as well? Okay. I didn't focus on your nines. I was gonna wait till we get to Karen's, just cuz she's got just her chart starts with them. Sure. Um, so the nines, they're very powerful. Okay. And I'm not gonna go into any sort of like, you know, trauma situations, but I will tell you initially in life, the nines tend to experience disempowerment.

So people taking their power away from them. Okay, so this is sometimes speaking very generically, this is where I'll see, uh, maybe, you know, parents that aren't so good to the children, maybe bullying in school, maybe, um, you know, coworkers sort of out to get them just disempower different disempowering situations in life.

Mm-hmm. And so part of what the nine nines are here to learn. Is to that they're the dragons, they're the powerful ones, and they've gotta step into that [00:47:00] power and use it with integrity. And really where you're going to is to never let anybody disempower you or take your power away. And, um, you're here to be an integrity with your own power because it's possible in the past life.

You had the power and you misused it. Right? I mean, I'm saying it's a possibility. I, I don't know. All, like all of us have at some point. Mm-hmm. Sure. This might be where you are coming in to sort of balance out that karma. So for you, integrity is such a big. Important thing in this lifetime. Mm-hmm. Um, also, I don't know if you've ever, you know, be before Will if you ever attracted any narcissists into your life, but often,

Will: oh boy.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding,

Gellyahnah: ding. Yeah. But the, but that is the common sign of the nines. They attract narcissists. Yeah.

Will: Mm-hmm. It's, it's not a matter of whether she attracted them or not, it's how many she attracted into her life. No, it wasn't that bad. No.

Gellyahnah: You see, and that's the karmic pattern that I talk about.

And in the [00:48:00] karmic patterns will keep repeating until you start to actually heal out of it. So people say, well, how do I, another word for quote unquote, break my contract? Which it, I don't use that phrase, but a lot of people do, and that's how they think. I say the best way is to. Out of it. Mm-hmm. Because when you're healing out of a negative karmic pattern, it's no longer going to trigger you.

So if, if another narcissist now comes around, Karen, but you're standing in your power, they don't even have a hook into your energy. Mm-hmm. They better not. That's right. Because Will's gonna come in with his dragons. That's right. Will also has dragons. Yes. So, and the way that, and I wish I could show you the visual, but the way.

They're positioned in both of your charts. This is where I see you, your, your, um, carlock magnet connection, your nine. So will your nines if you can visualize there in your physical talent position. Mm-hmm. And your talent is what helps you work [00:49:00] through your karma. And Karen, your first pair of nines are sitting in your karma.

So essentially Will, is helping you work through, he's helping you stand in your power like constant. Right. So that's very powerful connection between you two. Mm-hmm. Um, and we call this a carmic clock. It's, this is the magnet that this is the strongest magnet you two have to have, like, this is what drew you two to each other, is the positioning of these nines.

Okay. Okay. Okay. So hopefully that visual makes sense. I mean, I'm not showing

Will: what I'm trying to explain it. Yeah, yeah. No, it, it does and it, it resonates very well the least I can do is, help her stand up to her power because, I do believe that I do. That You do because I'm absolutely, I'm constantly trying to help her to claim. because she is unbelievably powerful and she doesn't even realize how powerful she is.

Gellyahnah: That's that I, I believe that most nines, and it's not that they don't realize, it's that actually that they're more afraid of their own power because they do [00:50:00] realize how powerful they are secretly. Right Karen. She

Will: knows she's a dragon.

Gellyahnah: So the other, uh, beautiful thing about your chart, Karen, is you actually have another pair of nines in your own physical talent position. So you were born with, um, Again, the way that your name is structured is mm-hmm.

Even though you gave yourself the experience of disempowerment, you also gave yourself the best tool to help yourself work through it. Okay. Okay. And when you have a nine sitting in your talent positions mm-hmm. You are like, God incarnate, there's literally nothing you cannot do in this lifetime. That is how powerful you are.


Will: can't believe you just said that. Oh my God. You


Gellyahnah: it,

Karen: it's funny that you say that because little things like. You know, when I took the SATs, I got the exact same score on both sides. Or when I would take the, uh, in, in high school, what college you wanna go to, and you take the different tests of what you're good at.

I would always get the exact in all of them. Like it was always the same. Yeah. So it was really hard for me to choose what I wanted to study or what I wanted [00:51:00] to do because God, it sounds like, oh, I was good at everything, but, but you know what I'm saying? It was like nothing was a particular challenge.

Will: Mm-hmm. And you still are, you still are good at everything and you set your mind to, and I can't, what's his sixth person now that. This to you, Karen. eventually, eventually Karen is going to understand that everything that everyone's telling her is, is legit. She is unbelievably powerful. She's here for a very specific purpose and, even though she feels like she needs to be humble about it, and it's a beautiful thing, you need to also accept it and move forward with that in mind.

Gellyahnah: absolutely. Absolutely. So, yeah, so tho so those are your, so you have four nines in your chart again, which is very powerful. Um, and, and like I said, the, the biggest connection, um, with you and Will is these nines and you both, because you both have them in. Your talent positions, you both help each other work through your karmas and reach your goals.

I mean, it is, it's just such a powerful combination. You two, [00:52:00] that's why as soon as we came on screen, I was like, powerful couple. Wow. You guys are like, when you're together, you're unstoppable. There's literally nothing we can't do. We really

Karen: make a good team. We

Gellyahnah: do. Yeah. Yeah. So that's, that's what I see there.

All right. And then, um, okay. So Karen, moving down, um, a little bit lower in your tr so onto the next triangle. I also see, um, I see you've got some sensitivity to you. You, you're actually ver uh, very sensitive in a sense where you can, um, yes, you can feel other people, but it's almost like. Like if everyone has, when it comes to emotions, if people have a crayon box of like the 16 crayons, you have the hundred 64 version where you can just feel so many other feelings in between.

Will: Mm-hmm. Mm. Oh, yeah.

Gellyahnah: Yeah. But it, this is not a bad thing. This is just, this is part of your makeup that you can feel things, this is what allows you to see between the lines. Mm-hmm. This is what [00:53:00] allows you to, um, connect with people emotionally as well. Mm-hmm. Um, the aids, they have the gift of clairvoyance, uh, which is they can see things and doesn't mean that you actually see spirits.

I mean, some aids do. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Uh, did you say you. No. Oh, oh, okay. I thought, I thought you said. Yeah. Um, but, but like I said, it, it's just this, like knowing the truth of any situation. Hmm. You know, that sense sort of a sensitivity. So I see you've got that. And they're very elemental. They love nature. Um, they love animals.

Mm-hmm. Uh, for you, it's, it's like medicine to be in nature, to put your feet in the grass, cuz that's what grounds you. The aids are analytical, they're always in their mind thinking, thinking, thinking. So it's like we, we've gotta ground you out of your. Head and get you back into your body.

Will: This is incredible.

You are nailing both of us So hard go. It's incredible. I just can't it. Get over it. Oh, I'm sorry. Go ahead, Kelly. This is, this is,

Gellyahnah: no, I lo I, Hey, I, I love the kudos. It's, you're giving me an endorphin [00:54:00] high, so it's all great. Um, but yeah. And then so when we get to your sole destiny, Karen, yours is a six six, uh, you actually have four sixes in your chart.

So this tells me you're very, uh, Mm-hmm. And I don't always mean artistic. Some people, you know, creativity, you can be artistic, but creativity could be ideas that you just have a lot of ideas constantly coming because they come to you from a soul level. And it's almost, it's like your soul's whispering to you, Hey Karen, do this, do that.

You know? And sometimes it's like nonstop, like. Too many ideas and you don't know mm-hmm. Which to pursue or, or you'll start them up but won't finish them. So it like this, that happens a lot.

Karen: Yeah. And then something else, it's like squirrel, you know, something else comes

Gellyahnah: in. It's that a d d sort of energy, right?

Mm-hmm. Where it's just sort of all over the place. Yeah. Mm-hmm. That's because again, you're a creator and creators, that's how their mind works. Um, but when it sticks in your soul, destiny, you are literally the vessel that source comes through to, uh, [00:55:00] Um, like to create things into the physical, you're literally here to take your ideas and create them in the physical form somehow.

Will: I, I have so much I could say that I'm just not going to. Wow, wow. Oh my goodness. That's incredible. Ah, wow. I mean, you know, you go into these things with a healthy amount of skepticism and you, mm-hmm. In full disclosure, a lot of the times we have people that do stuff for us, and it's pretty general in scope.

So you go, yeah, that could be, that could be also be Joe down the corner too, right? Mm-hmm. Same kind of thing. I don't, I think this is way specific. I, I can't imagine this being Karen and Mariana down the street. This is, this is very specific to Karen. Mm-hmm. It's, it's astounding. It really is.

Gellyahnah: Yeah. Yeah.

But cuz each name is like a snowflake. And then I look at the combination of the birth name and the common name. And yeah, I mean that really tells me the full story, you know? And now if Karen had changed her last name, you know, when she got married, that [00:56:00] that would give her a whole other layer of energies now, Well, and I say Karen cuz most, you know, Mo it's usually women that do that.

But I'm just, you know, explaining how, how specific we can get, because I'm literally ca well, but this is, here, here's takes us to the beginning where the sound vibrations create your reality. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Right. And I'm speaking to the sound vibration. Wow. Yeah.

Will: I have, oh my gosh, I love this so much.

If you have been listening to this so far and you want to feel the same feelings that Karen and I are feeling right now, I. Urge you to reach out to Galla because this is truly just, it. It's mind blowing how accurate this has been. It's incredible. It really is. Wow. Hmm. Thank you. No, thank you. Are you kidding?


Gellyahnah: One thing I that people ask me, about why would somebody want to quote unquote change their sole contract?

I think would people ask that [00:57:00] when they're in pain? And so I wanna address that situation for a moment. Great point. It's when you are in pain, it's usually because you are in resistance. To your sole contract, you're in resistance to your divine purpose. And we as humans, we love to be in resistance. You know, we, we don't wanna give up control, we don't wanna surrender.

We have this idea that we're in control of our lives, um, which is, Not always the case. So the more you can actually surrender to what your purpose is here, the better your life will flow. So it's not that you want to end your sole contract, it's that you actually want to accept it and step into all the positive frequencies.

Um, within your sole contract because every frequency has the negative and the positive, right? So Karen, that same nine nine, um, that causes you disempowerment in life is actually what's allowing you to stand in your power now. So it's just about moving [00:58:00] from the negative, the shadow aspects to the positive aspects.

And the word for that is,

Will: I love that. Lied. I was just gonna say the exact same thing. I absolutely love that yelling. This has been unbelievable. Mm-hmm. Oh, what an amazing almost hour we spent with you. Oh wow. Yeah, I looked up in a time, went, oh my gosh. Couldn't have to do some editing for the radio, but, so worth it.

So, so incredibly worth it. Absolutely. so if someone wanted to take advantage of, your talents, what's the best way for someone to reach out?

Gellyahnah: Uh, they can find me on my website, your souls And there's an S at the end of souls. So again, your souls Mm-hmm. And I'm all over Social, medium and TikTok and Instagram.

Um, and on there, I'm Soul Contracts practitioner and there's an underscore in each one. So sole underscore contracts, underscore practitioner under.

Will: Okay, well we're gonna add direct links to all of that on our show notes. So if you [00:59:00] want to reach out to Guana, all you need to do is go to skeptic me, go to her episode page and you'll see all of those links directly in our show notes.

You can just click them and get connected with her immediately. either way is fine by us. Just do reach out to her cuz this is super empowering. Mm-hmm. Um, absolutely. thank you once again for coming and sharing of your expertise and making us feel whole. Cuz that's kind of how I feel now. I feel whole all of a sudden, so thank you for that.


Gellyahnah: Oh my gosh. It was my, my pleasure. Truly my, it's, it is an pleasure and an honor to be of somebody's spiritual journey, so thank you. Thank you, thank

Will: you.

Well, thanks for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website at Skeptic or on Facebook and Instagram under Skeptic Metaphysician Podcast. If you know someone who would benefit from hearing the messages we're sharing on the show, do them and us a favor and share the show with them.

It will help get the word out about us, and it may just change someone's [01:00:00] life for the better. And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed something, well, not to worry. All of our shows, including this one, can be found at Skeptic where you can also watch the videos or you can send us an email or voicemail directly from the site.

We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you. Well, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. That's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of The Skeptic Meta Physicians. Until then, take care!

Gellyahnah AakhenProfile Photo

Gellyahnah Aakhen

Soul Contracts Practitioner

Born with intuitive talents, Gellyahnah always felt different from everyone and from a very young age had a strong fascination with mysticism.

As a teen, she would seek out psychics, study astrology, palm reading and anything esoteric she could get her hands on.

While she was always in touch with this aspect of her essence, it was the end of her marriage that took her on a healing journey and a deep spiritual quest.

While healing her heart from childhood wounds, betrayal and abandonment she discovered the ancient methodology of the Soul Contract work.

Decoding and understanding her own Soul Contract, what her soul signed up for in this life, played such an instrumental part in her own healing and awakening, that she decided to become a Soul Contracts Practitioner to help others heal and remember their purpose in this incarnation.