Divine Path Life Coach | TV Host | International Motivational Speaker Leora Leon

Divine Path Life Coach | TV Host | International Motivational Speaker Leora Leon

if you’re a regular listener, you know that each week we dive into a specific topic related to the metaphysical, in an effort to find real answers about what is out there, and what’s not. Today, I’m shifting gears a hair since my very special guest is...

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if you’re a regular listener, you know that each week we dive into a specific topic related to the metaphysical, in an effort to find real answers about what is out there, and what’s not. Today, I’m shifting gears a hair since my very special guest is difficult to pin down into just one metaphysical bucket. She’s a:Divine Path Life CoachAn AuthorA Meditation TeacherAn ArtistPast Life Regression TherapistShaman and Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner and TeacherChannel An International Motivational Speakerand a TV host! Its my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the esteemed Leora Leon.Check out the book that Leora's mentor, Brian L. Weiss, M.D. wrote on past lives:Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives For more information about my guest, please visit her website here: check out her TV show here: for an introductory book on all things metaphysical? Check this one out:Metaphysics: An IntroductionWant to get in touch? Have a great idea for a guest you'd like to hear on the show? Send me a voice message through SpeakPipe ( and I may answer your question on a future episode!Looking to connect with me on social media?Facebook ( ( for listening!

Leora Leon: [00:00:00]we talked about everything has energy words, have amazing energy and the most powerful thing that has energy are your thoughts.  And you create your reality. 

Will:name is will, and I like Mulder from the X-Files want to believe. So I've embarked on a journey of discovery. I've talked to people deeply entrenched in the spiritual world at thrown myself into weird and wonderful experiences. I've even joined a coven of witches all in the interest of finding something, anything that will prove that there's something beyond this physical three-dimensional world, we all live in.

This is the skeptic metaphysician. Hey, every one is always I'm will. And if you are a regular listener, you know that each week we dive into a specific topic related to the metaphysical in an efforts to find real answers about what's out there. And what's not. Today, I'm shifting gears, just a hair. Since my very special guest is difficult to pin down [00:01:00] into just one metaphysical bucket.

She's a divine path, life coach and author, a meditation teacher and an artist, but she also does past life regressions. She practices and teaches shaman and Reiki, energy healing techniques, and channeling, and is an international motivational speaker and a TV host. It's my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the esteemed Lee aura Leone, the aura.

Thank you so much for being on the show today. I hope I didn't massacre your name. 

Leora Leon:No. Wow. And can I hire you to do all of my interviews? Cause that was a great, that was a great interview. I love that. 

Will:I I'm I'm thrilled that you're here. Any introduction that's any less is severely lacking because the more research I did into you before our scheduled interview the more impressed I was honestly with.

Your experience in what, what you know of the spiritual world. So, I know we've got a lot that we can discuss, so let's start it with [00:02:00] the obvious, very first question out of all of the things that I've mentioned in your introduction, what seems to call you the most, or is there something that calls you more over one over the other?

Leora Leon:Gosh, that's super difficult because all of these modalities, they. I guess have one main thread that ties them all together and that's energy. We are energy. We live in a multi-verse of energy and it's backed up with science. Everything is has energy. And so what I like the most is that we.

That's something that we can control within ourselves. We can control our energy, we can control what we perceive. We can control what we bring in. We can control what we put out and it's all a matter of energy and releasing energy. Hmm. 

Will:So I've heard it. Described as for [00:03:00] example, if we're talking specifically about Reiki a few weeks ago, we had someone on the show to talk about Reiki, energy healing.

And we discussed the fact that it's, it's, it's almost a matching of vibrational rates with the universal life energy that's out there. And, and like you said, science has proven that you can't destroy energy. It can only be transformed and all that. And that's okay. Arguably what happens after we pass.

Right. So, what interests me about your experience is that yes, it's all centered around energy. But in very indifferent, in different ways what would you say past life regression is a very different thing than Reiki or shamanic energy healing? Is that not the 

Leora Leon:case? Well, and that's the thing that I found and my dog is visiting me here.

That's the thing that I found that was very Cohesive is I started out as a showman. Then I went to become a Reiki master. I studied shamanism for over a year. I have over a [00:04:00] thousand clinical hours. Then I went into becoming a Reiki master teacher. And then I started channeling I, I became a certified channel and then I was lucky enough to work with Dr.

Brian Weiss, who is one of the best teachers out there. The all of it, what ties it together is energy, impasse and healing. When you're a shamonic healer, you are going in and you are not doing it, obviously you're, you're bringing down energy from the divine to do it, but you are. Restoring energy. You're, you're raising some up on the shockers.

You want to bring some up, you want to lower some you always release energy at the bottom of the feet, everything that you've broken up and you see things, and you tell your clients, this, this and that, and the same with with, with Reiki, it's kind of the same thing. And so, with channeling your.

You're downloading energy from a [00:05:00] high vibrational beam with past life regression. What's so cool about it. And I'm going to give you a little story. I went to see Brian Weiss about four years ago in Pasadena, and he did a group Past life regression on 900 people. I was sitting right up front and immediately, as soon as he started to talk, boom, I, and you know, if you meditate, you go under immediately.

Right? And so I started to have this experience and I, all of a sudden I saw myself as this. Blonde statuesque Roman woman. And I, I was so happy and full of joy and love and all of this stuff. And then he's like, somebody's coming. And so sure enough, I see someone and it's a person that I know in this life and he's a friend of our family.

Well, he turns out to be this man I'm in love with. And so the next scene, we're in the middle of a, a Roman small Roman town and we're getting married. And so [00:06:00] we're just about to do a ceremony. I have flowers in my hair and all of the villages around us and in ride the barbarians. And leading the barbarians is my current husband.

And I always joke about that. It's kind of hard for me to believe that he was leading anybody, but it's so mean, but anyhow, he tells one of his henchmen to come over. And so we're standing there afraid. And the whole village is afraid because the barbarians have come in on their horses. And so he instructs us to kneel down and bend over and he chops our head off.

Both of us now, what is so frigging amazing about this is that after that I went to lunch with my friend. I had neck pain, my entire life. My neck pain disappeared. And then after that, I talked to my friend, Kelly, and he's now passed, but he has had neck pain his entire life. And I was always going to do a past life regression on him to see if we could release his [00:07:00] past life energy.

But I have it my whole life, neck pain. As soon as I had that immediately dispensing of the energy, it was gone. I no longer carry that. So that's energy. So we're constantly, we, and we deal from energy from the time we come into this incarnational existence to the time that we leave. So we start out somewhere like a caveman and up somewhere like Gandhi and somewhere in the middle, we wake up and we start releasing all of these past life's energies.

So that's energy and past life regression. 

Will:Wow. Well, that's a great way of explaining actually the night. I never put those two things together, so I appreciate that. Yeah. So that's one thing that we've not spoken about before on the show and let's past life regressions. Right. And interesting thing that you just said was about how your neck pain went away.

Right? So it's, it's. One [00:08:00] could say past life regression could, is considered a type of therapy. I'm assuming now, because you you've went through, you went through that experience. You relive that that past life, and then suddenly an ailment that you had carried. For a long time was no longer there is that what someone can expect from something 

Leora Leon:like this.

For the most part, I've given past life regressions to hundreds of people and some of the most difficult people to give a past life regression. Obviously people that don't meditate, people that don't have a belief system that, thinks that there are past lives. Like I teach in Europe and in Poland, especially in a lot of those people, very Catholic, and I had to be real careful about what I said, but instead of going into.

Past lives. They go into, current lives and they see angels instead of high vibrational beings and things like that. But what happens is you You go into this existence and I'm sorry, I forgot the question. That's 

Will:okay. [00:09:00] That's okay. It was can, it can just be seen as a, can someone expect this to be someone like a therapy?

Like did they go through a past life regression and something that ails them might be going away because of an experience that they experience? 

Leora Leon:Yeah, because absolutely, as a, as a Reiki master and, and me as a shaman and Reiki master that when you, you can do a healing on somebody and for me, I see visuals, I hear everything.

And so I may see a thing and say, yeah, in your past life, this was happening. And they're like, okay, that resonates. But. They're not getting the same experience with past life regression you're going in and you're actually experiencing it. You're there. You're actually seeing yourself you're being there, being present and doing that.

And it's just like dreams, dreams, release energy. They release past lives. So when you're dreaming and you have this dream that you murdered somebody, or somebody murdered you, you are actually releasing a past life energy. 


Leora Leon:Tell you, I'm going to tell you the [00:10:00] story and I'm just, I'm sorry. I'm hogging all the time, right?

Will:That's why you're here. 

Leora Leon:My son passed last year, my 25 year old son and it wasn't of COVID. He had autism and bipolar. So he's on nets, just to keep him happy, and he was at home and lived a great life, but his liver gave out. So I had to do a DNR on him and to do a DNR. And your child is probably one of the most excruciating things that you could ever do.

And so through the grieving process, it was extraordinarily difficult as it would be for anybody, but I just couldn't get over. Feeling that I was responsible that I had signed that DNR and I could have given him a blood transfusion to let them last for another week or another week and another weekend.

And I talked to all the experts and they said, it's, you're going to put them through going to the hospital. And it's just going to be, he it's time. So I did the DNR and I'm having this difficult time. So one day I go into a meditation and he [00:11:00] comes to me. And I'm like, Brandon, where are you? And I could see him.

And he was on this planet and it was all red. And I said, where are you? And he said, I'm on, on this planet. That when you leave spirit, when you leave the physical and you go into like a holding station planet, where. Well, you have gravitational pull on the physical, but on the spirit, it kind of, the energy of that pulls over onto the spirits.

So you go to this planet and it alleviates the gravitational pull. So I'm like, okay. Wow. And he goes, listen, mom, the reason you're having a hard time is because in another life you killed me as a young boy and he shot this image of a little three-year-old boy with blonde hair. And I'm like, Oh my God, what, what did I do?

How, how did that happen? And he's like not important. And so he said, put one hand up and then put one hand on your heart. And I could feel the pain in my heart shopper, like you wouldn't believe. And then he simply healed me [00:12:00] and he took it away. And then, I said, goodbye in the meditation was over.

I am telling you that, that helped me. Stop grieving. It helped me to begin healing because that was energy from a life I didn't even know about. So how cool is that? Right? 

Will:It's very cool. First. My, my condolences, I know it must've been a terrible experience for you as a father myself. I can't even imagine what you've gone through.

So my, my condolences, and thank you for, for sharing that story with us. It, it does speak volumes to what you're mentioning. The obvious question as the skeptic inside me is could this just be something that, and it doesn't matter. It's something that our minds are fabricating to help ourselves processes things.

Leora Leon:You know, it could, but what I want to [00:13:00] point out to you and I called this this is a theory that I developed. We have ancestral heritage, you know, we have a bloodline, we have diseases that go from our, genetics. So genetic sorry, I gotta put him over on the right. So we have this, ancestral genetics that we carry.

All of these things, how we look are, illnesses are like some of our likes and dislikes, but there's a whole nother realm of preferences that we have that. Have not been explained, like I'm guarantee you, that you have preferences that you like for me, when I, I used to be really like, insane about African art.

And I found out that I was a massage and then Japanese art and I was a Japanese fishermen. So those things were never introduced to me when I was young or in any part of my existence. They were not brought into my. My [00:14:00] area of understanding. So that's what I call incarnational, ancestry things.

And people that you meet that you automatically love, or you automatically despise. Right. And you're like, I don't like that person, or I love that person. Like you, you immediately like, wow. The guy Kelly that I told you about that was when I first met him, I was like, wow. And he was the same way we were both like, we, well, both obviously married, but we, you still have that attraction.

And why, how does that come? Where's that come from? So that's my only explanation that I can give you that I figured out. 

Will:Okay. It was it fascinates me because in, in my search, one of the things I did was a group meditation that was. The goal was to have you go through a past life regression. And apparently I was a, an apprentice, which back in during the Salem witch trials.

And then, but I wasn't hung. I was actually [00:15:00] my I don't know, high priestess or whoever it is that I was studying under was actually being burned at the stake. And when I saw that me and a bunch of other people. A bunch of other little girls we threw ourselves on the, on the fire because we couldn't bear to be without our high priest.

So we all just so, and I don't know what to think of that. Right. So it's just, I don't know if that had anything that cured me of any kind of aversion or anything like that? Not that I, not that I noticed, but, but I probably wasn't going into it with that thought process because I never thought of it as a, as a therapeutic practice.


Leora Leon:Well look at where you are now and what you're doing, and it's all around metaphysics. And there, you will find that people, what they're doing now, it comes out in several other lives, so you are just in a different genre, doing kind of the same thing, only different. Right. Have you had a past life [00:16:00] regression, somebody performed one on you, not a full 

Will:going to do 

Leora Leon:that for you.

Oh, really? 

Will:I would give to you that, that, that would be, that would be wonderful. Thank you. I'm I'm curious. So we've talked about past life regressions. We've talked about Reiki in shamanic energy healing. Talk to me about your channeling. How is that? Different or the same as it, as the other things that we've just discussed.

Leora Leon:Oh, well, channeling is so wonderful. And I, during my shaman training, I developed stage three breast cancer. And before the showman training, I had always thought in my mind that I was going to die at a particular age. And I had been into my ShawMan training and I, when I started it, I was just I had just bottomed out in my life.

Everything was wrong, just everything. And so I just, it came to me and I started doing this. And so. In my ShawMan training my wonderful, wonderful teacher and [00:17:00] so to go to the, the cancer thing, I just I, I, with all the knowledge that I had from my teacher, I just kind of said, Hey, you know what?

I'm going to fix this. I know what it is. It was self-love. And now I'm going to work on it because everything is a lesson, right. Everything. That's a lesson. So anyhow, my teacher, after the class and after we would do some clinical stuff, then he would do a healing on me to help me release energy. So he does his healings and.

He started. He w and it was so interesting. He started doing this Tony, like a high, you know what? Tony is like a high pitch singing and, Oh my gosh, it resonated with me. And I was, it was just, there was so much about it. That healing that I could tell you forever. But anyhow, so after we got done and he had the same vision that I had, and then I'm like, what was that?

He goes, I don't know. And so I have a lot of alien stuff around me and tons of alien. I I've woken up being put back and that's a whole nother show, but yeah. Oh, wow. Yeah. You wouldn't believe [00:18:00] the aliens. So anyhow, so he starts channeling and I said, you should do this in front of everybody. So we were both part of the learning light foundation in Anaheim.

And that's where George Nori and who does the angel cards? What's her name now? She's a Christian. She doesn't do angel cards, but anyhow, she started there. So we started there. So he started channeling. So he would do a meditation and then he would start doing the Tony. So all of a sudden during the meditation or during, yeah, during the toning, I started to see all these colors.

Every color was a tone. Every, every tone was a color and there, and I saw this beach scene and when he did. One tone. It was green. And these people started coming out out of the forest and then out of the water and all these animals and beings that live on planet earth that we don't even know about.

We're on this beach. And it was so amazing then that stopped. And all of a sudden this being [00:19:00] came to me and it was tri-color like copper, gold, and silver, and it was a beautiful man's face. And he comes to me and he says, I am Yurik. I am your brother-in-law. And then he said, I am from orient. And he showed me the word.

And so I said, okay. And he said, I am your brother. And, and I said, all right, so we get up and I'm telling everybody this amazing story and the girl next to me, she's like during the whole thing you were going. And I'm like, really? I don't even remember that. And she goes, that's a sign of someone wanting to come through you and talk.

So sure enough, I start channeling. She gives me a name of a person who's a great channel or, and she starts, and it turns out uric is my father. And he is from through Orien, which is Orion's belt. And this is all things that I've learned so far. You, every through the multi-verse, there are many, many Milky Ryan's belts.

That's how they shift from [00:20:00] one universe to another. And so he's from a planet CSRs, which is my home planet. Earth was seated by high vibrational beans. And there's science to back that up because if you look at archeology and all the things we have giants, we have tiny people, we have animal and half this.

So the high beans, we're trying to find a physical being that could. Sustain on earth and do an incarnational journey. And that's humans was what they came up from monkeys humans. So anyhow, I started to channel Urich and I mean, he, I would have people, people come over and, and I do it over at the learning.

Like they'd all like come around and ask questions and. One of the most. And so then I started channeling aliens are high vibrational beings. I'll call them because we're, the aliens were, were hybrids, but so channeling shamanism, past life regression, it's [00:21:00] all. Energy coming in to help you see, to help you learn to help you listen, and to understand who we are in the scheme of things.

So channeling, he showed me that whole diagram of coming in as a caveman and ending up in his gaudy and waking up in the middle. That was shown to me through him. We start out in the divine, all of us, we're all divine beings out of the physical reality. We are all divine. We are all high knowing we are all love.

So we come down in groups and we go to, we may come down like as warriors to come down to change the planet. And there have been warriors coming in the 18 hundreds. I mean, even before them, like during the witches times and. The early thirties, there was a big thing about channeling. And then in the, who remembered the Seth books?

I don't know if you're familiar with Seth during the 16 Jane Roberts, that was when channel lead. So it was another people come down in groups or beans come down and groups to help raise the vibration of the [00:22:00] planet. So when you come down out of the divine, you come down in an army to help raise the vibration or to do, or just to experience being in an incarnational, physical being, you come down to a stationary planet, which is a high vibrational planet to kind to adjust to being in the body again.

And then you come down into earth. And you start out your incarnational process and then you end up like Andi, then you go back to another planet. Then you go back up to the divine and you do this rotation if you want, or you come down to do to, create, change the thing. So when you raise your vibration, when you wake up and you start to release this energy and you start to raise your vibration and you start to connect to who you really are, there's a by-product that has created.

Do you know what that is? 

Will:I'm not sure that I do 

Leora Leon:that is love every time you level up love is created. So the earth, like [00:23:00] many incarnational planets throughout the multi-verse were created to create the by-product of love to balance the multi-verse. Well, 

Will:that's really interesting because everybody I've spoken to States that love is actual actually our.

True essence. Yes. It's who we are. It's where we come from. It's where we go back to. So you're saying that we actually create. 

Leora Leon:Yes. Cause we go out of our true essence, the divine, and then it's like, we're we're factory workers and we don't even know it. We're raising our vibration we're awakening. And like the shift that we're going into now, you just see these kids, like my daughter, it was 27 and she uses a bamboo toothbrush and she won't use delve.

And like, it's like, Oh my God, everything is sustainable. And all of that, but the world is shifting. And we are, we, we are love, but as a divine beam, We're still [00:24:00] not producing. We're just, we're loved. So when we come down, we produce because there are, I guess, negative, forces and things like that.

And I could get into a whole thing about that, but we're, we're there to produce loves. So we're mining love is what we're doing. We're, we're getting back to the essence of who we are, but we're going through, we, we agree to come in and go into a physical being, which is. A low vibration energy to evolve to a high vibrational energy, creating love as we go.

Will:Whew. That's that's really heady stuff. Not at all. We're going to end up. Hmm. 

Leora Leon:You know, I got to tell you, uric has been talking to me in the past year a lot. And this last year is so about five years ago, he told us a whole group of us that by the year 2050, that the earth would be 50%. Less than [00:25:00] capacity of humans, that through natural disaster, through disease, that the earth was getting rid of her parasites.

And somebody said, well, who's the parasite. And they said, you are, you are the parasites. You're destroying the earth. And so there is, and then they told me that by the year 2118, that the earth will become a utopia planet. So 2118, we will go from being carnational planet, which was what we are to those stationary planets that we come down and go back to.

Those were utopia, planets. That's where everything is beautiful. The president and the person that picks up your garbage and make the same amount of money. There's no starvation, there's no lack of education. Everybody has everything. And the biggest competition. Is to see, who's instead of going to the gym, you go to a place where you become enlightened or you meditate.

So that's the competition to see who could be, a higher vibration. So that's kind of what we have to look forward to. We're [00:26:00] doing a big transition and last year was a major Exodus. But there is also going to be a new rebirth. So all of those beings that have passed and it's still happening, there's going to be a rebirth and there's going to be a rebirth of young souls or old souls in inside all, Young old bodies or bodies, you know what I mean?

Like old souls in young bodies. 

Will:Sure, sure. So, you said quite a few mouthfuls and for someone who is just starting to kind of dip their toe in this kind of stuff I can, I can imagine somebody's eyes glazing over a little bit about all, everything that you just mentioned. How can someone make that.

More approachable, like how, when, when, if someone's wants to start looking into these types of things outside of the channeling and energy healing and things like that, how does the approaches, because I use that a lot. 

Leora Leon:Well, what I talk about [00:27:00] is self-love. And loving yourself and we are not brought up to love ourselves.

And there's a process and I call it now, the power is in you because we all have powers. Meditation is a superpower. It connects you. It's like plugging into everything that you need. And so you want to be the best that you can be, where you are exactly. Right now, you want to create a reality that you want exactly right now and how you do that is you stay in the vibration of love.

And that's basically what all this stuff is about. It's all about love and how you do that is body, mind, and spirit. You stay at your optimum. And as far as body you eat, right? You exercise sleep well, mind you feed yourself positive input, spirit, you meditate. So you want to keep those three things at the optimum, and then you go one step further and you go, thoughts, words, actions.

And you [00:28:00] keep those in the vibration of love. Keep your actions, your words, words. We talked about everything has energy words, have amazing energy and the most powerful thing that has energy are your thoughts. Right? And you create your reality. And Seth said that back in the sixties with Jane Roberts, he said that was one of the first books I read you, create your reality.

What you think about today is your tomorrow. If you say I'm tired, I don't feel good. I'm sick. It just continues. If you say, and gratitude, gratitude is the one thing that will carry you anywhere you want to go. So thoughts, words, actions, body, mind, spirit, staying in gratitude. And you have to work at these things because like your intuition, like, being a showman or being a Reiki master, you have to work on those muscles.

You have to tune them up in order to connect and in order to do your craft. And that's what I've done. I've, I've worked on it. I wanted to know everything and I learned, 

Will:yeah, it [00:29:00] certainly sounds like, you know, a lot. How long have you been on this path? 

Leora Leon:When I was young, I saw visions. I used to read cards for people I could tell when, I mean, I just knew I had super intuition.

And then when I was about 21 or maybe 20, I lived in Austin, Texas, and I had a boating accident. And I went under the water. And I I w you know what tubing is tubing, where they put, yeah, they put a rope around it, inner tubing, you go on a high-speed boat. Well, we get on one and then they said, whatever you do, don't, if she goes off, don't go off.

Cause you'll go through the middle and you can get really hurt. We're going 70, 80 miles an hour. And I'm like, okay. So I was on with this girl and she pushes off. And so I'm still on and we're going around. It was in a hippie hollow in Austin. And, and so I'm still, I'm like, okay, I'm getting bored. And so I decide to push off, well, [00:30:00] I didn't get off it.

I went right through the tube and immediately I felt excruciating pain. And then I was blanked out. Wow. And so I wake up and all of a sudden I see fishes going by and I see plants wafting in the, and I'm like, where am I? What is going on? And then I thought, man, I feel wonderful. And I look over and I see my body just like this.

And I didn't think about, I didn't care because I was in spirit. I didn't know it at the time. Then all of a sudden I start to get this download, boom, boom, math, science, languages, all things that I didn't even know existed lettering and art and things that didn't even connect to this world at all. And it lasted about 30 seconds and then it stopped.

And I had been under there for quite a while. And then all of a sudden I see [00:31:00] this white light and I hear this voice and they say, you have to, either go here or go into your body and your body can't sustain under the water anymore. And I said, well, what do I do? And they said, that's up to you.

So I put my head back into my body and I went up, I had been under the water for 20 minutes. Wow. And I was in shock. I was, they thought I was dead. They had called the people that come in and try to rescue. They were searching for me and nobody believes that story. But Lynn Kay Russell is an expert on near death experiences.

And I interviewed her for my show and she said that she had documented proof of people waking up in the, in the morgue. And I said, so my 20 minutes was nothing. And she goes, Oh no, she goes, people have woken up in the morgue. So, because I said, nobody believes me that I was under there for 20 minutes, but that changed my life.

All of a sudden I had a different trajectory and I started to dabble a [00:32:00] little bit here and there. And I started because I went through a severe childhood, very, just, physical, mental, sexual abuse, and being raped when I was 18. And all of these bad things kind of. And what's interesting, a lot of healers, they go through this for whatever reason, a lot of Lightworkers do that.

And so they can get to the point where they are. And for me, It, there was something inside me that just kept going, like tenacity. I want to know, I want to go, I want to keep going. I want to keep going. And so that started everything. It changed the trajectory of my life. And then, I started doing work on me and self-love because yeah.

I didn't love myself. I couldn't even look in the mirror. I thought I was just this ugly thing because I had heard that. And so I had to change a lot. And then I got married and marriage. Wasn't good. And then this kid with severe autism and I just bottomed out. But it came back and that's when I made the change and I started, [00:33:00] taking care of myself and loving myself and that's what I wanted to do.

And then I wanted to help other people love themselves, and that's kind of what, 

Will:and that goes hand in hand with the, with the book that you are. Let's have you, have you released it yet or is it in the process 

Leora Leon:of it? I'm in the process of it it's called the powers in you and it was love yourself, changed your life, but people didn't understand that.

So I turned it to the powers in you. And what I'm doing now is I'm actually, people's attention span is like three seconds. So I'm backing up everything with science, but now I decided I'm going to put a lot more pictures in, and it is a workbook so that people can work along from the first chapter and start getting into it.

And it's a 28 day plan that if you follow what I say, body mind, spirit, thoughts, words, actions, start meditating and doing the things you will definitely start to change the trajectory of your life. So that. I'm hoping it will come out this summer. One that's coming out next month is I wrote a, [00:34:00] child's a book and it's called little Laura's animal adventure.

And she says, I love being me. And so I'm just in the process of getting that published right now. Wow. 

Will:Well, they both sound really very cool. And if, if you will. Consent to staying in touch. Whenever it's out, I'm happy to amend the show notes and put a direct link to those books out there for you so that the audience can, can get to them directly.

There is so much. That we can talk about we've gone on about a little bit over 35 minutes or so now. So I, I know you have an appointment you have to get to, so it, it pains me to, to cut this interview short, but I hope that you'll come back some point to continue our conversation because we didn't even talk, touch on the divine life path.

Leora Leon:I'm to, I'm going to give you a past life regression and then we'll come back on and you'll be going, Oh my gosh. Let's talk about that. And yeah. [00:35:00] Where are you located? Are you I'm in Virginia. Oh, you're in Virginia. Okay. I'm in Los Angeles. 

Will:Yep. It really quickly that, there's one thing that you mentioned that, that kind of resonated with me because I've heard it before, but I had forgotten that there is a lot of talk.

A lot of people speak about. Their life being completely changed after a near death experience, which is what I assume is what you experienced when in that, in that Lake. So

every, it seems everybody that I'm talking to nowadays has experienced something. Close to a similar to what you're talking about. At least the folks that are really far advanced, the things that you talk about are very, very far advanced in the spiritual metaphysical plane that we were experimenting in or exploring.

So it, it, it, I find it very interesting. That that's the case. And I did read up on you and I did, I [00:36:00] do know about your, your, your challenging pass. And I am super so sorry that you had to go through all that, but to your point, it seems that the folks that, that go through transformational pasts are the ones that are more ready and willing to be open to.

What these types of real realities tend to tend to present themselves as, right. 

Leora Leon:Right. I was listening to, I listened to, when I go walking in the morning, I listened to Tony Roberts or somebody and Tony Robbins was interviewing Dr. Wayne Dyer. Right. And he said to him, he goes, so I know you had a troubled past and he's like, wait a minute.

No, I didn't. And he's like, well, you went from, you lived in an orphanage and you lived at a bunch and he goes, he goes, Hey, that was wonderful. And I'm not going to say my past was wonderful, but it taught me it put, I wouldn't change [00:37:00] anything. I wouldn't change. Everything is the way it's supposed to be.

Everything is the way you are creating your life. We live in this tapestry and unfinished tapestry, and we don't even know what it's like until we're gone. So all these things that come up and change you and mold you, they make you who you are. So I wouldn't change a thing. And. Everybody has trials and tribulations, but everybody has the ability to create the life that they want and to love themselves and be happy.

And that's the message I want people to take away with them. 

Will:That's a great, great ending. A great message to end with in the words of Dr. Dyer, everything is absolutely exactly the way it's supposed to be. Yes. So, Thank you so much for coming on the show and spending a little time with us and sharing of your expertise with us, because there's a lot of it and we barely just scratched the surface.

So if someone wanted [00:38:00] to get in touch with you directly, what would be the best way for them to do so? 

Leora Leon:They can go to my website, Lee or and there they can, they can book whatever they want to book and, I'm on Facebook, Instagram, and all the other, all the other stuff, so. 


Okay. And, and I'll, I'll go ahead and I'll put links to your website into your social media accounts in the show notes as well. So if you're listening to this and you're interested in connecting with her, you can certainly reach her directly through a link in our show notes. We are. Thank you again so much.

I look forward to continuing our conversation at some point in the future. 

Leora Leon:Thank you. And we're going to do that past life regression. We can do it through zoom. So I'll send you a link. 

Will:I look forward to it very much. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you so much for listening today. If you'd like more information about Laura, or if you'd like to connect with her directly, I'll leave the show.

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