Channeled Messages from the Galayla Collective | Leanne Rose

This week's guest takes manifesting to a whole new level with her sixth dimension manifestation paradigm.

We had the opportunity to hear, through our guest, from the Galayla Collective they were channeled for us LIVE right on the show. Since very young, she's always been able to interpret energy in a very unique way because ...she died when she was around six months old. Listen to her full story and listen to her channel these interdimensional beings, right on this recording!

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Some topics covered:

  • What the Galayla Collective IS!
  • How she started channeling them
  • How they differ from the Galactic Federation
  • What 6th Dimensional Manifestation is and how to best put it into practice
  • The messages for the world from the Collective
  • Her theory on why some people suffer so much if we truly all create our own reality

And stick around to listen to the Collective channel personal messages for Karen and Will!

About our Guest:
Leeann Rose works alongside the Collective consciousness she channels (The Galayla Collective) to assist lightleaders to master the new paradigm of manifestation do that they can achieve radical alignment with their Soul Purpose mission, unlock their abundance codes and achieve maximum impact in their work.

Guest Info:

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Galayla Collective

Will: [00:00:00] Hey Karen. Yes, we know everything.

Karen: Oh, everything and no, no, no, no. Oh, I thought you meant in general, I'm like, yes, we do

Will: all of it. It's it's far cry from everything, but we do know everything there is to know about manifesting.

Sure. I mean, everything that is everything about manifestation, which is why we're so rich in personality. Ah, yes. Rather than actual stuff. ,

Karen: very rich right in personality. Right? Well,

Will: this week's guest is gonna take manifesting to a whole new level with her sixth dimension manifestation paradigm. Mm yep.

And you know how she's gonna do it? Nope. We're gonna have the opportunity to hear through lean. From the gal collective themselves. What as she channels them for us right on the show. That's very exciting. Since very young, she's always been able to interpret energy in a very unique way. Mm-hmm because get. She died when she was around six months old.

Wow. Had to be resuscitated. Oh my gosh. Yep. Are you ready for this one? I am. Well, here [00:01:00] we go.


Will: welcome to the skeptic meta physicians. I am will.

And I'm Karen, we're the host of the show. Leanne rose is a trans channel for a collective consciousness group called the gal collective. Her ability to channel didn't come online though until around five or six years ago, which started as a spontaneous experience during a meditation.

Karen: That must have been interesting.

Will: I, we, we need to, we need to talk to her about that because I've been meditating for such a long time.

Now, looking for

Karen: that, you want it too much. I keep [00:02:00] telling you, you want it too much.

Will: You can't want it too much. Yes, you can. Okay. Well, let her tell us about it, but that's now since escalated, that experience it's escalated now to trans channeling that she does with the gal collective today, whose primary focus.

Is bringing through what they are calling the sixth dimensional manifestation, which they say is a new paradigm of manifesting. Let's just welcome lean rose to the show. Lean. That's a good idea. Thanks so much for coming on the show.

Leanne Rose: Thank you for having me. I'm excited to be here.

Will: So the elephant in the room first and foremost, the gal collective, huh?

Leanne Rose: Yes.

Karen: That's such an articulate question. Well, right. I,

Will: I, I am very learned if you have not known that about me. You feeling that yet? Yes. Yes. But okay. Let me rephrase what in the world is a Galal collective.

Leanne Rose: so they are interdimensional beings that channel through me, put in a nutshell they tell me that they are. Basically ambassadors of a galactic [00:03:00] council, if you like, and that they are here to bring us higher knowledge, wisdom learning, particularly around manifestation. But the main point is to bring us kind of back home to ourselves as souls.

Will: Wow. You said I mouthful in just a little bit. I mean, it. When we talk about the proverbial grenade to just take out the pin and drop it and then run. You just did that specifically with us.

Karen: So, well, I think we need to back it up though. Yeah, no for sure. The part before the horse, for sure. Or back it, it up.

I wanna hear how it all began. I hear about this meditation experience.

Leanne Rose: Yeah. So I was meditating and bear in mind. I was not the best meditator. I was always falling asleep. It was horrific . But I remember just having this real strong sensation of oh, something's happening. And my eyes suddenly like flew open of their own accord. It definitely wasn't me. And I felt really peaceful.

And I had this sensation that my consciousness has kind of moved to the back of my head and that there was something else looking out of my [00:04:00] eyes,

Will: Ooh. That's

Leanne Rose: it was bizarre

Karen: No, yeah, yeah.

Leanne Rose: it was. And I, everyone says, no, no. Everyone says like, oh, it sounds really scary. But it was actually really, I felt really, really at peace and more present than I've ever felt in my life ever.

It was, it was amazing.

Will: Well, Eckhart totally does talk about the watcher, right? The being of us that is actually always watching and, and what we're trying to get to, right. Who we really are. Our, our thought mind, our brain, our ego is not really who we are. We're really the person that's watching the, the thoughts going on.

So that must have been what happened.

Leanne Rose: I love cocktail. I love his power of now. That was huge for me in my kind of learning what was going on kind of thing.

Will: Yeah, I'm reading that now as a matter of fact. So

Karen: how long did this experience last?

Leanne Rose: So it was only a minute, maybe a minute or two, and then it kind of went away and I was like, oh, okay. And then over a period of time, it kind of, I started feeling this sensation in [00:05:00] my brow area, like, like a huge pressure building up. And, and so that kind of just unfolded for a couple of months and I didn't really. I didn't get that sensation of them opening my eyes or anything like that. Again, it was just this buildup of energy. And then I kind of, I spoke to somebody about it and they were like, you're channeling, if you are spontaneously channeling. And I was like, oh, okay.

Karen: So were you getting messages or were you just feeling this energy?

Leanne Rose: So I just, I felt this huge expansion in my heart space. Like. It sounds really cheesy to say it, but just like overwhelming love. That was the feeling

Karen: I feel that sometimes too

Leanne Rose: you

Will: very exciting. The plot thick ends

Karen: yeah. I wanna hear more because that's very exciting to

Will: me. Yeah. But that's.

Leanne Rose: mighty.

Will: We have an experience the harmonic egg mm-hmm that's remember how I was feeling [00:06:00] exactly that. Yeah. So, I I've gotta ask before we go any further, because we're gonna lose sight of it.

Was it a special type of meditation or were you just sitting in silence? Was it a guided thing? What was it exactly

Leanne Rose: I was just sitting and connecting with my breath and I always used to do this thing of. Just really trying to drop down into my feet. I know that sounds really silly, but it would help kind of distract me from my mind. So I would, I would concentrate all my energy on my feet so that I could feel really grounded and really kind of embodied.

And that's when it happened. So yeah, no particular special one, just little of me making it up as a go along.

Karen: Oh, that's the best way. And I like that. I'm a horrible meditator. I try. And then I start doing, you know, my grocery list and I just can't stop thinking. So maybe, yeah. Trying to kind of like. Drop it down to my feet.

Will: I like that. Right. You know what mine else, might help? I'm reading the book you gave me email.

Oh yeah. But reading the book I gave, I started to, but then there's yet another thing that you could do [00:07:00] actually trying to meditate

Karen: actually meditate. Yes. Well, I just, I try mm-hmm and then I just, you know,

Will: how long did you try for. Okay. Let's anyway, back to Leanne.

Okay. So then you got these feelings, these impressions, there's this energy coming through. When did you start realizing that you were channeling trans dimensional beings, which by the way is quite the catch.

Leanne Rose: It, it really is. I'm aware of how crackers it sounds. so, it wasn't actually until I, so the first encounter with a being was with, so I actually started channeling my guardian angel first she's called Arabella, which is really like cute. So. And I didn't realize she was like interdimensional. I was just like, oh, she's just my guardian angel.

That's quite cute. And it wasn't until I actually started my business that the Galal collective came like screaming out me, like, hello, [00:08:00] we're here. and it wasn't until I was like, Channeling them for other people that I really learned who they were and what they were about. Cuz I was kind of, it was, it's almost like when there's other people around, they come through so much stronger because they, they tell me that they are of the vibration of the ascended, masters of knowledge, wisdom, angelic as well.

But. I think it's that drive to teach that really pulls them forward. So it wasn't until I started channeling for other people that I really got a grip with of what was happening and, and it wasn't until I channeled for other people that they really came forward in the way that they do now.

Will: Hmm. Wow. And did they come through like, your incredible Hal just repping itself out of your, I I'm just so curious. How does someone go about channeling trans dimensional, dimensional beings? How did they come across and say, Hey, lean I'm. So, and so, and I'm from the sixth dimension and I'm here to tell you about

Karen: manifesting and is it all at the same time or [00:09:00] how many at so many questions?

Leanne Rose: yes. So ready. So ready. So, so they, they came through first, so there was, there was one that came through first and she kind of came to me in a dream and it was almost like. It was like the introduction and sh, and funny enough, I don't ever hear from her as an individual now. And she kind of introduced herself to me as Galactica.

And that was kind of my first clue that, oh, okay. These are not like, if beings they're clearly, you know, galactic. So I was like, oh, okay. So, and it It wasn't until I kind of sat down and was like, right, I'm gonna actually channel four other people. And I just really allowed my intuition to flow if you like, and it, they, well, you you're gonna see anyway, they, they, they literally come through my body and it, it was, they make a noise that kind of, they call it like a verbal handshake and it's kind of me allowing them.

Kind of thing. And so the first time I channeled it, it was so bizarre. It was like, came out, was like a Wolf whistle. The first time[00:10:00]

Karen: Wow.

Leanne Rose: all over. And I was like, oh my gosh, I'm so embarrassed. But they were like, that's when they came, it was like, I needed to just let that happen in order to just let them in kind of thing.


Karen: Well, I can certainly see why they chose you because you are just adorable. Mm-hmm I mean, just so fun and bubbly and, oh my gosh.

Will: Yeah. Now you mentioned something early on about a galactic Collective or I forgot what it is that you called it. Collective Federation Federation. Yeah. Collectic Federation.

We've heard that term before when talking about ETS, not necessarily Transmissal beings, but it struck me that you're using that same term is there a correlation in your mind?

Leanne Rose: There is a correlation, but I don't believe it's the same. So I think that, that there are, so the Galal collective talk about being representatives of a certain council. And my understanding is that there are many. And they are a part of one. And so, I mean, ultimately all it's connected, isn't it? Do you know what I mean?

So, but, [00:11:00] but as my understanding is that there is, there is a lack of Federation of light that, that are being channeled through at the moment. And we are, we are not the same as them, if that makes sense.

Will: Sure. Yeah. I, I kind of, I mean it, what makes sense these

Leanne Rose: I, I know

Will: right. So how do you use your trans channeling to help folk? Because I checked out your website and you do help some people in very specific ways. Can you share some of that with us?

Leanne Rose: Yes, definitely. So we are bringing through six dimensional manifestation, which is really well, the multiple ways that we, that we help, we bring through kind of channeled updates and all that kinds of stuff that are really kind of helpful for people to understand what's going on within ironically they're human lives, but kind of bring in.

To that and how they can plug in to their, what the Goleta collective called the multidimensional self. And so six dimensional manifestation is really helping people to bridge that gap from human. To soul, to [00:12:00] multidimensional self, which is you as the universe. So this idea of oneness, we are taking that and making it really practical and being like, well, how can we really encompass our oneness as source as the universe and utilize it in our human life, within our 3d.

Realm. And this is what they're talking about in terms of tapping into our co-creative power and harnessing that power of oneness and knowing that you are all knowing that you are the universe and learning to utilize that as.

Will: God. I love that. The more we do the show, the more I'm finding, I really resonate with that oneness mm-hmm uh, even though I it's really hard for me as a, as a skeptic, as a scientist to really wrap my head around some of these concepts. I love the concept. I love the thought of it all. When was it that you finally said to yourself?

Okay, I'm not going nuts. This is actually some folk coming through me.

Leanne Rose: So that's a [00:13:00] really interesting question. I um,

Will: Still not there.

Leanne Rose: there's still parts of me. That's like, whew, this is really working but, but the gala collectors tell me, there's a reason for that. You know, we that's, we need to have that grounded nature of well, so there's a reason for that. And it's good that we've still got that kind.

Skeptical nature of your light. But the, the moment I realized was when I was actually at a channel in extravaganza. So when somebody told me you're learn, you you're channeling, I went and learned how to do it properly. I say that I was doing it. I still didn't believe a word that was coming outta my mouth.

I was like, I'm just making this up. Like I'm just in LA LA land. And I am just letting words come out. My mouth

Will: I can absolutely see how that would be, what you would be thinking. Cause that's exactly what I would be thinking. Yeah. I, I, but that's why they question what made you decide. Yeah, this is not nonsense. This is actual stuff.

Leanne Rose: So I was saying to them, I really need confirmation that this isn't me. I really need confirmation. And so I had this experience where I was with these two gorgeous human beings who I felt so safe with. And so [00:14:00] I really trusted them.

Will: Oh, thank you. Oh, not us. well, you and you passed. I get it. I'm so sorry. Oh,

Leanne Rose: And um, so they um, I was channeling for them. And then I kind of blacked out. And when I came too, I could hear screaming and it took me a while to realize that it was me screaming, the screams were coming out of my mouth and that my body was like completely convulsing. And I'd actually fallen off the chair cuz I was convulsing so much.

And I knew that that sounds terrifying. Like I know that that sounds really scary. But after that experience, like the two people that I were with really like, they know energy really well. They grounded me, made me feel really safe, brought me back into my body. And after that experience, I was like, okay, now I know now I know for sure that something else is coming through me.

So I, as scary as it sounds, I asked for the confirmation and if it wasn't for that confirmation, I never would've like really.

since then doing [00:15:00] like channel sessions with people, getting that confirmation from other people as well has really, really strengthen that trust. Even

Will: interesting that, that you took that as a confirmation where I would've gone to the doctor and find out whether I was epileptic. nice. I mean, I'm just stating right. When anyone else else is gonna be thinking. But certainly you followed up by confirmation from others after the fact that really helps with that, confirmation, it goes a long way.

Leanne Rose: I should probably add as well that I'm a mental health nurse. So I kind of know what crazy looks like. So

Karen: Oh, wow. Okay. Yeah. No, that's, that's great.

Will: , if anyone could really know if someone's really flying off the rocker, it would be you,

Leanne Rose: Yeah, I could assess myself if you like.

Will: There you go. Wow. That makes sense.

Karen: So when you have channeled for people in your business that you're doing, can you give us an example of a specific result that someone achieved because of your channeling session?

Leanne Rose: Oh, that's really interesting. Yeah, I've had, I've had people kind of. [00:16:00] It's really hard to describe. It's like an in it's like an intangible, they just, something clicks within them. They just have this knowing of like, oh my gosh, like you never could have known that. How could you have known that? So there was a, there was a, a lady that was like she's experienced like seas when she was younger.

Like, and the gal collective were able to reflect that back through her and say like, and like, that's not a usual thing to pull out a thin, is it like, and they were able to say, you know, this is something that you've experienced and it was, it's still within your system and it's still playing out for you now.

And like, everything that they said just really resonated with this lady like loads. Things like that, that kind of make me go, oh gosh, like I couldn't, I couldn't have plucked that from thin. They couldn't have pluck that from thin it's things like that. That is just like, wow. And in the six dimensional manifestation thing that we are doing now, I'm really starting to see huge drop-ins with my client, psychic ability, really kind of skyrocketing they're coming into mediumship skills.

They're like [00:17:00] noticing where the universe is supporting them and really. Unique and beautiful ways that they never would've recognized, or even even encountered like, even like coming into contact with their own spirit guides and being able to, to, to sense them around them and things like that. So it's still early days to be fair.

So, but yeah, that, it's, it's mainly, it's mainly how they are connecting into. I dunno how you describe it. It's like the spiritual stuff that you, you suddenly, you suddenly gain so much more trust that this stuff exists. That's the main thing that I've noticed with my clients.

Will: I've gotta take a pause here to comment on something, because I, there is so much crap going on in the world these days. Right? There's so much junk happening in the world these days. And. As a father of an 11 year old daughter sometimes I get really scared about what kind of world we're leaving for her.[00:18:00]

But then I run across someone like you, who is a young lady. I mean, really, truly young lady who is tapping into where we all need to. The fact that our younger generation is so much more in tune with where we need to go, gives me hope. Mm-hmm that the future is actually going to be brighter than this junk we're living through right now.

So thank you very much for being brave enough to come out and talking about this because who, I don't know if I could do that, honestly.

Leanne Rose: well, thank you for letting me come on and talk about it.

Will: right. So, I'm curious to meet the gal. Collective when they come through can we ask anything? Is there something we should stay away from? Is there are we gonna be scared? Like

Leanne Rose: So nothing is off limits. You can ask them whatever you wanna. Obviously, you know, With, with it music, giving your audience and all that kind of stuff. But yeah. Ask them whatever [00:19:00] you like. You, you will probably, you'll probably feel them in terms of like, you probably feel quite warm. You probably feel quite nice that that's what I tend to get from people as like that you, you can feel them with you kind of thing.

Karen: Mm-hmm

Leanne Rose: Um, Yeah, nothing's off limits. Ask them whatever you like. You will have to remind them about time. Cause I can't keep my eyes open when I'm channeling and they don't have watches. So

Karen: So basically we have to cut them off. Is that what that scares a bit offend

Will: I'm

Leanne Rose: know

Will: is health practitioner, right? So she's used to time is.

Leanne Rose: no, they're, they're quite humorous. They're quite like they're really

Will: Oh, great. You'll fit right in then. Perfect.

Leanne Rose: the, the only thing I'm mindful of is that, so this is the only, the second time I've channeled with all the, the gear and stuff. So you, you might need to tell them to like move back or move forward so that I don't [00:20:00] knock over the microphone.

That's the only thing

Will: All alright. We we'll keep an eye on it. Are, are they aware that we are, that I a skeptic and I may ask questions that people I, I mean, no insult or offense in any way. I'm just, I'm just really curious to hear something that's gonna make me go. Oh yeah, baby. That was real.

Karen: No, that's a good question.

Do they know this is happening? Like, did you have a conversation

Leanne Rose: they do. So they're always connected to me cuz I choose to keep them connected kind of thing. So, but so what I would say is that the, the big thing for them is that. They, they love to invite those questions about the skepticism questions and things like that. In fact, you know what? I I'll let them explain it cuz they explain it so much better than I do.

So ask away and, and we will, we'll see what their answer

Will: well, Karen, are you ready? I, yeah. Leanna, you ready? Mm-hmm

Leanne Rose: ready.

Will: Okay, I guess, well then let's let's meet the Galal collective

Leanne Rose: And again, just warn you about the noise. It is bizarre.

Will: Okay.

Karen: [00:21:00] Hello?

Leanne Rose: The, the gal collective.

Karen: well, thank you for agreeing to talk with us.

Leanne Rose: Ooh, most welcome. Thank you for allowing us to speak with you also.

Will: It is an absolute honor to speak with you. This is the first time that we are actually speaking to trans Menal beings on the show. So we appreciate your time and your willingness to talk to us. We have so many questions that we're not committed to get to, but I think probably the most important question that we've gotta ask is and we meet no offense by this, but. how can we be sure that we are talking with a collective.

Leanne Rose: Ah, beautiful question DSO. And the truth is you'll never truly truly know in the cognitive mind, but the cognitive mind is very linked to [00:22:00] the 3d self DSO. And the 3d self is designed with the eco to keep you tethered to the, a, to keep you te to the 3d weld DSO know that this is done for a reason. It is done to allow you to experience the journey back to your light, to the truth of who you are.

And if you did not have a piece of you that constantly questioned your light, then it would not be a journey. It would be a jump. Ha you understand this TSL.

Will: I do. Yeah, I do. And I really wish you would've said something else.

Karen: Right. So do you have any messages that come to mind for us?

Leanne Rose: Do you give us permission to uh, speak with your guides DSOs?

Will: Yes, of course.

Leanne Rose: Ah, we will start with the Genman bear [00:23:00] with us DSO.

Will: Thank you for the gentleman part for.

Leanne Rose: Interesting. Your guys give us the image of Saturn this all. Hm. Entirely. Sure. What this means at this. However you guys encourages to inform you that there is a message in here for you, for you to connect with your heart in your meditation, to picture certain in your mind's eye, allow your heart to open and to ask for the wisdom that this planet has to offer. Stay open to what you receive DSO know that this may not always be uh, within the mental body, very uh,[00:24:00] CLA sentient your DSO without truly know this time to start tapping in to these sensors. Now, logical mind will not be able to make sense of these. But if you start to open up your heart, there's all not in the way that is spoken of in terms of emotions, but opening up your heart to the deeper truth that you are so much bigger than the human being, that your soul lives inside.

When you start leaning into the truth of this, you will begin to see how deeply connected you already are. So many questions outside of yourself, but the answers lay within the.

Will: Yeah. I, I, I just was gonna say, I've always been a huge fan of Saturn. I I'm a big science fiction fan and that's the symbol of science fiction, right. SA the rings of Saturn. So it makes sense.

Leanne Rose: beautiful DSO. [00:25:00] Ah, we would still encourage you to sit with this messages here for you

Will: Understood. I will do.

Leanne Rose: and Soso. We will connect now with your guides.

Will: okay.

Leanne Rose: They are showing us a little girl, just in a beautiful dress, a pink card again, and a beautiful white ribbon in her hair. Ah, she seems a little fearful, little hard to trust some people. Hm message. From your guides here. You're inner child. I do with learning to play a little more in your love life, particularly dear soul, [00:26:00] getting less serious feeling into more joy expressing from your heart in a more playful way. Their soul. Ah, seeing uh, your potential partner to the eyes of a uh, of a child in wonderment. So seeing your partner for the first time and having fun from this place, the soul, ah, they also wish to convey a great deal of. For you also

Will: Wow.

Leanne Rose: DSO, but there is a time limit.

Will: Yeah, no, we, we appreciate those messages. Mm-hmm and we, we do wanna make sure we get to the sixth dimension manifesting because [00:27:00] that is of particular interest to us. What is the difference between sixth dimension manifesting and just regular three dimensional, manifest?

Leanne Rose: Yeah, so important information in regards to this TSO six dimension is where your 3d dimension is projected from. This is where the uh, multidimensional self of the architect resides. This is where your soul crafts, the reality that you walk. And so connecting with this element of you is what truly helps you to see that you truly are the creator of your reality for you are the universe, the source.

And so we have uh, coined six dimensional manifestation for this is a, the true perspective of uh, the architect creating its reality within the 3d, but what it is really about. Is connecting you to your [00:28:00] multidimensional self and in connecting you to your multidimensional self, you connect to the truth that you are all that you are source, that you are the universe experiencing itself.

And so we call this co-creative because it is important that you learn to do this from the perspective of human. Important that you learn to integrate your duality so that you can claim the power of being human, many more possibilities available to uh, humanity. Now as uh, Gaia herself begins to awaken to the fact that she has also interconnected with the cos.

Exciting times ahead. Ah,

Karen: Is there.

Leanne Rose: ah, much hope [00:29:00] the assaults much, much hope it is important for you to understand that the whole point of being 3d is to be removed from your light. This is an illusion. It is an illusion that you are separated from. But it is important for you to feel the solution for you to fully feel the brightness of your light.

We liken this to uh, the first time you lost a loved one. This was the first time you understood the true value of love in the same way. Dear souls being 3d separates you from the light of who you are, so that you can journey back to that light with a newfound appreciation for how bright you truly are.

Does this make sense?

Will: It does. It does. Now you mentioned using our duality to help us manifest and co-create what do you mean by that specifically?

Leanne Rose: Many, many, many [00:30:00] uh, layers to this duality and uh, masculine, feminine, light and dog, ah, human soul. The main thing. That we talk about within uh, 60 manifestation. The duality that we mean is the fact that you are a human, but you are also the universe. And so harnessing your duality as being both human and the universe all at once is where you are true power lies.

And this is what we are teaching to the gal in six dimensional manifestation.

Will: So in essence, the difference between manifesting, just thinking thoughts and attracting them to you and sixth dimension manifestation, if I'm understanding correctly is becoming or understanding that you are, we are one with the universe and thereby creating by the mere fact that we are the universe.

Is that correct?

Leanne Rose: Of course this [00:31:00] also uh, this other path to manifestation, preliminary information already given to you. Another channel, very important. Lay the groundwork. It's an important information for many people beginning to wake into the true nature, important for them to uh, experience magic as you human best before they could accept the true reality that they are magic.

Pretending to be human. Ah,

Karen: What is the first step we can take to get closer to this.

Leanne Rose: Hmm, connecting to the heart. The heart is the portal to the multidimensional self opening up your heart space in a way that links you to the fact that you are pure love. is the true essence of who you are and learning to balance your masculine and feminine energies whilst in your [00:32:00] physical form.

Lets also greatly assist you with this for when you are channeling your highest feminine energy, you are in full trust with the universe in flow. And when you are channeling your highest masculine energy, you are trusting the self and it is important to choose both of these, both of these elements of. This is uh, a good place to start.

Karen: Thank you.

Will: Is there any danger that we should be aware of coming soon? More and more people are waking up. Is, is there a reason for this?

Do we need to hurry to get out there?

Leanne Rose: No rush at all. It is simply the product of your own earth. Awakening yourself, no rush at all. It is simply a many catalysts have been a happening upon your planet. Huge raise of light BI [00:33:00] purifying, SOS, bringing you so much closer now to your soul selves than ever before. It is becoming harder and harder to uh, ignore the call of your soul because the earth itself is awakening, but no rush at all, no rush at all.

Everything happens for a reason. People really do not know the truth of this statement, know that uh, the duality that we talk of very important fear and trust, there is a huge, ah, Uprising of fear at this time, but know that this is simply you being exposed to where you are under the illusion that you are removed from your light. When you move closer to the truth that you are the light, this fear will subside, that everything that is happening within your 3d world, [00:34:00] although it is scary, although it is. Feels much like the end of the world at times, ha know that your earth is far wiser than you give her credit for. She will uh, cannot divulge too much information around the SDSR, but know that the earth will be okay and that humanity will find its. It is important for each individual to take responsibility for their own internal world to find their own piece. And this will be reflected in the external also, but know that this is a, also a transition that your earth herself is going through.

Will: All right. So now I'd like to ask a question about who you are specifically. When people say trans dimensional beings, do you have [00:35:00] a body somewhere else? And you're coming through Leanne, are you just pure consciousness are three dimensional brains, have a difficult time imagining what another dimension might be like.

Can you give us some insight?

Leanne Rose: Of course. Mm, we understand it is difficult for you to uh, understand the way that uh, the universe works outside of your linear time outside of your 3d physical world. We are a uh, purely consciousness, purely energy. You can think of as I sense many of us have had uh, past lives in uh, this world as well as others. But for the purpose of uh, how you are speaking with us now to the girl, we are a collective energy. We are always uh, moving, always changing, bringing forward the uh, highest potential information possible at this [00:36:00] time, always uh, in service. This is uh, our highest truth. The so and so, uh, We understand the human need to understand

Will: Yeah. Yeah.

Leanne Rose: important that this does not retract from.

Will: Yeah. Okay. So getting back to manifesting the first step is opening up our heart, accepting our duality, but then beyond that, do we just wish things to come? Or is there something specific we have to have happen?

Leanne Rose: The girl has a uh, specific process that this can assist with very, very focused, very laser focused involves working with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies involves that really, really harnessing and focusing what it is that you wish you are external. Well to look like by controlling the internal to AI. [00:37:00] Very structured process that the girl teaches in six dimensional manifestation, but uh, can be access for all. Whenever you are feel that you are moving into alignment within these processes, you will feel the joy and ectasy moving through your system. Whenever you feel as if you are bend out. To diet you are out of alignment is really quite simple, but it is important for you to recognize that you are the creator for this is the thing that helps you to really plug in to the fact that you must be consciously creating your reality at every given moment, your responsibility uh, much fun when you must do it.

Will: Well, I look forward to. When I actually finally master it me too,

Karen: but I guess we have a long way to go.

Will: Yeah, I would think I would say so, but.

Leanne Rose: [00:38:00] Ah, not as long as you may think, not as long as you may think to simply uh, case of shifting your belief systems. And so if you are shift this belief that it will not take time at 12, then uh, Really it's quite that simple. We know are, this is our high vibrational uh, experience of it. We understand it is not this uh, easy when you are human.

Will: Mm. Nope. It's not. Well, we can't. Thank you enough. There's so many other questions that we could, we could ask you 50,000 more questions, but we are unfortunately running out of time. So we wanna say thank you so much for coming through and speaking to us about this. And we look forward to the future interactions.

Leanne Rose: Ah, as do we, we've had fun.

Will: Thank you.

Karen: Thank you. Okay. Bye. Bye

Will: Welcome back. [00:39:00] So for those of you who are only listening to the show, you're only getting E just a fraction of the messages here. We've gotta ask Leanne when you transitioned on top of. The noise, there was a physical change. Your body shuttered, I mean, it was a complete energy change. Your voice change, voice change, accent change.

Your hand was vibrating the entire time. Is that typical of how it works?

Leanne Rose: Yes. So it, well, it is for me. And that's, so it's, it's, it showed me that this stuff is how I maintain the energy of them within my system. And it's, it's also about my. Think of like, cuz I'm I get so worried about like, I need to make sure that I'm always channeling like that. I'm it's not just me making it up.

Like there's still those thoughts that go in my head. And so that's how they come through for me. Cause then there's no like denying that's you.

Karen: Yeah.

 When you're channeling them [00:40:00] and, and we just finished, do you have awareness of the conversation we have? Do you know what went on or

Leanne Rose: So it's kind of, sometimes if you, if you assist, say to me, oh, so I was having this piece of conversation, I would be able to recall it sometimes. Sometimes I can't and, but for the, for the most part, I'm kind of just hanging out in the back. It's it's getting, it's getting more that I'm just hanging out in the back and hearing less of what they're saying, kind of thing at the beginning, I was like, really creeping forward, like, what's going on?

What, what you saying what's happening, but I'm getting much better at kind of getting out the way a lot more, but yeah, it varies as to whether I can remember.

Will: right. Well, it's interesting because I actually, when I do the show, I have to listen to it back because half of the stuff, I don't remember what we talked about. So it's, it's really interesting. I, I, I listen to the show again so that I can benefit from the messages. Myself, because even though I'm hearing him now, while we're talking I, it doesn't, I don't retain it.

So listening to it back [00:41:00] again really helps. So I really, I, I do personally, I do the show for me. Sorry guys. you it's for me. So, is it uncomfortable when it come through? It looked really uncomfortable.

Leanne Rose: no, actually it's It, I, I kind of just barely used to it now. It was uncomfortable at first because I was resisting it so much because this noise had to come through and I wasn't letting it, I didn't know that's what had to happen. I was just really, I was fighting it. So I was like fighting with myself kind of thing.

It was uncomfortable then, but the more I let it flow. the more comfortable I've been with it. The only thing that gets uncomfortable, they can't do basic things like scratching my nose or fixing me glasses or just like really basic things. So sometimes like, like the last time we did the podcast, the, the headphones ended up like halfway down my face, cuz they like have no concept of like moving things out.


Will: Mm-hmm . Wow.

Karen: Yeah. You don't think about that. Yeah. No. And you can't like you couldn't do move your head set on your own or,

Leanne Rose: So, so I'm, I'm [00:42:00] conscious of it. And I could, I probably could, but I'm terrified of breaking the connection. So I, I don't, but like, I'm sure it's something I could experiment with, but I usually, when I'm, I don't have a channel for myself, I'm only ever channeling four people because they just, they don't come through as strong.

If it's just me, they just, they just don't. I don't know why. but yeah, so. I've forgotten what you asked me. Sorry. I just blanked out.

Karen: No. I was just asking if you could, you know, do stuff, move your, move your

Will: back and all that. Yeah. Yeah. Well, so while we were talking to the collective, they mentioned, and I guess that's the question? Was that one person, one entity we were talking to, or were we talking to a collection as we were talking to them,

Leanne Rose: so.

Will: forgot to ask their name.

Leanne Rose: So they show me, it's like, and it's different all the time, but like it's in the thousands sometimes. Like they, they just, they, they, so they show me that they have the vibration of the ascended masters and like kind of angels kind of all tied in. And so they go, they kind of [00:43:00] just expand out and reaching what, like what's needed.

They kind of. Gather, that's the kind, that's what they show me. And sometimes so sometimes when I'm taking people through like guided meditations and things like that when I'm channeling a one particular entity will come forward. And so they there's one specific entity that speaks with their own voice, which is Godes car.

So she, and she speaks with her own voice, but she's part of the collective. So yeah, it's, it's, it is cracker on.

Karen: Oh,

Will: it's fantastic. It really is. So during the, the session they mentioned and I I'm, I'm just gonna assume that they pronoun because I have no idea, but they, they mentioned that you had a system of you using the six dimensional manifestation paradigm. what can you share with us about.

Leanne Rose: Um, So I can share that we use the the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and we [00:44:00] kind of use them as a bit of a. It's like a sat nav and it's like plugging your desires into the sat nav, and then receiving that guidance back from the universe. So it's basically like it's us bridging the gap from human to universe and really helping that communication flow.

That's kind of what the process does. And it really helps you to kind of embody the spiritual a whole lot more and really get like crystal clear clarity, focus on what it is that. You're wanting to, to bring through, but the, the main thing about it as well is that it's, it's, it really helps you to fall in love with the journey rather than being so obsessed with the end result, because.

Karen: there you have, it will.

Will: Yes, yes, yes. I know. Yes.

Leanne Rose: But really what you cause what they say is that, you know, if we are, if we're so obsessed with the, with the end result, actually that's, that's just fear. And it's just you, the end [00:45:00] result that you're actually want to the first thing that the reason I know that it was six dimension manifestation. The first thing that they showed me. They, they talk about the diamond and they, so talk about the six point diamond and the idea that the diamond is this thing that everybody wants, because it's, you know, it's a symbol of abundance, it's clarity, it's, you know, wealth, all that kind of stuff. And they were like, but it's not actually wealth. Or abundance that people want.

What you actually want is the connection, the deepest connection to the universe to know that you are always provided for. You're always safe. You're always loved. And because you get those things and. It's somehow not enough. You're still wanting more. And, and so that's what they showed me that actually the six, the six point diamonds actually represents the six dimension, which is the true self of the fact that we create our reality.

And that's, I'm not explaining that very well, but they show me that, that it's like, that's what we're really after is the fact that we create our own wealth. We create our own [00:46:00] abundance because we are the universe.

Karen: So I have a question about that and will, and I have kind of gone back and forth about the whole creating your own reality. And, and I, I believe that to a great extent, but I have a struggle understanding, you know, children that are born into abusive families or sex traffick to the age of three.

I mean, how can they be creating that reality?

Leanne Rose: So. That's something I really struggled with when I started out with this, it's actually the stuff that kind of led me to this stuff. So I had a really difficult childhood. I grew up in foster care and things like that. And it was actually out of all of those experiences. That's what brought me. To this understanding of the universe, because it was the thing that made me ask the questions to go looking for the, the stuff that, that made me feel better kind of thing.

And so, you know, I can't say that for sure. You know, this is just, this is just the way I see the universe and [00:47:00] how they come through me. And, and I've kind of shown me how they believe the universe works and, and I don't think we will ever fully understand. You know, the full concept of the, that, but what they've really show me is that suffering is how we evolve, even in the animal kingdom, it's suffering that that causes evolution.

So if, if we are all really comfortable and we're not being exposed to things that make us very uncomfortable, we don't grow. Like there would be no. And I know that that's a real extreme, like there's, there's really nasty things that happen. And you think, well, well, why does it have to. That horrid and, and I'm with you.

Why does it have to be that horrid? Like, I don't have answers to these questions, but from what I can say is that the, the worst things that have happened to me have been actually in hindsight the best, because it's forced me in a direction to be like, there's, there is more to life. And, [00:48:00] and so I feel very blessed that I've been on that path.

And if I hadn't had those experiences, I wouldn't be who I am. And I wouldn't be channeling the GLI collective. So

Will: Right. Yeah. It it's very interesting. I it's. So, oh my gosh. The universe works so weird. I literally, maybe an hour ago was just scrolling through Facebook and I saw, you know, everyone put, I post these memes all the time on Facebook. Also. I found one, it was a picture of David Bowie on his knees. And I have no idea whether David bill, we actually said this or not, but I'm gonna say he did cuz.

He's awesome.

Leanne Rose: My boyfriend was at the David bear convention this weekend, actually. So that's funny.

Will: Oh, oh, wow. Wow. Look at that connection. Hmm. Okay. So, it was David Bowie and he was saying that religion is for those who fear hell spirituality is for those who have already lived there.

Leanne Rose: Yeah, I believe

Will: goes right in line with what you're saying. Mm-hmm . And in fact, I would say the reason why this show [00:49:00] exists is because of an absolute crisis.

That we endured that birthed this as a way to find meaning and reason and things like that. So it, it makes sense. It's still really difficult to accept.

Leanne Rose: Yeah, it is.

Will: But that makes a lot of sense. Well, if someone wanted to reach out to you and and go through the program with you or learn more about you, what's the best way for them to.

Leanne Rose: The best way is Instagram. That's kind of where I live. That's where I'm at. I haven't got my stuff together to get a website yet. So yeah, Instagram's the best place.

Will: Okay. So we'll go ahead and lay down your Instagram link directly on our show notes.

So if you're listening to this on your phone right now, all you need to do is hit that information button and go to the show notes. You have a link there, click it, and it'll take you. To Leanne's Instagram page. If you're listening to this on the radio, you can always go to skeptic go to her episode page, [00:50:00] and the link will be laid in directly there.

So you can connect with her as well. Lean. This has been outstanding and so informative and illuminating and so much fun. You're just such a fun person to talk to.

Leanne Rose: Oh, thank you.

Will: you so much. oh, thank you. Thank you. And thanks so much for coming on the show. Really appreci.

Leanne Rose: Thanks for having me.

Will: And thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery as well. We'd really love it. If you would do us a favor of helping us to get the show into the hands of those that could really benefit from it. If you know of anyone that you think would enjoy our conversations, please share the show with them.

And if you're listening to this on the radio and missed something, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be found. Skeptic meta where you can also watch the videos. And this is a video you definitely want to watch. You wanna see her transform or even send us an email or a voicemail directly from the site.

We absolutely love the feedback and we would appreciate hearing from you. Well, we hope you enjoyed the episode as much as we have to all for now. We'll see you on [00:51:00] the next episode of the skeptic IANS until then take care.

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